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Principals Greeting Dear Parents and Friends of Tunas Muda, Welcome to our first edition of Spotlight for 2015 and a happy new year to you all! At the beginning of each new year, many people make a new year’s resolution....... what’s your resolution for this year? Is it something you will keep all year? Or something that will be forgotten by February? As our school theme this year is CARE, it would be great if we could all make resolutions

Ms. Rachel & Ms. Frances

which reflect this theme in caring for ourselves, for each other and for our environment, which we will keep not only for this year but for ever. Perhaps having Family Night once a week when the focus is on the family sharing fun time together playing a game, going out for a swim or a walk, or enjoying a home made meal together (with all electronic gadgets put in a drawer for the evening of course!). Or maybe spending more time outdoors appreciating the wonderful natural environments of our country and less time in the mall. There are so many ways to show we care! Life is all about making memories and school days are certainly times in our lives when we make memories that will last a lifetime. As you will see in this edition of Spotlight, we have had so many fabulous things happening, both inside school and out in other locations. Our students have had so many memorable learning experiences and we hope that all our readers will enjoy reading about them. A special mention to our Parents’ Associations for all their hard work during 2014, especially for all they did to make our Christmas Celebrations so successful. We all greatly appreciate all our PA members do to help us and we look forward to more events in 2015! Enjoy reading Spotlight and sharing in the joy for learning that we nurture here at Tunas Muda. We look forward to a happy and successful 2015 for us all! With best wishes, Frances Hazle and Rachel Groves

e-ducation system

Embracing hearts through faith in God

CAREprogramme Cultivating Partnerships in Education

Tunas Muda is a five star school! We nurture growth together through our five star education system to embrace hearts, engage minds and enrich lives, so we can all be the best that we can be.

Engaging minds in the pursuit of academic excellence

Enriching lives by living the Learner Profile

Nurturing potential and striving to be the best that we can be

Embracing hearts through faith in God

Christmas in Our Hearts Time flies‌ We have finally reached Christmas and the end of 2014! KEDOYA On Friday, 5th December, our Pre-Primary children celebrated Christmas with lively performances and a themed party. Each class performing either a dance, music or a stage play. Highlighting the programme was Santa’s gift-giving. Most of the children loved meeting Santa!

january 2015

Our Primary students together with their families joined us to celebrate the blessings of Christmas too. Our Year 5 students performed the Christmas story with flashes of performances by all our Primary students who danced and sang to the tunes of Christmas. In addition, our Year 3 students performed a Christmas song on the recorder and we heard the magical voices from our spectacular school choir.


Embracing hearts through faith in God

MERUYA Meruya School has a great Christmas Celebration and End of Year Performances on 10 December 2014. In the morning, our Pre-Primary children from Nursery to KB were very excited showing their talents; singing and dancing with confidence and with attractive costumes.

january 2015

In the evening, more than 400 students, parents, guests from AYO SEKOLAH and Panti Asuhan Dorkas and families of TMIS who were in attendance as the school venerated earlier the Christmas season with this year theme: Christmas in Our Hearts. Parents and students were welcomed with our lovely Orchestra from Year 7 and 8 playing “Il est ne le Divin Enfant”, “Ding Dong Merrily On High” & “Sway”.


PYP’s celebration was held in the hall. Our confident Primar y students presented performances such as playing handbells form Year 1, a Nativity Drama from Years 2,3,4,5 and 6. MYP’s celebration was held in the Multifunction hall. We had a religious skit from Year 9, a C h r i s t m a s o u t re a c h p re s e n t a t i o n a n d performances from Year 9,10,11, musical performances of “Winter Wonderland” from Year 10, and casual performances from Year 12. Entertainment followed by other great performances from our PYP and MYP choirs, Year 10 and 12 musical performances, also Parents Association and staff choir! Last but not least the celebration was closed by duet from Ms. Venus and Mr. Ernest singing O Holy Night…. We ended our evening with a delicious banquet provided by our Parents Association. A huge thankyou to Our Parents Associations for organizing such lovely decorations and wonderful foods! Congratulations to all the teachers for preparing the children so well for the performances and of course, thanks to all our shining star children for sharing the Chrismas spirit with us all!!

