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An animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its representative symbol and supposed to bring good luck.


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MEET “THUNDER” The mascot was chosen to be a buffalo because it relates to the Kansas Plains.

The current costume is three years old and cost us about $1200.

Students give their input on if the mascot was changed and turned into a different animal, person or thing TURTLE: “Turtles are cool... They always win the race,” said Nita Saybounkham, soph. TIGER: “They show strength and pride,” said Tyler Koch, jr. CHEETAH: “Because we attack when unexpected,” said Jennifer Rosendo, soph. MEADOWLARK: “Because we can still keep our yellow color and it’s the Kansas bird,” said Kenneth Hahn, soph. JAYHAWK: “Being a Jayhawk would be nice. Southeast Golden Jayhawks sound nice. Jayhawks are dope,” said Tierra Nolan, jr.




DID YOU KNOW? Our school colors are actually white and yellow! (Not black and yellow)

MASCOT was a...

BUFFALO: “It makes us seem tough,” said Kelsie Smith, jr. BEAR: “Bears are ferocious and we are ferocious,” said Sky Birdcreek, sr. WOLVES: “Wolves are vicious and we have vicious athletes,” said Gabby Urbina, sr. UNICORN: “They’re pretty. They fly everywhere, like our school. Everyone flies,” said Shannon Lee, jr. YETI: “Nobody’s been a Yeti, it’s unique. We should also be Aries, because we’re fierce and challenging, “ said Brianna Howell, jr. INTERVIEWED BY MELISSA NDETTEMI AND ANGELA VUONG



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