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“Elevating the Golfer Experience by Protecting and Preserving the Caddie Tradition�

What makes CaddieNow an easy decision?

#1 ​–

Technology​ – ​The headaches of calling, texting and emailing caddies has been eliminated.

Scheduling caddies is a simple process that can be handled by the golfer or golf staff with a simple click of a button. CaddieNow technology potentially saves 100’s of hours of management time. Plus, with its many features, it’s an easy decision.

#2 – Level of Caddie Service – CaddieNow’s​ ​Learning Management System​ is top of the line. Their online platform provides the tools for caddies to continuously raise their level of service and the CaddieNow team has an immense number of years in the golf and caddie business to assist. Our team understands the value of customer service and constantly strives everyday to coach our caddies to take the extra steps to provide an outstanding golf experience. Online orientations, on-course experience loops, in person certifications are all part of guaranteeing CaddieNow caddies services are consistent with the high level of service provided throughout Nemacolin.

#3 – CaddieNow continually invests in our caddies. They are a valuable part of elevating the golfer experience. Through our​ ​BNCh Program​, you will have access to our impressive caddie labor to help with projects outside of caddie services. You need a cart washer tonight for 4 hours? Range picker? Banquet Set-Up? We provide a “golf knowledgeable” labor solution with a couple clicks to fill your on-demand labor needs.

How does the Technology Work? CaddieNow was founded on the idea of using modern technology to make caddies available for every golfer in the country. In the early years of the company the main focus was developing an app that would work very similar to Uber, Lyft or other ride sharing apps. Today, the technology is more advanced and features have been added to enhance the golfer experience. Through CaddieNow Concierge service, the golf staff can have complete control over requesting caddies through the web app. If the facility would like for the golfer to have control, it can easily be accomplished through the golfer app. In addition, facilities can have the option of a hybrid model where both features are available. When a request for a caddie is made, an automated notification system is triggered. Golfers can identify his preferred caddies for advanced notice. If the preferred caddie(s) are not available the request is sent to the club’s priority caddies and then the request follows a waterfall flow in notifying other caddies. Notifications are sent to 5-star caddies, 4-star and continues until the loop is secured. The process is completely automated and the time frame for notices varies according to the time available before the golfer’s tee time. A few of the many technology features that would benefit Nemacolin: Check-In Feature for caddies willing to work on-demand. Using the app, a caddie can check in and the staff would be able to determine if a caddie is available for a walk-in golfer. Caddie does not have to be on property but must be in a predefined GPS defined “fence” to enable feature. Technology provides opportunity for the caddies to work at other golf facilities. This is an important feature to enhance the independent contractor status of the caddie labor thus protecting Nemacolin The technology allows caddies to work when their schedule allows. In some cases, a caddie may be very limited in availability (i.e. lives in Pittsburgh), the app allows the caddie to be continuously notified to identify the loops that he is

available. Without the app, a caddie service manager would not continue to call a caddie that is normally not available and would remove the caddie from the call list. Technology increases the range caddies can be recruited from. Reduction of Cash –​ The CaddieNow platform will reduce and eventually eliminate the use of cash by the club for paying caddies. Top Level Caddie Service CaddieNow is introducing the industry’s top online learning platform for caddies, January 1​st​. Production has been a six-month project and is being completed by SpotOn Productions. The first modules cover the basics of caddying with additional modules planned to cover exceptional green reading skills, customer service ideas and a variety of other topics. The platform will allow caddies to complete the learning opportunities in the convenience of their home and allow the management team to focus on extended details during the in-person certifications. The learning process never stops with CaddieNow. Our caddies will be required to pass an online orientation, attend an in-person certification session and pass a checklist of required skills during an experience loop. Our app, allows each loop to be rated by the golfer and results are monitored daily by our staff. Our executive team has over 100 years of experience in managing golf facilities. We know first-hand your day is hectic and we want to stress our desire to take care of the smallest details for you to provide a top-level caddie program. We spend every minute of our working hours focused on caddies, allowing you to manage the other areas of the operation.

How does CaddieNow Protect the Golf Facility?

CaddieNow agrees to indemnify Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, it officers, directors, shareholders, employees, affiliates and related parties against all third-party claims, demands, losses, costs, damages, actions, suits or proceedings, to the extent related to (a) wage & hour Claims of caddies, (b) employment compliance obligations or Claims, and (c) wrongful death Claims or class action lawsuits related to caddies. ● $4M in General Liability Coverage ● Workers Compensation Insurance ● Employment Practices Liability Insurance

THE BNCH – LABOR ON DEMAND With more than 5,000 caddies (i.e. workers) on our platform CaddieNow is creating an on-demand workforce for golf. Our labor pool of teens, college students and under-employed adults looking for part-time work in the golf industry is perfectly suited to address the many on-demand labor needs of today’s private and public golf courses. Labor shortages are a national challenge— and golf clubs are among the industries experiencing the greatest difficulty in recruiting and retaining entry-level staff. CaddieNow has created a new on-demand labor/staffing program utilizing our existing technology/app and labor pool – we call this service TheBNCH. Using TheBNCH We will support your club’s on-demand and entry-level labor needs in the following key areas to support your golf operations; 1. 2. 3. 4.

