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EDITORIAL POLICY To establish the Stampede as a newspaper for all students and staff, the following editorial policies have been established: The diverse opinions expressed on the editorial page are those of the Stampede staff or individual students, not necessarily those of the administration or faculty. The editorials in this newspaper will based solely on factual information and will never purposely libel or ridicule anyone. The goal of the Stampede staff to be both accurate and tasteful while publishing news and commentary on subjects of interest to the readers. The Stampede will credit any material that is not original. This newspaper’s purpose is to serve as an open forum for the thoughts and opinions of students and faculty.

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Clean up YOUR act Picking up after yourself should be a given It’s 8 a.m. Monday morning, and the school starts filling up with more than 1700 students until 3:10 that afternoon when they are let out of school. While we are here for seven to nine hours the custodians are here for 16 hours a day. That’s right, almost double what we are here for. Our school is being cleaned from 6 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. and yet it’s never clean. Wanna know why? It’s because there are certain students that choose to throw their trash in the hallways instead of in the trash can. Yes it is the custodians’ job to clean up the school, but it’s not our job to add to the mess. The custodians have other things they need to be doing than cleaning up after a bunch of immature children. There are about 30 trash cans throughout the school, not counting the ones in each classroom, yet every day there are pieces of paper and assorted wrappers on the floor. Everyone knows G-hall and main hall are the places to be before and after school and especially during lunch. After all the groups of kids disperse with the ring of the final bell, the custodians are left to pick up the pieces of food, wrappers and papers left behind. Hopefully we will all end up living on our own once we graduate from high school. Are you going to be throwing your trash in the hallway of your house? Or putting gum in your sink? Didn’t think so. It’s disgusting! We are in high school people, this is the time

were we really start learning how to fend for ourselves. If you don’t start developing these good habits now, your future living situation is going to be scary. So how about you treat this school like it’s your home, we are here for a good chunk of the day anyway. Go back about 50 years and picture 15 custodians cleaning the school. That’s right, 15 custodians cleaning what used to be a much smaller Southeast High School. At the time Southeast did not have an A, M or F hall. Fast forward to today and picture all nine of our custodians cleaning what is now a big Southeast High School. You read right, nine custodians to clean this school. Why did our school jump from 15 to nine custodians? Budget cuts that’s why. Southeast has expanded over the years and has become the place to be for some people. However when we have visitors and all they see is trash on the floor they think we’re nasty. Not counting the select students that choose to trash up the hallways, everyone sees our school in a positive light, with a pleasant environment. But it’s those select students that give this school a negative, nasty impression. Before you start to throw your half eaten piece of fruit or crumpled up assignment with a bad grade on it, remember that it takes nine people 16 hours to clean this school. Remember that the custodians are here before us and they leave after us, so clean up your own mess.





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