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the future of our region

Floyd, Johnson, Knott, Lawrence, Letcher, Magoffin, Martin & Pike Counties

The exclusive mission of ONE EAST KENTUCKY is to Recruit Industry and Investment – JOBS – to Eastern Kentucky through the implementation of a 5-Year Economic Development Strategy. ONE EAST KENTUCKY is a 9-County Regional Organization comprised of Private Businesses and local Chambers of Commerce. IMPLEMENTING STRATEGIES TO DIVERSIFY KENTUCKY’S COAL FIELDS • • • • • • •

27-County Workforce Study to Uncover Transitional Skillsets Targeting Metalworking Industries such as Auto and Aerospace Achieving Nation’s First AeroReady Designation Meeting Directly with more than 100 Companies Per Year Partnering with AEP KY Power, Ashland Alliance & Braidy Industries Preparing Industrial Parks for New Investment and Certification Working with Federal Delegation to obtain an edge over competition

OEK IS PRIVATELY FUNDED BY REGIONAL BUSINESS & INDUSTRY For More Info Contact: Charles Sexton - President/CEO 606.886.7333 -

Our Staff

Jordan Gibson

Sara D. Blackburn


Communications Manager

Amber Campbell

Pam Mullins

Membership Development Manager

Director of Accounting and Festivals

Board of Directors David Baird (Baird & Baird, PSC) Jamie Brown (BB&T) Jennifer Brown-Day (Redd, Brown & Williams) Sam Carter (Cambrian Coal) Jacob Colley (AEP/Kentucky Power) Laura Damron (University of Pikeville) Tim Deskins (First Commonwealth Bank) Kevin Elam (Food City) Jimmy England (Peoples Insurance) Betty Francisco (Busy Bee Septic Systems) Pam Howard (Pike Co. Physical Therapy) Shanna Hurley (US Bank) Brett Keene (Community Trust Bank) Dan Law (Fairway Outdoor Advertising) Ashley Litteral (Appalachian Wireless) Rick Newsom (Community Trust Bank) Sandy Penix (The BeneďŹ ts Firm) Tammy Riley (American National University) Howard Roberts (University of Pikeville) Kevin Rose (Coca-Cola) Kelly Rowe (Pikeville Medical Center) Lynette Schindler (Lynette Schindler, CPA, PSC) Tracy Syck (Shred-All Documents) Randy Walters (Walters Auto Group) Heath Wiley (Gearheart Communications)

Executive Committee Jennifer Brown-Day (Chair) Rick Newsom (Past-Chair) David Baird (Chair-Elect) Howard Roberts (Vice-Chair) Lynette Schindler (Treasurer) Laura Damron (Secretary) Jamie Brown Jimmy England Pam Howard Sam Carter



Welcome to Southeast Kentucky! We are proud to share the latest edition of Experience Southeast Kentucky with you, our visitors and friends. With these biennial profile books, the Southeast Kentucky Chamber works hard to showcase what many of us already know; Southeast Kentucky is a unique and wonderful place full of beautiful sights, exciting history, and vibrant communities. Ignoring arbitrary boundary lines to offer representation to over 210,000 people, the Chamber works diligently to unite our region of Floyd, Johnson, Knott, Lawrence, Letcher, Magoffin, Martin and Pike counties into one voice for small business, regional unity, political advocacy, and economic development. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for each citizen in our region. Since 2011, the Chamber has grown to more than 500 members strong. Each member, whether an individual or company with hundreds of employees, plays a key role in our determined effort to make the region better, stronger, and more prosperous. The Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce plays an active role in community and business development. We know that health insurance is a key piece of that development. That is why we recently announced our new Anthem BlueCross BlueShield health insurance options. These plans are designed to offer the highest quality, large-group coverage at affordable prices. This is one among the many benefits the Southeast Kentucky Chamber brings to our region. We hope you will use the membership directory on page 133 as your guide for doing business in Southeast Kentucky. Our members offer a wide range of products and services and are eager to meet your needs. Our members know that Chamber membership demonstrates a commitment to the strength of our region. The directory can also be found online at

Jordan Gibson SEKC President/CEO


We hope you enjoy this guide to experiencing Southeast Kentucky. On behalf of our members, we welcome guests to our region; and to our citizens, we hope this publication celebrates everything that makes Southeast Kentucky a place we are proud to call home. Sincerely,

Jordan Gibson Jordan Gibson, MBA, President/CEO Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce



From the Chairwoman Welcome to All, Over the past 10 years, I have been honored to be a part of the Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, from volunteering with committees and setting up for events to sitting on the Executive Board. I have been blessed to see how the Chamber works and operates from the ground up, to see how many volunteers and man hours it takes to put on events, visit businesses, set up speaking or networking programs, and to promote our communities. This Chamber is a huge part of the exciting growth and changes occurring in Eastern Kentucky during a tough time in our local economy. Each area in our region has strengths and many possibilities, whether it be available property, tourism, retail, medical, educational opportunities or available workforce. The Chamber along with new resources like One East Kentucky, SOAR, and local economic development initiatives, are ensuring that the voices of Eastern Kentucky are heard at state and national levels. Eastern Kentucky is a strong, vibrant region that can bring unique ideas to a larger landscape. If you live in Eastern Kentucky, I encourage you to get involved, not only with the Chamber but with any of our local community initiatives. Everyone has a way to contribute to their community. Take advantage of our active organizations and share your talents, remembering many small contributions make one large movement. Eastern Kentucky needs you, the Chamber needs you. Specifically, the Chamber would welcome your involvement; we offer many opportunities to participate including our Ambassador program, countless committees ranging from planning our Annual Dinner to the Educational Committee that works with our local high school students, to our Board of Directors. All contributions of time and talent are welcome, whether you have only a small amount of time or a large amount of time, your contribution is welcome and needed. I can personally promise you a wonderful reward in seeing positive changes in your neighborhood and our region as a whole. I am blessed AND PROUD to have been born and raised in Johnson County, to have four generations of family from East Kentucky, and to call Eastern Kentucky home. My husband, Matt, is a proud transplant to Eastern Kentucky and I am blessed to have two kids that also love their Eastern Kentucky home and heritage. Home is where the heart is and our hearts belong to Eastern Kentucky.

Jennifer Brown Day SEKC Chairwoman


I am humbled and excited with the challenge of being the Chairman of the Southeast Kentucky Chamber for the next year. I look forward to working with our board and our communities from Letcher County to Lawrence County and all in between to continue pushing for positive growth and prosperity. The Board of Directors and I are committed to being a voice for the people of our region, to promoting Eastern Kentucky, and supporting our business community. Thank you for your support of the Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. God Bless and LET’S ALL CONTINUE OUR COMMITMENT TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR COMMUNTIES. Sincerely,

Jennifer Brown Day Jennifer Brown Day








Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Board and Staff Letter from the SEKC President

5 FROM THE CHAIRWOMAN Letter from the SEKC Chair

9 REGIONAL OVERVIEW Introduction to our region


Where to eat, where to stay, where to shop, and what to do

108 HOMES IN THE HILLS Buying and renting in Southeast Kentucky

112 GROWING A NEW ECONOMY Looking to Kentucky’s past for future development



A strategy for success



Celebrating local culture & voices

128 JENNY WILEY THEATER 130 KENTUCKY PROUD Farmers markets flourish


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REGIONAL OVERVIEW Welcome to the mountains! The Southeastern region of Kentucky, encompassing an eight-county spread, is celebrated for its uniquely Appalachian spirit. Each community of the region is distinctly different, though region in its entirety is a valuable tool for defining the greater area is united in some basic commonality. the future and a substantial theme among communities who seek to honor the past while embracing History is of tremendous value to the region and its progress. Tradition is, simply put, an essential part inhabitants. Appalachian story telling and folklore of Southeastern Kentucky life. has long been studied, revered, and passed down from one generation to the next. Stories are traded Visitors and guests are often surprised by the region’s between families and friends and publications have spectacular beauty. The varied, lush hills are a vibrant compiled Appalachian legends and folklore for pres- green in the spring and summer seasons. Autumn ervation purposes. Nonprofit groups dedicated to paints the mountains in remarkable hues of deep Appalachian culture strive to protect the fading art auburn and bright orange. Even the winter months, form. Family history is a deeply ingrained part of the stripping the mountains of foliage and exposing the area’s ethos. Many natives can trace their lineage forest floors, are a beautiful sight to behold particuback to the initial settlement in the Appalachian larly when snowfall traces each bare hilltop. Wildlife Mountains. Family burial plots dot the hills, some is abundant throughout. Spotting a newly born fawn in containing centuries old headstones. Family histories the spring and summer is commonplace. Black bear can be found in the front of tattered, old Bibles and and elk continue to flourish in the area. Rare plant scores of mountain folks can readily recount detailed and animal species, some entirely unique to Central events pertinent to their ancestry. The history of the Appalachia, are easily discoverable in protected areas. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


Pristine waterways are abundant, whether it’s clear, bubbling creeks and streams with colorful rock beds, or calm lake waters. The rivers that intersect with the various counties attract tourists and residents for a host of recreational activities. Undoubtedly, the region is defined by its awe inspiring natural beauty. Innovation is a widespread attribute of the region. Despite years of battling negative press and the stigma associated with the political propaganda surrounding “The War on Poverty” that defined generations of Central Appalachians, Southeastern Kentucky has been a beacon of progress. In 1960, Pikeville’s own Dr. William Hambley envisioned a massive land restructuring. In 1973, Phase 1 of the Pikeville CutThrough Project was underway. More than ten years later, the project was complete. Officially, the Pikeville Cut-Through is recognized as one of the largest civil engineering projects in the Western Hemisphere. Whether it’s rearranging what was once considered an immovable portion of landscape or redefining methods of extracting coal from the perilous mine shafts of yesteryear, the region, and its people are nothing short of innovative. Today, business owners have repurposed land that was relegated to strip mining. In Knott County, mountains that would have never been easily traversable were transformed by strip mining and are now used for riding, hiking and driving trails. Elkhorn City has received international acclaim for whitewater rafting, facilitated, in part, by the reservoir water releases. Perhaps the most uniting feature of the Southeastern Kentucky region is culture. Art, music, and traditional food play a pivotal role in defining the region. Unique to Appalachia, old time music typically combines sounds from acoustic string instruments such as the banjo and fiddle. Festivals, camps and schools have formed to celebrate and perpetuate the unique sound of old time music. Clogging, flat footing and square dancing are traditional dances that accompany the music. A growing number of old-time-music fans from outside the area seek to learn from the remaining masters scattered across the region. Locals are imprinted with the familiar music and many natives are devoted to its preservation. Whether it’s a beautiful, hand stitched quilt, a painted gourd or an intricately carved walking stick, the region is abundant with artistic talent. People from across the area celebrate artistry in its many forms and traditional crafting is encouraged among younger generations. Ripe with talented artists and 10


entertainers, the region is also famous for its traditional foodways. From soup beans and cornbread to “kilt” (or killed) greens, fried catfish, and venison, the region has a distinct standard for locally sourced ingredients and traditional methods of preparation. Bourgeoning new restaurants throughout the region perfect traditional recipes and provide visitors with a uniquely Appalachian taste experience. Traces of this commitment can even be found in local pizzerias, as one features a pie with local honey drizzled on farm fresh goat cheese, garnished with sprigs of local greens. The pizza is named for a local farm that also supplies area farmer’s markets with fresh produce. The greater story of the area is one of grit and determination. Southeastern Kentuckians, tired of having their narrative dictated by speculators, have extended a gracious welcome to anyone interested in experiencing the history, beauty, innovation and culture of the region. The mountains have an allure that defies explanation. Locals will be quick to point out that the insular region has retained so many aspects of the unique culture, thanks, in part, to the seclusion provided by the mountains. As the region becomes more easily navigable, and more visitors seek to experience all the region has to offer, natives are becoming increasingly rooted in tradition and cultural preservation. Southeastern Kentucky’s resources are ubiquitous in their abundance and exclusivity. The experience provided by living in or traveling to the area, simply cannot be replicated anywhere else. On behalf of the entire Southeastern Kentucky region, welcome to the Mountains! EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


Welcome to





LAWRENCE COUNTY Lawrence County is widely revered for its affable culture. While Lawrence County - like all of Southeastern Kentucky - is defined by a wealth of natural beauty, it’s the residents of Lawrence County who embody the region’s most compelling draw. Former Kentucky Governor Paul Patton grew up in Lawrence County. He has fond memories of his youth and the area that fostered his passion for the region and the people who call it home. Ask most folks in Lawrence County how they feel about the area and that’s the overwhelming sentiment: “it’s home!” Whether you’re simply visiting for the day, or planning a permanent stay, Lawrence County is a “home” kind of place! In addition to the wonderful people who make up Lawrence County, the region itself has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 420 square miles, of which 416 square miles is land and 4.5 square miles is water. Lawrence County is home to 3 rivers; the Levisa, Tug, and the Big Sandy River all intersect in the county. Yatesville Lake State Park has been an area landmark for nearly 25 years, drawing a multitude of outdoor enthusiasts. The full-service marina features boat rentals, 147 boat slips, a 4-lane boat ramp, bait shop, picnic shelters and more. The lake is perfectly suited for waterskiing, swimming, kayaking, boating, and whatever else the water enthusiast fancies. Highly regarded for its bluegill, crappie and bass supply, Yatesville Lake is sure to please anyone with an interest in catching fish. Regionally, 14


Yatesville Lake is known as one of the cleanest waterways in the area. Visitors are impressed by the pristine beauty of the well-maintained lake. In addition, the park offers campgrounds and the national award-winning Eagle Ridge Golf Course. The course offers 18-holes, manicured fairways and dramatic nature views. Respected by amateurs and pros alike, Eagle Ridge offers a challenging and unique golf experience. Fallsburg is a regional treasure, attracting thousands of visitors particularly during the fall season. With the mountains adorned in the beautiful hues of autumn, Fallsburg hosts Southeastern Kentucky’s premier haunted attraction. For nearly 30 years, the Fallsburg Fearplex has frightened tens of thousands of customers. Tourists from all over plan annual trips to the area to experience the nationally recognized attraction. The Painted Cow Gallery located in downtown Louisa is yet another regional highlight. Curating a tremendous collection of art procured from EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


local artisans. The Gallery also hosts art youth camps, special events and the Masterpiece CafĂŠ. A visit to the Painted Cow Gallery affords tourists and residents an opportunity to appreciate the incredibly diverse talent the Southeast Kentucky region, and speciďŹ cally Lawrence County, has to offer. From stained glass, to sculptures, handmade jewelry and original paintings, The Painted Cow features truly unique Appalachian artisans and their crafts. Lawrence County ranks retail, healthcare, and transportation among its most enterprising industries. The local economy is diversifying along with the greater Southeastern Kentucky region. maintain tranquility and spur appreciation for the The positive attitude of area residents plays a bounty bestowed on the county. The slower pace tremendous role in their ability to attract new of life does not detract from the serious nature of business with a thriving, capable workforce. business in the region. Area business men and women doggedly pursue a greater betterment of Lawrence County is teeming with beautiful nature their industry and work together to diversify their and even more beautiful personalities. A leisurely region. Despite the growth and forward trajectory, stroll through picturesque downtown Louisa, or Lawrence County still maintains the homey feel a paddle around Yatesville Lake are certain to that residents and visitors know and love.




SERVING LOCAL FAVORITES WITH EXCELLENT SERVICE Dee’s Drive Inn in downtown the tradition of serving local fa- gained local fame for its

Louisa features delicious, fresh made American fare in a nostalgic diner setting. Reminiscent of years past, this established eatery has played a pinnacle role in the Lawrence County community and culture since the late 1940s. Though the restaurant has seen a change in ownership and management over the years,

vorites with excellent service is still a hallmark of the operation. Breakfast is available all day, with local favorites like biscuits and gravy, made-to-order omelets, pancakes and French toast. The lunch/dinner menu is packed with loads of burger options, hot dogs, dinner entrees and sides. The Dee Burger is truly special and has

unique flavor combination. The sides and milk shakes are equally delicious! It’s like a trip back in time when you enjoy the convenient drive-in and the friendly car hop, or step inside the charming restaurant and choose an old-fashioned booth or table top.

Down Home Grill serves up a

traditional menu with breakfast and lunch options. Eggs, pancakes, country ham, bacon, sides and more are available all day. Salads, soups, sandwiches, pan fried chicken and country steak with all the fixings are some of the many lunch offerings. 18




Best Western Plus - Louisa

The Hudson Block House

Featuring an exercise facility, complimentary breakfast, indoor pool

Curated pieces from auction, antique furniture, housewares and more

18199 Highway 23 Louisa, KY

102 E. Franklin Street Louisa, KY





Outdoor Attractions Find your next adventure in Lawrence County Yatesville Lake and Lawrence County Park Located on a 2,300-acre reservoir, Yatesville Lake offers a little something for everyone. The park offers primitive and modern camping, a conference center, private cabins, picnic shelters, a music pavilion, basketball courts, an amphitheater, a full service marina, and a beach area at the lake.

Louisa Pool Complex This facility, operated by the city of Louisa, offers a municipal pool, picnic shelters, and a basketball court.

Eagle Ridge Golf Course This top-rated, 18-hole golf course, located at Yatesville Lake, is one of Eastern Kentucky’s best courses, offering scenic views and plenty of amenities. 20


Annual Festivals Coal Miner’s Bluegrass Festival

Septemberfest There’s nothing like Septemberfest, the festival that prides itself as the “Best Little Festival in Kentucky.” Held the weekend after Labor Day in Louisa, this street festival features live entertainment, arts and craft vendors, more than 100 food vendors, a carnival, a fishing tournament, a pageant, a Christian concert on Sunday, and other activities.

Lawrence County honors coal miners with the annual Coal Miner’s Bluegrass Festival on the first weekend in August. Those who love bluegrass music gather at the Lawrence County Park at Pleasant Ridge, located on the shores of Yatesville Lake, for two days of live music and activities. Camping is available.



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MARTIN COUNTY Martin County is the kind of place that resonates with nearly everyone. Friendly people, beautiful scenery and a unique commitment to be regionally progressive. Martin County folks are not limited to progress however, preserving their culture and maintaining prioritization of future generations is tantamount to of entrepreneurship and Appalachian ingenuity. Lifelong locals sing the praises of the greater community, the Martin County philosophy. but individual towns have much to offer visitors and The county has a total area of 231 square miles, of residents alike. which 230 square miles is land and 1.0 square mile is water. The county’s eastern border is formed by Located in the city of Inez, Kingfisher Branch Nature the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River. Martin County Trail, originated by Martin County Soil Conservation, gained infamy as the face of President Johnson’s is a scenic hiking trail with various phases to ac“War on Poverty” after he was filmed arriving by commodate all skill levels of hikers. Complete with helicopter in Martin County. The county, like the rest handcrafted bridges, crossing stream paths, and a of the Southeast Kentucky region, spent years bat- beautifully tranquil waterfall, the trail invites hikers to tling the negative stigma resulting from the media test their physicality while appreciating the beautiful coverage. Today, Martin County is a bustling hotbed wooded terrain. Martin County Lake and reservoir is 24


stocked with rainbow trout, largemouth bass, bluegill, white crappie, and channel catfish. Although swimming is not allowed, the unpaved ramp allows access for fishing enthusiasts to reel in an impressive catch. For many in the smaller coalfield towns, summer is the time to celebrate beautiful weather; many do so by finding a cool body of water to splash or swim in. The Ray Fields Water Park attracts residents and visitors from across the region, with its giant water slide, a kiddie pool, a swimming pool, volleyball and basketball courts, in addition to grills and covered picnic areas. The Roy F. Collier Community Center is truly one of a kind. Featuring a movie theatre, a fullcourt gymnasium and performance stage/arena, The Roy F. Collier Community Center has a tremendous

impact on the quality of life for the entire Martin County community. The town of Beauty is rich with local history and stories of success in the mining industry. Local historians point visitors to the Himler House, a local landmark that the community, in conjunction with the Martin County Historical Society, is actively working to preserve. The Himler House was owned by a Hungarian Immigrant, Martin Himler, who made his fortune in the coal industry. The house is beloved by the entire Martin County community. The historical home is an impressive 2 story house that sits high atop a hill, overlooking the town below. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


The town of Debord is host to the Big Sandy Regional Airport. The airport is a public use airport, offering a variety of services including, small aircraft repair, flight planning, pilot supplies, and car rental among other amenities. The peaceful drive to and from the airport provides an opportunity for tourists and residents to see some of the local elk population which frequent the area. The Big Sandy Airport staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating, much like the rest of Martin County.

