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2024 2024 show
22 – 23,




I N T E G R A T E D H A S B E E N A L E A D E R I N T H E I N D U S T R Y F O R O V E R 4 0 Y E A R S , S P E C I A L I Z I N G I N E L E C T R O M A G N E T I C S I M U L A T I O N S O F T W A R E T a p i n t o t h e M a g n e t i c M a g i c w i t h I N T E G R A T E D
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I T I N G A T B O O T H # 7 0 1 H y s t e r e s i s
n e R i g h t !
u r L a t e s t M a g n e t i c F i e l d S o l u t i o n s T e l : 2 0 4 6 3 2 5 6 3 6 w w w . i n t e g r a t e d s o f t . c o m
D i s c o v e r o
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e t h e P o w e
e c i s e M o d e
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a x i m i z e E f f i c i e n c y w i t h T r a n s i e n t A n a l y s i s
x p l o r e f o r c e s , t o r q u e
The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 3 Magnetic Assemblies & Engineered Products
Neo, SmCo, Alnico, Hard Ferrite, Bonded, and more.
DFARS Compliant Material
Application and Design Optimization Assistance
Inventory Management & Stocking Programs
Prototyping and R&D
Magnetic Field Mapping and Circuit Analysis (FEA)
Magnetizing, Magnetizers, and Magnetic Inspection ITAR-Registered Industrial Magnetics Inc. PHONE: 1.888.582.0822 LIFT MAGNETS GRAVITY FEED DRAWER-IN-HOUSINGS AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS Booth #420

The Show


Adams Magnetic Products Co. Booth 605

Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd (AT&M) Booth 317

Allied Metals Corporation Booth 529

Allstar Magnetics, LLC .......................... Booth 711

Anhui Hanhai New Material Corp Booth 608

Arnold Magnetics Technologies ............ Booth 400

Atech Magnet Booth 718

Audemars Microtec Booth 533

Bakker Magnetics BV Booth 804

Baotou iNST Magnetic New Materials Co., Ltd. Booth 814

Baotou Tianhe Magnetics Technology Co., Ltd Booth 626

Bomatec Booth 612

Braillon Magnetic Systems Inc. Booth 416

Brockhaus Measurements Booth 715

Bunting Magnetics ................................ Booth 617

Correlated Magnetics Research LLC Booth 427

Daido Steel America Inc. Booth 709

Defense Metals Corp Booth 409

Dexter Magnetic Technologies Booth 721

Dongyang First Magnetics Co., Ltd ...... Booth 810

Dorst America Inc. Booth 805

Electron Energy Corporation Booth 611

Garnet srl Booth 501

Gasbarre Corporation Booth 811

GKN Powder Metallurgy ....................... Booth 327

GMW Associates Booth 803

Hangzhou HS Magnet Co., Ltd Booth 326

Hangzhou Zhijiang Magnetics Co., Ltd Booth 410

Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd Booth 510

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems Booth 609

Huizhou Fullzen Technology Co., Ltd Booth 309

HyProMag Booth 325

Ideal Magnet Solutions Inc. Booth 700

Industrial Magnetics


Integrated Engineering Software Booth 701

Integrated Magnetics Inc. Booth 613

Jiangmen Maxwell Magnet Industry Co., Ltd ....................................


KOMAGE – Powder Compaction Systems Booth 704

Laboratorio Elettrofisico Booth 712

LakeShore Cryotronics Booth 602

Less Common Metals Ltd Booth 528

Linear Abrasive Engineering S.A. Booth 416

M-Pulse GmbH & Co. KG Booth 621

Magcam Booth 429

Magnet-Physics Inc. Booth 413

Magnetic Component Engineering LLC Booth 721

Magnetic Instrumentation Inc. Booth 505

MAGSYS magnet systems LLC

Master Magnetics, Inc.

MATE Co., Ltd .......................................




Matesy GmbH ....................................... Booth 513

Max Baermann GmbH........................... Booth 710

Metis Instruments & Equipment ........... Booth 426

MS-Schramberg GmbH & Co. KG Booth 532

Netzsch Instruments North America

Ningbo Ninggang Permanent Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd

Ningbo Permanent Magnetics Co.,

Noveon Magnetics Inc.

Pacific Pac Technologies Inc.

Paul O. Abbe

Proterial America Ltd

ReElement Technologies .......................



Shanghai King-ND Co., Ltd

Simple Signman

Somos IWT

The AMPED Consortium .......................

Triad Magnetics

Tridus Magnetics & Assemblies

Tytek Group

UK Magnetics Society

VAC Magnetics, LLC (Vacuumschmelze GmbH) .....................

Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd

Xiamen One Magnet Electronic Co.,

Yantai Likai Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd

Yunsheng USA

Zhejiang Innuovo Magnetics Co., Ltd

Zhenjiang Jingang Magnetic Element Co., Ltd

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 4
The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 5 LLC Booth 820 Booth 313 Ltd... Booth 412 Booth 601 Booth 314 Booth 717 Booth 604 ....................... Booth 800 Booth 503 Booth 321 Booth 509 Booth 827 Booth 433 ....................... Booth 600 Booth 324 Booth 411 Booth 401 Booth 716 ..................... Booth 623 Booth 813 Ltd Booth 705 Booth 527 Booth 821 Ltd Booth 822 Booth 311
22 – 23, 2024 CONCESSION SEATING Restrooms REGISTRATION CONFERENCE STAGE Applications of Magnetic Materials NETWORKING LOUNGE Speaker Prep Room 528 420 610 612 602 604 718 716 720 820 822 710 712 510 600 814 613 609 505 621 623 413 405 513 503 717 827 611 411 501 617 715 821 813 811 803 805 709 711 810 721 409 401 427 429  ENTRANCE  ENTRANCE 416 321 317 424 426 327 325 Industrial Magnetics Star Group Master Magnetics Metis Instruments & Equipment GKN Powder Metallurgy HyProMag LCM 324 Triad HS Magnet Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd Bunting Magnetics Integrated Magnetics Electron Energy Max Baermann First Magnetics All Star Magnetics Daido Steel America Hosokawa Gasbarre GMW Associates Dorst America Labot Elettro VAC Magnetics M-Pulse Mate Co., Ltd Dexter Mag Tech & Magnetic Comp Netzsch Instruments Innuovo Magnetics Simple Signman Yunsheng USA MagnetPhysics Defense Metals Tridus 314 Pacific PAC Tech Hirst Magnetic Inst. Matesy GmbH Bomatec 626 326 420 UK Mag Atech Magnet Brockhaus Measurements 301 400 301 301 700 605 601 704 301 800 705 701 804 Ningbo Permanent Magnetics 410 509 608 Paul O. Abbe Baotou iNST 309 412 311 313 SHANGHAI KING-ND MAGNET Magnetic Instrumentation Proterial Bakker Magnetics BV One Magnet Electronic Integrated Engineering Software ReElement Technologies Jiangmen Maxwell Lake Shore REIACSyARES AMPED Garnet S.r.l. TyTek Industries CHINESE PAVILION Ningbo Ninggang J G Magnet Zhijiang Magnetics Huizhou Fullzen Tianhe Magnetics FOOD AND DRINK Braillon & Linear Abrasive Ideal Magnet Solutions Komage 527 529 Allied Metal Floorplan sponsored by 310 SALES LOUNGE CONTRACTOR DESKS 300 Weizhong Magnetics Anhui Hanhai New Material Adams Yantai Likai 532 433 MS-Sch ramberg 632 533 MAGSYS Mag Sys SOMOS ITW Audemars Microtec Noveon Magnetics Arnold Magnetic Technologies Correlated Magnetics Magcam
The Pasadena Convention Center, California May

