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MAY/JUN 2018

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Towards 2040:


A Championship Course in the Making



NEW SELETAR Tennis Academy




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Photo Credit: Andrew Tan

Dear Members

On the golfing front, Team Seletar is gripped by a different fever. The new season of the SGA Inter-Club

Football fever is back! From 14 June, World Cup 2018 will dominate our waking (and sleeping) hours. To help you catch the exciting World Cup action with family and friends, the Tavern will feature free ‘live’ telecasts of all World Cup screenings complete with fun contests, prediction challenges and more. Keep your eyes peeled for the match fixtures and telecast times; these will be updated via our weekly electronic bulletin, the Seletar Buzz Online. If you are not yet subscribed, drop an email to to register today and keep yourself updated on our ‘live’ screenings. The Club has also been abuzz of late with the introduction of a new Seletar Tennis Academy (STA). Managed by Active4Sports and featuring the Men’s Team Coach for Singapore’s SEA Games Tennis Squad, the STA has seen a number of sign-ups for its private coaching programmes and the revival of our Seletar Social Tennis nights. Read more about our coaches and the new Tennis programmes on pages 22-23 of this issue.

League has just started, and congratulations is in order for Team Seletar, who have won the first three games in a row. With the third leg of the league safely under our belt, we have a good head start. Nonetheless we still have a long way to go and so to our 2018 Team I would like to wish them “Best of luck! May success follow each of you at every stage and we retain the championship title!”

GOLF COURSE RENOVATION UPDATE On the topic of golf, I am pleased to share that the golf course renovation project is progressing well and according to schedule. In the past few months, our team has been busy finalising the golf course design with our consultants and obtaining approvals from the relevant authorities. Further modifications have been necessary to meet additional guidelines and our aim is still to preserve the course character and challenge rating. In January, we appointed Green Dynasty – part of the team behind the redevelopment of several premier golf courses in Singapore and around the region – as our Construction Manager to tap on their expertise and experience in golf course construction and development.


MAY/JUN 2018


For now, the team is focused on preparing the design specifications and technical details for invitation


of several tenders. This will be done in phases from 9 May, with the main tender for golf course

The time has sadly come for us to say goodbye to

construction to be released on 8 June. As planned,

our iconic Seletar Water Sports Centre (SWSC). After

we will be closing the course in stages from October

more than 14 years, we are closing the gates of the

to allow members use of a composite 9. We are also

Water Sports Centre for the last time, this time to be

exploring more opportunities to increase golf play,

returned to NParks for good. But – not before a big

such as working with other local clubs for access on

bang celebration, Seletar style!

special rates. Currently we have limited reciprocal weekday flights with Keppel Club, Orchid Country

Details can be found on page 28 and I hope to see

Club, Raffles Country Club, Sembawang Country

every Seletarian out at the Water Sports Centre and

Club and Warren Golf Club on top of a range of

in the reservoir partying with us! This will be your

overseas golf clubs including those nearer to home.

final opportunity to try out our kayaks, sails and

Those looking for golf daytrips will be pleased to

dinghies before they go; we will also be having lots

know that if you are headed to Palm Springs Batam

of children games, art competitions, bazaars and

with a minimum of 20 in a group, two-way transfers

more. So block the event date in your calendars and

between the Club and Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal

call our Sports & Social team to book a space for

can be arranged courtesy of Palm Springs.

you and your family now.

Management will be sending you more details on the course closure and alternative playing arrangements in due time.

CATCHING UP WITH GOLFPLAN For this issue, Seletar Buzz caught up with Golfplan to learn more about their design philosophy for our new course – do read about it on page 10. In the coming July/August issue, members can look forward to a hole-by-hole layout of the entire course.

INCREASED SPORTS AND RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES While the golf course renovation is ongoing, Management will be stepping up on sports and recreational activities to keep up the Club’s vibrancy.

See you at the Water Sports Centre on Saturday,

Activities like music classes, line dancing and Pilates

7 July!

will be making a comeback while our F&B scene remains exciting with live band music almost daily, sizzling BBQ nights under the stars twice-weekly and

Phua Hua Seng

a range of interesting promotions every two months.


So continue having your good times here at the Club with your family and friends.


MAY/JUN 2018


GETTING TO KNOW our Membership Girls Seletar Buzz speaks with our membership girls, Lee Wan-Yi and Stella Phua, about providing good service to members. Read on as they spill the beans on their innermost thoughts and feelings about being part of the Seletar family! How do you find working in SCC so far? Wan Yi (WY): I have only been here for less than 18 months but it feels much longer! Work can get pretty stressful at times, but my colleagues have been extremely supportive. Stella (ST):

I have experienced many ups and downs over the years here, but we just have to keep going no matter what happens. Sometimes, we may not perform up to members’ expectations and end up getting chided, but it’s about taking things in your stride. I feel that I have really learnt and grown a lot over the years.

What keeps you going at work? WY: The thought of going home! (laughs) Just kidding. I really look forward to eating Chicken Chop every Monday – I’m a huge meat lover! But seriously, I enjoy the feeling of having good friends at work. Camaraderie with your colleagues is so important and I’m glad I get to experience such good relationships with them. ST: Definitely my colleagues. If I don’t come to work, they will miss me! (laughs)

Do you have any tips to share about providing good service in this line? WY: A smile a day keeps the blues at bay! I really believe that a smile is the most crucial part of working in the service industry. We should also be as honest and transparent as we can – apologise and rectify things immediately if we made a mistake. At the end of the day, we should always keep calm and push on – face up to any problems like a real woman! ST: Always face people with a sincere heart – that’s my motto. If we treat people genuinely without expecting anything in return from them, there’s so much more meaning in the work we do. In the service line, we also have to be elastic like a rubber band. When problems crop up and we have to face members, it is important to be flexible about how we react to them. I try to treat every member as though they are my good friends, and talk to them or joke with them without any reservations. I think it has helped me connect with them.


From left to right: Wan Yi and Stella

What do you think are each other’s spirit animal and why? WY: I think Stella’s spirit animal should be a dog. She’s so friendly towards everyone and fiercely loyal to the people she is close to. She’s also rather happy-go-lucky! ST: Wan Yi is more like a kangaroo or rabbit, always hyper and jumping around so excitedly. Yet underneath that, she’s a really gentle and receptive girl.

What do you like to do outside of work? WY: I am an avid gamer. I recently bought a Virtual Reality (VR) set and have been making full use of it at home since! I also collect figurines and love DC Comics. ST: I enjoy playing Mahjong and basketball!

MAY/JUN 2018


Having worked with each other for so long, what do you think are each other’s special talents? WY: Stella is able to gargle an entire mouthful of water and still talk at the same time! Can anybody else do that? ST: Wan Yi can eat two portions of food at every meal and still remain underweight – it’s just amazing because I’m on the opposite end of the weight spectrum! She can also laugh very hard without making a single sound. Try doing that and you’ll know how difficult it really is!

What do you think are each other’s best quality? WY: Stella has really good people skills – she knows how to connect with nearly everyone! She also makes sure I’m well fed all the time – she’s quite the sister hen. ST: Wan Yi is very willing to learn and she is often our 'kai xin guo' (happy pill) even when the going gets tough. I guess you can say she’s tenacious too. And yes, our sisterhood and chemistry with each other is really strong!

Any interesting fact you might want to share about yourself? WY: When I was born, my parents nearly called me Wan Dou (bowl of beans). (laughs) ST: I gained 40kg during my first pregnancy, and I have only lost half of that weight after 9 years!

We should also be as honest and transparent as we can – apologise and rectify things immediately if we made a mistake. At the end of the day, we should always keep calm and push on – face up to any problems like a real woman!

1st QUARTER STAR AWARDS WINNERS Our heartiest congratulations to the winners and runner-ups of our quarterly STAR Awards! To reward them for their excellent service and exemplary work attitude, these staff will enjoy a cash incentive on top of an additional day off. They definitely deserve it!

Front of House • Tsai Chia-Chun (Winner) • Cheng Yu-Han (Runner-up)

Support Services • Loh Yung Joy (Winner) • Chew Eng Keong (Runner-up)

Tsai Chia-Chun

- Wan Yi Wan Yi - Dressing up as her spirit animal!

Loh Yung Joy

Always face people with a sincere heart – that’s my motto. If we treat people genuinely without expecting anything in return from them, there’s so much more meaning in the work we do. Stella When she was 6 years old...

- Stella Cheng Yu-Han


MAY/JUN 2018

Chew Eng Keong


From left to right: Jiang Guocheng, Lee Chin Kiat, Sharon Tan, GM Philip Tan, Lee Pei Tsi, Ng Hui Zhen, Carmen Chee, Goh Mey Fong and Tsai Chia-Chun

Stepping Up After a year of hard work, our best performing staff have once again stepped up to assume roles of greater responsibilities. With




The Management is pleased to announce the promotion of the following staff: Employee




acknowledge their diligence and efforts in making Seletar Country Club a place that lives up to its name of being a friendly family club of choice. With the continued efforts of staff and members alike, let us move ahead to making our Club an even better place for everyone! Kudos to our newly promoted staff and we hope


Food & Beverage Carmen Chee Goh Mey Fong Jiang Guocheng Ng Hui Zhen Tsai Chia-Chun

Senior Captain Senior Captain Chef-de-Partie Senior Waitress Senior Waitress

Golf Lee Chin Kiat Lee Pei Tsi

Senior Course Marshal Senior Admin Assistant

Human Resource Sharon Tan


to see each of you bloom in your new roles!

Congratulations and keep up the outstanding work!