Although the mining industry has been negatively impacted across the Southeast Kentucky region, Martin County continues to draw tremendous economic benefit from mining and other related industries. Prospective businesses are enticed by the available landscape and viable workforce.

Martin County is a typical Southeastern Kentucky county in many ways; it is unique however, in its sincere pledge to both preserve and diversify. Martin County residents take great pride in the history of Mining, healthcare and education represent the three their region and value the sanctity of the Appalachian most prevalent forms of industry in Martin County. way of life.



Annual Festivals Martin County Harvest Festival The Kiwanis Club of Greater Martin County welcomes visitors into the community of Inez every fall for the annual Martin County Harvest Festival. This event, once held during the second week of October, has been moved to September, in hopes the weather will be more cooperative for festival-goers. Held behind the county courthouse, the festival features games and activities, karaoke and “hollering” contests, dancing, music, food and craft vendors, hayrides, a beauty pageant, a pet contest and local talent. 100 MEG BROADBAND / PHONE / DIGITAL TV / HOME SECURITY / RADIO & TV ADVERTISING / WEB HOSTING & COMPUTER REPAIR

Gearheart Communications


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Yo u Tu b e

One Source...Many Resources



WXLR 104.

2013 PL AY ER



WXKZ 105.








Miss Ida’s Tea Room is a quaint

little place to enjoy lunch or dinner, with an eclectic menu that may surprise you! Chicken Alfredo, liver and onions, spaghetti, and breaded catfish are available, in addition to sandwiches, soups, salads, sides and desserts.


Cloud 9 Café,

located in Debord, is a quaint eatery with beautiful views and a uniquely decorated interior. The menu features sizable portions of American fare, including salads, fries, burgers and fish. One of their specialties, the Monte Cristo, is a local favorite. The staff is attentive,



knowledgeable and accommodating. The family friendly atmosphere is perfect for large groups or small parties. Relax in the comfort of a rocking chair on the covered porch after a full meal, or stick around for coffee and conversation, enjoying the unique, sky-themed interior. Cloud 9 Café is

a short drive from the 4 lane and directly across from the main terminal of the Big Sandy Airport. The scenic roadway to this eatery is often inhabited by elk, so keep your eyes peeled!



Brookshire Inn

Goforth’s General Store

Featuring complimentary breakfast, Jacuzzi tubs, 24-hour front desk

Handmade crafts, penny candy, local produce

2965 KY-40 Inez, KY

34 West Main St. Inez, KY



The family pizza place the

Whole Family will love! ™

Buffet - All Day, Every Day Pizza, Pasta, Salad, Dessert & Drinks. Over 9,000 sq ft of games & a Mega Wall of prizes!

Pikeville | KY | 274 Cassidy Blvd.

(located beside walmart super center)

| 606-432-4386

© 2017 Gatti’s Great Pizza, Inc. and its affiliates. All Rights Reserved.



Outdoor Attractions Find your next adventure in MARTIN County Martin County Lake Also known as Milo Lake, this lake is located on Hwy. 1884. It offers fishing for bass, bluegill, crappie, sunfish and channel catfish. Swimming and boating are not permitted.

Kingfisher Branch Trail As Martin County’s newest walking trail, this one-mile loop overlaps the Promise Trail. The challenging hike offers scenic views of the area, and it gives hikers a glimpse of a small waterfall. Log cabins are being added to the top of the trail.

Warfield Walking Trail Located just off of Hwy. 2033, this 1.3-mile trail is located at the Warfield Riverfront Park, providing scenic views of the city’s historic railroad bridge. Boat ramp access and picnic tables are available along this trail.

Elk Trail and Viewing Stations Fencing and interpretive signs have been placed near the Cloud Nine Restaurant at the Big Sandy Regional Airport in Martin County to give people the opportunity to see elk that often visit the area. 30


Crum Reservoir This lake is on Hwy. 908, about two miles outside of Inez. It’s a water supply reservoir for the city, so swimming is not permitted. An unpaved launching ramp is available.

Inez River Walking Trail Pigeon Roost This park offers a community center, an outdoor stage and shelter in Martin County.

Promise Trail This unique, one-mile trail, located off of Hwy. 908 in Inez, offers a small church-style gazebo and Bible verses decorating the trail. Visitors may park at the Roy F. Collier Community Center and walk up the hill to access the trail.

Located just off Hwy. 908 in downtown Inez, this trail spans under two bridges. A shelter is available on this trail.

Paradise Mountain Pay Lake Open April to October.

Ray Field Water Park Located on KY 40.



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JOHNSON COUNTY Johnson County is ripe with history and scenic beauty. Home to country music legend Loretta Lynn and rising star Chris Stapleton, Johnson County boasts an impressive number of talented artists and musicians. The county has a diverse offering of trails, scenic byways, mountainous terrain that Southeastern Kentucky is known for, and beautiful waterways. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Johnson County has a total area of 264 square miles, of which 262 square miles is land and 2.2 square miles is water. The county’s highest point is Stuffley Knob, with an elevation of 1,496 feet. Its lowest point is the Levisa Fork on the Lawrence County border, with an elevation of about 550 feet. Paintsville Lake, located in Staffordsville, draws tremendous crowds of boating enthusiasts and avid fishermen and women. The full-service marina features boat rentals, fishing supplies, launching and docking services and a restaurant. Largemouth bass, trout, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, walleye and redbreast sunfish among others are purportedly stocked in the lake. Paintsville Lake State Park is also home to hiking trails and campgrounds. The Dawkins Line Trail is slated to be the longest rail-to-trail statewide. Currently, 18 miles of completed trail accommodates runners, walkers, bikers and horseback riders. The trail begins in Johnson County’s own Hager Hill. The current trail ends in neighboring Magoffin County. With 24 trestles and a 662-foot tunnel, the Dawkins Line Trail is a regional 34


treasure, attracting scores of outdoor enthusiasts. Fans of Loretta Lynn will appreciate a tour of her home place, the cabin she was born and raised in, and the serene mountain setting that inspired her contribution to country music. Located a pleasant 30-minute drive from Paintsville State Park, in Van Lear, Kentucky, Butcher Holler features an authentic

region is widely known for producing world renowned musicians. Patty Loveless, Billy Ray Cyrus, the Judds, Ricky Skaggs, Keith Whitley, Dwight Yoakam, Chris Stapleton and many more are featured artists at the museum. Fans of country music, and inquisitive travelers alike, enjoy all the museum has to offer, including event space and a well-stocked gift shop.

cabin nestled between two hills in a densely wooded area. Tours are managed by Loretta Lynn’s family members; visitors enjoy hearing about Loretta’s life from cousins and siblings of the legend. Admission is a mere $5. The US 23 Country Music Museum opened in 2005 and boasts an impressive collection of memorabilia contributed by regional artists. The Southeast Kentucky

Arguably one of Johnson County’s most identifiable landmarks, Mountain Homeplace offers guests a truly unique opportunity to tour an authentic mid-19th century homestead. Visitors tour cabins, a school room, a picturesque chapel, and interact with actors dressed in period appropriate costumes. Demonstrations include caring for the livestock and other daily chores. Guests are frequently encouraged to assist with tasks. These hands-on demonstrations create memorable memories that last a lifetime. Locals and tourists alike flock to Mountain Homeplace, making it one of the region’s most popular attractions. The site is available for special events and private tours. Photographers and wedding planners often take advantage of the natural beauty of the area. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


Johnson County represents a community of forward thinking opportunists. Optimizing the area’s natural beauty and bountiful history, the seed of travel tourism has been firmly planted in the minds of Johnson County residents and entrepreneurs. A growing tourism industry is only a part of Johnson County’s evolution. Retail, healthcare and hospitality comprise a growing portion of industry demographics. Oil, gas and mining continue to be an economic boon for the area as well. Johnson County is a flourishing community, one where residents and visitors alike experience first class hospitality. History is a tremendous part of Johnson County culture, as it is with all regions in Southeast Kentucky. Friendly faces abound and the community celebrates and supports one another’s successes. Johnson County is thriving; with an intact network of partnerships and collectives that ensure a very bright and determined future.



Annual Festivals Apple Days Festival Thousands of people travel to Johnson County on the first weekend of October for the annual Apple Days Festival. Apple Days is a longstanding Eastern Kentucky tradition. This festival features more than 45 events and attractions, including a carnival, parade, arts and craft vendors from all over the country, car and bike shows, and, of course, plenty of fried apple pies and other apple-flavored goodies.




The Carriage House Restaurant, located inside diners an all-you-care-to-eat experience. Dinner is an the Ramada Inn, offers a varied menu in a tastefully adorned setting. The menu changes regularly to offer guests and visitors multiple options. A country breakfast is served daily, and the lunch buffet offers

exceptional time to visit the Carriage House Restaurant. Locals praise the menu options, including mouthwatering steaks, chicken breast and garden fresh salads. The family friendly environment is perfect for any party size.


Angie’s Cast Iron Grill is the place for a country style menu for lunch or dinner. Appetizers, soups, salad and grilled items like bologna, burgers and hot dogs comprise the bulk of the menu. Catfish Friday features an all-you-can-eat fish fry with hushpuppies and all the sides.





Ramada Paintsville Hotel and Conference Center

Country Cottage Gifts, Decor, & Boutique

Featuring banquet facilities, free WiFi, indoor and outdoor pool, room service, business center, game room, gift shop

Women’s apparel, jewelry and accessories, candles

624 James S Trimble Blvd. Paintsville, KY

325 North Mayo Trail Paintsville, KY



Around the corner is a location. And a state of mind.

Pikeville-Main 606-433-5500

Ferrell’s Creek 606-754-5025

Pikeville-Coal Run 606-432-4411

Paintsville-Main 606-789-4045

Prestonsburg 606-886-0192






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Outdoor Attractions Find your next adventure in JOHNSON County

Paintsville Lake State Park Located in Staffordville, this park offers 1,140 acres for boating, skiing, fishing, camping, picnic shelters, and a full-service marina that includes a restaurant and catering service.

Dawkins Line Rail Trail This 18-mile walking, biking, and horse-riding trail spans from Royalton in Magoffin County to Hager Hill in Johnson County. It features 24 trestles and the famed Gun Creek Tunnel.

River Excursion The grave of pioneer Jenny Wiley is located in River on Rt. 3224 in Johnson County. The path to the gravesite is blacktopped and parking is available at the River Fire Department. River is also the birthplace of musician Hylo Brown and it’s where travelers will find the Forest and Maxine Preston Memorial pedestrian bridge.

Paintsville Golf & Country Club The clubhouse at this 18-hole golf course was built by the Works Progress Administration in 1939, but the golf course opened 10 years prior. It features rolling fairways, two lakes, and a swinging bridge. 40


Kiwanis Walking Trail Located near the Mountain Homeplace in Paintsville, this 1.6mile trail offers scenic views of Paintsville Lake. It’s a favorite trail for many locals.



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MAGOFFIN COUNTY Steeped in Appalachian history, Magoffin County bridges the gap from past to present. A trip through Magoffin County is unavoidable for people accessing Southeastern Kentucky from the central Kentucky region and the introduction to the beautiful mountains, friendly people and business opportunities are evident all along the scenic roadways. Magoffin County is far more than a connection between central Kentucky and the deeper recesses of Appalachia, however. In its own right, the county is a beacon of opportunity and innovation.

The water in Magoffin County is accounted for by the Licking River. Magoffin County experienced the devastation of natural disaster after encountering a tornado in early 2012. Homes and businesses were decimated along the funnel cloud’s path. Thanks in huge part to the resiliency of the region, Magoffin County has recovered. Businesses and homes were rebuilt, debris was cleared and new businesses have been established. Magoffin County’s superior ability to overcome was underscored by the community’s efforts to support one another.

Magoffin County is home to a number of incredible attractions. Salyersville, the county seat, hosts the Magoffin County Historic Society Pioneer Village and Museum. Frequented by visitors from across the region and locals alike, the Pioneer Village invites guests to take a step back in time. Featuring 19 authentic log structures, complete with furnishings and artifacts, costumed impersonators lead guests through the village and conduct demonstrations of early crafts. Multiple log homes are included in the complex, along with a barn, a church and a circa 1890s jail cell, According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has among other structures. Visitors are enamored with a total area of 309 square miles of which 308 square the variety of buildings and the information pertaining miles is land and less than one square mile is water. to their origin, acquisition and maintenance. 44




The Magoffin County Muzzleloaders are also established in the city of Salyersville. The unique club is dedicated to preserving the history of artillery. The Muzzleloaders participate in hunts, dinners featuring local game, and community events among other regularly scheduled proceedings. Officially declared a Rail Town in 2015, Royalton boasts the Magoffin portion of the Dawkins Line Rail Trail. Established in the early 1900s, the Dawkins Lumber Company utilized the railroad to transport timber throughout the region and beyond. In roughly 1930, the railroad’s stock was sold for the first time, and ultimately, as the years passed, throughout the country and in Magoffin County, railroad transportation became increasingly obsolete. The abandoned trail was eventually repurposed and the Dawkins Trail is now the largest rail to trail project in the state. The multi-use trail is perfect for walkers, bikers and horseback riders. The expansive trail is beautifully adorned in all seasons, but fall is a particularly spectacular time to visit the attraction. Guests from across the nation have traveled far and wide to experience the Dawkins Line Rail Trail and the national attention has even caught the eye of travel writers and bloggers



who rave about the unique opportunity to encounter the region. Healthcare, education and construction are the leading economic drivers in the Magoffin County area. Retail is also a substantial facet of Magoffin’s industry. The region is an inviting one, ripe with opportunity and incredible accessibility, making it very appealing to prospective businesses. With the ease of commuting from the Mountain Parkway, residents from outlying counties find Magoffin County a reliable option for establishing careers or finding transient work. In Magoffin County, location is everything! Men, women and children are all thankful to call Magoffin County home. Hosting a number of eateries, retail options, and a beautiful landscape, Magoffin County is a wonderful place to live and work. Magoffin’s industry is a prime example of what is possible with a collective interest in historical preservation and forward thinking. Utilizing the area’s natural resources, even repurposing abandoned institutions to create new opportunities, is exemplary of the resilient spirit natives are known for.

Heritage Days

Annual Festivals

The Magoffin County Historical Society and the city of Salyersville bring young and old together for a cultural celebration during its annual Heritage Days festival. Formerly known as the Founders Day festival, this event is held in September, featuring live entertainment, a parade, and historic exhibitions, right in the heart of Salyersville, where the Pioneer Village, a collection of authentic log cabins, are on display.

Magoffin County Community Day Magoffin County Community Day welcomes visitors to the Ramey Memorial Park in Salyersville for live entertainment. This day-long event, held every August, features music from local and regional bands and other activities. This event, sponsored by Salyersville National Bank, raises funds for several nonproďŹ t organizations. Admission is required for adults, but the event is free to children under the age of 12.



WHERE EAT Sam’s Hot Dog Stand’s

name says it all. Located in Salyersville, the lunch and dinner menu are the same. Traditional hotdogs and sides, along with specialty desserts.


Mi Hacienda in Salyersville are always delicious

offers delicious Tex-Mex at affordable prices. Widely renowned for their fajitas, served on a sizzling cast iron skillet, the menu also features nachos, loaded burritos, tacos, ribs, steak, and more! Drinks



and pair wonderfully with a heaping basket of fresh tortilla chips and queso. The vibrant décor adds to the festive vibe of the restaurant and the wait staff is helpful and attentive. With options to suit nearly ev-

ery dietary preference, Mi Hacienda is the perfect place to take a large group; everyone can find something to eat! The child-friendly menu options make the restaurant a perfect place to dine with the whole family.


Seasonal Shoppe Gifts, sewing & art supplies, home decor 200 Church St. Salyersville, KY




Outdoor Attractions Find your next adventure in MAGOFFIN County

Ramey Memorial Park Located in Salyersville, this park offers a walking track, picnic shelters, a playground, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a swimming pool. This park is connected to the Magoffin County Historical Society’s Pioneer Village, a group of authentic log homes filled with antiques and Civil War memorabilia.



Dawkins Line Rail Trail This 18-mile walking, biking, and horse-riding trail spans from Royalton in Magoffin County to Hager Hill in Johnson County. It features 24 trestles and the famed Gun Creek Tunnel.



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FLOYD COUNTY Floyd County, steeped in history, is actively and successfully promoting the region’s natural appeal. Residents of Floyd County enjoy a slower pace of life. Like most neighboring counties, the demands of big city living do not apply to folks in the Floyd County region of Southeastern Kentucky, but modern luxuries and conveniences are readily available. The county has a total area of 396 square miles, of which 393 square miles is land and 2.4 square miles is water. Prestonsburg, the county seat, is home to a number of the county’s major attractions, including Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, named for the pioneer heroine who survived the deaths of her children and a kidnapping at the hands of Native Americans who were embroiled in a land battle with the settlers. Jenny Wiley is acknowledged for her strength and determination. The grit that ensured her survival is evident in Floyd Countians, many of whom can connect their lineage to the Wiley ancestry. The state park is impressive, complete with a 1,100-acre lake, campgrounds, elk tours, lodging, dining, event space and a host of trails. Dewey Lake is well suited for swimming, boating and fishing among other recreational water activities. The marina offers 153 boat slips and boat rentals. Highly regarded as the crowning gem of the park, the outdoor amphitheater has operated since 1963, providing the only professional theatre experience available in the Southeast Kentucky region. Productions last throughout the summer season and bring professional actors and actresses, technical crews and bands from across the nation to southeastern Kentucky. Prestonsburg is also home to the region’s only Science Center and Planetarium. The East Kentucky 54


Science Center and Varia Planetarium, located at the Prestonsburg campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College, provides a truly unique experience for the science lover. The planetarium features a 40foot dome and the Spitz Sci-Dome projection system, one of only two dozen in the world, and the Varia Planetarium has the state’s only GOTO Star Projector. Laser and light shows are regularly scheduled, along with a rotation of science exhibits that inform and awe visitors to the center. The May House offers tours of the historic home, outfitted with authentic furniture and led by local historians with an impressive knowledge of the centuries-old property. The May House is an important historical landmark for Floyd County residents. Rumors of hauntings have led to paranormal investigations and a featured segment on a local television program has increased the popularity of the May House. The Middle Creek National Battlefield is the site of the largest civil war battle in eastern Kentucky. The battlefield hosts reenactments in addition to other events. Floyd County schools are frequently celebrated as some of the best in the region. K-12 institutions have EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


received numerous accolades recognizing their performance. Students in Floyd County are afforded top notch instruction from some of the best instructors in the state. Boasting impressive rankings, Floyd County schools are a draw for many families looking to relocate to the area. Retail, healthcare and education round out the top three facets of industry for Floyd County. A walk through picturesque downtown Prestonsburg, dubbed “The Star City,” is proof of the bustling retail environment. Locally owned and originated shops dot the streets



along the downtown area and create a huge draw for residents and visitors alike. Floyd County’s appeal is unparalleled. Residents are proud to point visitors in the direction of locally owned businesses for shopping and dining. Generations remain in the small towns and continue to foster ties to their local communities. Folks from neighboring counties frequent the area to shop, eat, and take part in community events. The region will continue to flourish thanks in huge part to the dedication and commitment of Floyd County’s inhabitants.

Annual Festivals Jenny Wiley Pioneer Festival Thousands of people travel to Floyd County on the second week of October for the Jenny Wiley Pioneer Festival, held in honor of Jenny Wiley, a courageous Eastern Kentuckian who escaped captivity from Native Americans during the region’s pioneer days. The festival offers live music from numerous bands on the downtown stage, arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, a carnival, a parade on Saturday, and a beauty pageant for children of all ages. New this year, the Richmond Pow-Wow Association will make its debut at the festival, performing authentic Native American rituals, dances and offer traditional crafts.

Kentucky Highland Folk Festival The Prestonsburg Tourism Convention & Visitor’s Bureau celebrates the region’s history with the Kentucky Highland Folk Festival, held in conjunction with the Battle of Middle Creek Reenactment during the second week of September. Visitors who stop by the living history Civil War camp on the battlefield will also have the opportunity to listen to Appalachian music and enjoy clogging demonstrations and other activities.

