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2010 VOL.6 NO.5

W W W. B A L I S T Y L E M A G . C O M

Bali’s beautiful homes and decor

Inspiration for your bali style home...

Top 5+1 Eco Resorts The best of Bali’s eco-friendly holiday options

10 Bali Style Tips Get the Bali Style look in your home with these hot design tips from Cempaka


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“i know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.” george w. bush

Green up your act 10 easy steps for making your villa greener

Rustic and recycled building your dream home with Reclaimed wood from Kalimantan timber

Little Tree

Threads of life

bali’s biggest little source of Green building supplies

Natural & sustainable textiles from the archipelago

Antique houses

Indonesia IDR Singapore SGD Malaysia MYR Thailand THB Hongkong HKD Australia AUD New Zealand NZD Europe EURO Other Countries USD

50.000 5.90 11.9 160 31.00 6.95 8.00 3.00 4.20

From Gede Kresna architect

B a l i

s t y l e

S p e c i a l

E d i t i o n

the green issue

Protect the planet – go green t o d ay. . . s e e i n s i d e f o r d e t a i l s !

bali angels Designer Dining Room Settings water by biosave

travel in style

The Bali Style

to come


51 +

eco resorts Just because you want to minimize your carbon footprint and be kind to the earth doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic holiday...having fun on vacation and being kind to mother earth don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Here is our pick of Bali’s Top 5 (plus one coming soon) eco-resorts that are trying to make a difference. It is near impossible to have absolutely no impact on the environment, but at least taking some steps to minimize your carbon footprint is a step in the right direction. And what could be more relaxing than reclining in your bamboo deck chair next to a non-chemical swimming pool, with solar-powered water pumps, and knowing that you’re doing your bit to save the environment! So go green on your next holiday, read on...

cosy, Eco friendly lodgings at Fivelements Wellness Retreat.

fivelements - djuna ivereigh -

From the Bali Style Editorial Team

Bambu Indah--or beautiful bamboo--is the beautiful brain child of John Hardy. Consisting of seven unique dwellings brought from Java to the island of Bali in 2007, each structure is made wholly from bamboo and teak

Beautiful Bamboo – Bambu Indah

Complimenting communal structures include the Minang House, a spacious central meeting place fashioned from


n the road north to Ubud you turn left, just

conditioning, internet access, modern plumbing and

luxuriant black bamboo, a small igloo-like library, complete

15 minutes south of that place. Left again

running water to accommodate the expectations of

with books left by former residents, and a massage house.

between the lush green of the rice field and

the contemporary seeker after comfort and leisure

simple dwellings of stone the narrow road narrows

amidst rustic settings.

A handmade fresh water swimming pool is available to all residents--including the colourful fish therein. Dug into the

again, and yet again to a final path just wide enough to

The houses, which once served as residences

earth and lined with high density polyethylene [a black rubber

allow passage. It is a road which nature will not quite

for tribal noblemen, were originally built over 100

substance, recyclable after 60 years], the pool floor is of assorted

release, tufted with grass in the center, throwing out

years ago, and retain a majesty of tradition and

stone from the nearby mountain and offers a clean, natural

climbing ivy on one side, fistfuls of marigolds on the

history, folded like a unique perfume into the sweep

appearance as well as a refreshing dip at any time of the day.

other. You have come to find a quiet place, a serene

of oriental lines, hand carved teak wood, ancient

embrace, and the lane seems to whisper that you’ve

etchings, and thatched grass roofs.

indeed arrived.

