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Jessica Universe Instagram Star turned Author talks publishing Fake Deep


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’m gonna be real with you guys because personally I like absorbing myself in authentic media. I don’t typically read magazines, in fact I’ve read two magazines in my life. So why I decided to launch a magazine of all things is beyond me. But I decided this is what I want to do. So I will do this. I’m going to drop another honesty bomb. I got so busy and distracted the month up until the release I didn’t edit it until today, the night before it’s meant to launch. Yes, I am writing this the 30th of December (update I’m still editing this Dec. 31, hours before the release time). I guess I still haven’t fixed this whole procrastination thing, I thought would just go away after highschool. I’m telling you this because, I mean this whole magazine rests on the shoulders of a group of teens and myself. So of course it’s going to start off a mess. They say if you’re not embarassed by your first product you started too late, and boy is this embarassing. Though Maybe that’s what can also be appealing about SEJi. You can watch this publication grow and slowly become less shitty. You can even be a part of it too since we are always looking for more 2 SEJi Magazine

contributors and team members. Anyways this is to warn you guys that this issue may very well be the worst issue of a any magazine you’ve ever encountered. But that just means there’s only room to go up. So I do hope you stay along for the ride and read the next issue too, which will hopefully be a million times better. And if you have ideas on how to make it better, try poking around our website and social medias to submit to be a part of SEJi. Please. Like, please help me , theres like 10 of us I edited 99% of this magazine on my own. I don’t even know how to use the software I’m using. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A SIGN TO PURSUE SOMETHING IN THE ART WORLD, THIS IS IT!!! You know how hard it is to coordinate a magazine for/by young artists? Teenagers and artists are literally the most notoriously unorganized unreliable people. AND OUR TEAM IS BOTH COMBINED!! AHHH !! Yeah, enjoy reading!


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Interview with Underground Rapper Austin Skinner


Meet William Bolton

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Instagram Photographer Goner Interview


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Fake Deep With Jessica Universe


Contributions Interview with Austin Skinner

Jessica Universe - interviewer Gabriel Williamson - photographer Juliana Morales - transcriber

Meet William Bolton

Jessica Universe - interviewer/transcriber Jessica Padover - photography

Our Favorite Albums

Jessica Universe Kyla Rudd Alexander Romero Ayesha Gorkhale Trinity Rich Ashley Zhang Lyndon Neve Darius Williams

Goner Interview Poetry

Jane An - interviewer Jessica Universe - editor/curator Gabe Williamson - photography/visuals ash by Lottie O relatives, but we don’t relate by Hanalei Acosta highschool boys by Tiff I am a Girl by Gabrielle Lavictoire overloaded by Ruthie Marie Power I want to go back by Crystal Chan cold hands by Tania Grigoriadis The Fundamentals of Happiness by Angie Caldeira desperate things by Maham Khalid house by Claire Panyon holy by Zarlish Feroz

Studyquill Interview Fake Deep with Jessica Universe

Ayesha Gorkhale - interviewer/transcriber Jessica Universe - transcriber Trinity Rich - interviewer Jane An - interviewer

UNDERGROUND Birthday: April 27th 1998 Zodiac: Taurus Location: Virginia Current Favorite Song: U Said - Lil Peep Favorite Candy: Haribo Gummy Bears Genre: Melodic Rap

Austin Skinner (AustinSkinner1500) is a Virginia based independent rapper. He could be catergorized as a “SoundCloud” rapper, emerging from a very popular, modern style of rap. His music is also available on Spotify and Apple Music.


