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TECH-SMART As social networking sites continue to take over the generation, it is vital to



are underground music artists of all genres, the urban layouts and the flood of spam that entails from logging on. Perhaps, it’s time to take it elsewhere, you country-techno and raggae-alternative bands from Alaska and Yugoslavia. Finally, that leaves YouTube. “YouTube is a means of expression, people can vent and blog without worrying about the consequences,” Ashley Roberts, jr., said. “Trolls are interesting. It’s funny to see ‘if I get 20 likes, I’ll do this,’ when you know they won’t.” As YouTube sensation Kingsley would say, this website is overexposed. In a good way. It provides many more options of self-expression and video transitions. A user of YouTube has the options of creating a photo diary, promoting film abilities, recording outbursts of failure and randomness, viewing streams from others, engaging in useless comment wars, discovering what it takes to be the “top comment,” and discovering the opinions of public figures. With the many options and possibilities of internet use, what does it all mean? What is social networking’s intent? Clearly, some don’t get it. Internet interaction has been the cause of teen suicides, impersonations that allow fraud to occur, and overall has ruined the lives of others. “Cyberbullying is what makes the internet bad,” Zuniga said. “Cyberbullying is placing pictures that a certain person doesn’t want to be posted and calling names.” Despite some users’ misuse, networking was initially created to unite people across the planet. Though cyber-bullying and drama continue, we are the ones who do it and are the only ones who can choose not to. So whether you tweet, farm, space, or tube, proper conduct does exist. --- GARRETT JACOBSON


45% 20% 24%

of employers check applicants out on social networking sites.

of colleges Google their applicants

of colleges check social networking sites

SUBMIT THIS Photos of you doing positive things. Join groups that have positive messages. Photos of you and friends in a positive light. Information that will impress college admissions officers. Posts with proper spelling and grammar.

CANCEL THAT Hide or delete photos that show anything vulgar or illegal. Remove any personal information like phone numbers and addresses. Unsubscribe from any biased groups. Any posts with foul language. Untag yourself from any inappropriate photos on friends pages.



ocial media; a positive outlet, or a place with excessive stalking and useless information? Hold on, my grass is growing, let me tweet that (lol). Okay, back to the internet. Grab your passports, first we will visit Facebook (which, if a real country, would be the 3rd largest in the world). “Facebook is for people to share what goes on in everyone’s every day life,” Jesus Zuniga, sr., said, “I love to update my status.” Users constantly have updates, notifications and useless notices shoved down their throats on this website, not to mention the endless supply of “stalkers” delivered to the door of your screen. While on the subject of “creeps,” one must ask; what is a creep and where do they come from? Simply put, people adding random people and messaging them as if they are best friends. That’s where. Where were we? My cow on Farmville died, and it required six hours of my time to revive. All aboard my flying eCow, destination Twitter. Twitter, considered an organized way to update the occurrences of your life and keeping up with the lives of others, is becoming excessively popular. This spur comes from the help of increased celebrity activity, as people as citizens of earth, care so much that Charlie Sheen forgot to brush his teeth today. “MySpace is good because it shows your interest and [allows you to be creative] with the layouts,” said Zuniga. “There is a lot of music, too.” MySpace, the former king of social networking, was nuclear bombed in 2009 when Facebook surpassed the site as the #1 social outlet. “Myspace died because it created a lot of drama,” Zuniga, sr., said. “People got tired of it. There were a lot of fights and break-ups being openly posted.” Those surviving the desolation

think twice about what is posted online.

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08 ENTERTAINMENT Information that will impress college admissions officers. Hide or delete photos that show anything vulgar or illegal. Unta...