Embracing hearts through faith in God

The Living Rosary


A Living Rosary is a prayer service where each person represents one of the beads of the rosary and leads the corresponding prayer while reflecting on the mysteries of Jesus’ life. This form of prayer started in France by Pauline-Marie Jaricot in 1826. The Catholic Church approved this activity as expressed in its canonical letter in February of 1827. Ms. Jaricot was declared “venerable” by St. Pope John XXIII in 1963.

The Living Rosary aims to bring the people together to a prayerful way of life while we commemorate the history of our salvation by meditating on the mystery of the life of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Having the Living Rosary in our school is a great opportunity to encourage us to develop the seed of devotion to this wonderful prayer as it becomes alive in front of us. May our dearest Mother Mary pray with us so that God will continually smile upon us with love and mercy and grant us the peace which we all desire, within our families, communities and in the world.

Teaching with Hearts Ending the year 2014, all teachers from Meruya Campus and Kedoya Campus got a motivation seminar facilitated from Adam Khoo Learning Centre with theme “Teaching with Hearts” on December 12, 2014. The motivator made us feel excited and we could feel the positive ‘aura’ throughout the seminar. The speaker kept reminding all of us as teachers to set up goals and to update the trend nowadays.

Cultivating Partnerships in Education january 2015

October is the month of the rosary and how fitting that we celebrate this occasion by holding a living rosary in honor of Mary, the Mother of Jesus and our mother too.



Cultivating Partnerships in Education

Council will improve, along with its new leaders and members.

Student Council The Student Council is more than just a students’ organization group in Tunas Muda International School. It’s a place where you can interact, contribute and create. I was given the opportunity to be the head of the Student Council for the 2013-2014 period and I couldn’t be more thankful. For more than a year, my team and I created events like Valentine’s Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Class Meetings, Friendship Day, and our most anticipated event, the TMIS Cup. Our mission was to color the school with events like these so that students not only get to learn new things through the academics, but also have fun and create memories with their friends. I believe that every year, the Student

It’s the end of November and it’s that time of the year when we had to choose a new President and Vice President. During the 3 weeks hiatus, the Year 11 Student Council members prepared for our final days, which meant elections, interviews and final applications for the new student council team. I was more than pleased to know that Levina Robson was running for President along with Sherline Maseimillian as Vice President, and they were duly elected. I know that they will contribute more and willd continue the legacy well. Aside from the leaders, we had to do two days of interviews in search of the best and most productive students that will do well for this organization. It was very difficult to choose who was going to be accepted because each student has his or her own talents that would contribute well to the team. Finally, we came up with a total of 28 names for the 2014-2015 Student Council batch. To the new batch, we wish you greatest luck and that you guys will bring more events and memories to the student body. And to the old batch, thank you for your hard work and contribution! Puteri Kumalapuri Year 11 Student

january 2015

IB Dunia Conference at JIS


22nd November 2014

of the diagram of Bloom’s Taxonomy appears as creating instead of remembering.

As IB professionals, we need to be committed to be lifelong learners. In line with that philosophy, 27 teachers from the three programmes, PYP, MYP and DP from both schools, Tunas Muda Kedoya and Meruya attended and participated in the IB Dunia Conference.

It was such a big ‘aha’ moment for most of the participants who listened to this speech.

The event was organized at Jakarta International School (JIS), Cilandak, South Jakarta on Saturday, 22nd November 2014. Around 750 participants from IB schools throughout Indonesia came to this prestigious event.

The teachers from our schools were saying they had learned many things from the sessions that they attended as well as listening to other IB practitioners that they met, and they plan to implement and share with other teachers back at school. This was a good opportunity where we learned new knowledge and new strategies which we can put into practice.

The opening speech was given by JIS Head of School and followed by Dr. Vivek Bammi who is a Diploma Programme Theory of Knowledge teacher and a DP World Extended Essay Examiner, who brilliantly shared his views about BRAIN BASED LEARNING, on which he has done research based on humankind’s ingeniousness as inventors and creators. He referred to the Bloom Taxonomy Theory related to how our brain works effectively in our daily practice, even in the classroom, and how we can visualize the way the brain works into the classroom’s activities as the top

Then we went to three different sessions which lasted one hour each. We started at about 9 a.m and ended at 2 p.m.

