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06. Scaling up RuSACCO

23. MANZO Youth Empowerment Project (MAYEP)

06. Malt Barley Value-Chain Development

24. Agriculture and Market Support for Maize and Beans

07. Early Seed Generation II

24. Local Seed Business Outscaling

07. Scaling Community-Based Seed Production 08. Sustainable Transformation of Agricultural Resources (STAR) 08. Livestock Growth Programme 09. Climate-Smart Agriculture 09. Smallholder Support Scheme 10. Building Opportunities through Seed Enterprise Transformation (BOSET)

26. WEST AFRICA 27. Building Resilience to Climate Extremes and Disasters



28. Improving Incomes & Food Security through Agricultural Production 28. Realising Agricultural Productivity Gains in the Sahel


29. Empowering Women within the Cashew Value Chain 29. Improved governance & access to water and sanitation

13. Building Sustainable Livelihoods of families made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS (APHIA plus) 14. Cassava Aggregation - Supporting Smallholder Agriculture & Value Addition 15. Gorta Global Village - Keringet 15. Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development. Scholarship Scheme 2014-15 Class 16. Empowering Women within the Cashew Value Chain 16. Aflascope 17. Water and Sanitation in Keringet

30. ZAMBIA 32 Nutrition Sensitive Agri-Food Value Chains 32 Irish Aid Local Development Programme 33 Improving Smallholder Access to Quality Seed 33 Kaoma Farm Development Project 34 Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue Sub-Basin 34 Value Added Vegetables 35 Enhanced Livestock Trade and Enterprise (ELITE II)


35 Pathways to Self-Reliance for Refugees in Zambia

20. DISCOVER 20. Shire Basin Sustainable Natural Resources Management Social Enhancement Project 21. MODES 21. Sustainable Livelihood Improvement Resilience Project (SLIP) Cover, left to right: Habibou Tiendrebeogo (Burkina Faso) Emebet Bayissa (Ethiopia) Susan Wanjiku Kamau Sikombe (Kenya) Foster Simeo (Zambia) Nellie Mohango(Malawi) Fatuma Nambiro (Uganda)



Self Help Africa Projects 2017  
Self Help Africa Projects 2017  

An overview of current programmes being implemented by Self Help Africa in sub-Saharan Africa.