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A Walk In The Past The  A.W.  Tillinghast  18-hole  masterpiece  design  is  at  the  core  of  the  San  Francisco  Golf  Club,  where the game is meant to be played as it was  in 1915.   The  club,  through  course  design  and  a  strong  commitment  to  tradition,  has  quietly  cemented  its  status  as  an  American  Classic.  A  central  part  of  playing  San  Francisco  Golf  Club  is  walking  the  historic  fairways  and  reading  the  subtle  green  complexes  with  the  help  of  a  talented  caddie.  It  represents  A  Walk  in  the  Past, and when done right, it is unforgettable. 

A Shared Vision/Partnership San Francisco Golf Club’s storied caddie program tradition has preserved the caddie-player  relationship that has existed for generations. CaddieNow was founded on the idea of using  technology to preserve and protect the caddie tradition. 


The Shared Vision for San Francisco Golf Club’s Caddie Program     We  intend  to  embrace  the  established  traditions  that  make  the  San  Francisco  Golf  Club’s  golfing experience so unique while also providing a promising path forward.    Tradition:  ● Embrace the history of San Francisco Golf Club’s  caddie-player relationships  ● Understand the San Francisco Golf Club’s walking  culture and service expectations  ● Promote Caddies as an important part of the San  Francisco Golf Club experience    Meets Technology:  ● Our mobile app and software provides more flexibility  and saves time for caddies  ● CaddieNow provides a larger caddie pool in region  ● CaddieNow’s LMS ‘BNChMARk’ drives higher service  and customer satisfaction 

What to Expect from CaddieNow   Objectives / Purpose of the Partnership:  

A partnership  with  CaddieNow  will  help  San  Francisco  Golf  Club  preserve  and  protect  the  infrastructure  of  its  existing  caddie  program.  Together  we  will  achieve this by:   

#1 - Building from within and enhancing the existing Caddie Program Tradition, elevating the golfer experience    #2 - Reducing legal liability issues within the caddie labor force    #3 - Minimizing the financial and operational impact through technology and  experience       

Who is Working for You?  

Sean McCune – Regional Operations Lead – California  

General  Manager  /  COO  for  11  years  at  two  of  the  finest  clubs  in  the  country  and  13  years  with  The  Ritz-Carlton.  Sean  has  an  impeccable eye for detail, which has resulted in  a  proven  track  record  as  a  successful  high-performance  leader  for  developing  teams  focused  on  elite  customer  service.  Sean  leads  our  operations  in  California  and  provides  valuable education to the team on customer service.                 

        Dedicated. Experienced. Passionate. 


Level Caddie Service

CaddieNow created ​BNChMARk​ - the industry’s top online ​Learning Management System​ for caddies, including:      ● The tee to green essentials of caddying  ● Pre-round preparation  ● Customer Service Excellence  ● AimPoint​ Green Reading Skills  ● Continuous Learning throughout year  ● Multiple Labor Categories/Skills  ● Detailed, on-course certification    The learning process never stops with CaddieNow    Our caddies are required to:    ● Pass an online orientation  ● Attend an in-person certification session  ● Pass a checklist of necessary skills during  on-course experience loops.   ● Refresher certifications throughout season    Our app allows the golfer to rate each loop, and results are monitored daily by our staff. 

Before CaddieNow | Future With CaddieNow  


What Makes CaddieNow an Easy Decision?       #1  –  Innovation  –  The  headaches  of  calling,  texting,  and  emailing  caddies  have  been  eliminated.  Scheduling  caddies  is  a  simple  process  that  can  be handled by the golfer or golf  staff  with  a  simple  click  of  a  button.  CaddieNow  technology  saves  100’s  of  hours  of  management time. Plus, with its many features, it’s an easy decision.      ​#2 – CaddieNow’s​ ‘​BNChMARk​’ ​Learning Management System​:  ● The tools for caddies to raise their level of service continuously  ● A team that understands the value of customer service  ● Continuous  improvement  training  provides  the  extra  steps  necessary  to  deliver an outstanding experience    #3 – Preserve and Protect  CaddieNow  serves  as  a  full-service  employer  for  your  caddie  pool  and  fully  customizes  the  program’s  policies  and  procedures  to  meet  the  needs  of  your club  while minimizing liability and ensuring a high-quality member experience.  ● $4M in General Liability Coverage  ● Reduce Financial Risk - Overtime, Worker’s Comp  ● Backed by a Billion-Dollar Owner/Fund   


David Cavossa Founder, CEO 703 380 0589

Profile for CaddieNow

San Francisco Golf Club | CaddieNow Partnership Overview  

presented by: Dave Cavossa, Founder & CEO, CaddieNow

San Francisco Golf Club | CaddieNow Partnership Overview  

presented by: Dave Cavossa, Founder & CEO, CaddieNow