There was also positive feedback from the organizer, (JIS), that they were so grateful to have a lot of IB teachers who came and shared their knowledge by leading the sessions which were attended by a large number of participants who were from IB schools as well. So, like the 7th Habits says: Let’s Sharpen the Saw! Elza Oktora TM Kedoya PYP Coordinator

Nursery Meruya Engaging minds in the pursuit of academic excellence

Painting Our Nursery children have enjoyed lots of creative learning experiences and one of their favorite activities is “painting” which have helped them to understand new concepts and vocabulary, use a variety of tools to develop new skills and have fun! They learn by doing and these examples show how creative our children are! Tirah and Veh Nursery Teachers

Pre-K Meruya

Field Trip to Karinda Cafe

In unit 2, our Pre-K children have learnt about”Holiday”. They had great fun visiting Karinda Café and were engaged in different activities which gave them real-life learning experiences and helped them to see the relevance of their learning. They enjoyed playing with playground equipment, walking on the grass, watching a variety of animals such as snake, bird, turtle and hedgehog; they also had the opportunity to feed the fish and doves. They loved having their snack in the “saung” with the exciting view. They have become more good inquires and were able to ask questions to discover new things, and the teachers have been impressed with the responsible attitude that the children are developing towards their studies.

Pre-K Kedoya

Pre-K Buzz!

The Pre-K chidlren went to an excursion last November 13, 2014 to Kemang Playparq as part of our third Unit of Inquiry, “The Weather Affects What We Can Do”. The children definitely had fun under the sun. They toyed with water and enjoyed playing with the slide, seesaw and trampoline. They also had a chance to ride the kiddie zipline, which was a first for most of them. To ensure the safety of our 33 children, we sought for the help of 10 teachers and 7 very helpful mommies. Many thanks to the mommies who joined us! It was indeed a tiring and yet memorable experience for the kids and fulfilling for the teachers!

january 2015

Tirah and Veh Pre-K Teachers


Engaging minds in the pursuit of academic excellence

In Unit 2, the KA children were inquiring about the central idea, ”We need shelter and live in different types of home”. The children got a deeper understanding about what a home is, why we need a home, the parts of the home including the rooms and the function of each room. They also know more about different types of homes, getting information from a slide show, books and pictures. They really enjoyed when we went on an excursion to see different types of traditional houses from Indonesia in Taman Mini. One type of home that they really remember was a Gadang House from Padang Sumatra. They said that that house was Ms Viona’s House, as she comes from Padang. They were also excited to ride on the cable car when were busy mentioning the things they could see from above. Supriyati KA Teacher

january 2015

Friendship Week Here at Kedoya!


What better way to end the year than to celebrate Friendship Week!

the-Poo as the World’s Ambassador of Friendship at the United Nations.

Friendship is one of the best gifts from God. Everyone becomes a friend naturally or even by accident. Be as it may, lucky are those who have such wonderful people in their lives and far better if we have been one good friend to someone. Friends are the special people that come in our lives to help us go through life with everything happening around us. They are the ones who are always there with open arms accepting us for who we are, believing in us when no one else can, giving us inspiration and most of all, being a willing listener to whatever we want say.

Here at Kedoya, we celebrated the event with a bang! We had a full week packed with exciting activities to celebrate Friendship Day. In appreciation of our friends, we arranged a series of events for all year levels. From making posters, friendship bands, friendship cards, outdoor games to having a quest to search for Mr. and Ms. Hugs and collecting a list of 100 ways to be kind. It was truly an amazing week and everyone enjoyed spending their time with friends and new found friends!

Friendship should be celebrated and acknowledged because friends are our extended family which we cannot live without. As a matter of fact, it is celebrated too in most parts of the world and it started as early as 1935. In honour of Friendship Day in 1997, Nane Annan (wife of UN president Kofi Annan) named Winnie-

A very special thank you to the Friendship Committee team namely Fanka, Durbin, Merry, Emmy, Luke, Yati, Viona, Devi and Nancy for a job well-done. To all teachers and staff well, our heartfelt thanks for your kind help and support. To our dear Pak Mus, thank you for making the time to help make the week so active and exciting!

A Restaurant Role Play In Year One, for our unit of inquiry the students learnt about the function of facilities in our local area. To understand one of the facilities in our area better, we did a restaurant role play. Each student was assigned a role of either a waiter or a customer. This learning engagement enabled the students to use their social, communication and thinking skills. They also applied their Language and Mathematics knowledge.

Engaging minds in the pursuit of academic excellence

Year 1 Kedoya

Welcome to our restaurant. We speak in English and remember to use our magic words “Please” and “Thank You”.