Red, White & Blue Days Festival The city of Martin shows its patriotic colors during the annual Red, White & Blue Days Festival, held on the third weekend of October. In its 46th year, the festival was created to honor and celebrate Eastern Kentucky veterans and, this year, it’s held in memory of festival founder Marcella Bailey. Festivities include a free dinner for veterans and their spouses, live entertainment, a carnival, arts and craft vendors, food vendors, a parade, a car show, and a pageant.

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Billy Ray’s Restaurant, locat- Billy Ray’s is quintessential

ed in downtown Prestonsburg, is one of the preferred local eateries among Floyd County natives. Serving up down home favorites like prime rib, pan fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, hand breaded fish, chicken and dumplings, pork chops and their famous pool room burger,

country cookin’. Breakfast is always a pleasurable dining experience, making Billy Ray’s a frequent stop for folks looking for a piping hot cup of coffee with eggs, bacon, fried potatoes and more. Perhaps their most celebrated specials involve freshly baked desserts. Cobblers,

pies, cakes, tarts, and their famous apple dumpling have delighted throngs of customers for the many years Billy Ray’s has graced the downtown scene. At this family friendly establishment, the food sells itself, but a loyal fan base will be quick to point travelers in the direction of Billy Ray’s.

Lizzie B’s Café and Bakery offers lunch and dinner options served up in a fun atmosphere with a funky vibe. The menu is unique, with pizza served on house made naan, sandwiches served on freshly baked bread, burgers, dinner entrees, salads, appetizers, and freshly prepared desserts all available. The restaurant serves wine and beer and features a full coffee bar.

McGuire’s Brick House, situated on

a corner in Prestonsburg in a lovely old brick home, features lunch and dinner options on a varied menu. Pizza, burgers, dinner entrees, soups, salads, appetizers and desserts are all available. The restaurant offers an extensive craft beer menu, a limited wine list and cocktails. Check their schedule for nights when live music is offered.





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Down to Earth Organics

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Outdoor Attractions Find your next adventure in FLOYD County Jenny Wiley State Resort Park & Dewey Lake The Kentucky Department of Parks opened this park in 1954. Today, it’s still one of Floyd County’s premiere attractions, nestled among the picturesque mountainscape of Eastern Kentucky alongside the 1,100-acre Dewey Lake. It has lodge rooms, cottages, a dining area, a large convention center, a golf course, a campground, and the famous Jenny Wiley Theatre’s amphitheater. The park’s recreation department hosts numerous activities and events throughout the year. Visitors may rent pontoon boats or canoes; fish; enjoy free line dancing at the campground; take an elk tour or a guided canoe trip; take leisurely or strenuous hikes or mountain bike rides on up to 60 miles of recreational trails; visit the nature center, or picnic at the Dewey Dam Recreational Area.

Paul Hunt Thompson Golf Course This nine-hole golf course, which opened in Allen in 1929, is Floyd County’s oldest, offering many amenities. It is a favorite course for many locals, who have played golf there for years. 60


StoneCrest Golf Course Situated on 700 acres, StoneCrest’s 18-hole course offers some of the finest views in Prestonsburg, and its golf course is considered to be one of the best in Kentucky. It features a pro shop, club repairs, practice green, driving range, clubhouse, and lounge.

Archer Park Complete with a skating rink, picnic areas, tennis courts, basketball courts, a swimming pool, a veteran’s memorial, and other amenities, Archer Park attracts thousands of visitors to Prestonsburg every year.

Prestonsburg Equine Center This facility, located on StoneCrest, regularly hosts horse shows. It offers a lighted show ring, bleacher seating, a warm-up ring, easily-accessible bathrooms, and a concessions area, as well as a large stables area.

The Prestonsburg Sports Park Located near the equine center at StoneCrest, this park offers state-of-the-art athletic ďŹ elds for soccer, baseball, softball, and little league events.

German Bridge Campground Located on Rt. 194 along the tail waters of the Dewey Lake, this site offers primitive and modern camping, fishing, canoeing, a horse barn, and miles of scenic trails. The Big Sandy Trail Riders Club hosts several trail rides at German Bridge each year.

Other parks There are numerous other community parks in Floyd County, including the Elk Run Park, offering numerous hiking and picnic opportunities in McDowell, the Stumbo Park in Allen, the Minnie Park in Minnie, and others. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY






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KNOTT COUNTY Knott Countians have truly embraced the uniquely beautiful landscape of their surroundings. Capitalizing on the exceptional beauty was an essential part of Knott County’s evolution into adventure and outdoor tourism. Knott County excels at branding itself in a compelling way. “The best kept secret in the mountains” is an accurate description of the region. Known as the “Elk Capital of the East,” Knott County hosts the largest elk herd east of the Mississippi, with numbers exceeding 12,000. Bountiful wildlife, uniquely designed ATV trails, horseback riding, community events and more, Knott has something to offer everyone. The county has a total area of 353 square miles, of which 352 square miles is land and 1.3 square miles is water. Residents of Knott County embody the spirit of the area. History rich, the area celebrates its roots and pays homage to the past through a thriving culture of heritage and arts. The Appalachian Artisan Center, located in the county seat of Hindman, offers visitors a full immersion experience into the world of local arts. From an open clay studio to metal work and blacksmithing, The Appalachian Artisan Center offers an introspective of local talent and ability. Featuring a gallery with pieces procured from local artists, the Center truly lives up to their mission of “developing the region’s economy through arts, culture and heritage.” Blending the intrinsic qualities of the region and its inhabitants with a business modality is part of what sets Knott County apart. Hindman is also home to America’s first Settlement School, a uniquely Appalachian institution. Hindman Settlement School was established in 1902 with the intent to educate the youth within the isolated community. Throughout the years, the school has evolved and now hosts a variety of programs that celebrate the region’s culture. Writing workshops hosted by the school draw a number of applicants and come highly recommended by past participants of the program. The school also hosts an effective dyslexia program in addition to a variety of cultural enrichment programs. Hindman Settlement School is an oft celebrated landmark of the Knott County and Southeast Kentucky region. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


Mine Made Adventure Park encompasses areas of Hindman and a neighboring town, Leburn. Featuring over 43,000 acres of land and hundreds of miles of trails, the park is well suited for horseback, ATV, and dirt bikes. The nationally recognized Mine Made Adventure Park also features primitive and full-service camp sites and the region’s only ATV and street bike training center. Leburn is also home to the Knott County Sportsplex. The state-of-the-art facility boasts 66,000 square feet of indoor space and includes a gymnastics arena, 5 volleyball courts, 5 full size basketball courts, a walking track, 8 lane bowling alley, fitness room, batting cages, concessions, arcade, and a room designated for children complete with full size inflatables. The Knott County Sportsplex is the best of its kind in the state. Carr Creek State Park is a 29-acre park complete with full service campground. The beautiful Carr Creek Lake is suitable for swimming, fishing and boating. A marina, picnic shelters and playground are also located in the park. Fishermen and wom-



en take special interest in Carr Creek Lake, with an abundance of crappie, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, redbreast sunfish and walleye among others. Healthcare, education and mining are the prevailing industries in Knott County. Tourism continues to climb the industry ladder as Knott County diversifies its economy. Never lacking in entrepreneurial spirit, residents invest in their heritage and culture, proving the importance of marrying history to the community’s evolution. An innovative community, Knott County residents are happy to share the secret to their success, modernizing tradition. Thousands of early settlers hiked the trails now frequented by ATVs. Hunting and fishing, once an essential means of survival, have become a profitable hobby industry. Education, once seen as a commodity by the central Appalachian region, is a thriving community service venture. Knott County is an exceptional place to visit, inhabit, work or play.

Gingerbread Festival

Annual Festivals

There’s only one place to find the world’s largest gingerbread man, and that’s in the community of Hindman in Knott County on the first Thursday after Labor Day every September. They pull out all the stops while celebrating the mountain tradition of “encouraging” people to vote at this festival, offering, of course, plenty of gingerbread, arts and crafts, live music, and other activities.

Appalachia Day Alice Lloyd College welcomes the public to its mountain get-away on the second weekend of October for its annual Appalachia Day. This festival features traditional mountain music, exhibits, crafts, and demonstrations by Appalachian craftsmen.



WHERE EAT Yoder’s Country Market

in Hindman is primarily a bulk foods store. A variety of Amish meats, cheeses, preserved and canned goods, as well as spices are available for purchase. Yoder’s is also the perfect stop on the way to an outdoor picnic. Fresh cold cuts, dairy items, freshly baked bread and prepared sides are featured among the bulk and non-perishable goods. Yoder’s is famous for their bakery. Locals and tourists alike trek to the familiar country store to stock up on freshly prepared pies, cakes, cookies and breads.

Hot Rod’s Pizza is located in

Hindman. This traditional pizzeria’s menu features customizable pizzas and specialties with a large offering of sub sandwiches and sides, including boneless and bone-in chicken wings, deep fried mushrooms, pickles and more.




Dion’s of Hindman Women and children’s clothing boutique and gift store 92 Holly Hills Rd. Hindman, KY




Outdoor Attractions Find your next adventure in Knott County Carr Creek State Park and Lake This 29-acre park and 710-acre lake is a prime location for fishing, swimming, camping, or enjoying a picnic with family and friends.

Mine Made Paradise Park This facility in Leburn, complete with an ATV Safety and Training Center, offers access to more than 100 miles of trails for motorcycles, ATVs, and horse rides. Annual events are held here throughout the year, attracting thousands of people from all over the country.

Knott County Sportsplex

Elk Tour Knott County prides itself as the “Elk Capital of the East,” and there’s no better place to find them. Elk tours are offered in the county by the Saddle Up Elk Tours, Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, and Buckhorn State Resort Park. 72


Built on previously-mined land, this 66,000 sq. ft. facility offers five basketball courts, and eightlane bowling alley, arcade, baseball batting cages and outdoor fields, a fitness room, indoor walking track, a conference room, sports museum, sports shop and concession areas.

Skatepark and swimming pool Visitors can drop off a halfpipe at this facility, which is open seven days a week in Hindman, and then refresh with a dip in the pool.



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LETCHER COUNTY Home to American author, historian, legislator, and environmentalist Harry M. Caudill, Letcher County pioneers the Southeast Kentucky region and much of Central Appalachia in activism. Drawing scores of volunteers from across the nation, Letcher County has become a hotbed of transplants as non-natives fall in love with the picturesque landscape and the region’s unique culture. The county boasts the second highest peak in Kentucky. Pine Mountain, a photographer’s dream, features beautiful views and bountiful wildlife, including black bears, elk, and a multitude of bird species. Pine Mountain is one of many natural treasures in the Letcher County region. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 339 square miles, of which 338 square miles is land and 1.1 square miles is water. Letcher County is synonymous with Central Appalachian culture and has firmly established itself as the regional beacon 78


for arts, culture and heritage. Founded in downtown Whitesburg in 1969, Appalshop is a prime example of the county’s commitment to the cultural arts. Operating from the premise of challenging stereotypes that are frequently perpetuated by non-native traditional media, Appalshop is a non-profit media organization complete with a local, public radio station. Hours of film, thousands of still images, and scores of audio recordings are among the local treasures Appalshop maintains in its archives. Whitesburg, the county seat, is also home to a thriving downtown scene. Many restaurants in the area cater to local taste and fuse traditional fare with locally sourced ingredients.

Live local music is a frequent part of the downtown Whitesburg scene. Honoring and often featuring Letcher County music icons like Lee Sexton, an old-time banjo player with national notoriety, Cowan Creek Mountain Music School seeks to foster and maintain the region’s unique music heritage. Every year, Cowan Creek Mountain Music School attracts hordes of locals and visitors of all ages, seeking to learn from masters of traditional Appalachian music, over a 5-day schedule of events that feature a singer’s circle, fiddle and banjo lessons, nightly square dances, and traditional story telling among other proceedings. Bad Branch State Nature Preserve, located a short drive from the hub of Whitesburg, is a must-see. Featuring 2,785 acres of protected nature including rare species of fauna and wildlife, the highlight of the wooded gorge is an impressive, 60 foot waterfall. Bordering nearby towns of Jenkins and Payne Gap, Fish Pond Lake features a pristine waterway ripe for fishing. Purportedly stocked with freshwater jellyfish and a sizable trout population, as well as bass, catfish and other indigenous species, Fish Pond Lake is a delightfully serene place to cast a reel. Paddle boats are permitted; however, engine propelled crafts are not. Jenkins is also home to the Little Shepherd Amphithe-

ater. In partnership with the Cumberland Mountain Arts and Crafts Council, the outdoor amphitheater is home to the production of John Fox Jr.’s, “Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come.” The production features a full cast of local talent in the Civil War era drama. The Amphitheater operates throughout the summer season. Healthcare, mining and retail comprise the upper tiers of Letcher County’s leading industries. Education comes right on the heels of retail as a growing portion of the region’s economy. Letcher County’s investment in protecting Southeast Kentucky heritage through various aspects of education is an evident part of the community’s common values. Letcher County is defined by an infectious appreciation of mountain heritage. Visitors and guests are enamored with the proud culture and warm welcome. The spirit of volunteerism abounds in the region as well; be it local, transplant or guest, nearly everyone is involved with sharing their gifts for the betterment of the region. This spirit is captured in the numerous community events and evident in the upkeep of the region’s beauty. Letcher County has created a model of unique sustainability with its cultural abundance. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


The Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival

Annual Festivals Mountain Heritage Festival It started with a pig roast in 1983, and now, the Mountain Heritage Festival brings thousands of people into downtown Whitesburg every year. Held at the end of September, this week-long festival features arts and writing contests, photo contests, a carnival, food and craft vendors, live entertainment, arts and craft demonstrations, and the annual Mountain Idol singing competition, as well as plenty of other activities.

Cumberland Festival There’s only one place to find the annual Seedtime on the Cumberland Festival, and that’s on the grounds of Appalshop in downtown Whitesburg every June. This festival started in 1987 to celebrate the region’s Appalachian heritage. It features live music performed on stage, documentaries filmed by Appalshop, square dancing, arts and craft demonstrations, literary readings and other events.

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The last week of August marks a homecoming in Jenkins. The Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival, founded in 2007, celebrates the history of the city, which was founded as a coal mining town in 1912. This event features live entertainment by local, regional, and national talent, as well as family-friendly activities and other events.

Neon Area Days Festival The Neon Area Days committee organizes and hosts numerous events throughout the year, including the annual Neon Area Days Festival, held in September. Visitors can expect to find a themed “dress up” contest for children, live entertainment, a parade, and other activities.

Blackey Day Festival The community of Blackey welcomes old friends and family members back to town every October for the annual Blackey Day Festival. This homecoming event features live entertainment, food vendors, and various activities.

Isom Days The community of Isom in Letcher County brings festival goers back to the horse-trade days during its annual festival, held during Labor Day at the Isom Fairgrounds, a former stock sale. This event features arts and crafts, food vendors, a carnival, live entertainment, and professional rodeo shows.

WHERE EAT Pine Mountain Grill in Whitesburg features a


Heritage Kitchen, located on Main Street in downtown Whitesburg, offers an eclectic menu, full bar, and a cozy atmosphere for a family meal or night out with friends. Delicious lunch items include the Heritage Burger – choose beef, turkey or a homemade black bean patty, then top it off with select cheeses, vegetables and finishing touches. Lighter fare includes build-your-own deli sandwiches, house or club salad, and the healthy and tasty chicken hoagie. Appetizers include baked brie, blue corn nachos or hummus platter, but leave room for a delectable entrée. Choose from Kentucky Proud steak or apricot glazed Kentucky Proud pork chops, an Atlantic salmon filet, pesto pasta, and so much more. Pair your dinner with wine, beer or a specialty cocktail like the Mojito, Sazerac, or Cuba Libra, and enjoy a unique dining experience unlike anywhere else in the region.



traditional grill menu. The restaurant’s exterior resembles an authentic log cabin. The interior is tastefully decorated with available seating by the stone ensconced fireplace. A gift shop is available to peruse before or after dining and features home décor, soaps, clothing items, accessories and more. Breakfast options are sure to please with homemade pancake stacks, omelets, biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage and sides. The lunch and dinner menu offers diners a multitude of options, from the fully stocked salad bar, to steak, seafood, chicken, burgers and incredible sides. Sandwich offerings include the club croissant and pizza panini among others. The famous roast beef split features slow roasted top round beef, made the same way since 1982. It is topped with mashed potatoes and served on white or wheatberry bread, then smothered brown gravy. Marbled ribeye is a local favorite. The delicious cooked-to-order steak pairs perfectly with any of Pine Mountain Grill’s hearty sides.



Salyer House Bed & Breakfast

Oven Fork Mercantile

Locally owned and operated

Antiques, crafts, and vintage clothes

126 Hayes St. Whitesburg, KY

8494 Highway 119 South Whitesburg, KY





Outdoor Attractions Find your next adventure in LETCHER County Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail

Fish Pond Lake Located on 895 acres at Little Laurel Park at Payne Gap, Fishpond Lake offers plenty of fishing, access to the Roger Breeding ATV trailhead, an RV park, primitive camping, and boating. It’s the perfect place to spend the day with family and friends.

This unique linear state park, with trail heads accessible in several counties, spans 120 miles from the Breaks Interstate Park in Pike County’s Elkhorn City to the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. The Highlands portion of the trail stretches 14 miles from U.S. 119 in Letcher County to U.S. 23. Portions of this trail follow the ridge of Pine Mountain and lead hikers to mountain treasures, like the famous Eagle Arch, Eagles Nest and Chained Rock. Work is being done to connect this trail to the Great Eastern Trail, which spans through several states.

Pioneer Horse Trail This trail follows the ridge of Pine Mountain between Whitesburg and Cumberland, spanning 25 miles. Parking is available near the Rt. 1679 junction on U.S. 119.

Little Shepherd Trail Made famous by the book “Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come” by John Fox Jr., this paved trail runs 17 miles from the top of Pine Mountain and follows the mountain ridge to the Harlan County line. It’s accessible from U.S. 119 at the top of Pine Mountain — where the Highlands Portion of the Pine Mountain Trail and the 4,849-acre Hensley-Pine Mountain Wildlife Management Area is also accessible. Vehicles are permitted on the Little Shepherd Trail. 84


Roger Breeding ATV Trail Located at Fishpond Lake in Payne Gap, this trail system offers 25 miles for riding, and c a m ping is a lso ava ila ble in t he area .

Bad Branch Falls State Nature Preserve This 2,639-acre nature preserve, located on Hwy. 932, offers a mile-long hike through the Bad Branch Gorge. This area provides access to the Pine Mountain Trail, and the short one-mile hike along the gorge will take visitors to Bad Branch Falls, a 60-foot waterfall on Pine Mountain. A seven-mile hike in this area takes visitors to High Rock, a huge sandstone located at the top of the mountain with an elevation of 3,000 feet.

Lilley Cornett Woods Raven Rock Golf Course One of the region’s most challenging golf courses, Raven Rock offers an elevated, 18hole course with mountaintop views. It has a clubhouse, driving range, and a full service restaurant and banquet facility.

A registered national landmark, Lilley Cornett Woods is the largest old growth forest in this part of Kentucky. Eastern Kentucky University uses this 554-acre forest as a research station and living natural history museum. Guided tours are available.

Riverside Park Located just off U.S. 23 in Whitesburg, Riverside Park is a favorite local gathering place for Letcher County residents. Several events and festivals are held there throughout the year. It features a walking track, playground, a stage, picnic shelters, and other amenities. Visitors have easy access to the river at this park.

Ernest Cook Memorial Park Located just off Hwy. 15 in Whitesburg, this park offers softball fields and space for little league baseball and T-ball.