Pacific PAC Technologies, Inc.

Company Introduc�on:

Welcome to PPAC Tech – Your Gateway to Precision Magne�cs! As a dis�nguished leader in the field, PPAC Tech specializes in supplying custom-made precision magne�c components and assemblies, catering to a diverse spectrum of needs.

PPAC Tech is a leading supplier of precision magne�c components and assemblies for micro to all sizes of DC motors, microsensors, medical applica�ons and other industrial magne�c products.

At PPAC Tech, we pride ourselves on our mastery of micromachined precision inner diameter on magnets, enabling us to tackle projects of all sizes with unparalleled accuracy. Whether it's delivering intricate solu�ons for micro applica�ons or handling the complexi�es of large-scale magne�c assemblies, we're commited to excellence at every turn.

Company Website:

Products & Services:

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 6

WEDNESDAY MAY 22 9am – 5.30pm Show Open 4.30pm – 5.30pm Drinks Reception (Networking Lounge)

THURSDAY MAY 23 9am – 5.30pm Show Open 2.10 – 2.30pm The Magnetics Show Industry Awards 2024 (Conference Track)



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The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 7 SHOW OPENING HOURS!

The Importance of Industry Trade Shows

Despite the digital business landscape, authentic experiences and faceto-face interactions, particularly through tradeshows, remain essential for industry professionals. Offering benefits that online transactions cannot match.

● Gain a better overview of the market. Get to grips with the industry on a global scale, check out the latest trends and innovations.

● Spent little time and money but gain so much. Imagine how long it would take you to visit hundreds of relevant companies around the globe, trade shows bring them all together in one space for you.

● Deepen your knowledge. Attend custom-made conferences and panel discussions and engage in organic discussions with senior industry delegates.

● Experience novelties. Benefit from in person product launches and live demonstrations right before your eyes; interact with the products!

● Evaluate products and suppliers. Gain competitive information about a wide range of products and suppliers in a short space of time.

● Discuss specific issues. Share ideas and collaborate with like minded people to overcome industry hurdles together.

8 The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024

● Place orders. Conduct business in real time and negotiate contracts.

● Evaluate your competitors. Take advantage of gathering competitor intelligence and use it to your advantage.

● Gather suggestions and advice. Improve your own business through product and design modifications, supply chain solutions etc.

● Meet your existing business partners. Keep those crucial relationships strong and enjoy each others company at the drinks reception.

● Network in real time. Generate new business contacts and opportunities.

● Evaluate becoming an Exhibitor. Weigh up the benefits of possible participation as an exhibitor the following year.

● Be part of something momentous! Make your mark!

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 9
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Peter Afiuny Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer

James Bell Principal Consultant

Brad Dodrill Senior Scientist Matthew Swallow Chairman of UK Magnetics Society

Victorino Franco

Professor of Condensed Matter Physics

John Ormerod

● Magnetics Expert

● Principal at JOC LLC

● Consultant to the Global Magnetics Industries

● Senior Technology Advisor at Bunting-DuBois

11 The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024


9:15am Opening Address Rare Earths – A power to change the world

9:50am Applications for Fast and Repeatable Measurements

10:25am Short Loop Recycling of NdFeB Magnets


Overcoming China’s Rare Earth Subsidies & Structural Advantages

11:55am Permanent Magnets: Myths, Misconceptions and Marketing




Making Finite Rare Earth Magnets Infinite: Unlocking True Magnet Recycling and Reducing Reliance on China

Accelerating the Commercialization of Advanced Magnetics

Reduction of Cycle Time and Increasing Magnetizing Field Strength in Magnetization Process and Production


Wednesday May 22

Matthew Swallow Technical Product Manager Bunting Magnetics

James Mckenzie Chief Executive Officer Dr Robin Cornelius Technical Director Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd

Nick Mann Managing Director HyProMag Ltd

Jim Kennedy President Caldera Holdings LLC

John Ormerod Principal JOC LLC


Ben Wrightsman President ReElement Technologies

Tim Costello Founder & Principal Correlated Magnetics Research

Mathias Böhm Technical Sales Manager M-Pulse

Advancements in Magnetic Field Measurement: Introducing the SENIS 3D Mapper and Pure 3D Magnetic Camera for Precision Inspection


Brockhaus enhances EV motor efficiency with advanced measurement solutions for R&D and production

Maciej Urban Product Manager SENIS Group, Switzerland

Navid Cheema Head of Laboratory Brockhaus

12 The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024


Thursday May 23

PANEL DISCUSSION: Trending Permanent Magnet Applications, North America

10.00am Unlocking value in Critical Materials and Minerals

10.35am A Snapshot of Permanent Magnet Standards Around the World

11.30am Soft magnetic materials with highsaturation and high-permeability


Brody Tucker (MODERATOR) Applications Engineer

Matthew Swallow Technical Product Manager

Jacob Gross VP Operations

Stan Trout Owner / Metallurgist

James Bell Principal Consultant

Kevin Kurtz President and CEO


TA Rapidly Emerging, Globally Competitive Rare Earth Supply Chain Centered in the U.S

12.55am Scientifically Authenticated Proof of Origin in the Magnets Industry: A Path Towards Meeting New Federal Regulations

2.10am The Magnetics Show Industry Awards 2024

2:30pm Defense Metals Supporting Rare Earth Elements Supply Chain Resilience to Meet Demand



Revolutionizing Rare Earth Recovery: Sustainable Solutions for Future Supply Challenges

Hot-deformed NdFeB and isotropic bonded SmFeN magnets – Unique alternatives to sintered NdFeB with HREE-free potential

4:20pm PANEL DISCUSSION: Closing the loop on recycling of Magnets

Bunting Magnetics

Thomas & Skinner Inc.