MAY/JUN 2018




From left to right:

Noura, Mugu, Ra

ymond and Dev

We celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday at the Kingfishe r Room on 31 March and our entire family agreed that it w as on e of the best dinner celebratio ns we ever had. The food, ambi atmosphere and ence, service were im peccable. To say was worth every that it cent is an unders tatement. Firstly, making it all possible w as your execut NOURA SULAM ive Ms . After meeting he r, I was certain Seletar Country that Club was where I wanted to sp my money. She en d was very profes sional, knowledg and customer ea bl e oriented. She accommodated she could and where made good reco mmendations. impressive was Most that on the day of the dinner (h day), she called er off to enquire if all was well. This is of a good and co a sig n nscientious wor ker. Equally impr essive

were Mr MUGU who went the extra mile to pr fantastic custom ovide er service. My mum still re members the ho t lemon tea that made for her af Mugu ter dinner, with out it being requ for. It was som ested ehow just wha t she wanted moment. The se at that rvice staff were exemplary that always smiling an ni ght, d even allowing us to continue 11pm. RAYMOND af ter and DEV also contributed to dinner with thei th e r close attentio n. I must say Se Country Club ha le ta r s a great team. Compliments m to Chef too for us t go the Lamb Stew and Salted Egg which were reall Prawns y outstanding. I will surely recom the club to my fri mend ends and colleag ues and speak of good experienc my e. – Michael Gomez

My dad had a wonderful birthday celebration at Eagle’s View! Everyone had a great time and we would like to commend CHEF TAN for the delicious food. The dishes were served hot and there was no delay between dishes. POOI SEE was great! She coordinated everything so well, remembered our cue as to when to dim the lights, when to have the champagne ready... the list goes on. Every instruction was followed to a T. I am very proud to have held my event in Seletar – each of my guests has a great impression of our club's F&B now. We would like to thank CALLISTA as well for her patience and special staffing arrangements. The party would not have been this perfect if not for her facilitation. – Diane Koh


From left to right: Chef Tan, Pooi See and Callista

7 MAY/JUN 2018


NEW FACES AT SELETAR Michelle Goh Executive, Accounts Michelle is currently an accounts executive, yet it was not all numbers to begin with. Her childhood ambition was to rear polar bears, elephants and jaguars! However, this animal lover’s practicality won in the end and she graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Leisure and Resort Management. In her free time, Michelle enjoys baking, reading books and playing games. She also works out when she has the time. Don’t hesitate to say hello to this friendly girl if you see her around!

Rick Lai Manager, Facilities & Maintenance With more than 32 years of working experience under his belt, Rick is no stranger to facilities management. Outside of work, Rick is a family man who enjoys spending time with his loved ones. He makes it a point to play racket games with his family or friends on a weekly basis and travels with them a few times a year. He lives by this motto, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

STAFF Fire Drill In cases of emergency, Seletar staff will always be prepared! On 5 March, we had our annual fire drill event. Many of us tried our hands at putting out small fires using fire extinguishers – including our own GM! Looks like it was just the right time for some staff bonding too!

Getting ready to put out some 'fires'! GM trying out his hand at using the fire extinguisher!


MAY/JUN 2018


$ $

$$$ $


In line with nationwide efforts, the Club will go cashless from 1 MAY 2018 for all transactions at our facilities*. Enjoy the convenience of your newly issued smart membership cards. With its tap-and-go feature, your bill will be charged directly to your membership account**. To do our part in helping the environment and reduce paper usage, receipts will only be issued upon request. For your added convenience, payment can also be made via:



CASHLESS PAYMENT ONLY * Excluding third-party operated facilities such as ProShop, Driving Range and Halfway Houses. ** For Ordinary / Social Members only. Information correct as at 28 Feb 2018, subject to changes and service updates.





















MAY/JUN 2018


Towards 2040: A Championship Course in the Making In 1995, Seletar Country Club created a stir when it opened its doors as a new 18-hole championship golf course. Then acting minister for Community Development, Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, lauded the Club’s move. He compared the Club to its earlier days in the Seletar Airbase and drew attention to how it “had only a modest and flat nine-hole course” as compared to the hugely contrasted “magnificent and serene view” of today. (National Archives of Singapore, Speech by Mr Abdullah Tarmugi) Fast forward 23 years, and the Seletar golf course has become much loved for the tranquility and alluring greenery it ensconces. Set against an uninterrupted view of the reservoir, the beauty and natural landscape of the golf course is iconic of our Club. Yet the time has now come to give a new lease of life to our scenic course as it embarks on a new journey towards 2040. With the renewal of our land lease in 2021 and all our waterfront land being returned to NParks, the golf course is due for a makeover. Rationale for Course Makeover With a 3% land loss which amounts to 21,251.60 metres2 or a 15m boundary setback along the entire reservoir edge, holes that are affected will have to be reconfigured. This will result in a domino effect on other holes, leading to more changes. The Public Utilities Board (PUB) has also passed a regulation that all golf clubs have to be self-sustaining in their future golf course irrigation. This has led to a need to substantively enlarge, deepen and create new water bodies to increase holding capacity, which can be achieved only with a course makeover. With this need for self-sustainability, we had to relook into our irrigation systems too. They have been in place for more than 25 years, with frequent breakage and leakage over the years, requiring costly repairs and replacement works that involve massive manpower resources. Even our watering sprinkler system, as well as main pumps and pump house have seen lots of wear and tear over the years. As we move towards 2040, it is pertinent to address these problems. To ensure our golf course’s smooth sailing journey in this next stage, wall-to-wall Zoysia carpeting will be installed to eliminate the need for re-turfing works, which are labour intensive and cost ineffective. Improvements will be simultaneously made to enhance safety issues and remove blind spots. Presently, our existing perimeter fence is beyond economical repair and maintenance. A new perimeter fence will be erected, which will also prevent external intrusion into our golf course.

Repair works that require manual digging of up to 10 feet

Looking Ahead With the completion of the course makeover, our golf course redesign team and architect expect to eliminate issues of slow and dangerous play by removing blind spots on Holes 10, 12 and 17. This will be done by reshaping the fairways for better visibility. Various holes will also be reconfigured – with Holes 4 and 14 being reconfigured from a par-4 to par-5 and Hole 5 transformed from a par-5 to par-4. Holes 15 and 3 will be switched, with several enhancements made to other holes as well. Members can look forward to greens which will be totally remodeled for a brand new golfing experience on a course that is friendly and enjoyable. Explained Vice-Chairman Phua who also chairs the Golf Course Redesign Project Committee, “It is of great challenge that despite the land loss, we are still able to maintain the overall length of the new course with an even more competitive course rating that is ready to host major golf championships in future. We are also looking to incorporate more water elements to highlight our natural landscape and bring about a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere for our members while they golf. It is our hope that with the continued support of our members, we will be able to achieve this and uphold a course that has even more character compared to what we have today.”

Our golf course redesign team carrying out inspection works with architect Golfplan



The Design Philosophy Seletar Buzz speaks to our golf course design architects from Golfplan, David Dale and Kevin Ramsey, to find out what they have in store for us! What are your thoughts on our Seletar course and how different will the golf course be after the makeover? Seletar’s course has really good bones – it’s rounded rather well and has very good original architecture which sets the golf course so naturally in its environment. We love the undulation and contours – it uses the land so beautifully and we wish to preserve this “British Isle” flavor. We aim to highlight and maintain the view of the natural environment. After the makeover, there will be more visibility for the bunkers. Bunkers are like makeup – it gives a golf course memorability and eye appeal. We want members to go “wow” when they see our course. In the new course, you will be able to get better angles for strategic play and approach shots. I believe that the new course will be as aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly, we want to create a brand new challenge without creating any weaknesses. For instance, members can also look forward to the great condition of Zoysia carpeting without any contamination – it’ll be a wonderful place to golf in. Are there any iconic features that golfers can expect for the course makeover? Yes, there will be dramatic water features incorporated into the design model. We will also be enhancing and enlarging water bodies to resolve water sustainability issues. Water elements will feature strongly in the course – creating relaxing sounds and a tranquil atmosphere for all golfers. We are looking at designing a dramatic water feature behind the 7th green and also to showcase another water feature behind the 18th green. There will definitely be more ponding and larger water surface area – this will help us to become more water-sustainable. We will also have new configuration of lakes that will occur on Holes 3 and 15, with a new lake left of Hole 4. The shapes of our lakes will also change before Holes 6, 7 and 8, with the key factor being deep waters for better storage. The new 14th green side will exemplify a very dramatic setting with the Banyan trees in the background. Once we are done with works here, we will certainly be known for our beautiful landscape and big trees. This is a great place and site, without a lot of background noise. It’s tranquil here, we’re one with nature. How would you describe our new golf course? Environmentally dramatic and memorable.

From left: David Dale & Kevin Ramsey

I’m sure this question is on everyone’s minds. The view of the serene Seletar Reservoir has been iconic for our course since 1995. Considering the new public access walkway, what should members expect after the renovation? We have discussed elevation to preserve the view, especially at Holes 4, 5 and 13. We will try to break the visual to any activity on that path. Undulation and vistas will be created along the landscape, together with ‘windows’ looking out from the golf course into the reservoir. The charm of the reservoir is such an important part of the course, it has to be maintained. We want to filter views so that golfers can see what we want to show them, yet not get distracted by the activity going around outside. What will be the new signature hole? Whew, that’s a tough one! To me, all 18 holes are special. We don’t want just one hole to stand out, we want every hole to be debatable on whether it’s the best one. We want the golfer to come off saying that 7th was memorable, 9th was a tough test; 3rd is where they want to return to hit their shot again or maybe try a different approach on the 12th. Let the golfers pick a new favourite each time they play. This way, we will create a memorable course that will last a lifetime.