Pound Gap People travel from all over the U.S. to view Letcher County’s Pound Gap cut through, located south of Jenkins on the Ky./Va. border. This area was the first designated “Distinguished Geologic Site” in Kentucky. A fault bisects the mountain and the opening made by weather and erosion made it easier for early pioneers to travel through. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


Welcome to





PIKE COUNTY Pike County is nothing if not innovative. From its inception, the county established itself as the business hub of the Southeastern Kentucky region. Pike County residents are equally rich in history and progressivism. Arts, culture, and heritage are prioritized and venerated across the expansive landscape. Individual communities forge working partnerships to elevate specific strengths. Like all of the southeastern Kentucky region and much of Central Appalachia, Pike County is known for the beautiful mountains that ensconce each town. The county has a total area of 789 square miles, of which 787 square miles is land and 1.8 square miles is water. Pike County is the largest county by area and the eastern most county in the state. For more than a generation, Elkhorn City has been known as the Gateway to the Breaks Interstate Park. Spanning portions of Pike County and neighboring Virginia, the park is home to several attractions including a water park, lodging, campgrounds, mountain climbing, horseback riding, educational events, hiking trails, special events and more. Elkhorn City is perhaps most famous for whitewater rafting, gaining international attention for its impressive opportunities to shoot the rapids. With nearly 250 days a year deemed “boatable” by those in the industry, and multiple class rapids for every skill level, Elkhorn City has firmly established itself in the adventure tourism category. Guests and residents alike also enjoy Artists Collaborative Theater (ACT) in Elkhorn City. A small, community based theater with fantastic productions and talented casts, ACT has attracted the attention of the greater region. Pikeville, the county seat, hosts numerous attractions. Downtown Pikeville, under the direction of the Main Street Program, has been revitalized in recent years. The thriving downtown district features free, weekly events throughout the summer including Main Street Live, which includes live music, food, drinks and shaded seating. Muscle on Main, another program 88


hosted by the city, showcases a cruise-in and thrilling drag races. The Eastern Kentucky Exposition Center plays a significant role in the region, boasting an impressive 7,000-seat arena and providing a venue for national performance artists to entertain. Jenny Wiley Theater opened a comfortable 200-seat main stage theater as an accompaniment to their Prestonsburg amphitheater location. A growing number of shopping and restaurant options continue to thrive in the district. Outside of downtown, Pikeville has embraced adventure tourism in accordance with the greater central Appalachian region. The city’s Zip, Paddle and Saddle attraction combines ziplining through wooded mountains, horseback riding scenic trails with spectacular views and kayaking on the serene Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River. Home to America’s most famous feud, Pike County also hosts Hatfield and McCoy tours. The centuries old feud made national headlines when members from rival families became embroiled in a violent dispute that spanned decades. The feud has long since ended, but national interest has never waned. A restaurant occupies the former home of patriarch Randall McCoy, and a local graveyard, Dils Cemetery - coincidentally the first integrated cemetery in the area - is where Randall McCoy, his wife, and several family members are laid to rest. The cemetery is open to the public. Driving tours take guests through the history of the feud, including parts of neighboring West Virginia, home of the Hatfields. Healthcare, mining and retail are the leading economic forces in Pike County. Home to Pikeville Medical Center, a state-of-the-art facility that employs more than 3,000 locals, the region continues to diversify. Retail is an ever expanding enterprise as the area continues to gain interest among franchisees and investors looking to capitalize on the region’s impressive growth and development. Pike County embraces its past and present. As the region pays homage to its roots, it simultaneously seeks to better the future of Southeast Kentucky and greater Central Appalachia. A deep respect for heritage and culture is part of the Southeast Kentucky way of life, but innovation is what has allowed the region to survive despite obstacles. The desire to create is deeply embedded in the Appalachian spirit, and that facet of Pike County shines in the entrepreneurial spirit of its inhabitants. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


Annual Festivals

Hatfield-McCoy Heritage Days Festival The popularity of the Hatfield-McCoy feud, a decades-long blood feud between families living in Pike County and Mingo County, W.Va., following the Civil War, sparked the creation of the Hatfield-McCoy Heritage Days Festival, held Labor Day weekend in downtown Pikeville. This event features something for everybody, including live entertainment, arts and crafts, craft demonstrations, a paintball tournament between the Hatfields and McCoys, the annual “Ruff, Tuff, Cuss” obstacle course race, and other activities.

Hillbilly Days Festival

Apple Blossom Festival

Pike County is home to the state’s second largest festival, the Hillbilly Days Festival, which is held in April in downtown Pikeville. Founded by Shriners Howard “Dirty Ears” Stratton and the late “Shady” Grady Kinney and coordinated by the Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce with assistance from the city of Pikeville, Pike County, and numerous organizations and businesses, this festival attracts more than 150,000 people to Pikeville every spring. With more than 300 vendors, this festival features plenty of food, arts, crafts, a large carnival, a parade, a quilt show, activities for children, live music on several stages and, best of all, hundreds of hillbillies, who travel from all over the country just to be a part of it. Hillbilly Days serves as a fundraiser for the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. Shriner hillbillies sell their wares and collect donations that are given to the hospital, and portions of proceeds from vendor booth sales and other activities, like the annual “Run for the Children,” are also donated. It truly is a festival with a heart.

It wouldn’t be spring without the annual Apple Blossom Festival in Elkhorn City. The Whitewater Shrine Club hosts this festival every May to celebrate the community and raise funds for Shriners Hospitals for Children. Visitors can expect to find plenty of live music, inflatables, Shriner train rides, food and craft vendors, a parade, and other activities. The Elkhorn City Woman’s Club also hosts a pancake breakfast on the morning of the parade.



Kiwanis Fall Festival The Kiwanis Club of Pikeville, the Kiwanis Club of Coal Run, and affiliated KEY Clubs from local schools host the Kiwanis Fall Festival in downtown Pikeville every October. This event features hay rides, scavenger hunts, a pumpkin patch, and various activities. This is the Kiwanis Club’s biggest annual fundraiser that helps the Kiwanis continue services to local youth and communities.







Landmark Hotel

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Bank 253 in downtown Pikeville less wings are also local favoroffers a perfect mix of delicious food and lively nighttime entertainment, firmly establishing itself as a local hotspot. The restaurant offers bar seating, booths and table tops. The outdoor covered patio is an excellent place to enjoy nicer weather. Ambient lighting, assisted by large windows and skylights facilitate a cozy atmosphere. The staff is friendly, attentive, accommodating and knowledgeable. Though the atmosphere and staff are superior, the delicious food is the main attraction. The menu features an eclectic mix of familiar favorites and adventurous cuisine. Start with seared Ahi Tuna atop a bed of sesame, soy, carrot salad with avocado puree, or Bank’s famous nachos. Bone-in and bone-



ites. Among the meal options are garden fresh salads featuring a variety of quality ingredients. Made to order burgers, sandwiches and tacos fill out a sizable portion of the menu. Featured entrees include salmon, meatloaf, French quarter pasta, and a 14 oz. ribeye among others. Daily specials are available for featured drinks, appetizers and entrees. The bar features a rotation of craft beer available on tap, domestic beers, expertly crafted cocktails, and a selection of wine. Live music is available most AN ECLECTIC MIX weekends.



CONSISTENT QUALITY AND DELICIOUS MENU Roasted Coffee and Cafe is like the “Roasted egg white

the only full-service coffeehouse in Pikeville, Kentucky. The business opened in 2014, serving delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner fare along with the freshest coffee, teas and non-caffeinated specialty drinks. The business was such a success that a second location in the Weddington Plaza of Coal Run was opened to meet demand. Breakfast items include favorites

croissant” featuring fried egg whites, white cheddar cheese, and savory sundried pesto served on a flakey, buttery croissant. Doughnuts are made fresh in store and have a tremendous fan following. Delicious scones, muffins, brownies, pies, cakes and other baked goods offer the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of fragrant coffee. Hot and cold sandwiches along with hearty

soups like lobster bisque and cheddar broccoli offer customers filling meal options in ample portions. The helpful staff and experienced baristas prepare all food and drinks to order. Seating is comfortable and informal, providing an opportunity for mingling, working, or reading while dining or enjoying a refreshing coffee. Locals have come to rely on Roasted for their consistent quality and delicious menu.



The LM Restaurant in the trees range from thick-cut steaks Landmark Hotel in downtown Pikeville may be best known for their Sunday brunch buffet. With the area’s largest salad bar, a traditional country breakfast line with bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits and more, and entrees like chicken ‘n dumplings, meat loaf or fried catfish, nobody ever leaves hungry. A build-your-own omelet station as well as a customizable Belgian waffle stand round out the offerings, but no visit is complete without sampling a melt-in-your-mouth home-baked pie or the LM’s famous banana pudding. The LM is a favorite place for work day lunches, with the salad bar as well as a hot bar ready to get you in and out in less than an hour. Those who want to dine a little more leisurely may order off the menu as well. Dinners at the LM should start with one of their famous appetizers, maybe bacon wrapped water chestnuts or deep fried banana peppers. En-

and seafood to good old-fashioned pinto beans and cornbread. There is truly something to satisfy every appetite at the LM Restaurant. Don’t forget to try their unique peanut butter pie – some locals have been known to shed a tear when it runs out! A full service bar, the Fifth Bar, is just upstairs serving custom libations, draft beers and delicious wines right to your table.



Pig in a Poke has a long standing history as a




Southeastern Kentucky favorite! Their delicious slowcooked barbecue has received wide praise and much fanfare. This is real barbecue, prepared by folks who truly know and love their craft. All meats are slow smoked over authentic hickory, creating the distinctly savory flavor that all barbecue lovers crave. The brisket, a particular favorite, is slowly smoked for more than 12 hours. The tender meat can be served on a dusted Kaiser roll, alone or topped on a loaded, baked potato. Baby back ribs, smoked chicken, pulled pork, and sirloin are also favorites. Sandwich options even include grilled Portobello caps, deep fried turkey, and thick cut, grilled bologna, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and served on soft white bread. Appetizers include a host of breaded and fried favorites. The deep fried pickles are perfectly fried and pair well with every meal option. The bar serves a variety of tap beers, cocktails and wine. The restaurant is very family friendly, with menu options and portions created specifically for children. Pig in a Poke is a great place to gather, eat, celebrate or relax on the covered back patio with a scenic view of the Big Sandy River. With convenient locations in Pikeville, Prestonsburg and Hindman, this locally owned and operated restaurant chain is making a major impact throughout the region.

Outdoor Attractions Find your next adventure in PIKE County

Russell Fork River A designated Kentucky Blue Water Trail, the Russell Fork is what Kentucky Afield Magazine characterized as “one mean, determined stream.” It stretches 16 miles from Haysi, Virginia, to Elkhorn City and offers majestic views of rock formations through Pine Mountain. The river carved a canyon through the mountain that is over five miles long and 1,600 feet deep — the largest canyon east of the Mississippi River. The river, lined with huge boulders, offers some of the most challenging whitewater rapids in the southeastern part of the country. The U.S.A. Wildwater Team Trials have been held on this river several times, bringing kayakers from all over the world to the Breaks Park and Elkhorn City. Whitewater events, including the well-known “Lord of the Fork” race, are held on the Russell Fork every week in October.

Grants Branch Park This man-made lake in Stone features more than 11 acres of water for fishing and boating, shelters, a cabin, a nature trail, and a handicapped-accessible fishing pier. 100


Pike County Horse Trail This trail system, formerly known as the South Lake Horse Trail System at Lick Creek, offers a campground and picnic area. Annual rides are held on this non-motorized trail system.

Breaks Interstate Park The 4,600-acre joint state park, created between Kentucky and Virginia in 1954, offers lake-side cabins, lodge rooms, cottages, camping sites, a conference center, an amphitheater, 25 miles of hiking trails, 12 miles of biking trails, a visitor’s center, the Splash in the Park waterpark, and, among many other amenities, the Rhododendron

Restaurant. Known as the “Grand Canyon of the South,” the Breaks is one of only two interstate parks in America, and it was named because of the break in Pine Mountain, which was created by the Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River. Park officials host numerous events throughout the year, including three-day music events, guided hiking tours, heritage demonstrations, and other activities.

Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail

Hatfield-McCoy River Trails

This unique linear state park links Pike County with Letcher County along what’s called the Birch Knob Section of the 120-mile Pine Mountain Trail. It spans about 28 miles through the mountain, offering scenic views and shelter areas from Pike County to Letcher County. It’s accessible from Carson Island in Elkhorn City. Work is being done to connect this trail to the Great Eastern Trail, which spans several states.

Visitors can enjoy kayaking, canoeing and tubing on guided and unguided routes of the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River right in the heart of Pikeville. Hatfield-McCoy River Trails offers kayak, canoe and tube rentals, and this section of river is family-friendly. Shuttle services are available at Thompson Road River Access, behind Texas Roadhouse.

Pikeville-Cut Thru This engineering marvel was dubbed “the eighth wonder of the world” by the New York Times when it was constructed in the 1970s and 1980s. Created to ease flooding issues in the city, this project required the removal of 18 million cubic yards of rock from Peach Orchard Mountain. That debris was used as fill, creating 400 acres of developable land. The project also created a channel through which the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River flows. The overlook area features numerous picnic shelters and other amenities for visitors.

Bob Amos Horse Trail

White Lightning Zip Line On this tour, adventureseekers sail through eight zip lines that zig-zag down the side of the mountain at Bob Amos. Safety equipment is provided and some age and weight restrictions apply.

Spanning more than two miles on the mountain at Bob Amos, this scenic trail is strategically located near Dreamz Stables, which offers boarding services, guided trail rides, pony rides, and other services.

TransAmerica Bike Trail Elkhorn City is home to part of the TransAmerica Bike Trail, a 41,399-mile route that begins in Oregon on the Pacific coast and travels through Elkhorn City and into Virginia, where it meets the Atlantic coast. Hundreds of people from all over the country travel through Elkhorn City on this route, Bicycle Route 76. There are 700 miles of this bike trail in Kentucky. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


Sandy Area Geocachers are among the throngs of GPS-wielding treasure hunters who regularly enjoy this geotrail, which also stretches through neighboring Mingo County, W.Va. A geotrail event is held during Labor Day weekend, and there’s also an ATV Geotrail nearby.

Fishtrap Lake State Park

Other Bob Amos attractions

Spanning 1,131 acres, Fishtrap Lake features the highest dam in Eastern Kentucky. The park offers scenic views, boating, skiing, hiking, fishing, camping, horseback riding, and other adventures. Archaeologists discovered 33 prehistoric Native American sites at Fishtrap. More than 65,000 artifacts were uncovered, and some of them are on display in Pikeville.

In addition to horse trails, zip lining and other activities, Bob Amos Park is home to an RV Park and the Pikeville Area YMCA, which operates a paintball facility and numerous indoor exercise rooms and programs, ball courts, and other amenities. Visitors may also enjoy the Randy Jones Memorial Playground, an all-accessible playground that was specially built for children with all types of physical challenges. Bob Amos also offers tennis courts, soccer fields, walking trails and tracks, a dog park, and other attractions.

Elk Run Golf Course

Hatfield McCoy Geotrail

Green Meadow Country Club

Geocachers can enjoy a scenic adventure that offers hundreds of caches in several locations, stretching from historic downtown areas affiliated with the Hatfield-McCoy Feud to wilderness areas. The Big


ENRICH YOUR SUMMER (276) 865-4413 |



This 18-hole public golf course, recently named in honor of founder Jack Sykes, offers scenic views, a pro shop and snack bar, as well as a practice green on Lower John’s Creek Rd. in Pikeville.

Located on North Mayo Trail, just off U.S. 23 in Pikeville, this private country club offers a Par 70 Golf Course, swimming pool and full service dining and catering.





HOMES IN THE HILLS Southeast Kentucky is a wonderful place to live. Well established businessess and burgeoning new industry along with a distinct culture and lifestyle contribute to what makes this area so desirable. The real estate industry is booming across the region. Housing options are as diverse as anywhere in the nation. Waterfront, mountain view, suburban, rural, those in the market for a home or investment opportunity have abundant choices in Southeastern Kentucky. Elegant bathrooms, state-of-the-art kitchens, rustic porches, swimming pools or expansive yards are available throughout the region. Everything from 10-room mansions to the newly popular “tiny home” is available. The dense mountains that the area is so famous for make real estate a hot commodity. The expert real estate agents in the region are perfectly suited to assisting transplants in understanding the intricacies of buying and selling a home central Appalachia.


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Young families love the area and all that it offers. Each county offers uniquely different opportunities and advantages, though it is not uncommon for a person to choose residence in one area and commute to work in a neighboring county. Single people and young or mature couples also find tremendous value in the region. Investment opportunities abound; however, the market for investment property is competitive. Locals and relocators alike have shown a growing interest in rental property. Throughout the region, single family homes, multi-family dwellings, apartment complexes and condos are available for rent. Real estate agents specialize in assisting interested parties in finding the right place to call “home.” Homebuying and selling can be a daunting process, but the collective experience of local real estate agents make the experience a smooth transition.



GROWING A Looking to Kentucky’s past for future development With efforts under way to ignite Eastern Kentucky’s economy through diversification, one tactic garnering attention on both local and statewide levels draws from the state’s agricultural past to shape its future. One project in Pike County is putting Eastern Kentucky at the epicenter of renewal.

at the forefront of the charge, investing in the infrastructure needed to make the crop successful.

Patriot Bioenergy has an agreement with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Hemp Program to conduct research on the crop. And in February 2017, the company took its boldest step in facilitating that Kentucky has a rich heritage in the field of industrial project, breaking ground on a 120,000-square-foot hemp, with the state’s first crop traced to pre-Rev- greenhouse dedicated solely to industrial hemp. olutionary 1775. The state was the world’s leading producer of the crop throughout the 19th and early “We are excited about growing operations begin20th centuries. But beginning during World War I, ning this spring in Pike County,” said Patriot Biothe crop fell into decline as state agricultural pro- energy CEO Roger Ford. "We continue our plans for ducers turned to a new cash crop – tobacco – and processing operations in Pikeville later this year. industrial buyers increasingly turned to synthetic The bottom line is for our homegrown company to materials as a replacement for hemp. create homegrown jobs, with a primary focus on hiring displaced coal miners and veterans. We are That began to change in 2013, when the state legis- focused on building a long-term biomass industry lature passed Senate Bill 50, which allowed for the reintroduction of the crop for research purposes. That was quickly followed by Congressional action in the 2014 Farm Bill, which gave federal blessing for the project. Now, Kentucky is one of nine states looking at reintroducing the crop, and the state has reaffirmed its position as a leader in the endeavor, boasting the largest crop to date. Having grown the plant on just 33 acres in 2014, growth has soared, with nearly 13,000 acres planted in 2017. Hemp is now being grown in half of the state’s 120 counties, including Pike, Floyd, Knott, Magoffin and Breathitt counties. While the reintroduction of hemp remains a research project of the state’s universities, Eastern Kentucky is beginning to lead the way. And one company is 112


NEW ECONOMY in the heart of Appalachia that are interested in growing other gives us economic diversity and specific biomass crops. prosperity." Patriot sees potential in the deFord said the company plans to velopment of the hemp industry. invest $15 million over the first The company is working to devel24 months of the project, creat- op the crop for use in the thermal ing as many as 50 jobs. He says conversion of hemp for use in biothe focus is on helping the local energy products, nanotechnology, and industrial composites, as economy. well as the processing of hemp “Local investment, local hiring extract- and oil-based products. and using local contractors on Based in Pikeville, Patriot Bioour construction, so hopefully energy is part of REAC Group of it circulates money in the local Pittsburgh. economy,” Ford said. Supporters of industrial hemp say And the action is not all centered Kentucky’s leadership position in on the greenhouse. The company reintroducing the crop is a good is also looking for others through- sign for the state. While growout southeastern Kentucky who ing the crop could provide some much-needed money and jobs for the state, even more money can

be found in processing the raw material into value-added products. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture estimates that the market for industrial hemp extends to over 25,000 products. For that reason, Patriot Bioenergy is working to create the processing infrastructure needed to maximize the crop’s potential. The company is also continuing to take the necessary steps to apply for economic development incentives for processing in Kentucky and to develop agreements for white labeling hemp-based products through Southern Hemp Company and other retail brands. Public understanding of the potential for industrial hemp is growing. Once shunned because



of its resemblance to its illicit cousin, marijuana, more people are beginning to realize that support for industrial hemp does not automatically translate into unwitting support for cannabis. Instead, it means jobs and money. The reason for excitement about the potential for industrial hemp can be found in the global market for the plant. Currently, the United States is the only industrialized nation that continues to restrict the crop. Worldwide, the market for hemp exceeds 60,000 tons. Canadian exports of hemp exceeded $10 million, with most of that money coming from the United States.

groundbreaking for the greenhouse.

