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Do you have a child graduating this year and going off to college or moving out on their own for the first time? Unfortunately this age group has the highest rate of violent assaults committed on them than any other age group. Why? Because they are: •out there meeting new people, wanting to be accepted •going to places where they are more vulnerable such as bars, and concert areas, on and off campus parties •out late at night •walking/riding bikes to and from classes even late at night •living in places highly populated with young people that have more lax standards for security (i.e. not keeping dorm rooms or apartments locked, allowing others to go in and out at will) •too accepting and trusting of people they do not know well •more likely to be experimenting with alcohol and drugs •more likely to accept rides from someone on campus they do not know well or trust •often working late night jobs while they are going to school. •often unable to accept the fact that something could happen to them •multi-tasking and not paying attention to there surroundings What can you as parents or friends do to help ensure their safety when they move away? Give them a graduation gift that can save their life. Below are twelve suggestions: 1.Pepper sprays - one for the room/apartment, one for the car, and one to carry on their keychain (age, maturity and campus rules need to be taken into consideration) 2.Low-voltage, multi purpose flash light/stun gun to carry in their car (age, maturity and campus rules need to be taken into consideration) 3.A personal security alarm - whistle or alarm to carry on a keychain 4.Personal security alarm to hang on a door knob of a dorm room or apartment; or a super door stop wedge with an alarm to place at the door. 5.Diversion safe to hide valuables - these safes look like an ordinary can of hair spray, motor oil, etc. They can't always trust even their roommate. 6.Nap zapper - an ear alarm to wake them if they fall asleep on those long weekend drives from home to school or work. 7.Hot Walkers - walking weights with pepper spray built into the end if they enjoy walking or jogging. 8.Auto dialer - security alarm that uses an infrared system to monitor motion in their rooms when they are not there, then dials up to 5 preset phone numbers if it detects any movement. 9.Auto Emergency Tool - This tool has 4 functions to keep them safe on the road.

a.Flash light b.Blinking red emergency light and attaches to the top of the car with a magnet c.Seat belt cutter d.Windshield breaker 10.Heart Attack or Kubatons - hard plastic or metal devices placed on a key chain and used for punching an attacker in vulnerable places such as the eyes or throat. 11.Seven function light that fits on a bike for riding or arm when walking or jogging. 12.Self defense lessons through a class, video or book. Graduating from High School is a milestone marking your child's independence, but it is still your job as a parent to see that your child is safe, wise and protected. Give them a gift of value. After all, you can't put a price on a life! Mpowered2B is dedicated to providing low cost self defense products and education to keep you and your family safe, wise and protected. Join our site for more tips on keeping you safe.

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==== ==== Self Defense Keychain Kubaton training is FREE with purchase. ==== ====

Graduation Gift: Kubotan Keychain Protection