Have you always been interested in music or making music? Yes, I couldn’t see myself doing anything different. How long have you been making music? I’m 19 and started in 8th grade, drawn to music all throughout high school. Started doing hella shows, did a mini tour in LA, D.C., with Big Baby Gucci and others, that’s my family. So it’s been going pretty well What’s the average day in your life like? Wake up, roll a blunt, smoke. Go to class, hang at school. Oh, what’s your major? Communications What’s your process for making music? I smoke, probably listen to a beat, and find one that I can go on. The beat feeds me the energy so I just go off the beat. Most of the time, for the songs I’ve done, I think of 4 bars in my head then write it down. At night, just go back to that and just keep writing off of it. I find a beat that matches it so I just flow on it. That shit works the best for me to be honest, all the best songs I’ve done have been from that.

6 SEJi Magazine

How would you describe the independent/unsigned music scene? Slept on.. I know a lot of people are very talented and don’t get their recognition they don’t get. All of us guys are working hard for so long and like no one’s paid attention to it really, except for kids. Not really the industry. Where do you see yourself or hope to see yourself growing with music? I see myself being successful soon. I have some things planned for the next couple of months that I cannot speak about yet. I just think it’s gonna be successful. I’m a part of a club called 1500, me and Big Baby Gucci is ahead of it, he created it. He’s been doing really big things recently, so we have some big things planned for 1500. How do you describe your sense of style? I don’t know, if I see something that I like, I’m gonna put it on. Some of my shit don’t match, but i say fuck it because I like the pieces. I just wear what I like. Shoutout to Castillo. What’s the hardest thing about making your music right now? Finding people that can give me the right sounds that I like. Towards the end of summer, I had a major writer’s block. I was meeting new people, I got hella inspiration from that so I started writing a lot. I wasn’t able to record that much, but I got hella inspiration from the scene, a whole different lifestyle down there, new experiences from that. What are some things or values you really want to represent and stand for? Respect women and black lives matter for sure, I’m standing for those. Do you have any advice for other small underground artists? Don’t try to copy anyone, make them collab with you. I’m done doing free shit for the past year for nobody. Unless I listen to you, then you’re paying. Stay true to your sound, stop trying to bite off of other people. The same sound has been going on for the past fucking 6 months, like we need some new shit. Find your own waves. People will start hitting you for features. Don’t rap just to rap, make music if you actually make it. If that shit makes you happy, do that shit. Don’t be doing that shit just for the clout. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever seen or done while making music? I’ve had so many experiences like forgetting lyrics and shit. One time I had this show and the feedback noise, every song I tried to perform was a feedback noise there. There are hella technical problems in shows when I want them to run smoothly.” What are some things you want potential or future fans to know about you? I rep Virginia but I’m from Colorado, a lot of people don’t know that. If you’re a fan of me, please reach out to me. I just want to be more connected with my fans. That means the world to me, keep doing that shit. I’m also Black and French. SEJi Magazine


Birthday : August 3rd 1994 Zodiac: Leo Location: California Current Favorite Song: American Money by Børns Favorite Food: Krispey Kreme Donuts Genre: Electric Soul

William Bolton is an independent R&B/ Soul singer. He takes a new spin on what is typically recognized as contemporary r&b. He combines old soul vibes with current cultural references and millenial terminology. He writes and produces almost all of his own music, which seems to be less and less common in the industry.

WILLIAM BOLTON How would you describe your music in 3 words? The genre, I call it, is electric soul, but that’s just two words. In more than two words, three words, I’d say old soul inspired. Like I’m from Detroit, Michigan where Motown was and a ton of amazing soul music came from, I feel like I’m kind of bringing that to new age beats. What would you say is the most unique/distinctive quality that your music possesses? I think it’s just personality, you know? I like to have a lot of fun with my music and tell stories. I’m kind of trying to bring old soul, jazz inspired to a new type of sound and audience. How did you start creating music? Can you recall the specific moment or event that drove you to channel your passion for music in this way? Well I took piano lessons when I was super young and I just didn’t like the music they had me play, but then my mom forced me to go to a guitar lesson when I was ten. She said if I didn’t like it I’d never have to go back again. So I agreed and got to this lesson and this guys like a 70’s rocker dude with long hair, he’s just shredding his electric guitar. I had come with a small acoustic but watching him, I was like hey can I play yours? I had this great teacher and got really into guitar, which just got me really into music. Then my older brother got this recording software and was just making beats in the basement so I’d go down there sometimes and record my guitar over his beats. Then he left for college when I was around fourteen or fifteen, he left all his stuff behind and I ended up with this mini studio in the basement. Do you have a dream musician or artist that you would like to collaborate with? Pharrel Williams Who are your musical influences? Motown records,late 60s early 70s soul music Kid Cudi, Pharrel, Kanye, Rat A Tat, and Radiohead.

