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Bankin’ for bucks:

Financial Aid Night educates parents and students on how to find money for college


inancial Aid Night is designed for seniors and their families to participate in the completion of the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). FASFA is an application for seniors and college students to receive financial help. Any student that plans on attending a two year college, a four year college, technical college, cosmetology school or any other form of post education should fill out FASFA. The FASFA is all financially so your grades, courses and school related things do not matter. It depends solely on the income in your household and the number of dependents using that income. There is a college financial representative that attends Financial Aid Night that assists the students in applying for the FASFA accurately, efficiently and helps students receive the most amount of money possible. There are three types of aids

offered. The first being grants which is basically “free money” and does not have to be paid back. The second is the work study program, which provides students with the opportunity to work and receive money to help pay for their tuition and other college expenses. The final form of financial aid is loans. College representatives can tell students about the fees, benefits and other necessary information about getting loans and repaying them. Although it’s not required, parents should attend financial aid night with their student. This way when the parents are present they feel secure about giving out their financial and private information. After Financial Aid Night some students will see that they have free money waiting for them when they prepare for college and helps them in the choice for which college they will attend. “ It opens a door for some and


TOP: Analyzing the financial aid handout, Sterlin Broomfield, sr., attends the Financial Aid Night in the library in hopes to get additional information on how to fill out FAFSA. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) was open on the first day of January and seniors are highly encouraged to complete their application to receive additional cash from the government for college. “The information was easy to understand. They got it through to the viewers’ heads through powerpoint,” Broomfield said. MAIN: Sara Whitney, college financial representative from Newman University, was the the featured speaker for the Financial Aid Night on Jan. 12. Whitney helped students and parents through the FAFSA process and answer any additional questions they had. Financial Aid Night is not required for all students but highly encouraged for all students to attend.

for others is a big reality check,” Amy Alvarez, college and career coordinator, said. Underclassman have the opportunity to take the FASFA Forecaster. It is a pretty good estimate on what they will receive as a senior as long as nothing in the

household changes financially. “Underclassmen will eventually have to learn about it and it’s good to get it out of the way so they don’t have to stress about it later,” Sterlin Broomfield, sr., said. --- DALISHA RUSSELL

ALL ABOUT THE MONEY: The majority of students claim financial aid strongly determines their likelihood of attending college

Not important Somewhat important Not attending college Very important 150 students were surveyed




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