- A Groundbreaking Experience Our ladies at the famous Cape Manza!

Think Japan, and what comes to mind? Sushi, sashimi, sakura, sake, scenic views? Okinawa, a chain of islands located south of Japan, is famous for all these and more. When our lady golfers visited the beautiful place from 3 to 9 March, they were treated to Japan’s gorgeous scenery and delicious food! However, on top of the usual golf games and visiting of iconic attractions, they experienced something that we would never encounter in Singapore – an earthquake.

Enjoying a traditional Japanese meal! Fun and games to complete a memorable trip!


GOLF Strawberry picking for our ladies!

On the incident, Jean Tieh recounted, “It was so funny just thinking about it! We were all sitting on the floor of our hotel room and Diane was dancing around. Suddenly, I felt the floor move forwards and backwards. I thought it was just my imagination. I didn’t even realise it was an earthquake!” The tour guide later told them that it was a slight earthquake measuring 2.0 on the Richter scale. During their last day in Okinawa, nature ruled once more as temperatures fell to as low as 10°C. It was so cold and windy that day, our lady golfers could not even open their room doors! Instead, they had to ‘bulldoze’ their way through. They took it all in their stride though, as the close-knitted group reflected on the trip as one that was "frightening at times, but overall very interesting and enjoyable!"

To be honest, it was quite exciting as it was my first time experiencing an earthquake. A few of the other ladies experienced it for the first time too! Luckily it was small scale. I can’t imagine what would have happened if it was major!

All ready for a game of golf!

- Jean

We love sightseeing!

It may be cold, but we will not

give up on style!



SCC Vs OCC Inter-Club Friendly It was time for the annual friendly between Seletar and our next door neighbour, Orchid Country Club (OCC)! Held on home ground this year, our Captain Ismail Taha and Lady Captain Angelia Lim presented a token of appreciation to OCC Captain, Mr Yeo Khee Leng, to celebrate the years of friendship.

Lady Captain and Captain presenting a token of appreciation to OCC Captain Yeo Khee Leng

We look forward to playing next year's friendly at OCC!

Here's to many years of friendship between SCC & OCC!


Having a fancy good time!


OFF TO A WINNING START! Seletar is back in the heat of competition! After being crowned overall champions of last year’s SGA Inter-Club League (ICL), We kicked off our title defense in style – with resounding wins over Orchid Country Club (OCC), Raffles Country Club (RCC) and Laguna National Golf and Country Club (LNGCC) for the first three legs. The competition rust was clearly not visible as our players won with scores of 8.5 to 6.5 for the first two legs and 9 to 6 for the third leg.

Seletarians sharing a friendly moment with OCC opponents!

Such a good string of results would not have been possible without our members' support and we look forward to more emphatic wins in the subsequent legs of the competition! Onwards, Seletar league players!


Onwards, Seletarians! Do us proud!



Chairman’s Trophy 2018 The annual Chairman’s Trophy is back! Our golfers were in high spirits and they turned up in full force for the golf game and dinner. It was a wonderful opportunity for a get-together among golfers as they played their game! During the dinner party at Seletar Room, Chairman Cheah Kim Teck expressed his gratitude for everyone’s efforts in helping the Club grow. It was greeted with cheers and toasts of approval all around! Seletar Band also entertained guests with their music and it was especially heartwarming to see many Seletarians rushing up on stage to belt out their favourite songs! Rock on the spontaneous spirit, Seletarians!

Chairman sharing a toast with our ladies! One of our lucky winners, Ng Tiong Aik

Crooning to classic tunes...








Men’s ‘A’ Division



Men’s ‘A’ Division


Kelvin Cheh Heng Nam

44 pts


Gan Shian

77 Gross

Runner Up

Triton Wui Zhang Yong

43 pts

Runner Up

Francis Lee Yong Chong

67 Nett


Bobby Lim Bock Seng

41 pts


Alwyn Lee Jian Yun

63 Nett

Runner Up

Lim Teng Say

40 pts

Runner Up

Tan Yoke Meng Ricky

67 Nett


Ng Wee Kang Don

43 pts


David Ho Kin Lan

67 Nett

Runner Up

Ang Thiam Hock

42 pts

Runner Up

Pang Kim Mong

68 Nett

Men’s ‘B’ Division

Men’s ‘B’ Division

Men’s ‘C’ Division

Men’s ‘C’ Division

Men’s ‘D’ Division

Men’s ‘D’ Division


Wui Ong Chuan

41 pts


Lui Wai Yuen

66 Nett

Runner Up

Geoffrey Low Jze Lek

39 pts

Runner Up

Chua Woo Hwa

67 Nett

Ladies’ ‘A’ Division

Ladies’ ‘A’ Division


Diana Yow Sin Hiong

45 pts


Kim Sung Mi

63 Nett

Runner Up

Jennifer Ann Schoon

41 pts OCB

Runner Up

Nina Um Sung Kyung

68 Nett

Ladies’ ‘B’ Division

Ladies’ ‘B’ Division


Jennifer Wong Lim Chee

Runner Up

Sharon Chan Law Hooi Teng 39 pts

39 pts OCB

Mercedes Trophy 2018 Qualifying Round Name



Francis Lee Yong Chong

41 pts

Runner Up

David Foo Yong Kheng

39 pts OCB


Alwyn Lee Jian Yun

45 pts

Runner Up

Gan Shian

44 pts


David Ho Kin Lan

41 pts OCB

Runner Up

Tan Yoke Meng Ricky

41 pts

Kim Sung Mi

45 pts

‘A’ Division

‘B’ Division

‘C’ Division

‘D’ Division Winner


Tang Yvonne

68 Nett OCB

Runner Up

Lim Phoo Yong

68 Nett


ACHIEVEMENTS 1. MOHAMAD ZAKI 25 Feb 2018 Hole 11, 144m Seletar Country Club

4. TU XIAO YUN 4 Apr 2018 Hole 13, 108m Seletar Country Club

2. ALVIN KHOO TENG YONG 28 Feb 2018 Hole 13, 128m Seletar Country Club

5. LISA SOH YEOK ENG 12 Apr 2018 Hole 3, 98m TMCC - Garden Course

3. YEO CHOON KEE DENNIS 1 Apr 2018 Hole 2, 153m Seletar Country Club



GOLFING SAFELY We would like to ensure that all our members have good experiences while golfing on our course. Do take note of these common do’s and don’ts to ensure that safety is never compromised!

DoN’Ts ∞ Do not play any approach shot if the hole is ‘blind’ (e.g. Hole #10). Do not play your second shot towards the green until you have driven up and made sure that the coast is clear. ∞ At any point in time if you are unsure about whether your shot may reach the group in front of you, do not proceed to play. Hold back until you have seen the front group move off.


he ound t I am ar se don’t a le area, p ball yet. r hit you


∞ When you have accidentally played a shot into the front flight, drive up immediately and offer your sincere apology. Offer a friendly handshake or an apologetic bow and if need be, a jug of beer after the game! ∞ When looking for the ball, always leave your buggy parked in the middle of the fairway. This is to indicate to the group behind that you are still within the vicinity and range.

Song B

e Golf R


Great news! We have added two more clubs to our list of reciprocal and affiliation clubs! For the first time ever, Seletarians can enjoy affiliation benefits when they visit Vietnam. The latest addition, Song Be Golf Resort, boasts a luxurious 27-hole USGA Standard Championship Course. The newest reciprocal club to join the ranks is the Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia, which has a sprawling 36-hole golf course that spreads over 279 acres of sparkling lakes and captivating greenery. Well known for their challenging holes, golfers can look forward to a unique golfing experience whenever they visit!

Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia



MODERNISING GOLF RULES: ADOPTING 'READY GOLF' In line with proposed 2019 revisions to the United States Golf Association (USGA) Rules of Golf to foster prompt pace of play, the Club will be adopting 'Ready Golf' from 1 March 2018. Clarifying the push for this new rule, the USGA website states that “[This new rule encourages] players to recognise that their pace of play affects others, and that they should play promptly throughout each round by preparing in advance for each stroke, moving promptly between strokes, and in going to the next tee”. USGA cites that implementation of this new rule allows committees to set specific expectations such as the '40-Seconds' rule. This rule enables golfers to 'play faster by confirming it is proper to play out of turn when it is safe and responsible to do so'.

How Does Ready Golf Affect You? Simply put, you should play the moment you are ready, instead of adhering to ‘farthest from the hole plays first’. Needless to say you should always prioritise safety and take your shot only when it is safe to do so, without endangering other golfers.

New '40 Seconds' Rule USGA recommends that golfers “should make a stroke in no more than 40 seconds [or lesser] after he is able to play without interference or distraction”. Should you encounter a playing partner who repeatedly takes longer than 40 seconds to make his stroke, a gentle reminder should suffice.

Examples of Ready Golf

What is Ready Golf? Ready Golf can be carried out in stroke play and comprise actions aimed at speeding up golfers’ movement around the course and reducing the time taken for them to complete a round. It is worth noting that Ready Golf would be inapplicable in Match Play due to the strategy involved between opponents.

The following illustration highlights when and where Ready Golf should be practiced. More examples can be found on the USGA website,

Shorter Hitters First

Putt out Putt out even if it means standing close to someone else’s line.

Hit your Shot Honour Hit your shot if the player who has just played from a bunker is still farther away but delayed due to raking the bunker. Short hitters play first.

Hit your tee shot if the player with the honour is not ready to play.