“If you look around, you’ve got the Pike County Attorney here supporting it,” Jones said. “You’ve got the Pike County Sheriff, several members of the sheriff’s department here supporting it. And I think Experts see a potential market for hemp-based it’s something the community can rally around, beproducts of over $300 million in the United States cause of the importance of creating jobs and exalone. panding our agriculture base.” State Sen. Ray Jones says support for the crop was For now, industrial hemp remains a research crop evident by the number of officials who attended the in Kentucky.





Logan Corporation Announcement with Governor Bevin

ONE EAST KENTUCKY A Strategy for Success


By Chuck Sexton

In 2014, the International Economic Development Council sent a team to East Kentucky to assist the leadership of the region in developing an economic development plan. The team recommended a professionally staffed regional organization, a new entity, with a primary focus on the recruitment of new industry. They also recommended that the organization be 100% privately funded and located centrally within the nine county region. Howard Benson of National Community Development Services was retained to develop the plan for this organization and assist in finding the appropriate executive with the experience to lead a regional effort of nine counties. An initial plan-of-work was developed to determine necessary funding. In June of 2015, it was announced that Chuck Sexton, a Kentucky native and experienced economic development professional, had been chosen as the President/CEO of One East Kentucky. Sexton immediately relocated to Pikeville and began developing a strategic plan to diversify the “Coal Fields” region of Kentucky.


Economic Development. A phrase that means something different, and a practice that varies, for each of the 20,000 plus communities in the United States that compete in the art of economic diversification. In East Kentucky, the practice of Economic Development had been attempted before, sometimes on a local level, and at other times with assistance from the state. During those times, the coal industry ruled the landscape and in some instances, deterred the location of industry who would need to compete for workers. Fast-forward to today, the coal industry has been decimated by a combination of government regulations on the power industry and a major shift in market conditions due to low-cost natural gas. The result has been more than 10,000 job losses in the Appalachian region of Kentucky with closures of not only mining operations, but the companies who supported them. As the unthinkable approached, the BUILDING THE FOUNDATION Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce brought together a group of regional chamber executives, The first year of One East Kentucky’s existence was business leaders and community-minded individuals devoted to foundation building activities. Funding was of high-importance, as the strategic plan called for to find a solution. 116


Paris Air Show

aggressive recruitment of industry across the United States and Canada, as well as future international marketing trips, attendance at industry conferences, marketing development, cluster analysis and much more. The most overwhelming need was for a thorough understanding of the laid-off coal mining workforce, and the first large-scale, multi-partner project was initiated. Dubbed East Kentucky Works, the 27-county workforce study conducted by Boyette Strategic Advisors with assistance by EKCEP was an enormous ninemonth undertaking. However, the information from the study was invaluable and provided the road map for subsequent strategies, target industries, national ad campaigns and project identification. The study found that the mining workforce was highly-skilled, mechanically inclined and held a broad range of skillsets easily transferrable to Automotive and Aerospace manufacturing.

REGIONALISM WORKS With a new regional approach and partnerships active, One East Kentucky assisted Logan Corporation with identifying a new facility for their growing manufacturing business, and prevented the company

from leaving the region. Logan Corporation’s new facility reused a vacated manufacturing operation in Salyersville and their staff has grown from 15 to over 70 full-time workers. Logan plans to have 120 employees on staff in the next few years. Working together as a team on a regional level was key to saving this relationship and putting the right deal in place for them to grow. The team that secured their investment included Governor Matt Bevin, the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, Big Sandy Regional Industrial Authority, and the City of Salyersville.

LASER FOCUS Logan Corp’s announcement gave more fuel to the business case being developed by One East Kentucky for other manufacturers to locate in the region. In July of 2016, the organization had begun aggressively recruiting new companies across the country and focused intently on Kentucky’s increasing presence in the Aerospace Industry. Sexton reached out to consultants Robert Ingram and Richard “Tucson” Roberts, who had recently developed a certification program called AeroReady. The certification process

Chuck Sexton

scrutinized a community or region’s ability to attract and retain aviation and aeronautics manufacturers as well as maintenance firms. These industries lined up with many of the uncovered skillsets from East Kentucky Works and were clustered heavily within 250 miles of the region. After a four month study of the nine county region, Ingram and Roberts held a press conference to officially certify One East Kentucky as the first region to obtain AeroReady status. The concentration of skilled workers, available industrial real estate, proximity to the aerospace corridor, regional airports and educational opportunities at Morehead State University’s Space Science Center, Big Sandy and Hazard Community & Technical College, and the newly created East Kentucky Advanced Manufacturing Institute in Paintsville were all critical components to the certification. The consultants recommended that One East Kentucky attend the upcoming Paris Air Show in June of 2017, and so the organization shifted the already planned international recruitment mission to the show at Le Bourget in France and target aerospace executives. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY




With a solid foundation and business case for the region, One East Kentucky was poised to blanket the marketplace with the advantages for new industries to diversify Appalachia, with the message of “Available. Skilled. Workforce” leading the way. One East Kentucky met with over 100 executives face-to-face from August 2016 to June of 2017, filling the pipeline with over 5,000 potential new jobs of companies now considering a location within the region. One East Kentucky also began closely partnering with Ashland Alliance, who also received AeroReady Certification. The two organizations, along with AEP Kentucky Power, created the Aerospace Alliance of East Kentucky to compete with other regions, like the Gulf Coast Alliance.

A massive amount of activity has occurred, with some exciting results so far in the initial five-year strategy. When this process began, it was hard to imagine that just 24 months later, east Kentucky would be in a position to compete for advanced manufacturing jobs at the largest aerospace industry gathering in the world. However, this is only the beginning. The organization has plans to increase the annual private funding amount, currently supported by nearly 40 businesses, in order to implement new efforts for diversification. One East Kentucky’s strategies will continue to grow and keep the team on the road, sharing the business case for new industry to locate in the region with the goal of elevating the communities, businesses, and most importantly, the people of our region.

Soon after, Braidy Industries selected Ashland as the location of their $1.3 billion Aluminum Rolling Mill. Not only would this provide 550 permanent jobs, but CEO of Braidy Industries, Craig Bouchard, was passionate about assisting the further growth of Aerospace in the region. In early June of 2017, Thoroughbred Aviation chose Martin County for their newest maintenance facility. The company performs body work and avionics maintenance on Bell helicopters as well as fixed wing aircraft. With these announcements, the newly formed partnership and the commitment of Governor Matt Bevin, One East Kentucky, Ashland Alliance, AEP Kentucky Power and a team from Braidy Industries descended upon the Paris Air Show in the summer of 2017. For the first time, east Kentucky was sharing its message with an international audience of aerospace executives.

Paris Air Show 118


AeroReady Announcement

Boyette with Workers







Nationally Ranked



















t the University of Pikeville we empower students to understand their calling in life, pursue that call with passion and graduate with the skills to live well in their chosen professions. The future of our region is becoming brighter through the development of successful learners and leaders. The university’s caring, family-oriented atmosphere transcends the classroom and permeates campus. As a family, we believe in supporting our students as they lead meaningful lives not only through education, but also by serving others. With hearts and minds focused on service, students participate in projects ranging from stocking local food pantries, to medical mission trips, to building a school in Jacmel, Haiti. UPIKE also serves as an effective resource for the regional business community. Working with businesses to fulfill employment needs and hosting an entrepreneurship lecture series and workshops on campus are only a few ways in which UPIKE offers valuable support. By collaborating with the Kentucky Innovation Network’s Pikeville office, UPIKE’s Coleman College of Business provides entrepreneurship opportunities throughout the community including a biannual Startup Challenge and business competitions in area high schools. Undergraduate and graduate students at UPIKE have an opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial WWW.UPIKE.EDU




mindset and explore ways to incorporate idea development into their chosen fields of study, a process that is complementary to the liberal arts. Students have experienced success at national and international business competitions where they pitched ideas that could be implemented in Central Appalachia. Approximately half of our undergraduate students balance the roles of full-time student and full-time athlete. As members of the NAIA’s Champions of Character initiative, our student-athletes embrace the core values of integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and servant leadership. UPIKE is adding athletic programs that take advantage of its idyllic location. Beginning in fall 2017, archery will become the university’s 22nd varsity sport. UPIKE is led by dynamic and innovative administrators who work with the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff to enhance the student experience. Significant investments are being made in residence halls, academic programs and student services. Once students and parents walk through our safe community, once they see our state-ofthe-art education facilities, and once they sit in the shade of our beautiful mountains they will agree that it is an exciting time to be part of the UPIKE family.



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At UPIKE we concentrate our attention on engaging and empowering students to be successful learners and leaders. We offer an intentionally designed curriculum in the arts and sciences in combination with one of more than 20 scholastic majors. Taken together, these courses and experiences are designed to form students into responsible and ethical leaders for the 21st century. In an effort to help more people reach their aspirations of pursuing higher education, UPIKE offers learning models that are beneficial for traditional and nontraditional students. Beginning in fall 2017, registered nurses working full time will have an opportunity to complete their RN-BSN coursework fully online. As our online programming expands, we will select programs of study that fit well within the online format while continuing to offer face-to-face courses for topics and majors that do not lend themselves well to online learning. Our graduate programs help students excel in their chosen professions. UPIKE offers a master of business administration degree and a teacher leader master of arts in education degree. Designed with working professionals in mind, both programs allow students to balance careers and education. As they are presently designed, each of these programs is offered as a blend of face-to-face and online instruction. What comes next? We are always planning.

For 20 years the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine (KYCOM) has been keeping the promise it made to improve access to healthcare in Central Appalachia. Since the medical school’s founding in 1997, more than 1,000 alumni are practicing medicine in nearly every state, with 76 percent serving in primary care. The college of medicine has consistently earned national recognition among its peers. KYCOM has earned high marks in rural medicine, ranking seventh among all medical schools in the nation, both D.O. and M.D., in U.S. News & World Report’s 2018 rankings of Best Graduate Schools. The highest-ranking D.O. school, KYCOM ranked 12th in family medicine and second in the percentage of graduates who enter primary care residencies. KYCOM’s mission focuses on producing the highest quality osteopathic physicians to practice primary care in the rural and underserved areas of Central Appalachia and Kentucky. While this does not indicate that all graduates enter primary care specialties, it does mean our curriculum emphasizes primary care education. To further assist in meeting the community’s healthcare needs, KYCOM offers an on-site clinic.

The Kentucky College of Optometry (KYCO) is the only optometry college in Kentucky and reflects UPIKE’s mission of service and our approach to strategic initiatives. Founded on the same model as the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine, KYCO provides eye care for the underserved in Central Appalachia and other rural areas of the country. Kentucky is one of three states that allows optometrists to perform certain surgeries related to primary optometric care in their offices, which helps improve access to vision care in rural populations. In service to the community, KYCO provides free eye screenings in local K-12 schools. The college of optometry provides young adults the opportunity to build their careers close to home and earn their professional degree at the most technologically advanced college of optometry in the country. KYCO is housed in the Health Professions Education Building, 107,000 square feet of state-of-the-art clinical education laboratories, basic science laboratories and primary care operatories. In addition to providing innovative instruction in optometry, KYCO’s curriculum contains a unique leadership component. Courses address leadership in health care, personal and spiritual wellbeing and professional development, giving students valuable tools to succeed professionally and personally.

From the President Dr. Burton J. Webb If the University of Pikeville could focus on only one thing, what would it be? This question haunts my days and causes me to stare, sleepless, at the ceiling at night. There are so many competing priorities that we have as a university - teaching, research, athletics, fundraising, student development, community relations, business creation and fiscal responsibility - just to name a few. I am deeply involved in each of these things. I have been thinking increasingly about institutional priorities and have come to a personal realization. At the center of everything we do is hope. Education is in the business of hope, and hope is embodied in the students we teach. More than anything, the region, our local communities, and parents hope for one thing - they hope our students will be successful. They invest both their money and their time in ensuring that our students will have the best possible chance for achieving success. Their hope must be our goal, or something is seriously misaligned. We dare not fail; the results would be too devastating. Appalachia needs people who have been successfully educated. Every ill that affects us - poverty, diabetes, blindness, unemployment and drug addiction - can be improved as educated students become successful, educated adults. Therefore, we will concentrate all of our efforts on empowering our students to become successful learners and leaders. For it is in the lives of our students that hope is fulfilled. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


Training THE Workforce OF


A N D Tomorrow

BIG SANDY COMMUNITY AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE Training the workforce of today and tomorrow Big Sandy Community and Technical College has served Pike, Floyd, Johnson, Martin and Magoffin counties for more than 75 years. The college has four convenient campus locations in Prestonsburg, Pikeville, Mayo (Paintsville) and Hager Hill and serves more than 10,000 students annually in credit, non-credit, community education and workforce training. “We feel that it is important to keep higher education and workforce training affordable and accessible to the Big Sandy region,” said Myra Elliott, chief academic officer at Big Sandy Community

and Technical College. “This is important not only to students, but also to the community and economic development efforts going on across eastern Kentucky.” Big Sandy Community and Technical College offers 30 programs and more than 200 industry-leading credentials. The college was the first in Kentucky to offer a Broadband Technology associate degree program. “It is important to build the human capital necessary to build and maintain the digital infrastructure coming to our region,” said Kelli Hall Chaney, dean of career

ABOVE: Prestonsburg campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College. 1-855-GO-BSCTC Kentucky Community & Technical College System



LEFT: Student Billy Preece is shown in the Electrical Technology laboratory on the Mayo campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College.

RIGHT: Pikeville campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College.

education and workforce development. Three of the college’s campuses (Prestonsburg, Pikeville and Mayo) will serve as distribution points for the Kentucky Information Highway (Kentucky Wired) project. “To create new opportunities for our students, we must remain engaged with employers and prospective employers and be responsive to industry trends and needs.” In January 2017, Big Sandy Community and Technical College launched a business incubator on its Mayo campus, the first of its kind in eastern Kentucky. American Metal Works is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining company that provides services to industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical device and general manufacturing. The college also has created a Healthcare Fast Path program for local hospitals, allowing for students to earn their credentials as a nurses’ aide, pharmacy technician, phlebotomist, as well as classes in medical coding and medical terminology. According to a recent study by Emsi, a CareerBuilder company, Big Sandy Community and Technical College has a $171.7 million impact on its service area. Big Sandy Community and Technical College represents the merging of Prestonsburg Community College and Mayo Technical School in 2003. Mayo Technical School opened in 1938 and Prestonsburg Community College opened in 1964.

PROGRAMS OF STUDY Associate in Arts Associate in Science Air Conditioning Technology Automotive Technology Broadband Technology Business Administration Systems Civil Engineering Technology Collision Repair Technology Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Construction Technology Cosmetology Criminal Justice Dental Assisting/Dental Hygiene Diesel Technology Education Electrical Technology Engineering Technology General Occupational/Technical Studies Health & Wellness Health Science Technology Human Services Industrial Maintenance Technology Information Technology Masonry Medical Information Technology Nursing - ADN Nursing - PN Respiratory Care Surveying and Mapping Technology Visual Communication Welding Technology Workforce Classes EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


PIKEVILLE MEDICAL CENTER Over the past 92 years, Pikeville Medical Center Clinic. Patients can park on the floor of the physi(PMC) has grown from a 50-bed rural hospital to a cian’s office and walk directly into its spacious lob300-bed regional referral center. by. Equipped with 300 exam rooms, the PMC Clinic houses state-of-the-art surgical and endoscopy Since opening its doors on Christmas Day 1924, PMC suites, and pre-operative care and post anesthesia now sits on a sprawling campus with more than 1.2 care units. million square feet under roof. PMC has grown from a small facility that once used its entire staff to per- In partnership with the University of Pikeville Kenform housekeeping and janitorial services, to now tucky College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Uniproviding more than 400 services and employing versity of Pikeville Kentucky College of Optometry, over 3,000 people. PMC assists in training primary care physicians and optometrists. PMC offers residency programs in “Dream big and big things happen” is the leadership family practice medicine, family practice and osteophilosophy of PMC President/CEO Walter E. May. His pathic manipulative medicine, neuro musculoskelestrategic vision to make health care more accessible tal medicine and OMT. PMC also hosts clinical rotato those living in the region has brought services to tions for third and fourth year medical students. In PMC that were once only offered at facilities more 2016, PMC opened an optometry clinic just as the than a two hour drive away. University of Pikeville Kentucky College of Optometry welcomed its inaugural class. The optometry For decades, many trauma victims were transferred clinic gives patients access to quality vision care to distant facilities and valuable treatment time was while providing valuable experience to students. lost. Mr. May and his leadership team understood that where people lived should not determine if they In 2013, Mayo Clinic chose Pikeville Medical Center live. In 2015, PMC proudly became Kentucky’s first to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network. The network and only Level 2 Trauma Center, the closest one to connects PMC providers with Mayo Clinic special425,000 people in the region. More lives are being ists, giving PMC access to the latest Mayo Clinic resaved because of this important service. search, knowledge and expertise. The hospital provides access to major services such as medical oncology, hematology, gynecologic oncology, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, interventional cardiology, pulmonology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, gastroenterology, interventional radiology, infectious disease, nephrology, retina surgery, plastic surgery, hand surgery, otolaryngology, urology and many more.

Over the years, PMC has been recognized as a Best Place to Work on state and national levels by Modern Healthcare Magazine and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. The compassionate care and dedication PMC employees exemplify daily to patients and coworkers is what makes PMC unique.

