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Many people today want to learn how to fight. The reasons for this are numerous. Some people are tired of being victimised or bullied while others are more interested in self defense and are looking to learn how to fight so that they will know what to do in a violent situation should it arise. In this article we will examine the people who want to learn to fight as a form of self defense. Street fights, muggings, robberies and assaults are what most people want to protect themselves from and it stands to reason that the best self defense techniques for this are street fighting tactics. I am not talking about crude street fighting techniques that may be attempted by the local pub's angry drunk. Rather 'street' fighting techniques. What happens on the street is unpredictable and a person who is defending themselves should also be. Knowing how to strike an attacker with the element of surprise, de-mobilising him using any means necessary and getting out of there as fast as possible is always the desired outcome in these situations. If you want to learn how to fight back against scum-bags sometimes you need to fight like one. I am not one to promote such violent acts and as a martial artist I avoid them at all costs, however in today's society this is easier said than done and people have a right to defend themselves at all times. I would usually suggest a martial art as a form of self defense training but I have spoken to so many people who have been in hairy situations that just want to know what they would need to do to have a reasonable chance of defending themselves. The fact is many of them don't want to spend years learning a martial art and to be honest if your heart is not in it and you are learning a martial art to learn how to fight, you really are doing it for all the wrong reasons. I have come across many self defense courses and many of them are very good. For the purposes mentioned above, the best one I have found is an online course called Street Fighting Uncaged. This course teaches how to fight back in any situation. It teaches how to disarm attackers, how to disable them, how to wind or wound them and how to get out of there. The only reason a person could ask for more than that is if they intend to use these methods to become a scum-bag themselves. For these reasons and the very reasonable price this course gets a full five star rating. For a comprehensive street fighting uncaged review visit Self Defense Guide

Street Fighting Uncaged Review  

When people are looking for information on how to learn how to fight, it is usually because they have been victimised or because they are li...

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