Walk Over

Assessment Hit then Search Hit your shot before helping someone search for their ball.

Play when a player who is farther away is facing a challenging shot and is taking time to assess their options.


When a player’s ball has gone over the back of the green, play if you are ready.


Fun time not just for kids! Guess who's our bunny? Psst... You know the answer!

Splashing Great Time! Our Easter Swimming Carnival returned on 31 March this year. Although it was an event designed specially for children, the adults had a great time too!

emerged – Megan Chong and Jolin Wong. Congratulations to them for not giving up! For those of you who are curious, the names of the bunnies are Fuzzy Hopps and Daisy Thumper!

They cheered on their kids wildly during the swimming competition, participated in the pool telematch, took part in a range of free sports trials, and even played on the bouncy castle!

There were plenty of other activities that kept the children entertained – carnival games, easter craft-making, foam pool, water bouncy castle and also an engaging magic show where a magician swallowed a sword!

Perhaps the highlight of the event was the contest that got everyone scrambling around the Club. Children and adults searched high and low for the names of two bunnies which were placed in secret places around the Club. After a full day’s search (accompanied with lots of sweat), 2 lucky winners

When asked about her thoughts on this annual event, parent Pauline Toh said, “I’ll definitely be back again next year with my children. This time though, I’ll be bringing my cousins and their children along as well – the more the merrier!”

Swimming... to fame and glory!

Who's going to be the next Joseph Schooling?


Give it up for Bun-Yi our Easter Bunny!


Trying our hands at carnival games!

Children taking part in the foam pool competition

It's Magic Show Time!

Spideyboy! Spideyboy!

Foam pool isn't just for kids!

Winners of the family race!

"Yay, you've done well kids!"

Our happy winners with their vouchers!



NEW SELETAR Tennis Academy A tennis academy by Active4Sports has been launched at Seletar Country Club! Meet our four tennis coaches and get ready to pick up all the tips and tricks from them! Name: Sharin Jamal Experience: 27 years Best Tennis Technique: Backhand

Position: Director of Active4Sports Favourite Tennis Star: Father Life Motto: “Live. Life. Sports.”

Passion for tennis runs in Sharin’s family. Following in the footsteps of his father, Sharin has an extensive playing and teaching background. He was the Men’s Team Coach for Singapore’s South East Asian (SEA) Games Squad as well as Captain of the Davis Cup Team in 2017. His favourite part of coaching? Watching his students develop their skills and morph into tennis pros!

Name: Mohd Aslam Jaffar Experience: 17 Years Best Tennis Technique: Serve & Smash

Position: Program Director Favourite Tennis Star: Andre Agassi Life Motto: “Look forward and never look back.”

Aslam will spearhead The Tennis Academy programme at our Club. He is currently the Head Coach of Temasek Polytechnic and manages both the Men’s and Ladies’ teams. He is certified under the SG-Coach Programme and has taught at several clubs. Aslam enjoys coaching due to its interactive nature. To him, it makes life more fun and enjoyable!

Name: Mohd Tahar Ahmad Experience: 28 Years Best Tennis Technique: Serve & Volley

Position: Director of Program Development Favourite Tennis Star: Boris Becker Life Motto: “Never let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

Affectionately known as Coach Tahar, his love affair with tennis began when he was just a young boy fascinated by the relatively uncommon sport back then. Now, all of his children play tennis too! As a coach, he has taught in many clubs. He has also completed the Instructors Course from the Singapore Sports Council. As a tennis veteran, you would be surprised to find that he is currently still actively participating in regional competitions!

Name: Mohd Fadhil Z.A. Favourite Tennis Star: Boris Becker but considers Roger Federer as the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)

Position: Director of High Performance Program Best Tennis Technique: Serve Life Motto: “In moderation as much as possible.”

Fadhil was previously a ranked Junior and Open competitive player who has since transitioned to heading a High-Performance Program that focuses on high level competitive tennis. As a coach, high energy sessions that are fun and challenging are his trademark. He is a certified Instructor with Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) and has completed the Level ‘C’ Course with Global Professional Tennis Coaches Association. He enjoys coaching tennis as it enables him to meet people from all walks of life!


Tennis Programmes for Everyone! Up your game now! Programme Junior

Details • Mini Tennis/Introductory Class (6 years old) ♦ Utilises fun co-ordination routines and simple effective exercises ♦ Low compression Red balls to be used (75% slower than regular balls)

Price $160 (M) / $175 (G) for 4 sessions @ 1.5 hours per session

• Development Class I (8 years old) ♦ Emphasis on stroke production, footwork and rallies/match play ♦ Low compression Orange balls to be used (50% slower than regular balls) • Development Class II (10 years old) ♦ Focuses on closed/open drills, tactical strategies and optimum technical and physical attributes ♦ Low compression Green balls to be used (25% slower than regular balls) • Advanced & Performance Training (12 years old) ♦ Accompanied with structured individual sessions ♦ Drills designed to be situation specific and emphasis on mental and physical abilities ♦ Regular Yellow balls to be used Adult

• Novice Clinics ♦ Designed for new players ♦ Learn basic fundamentals of the game while having fun

$160 (M) / $175 (G) for 4 sessions @ 1.5 hours per session

• Intermediate Clinics ♦ Focuses on rallying ♦ Structured points play ♦ Drills to improve movements on court • Advanced Training Group ♦ Emphasis on match play tactics, footwork drills and situational practices Adult Social Session

• Non-instructional ♦ Relaxed match play ♦ Mix and match of players by Pro

$10 (M) / $15 (G) per 2 hour time period

Private Session

• Individual Attention ♦ Emphasis on game improvement depending on individual needs

1 pax: $80 (M) / $85 (G) per hour per session 2 pax: $90 (M) / $95 (G) per hour per session 3 pax: $95 (M) / $100 (G) per hour per session 4 pax: $100 (M) / $105 (G) per hour per session

Want to find out more? Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today! (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Terms and conditions apply. All rates are shown before 7% GST.


ARE YOU READY FOR THE Greatest Football EveNT? The sport that unites entire nations is back after four years and we just can’t wait! Immerse yourselves in the electric atmosphere of FIFA World Cup 2018 right here at Seletar! From 14 Jun to 15 Jul, catch the live telecast of all 64 matches at Seletar Terrace and Tavern for free! Gather all your kakis now and get ready to support your favourite teams together – but don’t forget to take part in our contests to win attractive prizes! We spoke to two of our diehard football fans - father and son duo Koh Kheng Guan and Ryan Koh to gather their insights and prediction tips.

Let's hear from our very own

FIFA World Cup 2018 Tipsters... Messi! Messi! Messi! Arguably the best player on the planet (Cristiano Ronaldo fans, we hear you!) yet to win a major trophy with his country. I can see neutral fans nodding their heads earnestly if I were to say, “Let’s see Lionel Messi lift the World Cup on 15 July!” That would definitely be a football fairy tale come true. Yet the reality is that the odds are hugely stacked against Messi and Argentina. Thrown into the Group of Death, they face dark horse Croatia, powerhouse-slayer Iceland (remember England in Euro 2016?) as well as Nigeria, who performed exceedingly well in the World Cup qualifiers.

Kheng Guan’s Picks Top Players to Watch out for: Mohamed Salah (Egypt, Liverpool FC), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid FC), Lionel Messi (Argentina, Barcelona FC), Neymar Jr (Brazil, Paris St. Germain FC) Surprise Teams of the Tournament: Senegal & Egypt (because King Salah)

It is a fact that no South American team has ever lifted the World Cup on European soil before and I don’t see it happening this year. Much as I do wish to see the little magician finally lift the World Cup with Argentina, I’m afraid that it may all be wishful thinking on our part.

Underperforming Teams of the Tournament: Brazil (Remember the 7-1 drubbing by Germany on their home soil?), Belgium (Golden generation of football talents who have yet to ‘show up’ at big games)

Whatever happens, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of drama and also plenty of mouth-watering goals and upsets. Let the games begin! Or as they say in Russian 'Da nachnetsya igra'!

Semi-Finalists: England, France, Germany, Spain

Teams I wish to see do well: South Korea & Japan

Dream Final: England vs Germany Golden Boot Winner: Marcus Rashford

- Koh Kheng Guan


It’s about to be that time once again – the event that happens once every four years, the event that brings the whole World to a standstill for a month, the event capable of bringing entire nations pure ecstasy, or reducing them to tears… That’s right, we’re talking about the World Cup. The 2018 edition in Russia sees the absence of several traditional footballing powerhouses – namely three-time finalists the Netherlands, four-time champions Italy, and the reigning Copa America champions Chile. It also sees the debuts of Panama and the country that won our hearts at the 2016 Euros – Iceland, as well as the return of Egypt, Morocco and Peru after an absence of over two decades. So, who are the favourites to win it this year? I will share my predictions here. However, football is never theoretical or predictable – that is the beauty of it. - Ryan Koh

Ryan’s Picks Top Players to Watch out for: Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano (Mexico, Club PSV Eindhoven), Ruben Neves (Portugal, Club Wolverhampton Wanderers), Timo Werner (Germany, Club RB Leipzig), Leon Goretzka (Germany, Schalke 04), Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (Serbia, Club Lazio) Surprise Teams of the Tournament: Poland, Egypt Dark Horses: Belgium, Portugal, France Semi-Finalists: Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina Finalists: Germany, Spain Golden Boot Winner: Lionel Messi – This is probably Messi’s last chance to lift the World Cup, and he knows it. With this motivation, he should be firing on all cylinders and continuing that stellar form that saw him drag Argentina through the qualifiers. We already know that he is the greatest player of all time, now it’s just time for him to prove his mettle. Golden Gloves Winner: David de Gea – The Spanish keeper is currently leading the Premier League with a total of 16 clean sheets (a personal record) and the most number of saves, with games still left to play. With close competitors Manuel Neuer just returning from injury and safe hands Gianluigi Buffon missing out on his last chance to lift the World Cup, the stage looks set for de Gea to show everyone why he’s widely regarded as the best goalie in the world.