8 SEJi Magazine

What advice would you give to aspiring young musicians, or people in general who look up to you as an artist? Wow, well I honestly feel like I’m still growing and learning as an artist. So to think someone could be looking up to me that’s really cool. I just think you should just be yourself, and focus on your music. Do you get stage fright? How do you deal with it? Honestly no I don’t. The biggest tour I’ve been on so far was in Europe opening for Hoodie Allen, and at first I just come on to stage with these huge crowds and I was like “oh shit” but then after a while you kind of get into the routine of it. I was actually more nervous to like give a powerpoint presentation in college. I’d be like almost shaking in front of my marketing class, but being on stage is what I love to do. How do you like to de-stress? Hmm that’s a good question. I feel like writing music is such therapy for me. Always my best days are when I make something new that I really love. Being inspired is so important to me too. When I’m not writing shit that I love, or if I have a period of time where I’m not writing something dope, even if it’s just a few days, that would get me stressed. I’m more stressed when I’m chilling, I need to be like doing a bunch of shit to not be stressed. What aspect of your life are you most proud of? My life is pretty much just music. I don’t have hobbies, this literally is all I do, is music. I’m always proudest of my newest songs because I know I’m always getting better, and I strive to be better. I’m also proud that I was able to move out to LA and support myself with my music. What’s a typical day like for you? I go to bed pretty late, so I get up at ten, go for a run, get back, and lik uber to some meeting or some session. I uber like everywhere, I’m always making music and at night I’m going to little cool events and meeting up with musicians. Everything is like connected in LA. It’s cool. How did you get people to take you seriously as a musician? I think that when I started, it was like bloggers finding my stuff or sending my music to bloggers and they would talk about it. Now it’s like I got twenty million spotify streams, it’s not really about the numbers for me though. If you could do it all over again, what would you change, if anything? I put out so much music now, but when I was first starting out I was so nervous to drop songs and I would wait. Like I had these really high quality music videos and I waited to upload them. If I could go back I’d tell myself, yo just drop everything when you have it, you’re always gonna make better stuff, but the only for people to see your shit is if it’s out. What’s a random fact you would want people to know about you? I actually have a public phone number for my fans. I love interacting with everyone.


DECEMBER’S PLAYLISTS 2017 Picks Playlist 1. Scary Love - The Neighbourhood 2. Baby Esther - Kyle Dion 3. Walk On Water - Eminem ft. Beyoncé 4. pineapple skies - miguel 5. Do Not Disturb - Drake 6. anxiety - blackbear ft. FRND 7. betrayed - lil xan 8. him & i - G Eazy ft. Halsey 9. dreamville - rob curly 10. Goodie Bag - Still Woozy 11. One and Only - Cuco 12. Should I - Phoebe Ryan 13. Independent - gianni & kyle 14. Jasmine - DPR LIVE 15. Malibu 1992 - COIN 16. Wicked - Mansionz (RatCity Remix) 17. IRL - DYSN ft Prelow 18. GOLD - BROCKHAMPTON 19. Biking (Solo) - Frank Ocean 20. Concussion - Ben Beal ft Biskwiq 21. Lemon - N.E.R.D. ft. Rhianna 22.1-800-273-8255 - Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid 23. Awful Things - Lil Peep 24. Obsessed - Maggie Lindenmann 25. Nowadays - Lil Skies ft. Landon Cube 26. Talk 2 U - Brent Faiyaz 27. Hey - Matthew Young 28. Sativa - Jhene Aiko ft. Swae Lee 29. What You Like - 24 hrs ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Wiz Khalifa

5 CHILL SONGS TO FALL ASLEEP TO 1. A Better World/ The Times They Are A Changin’ - snny 2. Something Foreign - SiR ft. ScHoolboy Q 3. Another Time - simon eng & duendita ft. World$tar 4. Away - Yeek 5. Best Part - Daniel Caesar ft. H.E.R.