Spontaneous Materials


Quadrant International

Wilfredo A Reyes Principal ARM Global Strategies Advisory

Mike Devine Director of Technology Adams Magnetic Products LLC

Akihiko Saito Senior Manager, Tech. Support Daido Steel

Jack Lifton Executive Chairman

Mark Chalmers President and CEO

Critical Minerals Institute (CMI) Energy Fuels Resources Corporation

Catherine McManus CEO and Chief Science Officer Materialytics LUNCH

Troy Garrick Exhibition Manager Select Global Events

Luisa Moreno PhD, President & Director Defense Metals Corp

Kevin Stoll CTO Critical Materials Recycling

Naoto Murase Researcher Issei Fukuzak Researcher Daido Steel

Ben Wrightsman President ReElement Technologies


The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May
2024 13

• Magnetizers & Demagnetizers

• Production & Prototype Magnetizing Fixtures

• Automated Flux Scanners

• Hard and Soft Hysteresigraphs

• Gaussmeters & Fluxmeters

• Helmholtz Coils

• KJS Associates™ Measurement Services

• Magnetizing Services

• Magnetic Consulting

• FEA Services

• Professional Seminars

• Prototype Design & Fabrication

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024

Adams Magnetic Products Co. Booth 605

Adams Magnetic Products has been engineering and manufacturing magnetic products since 1950. Adams provides magnetic design, testing and analysis support, as well as advanced product quality planning, inventory management and so much more. With fabrication capabilities in the USA, Adams complies with ITAR requirements and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Allied Metals Corporation

Booth 529

We put the IRON in Neodymium-IRON-Boron, as well as various other hard and soft magnetic alloys, superalloys, and specialty materials. Our high purity iron (Fe) melt stock and our engineered ultra-low carbon magnet steel components are used in high performance applications in just about every corner of the globe.

Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd (AT&M) Booth 317

Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd (AT&M) is a leading supplier of NdFeB magnet from 1998. It has a JV with Northern Rare Earth, the # 1 rare earth mine in the world. With production facilities both in China and Thailand, AT&M can help customers to reduce supply chain risk.

Allstar Magnetics, LLC Booth 711

With over 30 years of industry experience, Allstar Magnetics offers high-quality magnet and wound products at competitive rates, essential for project success. Our reliable supply chain ensures continuous sourcing, and fast responses to new design requirements. Certified by ISO9001, AS9000, and AS9020, our dedication to quality is guaranteed.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024


Anhui Hanhai New Material Corp

Booth 608

Professional Permanent Motor Magnet Manufacturer for more than 23 years, with 5000 tons annual production capacity.

Atech Magnet

Booth 718

Atech Magnet is a professional sintered neodymium magnet manufacturer, dedicated to serving magnetic needs of global customers. With 25 years of experience of working with our customers for satisfying magnetic solutions, we have developed unsurpassed corporate strengths in product design, quality control and customer service. Arnold Magnetics Technologies

Booth 400

Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a leading global manufacturer of high performance permanent magnets, flexible magnets, electromagnetics, magnetic assemblies, and precision thin metals used in high-efficiency electric motors and generators, sensors, batteries, and more. Arnold holds AS9100D and ISO9001:2016 certifications and has locations in the USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland and China.

Booth 533

Audemars is the world leader in micro-magnets, micro-coils and micro-magnetic assemblies. Our clients include leading global manufacturers of active implantable, interventional and wearable medical devices. We developed proprietary machining equipment/processes which reduce stress to magnetic materials to achieve magnetic performance in micro-dimensions and tolerances thought to be impossible by others.

16 The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
Audemars Microtec


Bakker Magnetics BV Booth 804

Bakker Magnetics is a manufacturer of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies and solutions. The headquarter of Bakker Magnetics is in The Netherlands, in the Brainport area. We have over 50 years of experience in complex magnetic solutions for a variety of applications in drive & motion, renewable energy and automation. Booth 626

TH Magnetics was established in 2008 as a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in research & development, manufacturing, distribution and sales of high performance permanent magnet materials. Our products include sintered NdFeB and SmCo permanent magnets. TH Magnetics always be on the cutting edge of performance and design.

iNST Magnetic New Materials Co., Ltd Booth 814

Founded in 2011, iNST has more than 10 branches throughout China, one overseas factory in Vietnam and one international trading company in Hongkong. Focusing on developing the terminal application technology of magnetic devices, iNST provides customers with comprehensive solutions for magnetic material applications. Booth 612

30 years of experience and success in the market have made Bomatec an important partner of leading industrial groups. We support our customers in development and manufacture the products that are incorporated in the customer applications of tomorrow. Our teams are trained to address the needs of our customers, understand the challenges, and accurately implement specifications according to customer requirements.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
Baotou Tianhe Magnetics Technology Co., Ltd Baotou

With ISO / IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration laboratories in the USA and Germany


Tel: +1 317 577 8700

MAGNET-PHYSIK, Dr. Steingroever GmbH, Germany

Tel: +49 2236 3919-0

New Developments at Magnet-Physics Inc.

Updated Flux Meters: EF 6 & EF7: New meters; the EF7 can be configured for 1, 2 or 3 channels

We’re Hiring Technicians: Please talk with us if you or someone you know might be interested in learning more!

I m p u l s e M a g n e t i z e r s G a u s s / T e s l a m e t e r s F l u x m e t e r s H e l m h o l t z C o i l s M a g n e t i c T e s t S y s t e m s M a g n e t i z i n g C o i l s a n d M u l t i p o l e F i x t u r e s Magnetic Materials Characterization Calibration Services Measuring Instruments


Braillon Magnetic Systems Inc.

Booth 416

Founded in 1921, Braillon Magnetics is a renowned supplier of magnetic industrial solutions. Their product portfolio encompasses magnetic measurement tools, magnetic workholding, lifting magnets, along with magnetizers and demagnetizers. They utilize technologies such as Permanent magnets (Alnico, Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, Ferrite), Electro-Permanent, and electromagnetic solutions. Their manufacturing facilities are situated in France and Germany, while they maintain sales and inventory sites in the vicinity of Chicago.

