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November, 2012

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Introducing the new Otter Times Newsletter Important Dates: 11/27/12 @ 7pm PAC meeting in the SBE Commons. Open to the public. Every last Tues of the month. Same time & place ___________________________

12/6/12 @ 7pm Booster Club Meeting in the SBE Commons. Every first Thurs. of the month. This is where we put our heads together to find fun new ways to create revenue for academic and sports travel and activities. Your help is greatly appreciated. —————————————

12/14/12 - 12/15/12 Bruins Basketball Clinic ___________________________

12/18/12 @ 6:30pm Christmas Program in SBE Commons ___________________________

12/20/12 @ 8:30am Family Breakfast in SBE Commons ____________________________

12/21/12 — 1/4/2013 Winter Vacation ____________________________

1/8/2013 @ 2pm

In an effort to inform the community of Seldovia better on all that happens here in Susan B English School, we proudly announce the addition of a monthly newsletter. In this publication, you’ll find a recap of the month’s projects throughout the school, upcoming

events to put on your calendar, sports reports, student submissions and much more. We hope you enjoy keeping up to date on your local students and remember to pick up a copy for yourself at the end of each month at the post office, the Fuel & Lube or the

Ms. Bornheimer’s Class K-5 There’s always a lot happening in Ms. Bornheimer’s K-5 class. Here are some of the things they are working on this month. In writing students are polishing their expository writing skills. They’ve been focusing on describing, explaining, and comparing and contrasting. Fifth graders have been practicing for the Analytical Writing Assessment that happens the first two weeks of December. The focus in science this year is life science. Students have been learning about adaptations and how they enable animals to survive in their habitats. They are drawing a comic strip to demonstrate their knowledge of this concept. They’ll also begin learning about food chains and webs. The classroom also recently got new additions—namely mealworms. These critters provide the class with an interesting avenue to learn and practice many of the science process skills such as observing, predicting, concluding, and measuring. In addition, their life cycle works well in the classroom and serves as a launching point to discuss the life cycles of other animals that aren’t as easily observed indoors. The mealworms will also be the focus of many science experiments as students learn the scientific method. In social studies the class begins its study of the southeast region by taking a virtual “tour” of the twelve states that comprise this region. Students will learn about the geography first and then study the culture, economics, and history of the region. As Christmas draws near, students continue to work on writing the script for the play they’ll be performing for the Christmas program.

Geography Bee

We’re on the web SBE has a blog page filled with updated information such as schedule changes, game times, cancelations, school meetings, PAC and Booster Club information and much more. It’s a great way to stay up to date on what’s happening. How do you get there? Go to the Kenai Peninsula School District web page @, click on schools, use drop menu to find Susan B English School and you’re there. Many thanks to Karen Bornheimer for her work on this page.

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World Peace Game:

Where all the problems of the world are put on a 3'x3' plexi glass , four tiered, game board and our SBE students solve them. Ms. Sensenig's middle school and high school government classes joined together for one hour each day for 7days to play an unusual game she had the opportunity to be a part of in a summer workshop. After spending a week in Charlottesville, VA learning about the World Peace Game created by educator John Hunter and spending time with the creator himself, Ms. Sensenig was inspired to try this concept of applying real world problem solving through real world scenarios with our SBE students. Students were divided into teams that represented countries, the United Nations, the World Bank and an arms dealer. They were given a crisis document with scenarios to solve that were based on life: global warming, border disputes, ethnic groups uprising against their countries government, and financial hardships. Here are some things I heard while traveling through the World Peace Game in action‌ "There's been an electrical storm," as Thor the Weather God gently tosses his lightning bolt string across a portion of a country, "which causes all communications to fail in Skyrim for two game days." This causes Skyrim significant damage. Losing communication with their satellite which is off course will cost them a great deal of money and adds a new problem to an already dire situation. "I am Queen Chaela of Tortuga and these are my declarations. We want to roll the dice for mining tests." With a 1 in 20 chance of positive outcomes, Tortuga rolls the dice and finds‌ diamonds! Lots of diamonds. $400

billion to be exact. Game day 7, I returned to check on how things have progressed and took some statements from the players. Another objective has entered the game. A new saboteur. One secret player whose job it is to create chaos and spread propaganda. I find the UN is relentlessly trying to discover who is the saboteur. The 15 million dollar fine to wrongly accuse someone is no threat to UN Prime Minister Philpot. Upon his second trial, PM Philpot is still not phased that the fine has increased to $30 billion. He finds Minister of Defense Dylan of Skyrim the true saboteur. Victory for the UN! I talked with the World Bank about their thoughts on the game. Vice President of WB Ms. Chissus says, "It's been fun. Everyone's spending a LOT of money." WB President Ms. Hecks noticed, "Certain people work things out differently. One country has been trying the whole time to go to war while another is trying so hard to make treaties. I would like to play again. We'd better understand what our jobs are." Secretary Treasurer Gavin of Noxus thinks, "It's fun. You get to communicate with each other and not just sit taking notes. It's more active and challenging." To win the game, all groups had to solve 22 world problems and had to have made more money than they had at the start. In the final seconds of the game, three groups had to come together with loans to bring the militant country above the monetary level they needed. In the end, all problems were resolved and the game was officially won.