10 SEJi Magazine

6 SAD SONGS TO CRY TO 1. Idontwannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish 2. Empty - Olivia O’brien 3. Supermodel - SZA 4. deep + involved - Jess Connelly 5. BENEFITS OF HEARTBREAK - EPIK HIGH 6. Sober (Stripped) - RAYE

7 LIT SONGS TO JAM ALONG TO 1. Bartier Cardi - Cardi B 2. Say A’ - A Boogie wit da Hoodie 3. Kiwi - Harry Styles 4. Dennis Rodman - Mansionz 5. BagBak - Vince Staples 6. Spice Girl - Amine 7. Semi Cinematic - Caleon Fox

8 BADASS SONGS TO REMIND YOU YOU’RE GONNA BE OKAY 1. wish u the best - blackbear ft. Stalking Gia 2. The Way Life Goes - Lil Uzi Vert 3. We Cool - Marteen 4. Live in the Moment - Portugal. The Man 5. Different - William Bolton 6. New Rules - Dua Lipa 7. Way It Goes - Hippo Campus 8. If You Don’t Call - SOL

9 SONGS TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE IN LOVE 1. Mine - Bazzi 2. Plot Twist - Marc E. Bassy ft. Kyle 3. Boy - Willow Smith 4. Bloom Later - Jesse Rutherford 5. Window - Magic Giant 6. In My Feelings - Lana Del Rey 7. Belong To You - Sabrina Claudio 8. Falling for U - Peachy! 9. Honey - Kehlani

Our 2017 Fav albums It’s been a good year for music. How good? This good. cybersex & Mansionz & digital druglord Anyone who knows me knows I love blackbear, and funny enough my top three albums of the year are all blackbear. Mansionz is the first self titled album of duo Mike Posner and blackbear, released back in March. Less than a month later digital druglord was dropped in April. I saw bear twice on his digital druglord tour, it was an EXPERIENCE. I was actually surprised bear would release another album so soon after already putting out two others. Cybersex is bear’s first album signed with a major label. The style is definitely different, blackbear’s past albums never exceeded ten songs, cybersex had fourteen. Cybersex only had two solo songs and the rest were feautures, which breaks bear’s usual album flow. Even though all three albums sound different, they all give me a similar vibe. Whenever I listen I feel like I’m a california party girl in my early twenties with a slight substance problem and bear is just serenading the hell out of me, while simulatenously calling me out on my bs. Hmm... not entirely sure that’s a good thing but it’s fun to blast with the windows down, driving. My favorite songs across all three albums are wicked, g2g ttyl, and if i could i would feel nothing. - Jessica’s Picks

How Will You Know If You Never Try & SATURATION III & Woodstock These three albums all differ from each other, but I feel like they all showcased immense talent in different ways. How Will You Know If You Never Try by indie pop band COIN was their second studio album. It was released in April and contained a mixture of songs that I could both dance and cry to. SATURATION III was the last of three albums that boyband Brockhampton released this year, concluding their SATURATION series. This group worked extremely hard this year, releasing three albums, a documentary, a short film, and multiple music videos. They are redefining what a boyband is by mixing rap and pop to make tracks that anyone could like, and SATURATION III was the perfect way to show how they have grown this year. Lastly, Woodstock is the album that every Portugal. The Man fan was patiently waiting for. This group made it big this year with their hit song “Feel It Still.” 2017 was the start of a new chapter for the Portland-based alternative band, and this album was the perfect way to introduce themselves to mainstream listeners. My personal favorites from each album were Miranda Beach, ZIPPER, and Live In The Moment. - Kyla’s Picks