Bunting Magnetics

Booth 617

Bunting-DuBois is your total magnet solution provider. We can supply any magnet material or magnetic assembly for your project. If it requires a permanent magnet, then we can do it! At BuntingDuBois, we engineer a custom magnet to fit your specific needs and deliver you the exact product you need. Brockhaus Measurements

Booth 715

Brockhaus is the international leading manufacturer of measuring devices for quality control & examination of magnetic materials. Measurement of all magnetic properties acc. International standards. Products: Electrical steel tester (Power loss, Epstein , Stator , B/H loop), Franklin Tester, Inlineequipment, Hysteresisgraphs, Gauss-/Fluxmeter, Coil systems, Measuring-&-calibration service, Accredited reference samples acc. DIN_EN_ISO/ IEC_17025:2018.

Correlated Magnetics Research LLC

Booth 427

Correlated Magnetics Research, Inc (CMR) is an advanced magnetics company whose patented technology is powering some of today's most advanced applications of magnetics, including consumer electronics, medical devices, and industry machinery. CMR's patented line of printers are used around the globe to facilitate just in time design and prototyping all the way through production.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024


1. Better authentic communication

2. Improved interpretation of non-verbal cues

3. Greater quality of idea building 4. Less technological issues

5. Stronger long-term relationship building

6. Improved overall participation

7. Better handling of sensitive issues

8. Organic development of transparency and trust

9. Increased credibility on all sides

10. More ability to pursue meaningful ‘small chat’

20 The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024

Daido Steel America Inc.

Booth 709

Daido’s sustainable manufacturing creates a variety of magnetic products that meet ESG requirements, carbon neutrality, as well as resource and geopolitical risk reduction. We would like to introduce our technological developments of magnetic materials that will contribute to the evolution of electrified components. See you at booth 709.


Dexter Magnetic Technologies

Booth 721

Dexter Magnetic Technologies pioneers magnetic solutions for diverse industries worldwide. Specializing in custom magnets, assemblies, and magnetic technologies, Dexter offers comprehensive support from design to production. With a legacy of innovation spanning seven decades, Dexter continues to drive advancements in magnetic applications, delivering custom solutions to meet customers’ needs.

Metals Corp

Booth 409

Defense Metals is advancing its 100% owned Wicheeda project near Prince George, BC. The 6,759 ha project has the potential to be a globally significant rare-earth producer, and is strategically positioned along a major forestry road with valuable infrastructure nearby. The project represents a world-class opportunity in the rare earth and critical metals space.

First Magnetics Co., Ltd

Booth 810

Dongyang Fushite Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research, production, and operation in the production of magnetic materials. The company was founded in 1991 and covers an area of 30000 square meters.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024


Dorst America Inc.

Booth 805

Dorst Technologies is a leading international supplier of machinery and complete production systems for magnetization systems with local support in all industrialized countries. We specialize in powder preparation, machines, equipment, automation systems, tools and accessories for processing and shaping both soft and hard magnetic components.

Booth 501

Garnet, we add value to your ideas for over 25 years. Your reliable partner for permanent magnet engineering and magnetic assemblies with high level of quality (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015), from design to continuous mass production stage.

Energy Corporation

Booth 611

Electron Energy Corporation is a world-renowned producer of rare earth magnets with a team of experts who excel at creating custom solutions for our customers. EEC is the preferred source for samarium cobalt magnets, neodymium iron boron and alnico magnets, magnet assemblies, and more recently, stators, rotors, and electric motors.


The North American leader for all things related to powder compaction presses. Gasbarre’s offering includes uniaxial mechanical, hydraulic, electric, and cold isostatic presses, as well as best-in-class service and support. Gasbarre, a certified FANUC and Universal Robot integrator, offers automation solutions that can take your automation project from concept to reality.

22 The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
Garnet srl
Gasbarre Corporation Booth


GKN Powder Metallurgy

Booth 327

GKN Powder Metallurgy pioneers’ powder-topart innovations, delving into magnetics and electrification. Our commitment extends to sustainability, emphasizing material recycling and advanced atomization techniques. Explore cuttingedge solutions at the forefront of transformative technologies, redefining possibilities in metallurgy for a sustainable and electrified future.

Booth 326

HS Magnet is a manufacturer producing permanent magnets including Neodymium magnets, SmCo magnets and AlNiCo magnets. Over the past few years, we have enjoyed helping our customers solve problems and growing with them. If you have any questions or have any needs, feel free to contact us.

GMW’s 40-year history in magnetics expertise drives our focus in sensors, transducers and test and measurement instrumentation. Central to Battery and EV Applications are current measurement solutions including Fluxgate Precision DCCT’s from Danisense, Rogowski Coils from PEM, and Clamp-on DC/AC probes from GMW.

Booth 410

ZJMAG is a magnet manufacturer, established in 2000, the annual production capacity is 2000 tons, has gained a numerous of quality system certificates and patents. ZJMAG aim to contribute to the development of the magnetic material industry.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
Hangzhou HS Magnet Co., Ltd
GMW Associates Booth
Hangzhou Zhijiang Magnetics Co., Ltd

Show The Industry Awards 2024

You are invited to join our very own Troy Garrick who is presenting The Magnetics Show Industry Awards 2024 at the Conference Track on Thursday May 23 at 2.10pm – 2.30pm

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 24
The Categories are: Most Sustainable Magnetic Company 2023/2024 Most Innovative Product Best Booth Best DigitalCampaignMarketing Stand out AbstractConference Sponsored by Arnold Magnetics

Booth 510

Hirst Magnetic Instruments have been providing solutions globally for 60 years in magnetics and magnetic measurement. Hirst manufactures precision hand-held Gaussmeters, Fluxmeters, magnetisers & demagnetisers and pulsed field magnetometers (PFMs) for characterising magnetic materials. These instruments are used in multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical equipment.

Booth 609

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems provides the mineral industry with reliable and accurate processing equipment. With thousands of installations around the world, Hosokawa has the expertise to solve any processing need. We offer equipment, system design and engineering for size reduction, classification, mixing, drying, filling, and weighing to high containment applications.


Booth 309

Fullzen have rich experience in producing neodymium magnet, magsafe ring and other magnetic products more than 10 years! Our products through ISO9001, ISO: 14001, IATF: 16949 and ISO13485 certification. In constant development and progress, we have achieved ISO 45001: 2018, SA 8000: 2014 and IECQ QC 080000: 2017 certifications.