Pikeville Medical Center can look back on its historic accomplishments with tremendous pride, and looks PMC patients have the convenience of receiving forward to the future with great expectation, as it bemost of their services under one roof in the PMC comes a national leader in health care. 124


Technology, innovation, vision and finance rapidly drive PMC towards being a national leader in health care! PMC Services Include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Anesthesiology Audiology Bariatric Surgery Cardiac Rehabilitation Cardiothoracic Surgery Colorectal Surgery Critical Care Medicine Dermatopathology Electrophysiology Emergency Medicine Facial Trauma and Maxillofacial Surgery Family Medicine Gastroenterology General Cardiology General Surgery

• Gynecological Oncology • Hand Surgery • Hematology • Home Health • Home Medical Equipment • Hospital Medicine • Infectious Disease • Interventional Cardiology • Interventional Radiology • Medical Oncology • Neonatology • Nephrology • Neurology • Neurosurgery

• Obstetrics/ Gynecology • Ophthalmology • Optometry • Orthopedic Surgery • Orthopedic Trauma Surgery • Otolaryngology • Pain Management • Palliative Care • Pathology • Pediatrics • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery • Podiatry

• Pulmonary Rehabilitation • Pulmonology • Radiation Oncology • Retina Surgery • Rheumatology • Sleep Center • Sports Medicine • Trauma Surgery • Urology • Urologic Robotic Surgery • Vascular and Endovascular Surgery • Wound Center

911 Bypass Road, Pikeville, KY • 606-218-3500

APPALSHOP Celebrating local culture & voices



Founded in 1969, Appalshop brings forth new and often unheard voices and visions from the people of Appalachia and rural communities across America and abroad, demonstrating the power of arts and culture to create meaningful social and economic change. Appalshop presents stories that commercial media doesn’t tell, challenges stereotypes, supports grassroots efforts to achieve justice and equity, and celebrates cultural diversity. Musicians, coal miners, fast-food workers, truck drivers, caretakers, prisoners, community activists, students, teachers, and artists continue to create compelling solutions for a better way of life for their families, their communities, and their country. Appalshop amplifies these voices through a variety of media productions, public presentations and educational projects, including film, video, radio, new media, music, theater, and community exchanges. In the mid-80’s Appalshop, convinced that its mission to let mountain people speak for themselves should be expanded, brought to the airwaves of central Appalachia an incredible new voice, 88.7 WMMT-FM. WMMT’s mission is to be a 24-hour voice of mountain people’s music, culture, and social issues to provide broadcast space for creative expression and community involvement in making radio, and to be an active participant in discussion of public policy that will benefit coalfield communities and the Appalachian region as a whole. Located in the heart of the central Appalachian coalfields, Appalshop houses media production and training facilities in film and video, a community radio station, a 150-seat theater, an art gallery, and a regional archive of over 4,000 hours of film, audio recording, and still images. Appalshop contributes more than $1,500,000 to the local economy each year through salaries and programming. Appalshop was honored to be part of the 2017 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Top 100 SHAPING THE FUTURE OF CULTURE list! Appalshop is a private, non-profit organization supported with funds from public agencies, foundations, corporations, and many individuals – like you.



years of magic. For the last half-century, Jenny Wiley Theatre has been a bastion for the arts in central Appalachia and has transported audience members from all walks of life to fantastic worlds of which they have only dreamed. We want to take the time to say thank you to our community, which has sponsored and sustained this little gem for so long. Without you, not only would our hard work be impossible, but there would be no reason to do it at all. So, with our heartfelt thanks, we invite you to join us at one (or more!) of our productions this season. Grab some popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

A Chorus Line, 2008

Feud 3, 2015

Mary Poppins, 2016

Pinkalicious, 2015

Jenny Wiley Theatre’s mission is to enhance the quality of life in eastern Kentucky by providing professional theatre and exceptional educational opportunities in the performing arts. For over fifty years, audiences have enjoyed JWT’s staging of Broadway musicals, classic straight plays, and contemporary original dramas. JWT has both a new indoor theatre in Pikeville, and an amphitheatre space located in the beautiful natural surroundings of Jenny Wiley State Resort Park in Prestonsburg. JWT is one of the nation’s leading regional professional theatres. A local amateur theatre group staged JWT’s first musical, South Pacific, in the summer of 1965, creating a staple for culture and arts every year in eastern Kentucky. JWT has since become a year-round professional theatre with the inauguration of the new Pikeville space in 2014. The Jenny Wiley Drama

Polkadots, 2016

our upcoming fall 2017 season

Association, formed in 1959, had two goals: first, to preserve mountain culture, and second, to bring mainstream theatre arts, such as musicals, plays, and other performing arts showcases, to central Appalachia. True to its original goals, during the past fifty years, JWT has enriched the local community and drawn in tourists by staging both Broadway-style musicals and regional historical dramas, including the stories of Jenny Wiley, herself, and the infamous Hatfield-McCoy feud endemic to the area. JWDA and the City of Pikeville signed an agreement in 2011 allowing the theatre to grow, bringing a new indoor 200-seat theatre to downtown Pikeville. The Pikeville Mainstage allows JWT to operate year-round, expanding cultural arts opportunities in the area, while maintaining the long-standing tradition of professional productions at the Prestonsburg amphitheatre in the summer. A year-round season provides an abundance of opportunities for local children and teens to develop their talents in the dramatic arts through JWT’s Footlights Youth Theatre program. Through the Footlights yearly Mainstage productions and intensive summer camps, students learn both how to perform, and how to work behind the scenes – abilities that they put to use in open performances for the public. Local youths learn lifelong skills through theatre, such as public speaking, collaboration and teamwork, and self-discipline, which will serve them well on any career path. A nonprofit organization, Jenny Wiley Theatre plans to continue to enrich the community by producing excellent theatre sourced from both local and nation-wide talent, and by providing performing arts education outreach that makes a difference in the lives of area youths and the general populace. We invite you to join us for any of our productions this year, and hope you will continue to count us among your family, just as you have for the past halfcentury. n

South Pacific, 2014 Dracula, 2016

social media

The Robber Bridegroom, 2017

Jenny Wiley Theatre @jwtheatre @jwtheatre


Nothing speaks to the start of the summer season like fresh farmers market tomatoes, sliced thick and sprinkled with salt, picked one morning and eaten the next. You can taste the sun in them. They were grown by your neighbors and friends, hand-picked and delivered to your farmers market. Is it really even summer without string beans? Local honey? Peppers and green onions? Your investment in local produce is a donation to economic development. Buying local at your farmers market is more than food. It is a connection to the region’s roots, historically and literally.

the east. I encourage everyone to meet a farmer, buy some fresh produce and put Kentucky Proud on your plate!” Community Farm Alliances Eastern Kentucky “Farm to Table” Coordinator Jann Knappage works with farmers markets on policy, health related issues and economic development. She says the spirit of farmers and producers is incredible. They share ideas and take pride in their communities. “The pride that comes from being in a southeastern Kentucky county or town is pretty prevalent,” said Knappage. “The way folks are producing indicates strong communication and support between the growers. They do not have the easiest landscape to grow in. Coming up with fun, creative ways to garden is pretty impressive.”

Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture, Ryan F. Quarles said, “Farmers markets play a vital economic development role in eastern Kentucky. As the local food movement grows, so does opportunity for local farmers. Today we have farmers mar- Knappage says the region’s farmers markets vary in kets in 112 counties and some of the best are in size and offerings. Locally, there are farmers market 130


Pikeville Farmers Market has existed for nearly ten years, and in September 2016 moved into their new home at 130 Adams Lane in Pikeville. With plenty of parking, a beautiful new pavilion covering the stalls to circumvent too much sun or rain, and a paved area for the vendor booths, this move has brought amazing growth. Pikeville Farmers Market President Joyce Pinson said, “Everybody said that we could never grow a farmers market in Pikeville, but we did.” She’s understandably proud of the ever-evolving scene. Local market favorites include corn, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, lettuce, and herbs. There are baked goods, jams, jellies, and honey and many times crafters have a strong presence at market. Together, the line-up of offerings is a great recipe for success. Pinson said, “We have vendors that produce handmade soap, jellies, local honey, apple butter, apple sauce, a variety of cakes and breads. We offer fresh cornmeal, woodworking, sign painters, stained glass and aprons for sale. We are working hard to programs in Letcher, Knott, Floyd, Lawrence, John- be an agriculture destination.” son and Pike Counties. Kick-off for the Pikeville Farmers Market begins The Floyd County market in downtown Prestons- each year in April with the Appalachian Seed Swap. burg works with the extension office and the Health It is nationally acclaimed and hosts approximately Department. In addition to fresh fruits and vegeta- 800-1,000 people every year. Attendees swap seeds bles, they often feature music, health fairs and even while local growers sell seeds and plants, many of a petting zoo during their Kids Day Event. Most of which are unique to the southeast Kentucky region. their growers have other jobs, and farming is a part- This community outreach has proven to be a great time venture they take on for fun and extra income. way to recruit farmers. Letcher, Pike and Floyd Counties have the double dollars program that doubles Women, Infant and Children (WIC) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or food stamp, vouchers.

Appalachian Seed Swap Co-Founder Neil Hunt said, “The seed swap connects our market in a special way. When people come and buy our produce, things you cannot find anywhere else, they are tasting a unique part of our Appalachian heritage.”

Letcher County provides Kids Café, a USDA summer feeding site that provides a free nutritious lunch to all kids 18 years old and under. Johnson and Letcher counties are showing substantial growth and are planning to increase vendors and offerings for their market.

Farmers markets are made possible through strong partnerships. Local, state and federal money has enabled farmers markets throughout the region to grow.

Pinson and other leaders in the farmers market Knott County Farmers Market is open for business movement are working to see that Southeast Kenon Tuesdays, Fridays and occasionally on Satur- tucky is one day considered “farm country.” They’re days. Although they are a smaller market, they are certainly part of the reason we like to call ourselves “Kentucky Proud.” growing and expanding their efforts. EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY



Member Directory 3b Toner, Inc. P.O. Box 303 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-432-6624 A&S Auto Parts, Inc. P.O. Box B Elkhorn City, KY 41522 606-754-4095 AAA Real Estate 141 Hibbard Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-9700 Above and Beyond 336 Town Mountain Road, Suite 5 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0243 AEP - Kentucky Power Business Incentives P.O. Box 1268 Ashland, KY 41105 606-209-2828 Air-Evac Lifeteam 1128 Old Middle Fork Road Inez, KY 41224 1-800-793-0010 Akers Family Chiropractic PSC Inc. 171 Hibbard Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8395 Alert Oil & Gas Co. 2453 Island Creek Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7387 Alice Lloyd College 100 Purpose Road Pippa Passes, KY 41844 606-368-6000 Alliance Coal, LLC 1146 Monarch Street Lexington, KY 40513 859-224-7225

Allstate - Johnson Insurance and Financial Services Inc. 3767 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4320 Alzheimer’s Association 465 East High Street, Suite 200 Lexington, KY 40507 869-266-5283 American Heating and Cooling 1892 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-0838 American Metal Works, LLC 513 3rd Street Paintsville, KY 41240 606-788-2882 American National University 50 National College Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-478-7200 American Red Cross 4201 Blackburn Avenue Ashland, KY 41101 859-940-3604 Amy’s Hallmark Shop 4115 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-9070 Amy’s Hallmark Shop Paintsville 317 North Mayo Trail Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-7745 Animal Wellness Center 439 Hambley Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-262-4553 Annie E. Young Cemetery 4964 Chloe Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1800

Anthem BCBS Medicaid 13550 Triton Park Boulevard Louisville, KY 40204 Any Hour Fitness 4573 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-2333 Appalachian Antiques & 123 2nd Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-766-4222 Appalachian Auto Recovery-AAREPO, LLC Adams Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8449 Appalachian Chiropractic, PSC 26317 US Highway 119 North Belfry, KY 41514 606-519-3543 Appalachian Hospice Care 1414 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-2112 Appalachian Monument Company 430 Highway 1862 Mayking, KY 41837 606-633-2563 Appalachian News-Express 129 Caroline Avenue Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-4054 Appalachian Pregnancy Care Center, Inc. P.O. Box 131 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-433-0700 Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc. 2285 Executive Drive, Suite 400 Lexington, KY 40505 859-226-2511

Appalachian Wireless Hindman 60 Communications Lane Hindman, KY 41822 606-785-9531 Appalachian Wireless Inez 66 Park Place Inez, KY 41224 606-298-0645 Appalachian Wireless Main Office 101 Technology Trail Ivel, KY 41642 606-477-2355 Fax 606-874-7551 Appalachian Wireless Louisa 102 Blairs Way Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-3778 Appalachian Wireless Paintsville 447 Mayo Plaza Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-0033 Appalachian Wireless Pikeville 1 4367 North Mayo Trail, Suite103 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-6111 Appalachian Wireless Pikeville 2 143 Main Street, Suite 101 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0706 Appalachian Wireless Prestonsburg 59 Glynview Plaza Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-9739



Appalachian Wireless Salyersville 447 Parkway Drive Salyersville, KY 41465

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Breaks Interstate Park 627 Commission Circle Breaks, VA 24607 276-865-4413

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Bella Pooch - Prestonsburg 218 South Lake Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41635 606-886-3930 Big Sandy Area Community Action Program 230 Court Street Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-3641 Big Sandy Area Development District 110 Resource Court Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-2374 Big Sandy CO LP P.O. Box 566 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-437-9600 Big Sandy Community & Technical College Pikeville Campus 120 South Riverfill Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-218-2060 Big Sandy Community & Technical College Prestonsburg Campus 1 Bert T. Combs Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-3863

Blue Grass Council Boy Scouts of America 2134 Nicholasville Road Lexington, KY 40503 859-231-7811 Blue Raven Restaurant & Pub 211 Main Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-509-2583 Bluegrass Care Navigators 57 Dennis Sandlin MD Cove Hazard, KY 41701 606-439-2111 Bob Evans Restaurant 4117 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-9054 Bradley and Spurlock 311 North Arnold Avenue Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-4581 Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company 130 Mare Creek Road Stanville, KY 41659 606-478-9201 Bray and Oakley Insurance Agency, Inc 103 Weddington Branch Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-2527

Bruce Walters Ford Lincoln Kia 302 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-9641 BT Media Group, LLC 229 Thacker Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-5554 Buckingham Place 1023 Euclid Avenue Paintsville, KY 41240 606-788-9186 Buffalo Wild Wings 163 Lee Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-2936 Busy Bee Portable Toilets Inc. 5572 Zebulon Highway Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1233 Busy Bee Septic Systems, LTD 5258 Zebulon Highway Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1233 CAM Mining LLC P.O. Box 1169 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-3900

Cambrian Coal Group 6920 Highway 610 West Myra, KY 41537 606-639-7249 Cardinal Glass, Inc. 6101 Zebulon Highway Pikeville, KY 41501 606-631-1838 Care More Pharmacy 151 Dorton Jenkins Highway Dorton, KY 41520 606-639-2273 CareSource 10200 Forest Green Boulevard Louisville, KY 40223 859-473-0086 Carl D. Perkins Apartments 200 Douglas Parkway Pikeville, KY 41501 606-639-8280 Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center 478 Meadows Branch Road Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-433-2256 Casebolt Broadcasting & Marketing 384 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-218-1198 Cedar, Inc. P.O. Box 1375 Pikeville KY, 41502 606-477-3456 Center for Regional Engagement, Morehead State University 320 University Street Morehead, KY 40351 606-783-9327 Central Brace & Prosthetics, Inc. 171 Hibbard Street, Suite 3 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-509-0612 Check Point Food & Fuel P.O. Box 1005 Phelps, KY 41553 606-437-1500 Childers Oil Company P.O. Box 430 Whitesburg, KY 41858 6066-633-2525

Christian Appalachian Project 6550 US 321 South P.O. Box 459 Hager Hill, KY 41222 859-286-3078

Citizens Bank of Kentucky Weddington Plaza Branch 4367 N Mayo Trail, Suite 102 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-7188

Cindy C. Smith, DMD 157 Hibbard Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0163

Citizens Bank of Kentucky Salyersville 615 East Mountain Parkway Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-8800

Citizens Bank of Kentucky - Allen 6474 Route 1428 Allen, KY 41601 606-886-4000 Citizens Bank of Kentucky Ashland 855 Central Avenue Ashland, KY 41105 606-920-7300 Citizens Bank of Kentucky CentrePointe 50 Franklin Corner Prestonsburg, KY 41501 606-886-4000 Citizens Bank of Kentucky Grayson 167 S Carol Malone Boulevard Grayson, KY 41143 866-462-2265 Citizens Bank of KentuckyMain Branch and Offices 620 Broadway Street Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-4001 Citizens Bank of KentuckyMayo Plaza 333 Mayo Plaza Paintsville, KY 41240 866-462-2265 Citizens Bank of Kentucky McDowell 9674 Route 122 McDowell, KY 41647 606-886-4000 Citizens Bank of Kentucky Pikeville Branch 247 Hambley Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-4000 Citizens Bank of Kentucky Russell 320 Russell Road Russell, KY 41101 606-920-7300

City of Coal Run Village 105 Church Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-424-5863 City of Pikeville 243 Main Street Pikeville, KY 4151 606-437-5100

Collins & Slone, CPA 587 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4171 Community Funeral Home 4902 Zebulon Highway Pikeville, KY 41501 606-497-1991 Community Trust Bank 346 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1414 Community Trust Bank - Allen 6424 KY Route 1428 Allen, KY 41601 606-874-0408 Community Trust Bank Downtown Whitesburg 155 Main Street Whitesburg, KY 41858 606-633-0161

City of Salyersville P.O. Box 640 Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-2409

Community Trust Bank Elkhorn City 211 Russell Street Elkhorn City, KY 41522 606-754-5589

Classic Realty 693 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4700 Clintwood Elkhorn Mining 23958 State Highway 194 East Fedscreek, KY 41524 606-835-4006 Coal Operators & Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 3158 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-432-2161 Coats for Kids 141 Hibbard Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-9700 Coca Cola Refreshments - Louisa 408 North Clay Avenue Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-4554 Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated 311 Industrial Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-218-7280 Codell Construction Co 4475 Rockwell Road Winchester, KY 40391 859-744-2222

Community Trust Bank - Isom 56 Isom Plaza Isom, KY 41826 606-633-5995 Community Trust Bank Jenkins 9505 Highway 805, Suite A Jenkins, KY 41537 606-832-2477 Community Trust Bank Knott Co. 107 West Main Street Hindman, KY 41822 606-785-5095 Community Trust Bank Main Street Pikeville 137 Main Street, Suite #4 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-3326 Community Trust Bank Marrowbone 10579 Regina Belcher Highway Marrowbone, KY 41522 606-754-4462



Community Trust Bank Mouthcard 32 North Levisa Road Mouthcard, KY 41548 606-835-4907

Consolidated Graphic Communications 2216 Young Drive, Suite 6 Lexington, KY 40505 606-794-2664

Community Trust Bank - Neon 1001 Highway 317 Neon, KY 41840 606-855-4435

Cooley Medical Pikeville 65 Weddington Branch Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0055

Community Trust Bank Paintsville Walmart 470 North Mayo Trail Paintsville, KY 41240 606-788-9934 Community Trust Bank - Phelps 38720 State Highway 194 East Phelps, KY 41553 606-456-8701 Community Trust Bank Pikeville Walmart 254 Cassidy Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-0048 Community Trust Bank Prestonsburg 161 South Lake Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-2382 Community Trust Bank Town Mountain 105 Northgate Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-3323 Community Trust Bank Tug Valley 28160 US Highway 119 South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-6051 Community Trust Bank - Virgie 1056 KY Highway 610 West Virgie, KY 41572 606-639-4451 Community Trust Bank Weddington Plaza 4205 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4529 Community Trust Bank West Whitesburg 24 Parkway Plaza Loop Whitesburg, KY 41858 606-633-4532



Cooley Medical Prestonsburg 1184 South Lake Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-9267 Cornerstone Investment Group 140 Adams Lane, Suite 200 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-1262 Country Boyz Metal 764 Adams Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-1088

Delta Supply, Inc. 455 Hambley Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0787 Dream House Furnishings 2188 South Mayo Trail, Suite 100 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4355 E-Z Pay Auto Sales 5373 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-9800 East Kentucky Broadcasting Corp. P.O. Box 2200 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-437-4051,,,,,,,,

East Kentucky Exposition Center 126 Main Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-444-5500

Eastern Telephone & Technologies Company 106 Power Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0043 Economy Drug Co. Inc. 180 Town Mountain Road, Suite 115 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7333 Edward Jones: Financial Advisor - A. O. Onkst 207 Hibbard Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-0657 Edward Jones: Financial Advisor - J. C. Hensley 3767 North Mayo Train Suite 2 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-9175 EKCEP, Inc 412 Roy Campbell Drive, Suite 100 Hazard, KY 41701 606-436-5751

Country Music Highway Arts, Inc. 144 Middle Branch McDowell, KY 41647 606-377-0815

East Kentucky Law Group 127 Park Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0400

El Azul Grande - Pikeville 238 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7200

Crawford and Hatfield Insurance Inc. Nationwide Insurance 789 North Mayo Trail, Suite B Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-7600

East Kentucky Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 129 Loraine Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-9639

El Azul Grande - Prestonsburg 134 Collins Circle Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-8300

Creg Damron Furniture 199 Hibbard Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-0595

East Kentucky Small Business Development Center 3455 North Mayo Trail, Suite 4 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-5848

Dairy Queen of Coal Run 4321 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4100 Dairy Queen of Pikeville 450 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-4785 Daniel Boone Motor Inn 150 Weddington Branch Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0365 Debra R. Bailey, MD, FAAP, PSC 161 Hibbard Street, Suite 101 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-1511

East Kentucky Water, Inc East Kentucky Contracting, Inc. 6702 Zebulon Highway Pikeville, KY 41501 606-631-9859 East KY Support Services, Inc. 35 Reel View Drive Jeremiah, KY 41826 606-633-7272 Eastern Air Flow, LLC 3757 US Highway 23 South Prestonsburg, KY 41653 844-334-5480

Elliott Supply & Glass, Inc. 55 Industrial Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7368 EmbroidMe 3755 North Mayo Trail, Suite 1 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-637-1632 Enterprise Rent A Car 4000 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-0081 Epic Escape Game 225 2nd Street, Suite 1 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-766-4040 EQT 32 Pluma Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-2900

Eruption Technology 219 Scott Avenue, Suite 3 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-477-5150 Escape Masters 1218 Conn Street Ivel, KY 41642 606-478-5397 Extreme Powersports 720 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4949 Fairway Outdoor Advertising 8320 South KY Route 321 Hager Hill, KY 41222 606-459-5959 Faith Electrical, LLC 100 Rose Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-478-3392 Faith Pharmacy, Inc 140 Adams Lane, Suite 500 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-509-6337 Family Eye Care Professionals Prestonsburg 338 North Arnold Avenue Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-2020 Family Eye Care Professionals, LLC 4219 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-3576 Fast Change Lube & Oil, Inc Inez 304 East Main Street, Suite 2 Inez, KY 41224 606-298-0764 Fast Change Lube & Oil, Inc Louisa 102 Dennison Drive Louisa KY 41230 606-673-3347 Fast Change Lube & Oil, Inc Paintsville 501A North Mayo Trail Paintsville, KY 41240 606-788-9900