Come Over When You’re Sober & A Love Letter To You 2 & FUTURE Each of these albums showcase underrated lyricism and emotions coming from what most people see as the typical “mumble rappers”. As you may know Lil Peep sadly passed away this year and if you’ve never listened to his music, Come Over When You’re Sober is a good album to start with. Trippie Redd made a name for himself at the start of the year with Love Scars, but after releasing A Love Letter To You 2, he proved that he’s not just an one hit wonder. As for Future, well he’s just a legend and will always deliver. My favorite songs from each are Save That Shit by Lil Peep, Bust Down by Trippie Redd, and Rent by Future. - Alexander’s Picks

SEJi Magazine


American Teen & Big Fish Theory & Flower Boy My top favorite albums of 2017 include American Teen (Khalid), Big Fish Theory (Vince Staples) and Flower Boy (Tyler, the Creator). American Teen is the kind of album I’d have softly playing while I paint-Khalid’s smooth vocals have a soothing effect on anyone who listens. Although the album first garnered recognition for the song “Location,” my favorite track from the album, “Hopeless,” is far less famous, but equally good. I first noticed American rapper Vince Staples’ album Big Fish Theory after coming across the trailer for the upcoming Marvel action movie, Black Panther. My personal favorite song from the album remained in the background of every action scene with a fast-paced beat and lively tune that mirrored the Black Panther’s soaring leaps. I was immediately hooked, and after a quick investigation via the vast and wonderful Internet, I discovered that the song that piqued my interest “BagBak,” one of twelve other amazing tracks by Vince on Big Fish Theory. My favorite album of 2017, however, has to be Flower Boy. Every track on this album is a work of wonder with its own unique style, but the combination of Tyler’s talent and newly found aesthetic (a stark contrast from his precious, more dark and vulgar records) is what truly makes the album a masterpiece. If I had to pick a favorite song from the album, it would either be “See You Again” or “Glitter.” - Ayesha’s Picks

Melodrama & don’t smile at me & hopeless fountain kingdom I love women. Their artistry especially. In music the artistry includes lyrics and beats and cover art and music videos and SO much more. When trying to figure out exactly why I was so drawn to these albums I discovered it was because of the art. The passion. The emotion. “Melodrama” by Lorde makes me feel euphoric and free. Like I’m driving down the highway at 3AM with the windows rolled down. I love the alternative aesthetic of “dont smile at me” (which is technically an EP). I love the cover art, music videos, and Billie Eilish’s style. The way she dresses definitely adds a layer of coolness to the EP. “hopeless fountain kingdom” by Halsey tells a story that I haven’t figured out. And that makes me so intrigued by the album. I want to understand every metaphor, simile and the connection between the songs. hfk is an album you can dance to and I love blasting this in my kitchen while putting the dishes away. You know an album is good when you use it as your cleaning music. My favorite songs from these works are Perfect Places, my boy, and Walls Could Talk. - Trinity’s Picks

Ambitions & Sunrise & Moonrise This year has been a dive into East-Asian culture for me. Starting off with Japanese rock band One Ok Rock’s Ambitions— in both english and japanese—this album brought a new pop-rock sound to their music: as well as bringing success in their headlining North America tour. My favorite songs were Bedroom Warfare, Take What You Want; and 20/20 (only Japanese album). Korean pop-rock band Day6 also began their Every Day6 project this year, releasing two songs monthly and two albums biannually. This project, though exhausting, brought well deserved recognition and prominence to the band. Their albums Sunrise and Moonrise are sure to give you a new perspective on their skill and versatility. My favorites were I Wait and How Can I Say; From their Every Day6 project, I Need Somebody became an absolute must-listen. - Ashley’s Picks

