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Regeant C ol l ect ion

Shown in White

Shown in Kiwi

Regeant Headboard English garden trellis work and windows are echoed in the décor and elegant style of the Regeant Collection. This headboard comes in both king and queen sizes. Also available in white.



W 65.5" W 166cm W 82" W 208cm

D 1.5” D 4cm D 1.5" D 4cm 800.492.1776 or 513-541-2600

H 46” H 117cm H 50" H 127cm

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Sona Collec t i o n

Also available in Nutmeg and Kiwi

Shown in Cinnamon and Espresso

Sona Headboard Offered in queen and king size, the Sona headboard includes the beautiful free-flowing decorative elements of the Sona collection. It is designed to accommodate most bed and mattress frames and works with common wall cleats. Also available in this collection: Lounge Chair, Dining Chairs, Settee, Tables, and Barstool.



W 65.5"

D 1.5�

H 46�

W 166cm

D 4cm

H 117cm

W 82"

D 1.5"

H 50"

W 208cm

D 4cm

H 127cm 800.492.1776 or 513-541-2600

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Malam Collec t i o n

Malam Queen & King Bed Go to sleep in style. The Malam Bedroom Collection inspired by far away and exotic places, transforms any bedroom into a retreat.


W 63"

D 86"

H 47"

W 160cm

D 218cm

H 119cm


W 79"


H 47"

W 201


H 119cm

11 inches box spring height 800.492.1776 or 513-541-2600

Beds and Headboards