Booth 325

HyProMag is commercialising rare earth magnet recycling in UK, Germany and United States using Hydrogen Processing of Magnet Scrap technology, which can liberate and recycle magnets from end-of-life scrap. This technology was developed at the University of Birmingham (UK), exclusively licenced to HyProMag, and offers major competitive advantages versus other technologies which largely focus on chemical processes but do not solve the challenges of liberating magnets from scrap.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
Huizhou Fullzen Technology Co., Ltd
Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems
Hirst Magnetic BRONZE SPONSOR Instruments Ltd
The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 26


Booth 700

Discover excellence with Ideal Magnet Solutions Inc., the esteemed U.S. branch of Jingci Material Science Co. Ltd. Guiding China’s NeFeB magnet industry since 2003; our global recognition for sustainability and innovation is underscored by exclusive Hitachi patent authorization. Join us for a journey of top-tier materials advancement and customer satisfaction.

Booth 420

Industrial Magnetics, a leading force in the magnetics industry since 1961, prioritizes craftsmanship, quality, and performance. Renowned for custom solutions, their magnets are integral to global manufacturing. While the industry is evolving, IMI thrives by staying loyal to its core values: understanding customers, crafting superior solutions, and ensuring timely delivery. Ideal Magnet Solutions Inc.

Integrated Engineering Software

Booth 701

Since 1984, Integrated has been at the forefront of innovation, offering a world-class suite of comprehensive solutions for engineering and scientific designs. We specialize in creating simulation software that analyzes full spectrum of physical problems, utilizing fully integrated 2 & 3-dimensional tools. With expertise in electromagnetic and particle trajectory design analysis, our program empowers engineers and scientists to streamline their design cycles, saving both time and money.

Integrated Magnetics Inc.

Booth 613

Integrated Magnetics specializes in the design and fabrication of custom permanent magnets, complex magnetic assemblies, custom electrical machines, and electro-mechanical components for highperformance, mission-critical, technical applications. We are a vertically integrated US based company with over 200,000 sf of production space, ISO 9001:2015 certified, and ITAR registered.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
Industrial Magnetics


Jiangmen Maxwell Magnet Industry Co., Ltd

Booth 405

Jiangmen Maxwell Magnet Industry Co., Ltd is specializing in the manufacture and R&D for injection plastic magnet industry. With its own molding workshop, Maxwell can accomplish entire production process in-house from molding design, manufacturing and maintenance. The Maxwell plant has obtained automatic production with rigorous Japanese-type management and precise equipments imported from Japan and Germany. With sufficient project experience on building up injection magnet for world-class participant on automotive system and electrical appliance, Maxwell Acquiring Market Credibility by Emerging with Outstanding Quality & Competitive Cost.

KOMAGE – Powder Compaction Systems

Booth 704

4th generation press competency made in Germany – used globally. Leader in magnet powder compaction, technical ceramics, dental ceramics (multi layer/color), carbide and carbon compaction. Most energy efficient systems on the market offered with full custom automation.

Laboratorio Elettrofisico

Booth 712

Laboratorio Elettrofisico is a global company who’s products provide industry-leading solutions for every magnetic technology application. From engineering, design and manufacture, our magnetizing and magnetic measurements systems are trusted by the world’s leading companies in industries ranging from automotive and consumer electronics to medical equipment and renewable energy.

LakeShore Cryotronics

Booth 602

Lake Shore offers high-performance teslameters, gaussmeters, fluxmeters, and Hall sensors for magnetic measurement applications; VSMs, superconducting magnet systems, electromagnets, Hall measurement solutions, and cryogenic probe stations for characterizing samples as a function of variable temperature and field; as well as cryogenic sensors and instruments, cryostats, and other cryogenic lab equipment.

28 The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024


Founded in 1992, Less Common Metals is a world leader in manufacturing and supplying complex alloy systems and metals. With over 30 years of experience producing tight compositional tolerances and controlled microstructures, LCM offers a range of innovative products. The company is based in the UK and exports to 17 countries.

M-Pulse GmbH & Co. KG Booth 621

M-Pulse is your versatile partner for all needs of magnetization, magnetic calibration and magnetic measurement of magnets and magnet systems. With our long experiences, competitive prices and fast deliveries we support our customers on their way to new and innovative products on the very edge of magnetic possibilities. Booth 429

Magcam is your partner for advanced inspection of permanent magnets, axial- or radial-flux permanent magnet rotors and other magnet assemblies. Use Magcam’s unique and superior magnetic field camera technology and powerful data analysis software to measure accurate, high resolution magnetic field distributions at production speeds and perform in-depth analysis to extract the magnetic field characteristics that are critical to your application. Our team of experts is at your side for support and consulting in unlocking your magnets, secrets and optimizing your magnetic products, whether you use our measurement and analysis services or purchase a system for in-house magnet inspection.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
Linear Abrasive Engineering S.A. Booth 416 Linear Abrasive develops, manufactures, services,
Less Common Metals Ltd Booth 528
high technology through-feed
solutions for surface grinding, profile
and chamfering.

Grüner Weg


Grüner Weg

Mail: Visit

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 30 VACUUMSCHMELZE Your specialist for extraordinary solutions with permanent magnets and magnet assemblies made of VACOMAX® and VACODYM VACUUMSCHMELZE GMBH & CO. KG
37 Product Management VACUUMSCHMELZE PERMANENT MAGNETS Your specialist for extraordinary solutions with permanent magnets and magnet assemblies made of VACOMAX® and VACODYM® VACUUMSCHMELZE
63450 Hanau / Germany Phone: +49 6181 38 0 Mail: Visit
37 63450 Hanau / Germany
+49 6181 38 0

Booth 413

ISO 9001-certified supplier of magnetizing and magnetic test equipment including manual and fully automated magnetizing systems 300J to 300kJ, gaussmeters, fluxmeters, and Helmholtz/flux-sensing coils. Accredited laboratories in the USA and Germany offer magnetic measurement services for permanent magnets and soft magnetic materials, and traceable calibration of gaussmeters, fluxmeters and coils.


Booth 505

Since our founding in 1979, Magnetic Instrumentation/KJS Associates has long been the leader in magnetization, magnetic testing and engineered magnetic solutions. We provide accurate, reliable, and durable products. To address any of your magnetizing needs, we offer a standard magnetic product line, or we can design a custom solution for your specific application.


MCE (Magnetic Component Engineering) is a leading provider of magnetic solutions for a wide range of industries. With a relentless focus on customer satisfaction, MCE offers expertise in engineering, quality, and manufacturing. Trusted worldwide for precision engineering, MCE continues to drive advancements in magnetic component technology.