Showing comprehension by preparing the order as per the guest’s request.

The waiter shows care as he takes his guest to their table.

Our restaurant in action. We show cooperation as we work together.

january 2015

After this role play the students visited some restaurants in the local area to interview the staff there. They could find out answers to their questions and find out more about the function. What a great way to learn!


Thinking and speaking clearly to choose an item from their handmade menu. Then, the waiter listens carefully and writes out the order.

Applying our mathematical knowledge by using counters to pay the bill. Janelle A. Loos

Engaging minds in the pursuit of academic excellence

Year 2 Meruya

Forces Can Make Things Change Shape and Place Excursion The Year 2 students had a blast excursion during Unit 3. On Thursday, November 6th, we went to Playparq Bintaro to experience how forces can make things move and stop. They needed a ‘push’ to go on the flying fox, the slide, and the seesaw, a ‘pull’ to jump on a trampoline and to climb a wall, a ‘push and pull’ to play swing, and many more.

Year 3 Kedoya

january 2015

Trip to Pasir Mukti


On 24 September 2014 , we had an excursion to Pasir Mukti. This excursion was related to our central idea how electricity changes the way people live. The purpose of this excursion, was to learn how to live as a farmer. When we arrived at that huge place, first, we learnt how to plant a plant in a pot. We put the fertilizer soil in the pot, then we put the plant in it. After that we covered it with more soil. Then we moved to another area to see a house in the village and

Creating Sculptures Connected to the central idea, we invited Rumah Tanah Liat to the class to show the children how to create a sculpture out of clay on Monday, November 3rd. The aim of this activity was that the children understand how forces can make things change shape. The children had fun creating sculptures with their parent(s). They were all very creative and now understand more that forces can make things change shape. FABULOUS!!!

Fanny Rakhmawaty Year 2 Teacher

how they called the community by using kentongan made from bamboo. In that area, we also learnt more about rice, from how to plant rice (of course we liked it because we could play with mud and plough the rice field riding a cow!) and the process of how paddy is changed to to rice. It was an unforgettable excursion with lots of experiences. We not only had fun but we also learned about something. At home time, the people from Pasir Mukti gave us the plants that we had planted before. We promised to grow these plants at home to make our environment become greener. Nana and Latisha Year 3 Students

Year 4 Kedoya

On Wednesday, November 5, 2014 Year 4 was excited to get an opportunity to visit Museum Listrik dan Energi Baru and Museum Minyak dan Gas Bumi in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. They saw a lot of instruments including a solar stove, a wind-powered electric fan and a simple model of hydro power plant. They also tried simple experiments that showed how one form of energy is transformed to another. In Museum Minyak dan Gas Bumi they learned how oil and gas is

Engaging minds in the pursuit of academic excellence

Excursion to TMII extracted from the core of our earth through a short video clip. It showed them how fossil fuels took millions of years to form inside the earth and that taught them to use energy resources wisely. It was a fun-tastic day of learning and we all enjoyed it so much!

Year 4 Meruya


Di depan pintu Monas, saya dan teman-teman membeli beberapa suvenir. Kami naik ke kereta untuk kembali ke bus. Di dalam bus, kami makan siang sambil bermain dan bercanda. Akhirnya, kami pulang kembali ke sekolah. Saya harap saya bisa ke Monumen Nasional lagi. Gracia Hani Year 4 Student

BERTAMASYA KE MUSEUM IPTEK Tanggal 11 November 2014, saya dan temanteman sekelas bertamasya ke Museum IPTEK di Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). Di sana kami mencoba beberapa eksperimen. Salah satunya adalah kertas yang tidak terbakar setelah dicelupkan ke dalam alkohol. Ada juga eksperimen kertas ditulisi dengan tinta yang tidak kelihatan lalu disemprot suatu cairan yang menimbulkan tulisan berwarna merah muda. Kami juga mencoba simulasi gempa. Setelah makan siang, kami naik gondola atau kereta gantung. Sebelum pulang kami melihat-lihat toko suvenir. Saya membeli dua gantungan kunci, yang satu bergambar kepiting dan yang lain bergambar kerang. Lalu kami pergi ke Museum Listrik dan Energi Baru. Kami hanya datang dan melihat lihat, tetapi kami tidak masuk ke dalam museum itu karena petugas museum itu sedang pergi ke pertemuan di gedung PLN. Lalu kami naik ke bus dan kembali ke sekolah. Michelle Year 4 Student

january 2015

Dua bulan yang lalu, saya dan teman-teman sekelas pergi ke Monumen Nasional atau lebih dikenal dengan Monas. Kami melihat banyak arca dan diorama. Kami juga sempat melihat ke puncak Monas dan melihat kota Jakarta dari atas sana. Kami melihat pintu gerbang yang terbuat dari emas dan teks pancasila yang diukir di dinding. Setelah itu, kami melihat diorama tentang peristiwa penting sampai Indonesia merdeka. Kami sangat senang dan bahagia melihat kisahkisah tentang Indonesia.