The Ooz & Freudian & Soft Sounds From Another Planet Have you ever listened to an album and during its duration have an atmosphere grow in your mind? Whether you have or have not, The Ooz by King Krule, Freudian by Daniel Caesar, and Soft Sounds from Another Planet by Japanese Breakfast can grant you just that. The Ooz is English artist Archy Marshall’s third studio album and easily his best yet. This album takes you to a dark, and almost ominous, distant world. The bass, the piano, and Archy’s voice just make this album feel warm but also lonely. In my opinion, the best song on this album is the title track, The Ooz, which comes towards the end of this magnificent album. Freudian by Daniel Caesar is easily one of the best RnB albums to release this year, being his debut album, Daniel Caesar put a lot of his artistic mind and talent into it, and it surely shows. Most people have heard his song Get You with Kali Uchis, but the best song is the finale. The title track, Freudian is a 10 minute song, but is much like Frank Ocean’s Futura Free, with a brief minute pause in the middle between two seperate parts of the song, both being absolutely fantastic. The last album of 2017 that I always finding myself going back to is Soft Sounds from Another Planet by the band Japanese Breakfast, easily the most atmospheric album out of the 3. If you ever get the chance to listen to Road Head with quality headphones, do it. It is easily in my top 5 songs of the year, the use of Michelle Zauner’s voice is just out of this world. - Lyndon’s Picks

LUV is Rage 2 & 17 & SYRE With many new independent artists arising and underground artists finally publishing their debut albums, 2017 was heaven for any music lover. If I were to give 3 albums that really stood out apart from the others for me they would be “LUV is rage 2” by Lil Uzi Vert, “17” by XXXtentation, and “SYRE” by Jaden Smith. The highly-anticipated album following “the Perfect LUV Tape” was one of Lil Uzi Vert’s best public works by far. Counting the number of unfinished or unpublic songs and tapes, Lil Uzi has a ton in store for his fans. “XO TOUR Llif3”, being nominated for “song of the summer” at the MTV music awards and music video directed by the talented Virgil Abloh, was easily a song that, no matter the genre preference, anyone would end up liking. “17”, an album that shocked many who never knew who XXXTentacion was prior to his XXL appearance, was an album that gave way to a better understanding of who Jahseh Onfroy really is. The mellow vibes of this album were perfect to set apart his actual good music from his hype music. A perfect line in between that shows the versatility and the creative mind that is of Onfroy. Finally, “SYRE”. A beautifully produced, written, concepted, and performed album. With its opening track “BLUE”, split into 4 songs all written in Shakespearean sonnet, the album jumps out the gate with Jaden Smith demanding he not be slept on as an artist and as an intellectual. With every song being astonishingly better than the last it’s hard to pick apart the album for favorites and distinguished tracks. One would have to listen to the album as a whole to really appreciate it for what it is. An almost different attitude from his previous album “CTV2”. It mainly shows where Jaden Smith improved and lets us know he still has a long way to go. The amount of music that came out this year is mind blowing and just gives a red carpet for all that 2018 has to offer. - Darius’s Picks SEJi Magazine


A Look Into

Get a closer look at Evan Miller - widely known as “Goner� - the young photographer/videographer who shares his perspective of the world with the online community through the lens of his camera.