Ryan has included his analysis of four teams that are most likely to win the tournament. Let us take a closer look…

Argentina FIFA World Ranking: 4 Coach: Jorge Sampaoli Think Argentina, and quality players like Aguero, Dybala, Higuain, di Maria, and of course Messi comes to mind. Argentina have so many world class players at their disposal, yet they just can’t seem to make the cut as a world class team, often failing at the very last hurdle. In the past four years, they have made their way to three finals (2014 World Cup, 2015 and 2016 Copa America), not winning a single one. Will it finally be their turn to shine this year? With a little bit of luck, as well as the presence of arguably the greatest player of all time, I believe anything is possible.

Germany FIFA World Ranking: 1 Coach: Joachim Low Germany’s dominance has only grown since 2014, with the reigning champions qualifying for this year’s World Cup with 10 wins out of 10 matches and scoring an European-jointhigh of 43 goals. Standout players of the 2014 World Cup such as the likes of Toni Kroos and Mats Hummels are now at the peak of their careers (as if they weren’t good enough already back then), and the old guard of Bastian Schweinsteiger, Philipp Lahm, and Miroslav Klose have been replaced by more-than-capable successors in Timo Werner and Leroy Sane among other names. With a squad of their quality and an excellent coach in Low, it’s hard to see Germany not being the third nation to win consecutive World Cups since Italy and Brazil. Let’s all just hope that Marco Reus stays fit for it this time.

Brazil FIFA World Ranking: 2 Coach: Tite Brazil will be looking to redeem themselves after that humiliating exit on their home ground in 2014. Since then, Seleção have improved in nearly every position with the additions of Gabriel Jesus and Casemiro, and the likes of Coutinho, Paulinho, Roberto Firmino, and Alex Sandro staking their claims as top players. Players aside, manager Tite has also played a big part in Brazil’s huge improvement since 2014, and will be aiming to bring Brazil their 5th World Cup.

Spain FIFA World Ranking: 6 Coach: Julen Lopetegui Spain has come a long way since crashing out in the group stages of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. With their backbone of David de Gea, Sergio Ramos, Pique, Jordi Alba, Carvajal, Iniesta, David Silva, and Koke, as well as outstanding additions like Isco, Asensio and Thiago, they look promising. Spain has regained that dominance in possession – that fluid build-up play (Tiki Taka) and control that made them the powerhouse they were from 2008-2012. It may well be time for Spain to re-establish themselves as the World’s best footballing nation.


TAKE PART in OUR SELFIE CONTEST! Want to win official FIFA merchandise? Wait no more! Take part in our World Cup Selfie Contest and you may just be one of the lucky winners!

Contest Period:

1 Jun to 15 Jul Winners will be announced on:

Tue, 17 Jul

HOW TO TAKE PART? Step 1: Take a photo (or selfie) of yourself wearing your favourite FIFA team jersey anywhere in the Club from 1 Jun to 15 Jul. Step 2: Submit it to us via the methods stated below:

1) Upload directly on our website:


2) Uploading on Facebook and including the hashtag #seletarfifa2018. Remember to tag us @Seletar Country Club and tweak your privacy settings to ‘public’ so that we can see them!

Step 3: Be as creative as you can while taking your shots, and we will judge who has the best and most fun-loving photos!

SO WOW US WITH YOUR CREATIVITY TODAY! For enquiries, please email


FIFA World Cup 2018 Prediction CHALLENGE Calling all football fans! Come join us in predicting the winners for each stage of the competition and stand to win official FIFA merchandise and other attractive prizes*! CATEGORY




Guess the Round of 16

Tue, 19 Jun

Fri, 29 Jun

Guess the Quarter - Finalists

Fri, 29 Jun

Wed, 4 Jul

Guess the Semi-Finalists

Fri, 6 Jul

Mon, 9 Jul

Guess the 3rd Placing Playoffs + Exact Scores

Tue, 10 Jul

Mon, 16 Jul

Guess the Finalists + Exact Scores

Tue, 10 Jul

Mon, 16 Jul

Official FIFA Football Jersey of your choice

Guess the Golden Boot Winner

Fri, 13 Jul

Mon, 16 Jul

A Pair of Football Boots

Official FIFA Merchandise

Get ready to cheer on your favourite football teams! For enquiries, please email *Terms and Conditions: The FIFA 2018 Prediction Challenge is only open to members and runs from 14 Jun – 13 Jul 2018. Official forms are available at Seletar Tavern. Only fully completed forms submitted via the designated box at Seletar Tavern or through our online registration form will be eligible for the draw. In the event that there is more than one correct entry, these entries will be subjected to a lucky draw. Each member is only entitled to one prize in each category. All winners shall be notified by phone and/or email by 16 Jul 2018. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash. Seletar Country Club reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the draw without prior notice.



SAT, 7 JUL ∞ 3PM TILL LATE It’s our final event at SELETAR WATER SPORTS CENTRE (SWSC) and we are certainly going out with a bang! Be sure to gather your family & friends for an unforgettable day out.


: Adult - $32 (M) / $45 (G) Child - $16 (12 years old & below) * Inclusive GST, BBQ dinner, door gift & lucky draw

et Picnic s n u S BBQ Night Course lf o G @ g in h Fis ther Kids’ Craft & O Fun Activities Bouncy Castle tre Kayaking Water Sports Cen Sailing Photo Gallery

SEE YOU THERE! Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email to register today! (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price

Programme subject to change without prior notice. Photos are for illustration only. Information correct at time of print.


SELETAR WATER SPORTS CENTRE (SWSC) PHOTO MEMENTO CONTEST CAPTURE AND SHARE YOUR GREATEST MOMENTS AT SWSC WITH US! Photos from past and present are all welcome and will be put on display during our BIG BANG CELEBRATION on Sat, 7 Jul. We will be judging the submitted entries based on photo quality and creativity. The best photos will stand a chance to win ADVENTURE COVE TICKETS plus other attractive prizes. So, snap away and take part today!


Submit your photo(s) by uploading directly on our website OR


Upload your photo(s) on Facebook and include the hashtag #SWSCmementocontest. Remember to tag us @Seletar Country Club and tweak your privacy settings to 'public' so that we can see them!


For enquiries, please email




discount for each additional family member

Ever wanted to start learning to play a musical instrument but feel bogged down by having zero musical background? Kickstart the family bonding activities this June with the tunes of a ukulele! Make music with your little ones right here at Seletar Country Club as experienced trainers from Living Strings take you to explore the basics of this widely-played musical instrument.


Students will master 5 simple songs • • • • •

Basic Ukulele strumming techniques Parts of the ukulele and how to tune Basic ukulele chords in the key of C Fundamentals of music How to co-ordinate singing and strumming

LEVEL 2 Students will master 5 new songs • • • • •

Song structure Passing chords in the key of C Song styles New strumming patterns Dynamics in music • • •

TUESDAYS 5, 12, 19 JUN & FRIDAYS 8, 15 JUN TIME 2.30 - 3.30pm FEES $100 (M) / $120 (G) for 5 x 1-hour session VENUE Exercise Room

Complimentary 2 x Instructor led Sing-Along / Practice Sessions 50-song Songbook available for purchase at $5 Quality Aiersi Concert Ukulele available for purchase at $80


Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today! (M) Members Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price

Minimum of 10 students to commence course


AQUA FITNESS Want to exercise and burn calories without having to break into a sweat? We have just the right kind of exercise for you! Join our Aqua Fitness class where you can experience resistance training and aerobics movement in the cooling comfort of water. There is even a whole host of benefits you can enjoy from this exercise! • • • • •

Reduce blood pressure Improve muscle strength, creating a safety barrier for joints Reduce lactic acid build up in your body Safe form of exercise for people with arthritis, osteoporosis and weak joints Ease aches and pains for pregnant women


Date : Thursdays, 10 & 24 May Ladies Thursdays, 14 & 28 Jun ONLY Venue : Seletar Swimming Pool Time : 8pm – 9.30pm Fees : $25 (M) / $35 (G) per session *Rates are inclusive of 7% GST and participants are required to wear proper swimming attire for the session. Registration is required.

Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

Hydroactive HIIT/ Pilates How about doing pilates – but with a twist? Enjoy an out of this world pilates experience where you get to do your exercises on a floating mat in the swimming pool! Choose between pilates and HIIT and get ready for a splashing great time while you work out on water!

Date : Every Saturday • 9am – 9.45am (HIIT) • 10am – 10.45am (Pilates) Every Sunday • 9am – 9.45am (Pilates) • 10am – 10.45am (HIIT) Venue : Seletar Swimming Complex Fees : $150 (M) / $170 (G) for 4 lessons per month

Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.


1-on-1 muay thai Want to keep fit and burn calories at the same time? We have brought back our 1-on-1 Muay Thai training! Come join us for some intensive workout sessions with our Thai-Boxing trainer, Azmi!

Time: 7pm – 8pm or 8pm – 9pm Fees: $95 per session (M) / $105 per session (G)

Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today.


hat ote t e is n e s attir Plea gym times. r e p l pro at al oes ired u lf sh q o e g r , e e attir es ar Golf pike sho . d s and T allowe NO

Short, Intense & Rewarding Metafit HIIT Join the fat-burn revolution and burn fat even in your sleep! Metafit is a 40-minute workout session which not only burns fat, but boosts metabolism, improves strength, speed and cardiovascular fitness. What are you waiting for? Sign up with us today!