Engaging minds in the pursuit of academic excellence

Year 5 Meruya

Asian Exhibition On the 29th November 2014, year 5 had their Asian exhibition. This is an event where the students came together to exhibit their rich understanding of the diversity of culture and traditions in Asia. The students of year 5 worked over a period of five weeks on this event where they had to work individually on their own assigned country. The students were knowledgeable about the concepts. They displayed their knowledge and research skills confidently. They were risktakers in their efforts to present their work to the parents, teachers, and other students. The students were communicators in delivering the information. They were open-minded and reflective in their willingness to address the information about their country. And most of all they were so committed and worked so hard to make this exhibition such a success.

We were very proud to see the students exhibit most of the attributes of the Learner Profiles during the exhibition.They have learned and matured in their communication and self management skills. They were also able to manage their work in a more organised manner. The Asian Exhibition was extremely successful and was attended by the entire school community and parents of year 5 students. A big thank you to parents who supported this exhibition!

Year 5 went on an excursion to

Island Creamery, Flavor Bliss (Alam Sutera) january 2015

Tuesday, 18 th November 2014 was really an exciting day for Year 5, as they went to Island Creamery an ice cream outlet that is located in Alam Sutera, Serpong Tangerang.


They learnt how ice cream is made and processed and what states of matter are involved in making ice cream become one of the most delicious foods. Ibu Inka, the owner, was the one who presented the ice cream making process. With some familiar equpipment such as stove, pan, and thermometer, she explained patiently and in great detail to the

students. Most of Year 5 students were very curious about the process of the ice cream changing from liquid into solid and how long the process took. She showed the students that the ice cream comes from milk and needs to be boiled to a certain degree of heat in order to kill the bacteria. They also add some other substances that make the ice cream become creamy. Soon when the dough was about to boil the chef turned off the stove heat After the students learnt how the ice cream was processed, then they had the chance to decorate cupcakes. Then it was the end of the session. The students also enjoyed buying some food and beverages and they also got some ice cream. Again, Ibu Inka showed them the finished process of the ice cream after it was put in the fridge. That was a very informative session from Ibu Inka who had the opportunity to explain by herself to our students and they really learnt something from it. Year 5 Team

Here are some of the comments from the students: It was a great camp in Villa Bukit Pinus, Ciawi where the air is cool and there are good facilities. There, our topic is 'Head, Heart and Hands' and we learned lots of things. We learned how to forgive our parents, focus, be disciplined, care for others, cooperate and other things and played lots of games such as 'binaragawan, tupai dan pemburu', seven up, touchdown and others. Our mentors also let us have free time and we were able to swim, play basketball and soccer and also table tennis. It was so much fun and I hope we can do it again sometime. -Robertus-

The Year 6 camp was lots of fun. From the Year 6 camp, I learned to be more thankful for the things I have and not be jealous of what other people have. I also learned to work together with people and learned that everyone is different. I also learned to pay attention to when someone is talking and give my heart and thoughts to the person who's talking. The games were a lot of time fun also. From the games, I learned to cooperate and that everyone has their own style. So from this camp the most important lesson I learned is to be more disciplined and get my work done on time. -KaylaThe Year 6 camp was so much fun! We get to hang out with our friends and our teachers and get to know each other better. The year 6 camp was more of a reproach. In the year 6 camp, we play, we learn, and we hang out. After the year 6 camp, we all turn into more disciplined children. We learned how to be disciplined, how to appreciate our family and how to become a better child. Now, we have all become into more disciplined and better children. -Devyn-