14 SEJi Magazine

o Instagram Photographer @goner Could you tell us the meaning/origin of the name “Goner”? Goner just was something that was almost a combination of what I wanted my page to show as and ironically my favorite song (by Twenty Øne Piløts) at the time. Goner - in the beginning was not much more than a word, now it truly has this connection for me as a brand and individual. I’ve always dealt with depression and anxiety, as well as suicide awareness which is a big thing for me, and I wanted Goner to represent almost how I felt. At the time of creation, I was at probably the lowest point I ever felt. Truthfully feeling like there was no return. But as life changed and things started getting better little by little, I’m hoping it represents that life can get better. Which is what I’m trying to show. - It’s weirdly funny because people in person will actually refer to me as “Goner” over Evan, most of the time. You mentioned on your website that you found an outlet to “create something” and found a “sense of purpose” through your work; could you tell us how you originally got into/discovered photography? Well when I first got into it, it was kind of by mistake. At that time I had no real “hobbies” or things I was truly interested in. I had an urge one day to buy a camera & just take pictures, having no idea that what I’m doing now would be the turn out of that small action. Once I got my first camera I taught myself everything I could, spent countless hours watching Videos or studying people’s work that I found admiring. After a while I developed my own take on things, which I believe is good to do as an growing artist of any kind. Would you say you have a favorite type of subject when you take photographs? I think my favorite subject would most definitely be a person, I like telling a story or showing an emotion with my work. Getting a message across is a big thing for me. What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer/videographer who wants to turn their passion into a profession? The advice I would give would be to truthfully keep creating stuff even when you feel like there is not a single chance it could be your “job”. If you want it to be your career, make it happen, practice more than everyone else does and work on your craft. It’s really easy to get discouraged & the difference between people who make it vs. the people who don’t, is the ones who make it know they want it more than anything & don’t give up on that thought. From where do you draw inspiration? I feel like a lot of people I’ve met draw inspiration from other artists in their niche of things, but I have to say I draw most of my inspiration from music. I definitely have a couple videographers or Photographers that I strongly enjoy their work though. Do you have a favorite app or website? My favorite app would most likely be Instagram, my favorite website would be YouTube. I just like seeing what people make. Would you say that you have a favorite camera lens? Crap this is a hard one, I’m really stuck between my 50mm or my 20-40mm lens.

How was 2017 for you? Do you have any plans or ideas about what 2018 will look for you? For me 2017 was a very eventful year, it had plenty of downs but also a lot of crazy ups. I think it was pretty well balanced but man this year was a crazy one. I’m hoping 2018 is even better, doing my best to travel as often as I can and inspire anyone if I can. What is one thing that you know now that you wish you would have known 5 years ago? I’m really conflicted on this answer, because I feel like due to me going through this feeling I learned a lot as a person and grew so much faster than I would have probably if I didn’t go through it, but I wish I would have been more convinced 5 years ago that life really can get better. That nothing is worth ending your life over, you’ll hit rock bottom a million times but there’s going to be a time where your on top of the world and know that the bottom was temporary. Could you tell us what software you use for editing your videos and photos? I usually am using Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom for Photos & Adobe Premiere and after effects for video. What does a typical day look like for you? It all depends on what I’m doing because somehow everyday is usually different for the most part, but most of the time I’m shooting during some point of the day and awake still at 5am editing. Can you tell us a little about your artistic process? How long does producing one video or one photograph take? When producing a video it takes a ton longer for me because my song choice changes so frequently. I can get photos done really quick though, i feel like I’ve got my photo game down decently right now.

POETRY SU All the featured poems were submitted to us through To find the poet behind the poetry go to page 5 under contributors. Enjoy :)

ash he was on fire and his limbs were turning into charred pieces of flesh and all he could smell was his burning body and her lavender perfume. she was untouched by the fire and as the flames danced across his skin he watched her watch him blacken in the wild orange inferno that was her. she laughed. it wasn’t mocking, or heartless, but full of pity of the boy who would set himself ablaze

her emotions are kept hidden from her family for they do not understand they don’t even pity. - relatives, but we don’t relate 18 SEJi Magazine

i thought i was in love with you and your words you called me special but special was a nickname you gave to every girl you met - (high school boys)

UBMISSIONS I am a Girl Because I was born From my mother’s flesh With my organs tucked in tight Between my legs The voices wish me to fail But I have a hope That once grown I would blossom into something better than myself Something worthy to someone Because I am soft and warm And by soft and warm I mean cold and sad Sometimes But despite them I became better And by better I mean I am alive.