Date: Every Thursday Time: Between 6.30pm to 8.30pm (40 min per session) Fees: $30 (M) / $40 (G) per session Instructor: Coach Khairul Certified Metafit Coach

Pre Registration required! Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

(M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.


Taekwondo class Learn the art of self-defense with Taekwondo’s different kicking techniques! Taught by Singapore’s decorated Taekwondo practitioner, Tan Kok Seng, you will be sure to perfect that Kung Fu kick in no time!

Date: Every Saturday from June Time: 11.30am – 1pm Fees*: $87.50 (M) / $100 (G) / $112.50 (P) *Prices are before 7% GST

Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

full contact karate class Master the art of self-defense at our Full Contact Karate Class! Suitable for beginners of all age and gender, this class will provide a good cardio work out on top of building your speed and agility. Start now and work your way towards that black belt!

Date: Every Saturday Venue: Exercise Room @ Seletar Sports Complex Time: 2 – 3pm Fees: $25 (M) / $30 (G) per session Conducted by black belt third degree instructor with 15 years of experience

Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.


Try Scuba! Find out what it is like to breathe underwater for an extended period of time with Try Scuba! pool session. Immerse yourselves in a world of underwater fun as you drown out all other noise. With a host of highly experienced and fun-loving scuba diving professionals, we promise you that the activities will be entertaining and engaging for participants of all ages. Of course, safety will never be compromised!

Date : Saturdays, 5 May & 2 Jun Time : 10am – 6pm

(Each participant is given about 30 mins slot at any

Package includes:

one time within the 3 hours period)

- - -

Fees : Adult: $20 (M) / $25 (G) Child (12 & below): $15 (M) / $18 (G)* *All rates inclusive of GST

Rental of scuba equipment (masks, fins, regulator and oxygen tank) Scuba instructors Public liability insurance coverage

Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

Open Water Diving Course Trip Experience the open waters like never before! Come join us for a unique underwater journey as we explore new terrain and get up close and personal with creatures of the sea!

Date : 8 – 10 Jun Venue : Pulau Tioman, Malaysia Fees : Open Water Diving Course $599 (M) / $649 (G) Advanced Adventure Course $549 (M) / $599 (G) Leisure Divers Course $429 (M) / $489 (G) Includes:


- All Course Materials (Digital Manual + E-Certifications) - Instructor training fees - Food, Accommodation and Transport - Equipment Rental

- Marine Park Fee, RM50 - Visa Application for Non-Singaporeans - Personal Expenses - Dive Insurance

Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.


TaiChi @ Seletar

Regain youth and flexibility with our TaiChi classes! Not only does it strengthen your joints and muscles, it also helps to reduce muscle aches and injuries. Join us now and be on your way to great health!

Date : Every Wednesday Venue : Exercise Room @ Seletar Sports Complex Time : 10 – 11am Fees : $25 (M) / $30 (G) per session Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

Looking for an exercise that’s fun and keeps you healthy and active? Join our linedancing classes conducted by Tang Swee Tuan, an instructor with more than 20 years of teaching experience!


Date : Every Friday from May to Jun Time : 2.30pm – 4pm Venue : Exercise Room @ Seletar Sports Complex Fees : $50 (M) / $55 (P) for 4 sessions Please note that there will be no lessons on PH and eve of PH. No fees will be imposed on the participants on these days.

Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (P) Public Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.



Seletar Holiday Special Music lovers rejoice! We now have music workshops just for you! Choose between our Guitar Workshop and Local Workshop and get ready for some musical fun!

Date : Saturdays, 9 & 23 Jun Venue : Exercise Room @ Seletar Sports Complex Time : 2 – 6pm Fees : $40 (M) / $48 (G) / $58 (P) Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price / (P) Public Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.

Wellness Therapy Say no to pains and aches! From golf elbow and hip pain to backaches and neck strains, our physical therapist is here to help! Mohammad Faizal is International Examinations Council, ITEC (UK) certified and professionally trained, and will tailor exclusively to your needs during therapy sessions. Hurry and register for your personal consultation today!

Venue : Exercise Room @ Seletar Sports Complex Fees : $100 (M) / $110 (G) per 60 min session $125 (M) / $135 (G) per 90 min session Call 6486 0874 / 880 or email today. (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.


3rd Senior Inter-Club Mixed League

Lily Lim, winner of Ladies' High Game & High Series

Shane Kiang, winner of Men's High Series

Congratulations to Seletar’s brilliant bowlers for their great performances in the 3rd Senior Inter-Club Mixed League held at Serangoon Gardens Country Club!

Andrew Fong & Susan Soon

• Team Award: Seletar Country Club – 1st Runner-up

• Masters (Individual Award): Andrew Fong – 3rd Runner-up (Men’s) Susan Soon – 1st Runner-up (Ladies’)

• High Series: Shane Kiang (Men’s) Lily Lim (Ladies’)

• High Game: Lily Lim (Ladies’) Team Seletar!


Come join us for an exciting afternoon of strikes with your favourite bowling mates! Spare no pins! Dates : 1 June - 6 July (Qualifying Period) 8 July (Final) Time : Ladies (Check-in: 9.30am, Roll-off: 10am) Men (Check-in: 1.30pm, Roll-off: 2pm) Venue

: Seletar Bowl

Entry Fees : Qualifying Round - Best of two 3-game series Each 3-game series at $11.00 (inclusive of GST) Final - $45.00 (inclusive of GST) (open to members only) Closing Date : 6 July at 8pm

Want to find out more? Call 6486 0853 or email today! (M) Member Price / (G) Member’s Guest Price / (P) Public Price Seletar Country Club reserves the right to cancel the event if the minimum number of participants is not reached.


Our Dalmore and Manulife team that made this possible!


Adam Knox and our GM sharing a drink!

Every whisky brand has a story to tell. On 1 March, Dalmore shared their story with us at Eagle’s View. Their official spokesperson, Adam Knox, walked us through the brand’s journey and its special distillation processes during a free whisky tasting session specially organised by Manulife Singapore. That evening, everyone got to enjoy three different types of whisky – The 18, Cigar Malt Reserve and King Alexander III. Members and guests learnt the proper way to enjoy their whisky, which included “nosing” the drink to relish its true flavour. When called to a vote, the Cigar Malt Reserve was hands down the most popular amongst guests as many loved its refreshing and fruity taste. If you are a fan of Dalmore whisky, don’t miss out on special rates at all our F&B outlets!

Did You Know? The Dalmore brand is now almost synonymous with their iconic Royal Stag emblem. Ever wondered why this is so? Long time ago in 1263, the Chief of the Clan Mackenzie saved King Alexander III from a stag. The King in turn granted Clan Mackenzie the right to bear a 12-pointed Royal Stag crest as a testament of their loyalty and courage. Since then, the crest has been proudly adorned by members of the clan. In 1867, Mackenzie brothers Andrew and Charles took over the Dalmore brand and the symbolic Royal Stag emblem followed all the way till present day.

Awaiting the Dalmore whisky!


Food Hygiene For EVERYONE Good news, Seletarians! Our F&B outlets have passed the Laboratory Test with flying colours! What is "the Laboratory Test"? The Laboratory Test is designed to assess if restaurants and cafes meet the food hygiene criteria set by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). It is a process that helps to identify if there are any problems with food products or the handling of raw materials in food production. Its objective is to identify contaminants before food is sold to the public. An organisation will have been deemed to meet high levels of hygiene standards if it passes the Laboratory Test. This means that Seletar is now officially certified by the testing unit, Singapore Accreditation Council, and has been given the nod in our food preparation methods. You can now rest assured that our F&B outlets adhere to the strictest hygiene standards! Our Club has passed the following tests: • Hand swabs for chefs at Terrace Kitchen & Bar, Eagle’s View Kitchen, Seletar Kitchen • Ice cube swab at Terrace Kitchen & Bar, Eagle’s View Kitchen, Seletar Kitchen • Food swab at Terrace Kitchen & Bar, Eagle’s View Kitchen, Seletar Kitchen • Equipment swab at Terrace Kitchen & Bar, Eagle’s View Kitchen, Seletar Kitchen

Hygiene Practices Currently Adopted by F&B Staff 1. Tables are cleaned and applied with food graded sanitiser after each meal. 2. Staff will regularly wash their hands with the proper method accorded by NEA guidelines. 3. Table cloth will be cleaned and washed frequently. We are confident of continuously upholding such high hygiene standards and we hope you can give us your support as we strive to do even better!

We take food hygiene very seriously. It is our job to ensure that all our customers enjoy a wonderful dining experience without compromising on hygiene and cleanliness standards. We are delighted to have passed the Laboratory Test and look forward to providing even better service and quality food for our diners! – F&B Manager Khoo Leng Fong


Mother’s Day Dining

Sun, 13 May • Eagle's View

Don’t let Mummy cook that weekend! Treat her to a lavish spread specially prepared by us!

Set Menu Chilled Sour & Spicy Sea Clam with Pickled Vegetables Double Boiled Ginseng & Mushroom Chicken Soup Steamed Garoupa ‘Hong Kong Style’ Roasted Crispy Whole Chicken with Salted Sze Chuan Pepper Braised Baby Abalone with Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Mushroom & Spinach Braised Longevity Noodles with Seafood in Supreme Stock Coconut Pudding

Call 6486 0845 for reservations!