Engaging minds in the pursuit of academic excellence

On Oct 29-31, 2014, Year 6 students went to have our camp. The theme was 'Head, Heart and Hands'. At lunch time, we arrived at Villa Bukit Pinus, Ciawi and went straight to have our lunch. The food there was delicious. Then we went to see our bedrooms. The air and room was so cool and clean. We felt so refreshed to be there with beautiful trees and spacious rooms. Then after a shower and another snack, we were ready to begin our first session. The camp was led by the Cakrawala Group.

january 2015

Year 6 Camp


Engaging minds in the pursuit of academic excellence

November 2014

Year 8’s Expository Fair The enthusiasm, nerves, difficulty and ecstatic excitement all in one fair! Instructions tell a reader/viewer precisely how to do something. They usually provide a list of what is needed and step-by-step directions on how to do something; that is exactly what the Year 8s accomplished this Unit 3 during the Expository Fair.

january 2015

The enthusiasm, nerves, difficulty and ecstatic excitement all in one fair! The students of Year 8 (8A, 8G and 8J) displayed their weeks of hard work, research and knowledge all by explaining a process, a “how to” of their choice in one lesson. They invited classes and teachers, even Ms. Janelle from Kedoya, to share in their experience of explaining how the process of their chosen “how to” is accomplished. From how to- make chocolate balls, recycle items, paint, create orange candles, to how to ---make cotton candy, crochet in easy steps, golf and 30 ways to be a better goal keeper, the Expository Fair was a great success!


A few comments from 8A

A few comments from 8G

(“Crowded, epic, astounding, creative, fabulous, messy, food, breakfast, early lunch, too much butter, awesome, marvelous, delicious, tense”.)

(“Interesting, awesome, exhausting, hot, crowded, epic, exciting, amazing, outstanding, incredible”.)

Oh wow, where do I even begin? The expository fair was held on Tuesday, November 25th. To say it was nerve wrecking is an understatement. The night before, each and every one of us had so much to prepare for and to think about! But when I first saw the amount of people coming to see our fair, I was beyond ecstatic! It was so exciting to have so many people listen to us explaining about our topic. The place was practically packed with people and it was so crowded! Everything turned out to be awesome, too. Despite our worries the night before, things went well for all of us. We were all overjoyed when we read the comments left! We are very thankful and appreciative to all who had come and listened to us. It was frankly a wonderful learning experience. - Valerie Fandy

Another one of Ms. Sheila’s great ideas to make a project fun and interesting! I had a lot of fun presenting my topic, and explaining my procedures with a lot of people. It got really tiring and exhausting after an hour of talking, and talking, and talking, but it was still one amazing experience. There were many other topics that caught my attention, and I think a lot of them were really cool. Great job to all my friends! - Jovan

A few comments for 8J (“Best English activity ever!, fantastic, exciting, nerve wrecking, super-fun, creative”.) It’s a pleasure for me to be part of the 2014 Expository Fair. I think that the expo fair was brilliant and there were many phenomenal booths. The audience was AMAZING! It was a great experience to be part of this expo fair. - CIA

Engaging minds in the pursuit of academic excellence

Year 9 Camp Held on 5-7 November 2014 at 3G Resort, Mega Mendung, Gadog, Bogor, our Year 9 Camp was fully designed to develop the life and social skills of Year 9 students of Tunas Muda International School. The students participated in every activity, facilitated by Adam Khoo Learning Centre. We believe that this camp gave immeasurable value to the overall development of Year 9 students. Well done, Year 9!!!

january 2015

In November year 11 students visited Singapore for a three-day school trip. In Singapore we saw China Town, Chijmes, and Marina Bay. The highlights of our time in Singapore were a visit to Singapore Zoo, Gardens by the Bay and Esplanade to see The Globe theatre company perform Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream . The trip was not only enjoyable, but informative and engaging for students in English and Environmental Systems and Science. Students were able to see a text they are currently studying performed by one of the most respected Shakespearian companies in the world, and to see first-hand the plants and animals which they are currently studying. It was a fun and memorable experience.

Study tour to Singapore has brought year 11 ESS students to higher understanding regarding animals and plants conservation. We visited Garden by the bay and Singapore zoo for students to observe. Species from around the world were displayed in customized climate condition to create suitable habitat for the corresponding organism. Students are going to create an conservation campaign for a species of their choice.