In as far as we are showcasing the all natural setting in this issue of Bali Style, Bambu Indah is about as natural as you can

Each of the seven villa houses--Afrika, Padi,

get. The focus is on appreciation of the natural environment,


Kuning, Kuno, Elora, Jawa Lama, and Kolam--has a

and on responsible coexistence with the same. Industrial

beautiful brain child of John Hardy. Consisting

distinctive character and ambience its own, from the

cements and chemicals have been strictly avoided, as has any

of seven unique dwellings brought from Java to

African furnishings and handmade copper bathtub

other system that would insult or damage the land, the water,

the island of Bali in 2007, each structure is made

in Afrika House, to the rustic Burmese laquerware

or the surrounding forest. Vegetables in the organic garden are

wholly from bamboo and teak--perhaps the most

in Kuno, to the red Moroccan carpets in Padi House.

shaded not with plastic sheeting but by umbrellas made from

eco-sustainable materials on the planet--and each

Moreover, each house has its own personal patch of

natural materials. An anti-insect lotion made of crushed leaves

has been lovingly reconstructed and restored to

surrounding landscape, be it the fresh water pool, the

of a medicinal sort is provided by the resort. In this way, the true

preserve the tradition and the functionality of the

babbling brook, the vegetable garden, or the winding

appreciation of the visitor is also integrated--of the atmosphere,

original, as well as modernized within with air

stone path.

the ecosphere, and the resounding beauty of central Bali.





[PF] 110

BALI STYLE Vol.6 No.5 2010









Selected Estates of Asia, Pte. Ltd.

specialized advisory service tailored to meet their individual requirements. We can provide conceptual development, market research, economic feasibility reports, strategic business planning, project development, through to product sourcing, sales and marketing, preopening and on-going operations in hotel, spa and health retreats.

is creating awe-inspiring properties with distinguished Balinese and international architects and designers. From eco-friendly holistic spa retreats, five-star mixed-use hotel developments, to signature villa estates, or your own exclusive residence, Selected Estates of Asia puts superior and highly Green personalized service, a proven hospitality management and associated specialists at your 2009 fingertips. With over 20 years of 'on the ground' experience attained around the globe, Selected Estates of Asia's core business is green hotels, spa and health retreats along with other tourism based property developments. We offer our client's first hand experience and provide a unique,



Whether you are looking to develop a new brand or concept, revive an existing project or simply require the assistance of a qualified and experienced specialist, our team of professional consultants are always on hand to assist. Frank M. Pfaller, CEO Ronny Tome, Managing Director





cosmopolitan avant-garde sophisticated ON SALE NOW – ONLY 5 VILLAS REMAINING SALES OFFICE: SQUARE 9 building Jalan Raya Seminyak 504 Seminyak Bali 80361 Office: +62 361 734 078 Mobile: +62 813 5302 6213







Delmango Villas, Seminyak’s “Urban Eco Couture Retreat” is ecochic at its best , with a range of eco-friendly design elements.

delMango Villa Estate, Seminyak Gardens– an “Urban Eco Couture Retreat”


architectural design features and pool decking constructed from “Koga”

star+ hotel. An internationally-experienced team of chefs, butlers and

wood – a kind of compressed bamboo. The pools will use an ultra violet

housekeepers will provide tailored services like a pre-arrival grocery

filtration system which uses no harmful chlorine. Solar cells provide hot

stock up for your villa [what a great idea], in-villa private chef and

water to the luxury villas, and a Biosystems water treatment processes

dining service [let someone else do the dishes--you’re on holiday after

the black water while grey water is recycled and used for the gardens.

all], a VIP airport transfer and visa service, event catering, tea ceremony

LED lighting reduces energy consumption, while the natural air flow

and even full moon celebrations are all planned.









elMango is our “plus 1” eco resort, as it’s not operational yet,

work of Nobuyuki Narabayashi, former design guru at trail-blazing

in the open-style living areas minimises the use of airconditioning. The

although it is in the advanced stages of construction and

Japanese interior design firm “Super Potato”. Blending “ethic with

impressive Lounge/Concierge building [architect: Ketut Arthana, ID:

There are still three of the fourteen delMango villas left for sale,

plans to be open by May 2011. The only “urban retreat” in

ethnic” Narabayashi’s brief from CEO Frank M Pfaller was “simple

Nobuyuki Narabayashi] which will undoubtedly form the centrepiece

but they are sure to sell fast. For more information or to arrange a

our collection, delMango combines ecological consciousness with

sophistication” – which Norabayashi achieved through the use of a

of this urban retreat is a truly green structure with an all-bamboo

viewing contact delMango Villa Estate on: +62-361-734 078 +62-361-

luxurious city sophistication, and boasts an enviable location in

rare form of Japanese artfully recycled and woven fabric for cushions,

construction, open air flow, compressed bamboo flooring and the aptly

734 078 or go and visit the Sales Office, Square

cosmopolitan Seminyak. This limited edition of 14 ultra-luxurious

bed covers and upholstery, natural volcanic stones, sleek granite and

named “Bigass” ceiling fans providing a soothing breeze, for guests who

9 Building Jalan Raya Seminyak 504 Seminyak Bali 80361 and tell

villas were designed by internationally-renowned Balinese architect

custom designed furniture, all made from recycled teak. As an “eco-

are checking in and out. While delMango Villa Estate has an impressive

‘em Bali Style Mag sent you!

Yoka Sara, who paid homage to the typical Balinese village layout

luxe couture retreat” delMango’s eco credentials are pretty impressive

list of eco credentials, it will also be unabashedly luxurious and run

in his now-iconic initial design sketches. The interior design was the

with the use of bamboo and recycled teak in the construction and

with all the amenities and facilities one would expect from a five-


BALI STYLE Vol.6 No.5 2010

Fivelements – Puri Ahimsa


All photos from Fivelements Puri Ahimsa Wellness Retreat - enjoy serene surroundings, living foods and spiritual nourishment.

very building project has an impact on the environment, says

included recycled timbers, local stone, bamboo, coconut wood and

Chicco Tatriele of Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa – an astonishing

alang-alang grass, all sourced in Indonesia.

holistic healing centre, located on the banks of the Ayung River

Completed this year with eight healing rooms, a Watsu pool,

near Mambal, and dedicated to Balinese healing, living foods and sacred

beauty sanctuary, multi-purpose pavilions, restaurant, leisure pool and

arts. “So we just tried to be as gentle as possible. Decisions had to be

five luxurious sleeping suites, Puri Ahimsa offers guests a choice of

made at every step of the process, and we

day treatments or retreats, plus a gourmet

went with what we felt comfortable with

vegan menu of living and raw foods. It also

in order to create a sustainable and eco-

endeavours to be a model for responsible

conscious property.”

energy consumption. Lighting incorporates

After finding 8800m2 of land in a

super-efficient LED technology, and all

stunningly beautiful setting far removed

buildings were designed to take advantage

from the hustle and bustle of tourism, the

of passive cooling to reduce the use of air-

Fivelements Group carefully adapted the site

conditioning. Most rooms are equipped

to its new use with minimum disturbance to

with ‘Sycamore’ ceiling fans for low energy

the pre-existing natural systems, ecologies

cooling, achieved through a dynamically

and aesthetics. Their vision was guided by

balanced single blade. Furthermore, Fivelements is committed

life, which advocates that we should all live

to the conscious and efficient use of water

in balance and harmony with God, other human beings and the environment. One of the first undertakings was an ecology study, carried out by a team of local scientists with the purpose to identify and conserve notable species of flora and fauna within the site boundaries. Seventy-three species of flora was identified on the banks of the river, and 58 species of animal was observed in the vicinity. Seven of these – the Malayan Pangolin, Javan Kingfisher, two

fivelements - djuna ivereigh -

‘Tri Hita Karana’, the Balinese Philosophy of

resources. Water pressure is kept at a steady-yet-conservative level to reduce waste, and a total of 16,500 litres of recycled storm-water and grey-water is stored on site for non-potable use. Wastewater is treated and potable water purified to international standards. Finally,

towards the





a continuous dialogue with the inhabitants




in which it operates. This is done through

species of Egret, the olive-backed sunbird, porcupine


contributes to Baturning – the tiny village






implementing on



python, are considered protected by the Indonesian government. The

surrounding the property. Fivelements has worked with community

conclusion of the study was that the river ecology was the most valuable

leaders to upgrade roads in Baturning, as well as co-ordinating waste

and this was consequently given priority in design considerations. In

management for the village.

the construction of the property, the buildings were erected on stilts

Most apparent, is the deep respect that Fivelements holds not only

and set back a minimum of five metres from the river, while 20% of the

for the environment but also for the local people, their traditions,

site was preserved in natural gardens. Sustainable building materials

customs and religion. [RG]

juna ents - d










h - djun


fivelements - djuna ivereigh -

fivelements - djuna ivereigh -


Spectacular views from Bloo Lagoon, Padang Bai, south to the harbour and north to Candi Dasa. and Gunung Agung. Opposite page: All photos from Bloo Lagoon Eco Resort - picturesque pool and relaxing accommodations.

