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Sept. 5, Nov. 11, Jan. 16, Feb. 20; does anyone know what these dates have in common besides being days off of school? These dates are national holidays; they are days when we should take the time to reflect on all the men and women who made huge contributions to our country. Is it right for people to just wake up on national holidays and think, “Hey, I don’t have to go to school today,” and not reflect on their actual significant meaning? I think not. These holidays were passed for a reason, right? So why do they have to be neglected, forgotten and pushed to the shady corner of one’s mind? These are actually among some of the most important reasons why our country is so wonderful. Take Jan. 16, Martin Luther King jr. day, for




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example;this holiday was created by President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Did anyone think about the impact Dr. King made in our lives? Thanks to Dr. King and his peaceful protest, we have equal rights for every race. Although Dr. King was for African American rights, he also paved the way for other races to be treated as equals. For those of you that could answer ‘yes’ I applaud you. But for those of you who couldn’t, then you might want to take this time to do just that. Done? Good, now moving on. Let’s think about making this a regular thing. Starting now, starting right now, try to remember why we have those days off of school. “Why?” You may ask, well it’s like when someone does you a good deed. You always say “thank you,” correct? Reflecting on the history behind the day is like saying thank you to the people these days are meant for. On Feb. 20, I think everyone should try to remember our past presidents, especially the ones who greatly impacted the history of this nation. This holiday (also known as Washington’s birth-

day) is to remember our past 44 presidents. We should take this day to pay attention to some of the most important things our different presidents have done. On these national holidays you should spend at least 30 minutes to realize why you didn’t have to wake up early and drag yourself to school. Of course no one is telling you to open up a history book and read, but there are other things you can do. For instance, you could take the time to do homework. Don’t sleep in, that’s something to do in the summer. So on a national holiday, pay attention to the significance of that day.

Don’t let your title get to your head COMMENTARY JACOB ROGERS

People with prestigious titles can often have the ugliest personalities, such as high school students with titles like MVP, quarterback, president, officer, valedictorian, all-city and so on. Letting a title go to your head is bad, you

become cocky, self-absorbed and narcissistic. In doing so you lose friends, no one likes to be around you and you’re just annoying. Annoying people are the worst kind of people. The kind of people who talk in third person about themselves, those are the ones to watch for. You don’t have a narrator and it doesn’t make you look any better. Always saying how great you are and how they don’t have that title it makes you seem like you’re better than them. Yes, you earned it but that doesn’t

mean you have to showboat it all the time. Nobody likes being put down, especially your friends. True leaders go out of their way to help everyone else on what needs to get done to proceed further. They are selfless and always think about others first, the complete opposite of being annoying and full of themselves. Being a true leader is what earned you that title, don’t take advantage of it and let it affect your personality. OPINION


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ano the r day to sle ep in COMMENTARY COMMENTARY JACOB ROGERS SULEMA GARCIA 07 People with prestigious titles can often have the ugliest per...

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ano the r day to sle ep in COMMENTARY COMMENTARY JACOB ROGERS SULEMA GARCIA 07 People with prestigious titles can often have the ugliest per...