Philip Smith

Ridwan Bachtra


Enriching lives by living the Learner Profile

KA Learned About Senses

Fund Raising Activity In Unit 3, the KA children enjoyed investigating the central idea, “We can explore and understand the world using our senses”. The children did variety of experiments using the different senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. These experiments included tasting food, cooking, baking, and guessing mystery objects by touching things while blindfolded, hearing and identifying sounds and smelling a variety of smelly things. They also watched the story of Helen Keller, who was born blind and deaf but learned to communicate and went to university. The children were serious while watching and they realized how difficult it must be live without some of our senses.

One of the highlights of this unit was the fund raising activity where the children went round the primary classes, explained the purpose of the fund raising, sang songs and asked for donations. We also cooked and sold jelly and popcorn and then we sold them in the primary playground. The children also each made a bracelet and necklace using beads and asked their parents’ kindness to donate money by buying their necklace and bracelet. We raised Rp. 3.761 600,- and we used the money to buy bags, pencil cases, lunch boxes, bottles and food for 49 students of SLB N 5 Palmerah as well as 3 standing fans for the school and snacks for the teachers. The KA children enjoyed singing and playing with the SLB children. Through this activity KA children learned that we have to share with others, show care, empathy and respect to others and be thankful to God for the blessings and our life. What a great and successful unit we have had! Supriyati KA Teacher

Year 3 Meruya

january 2015

Silent Auction


Friday 10th November 2014 For the first time in Tunas Muda International School, Year 3 Meruya held a silent auction. This pilot project was designed to accommodate their learning in Unit 2 and at the same time to take action within the learning community. It was a long process, planning and preparation. We decided to use the Unit 2 Visual Arts project as the focus of the silent auction. Students made diorama and learned to draw landscapes and we displayed all of the students’ work to be sold and the funds raised were donated to Let’s Adopt Indonesia.

We were so fortunate for having Let’s Adopt Indonesia, an adoption organization for cats and dogs under the Let’s Adopt International Organization located in Spain, to take part in this project. We donated IDR 4,000,000 to Let’s Adopt Indonesia and hope that it will be helpful for saving those cats and dogs in foster homes. We would like to thank to Year 3 Meruya parents for all their support by coming to this event and contributing some amount of money to be donated to Let’s adopt through the Silent Auction project. And of course the students did a very wonderful job to make it happen. Year 3 Team Teachers

Enriching lives by living the Learner Profile

Peringatan Hari Pahlawan Dalam rangka memperingati Hari Pahlawan Nasional, pada hari Senin, 10 November 2014 siswa-siswi Tunas Muda International School Meruya berkumpul bersama untuk mengenang kembali sekaligus menghargai jasa-jasa para pahlawan Nasional yang gugur dalam membela bumi pertiwi dengan mendengarkan cerita sejarah Hari Pahlawan. Pada kesempatan yang sama, mereka mengenakan pakaian pahlawan-pahlawan masa kini yang bekerja sebagai dokter, perawat, pemadam kebakaran, polisi dan lain-lain. Selain itu, mereka juga diingatkan bahwa orang-orang yang berperan dalam kehidupan mereka seperti orangtua, guru, temanteman, dan pembantu rumah tangga juga bisa disebut pahlawan. Dalam kegiatan ini, setiap kelas menunjukkan apresiasinya terhadap pahlawan dalam berbagai bentuk, seperti menyanyikan lagu-lagu nasional, membaca puisi dan bercerita tentang pahlawan nasional Indonesia. Kami berharap agar dengan adanya acara ini, siswa-siswi terinspirasi untuk dapat menjadi pahlawan bagi keluarga, teman-teman dan bangsanya. Shanti Ariyani TM Meruya PYP Coordinator

Year 10 & 11

We’ve seized our day! This was the mantra of our year 10 and 11 students who faced up themselves to creating extraordinary lives with others by going out from coziness and security zones to stay for a time with the less-privileged kids in Griya Asih and Mulia Sejati orphanages in east and south Jakarta respectively on December 5 and December 11, 2014. This pre-Christmas outreach activity was another student-initiated pursuit. They designed, talked and solicited packages from Parents’ Association and would be benefactors to contacting the orphanages as well. They set aside extras from their weekly allowances just to make cohort orphanage fund larger to be prearranged to their specified beneficiary. Congratulation to all! Troy CAS Coordinator