Cart Services Bag Room Services Golf Course/Range Maintenance Food and Beverage

Gaining access to our pool of young talented workers “BNCHers” helps clubs: ● ● ● ● ● ●

Manage unpredictability​ of labor demand and supply “with the touch of a button” Access​ a pre-qualified local labor pool we create for you Save time​ having to on-board, hire, and train Focus your staff​ on the customer, while our workers cover the tedious Lower costs​ associated with overtime, payroll taxes, benefits and unemployment Test drive ​new talent before being forced to make a hiring decision

CaddieNow will support your club’s on-demand labor needs by tapping into our local pool of workers/caddies. Your labor needs would be structured into “projects” or “shifts” and priced based on hourly rates around $14-$16/hr. Following the completion of each project, CaddieNow will ensure the worker is paid and then bill the club each week. Nemacolin would be exempt from paying Medicare, Social Security, Workman’s Compensation Tax, FUTA, SUTA, Payroll Processing and other benefits costs associated with an employee.

What is Nemacolin’s Investment? Nemacolin Woodlands Resort sets the fees for caddies. CaddieNow charges 10% to 15% of each transaction and an annual management fee of $5,000. CaddieNow’s transaction fees covers the fees associated with billing and payment of caddie. Caddie pricing structure can include a revenue sharing percentage for Nemacolin. An example for further discussion: PRO LOOPER Fore-Caddie – Base Fee Charged to Golfer - $35 per bag Caddie Base Fee - $22 per bag Nemacolin Resort Fee - $3 per bag CaddieNow Service Fee - $8 per bag Caddie OCC/ACC Insurance - $2 per bag Suggested Tip $20-$40 per bag What does the management fee include? ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

Recruiting, educating and onboarding a pool of qualified caddies Caddie’s access to CaddieNow’s Learning Management System Customer Service Department available 7-days a week to service golfers and caddies Satisfaction of all Liability and Insurance Requirements Command & Control software solution to track all caddie activity Conduct orientation and training golf staff in all aspects of using the Command & Control management platform Onboard all caddies certified and approved by Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Provide assistance in promoting the program and educating the membership on downloading the app and booking loops. Support includes sample email templates and POS materials that can be customized for Nemacolin’s needs. ● Provide a resource for facility to utilize to meet other labor demands. Using The BNCh, Nemacolin will be able to request workers for on-demand projects as needed.

Who is Working for You? Dave Cavossa – CEO Master’s Degree, Science, Technology and Public Policy from George Washington University. Involved in government affairs since 2002, Led Harris CapRock Communications as VP, General Manager, Government Solutions before starting CaddieNow. A strong entrepreneur with a vision to forever keep caddies a part of the game he loves.

Tommy Joyce, PGA – COO Bachelor’s Degree in Resort Management from Virginia Commonwealth University. Longtime PGA Member for 25+ years. Former MAPGA Professional of the Year and 12+ years of service to the Section Board of Directors. Loves the game, passionate about junior golf and dedicated to his fellow PGA Professionals.

Mike Azulay – VP of Technology Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Joins CaddieNow from Uber as their Operations and Logistics Manager. Vast experience in managing projects and directing development teams to introduce new features and products. Mike is committed to being the industry leader in technology and focusing on features that benefits golf operations.

Chuck Beasley – Senior Marketing Manager Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Certified Content Marketing Specialist, DMA Certified. Chuck is a lifetime amateur golfer. Manages all CaddieNow marketing activities and customizes caddie services marketing plan for each of the CaddieNow golf facilities.

Dan Donohue, PGA – Director of Caddie Operations PGA Member 20+ years in the golf business. Caddie Service Manager at Whitemarsh Valley Country Club for 13 years. Professional Caddie on the Champions Tour. Dan has extensive first-hand knowledge and understand the day to day challenges of a caddie manager. Dan is passionate about caddie services, is a longtime PGA Professional who is dedicated to providing modern technology that enhances the outside services at golf facilities.

Sean McCune – Regional Lead – California General Manager / COO for 11 years at two of the finest clubs in the country and 13 years with The Ritz-Carlton. Sean has an impeccable eye for detail, which has resulted in a proven track record as a successful high-performance leader for developing teams focused on elite customer service. Sean leads our operations in California and provides valuable education to the team on customer service.

Bill Sendell, PGA – Regional Representative Bachelor of Arts, English Language and Literature, General form Wake Forest University. Member of Wake Forest Golf Team. PGA Member 20+ year. Past Head Professional at Spyglass and former Director of Tournaments for the Pebble Beach Company. Brings vast amount of knowledge in operating high-end caddie programs and is passionate about helping his fellow PGA Professionals

Shannon Kneisler, LPGA – Marketing Manager Master of Business Administration form The University of Texas at Austin, Branding Expert. Marketer-app/social/digital/gig economy. LPGA Class A Member. Well known golf instructor and former member of LPGA Tour. Manages day to day outbound marketing responsibilities and provides opportunities for CaddieNow to connect to the LPGA and female golfers.

Stephen Small – Regional Lead - Hawaii Bachelor of Science, Psychology from Grand Canyon University. Current Program Director for the First Tee of Hawaii and CaddieNow Regional Lead, Hawaii. Responsible for managing caddies for Sony Open and developing caddie programs in Hawaii. Loves working with juniors and engaging youth in the game.

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