Booth 632

We have been in business for more than 30 years providing the highest quality magnetizing systems and fluxmeters/gaussmeters, for measuring magnets. Our EV customers have used our machines to make millions of motors without any failures in the magnetizer or the coils. Let us know how we can help.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
31 MAGSYS magnet systems LLC
Magnetic Instrumentation Inc.
Magnetic Component Engineering LLC Booth
Magnet-Physics Inc.
With over 130 years of in-house experience and expertise, TyTek Industries specializes in magnetic assemblies - from retail to aerospace & defense, and industrial manufacturing sectors. We excel in designing and producing customized assemblies, tackling even the most complex challenges, providing exceptional added value and cost benefits for our diverse range of customers from entrepreneurs to OEMs. Specializing in Magnetic Assembly T/ (513) 247-2000 E/ W/ Sound attractive? Put us to the test...

Booth 424

Master Magnetics, Inc., founded in 1976, in Castle Rock, Colorado, is an employee-owned company focused exclusively on manufacturing and distributing magnets and magnetic devices for commercial, industrial, and consumer use. The Magnet Source® brand is a registered trademark of Master Magnetics, Inc. and represents exceptional quality, expertise, and customer service.


Matesy GmbH

Booth 513

Matesy GmbH has specialized in the visualization, characterization, and generation of magnetic fields. The core competence extends over the entire field of magnetism, especially magnetic and magneto-optical measurement technology, 3D magnetic particle tracking, and optical lead testing. Furthermore, Matesy is the world market leader for monocrystalline yttrium-iron-garnet (YIG) films production.

Booth 720

We are a Japanese manufacturer of bonded magnets for injection molding with over 50 years of experience in the industry. We are strong in research and development and provide industry-leading quality products that meet customer requirements. We also provide a stable supply and attentive technical support to our customers worldwide.

Booth 710

Max Baermann is a worldwide manufacturer of plastic bonded permanent magnets. We provide magnets for rotating electrical machines as well as for sensor applications. Our main customers are automotive sub-suppliers as well as companies producing household appliances. Max Baermann’s manufacturing facilities are located in Germany and China. We are specialized in innovative mass product solutions using the high variety of possible field configurations, which can be realized with anisotropic and isotropic bonded magnets. Many of our magnets are combined systems, which implement shafts, plastic or metal holder or other mechanical elements for an easy assembly in the final application.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
Max Baermann GmbH
MATE Co., Ltd
Master Magnetics, Inc. SILVER SPONSOR

EcoFlux: The Heart of Electrification.

Revolutionizing Sustainability.

Designed and engineered using breakthrough technology, EcoFlux magnets are the most sustainably produced high-performance permanent magnets commercially available.

Visit Noveon Magnetics at BOOTH 601 90% more energy efficient Excels in temperatures >100°C 100% recycled feedstock capable Requires less heavy rare earth materials than competitors Enhanced thermal stability

Metis Instruments & Equipment

Booth 426

Metis is the technology leader providing worldwide industrial and scientific magnetic solutions. We focus on the HyMPulse Testand Measurement Equipment to qualify the magnetic properties of free form shaped magnets and on the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art production systems for inline and stand-alone magnetization projects.


Netzsch Instruments North America LLC

Booth 820

Netzsch Premier Technologies, LLC is a leading manufacturer of wet milling, dry milling, and dispersing machinery, including media milling, and dispersing technologies from lab research to fullscale production. Located in Exton, Pennsylvania, their 85,000 sq ft facility contains engineering space, testing laboratories, and corporate offices.

MS-Schramberg GmbH & Co. KG Booth 532

MS-Schramberg is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of magnet and system solutions. Around 500 employees develop and produce customer-specific products for companies in various industries worldwide. Important industries include automotive, heating and air conditioning, electrical and automation technology and mechanical engineering. MS-Schramberg stands for solution expertise and quality.

Ningbo Ninggang Permanent Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd

Booth 313

Established in 1987. Specializes in developing and producing 1:5 and 2:17 sintered SmCo magnetic materials. With 30 years experience, NGYC has the most advanced equipment and technology for production, machining and inspection. Annual production capacity is 1500 tons. NGYC is one of the largest manufacturers of SmCo magnets in China.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024


Permanent Magnetics Co., Ltd

Booth 412

Yonjumag, as an expert of magnetic application solution, was founded in 1997. By now, it covers an area of 130,000 m2 and has more than 650 employees, the annual capacity reaches 10,000 tons. With exceeding 15 patents and more than 13% R&D staff, its products are well sold in the world.

Pac Technologies Inc.

Booth 314

PPAC Tech is a leading supplier of precision magnetic components and assemblies for micro to all sizes of DC motors, microsensors, medical applications, up to 36 Inch MFL magnetic heads and other magnetic products. We specialize in supplying magnet inner diameter precision micromachining and excel at large and challenging magnets.

Booth 601

Noveon Magnetics is a sintered NdFeB magnet manufacturer in the U.S. leveraging breakthrough technology and revolutionary manufacturing processes to meet the demands of an electric future. Our EcoFlux magnets are sustainably produced and can meet requirements across the entire performance range with a special emphasis on highgrowth, high-temperature applications.

O. Abbe

Booth 717

Paul O. Abbe® was established in 1911 designing and manufacturing size reduction mills, solids blenders, vacuum dryers, and sigma blade mixers for high viscosity compounds. Our experience ranges from food and pharmaceuticals to advanced ceramics, catalysts, rare earths to silicone and rubber. We specialize in solving new and complex problems.

36 The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
Magnetics Inc.

Proterial America Ltd

Booth 604

Proterial Group is a global supplier of magnetic materials with an extensive magnet selection of NEOMAX® rare-earth and NMFTM ferrite magnets. We supply our products across a wide range of fields, encompassing automotive, electronics and home appliances.



Booth 503

The Rare Earth Industry Association is a global, Belgium-based organization founded in 2019. REIA’s mission is to serve, promote and advance the sustainable development of the rare-earthelement value chain. The Association’s more than 80 members are drawn from across the entire REE value chain.

ReElement Technologies

Booth 800

ReElement Technologies is the complete modular, scalable, adaptable, & deployable refining solution for rare earth and critical battery elements. Our chromatographic separation and purification platform is sustainable, efficient, and economic next generation refining technology that processes all feedstock types from recycled material, to manufacturing waste, to mined ores.


Booth 321

SGI is a manufacturer of high performance Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet. We have been specialized in high performance Nd-Fe-B magnet producing more than 30 years. We are exerting continuous efforts to become the world’s leading company in this field.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024

Shanghai King-ND Co., Ltd

Booth 509

Founded in 2008, the production base is located in Ningbo, the magnetic capital. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of rare earth NdFeB. NdFeB was put into production in 2008, and it has formed a complete industrial chain from rare earth permanent magnet blank material to finished products.