Bloo is the New Green – Bloo Lagoon adang Bai may seem like an unlikely location for


The “homes” have been designed to try and

an eco-resort. It is, after all, the largest sea-port

maximise light and air flow and minimise electricity

on Bali’s east coast, with ferries from Lombok

consumption. Most of the stone walls use the excavated

continuously docking and departing. However, to get

site stone. Open-plan natural cooling reduces the need

to Bloo Lagoon you pass straight through the hubbub

for airconditioning [however A/C is available in some

of the ferry terminal and the burgeoning seaside

bedrooms]. All the lights are LEDs and the average

township of Padang Bai, with a smattering of decent

energy load per house for lighting is under 100 watts.

restaurants [the bagels at Topi Cafe were surprisingly

For some of the pumping electricity from photovoltaic

good!] and up a steep hill where you will find Bloo

cells is used and it is hoped that this will be extended

Lagoon perched atop a soaring ridgeline. Straddling

when the cost of the cells comes down.

both sides of the ridge, the rooms at Bloo Lagoon offer

The natural coconut oil soaps used in the rooms,

stunning views to both the north to Candi Dasa and

are made by “Surfer Charly” just down the road in

majestic Gunung Agung and to the south and the

Jasri. The swimming pool uses ionization with a

hamlet of Padang Bai and the rugged eastern coastline

minimum of chemicals, and the resort is developing


its own vegetable and herb garden so as much food

However, the incredible views are just one of the

as possible can be grown on site. The pesto fettucine

things that make Bloo Lagoon special. The American

and generous organic salad were simply delicious and

owners and architects Tony and Marita, working


closely with their local staff [80% of whom are from

Bloo Lagoon doesn’t have the polished, laser-

the immediate surrounding areas] have done an

edge precision of some of Bali’s more glitzy luxury

impressive job of creating a resort that is, in the words

resorts or villas, but that’s not the point. It is natural,

of Balinese General Manager Gus Trisna “ecologically

and friendly, and it merges with its surroundings in an

conscious”. As Gus pointed out, water is a scarce

easy, enviable way. And the end result is refreshing,

resource in their location, so while they use a town

energizing and supremely relaxing. All the more for

water supply, they try to “hold the water in the area

knowing that it treads just that bit more lightly on the

for as long as possible”. This is achieved by creating a

earth. [AF]









network of lotus and lily ponds which rainwater and shower water are chanelled into. It’s a natural healthy

Rooms or “homes” at Bloo Lagoon rent from

biosystem with fish, frogs and plants. The black water

between $120 - $150++ per night. At the time of writing

from the toilets goes to regular septic tanks, then the

two of the homes were for sale [48 year lease] for

effluent goes to biological waste water gardens where

$160,000 and $210,000 respectively. www.bloolagoon.

plants feed off the nutrients.


BALI STYLE Vol.6 No.5 2010

com tel: 0363 41211

Live And Let Live – Bali Eco Village


t’s not for everyone, but . . . well, what is? Bali Eco Village, high in the mountains of central Bali, some 30 minutes south of Kintamani, is a destination for those who are truly seeking the simple life, as well as an intimate closeness with nature. Five rather spare bungalows