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Mr. Derks’ Science Class gets environmentally active Mr. Derks’ high school science class has taken on an amazing problem solving contest. Here’s a letter from Governor Parnell which explains the Caring for the Kenai project. Caring for the Kenai is an environmental awareness contest for high school students that provides an opportunity for a cooperative effort by industry, businesses, local and state government, school districts, non-profit organizations, environmental groups, and the media to increase public understanding of our communities environmental and natural disaster challenges. Entrants begin with an environmental issue they wish to address and develop a solution specific to that issue. Entrants will do research, perform experiments, and conduct interviews in order to learn as much about their topics as possible. Then, each entrant, or team, writes a proposal (essay) including such information as the problem(s) he is attempting to solve, what has been learned about this problem, and the entrant's solution to the problem. Proposals are collected and judged. Through

an extensive process of judging, nearly 600 proposals are narrowed down to 12 finalists. After the finalists and teachers are notified of their standings, they begin preparing for an oral presentation. They have several weeks to prepare for this presentation in front of a panel of 7 judges, an audience, and streamed live over the internet. This year the contest will give away over $25,000 in cash prizes. Our SBE students are working on local projects which at this point are top secret. They have broken into groups of two to research their ideas. The students are encouraged to reach out to the community to contact real world folks who can help drive the project. The projects began in Sept and proposals are due in March. Students use class time each Friday to work on their ideas and make needed contacts. This project provides environmental awareness on local issues and self-action by getting youth outside the classroom to be a part of solving a real problem. You’d like to hear more on the topics our students have chosen? There will be a community open house in the spring to allow students to present their ideas and show the work they put into these projects. The date is to be announced.

Ms. Montgomery’s Reading Class In Ms. Montgomery’s reading class, students are using two books, Touching Spirit Bear and Far North, to compare cultural differences in two unique Native Alaskan cultures, Tlinglit and Slavey. They are also learning about the circle of justice in the Tlinglit system which differs greatly from the U.S. justice system. Each student is expected to complete and present a book report every two weeks on a novel of their choice. A new vocabulary word is introduced each day. Students who write using these vocabulary words in their writing receive a vocabulary hit. The students who are working for advanced need to read the class novels, a novel with Ms. Montgomery (Flowers for Algernon was the book for November), and do individual book reports on a book of their choice. They will begin another novel with Ms. Montgomery after Christmas break.

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Sports Reports This month in sports, we have the end of MS Basketball, HS wrestling, the beginning of Boys, HS Basketball and the continued play of Girls HS Volleyball. I was able to sit and interview three boys from MS Basketball and Devin who’s our sole wrestler. Here’s what they had to say about being involved in their sport.

Travis admits, “I probably will. I think the team will need me (ie needs him for enough players to have a team). If not, I’m not going through all that pain.” Sage, what was your favorite school to visit?

“I’d have to say... when we went to the big tournament and totally lost. Watching so many teams play was fun and a little intimidating.”

“Nikolaevsk, because they actually had food for us. They had a snack cart, and it (the school) was really clean. We walked into the locker rooms and all the walls were white tile, new shiny, individual shower stalls with their own bench seat. We were all like, ‘WOW, this is beautiful!’ That was really nice.”

Travis, how about your most memorable moment?

Devin, tell me a little bit about your experience with wrestling this year.

“Playing against Chapman at the tournament. They played us really hard. They knew what they were doing and kept us out of the basket. The best thing about traveling was having a good time just hanging out with the guys.”

“My favorite match was in Homer against a kid from Nikiski. I caught him in a firemen’s hold.”

Do you think you’ll play again next year?

“I had his right elbow and as I shoot to grab his leg, he’s forced onto my shoulders, and I have him in the air. This allows me to flip him onto his back.”

Sam, what was the most memorable experience you had during this season?

Thank you to all our volunteers!! SBE is so appreciative of all our volunteers. The help they provide is such a value to our school. This section is dedicated to those who reach out to help. Thank you for making a difference and showing our students you care about their education. Shad & Tiffany Haller /auction dinner and so much more, Andy Criscoulo/Library assistance, Tracy Philpot/auction dinner, phone tree, lifeguard, Mark Janes/ auctioneer & PAC president, Sharon Bond/auction dinner, Roberta Swick/auction dinner, Chaz Nichols/auction dinner and beyond, Jen Giles/volleyball assistant, Ronene Gain/ game attendant, concessions and super supporter status, Karen Bornheimer/ concessions, and and and, Mary Montgomery/ concessions, all our drivers Crystal Collier, Sherri Burt, Krystal Waterbury, Ray Waterbury and Renee Haller. Renee Haller also has volunteered to be our new Title VII representative, Rose McInnes/ auction organizer, Ariel Anahonak/ chaperone, Laurel Hilts/ 40th anniversary organizer, Stacy Owens/cleanup all over the place after hours, Joy Smith/library amazement and auction, CM Tim Dillon/ support in many areas, Jenny Chissus/banner advertisements, and Lisa Stanish /newsletter, lifeguard and World Peace Game board builder.

For those of us who have no idea what that is, can you explain it?

Did you pin him then? “Yes, I pinned him in that hold and won the match.” Anything else you can tell me about traveling with wrestling? “It’s fun to get out and around, and to hang out with Mr. Derks. He’s a good coach. When we go to Anchorage, we get to stay at the Dimond Center.” Think you’ll wrestle again next year? “If the school will let me. Yeah, I’ll wrestle again.”

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