Booth 433

Booth 827

Specializing in high-quality magnet solutions, we are a premier supplier catering to diverse industries globally. Our extensive range includes rare earth, ceramic and flexible magnets, crafted to precision specifications. Committed to innovation and reliability, we provide customizable magnetic solutions meeting versatile industrial needs.

Somos IWT is a manufacturer of industry-leading equipment & technologies for critical surface preparation and material slicing to high technology industries. Our equipment technologies include: Double-side lapping & polishing Single-side lapping & polishing Diamond wire slicing & Single-wire, multi-wire.

The AMPED Consortium

Booth 600

The AMPED Consortium, led by directors at the University of Pittsburgh and NC State University, aims to develop an innovative ecosystem of academic researchers, industry partners, national labs, and interdisciplinary educational programs for advancing soft magnetic materials and component technologies spanning fundamental science to enduse applications and workforce development. Somos IWT

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
Simple Signman


Triad Magnetics

Booth 324

At Triad, our innovative magnetics technology has powered consumer, commercial, and industrial electronics for over 80 years. Triad manufactures Transformers, Inductors, Power Supplies, and more. Our products are used in various industries, from audio to medical, power conversion to telecommunications, and commercial equipment to renewable energy.

Tytek Group

Booth 401

Customers bring unique challenges to TyTek Industries that entail designing and producing customized and often complex magnetic assemblies. No project is beyond our scope, thanks to our vast expanse of knowledge. Along with unrivaled solutions we supply our customers with confidence, competitive pricing and a reliable and secure supply chain.

Tridus Magnetics & Assemblies

Booth 411

Since 1982, Tridus has been a leader in crafting, producing, and promoting rare earth permanent magnets, showcasing over three decades of industry expertise. Our unwavering commitment to excellence guarantees top-quality magnets for various applications, from industrial use to cuttingedge electric vehicles. Tridus is devoted to providing exceptional products and services to our valued customers.

UK Magnetics Society

Booth 716

UK Magnetics Society supports magnetics professionals in all fields or countries. Our international membership comes from industry, government, and academia. There are no geographical or professional restrictions on membership, or area of magnetics – we believe in the cross-pollination of ideas, and we have members working in most fields.

40 The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024


Booth 623

Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG is a leading global manufacturer of advanced magnetic materials and related products. VAC develops and produces a variety of Rare Earth Permanent Magnets, Soft Magnetic Materials & Parts, and Cores & Inductive Components. We customize these materials and parts for optimized solutions.

Booth 813

Weizhong Magnetics is a leading manufacturer of magnetic assemblies, with fully automatic production lines and large production capacity, specializing in providing magnet-based solutions as alternatives to traditional welding and drilling methods. Supplying high quality custom magnet assemblies locally and internationally.

Booth 705

Attracting Excellence in Magnetic Solutions. Innovative, reliable, and powerful magnets for diverse applications. Elevate your industry with our cutting-edge magnetic technology. Explore Magnetify – Where Attraction Meets Precision!

Booth 527

Likai Tech is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service for high-end multi-wire cutting equipment in fields of rare earth, photovoltaic silicon, semiconductor, photoelectricity, etc. Our products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
41 Yantai Likai Numerical Control Technology Co., Ltd
One Magnet Electronic
Weizhong Magnetics Co., Ltd
VAC Magnetics,
LLC (Vacuumschmelze GmbH)
The Supply Chain Expo & Technical Programme for the Global Magnetics Industry The Show EUROPE REGISTER TODAY! RAI, Amsterdam, NL December 3 – 4 2024 Scan here to book a booth

Yunsheng USA

Booth 821

Yunsheng USA Inc., a subsidiary of the Ningbo Yunsheng Co. Ltd, is focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing high strength, high performance rare earth permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies. Ningbo Yunsheng Co. Ltd., is located in Ningbo prefecture, the ‘Silicon Valley of Magnetics’ in China, home to 100+ magnet manufacturers.


Zhenjiang Jingang Magnetic Element Co., Ltd

Booth 311

Zhenjiang Jingang Magnetic Element Co., Ltd was founded in 1992, mainly specialized in the development, production and sales of hard ferrite magnets–stator cans and assembled stators and related parts for motors. Our company has an annual production capacity of 15000 tons of magnets and 20 million of various stator cans and stators.

Zhejiang Innuovo Magnetics Co., Ltd

Booth 822

Zhejiang lnnuovo Magnetics Co., Ltd. (000795.SZ), was founded in 1986 and public listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1997. Innuovo is a leading high-tech enterprise dedicating to R&D and manufacture of Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials, and specializes in sintered, compression bonded, plastic injection Nd-Fe-B magnets and magnetic assemblies and components.

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024
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Permanent Magnets ® - RECOMA 35E, the world’s most power dense SmCo, plus NdFeB and AlNiCo

®Plastiform Flexible Magnets - increased magnetic eld for corrosive or wide temperature range environments

L Type Laminated Magnets - thinnest insulating layers and lowest eddy current losses for optimal ef ciency

Flexible Composites - Lead-free shielding options, High or low energy magnetic sheets, strips, and extrusions

Precision Thin Metals TM - T itanium, Ar non NGOES, Molypermalloy, and other foils rolled to 2 microns thin

Motors, High Speed Rotors, and Stators

Complete system integration from prototype to production, including full AC & DC electric motors

Composite Encapsulation - higher strength, lighter weight, and lower electrical losses with Carbon Fibre

Custom Electromagnets and Solenoid Repair Tape, wire, or bobbin wound coil electromagnets

You are invited to join us for a drink on Wednesday May 22 at 4.30pm – 5.30pm in the Networking Lounge

