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There are many different weapons that may be used for self-defense. However, in most cases, they tend to be bulky (canes, sais and katanas), risky to the user (pepper sprays) and even illegal in some areas (stun guns or tasers). A kubotan, on the other hand, is an incredibly useful selfdefense weapon. It's handy, easy to carry and, if you know how to wield it, very efficient. Here are tips on how to use a kubotan safely and effectively: Know what it is. A kubotan is also called a yawara or yawara-bo. It's actually a short stick, made of a strong material such as wood, metal, PVC (a very sturdy plastic, same material used for pipes) or even bone. At only 5.5 inches long, the kubotan can fit in the palm of the hand, slipped into a pocket, tucked inside a handbag or even used as a keychain. It may not seem like a lot but if you know how to use it, it can be so much more than a decorative stick. Therein lies its function - it will help protect you, prevent bodily harm on your person and stop your attacker if you know how to use it. Grip it firmly. A kubotan is designed to fit the hand, with an inch or an inch and a half of material protruding from both ends. The key is to be familiar with your grip - not too light that the kubotan would fly off your hand during an attack and not too tight that you'd hurt yourself. Grip it in the most comfortable way for you so you are more comfortable using it. You could choose a kubotan with a flat end, a rounded one or a sharp one, depending on your needs. Know where to hit. The kubotan is designed to hit certain points of the body. These are the points that will hurt most, allowing you to stop your assailant. These are: - the eyes and the area between the eyes - nose - throat and either side of the neck - chest area, particularly the diaphragm, the upper area near the center of the ribcage - underneath the armpit - pectoral muscles - lower back at the bladder - groin Types of thrusts A thrust can be downward, upward or sideways. Just make sure that the tip of the kubotan makes

the maximum impact. Learn to direct your strength from the arms to the hands so you could use the weapon more efficiently. Practice. Don't wait until you'll really need to use a kubotan to wield it. Practice for 30 minutes with it several times a week. This will help make you more confident in using it and build your strength. Try to focus on the main targets (use a dummy or a punching bag). The better you are at hitting your target, the more you can protect yourself.

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==== ==== Kubotan keychain defense training and FREE Self Defense Book ==== ====

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