$668 (M) / $708 (P) per table for 10 pax

(M) Member Price / (P) Public Price Photos are for illustration only. Promotion is subject to change without prior notice. Information correct as at time of printing. All prices displayed are nett. Subjected to availability due to private function booking. Please note that with effect from 1 May 2018, we will only accept cashless payments at all our F&B outlets.

Mother's/ Father's Day Spa SpeciAL Relieve stress by indulging in a relaxing session at Soothing Strokes! Give yourself an extra treat with our special deals to celebrate with mums and dads!

Buy 4 & Get 1+1 Free Simply purchase any four 90-min treatment to enjoy One Free 60-min Treatment and One Complimentary 30-min Hot Stone Massage!


Set Menu Chilled Platter of Pacific Clam, Prawn Salad, Roasted Pork Belly, Hei Chor Double Boiled Herbal Chicken Soup with Black Garlic Whole Crispy Garoupa with Thai Chili Sauce

Sun, 17 June • Eagle's View Show your appreciation on Daddy’s day with a sumptuous meal at Eagle’s View!

Brandy Flamed Pork Spare Ribs Pan-Fried Prawn in Chef's Specialty Sauce Wok Fried Shou Mian with Seafood Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts

$608 (M) / $648 (P) per table for 10 pax

Call 6486 0845 for reservations! (M) Member Price / (P) Public Price Photos are for illustration only. Promotion is subject to change without prior notice. Information correct as at time of printing. All prices displayed are nett. Subjected to availability due to private function booking. Please note that with effect from 1 May 2018, we will only accept cashless payments at all our F&B outlets.

Valid from 1 May to 30 June

For more information / booking, please call 6486 0838 / 6481 4812 or email




Available from 1 May to 30 June

Promotion @ Eagle’s View

Buddha Jump Over Wall

Herbal Pork Ribs with Aloe Vera

$19 (M) $24 (P)

$10 (M) $15 (P)

Herbal Silkie Chicken

Herbal Turtle

$12 (M) $17 (P)

$15 (M) $20 (P)

Pig’s Tail & Black Bean

Shi Quan Da Bu Duck

$10 (M) $15 (P)

$10 (M) $15 (P)

(M) Member Price / (P) Public Price Photos are for illustration only. Promotion is subject to change without prior notice. Information correct as at time of printing. All prices displayed are nett. Please note that with effect from 1 May 2018, we will only accept cashless payments at all our F&B outlets.


Available on Fridays in june from 6-9pm Last order 8.45pm

• RoastED Spring Lamb – (1, 15 & 29 June)

Served with Herbed Potato, Garlic Confit, Vegetables, Salad and Au Jus

• Whole RoastED Pig* – (8 & 22 June)

Served with Sauerkraut Potato, Sausages, Salad and Au Jus *5-months old piglet

At $38 (M) / $46 (P) Per Set

(M) Member Price / (P) Public Price Photos are for illustration only. Promotion is subject to change without prior notice. Information correct as at time of printing. All prices displayed are nett. Please note that with effect from 1 May 2018, we will only accept cashless payments at all our F&B outlets.

Making Business A

Looking for a venue to host your next corporate meeting, staff retreat or product launch? Seletar Country Club is just the place for you! From personalised set-up, catering to team building activities, our experienced personnel will be there to help your guests feel more than welcome!


Enjoy a post-event BBQ dinner/bowling session with your guests at a special price!





(inclusive of 1 coffee break with 3 snack items)

(inclusive of 2 coffee breaks with 3 snack items)



(inclusive of 1 coffee break with 3 snack items + 1 buffet lunch)

(inclusive of 2 coffee breaks with 3 snack items + 1 buffet lunch)

For bookings and enquiries, please call 6486 0872 / 9 or email



weekday SPECIALS At only $9.90 each!* Mondays • Garlic Sausage Spaghetti Aglio Olio • Seafood Pad Thai (Sweet and Sour Fried Noodle)

Tuesdays • BBQ Baby Pork Ribs with Buttered Rice • Seafood Wan Ton Noodle Soup

Wednesdays • Ayam Penyet • Butter Chicken with Naan

Thursdays • Sambal Prawn with Fragrant Rice • Thai Wanton Mee

Fridays • Dory Fish Parmesan Spaghetti • Clay Pot Kung Pao Chicken with Fragrant Rice

*Member Price. Public Price $11.90. Photos are for illustration only. Promotion subject to change without prior notice. Information correct as at time of printing. Please note that with effect from 1 May 2018, we will only accept cashless payments at all our F&B outlets.

Garlic Sausage Spaghetti Aglio Olio


BBQ Baby Pork Ribs with Buttered Rice


Weekend Specials

Dory Fish Parmesan Spaghetti

Pork Trotter in Black Soya $16.90 (M) / $19.90 (P)

11 - 13 MAY

Stingray with Black Bean Chilli $16.90 (M) / $19.90 (P)

18 - 20 MAY

Roasted Half Chicken $18.90 (M) / $22.90 (P)

25 - 27 MAY Thai Wan Ton Mee



Unagi Fillet $18.90 (M) / $22.90 (P)

4-6 MAY



weekday SPECIALS At only $9.90 each!* Assam Laksa

Mondays • Roasted Half Spring Cajun Chicken with Pilaf Rice • Assam Laksa

Tuesdays • Black Peppered Beef with Pilaf Rice • Curry Chicken Noodles

Wednesdays • Cottage Pie • Clay Pot Chicken and Waxed Meat Rice

Thursdays • Seafood Tom Yum with Fragrant Rice • Dory Fillet with Brown Caper Butter

Fridays • Spaghetti Marinara • Clay Pot Beef Shabu Shabu Noodle

Curry Chicken Noodles

Spaghetti Marinara

Seafood Tom Yum with Fragrant Rice

*Member Price. Public Price $11.90. Photos are for illustration only. Promotion subject to change without prior notice. Information correct as at time of printing. Please note that with effect from 1 May 2018, we will only accept cashless payments at all our F&B outlets. SELETAR BUZZ 46 MAY/JUN 2018

Ampang Yong Tau Fu $16.90 (M) / $19.90 (P)

Ginger Sesame Pork $16.90 (M) / $19.90 (P)

1-3 JUN

8 - 10 JUN


Weekend Specials


Kung Pao Chicken $16.90 (M) / $19.90 (P)

Baked Chinese Herbal Spring Chicken $16.90 (M) / $19.90 (P)

15 - 17 JUN

22 - 24 JUN


Clay Pot Chicken Rice $16.90 (M) / $19.90 (P)

29 JUN 1 JUL


Indulge in our wide selection of whiskies! With so many choices, we are sure there’s something for everyone!


Highland Park Dark Origins 1 bottle: $148 (M) / $168 (P) 2 bottles: $268 (M) / $288 (P)

DALMORE CIGAR MALT RESERVE 1 bottle: $218 (M) / $248 (P)

DALMORE KING ALEXANDER III 1 bottle: $288 (M) / $318 (P)

MACALLAN DOUBLE CASK 12 YEARS 1 bottle: $128 (M) / $168 (P)

MACALLAN RARE CASK 1 bottle: $368 (M) / $408 (P)

DALMORE 18 YEARS 1 bottle: $258 (M) / $288 (P)





Hakushu Single Malt – Distiller’s Reserve 1 bottle: 2 bottles: $138 (M) / $158 (P) $258 (M) / $278 (P)


Hakushu 12 Years 1 bottle: 2 bottles: $198 (M) / $218 (P) $378 (M) / $398 (P)


Yoichi Single Malt 1 bottle: 2 bottles: $138 (M) / $158 (P) $258 (M) / $278 (P)


Taketsuru Premium Malt 1 bottle: 2 bottles: $107 (M) / $128 (P) $198 (M) / $218 (P)


Miyagikyo Single Malt 1 bottle: 2 bottles: $138 (M) / $158 (P) $258 (M) / $278 (P)





Naked Grouse 1 bottle: $88 (M) / $108 (P)


2 bottles: $158 (M) / $178 (P)

Tiger Beer Promo

TIGER BOTTLE $5 (M) / $7 (P)

TIGER DRAUGHT ½ Pint: $2 (M) / $4 (P) 1 Pint: $4 (M) / $8 (P) 1 Jug: $12 (M) / $14 (P)

(M) Member Price (P) Public Price All prices are net and inclusive of prevailing GST. Not valid for use with other F&B promotions, discounts, vouchers, banquets or private functions. Management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion without prior notice. Management’s decision in the event of any dispute is final. Information correct at time of print. All images for illustration only. Please note that with effect from 1 May 2018, we will only accept cashless payments at all our F&B outlets.



EVENTS Golf INTER-CLUB FRIENDLY: SEL VS KGS (HOME) Date : Sat, 12 May Time : PM Shotgun Format of Play : 4BBB (Stableford) Fee : $64.20 (inclusive of Entry, Buggy, Lunch, Dinner and GST) Booking : Thu, 29 Mar (Golf Reception) Closing Date : Fri, 27 Apr SELETAR MERCEDES-BENZ MAY MONTHLY MEDAL Date : Sun, 13 May Time : AM/PM (Men, Ladies and Junior) Format of Play : Stableford Fee : $37.45 (inclusive of Entry, Buggy & GST) Booking : Fri, 27 Apr (online @ 9am) Closing Date : Fri, 11 May *$50 penalty applicable for any cancellations without replacement after closing date.