Fast Change Lube & Oil, Inc Pikeville 3841 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-1471

First Commonwealth Bank Paintsville Mayo Plaza 601 North Mayo Trail Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-3541

Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky 5864 Kentucky Highway 28 Chavies, KY 41727 606-439-1357

Fast Change Lube & Oil, Inc Prestonsburg 41 Glenview Plaza Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-6794

First Commonwealth Bank Pikeville 262 Cassidy Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-1619

Frost Brown Todd 400 W Market Street, Floor 32 Louisville, KY 40202-3363 502-568-0288

Fast Change Lube & Oil, Inc South Williamson 2900 US 119 North South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-6355

First Commonwealth Bank Salyersville Parkway 230 East Mountain Parkway Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-7520

Ferrell Gas 3367 Collins Highway Pikeville, KY 41501 606-639-9946

First National Bank 109 Prater Place, Suite 100 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-5340

First Commonwealth Bank Betsy Layne 11155 South US 23 Betsy Layne, KY 41605 606-478-9596

Fleming Neon Water Co. P.O. Box 66 Neon, KY 41840 606-855-7916

Gatti’s of Pikeville 274 Cassidy Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4386

Food City - Louisa 70 Business US 23N Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-3434

Gearheart Communications P.O. Box 159 Harold, KY 41653 606-478-9401

Food City - Paintsville 330 North Mayo Trail Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-8860

Gearheart Communications/ Inter Mountain Cable P.O. Box 159 Harold, KY 41653 606-479-6134

Food City - Prestonsburg 429 University Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-889-9375

Gerri and Ken Kinder 1845 Upper Chloe Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0549

First Commonwealth Bank Coal Run 3822 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-497-6231 First Commonwealth Bank Inez 87 Main Street Inez, KY 41224 606-298-3584 First Commonwealth Bank Main Office 311 N Arnold Avenue, Suite 100 Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-4493 First Commonwealth Bank Martin 12433 Main Street Martin, KY 41649 606-285-3266 First Commonwealth Bank Northside 838 North Lake Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-4852

Food City - Hazard 50 Morton Boulevard Hazard, KY 41702 606-436-8204 Food City - Pikeville 215 Cassidy Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8150 Food City - Shelbiana 2136 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41502 606-432-0796

Gary C. Johnson, PSC Law Office P.O. Box 231 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-437-4002 Gary Lowe State Farm Insurance 3780 North Mayo Trail, Suite 101 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4877

Golden Corral - Neighborhood Hospitality Group of Pikeville 233 Cassidy Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-213-5655 Good Shepherd Community Nursing Center 60 Phillips Br. Road Phelps, KY 41553 606-456-8725 GoodFellas Barber Shop 124 Division Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-625-7520

Foothills Broadband 1621 KY RT 40 West Staffordsville, KY 41256 606-297-9102 EXPERIENCE SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY


Goodwill Industries - Inez 296 E Main Street Inez, KY 41224 606-534-4015 Goodwill Industries - Louisa 220 Townhill Road Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-0515 Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc. 1325 South 4th Street Louisville, KY 40208 502-272-1722 Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc - Paintsville 373 South Mayo Trail Paintsville, KY 41240 606-788-1100 Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc - Pikeville 4493 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-3113 Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Inc - Prestonsburg 355 Village Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-2966 Green Meadow Country Club 6887 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-3004 Hall & Clark Insurance Agency, Inc. 132 South Lake Drive, Suite 101 P.O. Box 508 Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-2318 Hampton Inn 831 Hambley Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8181 Harkins Mineral Associates 91 Branham Hills Betsy Layne, KY 41605 606-478-9890 Harris, Akers, & Associates, LLC 1144 South Mayo Trail, Suite 201 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0808



Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center 100 Medical Center Drive Hazard, KY 41701 606-439-6600 Heartland Communications Consultants, Inc. 11 W. Dixie Avenue Elizabethtown, KY 42701 270-872-8001 Hefner’s Jewelers, Inc. 4169 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-9000 High Standard HVAC & Supply 27678 Highway 119 Belfry, KY 41543 606-353-1917 Hillbilly Christmas in July, Inc. 3591 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-5812 Hilton Garden Inn Pikeville 849 Hambley Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-766-2000 Home Builders Association of Eastern Kentucky 154 Evergreen Lane Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8754 Housing Authority of Pikeville 748 Hambley Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8124 Hutch Chevrolet Buick GMC 1004 Third Street Paintsville, KY 41240 606-297-4066 Hutch Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 1082 Third Street Paintsville, KY 41240 606-297-5066 Hylton Sales & Rentals P.O. Box 203 Ivel, KY 41642 606-478-8900 ICC Global Hosting 229 West Court Street Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-8447

Indian Hills Wines & Spirits, Inc. 2150 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-1935 Interstate Natural Gas Co. 347 Thompson Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-6147 J&M Monitoring 251 Tollage Creek Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1910 J&S Auto Repair 5351 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-637-9140 James Brown 99 Coal Run Hill Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1381 Jeans, Uniforms, Shoes, and Accessories 99 Weddington Branch Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-637-1566 Jennifer Reynolds State Farm Insurance 145 Weddington Branch Road Pikeville, KY 41502 606-432-5230 Jenny Wiley State Resort Park 75 Theatre Court Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-889-1790 Jiffy Dry Cleaners & Tanning 185 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-4158 Jigsaw Enterprises, LLC 190 Left Fork Island Creek Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-9090 Jimmy John’s 111 Justice Way, Unit 113 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-1786 Johnson Industries 101 Pine Fork Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-639-2029 Jones Oil Company, Inc. 67 Lonesome Cedar Lane Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-5724

Joshua S. Leonard, DMD PSC 306 Hospital Drive, Suite 203 B South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-9983 Judi’s Place for Kids - Pikeville 128 South College Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7447 Judi’s Place for Kids Prestonsburg 253 University Drive, 1st Floor Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-8520 Justice Supply Company, Inc. 3139 East Shelbiana Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-3137 JW Call & Son Funeral Home 703 Hambley Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-6228 Kelley Galloway & Co., PCS 3455 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7389 Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance - KEMI 250 West Main Street, Suite 900 Lexington, KY 40507 859-425-7800 Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance 1288 South Lake Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-8597 Kentucky Frontier Gas, LLC 2963 KY Route 321 West Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-2431 Kentucky Innovation Network - Pikeville Office 119 College Street, Office 135 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-218-5053 Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation 126 Trivette Drive, Uniplex Building, Suite 302 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-7618

Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates 10160 Linn Station Road Louisville, KY 40223 606-422-4950 Kentucky Power 3249 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 800-572-1119 Kentucky Power Big Sandy Plant 23000 Highway 23 Louisa, KY 41230 606-686-1401 KFC - South Mayo Trail 110 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-3246 KFC - Weddington Branch 28 Weddington Branch Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0741 Kimberlain I.T. Services, Inc. 158 Town Mountain Road, Suite 101 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-6866 King’s Daughters Medical Center 1279 Old Abbott Mountain Road Prestonsburg, KY 42501 606-886-0892 Kinzer Drilling P.O. Box 460 Allen, KY 41601 606-874-8041 Kiwanis of Pikeville P.O. Box 462 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-437-3320 Komax Business Systems 500 D Street South Charleston, WV 25303 304-744-7440 KSK Management, Inc. P.O. Box 1879 Ashland, KY 41105 606-324-5421 L.M. Productions 28678 US Highway 119 South Williamson, KY 41503 304-730-0723

Lab Corp., Inc 188 North Highland Avenue Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-369-0125 Landmark Inn 190 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-2545 Lawrence County Tourism Commission 315 E Madison Street Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-0078 Lee Graphics Printing and Office Supplies, Inc. 143 Mesa Drive St. Albans, WV 25177 304-755-1002 Lee Propane 803 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4595 Lee’s Famous Recipe 114 East Mountain Parkway Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-3626 Lendmark Financial Services 4414 North Mayo Trail, Suite B Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-0227 Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company 3031 Catnip Hill Pike Nicholasville, KY 40356 Lindsey Wilson College School of Professional Counseling 11105 US Highway 23 South, Suite 108 Betsy Layne, KY 41605 606-478-5922 Long John Silvers 176 South Mayo Circle Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-3339 Lowe’s of Pikeville 183 Cassidy Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-0020 Lucas & Son Funeral Home, Inc. P.O. Box 2685 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-437-0044

Lynette Schindler, CPA, PSC 130 Scott Avenue Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-1025

M.A.S.A. Medical Transport Solutions 331 George Kosta Drive, Suite 142 Logan, WV 25601 304-792-9401 Magnolia Partners, LLC 300 Lakewood Drive Grayson, KY 41143 606-474-2214 March of Dimes Bluegrass Division 207 East Reynolds Road, Suite110 Lexington, KY 40517 559-402-1710 Martins Peterbilt of Pikeville 101 Industrial Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-1777 Marvin Bush, DMD 142 Mayo Circle, Suite 100 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0187 Marwood Land Company, Inc 164 South Mayo Trail, Suite 1 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-497-1447 Maverick Insurance Group, LLC 1214 N Mayo Trail STE 100 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-605-0002 McClure Vending, Inc 284 Collins Drive Wittensville, KY 41274 606-297-5279

McDonalds - Inez 1960 Blacklog Road Inez, KY 41224 606-298-7997 McDonalds - Louisa 61 Falls Creek Drive Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-3336 McDonalds - Martin 12575 Main Street Martin, KY 41649 606-285-0723 McDonalds - Prestonsburg 1178 North Lake Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-1223 McDonalds - Salyersville 222 East Mountain Parkway Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-16611 McDonalds - Prestonsburg 30 Shoppers Path Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-3442 McDonalds - Cassidy Boulevard 190 Cassidy Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8848 McDonalds - Coal Run 3683 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4395 McDonalds - South Williamson 385 Southside Mall Road South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-5696

McCoy Motorsports 559 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-0083 McDonalds of Eastern Kentucky 1104 Third Street Paintsville, KY 41240 606-297-7000 McDonalds - Paintsville 305 North Mayo Trail Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-6989

McDowell ARH 9879 KY 122 McDowell, KY 41647 606-377-3400 McGee Financial Group 210 2nd Street, Suite 201 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-794-4693 McGuire’s Insurance Agency, Inc 317 University Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-0008



MCNB 353 Hambley Boulevard, Suite 1 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-7177 Mellowbrook Apartments 7 Stacy Street Harold, KY 41635 606-478-8000 Merrill Lynch 109 Prater Place, Suite 200 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-2200 Michael Spears, CPA, PSC 107 South Arnold Avenue, Suite 201 Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-8040 Mickey’s Menagerie 223 Second Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-5373 Moe’s Southwest Grill Bueno Venture II 119 Justice Way #107 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-766-6637 Moments of the Heart Photography 131 Brushy Fork Jenkins, KY 41537 606-639-4748 Mona’s Creative Catering 278 Town Mountain Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-6662 Mother Nature Spring Water, Inc. 8862 Elkhorn Creek Road Ashcamp, KY 41512 606-754-5756 Mountain Arts Center 50 Hal Rogers Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-889-9125 Mountain Association for Community Economic Development 224 Main Street Paintsville, KY 41240 606-264-3101 Mountain Companies 2257 Executive Drive Lexington, KY 40583 859-299-7001



Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, Inc 104 South Front Avenue Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-8572 Mountain Music Exchange 5171 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-5551 Mountain View Health Care 945 West Russell Street Elkhorn City, KY 41522 606-754-4134 Mountain View Memory Gardens 92 Mountain View Road Huddy, KY 41535 304-235-2368 Mountain Water District 6332 Zebulon Highway Pikeville, KY 41502 606-631-9162 My Hometown Mortgage Corp. 3780 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-6832 Nova Pharmacy 1330 South Mayo Trail, Suite 102 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-2274 Office of Employment and Training 138 College Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-7721 On Site Drug Screening, Inc. 180 Town Mountain Road, Suite 109 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-7477 Overhead Door of Eastern Kentucky 389 Tollage Creek Pikeville, KY 41501 606-874-4262 Paintsville Lake State Park 1551 KY Route 2275 Staffordville, KY 41256 606-297-8486 Paintsville Tourism Commission 100 Staves Branch Road Paintsville, KY 41240 606-297-1469

Parkview Nursing & Rehab Center 200 Nursing Home Lane Pikeville, KY 41501 606-639-4840 Passport Health Plan 5100 Commerce Crossing Drive Louisville, KY 40229 502-585-7900 Patton Leadership Institute Pikeville, KY 41501 pattonleadershipinstitute Peking and Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse 4533 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-6788 Peking - Downtown Pikeville 205 S Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-9888 Penn Station 244 Cassidy Boulevard, Suite 100 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-509-7366 Peoples Insurance Agency, LLC 108 Trivette Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7361 Pepsi Beverages Company 3591 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-6271 Perry Distributors, Inc. 540 Oakhurst Avenue Hazard, KY 41701 606-436-3665 Picture Perfect Photo Booth KY 328 Roberts Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-233-1259 Pig In A Poke - Prestonsburg 341 University Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-889-9119 Pike County Board of Education 316 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-7700 Pike County Fiscal Court 146 Main St. Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-6247

Pike County Housing Authority P.O. Box 1468 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-432-4178 Pike County Physical Therapy Clinic, PSC - Pikeville 419 Town Mountain Road, Suite 108 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8782 Pike County Pride Clean Community Board 146 Main Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-639-4204 Pike County Public Library District 119 College Street, Suite 3 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-9977 Pike County Relay For Life 1504 College Way Lexington, KY 40502 859-260-8282 Pike County Tourism CVB 781 Hambley Blvd. Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-5063 Pike County UK Cooperative Extension Service 148 Trivette Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-2534 Pike Letcher Land Company 6920 Highway 610 West Myra, KY 41549 606-639-9711 Pikeville Area Family YMCA 424 Bob Amos Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-9622 Pikeville Beauty Academy 5333 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-637-1570 Pikeville City Tourism and Convention Commission 126 Main Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-444-5500 Pikeville High School Alumni Association and Foundation P.O. Box 2 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0185

Pikeville Historic Mansion Bed & Breakfast 179 College Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-509-0296 Pikeville Independent Schools 148 Second Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8161 Pikeville Main Street Program 243 Main Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-444-5281

Pikeville Medical Center 911 Bypass Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-218-3500

Pikeville Mini Storage 278 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-9974 Pikeville Radiology, PLLC 161 College Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1357 Pine Mountain Gifts 101 Hibbard Street, Suite 200 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-253-3020 Pop’s Chevrolet Buick Cadillac, Inc. 600 US Highway 23 South Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-9181 Premier Elkhorn Coal 6920 Highway 610 West Myra, KY 41549 606-639-7226 Quality Foods 5284 Collins Highway Robinson Creek, KY 41560 606-639-2560 Quality Metal of Louisa 80 American Way, Suite 1 Louisa, KY 41230 606-826-4444 Quinco, Inc. P.O. Box 194 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-437-7915

Ralph Neal Thacker, CPA, PSC dba Faith Tax 551A Hambley Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-4131

Rosalind Stanley 316 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-9247

Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate - Louisa 110 South Clay Street Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-4449

Rotary of Pikeville P.O. Box 988 Pikeville, KY 41502

Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate - Paintsville 201 Bridge Street Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-8119 Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate - Prestonsburg 253 University Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-3939 Redd, Brown & Williams Real Estate Services 685 North Mayo Trail ,US 23 North Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-2333 Reed’s Home Decor & Gifts 275 Mall Road, Suite 11A South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-0013

SNF - Flomin Coal 5079 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41502 606-432-1535

Sandy Valley Habitat for Humanity 137 Main Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-4011 Save-A-Lot Food Stores, Inc Virgie 669 KY Highway 610W Virgie, KY 41501 270-465-8675 Schooley Mitchell of Louisa 1057 Meadowbrook Lane Louisa, KY 41230 606-483-3345 ServPro of Pike, Floyd, & Knott Counties 810 South Lake Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-3826

Reed’s Spray Foam Insulation 275 Mall Road, Suite 11A South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-0019

Shaping Our Appalachian Region (SOAR) 137 Main Street #300 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-5127

Reno’s 4053 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-218-1163

Sharp Smiles Dentistry, Inc 300 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0101

Ridge Cliff Apartments 680 Hambley Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8304

Sherwin Williams 4223 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-4355

Robinette’s Gun and Archery 606-631-4867 Rodan + Fields Skincare: Tracy Syck 4506 Joes Creek Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-205-7477 Roger Ratliff Apartment Rentals 101 Hibbard Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-4936

Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce 178 College Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-5504 Southern Bliss 47 US-119 Whitesburg, KY 41858 606-633-0016 Southside Wine & Spirits 222 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4991 Speedy Cash - Salyersville 460 Allen Drive Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-4700 Speedy Cash - West Liberty 577 Main Street West Liberty, KY 41472 606-743-9566 Speedy Cash - Whitesburg 1181 Highway119 North Whitesburg, KY 41858 606-633-0986 Staples 238 Cassidy Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1161 State Electric & Supply Company 122 Johnson Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-3163 State Electric & Supply Turkey Creek 1121 Central Avenue South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-7150 Steak ‘N Shake of Pikeville, Inc. 210 Cassidy Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-509-3663

Shred-All Documents P.O. Box 2894 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-432-1166 Shurtleff’s Sanitary Laundry 136 Central Avenue Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7381 Signature Health Care of Pikeville 260 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7327

Stonecrest Golf Course 918 Clubhouse Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-1006 Storage Rentals of America 144 Cowpen Road Pikeville, KY 41501 800-457-5678



Stratton Law Firm, PSC 111 Pike Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7800

The Elite Agency, Inc. 5 Village Street, Suite 2 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-7695

Tractor Supply - Pikeville 164 Lee Avenue Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-0890

US Army Recruiting Station 120 Pike Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-6042

Suddenlink Communications 2214 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 800-972-5757

The Hearty Artisan 2080 State Highway 319 Hardy, KY 41531 606-369-6909

Tractor Supply - South Williamson 169 Southside Mall Road South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-0189

US Bank - Elkhorn City 114 W Russell Street Elkhorn City, KY 41522 606-754-5082

Transamerica Agency Network 164 Main Street, Suite 300 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-9344

US Bank - Johns Creek 9782 Meta Highway Pikeville, KY 41501 606-631-1593

Treap Contracting, Inc 33 Evergreen Lane Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8507

US Bank - Martin 12579 Main Street Martin, KY 41649 606-285-6300

Trinity Hose & Industrial Supply 7734 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-478-1900

US Bank - North Mayo Trail 3663 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-2770

Sullivan University Center for Learning 122 South Main Cross Louisa, KY 41230 502-456-6504 Summit Engineering 131 Summit Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1447 Super Dollar - Pikeville 234 Town Mountain Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-2505 Super Dollar - Prestonsburg 81 Glyn View Plaza Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-889-2754 T. Edwin Coleman P.O. Box 2009 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-793-1663 Teach for America - Appalachia 470 Main Street, Suite 1 Hazard, KY 41701 606-436-6000 Texas Roadhouse 130 Justice Way Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-0008 Thacker Funeral Home 1118 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-7353 Thacker Memorial, Inc 4964 Chloe Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1800

The Benefits Firm P.O. Box 2606 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-477-0383 142


The Kentucky Blood Center 472 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-4979 The UPS Store 4145 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-0546 The Wells Group, LLC 1731 West Shelbiana Road Shelbiana, KY 41562 606-437-4034 Three Rivers Medical Center 2485 Highway 644 Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-9451 Tim Short Dodge Jeep Ram 100 Deskins Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-1300 Tim Short Ivel, LLC 45 Malcom D. Layne Drive Ivel, KY 41642 606-200-3190 Tim Short Superstore 2655 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1716 Todd Case Trucking 210 Raven Rock Fork Road Louisa, KY 41230 606-686-2344 Tom E. Hartsock, DMD, MS 161 College Street, Suite 3 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-3603 Tractor Supply - Louisa 16230 US Highway 23 Louisa, KY 41230 606-673-1141 Tractor Supply - Paintsville 980 Third Street Paintsville, KY 41240 606-297-5570

Tug Valley Road Runners Club 201 Central Avenue South Williamson, KY 41503 606-625-5092 Unique Boutique of Pikeville 205 Hibbard Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-5008 Unisign Corporation, Inc. 1392 Watergap Road Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-874-6777 UNITE Pike P.O. Box 363 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-471-8278 United Helping Hands of Pikeville, Inc. 5279 North Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-1349 United Way of Eastern Kentucky P.O. Box 1446 Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-207-5551 University of Pikeville 147 Sycamore Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-218-5250