january 2015

Christmas Outreach Activities


Nurturing potential and striving to be the best that we can be

TM Drama Musical Production 2014

The Little Mermaid Jr. Friday, October 24 2014 Graha Bakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta As the Principals of Tunas Muda, we were very proud to experience the success of The Little Mermaid Jr production, when our whole school community came together to make it all happen. Involving so many students in such a big production is certainly a challenge, but with the hard work of so many people both before and on the day, everything was made it all possible. Before the production day, many Year 9 students and teachers in the DT and IT teams worked very hard to use their skills and creativity to produce

many of the props, the film and the programme book, and the results were all amazing. On the performance day, the Stage Crew worked swiftly to ensure everything was in place, and the fabulous actors truly shone. Our final mention goes to the backstage heroes----the hair, make up and food teams and the army of teachers helping 12 classes of young children to stay calm and quiet! Well done, TMIS team of shining stars! We are very proud of you all! Rachel Groves & Frances Hazle

january 2015

Parent’s Comment


FABULOUS!!!... is the right word for the 9th Musical Production of Tunas Muda International School, The Little Mermaid Jr. Well, to tell the truth, as a parents we are also proud to see how the progress goes from the 1st musical production until now. Lots of aspects have become better and better, like the stage setting and decoration, sound system, articulation of players, choir and music, backstage crew also the fashion designs especially "Ursula’s costume"... really fascinating! Most of the players could get into the character that they were playing. It was not easy to prepare this musical production, but you all made it! ...Explore your talent and NEVER STOP BEING BETTER... Carpe diem, Venda Parent of Kenneth, Year 9

What a wonderful and unforgettable experience the Year 9s have spent together for the past 2 months. We have all succeeded in performing a musical drama The Little Mermaid, Jr. with satisfying feedback from viewers. Being one of the main characters in this school production has been an extraordinary memory that I will not forget. As Ariel in this drama of the Little Mermaid, Jr., I am grateful that I am given this opportunity to be able to perform and experience new things. Through ups and downs, also limited time of practicing, we all had fun together and this has made us become one. One of the memorable moments that I enjoyed was when the Mersisters, Flounder, and I had the chance to use roller skates as part of our costume. Although we had difficulties at first, we mastered using the roller skates in the end. At last this journey has ended. I’m glad that I participated in this year’s production. I hope that people could see our hard work

When I got cast as Prince Eric I was baffled and extremely happy that I could be a main character in this grand production. As you wouldn’t have probably imagined, the weekly training was exhausting and also a lot of fun. The entire board of actors was a pleasure to work with; they were a talented and a very optimistic bunch of people and they made this production memorable for me and probably a lot of other people too. I have to thank the teachers that contributed their time in helping everyone, including me. Without them we wouldn’t know what to do. In the end our collaboration paid off, we worked well as a team, and

Nurturing potential and striving to be the best that we can be

Students’ Comment

in my eyes it was a success. Arthur (9S)

in this production of The Little Mermaid.

When the school production was announced as The Little Mermaid, I was a bit dulled for it because I simply was not fond of the animated movie itself. Nevertheless I still wanted to be something big in the production so I auditioned for several roles. I got chosen as the role of Sebastian; having knowledge of the movie I knew he wasn’t big in a sense of physicality but that didn’t matter in the coming months. I wasn’t really hyped in the early months of the production because I didn’t really know too much about The Little Mermaid. Weeks of practicing went by I still wasn’t too hyped as I didn’t learn much about how Sebastian was. I memorized the script, after Mr. Phil persuaded me numerous times, and realized that after reading my lines over and over, that Sebastian had lots of potential for being an impactful and funny character. Since that moment, I realized my faults and the teachers and class members I asked gave me helpful advice. The staff were really helpful and our production ended up being a wonderful success, however after the production ended I began to miss those times were we sat in rehearsal just

january 2015

Calista (9I)


watching each other and laughing. It probably was and still is the best moment I’ve had in school. I’d like to thank everyone that participated in the production and gave us a hand (I have claws) to make, in my eyes, a wonderful production. WE DID IT, GUYS! Benedict (9I)

Kedoya School:

Jl. Angsana Raya D8/2, Taman Kedoya Baru, Jakarta Barat 11520 Phone: (021) 5818766, Fax: (021) 5818767

Meruya School:

Jl. Meruya Utara Raya No. 71, Kembangan, Jakarta Barat 11620 Phone: (021) 5870329, Fax: (021) 5864307

Tunas Muda


Spotlight 32 january 2015  

Majalah Sekolah Tunas Muda edisi January 2015. Christmas in Our Hearts. Nantikan edisi-edisi berikutnya

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