Date : Sun, 10 Jun


Time : AM

Date : Sat, 5 May Sat, 2 Jun

Format of Play : Stableford Fee : $37.45 (inclusive of Entry, Buggy & GST)

Time : 10am – 6pm

Booking : Thu, 26 Apr (Golf Reception)

Fee : Adult: $20 (M) / $25 (G) Child: $15 (M) / $18 (G)

Venue : Seletar Swimming Pool

Closing Date : Fri, 1 Jun *$50 penalty applicable for any cancellations without replacement after closing date.

SINGAPORE JUNIOR GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP Date : Mon, 11 Jun to Thu, 14 Jun (AM) Format of Play : Strokeplay Booking : SGA Website *PM timeshot will depend on completion of the event

EZ-BREEZY Date : Saturdays, 12 & 26 May Saturdays, 9 & 23 Jun Time : 2pm – 6pm Venue : Seletar Water Sports Centre Fee : $7 (M) / $10 (G) / $15 (P) SUNSET KAYAKING Date : Sat, 26 May Sat, 23 Jun Time : 4.30pm – 6.30pm


Venue : Seletar Water Sports Centre Fee : $10 (M) / $15 (G) / $25 (P)

Time : 4BBB (Stableford)


Format of Play : 4BBB (Stableford)

Date : 8 to 10 Jun

Fee : $64.20 (inclusive of Entry, Buggy, Lunch, Dinner and GST)

Venue : Pulau Tioman, Malaysia

Booking : Wed, 2 May (Golf Reception) Closing Date : Fri, 1 Jun


Fee : Open Water Diving Course $599 (M) / $649 (G) Advanced Adventure Course $549 (M) / $599 (G) Leisure Divers Course $429 (M) / $489 (G)


Date : Sun, 27 May


Date : Qualifying - 1 Jun to 6 Jul

Time : PM Shotgun

Date : Thursdays, 10 & 24 May Thursdays, 14 & 28 Jun

Venue : Seletar Bowl

Format of Play : 4BBB (Stableford) Fee : $37.45 (inclusive of Entry and GST)

Time : 8pm – 9.30pm

Booking : Fri, 13 Apr (Golf Reception)

Fee : $25 (M) / $35 (G)

Venue : Seletar Swimming Pool

Closing Date : Fri, 11 May SELETAR MERCEDES-BENZ JUNE MONTHLY MEDAL Date : Sat, 9 Jun Time : AM/PM (Men ONLY) Format of Play : Stableford Fee : $37.45 (inclusive of Entry, Buggy & GST) Booking : Fri, 25 May (online @ 9am) Closing Date : Thu, 7 Jun *$50 penalty applicable for any cancellations without replacement after closing date. Event programme and information correct at time of print and subject to changes without prior notice. (M) Member Price, (SM) Social Member Price, (G) Guest Price, (P) Public Price


Fee : 3-games series @ $11 Final @ $45


Social LADIES’ NIGHT Date : Sat, 12 May



Time : 7pm Venue : Eagle’s View Fee : $28 MUSIC @ SELETAR Date : Saturdays, 9 & 23 Jun Time : 2pm – 6pm Venue : Exercise Room @ Seletar Sports Complex Fee : $40 (M) / $48 (G) / $58 (P) ADIOS AQUA FIESTA Date : Sat, 7 July Time : 3pm onwards Venue : Seletar Water Sports Centre Fee : $32 (M) / $45 (G) / $16 (Kids – 12 years old and below)

Wine & Dine DOUBLE BOILED SOUP PROMOTION @ EAGLE’S VIEW Available from : 1 May – 30 Jun Time : Lunch & Dinner Venue : Eagle’s View ROAST ON SPIT Available from : 1 May – 29 Jun (Friday only) Time : Dinner Venue : Seletar Tavern MAY / JUN WHISKY PROMOTION Available from : 1 May – 30 Jun (while stocks last) Time : Lunch & Dinner Venue : All outlets MOTHER’S DAY DINING Available from : 13 May Time : Lunch & Dinner Venue : Eagle’s View FATHER’S DAY CELEBRATION Available from : 17 Jun Time : Lunch & Dinner


ADVANCED SWIMMING (5 YEARS & ABOVE) Sat, 10am – 11:30am Sat, 4:30pm – 6pm Sun, 9:15am – 10:45am Sun, 4:30pm – 6pm

BOWLING YOUTH TRAINING Sun, 10am – 12pm Sports Complex, Bowling Centre

WEEKEND WATER ACTIVITIES Sat / Sun 10am – 12pm Seletar Country Club Water Sports Centre

BOWLING ADULT TRAINING Mon, 7pm – 10pm Sports Complex, Bowling Centre

TENNIS TEAM CLUB TRAINING Sat, 6pm – 8pm Sports Complex, Tennis Courts

IN-HOUSE BOWLING LEAGUE Wed, 8pm – 10pm Sports Complex, Bowling Centre

YOGA Sat Exercise Room

GYM PERSONAL TRAINING Your preferred date and time Main Clubhouse, Parakeet Room Sports Complex, Gymnasium

PILATES Alternate Wed and Thurs Exercise Room

SOCIAL TENNIS Wed, 7pm to 9pm Sun, 6pm to 9pm TODDLERS’ SWIM (2 - 3 YEARS) Sat, 10am – 10:30am Sat, 6pm – 6:30pm Sun, 6pm – 6:30pm


GOLF ACTIVITIES Please call Golf Reception at 6486 0801 / 807 or email

JUNIOR I SWIMMING (3 - 4 YEARS) Sat, 9:30am – 10am Sat, 3pm – 3:30pm Sun, 9am – 9:30am


JUNIOR II SWIMMING (4 YEARS & ABOVE) Sat, 3:45pm – 4:30pm Sat, 5:15pm – 6pm Sun, 9:15am – 10am Sun, 9:45am – 10:30am Sun, 10am – 10:30am


INTERMEDIATE SWIMMING (5 YEARS & ABOVE) Sat, 3:30pm – 4:30pm Sun, 10am – 10:45am Sun, 3:30pm – 4:30pm Sun, 5:15pm – 6pm

Please call Khairul Yunos at 6486 0874 or email

Please call Rauzi Adawiyah at 6486 0880 or email

FOOD AND BEVERAGES Please call Seletar Terrace at 6486 0825

Venue : Eagle’s View * No refund upon class commencement Event programme and information correct at time of print and subject to changes without prior notice. (M) Member Price, (SM) Social Member Price, (G) Guest Price, (P) Public Price




Enquiries & Feedback Main Clubhouse Reception 6481 4812 9am – 9pm daily Membership 6486 0882 9am – 6pm (Mon to Fri) Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays Billing Enquiries 6486 0884 9am – 6pm (Mon to Fri) Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays F&B Enquiries 6486 0872 / 6486 0879 9am – 6pm (Mon to Fri) Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays Feedback 6486 0886 9am – 6pm (Mon to Fri) Lost & Found 6486 0860

Facilities Operating Hours

Golf Golf Reception 6486 0801 / 6486 0807 6.50am – 7.30pm daily Fax: 6481 0311

6486 0802 6486 0806 / 6486 0817 6486 0810 Pro Shop - Transview 6481 6934 7am – 8pm (Tue to Sun) Closed on Mondays except Public Holidays Driving Range 6481 5527 3pm – 10pm (Mon) 7am – 10pm (Tue to Sun)

Dining Seletar Terrace 6486 0825 7am – 10pm (Mon & Wed to Sun) 6am – 10pm (Tue) (Last order for food at 9.30 pm) Seletar Tavern 6486 0822 5pm – 10pm (Mon) 5pm – 11pm (Tue, Wed and Sun) 5pm – 12mn (Thu to Sat, and Eve of PH) Eagle’s View 6486 0845 / 6486 0825 Lunch: 12pm – 3pm (Wed to Sun & PH) (Last order for food at 2.30pm) Dinner: 6pm – 10pm (Wed to Sun & PH) (Last order for food at 9.30pm)

Energym* 7am – 10pm daily Tennis* 6486 0850 8am – 9pm daily Table Tennis* 6486 0850 10am – 9pm daily Basketball* 8am – 9pm daily Soothing Strokes Spa* 6486 0838 / 6481 4812 12pm – 8pm (Wed to Sun) Entertainment Room* 9am – 9pm daily

Poolside Cafe 6486 0870 10am – 7pm (Weekends and Public Holidays) (Last order for food at 6.15pm)

TV Room 9am – 10pm daily

Sports & Recreation

Reading Room 9am – 10pm daily

6486 0874 9am – 6pm (Mon to Fri) Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

6486 0880 9am – 6pm (Mon to Fri) Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays Sports Complex Reception 6486 0850 7am – 10pm daily Seletar Bowl (8 Lanes) 6486 0853 12pm – 9.30pm (Mon, Tue & Thu) 12pm – 10.30pm (Wed) 12pm – 11.30pm (Fri) 10am – 11.30pm (Sat) 10am – 9.30pm (Sun) Jackpot 6486 0840 10am – 10pm daily Swimming Pool* 7am – 9pm daily


Mahjong / Cards 6481 4812 9am – 10pm daily Billiards / Snooker 6481 4812 9am – 9pm Iora I - Karaoke Lounge 6486 0839 (During operation hours) 7pm – 11pm (Tue to Wed) 7pm – 12mn (Thu to Sat) 3pm – 10pm (Sun) Open during PH from 3pm to regular closing time. Closed on Mondays Iora II - Karaoke Private Room 6481 4812 10am – 11pm (Sun to Thu) 10am – 12mn (Fri to Sat) Exercise Room* 6486 0850 7am – 9pm daily * Please call Sports Complex Reception at 6486 0850 for enquiries.



Profile for Seletar Country Club

Seletar Buzz May/Jun 2018  

Seletar Buzz May/Jun 2018  


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