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Sarah Eldert English 106 Final Cover Letter December 10, 2011

Cover Letter

My portfolio that I am turning in contains multiple items. The first item to take note of is the revised works cited page for the Converse Annotated Bibliography and also the edited Grizzly Man and Into the Wild works cited page. The second item to review is my revised Man vs. Nature essay. Thirdly I have re-edited my Photoshop project to fit the recommendations given to me along with the rationale paper on how I organized it. This portfolio is a reflection of what I have learned in English 106. Man vs. Nature was the biggest challenge during these 16 weeks and I believe that I have accomplished what you set out to teach us. The Photoshop project was the most fun for me and I enjoyed editing and taking the pictures used in my presentation. I hope with this portfolio that you will see that your teaching has been reflected in my abilities to write a comprehensive essay and reflected in my work I have turned in. Throughout the semester my biggest problem has been my Works cited pages. Although I made minor mistakes this is where I feel I lost valuable points. To gain these points back I edited the Annotated bibliography along with the Man vs. Nature works cited page. For the annotated bibliography I Italicized Smithsonian and let the rest of the bibliography be as is. There were no other problems so I felt it did not need to be altered. For the Man vs. Nature essay I added the search engine, proquest, and date accessed to another citation. Along with the edited works cited I also made a few changes to my Man vs. Nature essay.

Sarah Eldert English 106 Final Cover Letter December 10, 2011

The font is Times New Roman 12 pt. and is the required length. I undid the underlining of the title and re-worded many of the confusing sentences. I changed my thesis to be consistent with what was in my outline and also added transition sentences to allow the essay to flow. In addition to the other suggestions you made I lengthened the introduction to allow for a better opening for the rest of the paper. The third item that is revised is the Photoshop project. I was deducted points due to visual inconsistencies and I felt that this was the biggest problem with my project. To fix this I decided to use the same color, Gold, for all the backgrounds. In addition to this I also widened the margins to allow for a more pleasing page to look at. To enhance the pages and make them flow I used the same blending options for both the title’s and the paragraphs. I felt that my paragraphs and captions were sufficient and I did not receive a deduction of points on these two categories. A few of the pictures I used in my original project were blurry and too distorted. In order to receive these points back I decided to change the XXX picture to a clearer version. The main thing I wanted to stand out was the black and orange color palette of the building so I decided to enhance that aspect and leave the rest to its original. The third picture, “A touch of luck�, was made less distorted so that it is more pleasing to the eye. Lastly, the fourth picture of the Bell Tower was made less crazy by only bringing out pink hues and leaving the background alone. The rationale paper for this assignment was only edited by inserting what I just mentioned. I felt that how I explained my organization and rationale for the topic I chose was sufficient and I received full credit it for it on the grading rubric.

Final Portfolio letter  

this is a paper explaining my final editing decisions for all of the documents in my ISSUU library