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Regardless of whether you're using a Kubotan self-defense keychain, a handgun, or unarmed tactics, there are certain undeniable concepts and principles - truths if you will - about a selfdefense encounter that must be acknowledged and planned for. To overlook or ignore even one of these is to be done at your own risk and peril. While there are many more principles that I consider to be critical, we'll start with a few of the most basic, and therefore the most important here. Please note that I used the words "basic" and "important" in the same sentence. Often, students (and teachers for that matter) tend to see the basics as "necessary evils to learn in order to get to the really cool stuff." When, in fact, the basics ARE the "cool stuff," and... ...without them, you wouldn't be able to do anything else! If you're new to the topic of real-world self-defense, burn these principles into your subconscious mind so that you'll never forget them. If you consider yourself to be an old veteran or an advanced student, you might still want to look over them, just to make sure that you're not missing anything important. Self-Defense Principles to "Live" By 1. You Are Your Own First-Line of Self Defense Remember that, when the attack happens, more often than not, you will be alone. And, if you are with someone else, then chances are even greater that you are facing multiple attackers. I talk a lot in my other books and articles, especially in "The Karate-Myth," about the fact that no one else, not even the police, can save you. And that goes for your teacher as-well, regardless of how good he or she is. You will either be prepared or not when the penny drops. That means that... will be your responsibility to do what you must to survive until help, back-up, or whatever, arrives. And that goes equally well for those of us who have been trained to know better. Like the story of an off-duty police officer who, having years of training, carried her firearm with her everywhere she went. Until one day, she went out to lunch with mom and dad.

Since they were just going into a fast-food place for lunch and mom and dad didn't care much for guns, she decided to leave the weapon in her car. During lunch, a man entered the restaurant and killed several patrons... ...including her parents. Though she got out with her life, the ONE TIME she needed her training and her weapon... ...her parents died. Imagine living with that for the rest of your life! So, if you're going to train yourself with a Kubotan, self-defense keychain, handgun, or any other weapon, make sure that, not only is it WITH you when you need it, that if possible...'s IN your HAND! 2. Keep It Short and Simple Sport martial artists kill me. Not that they can anymore than anyone else, but what they do, and the way they think, is what leaves me shaking my head in confusion and disbelief. Anyone who's ever been in a real-world encounter, where they were fighting for life and limb, knows that seconds can feel like an eternity. SECONDS. In fact, the average self-defense encounter is over in 6 to 10 seconds. Not minutes. So much for the money-making climactic fight scenes at the end of a movie, huh? Where the hero takes on the arch-villain for 20 minutes or so. Sorry. Just doesn't work that way. In fact, you only store enough glycogen (a type of sugar) in your muscles for fight-or-flight work for about 7 to 11 seconds of full-out work. After that, your body must hold out for another 7 to 11 seconds to produce enough of that magic "juice" to go at it again. The fact that karate tournaments set things up with a two minute time frame on average is proof that things are not geared towards self-defense. Of course, all the rules that are nonexistent on the street help a little too. If you've ever been attacked, you probably know that it was over long before two minutes were up (if you were counting). Unless you're running and hiding or pulling the school-boy-fight thing where it looks like a boxing match, you can't physically keep going for longer than your muscles have fuel for.

In addition to this, a self-defense situation is NOT the time nor the place to be showing off your way-cool tricky moves. The attacker doesn't care and, quite frankly, that kind of foolishness is just going to make him... ...fight HARDER! If you want to win - if you want to survive - if you want to wake up tomorrow on THIS side of the grass, you have got to keep your defenses simple and to the point. Do what you have to do to get him to stop - and do it quickly. Period. 3. There's a Difference Between a Fight and a Self-Defense Situation Again, you have to know why you're there. Are you trying to prove something? Do you need to be right? Are you trying to make a point? Are you afraid of getting something you don't want or losing something you do? If you are, then...'re in a fight - you're fighting! It's not self-defense, although you might be trying to defend yourself while simultaneously trying to inflict your damage on him. But, a self-defense situation is different. It's very different... ...before the attack even starts. The Difference Between Fighting and Self-Defense What is the difference between a fight and a self-defense situation? I mean, both people are attacking the other, right? Well... ...not exactly. And, if you've ever been in either or both, you already know the answer. Simply stated, a fight has two or more combatants who are willing participants in the foray, they are all there by mutual agreement. They all WANT to be there.

Whereas, in a defensive encounter there may be two or more mutually agreeable participants to the event, but... ...they are all on the SAME side! In a self-defense situation, at least one of the combatants, the victim - the target of the assault has NOT chosen to be there. Do you see the difference? While a self-defense situation and a fight might APPEAR to be the same thing, they are in reality, very different. So, get over any thoughts, fears, or aversions to fighting. I don't like to fight either. But... ...I have become very good at fighting skills and dealing with a person who wants to fight or attack me. There is a big difference. In Today's world of violence, street crime, spousal and child abuse, and terrorism, it is no longer possible to live in denial. It seems that, every day, more and more people are waking up to the realization that violence in some form has touched either them or someone they know. They end up finding out that... ...self-defense training is no longer a choice - it's a responsibility!

Jeffrey M. Miller is the founder of Warrior Concepts International. He is a highly sought-after trainer, consultant, and expert in the areas of self-defense, workplace violence defensive tactics, and personal protection. He is the author of several books, and videos, including: "The Science of Self-Defense," and the dvd, "Danger Prevention Tactics: Protecting Yourself Like a Pro," and is the co-producer of the self-defense & martial arts podcast called KUDEN. For more information and to download your free self-defense report entitled, "Fight Smarter - Not Harder" visit his web site at:

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==== ==== Self Defense you can do at Home, Work or School. Fast, Easy and Fun! ==== ====

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