US Bank - Pikeville 131 Main Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-2646 US Bank - Prestonsburg 415 North Lake Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-2924 US Bank - Shelby Valley 1151 Highway 610 Virgie, KY 41572 606-639-4423 US Bank - South Mayo Trail 206 South Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-2772 US Bank - Southside 27989 US Highway 119 North South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-8406 Utility Management Group 287 Island Creek Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-4754 Valley Agency Real Estate 60 Sunset Drive Pikeville, KY 41501 606-478-7100

Vandyke Business Solutions, Inc. 2548 Greenup Avenue Ashland, KY 41101 606-327-5536

Walters Nissan 30 Walters Lane Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-4005

Via Media 4389 KY Route 825 Hagerhill, KY 41222 859-977-9000

Walters Toyota 30 Walters Lane Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-1451

Wallen, Puckett, & Anderson PSC 106 Fourth Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-8833

Westcare Kentucky 10057 Elkhorn Creek Ashcamp, KY 41512 606-754-7077

Walmart Supercenter Louisa 275 Walton Drive Louisa, KY 41230 606-673-4427

Whayne Supply, Inc. 359 South Lanks Branch Road Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-6265

Walmart Supercenter Paintsville 470 North Mayo Trail Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-8920 Walmart Supercenter Pikeville 254 Cassidy Boulevard Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-6177 Walmart - Prestonsburg 477 Village Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-886-6681 Walmart Supercenter South Williamson 28402 US Highway 119 South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-0477 Walmart - Whitesburg 350 Whitesburg Plaza Whitesburg, KY 41858 606-633-0152 Walters Chevrolet/ Buick 505 N Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-5551 Walters Mazda Mitsubishi 302 S Mayo Trail Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-9810

Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital 240 Hospital Road Whitesburg, KY 41858 606-633-3500 WIFX 98 Church Road Harold, KY 41635 606-478-1200 Williamson Appalachian Regional Hospital 260 Hospital Drive South Williamson, KY 41503 606-237-1710 Worldwide Equipment, Inc. P.O. Box 1370 Prestonsburg, KY 41653 606-874-2172 Wright Concrete & Construction P.O. Box 358 Dorton, KY 41520 606-639-4484 WYMT-TV 199 Black Gold Boulevard Hazard, KY 41702 606-436-5757 Zebulon Primary Care 419 Town Mountain Drive, Suite 103 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-0720




Government Directory Government: Federal

Senator, District 30

Representative, District 92



Brandon Smith 124 Craig Street Hazard, KY 41702 Home: 606-436-4526 Fax: 606-436-4526 Annex: 502-564-8100 Ext. 646

John Blanton 702 Capital Avenue Annex Room 329H Frankfort, KY 40601 Annex: 502-564-8100 Ext. 668

Lawrence County Courthouse 122 South Main Cross Street Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-4102

Kentucky Supreme Court Justice

John A. Osbourne Office: 606-638-0618

Mitch McConnell 361A Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510-1702 Phone: 202-224-2541 Fax: 202-224-2499 Email: Field Office: 601 W. Broadway, Room 630 Louisville, KY 40202 Phone: 502-582-6304 Fax: 502-582-5326

Senator Rand Paul 167 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510-1703 Phone: 202-224-4343 Email: Field Office: 1029 State Street Bowling Green, KY 42101 Phone: 270-782-8303

Congressman Harold Rogers 2406 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515-1705 Phone: 202-225-4601 Fax: 202-225-0940 Email: Field Office: 551 Clifty Street Somerset, KY 42503 Phone: 800-632-8588 or 606-679-8346 Fax: 606-678-4856

Government: State

Bell, Breathitt, Johnson, Leslie, Magoffin, Perry

Senator, District 29 Johnny Ray Turner 849 Crestwood Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 Home: 606-889-6568 Annex: 502-564-8100 Ext. 2470 Floyd, Harlan, Knott, Letcher

Representative, District 96 Jill York P.O. Box 591 Grayson, KY 41143 Work: 606-474-7263 Fax: 606-474-7638 Annex: 502-564-8100 Ext. 602 Carter, Lawrence

Representative, District 97 Scott Wells 836 Liberty Road West Liberty, KY 41472 Annex: 502-564-8100 Ext. 654 Johnson, Morgan, Wolfe

Representative, District 93 Chris Harris 719 Forest Hills Road Forest Hills, KY 41527 Annex: 502-564-8100 Ext. 635 Home: 606-237-0055 Martin, Pike (Part)


Representative, District 95

Matt Bevin 700 Capitol Avenue, Suite 100 Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 Main Line: 502-564-2611 Fax: 502-564-2517 TDD: 502-564-9551

Larry Brown P.O. Box 550 Prestonsburg, KY 41653 Work: 606-886-8132 Annex: 502-564-8100 Ext. 649

Senator, District 31 Ray S. Jones P.O. Drawer 3850 Pikeville, KY 41502 Work: 606-432-5777 Fax: 606-432-5154 Capitol: 502-564-2470 Elliot, Lawrence, Martin, Morgan, Pike

Floyd, Pike (Part)

Representative, District 94 Angie Hatton 2508 Little Dry Fork Rd. Whitesburg, KY 41858 Annex: 502-564-8100 Ext. 669 Letcher, Pike (Part)

Knott, Magoffin, Pike (Part)

Michelle M. Keller 6th Supreme Court District Supreme Court of Kentucky Kenton County Justice Center 230 Madison Avenue, Suite 821 Covington, KY 41011 Phone: 859-291-9966

Kentucky Court of Appeals Janet L. Stumbo 7th Appellate District, Division 2 Kentucky Court Of Appeals First Commonwealth Bank Building 311 N. Arnold Avenue, Suite 502 Prestonsburg, KY 41653 Phone: 606-889-1710

Lawrence, Johnson, Martin, Magoffin, Floyd, Pike, Knott, Letcher (Other counties not listed)

Sara Walter Combs 7th Appellate District, Division 1 Kentucky Court Of Appeals 323 E. College Avenue P.O. Box 709 Stanton, KY 40380 Phone: 606-663-0651

Lawrence, Johnson, Martin, Magoffin, Floyd, Pike, Knott, Letcher (Other counties not listed)

Lawrence County: City of Louisa City Hall 215 North Main Cross Street Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-4050

Judge Executive

Property Value Administrator Chris Rose Office: 606-633-4743

Sheriff Garrett Roberts 122 Main Cross Street Louisa, KY 41230 Office: 606-638-4368 Fax: 606-638-1316

Magistrates Morris Howard District 1

302 Saddletown Road Webbville, KY 41180 606-652-4178

John J. Lemaster District 2

1792 Deerlick Branch Road Louisa, KY 41230 606-673-1310 Earl Boggs District 3

170 Bellflower Road Blaine, KY 41124 606-652-3588 William Lemaster District 4

776 South Highway 3 Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-4688


Harold Slone

Mike Wilson 1280 Highway 2565 Louisa, KY 41230 Office: 606-638-0034

Council Members

County Attorney

Lisa Schaeffer Tom Parsons Ron Cordle Jr. Mitch Castle David McKenzie John Nolan

Mike Hogan 122 Main Cross Street Louisa, KY 41230 Office: 606-638-4051




County Jailer

Commissioner, District 3

Family Circuit Judge

Family Circuit Judge

Roger Lee Jordan Office: 606-638-4312

Darren Gamble P.O. Box 868 Paintsville, KY 41240 606-297-3960

Janie McKenzie-Wells Johnson County Judicial Center 908 Third Street Paintsville, KY 41240 Phone: 606-297-9574 Fax: 606-297-9577

Janie McKenzie-Wells Johnson County Judicial Center 908 Third Street Paintsville, KY 41240 Phone: 606-297-9574 Fax: 606-297-9577

Martin County

Magoffin County

City of Inez

City of Salyersville

City Hall Main Street P.O. Box 540 Inez, KY 41224 Office: 606-298-4602 Fax: 606-298-4214

City Hall 315 East Maple Street Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-2409

Judicial Circuit Court Clerk Jody Parsley Lawrence County Judicial Center 29 Riverbend Road Louisa, KY 41230 606-638-4215

Chief Circuit Judge John David Preston 908 Third Street Paintsville, KY 41240 Phone: 606-297-9586 Office: 606-297-9588

District Judge Susan Johnson 908 Third Street Paintsville, KY 41240 Office: 606-297-9581 Fax: 606-297-9585

Johnson County City of Paintsville City Hall 340 Main Street Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-2600

Mayor Bill Mike Runyon

Council Members Sara Blair David Vanhoose Jim Meek Shawn Thompson

County Judge/ Executive R.T. Daniel P.O. Box 868 Paintsville, KY 41240 Office: 606-789-2550 Fax: 606-789-2555

Commissioner, District 1 Kathy Adams P.O. Box 868 Paintsville, KY 41240 606-297-6665

Commissioner, District 2 Paul Daniel P.O. Box 868 Paintsville, KY 41240 606-297-2881

Coroner JR Woodrow Frisby 230 Court Street, Suite 201 Louisa, KY 41230 606-793-0452

County Attorney Michael Endicott 235 Court Street P.O. Box 1287 Paintsville, KY 41240 606-789-8286 606-789-3338

County Clerk Sallee Holbrook 606-789-2557

Jailer Doug Saylor 606-793-8697

Property Valuation Michael Stafford 230 Court Street, Suite 229 Paintsville, Kentucky 41240 Phone: 606-789-2564 Fax: 606-789-2565

Sheriff Dwayne Price 606-789-3411

Judicial Circuit Court Clerk Penny Adams Johnson County Judicial Center 908 3rd Street, Suite 109 Paintsville, KY 41240 Office: 606-297- 9567 Fax: 606-297-9573


Edward Daniels

City Commissioners Dennis Hall Tim Preece Danny Sparks Terry Dalton

County Judge Executive Kelly Callaham P.O. Box 309 Inez, KY 41224 Office: 606-298-2800 Fax: 606-298-4404

Magistrates Gretta Ward Victor Slone Glenn Ray Maynard Sam Whitt

County Attorney Kennis Maynard 606-298-2815

County Clerk Susie Skyles

Commonwealth Attorney

PVA Office

Hon. Anna Melvin 704 Broadway, Suite B P.O. Box 596 Paintsville, KY 41240 Phone: 606-788-7085 Fax: 606-788-7086

Bobby E. Hale, Jr., PVA P.O. Box 341 Inez, KY 41224 Office: 606-298-2807 Fax: 606-298-2808

Circuit Court Judge John David Preston 908 Third Street, Suite 109 Paintsville, KY 41240 606-297-9586

District Judge Susan Johnson 908 Third Street, Suite 109 Paintsville, KY 41240 606-297-9583



Sheriff John Kirk 606-298-2828

Circuit Court Clerk Steven Goble Martin County Courthouse 430 Court Street Inez, KY 41224 606-298-3508 606-298-9586

Mayor James Pete Shepherd 315 East Maple Street Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-2409

Council Members Jeff Bailey Tommy Bailey Tom Frazier Herbert “Tex” Holbrook Mary Ann Ward Kenneth Williams

County Judge Executive Charles Hardin M.D. P.O. Box 430 Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-2313

Magistrates Gary “Rooster” Risner P.O. Box 430 Salyersville, KY 41465 Home Address: P.O. Box 291 Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-9167 Pernell “Buck” LeMaster P.O. Box 430 Salyersville, KY 41465 Home Address: 3655 Falcon Road Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-1539 Matthew Wireman P.O. Box 430 Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-4287

Coroner Mark Jenkins P.O. Box 430 Salyersville, KY 41465 Home Address: P.O. Box 66 Falcon, KY 41426 606-349-7459

County Attorney

Council Members


City Commissioners

Greg Allen 110 East Maple Street Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-1382

Harry Adams Timothy Cooley David Gearhart Freddie Goble Kimber McGuire B.D. Nunnery Roy Roberts Don Willis

Circuit Court Clerk

Jerry K. Coleman Bob Shurtleff Patrick McNamee Steve Hartsock


Pike County

Judge Executive

City of Coal Run Village

Ben Hale 149 South Central Avenue Prestonsburg, KY 41653-0789 Office: 606-886-9193 Fax: 606-886-1083

City Hall 81 Church Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-6032

County Clerk Renee Arnett Sheperd P.O. Box 1535 Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-2216

Jailer Bryan Montgomery P.O. Box 430 Salyersville, KY 41465 Home Address: HC 61 Box 639 Salyersville, KY 41465 606-496-6176

Sheriff Carson Montgomery P.O. Box 589 Parkway Drive Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-2914

Property Value Administrator Jerry Swiney P.O. Box 107 Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-6198

Judicial Circuit Court Clerk Tonya Arnett Ward Magoffin County Justice Center 100 East Maple Street Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-2215 606-349-4050

District Court Judge Dennis Prater P.O. Box 1445 Salyersville, KY 41465 606-349-7963

Magistrates John Goble Randy Davis Mike Tackett Ronnie Akers

Coroner Rodney Nelson P.O. Box 147 Dwale, KY 41621 606-285-5155

County Attorney Keith Bartley 149 South Central Avenue P.O. Box 1000 Prestonsburg, KY 41653 Phone: 606-886-6863 Fax: 606-886-6106

City Commissioners Mike Steele Sherry A. May Beverly Jo Justice Osbourne Joseph Adkins

Mike Taylor


Chris D. Waugh 149 South Central Avenue Prestonsburg KY 41653 Office: 606-886-8089 Fax: 606-886-3816

Hope Ramey


Floyd County City of Prestonsburg

Property Value Administrator

City Hall 200 North Lake Drive Prestonsburg KY 41653 Office: 606-886-2335 Fax: 606-886-0563

Connie Jean Hancock, PVA 149 South Central Avenue, Room 5 Prestonsburg, KY 41653 Office: 606-886-9622 Fax: 606-889-0591



Les Stapleton

John Hunt P.O. Box 152 Prestonsburg, Kentucky 41653 606-886-6171

Sharon Setser

Deborah J. Tackett


Council Members Jeff Bailiff Roxanne Blankenship Lois Cantrell Roger Copley Robert Lester Michael Stacy

City of Pikeville City Hall 118 College Street Pikeville KY 41501 606-437-5100

Mayor Jimmy Carter P.O. Box 2198 Pikeville, KY 41502

City Manager Phillip Elswick 478 College Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437-5104

William M. Deskins 146 Main Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-6247

Vernon Johnson, District 2 P.O. Box 297 Virgie, KY 41572 606-639-6837


City Hall P.O. Box 681 Elkhorn City, KY 41522 606-754-5080

Judge Executive

Jeffrey Scott Anderson, District 1 P.O. Box 1435 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-437- 0713

Andrew H. Scott

Elkhorn City




County Clerk

Stuart Halbert Floyd County Jail

City Clerk

Douglas Ray Hall Floyd County Justice Center 127 South Lake Drive Prestonsburg, KY 41653 Phone: 606-889-1672 Fax: 606-889-1666

Leo Murphy 23560 South Levisa Road Mouthcard, KY 41548 606-835-1300 Kenneth Robinson 6883 Millard Highway, Apartment 2 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0734 Hilman Dotson 48681 State Highway 1946 Majestic, KY 41547 606-456-7146 Bobby Varney 1199 Taylor Fork Road Turkey Creek, KY 41514 606-353-9604

Coroner Russell Roberts 606-432-4643

County Attorney Howard Keith Hall P.O. Box 1289 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-432-6250

County Clerk Rhonda Taylor P.O. Box 1289 Pikeville, KY 41502 606-432-6222

Jailer Freddie Lewis 606-432-6291

Property Value Administrator Lonnie Osborne 606-432-6201



Sheriff Rodney Scott 606-432-6260

Judicial Circuit Court Clerk Anna Pinson Spears Pike County Judicial Center 175 Main Street, P.O. Box 1002 Pikeville, KY 41502-1002 606-433-7560

Commonwealth Attorney Rick Bartley 606-433-7500

Circuit Judge Eddie Coleman Pike County Judicial Center 175 Main Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-7551

District Judge Darrel Mullins 172 Division Street, Suite 326 Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-7562

Family Court Judge Larry E. Thompson 175 Main Street Pikeville, KY 41501 606-433-7060

Knott County City of Hindman City Hall P.O. Box 496 Hindman KY 41822 606-785-5544

Mayor Tracy Niece

Council Members Bob Young Calvin Combs Glenda Bentley Jackie Mosley Clayton Handshoe Larry Perkins

Calvin Waddles Jeff Dobson

Coroner William Jeff Blair 519 Bypass Road Hindman, KY 41822 606-785- 3133

County Attorney Tim Bates 54 West Main Street, Courthouse P.O. Box 470 Hindman, KY 41822 606-785-5355

County Clerk Kennith Gayheart P.O. Box 446 Hindman, KY 41822 606-785-0996

Jailer Ricky Prater P.O. Box 505 Hindman, KY 41822

Property Value Administrator Ed Slone P.O. Box 505 Hindman, KY 41822 Office: 606-785-5569

Hindman, KY 41822 Phone: 606-889-1676

Letcher County City of Whitesburg City Hall 38 East Main Street Whitesburg, KY 41858 606-633-3700

Mayor James Wiley Craft 606-633-3700

City Council Members James Bates Larry Everidge Sheila Short Tom Sexton John Williams Robin Bowen-Watko

City of Jenkins

County Attorney Jamie Hatton 95 Main Street Whitesburg, KY 41858 Phone:606-633-9588 Fax: 606-633-3879 Don McCall

Property Value Administrator


City Clerk

Randy Hall 156 Main Street Suite 105 Whitesburg, KY 41858 Office: 606-633-2182 Fax: 606-633-3995

Dale Richardson PO Box 1170 Hindman, KY 41822

Chasity Phipps


City Administration

Danny Webb 6 Broadway Street Whitesburg, KY 41858 Office: 606-633-2293 Personal: 606-633-5163

Judicial County Courthouse P.O. Box 1287 Hindman, KY 41822 606-785-5592

Circuit County Clerk Judy Collins

Knott County Judicial Center 53 W. Main Street P.O. Box 1317 Hindman, KY 41822 606-785-5021

Chief Circuit Judge

Todd DePriest 606-832-2142

Bennie McCall

Finance Officer Robin Kincer

Council Members Becky Terrill Amburgey Chuck Anderson Michael Dingus Rick Damron Garnett Bentley Toni Jenkins

County Judge Executive

Judge Executive

Chief District Judge


Zachary Combs Weinburg P.O. Box 505 Hindman, KY 41822 606-785-5592

Dennis Prater 53 West Main Street Hindman, KY 41822

Bobby Howard 247 Tunnel Road Whitesburg, Kentucky 606-634-4558 606-633-4314


Wayne Fleming P.O. Box 232 Burdine, KY 41517 606-832-4752 606-821-6288




Keith Adams P.O. Box 5 Jeremiah, KY 41826 606-634-5323


Kimberly Childers 53 West Main Street Hindman, KY 41822

Jamie Mosley Avery Shrum

Woody Holbrook 474 Highway 3406 Mayking, KY 41837 606-633-2012

City Hall 9409 Highway 805 Jenkins, KY 41537 606-832-2142

Jim T. Ward 156 Main Street, Suite 107 Whitesburg, KY 41858 606-633-2129


606-634-9269 606-633-9247

Family Court Judge Dwight Marshall Knott County Justice Center 100 Justice Drive

Terry Adams P.O. Box 488 Isom, Kentucky 41824

Judicial Circuit Court Clerk Larry D. Adams Letcher County Courthouse 156 Main Street, Suite 201 Whitesburg KY 41858 606-633-7559 606-633-1048

Chief Circuit Judge Samuel T. Wright, III 156 Main Street, Suite 205 Whitesburg, KY 41858 606-633-2259

District Judge Kevin R. Mullins 156 Main Street, Suite 101 C Whitesburg, KY 41858 606-633-4222


911 Bypass Road, Pikeville, KY • 606-218-3500

Experience Southeast Kentucky 2017-2108  

We are proud to share the latest edition of Experience Southeast Kentucky with you, our visitors and friends. With these biennial profile bo...

Experience Southeast Kentucky 2017-2108  

We are proud to share the latest edition of Experience Southeast Kentucky with you, our visitors and friends. With these biennial profile bo...