The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 44
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46 The Pasadena Convention Center, CA. May 22 – 23, 2024 140.116 Cerium 58 2 8 18 19 9 2 Ce 140.90765 Praseodymium 59 2 8 18 21 8 2 Pr 144.242 Neodymium 60 2 8 18 22 8 2 Nd (145) Promethium 61 2 8 18 23 8 2 Pm 150.36 Samarium 62 2 8 18 24 8 2 Sm 151.964 Europium 63 2 8 18 25 8 2 Eu 157.25 Gadolinium 64 2 8 18 25 9 2 Gd 158.92535 Terbium 65 2 8 18 27 8 2 Tb 162.5 Dysprosium 66 2 8 18 28 8 2 Dy 164.93032 Holmium 67 2 8 18 29 8 2 Ho 167.259 Erbium 68 2 8 18 30 8 2 Er 168.93421 Thulium 69 2 8 18 31 8 2 Tm 173.054 Ytterbium 70 2 8 18 32 8 2 Yb 174.9668 Lutetium 71 2 8 18 32 9 2 Lu 232.03806 Thorium 90 2 8 18 32 18 2 Th 231.03588 Protactinium 91 2 8 18 32 20 2 Pa 238.02891 Uranium 92 2 8 18 32 21 2 U (237) Neptunium 93 2 8 18 32 22 2 Np (244) Plutonium 94 2 8 18 32 24 2 Pu (243) Americium 95 2 8 18 32 25 2 Am (247) Curium 96 2 8 18 32 25 2 Cm (247) Berkelium 97 2 8 18 32 27 2 Bk (251) Californium 98 2 8 18 32 28 2 Cf (252) Einsteinium 99 2 8 18 32 29 2 Es (257) Fermium 100 2 8 18 32 30 2 Fm (258) Mendelevium 101 2 8 18 32 31 2 Md (259) Nobelium 102 2 8 18 32 32 2 No (262) Lawrencium 103 2 8 18 32 32 3 Lr 1.00794 Hydrogen 1 1 H 6.941 Lithium 3 2 1 Li 9.012182 Beryllium 4 2 2 Be 22.98976928 Sodium 11 2 8 1 Na 24.305 Magnesium 12 2 8 2 Mg 39.0983 Potassium 19 2 8 8 K 40.078 Calcium 20 2 8 8 Ca 85.4678 Rubidium 37 2 18 8 1 Rb 87.62 Strontium 38 2 18 8 2 Sr 132.9054 Cesium 55 2 8 18 18 8 1 Cs 137.327 Barium 56 2 8 18 18 8 2 Ba (223) Francium 87 2 8 18 32 18 8 Fr (226) Radium 88 2 8 18 32 18 8 Ra 44.955912 Scandium 21 2 8 9 Sc 47.867 Titanium 22 2 8 10 Ti 50.9415 Vanadium 23 2 8 11 V 51.9961 Chromium 24 2 8 13 Cr 54.938045 Manganese 25 2 8 13 Mn 55.845 Iron 26 2 8 14 Fe 58.933195 Cobalt 27 2 8 15 Co 58.6934 Nickel 28 2 8 16 Ni 63.546 Copper 29 2 8 18 Cu 65.38 Zinc 30 2 8 18 Zn 88.90585 Yttrium 39 2 18 9 2 Y 91.224 Zirconium 40 2 18 10 2 Zr 92.90638 Niobium 41 2 18 12 1 Nb 95.96 Molybdenum 42 2 18 13 1 Mo (98.0) Technetium 43 2 18 13 2 Tc 101.07 Ruthenium 44 2 18 15 1 Ru 102.9055 Rhodium 45 2 18 16 1 Rh 106.42 Palladium 46 2 18 18 Pd 107.8682 Silver 47 2 18 18 1 Ag 112.411 Cadmium 48 2 18 18 2 Cd 138.90547 Lanthanum 57 2 8 18 18 9 2 La 178.48 Hafnium 72 2 8 18 32 10 2 Hf 180.9488 Tantalum 73 2 8 18 32 11 2 Ta 183.84 Tungsten 74 2 8 18 32 12 2 W 186.207 Rhenium 75 2 8 18 32 13 2 Re 190.23 Osmium 76 2 8 18 32 14 2 Os 192.217 Iridium 77 2 8 18 32 15 2 Ir 195.084 Platinum 78 2 8 18 32 17 1 Pt 196.966569 Gold 79 2 8 18 32 18 1 Au 200.59 Mercury 80 2 8 18 32 18 2 Hg (227) Actinium 89 2 8 18 32 18 9 Ac (267) Rutherfordium 104 2 8 18 32 32 10 Rf (268) Dubnium 105 2 8 18 32 32 11 Db (271) Seaborgium 106 2 8 18 32 32 12 Sg (272) Bohrium 107 2 8 18 32 32 13 Bh (270) Hassium 108 2 8 18 32 32 14 Hs (276) Meitnerium 109 2 8 18 32 32 15 Mt (281) Darmstadtium 110 2 8 18 32 32 17 Ds (280) Roentgenium 111 2 8 18 32 32 18 Rg (285) Copernicium 112 2 8 18 32 32 18 Cn 4.002602 Helium 2 2 He 10.811 Boron 5 2 3 B 12.0107 Carbon 6 2 4 C 14.0067 Nitrogen 7 2 5 N 15.9994 Oxygen 8 2 6 O 18.9984032 Fluorine 9 2 7 F 20.1797 Neon 10 2 8 Ne 26.9815386 Aluminum 13 2 8 3 Al 28.0855 Silicon 14 2 8 4 Si 30.973762 Phosphorus 15 2 8 5 P 32.065 Sulfur 16 2 8 6 S 35.453 Chlorine 17 2 8 7 Cl 39.948 Argon 18 2 8 8 Ar 69.723 Gallium 31 2 8 18 Ga 72.64 Germanium 32 2 8 18 Ge 74.9216 Arsenic 33 2 8 18 As 78.96 Selenium 34 2 8 18 Se 79.904 Bromine 35 2 8 18 Br 83.798 Krypton 36 2 8 18 Kr 114.818 Indium 49 2 18 18 3 In 118.71 Tin 50 2 18 18 4 Sn 121.76 Antimony 51 2 18 18 5 Sb 127.6 Tellurium 52 2 18 18 6 Te 126.90447 Iodine 53 2 18 18 7 I 131.293 Xenon 54 2 18 18 8 Xe 204.3833 Thallium 81 2 8 18 32 18 3 Tl 207.2 Lead 82 2 8 18 32 18 4 Pb 208.9804 Bismuth 83 2 8 18 32 18 5 Bi (209) Polonium 84 2 8 18 32 18 6 Po (210) Astatine 85 2 8 18 32 18 7 At (222) Radon 86 2 8 18 32 18 8 Rn (284) Nihonium 113 2 8 18 32 32 18 (289) Flerovium 114 2 8 18 32 32 18 Fl (288) Moscovium 115 2 8 18 32 32 18 (293) Livermorium 116 2 8 18 32 32 18 Lv (294) Tennessine 117 2 8 18 32 32 18 (294) Oganesson 118 2 8 18 32 32 18 Nh Mc Ts Og THE NEXT GENERATION OF ADVANCED MATERIALS MANUFACTURERS Bulk & lab scale manufacturers of over 35,000 certified high purity compounds, metals, and nanoparticles, including a wide range of raw materials & precursors for manufacturing magnetic materials in the medical, aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries, all engineered to meet the most rigorous quality standards. © 2001-2024. American Elements is a U.S.Registered Trademark American Elements Opens a World of Possibilities...Now Invent! Now Invent. TM

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