perch above the breathless expanse of jungle in the valley of the Ayung River, each house fitted with one large bed on the ground floor and a loft above with room for three. The weather does get chilly at night on the mountaintop, and so each bungalow also has a fireplace for wood burning. The goal of the ownership and staff at the Village is for their venture to become as selfsufficient as possible. To this end, the grounds include a large vegetable garden--green beans, lettuce, tomatoes, chilies, eggplant, carrots--and even ground fruit such as strawberries--with which the large restaurant facility on the grounds is supplied. Cows and pigs have their own place in stables up the road, set for providing meat for the restaurant in the future. Natural spring water is abundant and is used for both drinking and cooking. In addition there is a large water collecting facility providing water for showering and grounds keeping purposes. Moreover, attempts are currently underway to utilize the rushing Ayung for hydroelectricity. Visitors to Bali Eco Village are encouraged to take part in an ongoing dialogue with nature-perhaps by getting their fingers dirty in the garden, or by helping tend the livestock in the stable. But it’s not all work. A smorgasbord of activities is offered, from horse riding on the Village’s five horses, to excursions through the coffee and cocoa plantations, to river trekking or white water rafting, or tours of historic Kintamani. “The best way to be close to nature is to stay out of the way.” So quipped Ivan, the Village’s general manager. It’s a conundrum of sorts, but his point is clear; and I reckon staying out of the way is what Bali Eco Village does best. [PF]









bali Eco Village, high in the mountains of central Bali, is a destination for those who are truly seeking the simple life, as well as an intimate closeness with nature.


BALI STYLE Vol.6 No.5 2010

Bali Eco Lodge – A Vision for the Future

A Winner of the Wild Asia Award for Responsbible Tourism in Asia, Bali Eco Lodge is leading the way in stylish eco-tourism in Bali..

n Eco Lodge, as defined by Norm and

relaxation and reflection, as well as for bonding

Linda vant Hoff, co-owners of Bali Eco

with family members and loved ones.

Lodge, is a vacation housing venture

But nature itself involves a play of balance,

that is “sustainably integrated with the natural,

and balance is provided here as well with an

built, and social environments.” It should make

impressive array of activities both fun and

responsible use of the land and resources while

instructive. One may hike, for instance, to the

maintaining a lively dialogue with the people

top of Mt. Batukaru, or trek through the largest

and culture of the area.

protected rain forest in Bali, just ten minutes

Given this definition, it is our enthusiastic

from the lodge. Bird watching is another

assessment that Bali Eco Lodge has succeeded in

favorite diversion, as well as monkey watching!

every way.

Additionally, the lodge offers a good number

The lodge itself consists of four private

of enjoyable and instructive classes including:

bungalows perched on the slopes of Mt.

Balinese cooking, calligraphy, wood carving,

Batukaru, commanding breathtaking views

traditional medicine, and Indonesian language

both of southern Bali below and of the mountain

skills to name a few.

peak above. Each bungalow offers a lush

Internationally recognized for responsible

interior, lovingly decorated with local ceramics,

environmental practice and social responsibility,

fine linens, exotic flowers, and more.

the management at Bali Eco Lodge does not

In keeping with the ecologically responsible

rest on its laurels, but continually seeks, in the

focus, natural soaps are provided, as well as

words of Linda vant Hoff, “to move forward

natural house and linen cleaning.

from the basic ‘eco-tourism’ concept,” and “to

From the organic garden, as well as from

embrace Responsible Tourism.” Although there

the surrounding food forest, fresh products are

is “a long way to go,” as Linda says, “the Balinese

gathered and prepared according to a menu

are an open people, with incredible talents and

specializing in Balinese cuisine, and then served

humility, so, given some genuine support from

in the spacious open air restaurant on the

their leaders and the government, we believe


that the negative trends of today can be turned

The vision at Bali Eco Lodge is “to create a


space that will place value on the environment

With such commitment and positive energy

and inspire others to do the same.” The whole

in the mix, so believe we at Bali style as well.

point is immersion in nature--no television,










no loud music, no intrusive distractions to compromise the peaceful repose. It is a time for


BALI STYLE Vol.6 No.5 2010

Bali's Top 5+1 Eco-Luxury Resorts - delMango Villa Estate  

Bali's Top 5+1 Eco-Luxury Resorts, delMango Villa Estate, Bali's first & foremost Urban Couture Retreat