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MAIN: Students from the USD 259 leadership council came out to help men and women pick out free items to help them this holiday season on Dec 17. Tajahnae Stocker, fr., helped out her first family in need. “I love to see the looks on their faces when we find everything they need,” Stocker said.


ABOVE: All the volunteers went through four lines: coats, warm accessories, food and toys. Chris Vuong, fr., helped out his first family with picking out food for their family. “It was my first time doing this and it was really fun. I loved helping the different families,” said Vuong.

Students find ways to help put smiles on children’s faces this holiday season This holiday students organized efforts to give to the community. In the true spirit of the season and many students gave their time and/or material goods to help out needy families. Toys for Tots and Operation Holiday where two ways in which students and faculty members made this season a little brighter. Though our country's economy might be showing promises of recovery it is still a long way off for some families. Some families are unable to afford gifts for their children, let alone life essentials. To help keep these children's faith in Santa Clause and in mankind, Toys for Tots; collects toys and then hands them out to these children. When asked what it was like to be involved in this effort, “Felt pretty (censored) good!” was the response of Jayson Pratt, jr. We had our own Toys for Tots effort, with collection baskets put out and then collected by Sierra Teens. Jason Wysong, science, and Gina Brilhart, Fine Arts, organized the effort, in replace of Mrs. Hester who retired. To contribute to the effort Mrs. Fry and Mrs. Lewallen offered to eliminate overdue library fines in exchange for a gift for Toys for Tots or a canned good. Our students gave generously to this effort Gina Brillhart estimates that they collected 50-60 toys and 20-30 cans. Operation Holiday, which Leadership Advisory Council participated in on

December 17, gave to impoverished families, necessary living essentials. Families came and where given the ability to choose certain items based on that families need. If they where a large family they got more, smaller less, and if they had kids they got toys. L.A.C. worked with the families to show them around the items, so the families could pick out which items they wanted. “I think [Operation Holiday] had a pretty big impact,” said Chris Vuong fr. ---ALEX BESSEL

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