overloaded Everything I do is tiring I think my brain needs rewiring Buffer out the wrinkles Figure out the kinks wash it all out with what they gave me silence the noise that drives me crazy Sit with graceless composure Unfeeling, uncaring, no more exposure. SEJi Magazine


I want to go back to the times where I was worry-free, when I didn’t care what others see of my appearance and personality Who was I trying to please? I want to go back Before knowledge corrupted me Before I saw the ugly world’s cruelty Before I was pulled away from my glee and was slapped by harsh Reality. I want to go back to the roots of my life where I did not deal with any psychological strifes, where happy memories were made That is, until I got a bad grade.

cold hands

your hands might be cold. or warm and scared. But you call her your world, My Childhood is what built me, but not your universe. like the roots and trunk of a tree. one day hands may run I grew and grew. along the body parts The Past, my friend, i shield deeply from the world. forever with me, the idea of them being yours A beautiful beautiful tattoo. is a dream i wish i could suppress. I want to go back. lately i have been thinking about my loss of creativity, lack of character and style. about my thighs and round face, my loud laugh and annoying words. i hope they don’t put you off but evidence proving this point seems to only grow by the day. the tension i feel is an illusion. there is nothing between us but my own false conclusions. your laugh, freckles, and hands, are all things i wish i could love freely. but instead i keep you a secret. a feeling of regret, when i speak of you out-loud. it’s laughable, you considering me to be the one who runs their warm hands upon your skin. 20 SEJi Magazine

The Fundamentals of HappinessA smile from a stranger at a store, Two bottles of whiskey and maybe just one more, Your favorite sad movie, A blanket from when you were younger, And enough sleeping pills to stop the hunger, Stay in bed for days, Fall back into your old ways, You haven’t done laundry in days, You’re on your last shirt, In fact you feel like dirt, Sleep with the tv on, It turns off your thoughts, Don’t respond to any texts, Stop talking all together, If people ask what’s wrong tell them you’re under the weather, Stop thinking, Keep drinking, Don’t fall in love, Don’t ever smile, Sleep paralyzed, Never say goodbyes, Forget everything, Feel nothing.

what was it to be 17 and grotesque a contortion trick a hollow performance all i wanted/your voice, low and laughing, threaded through those weary hours all i wanted/my brain going to pieces, unraveling painlessly like tangled yarn i did desperate things to keep your eyes on me


a house packed with memories someday empty and dim seemingly void of importance because in the end home is just a house it’s residents don’t mind your name or the memories you’ve made years will pass and nothing will change no matter what you leave behind the house does not mind c.a. SEJi Magazine


When you grow up a girl you are taught to be holy. You are taught to keep parts of yourself in glass cases as if you are there to admire but never touch, as if your skin is a scripture you never wanted to write. When you grow up a girl you are taught that devils look like men with mischief in their eyes and hunger in their bellies, that you are the angel who cannot touch the ground in case they pluck the feathers from your wings. When you grow up a girl you are taught to sing a gospel you don’t believe in, louder and louder until you run out of breath but not so loudly that the wrong people might hear you. See, us girls we are told that our bodies are temples, that they can only worship us on their knees. We are told that putting your heart on a pedestal is the only way to keep it beating, that being out of reach is the only way to make a man love you. We are told to fear desecration and the calloused hands that might cause it.

This body, is holy. This body, is holy. This body, is holy. But this body – this is not me. You see, I am made for a different kind of religion. I have a roaring in my head and a fire in my loins both so far from sacred. I have a passion that can’t be found by men on their knees. I am made for a more tactile kind of loving. And when I worship it will be with mud between my toes and wind in my hair, singing a gospel that only I knew the words to. I shall worship standing, the same way you worship me. We will not love with our bodies. We will not pray with our hands. We will pray with our teeth and our lips and our tongues, we will pray to nobody in particular. And we shall stay like that, as the moon watches us rip each other apart, screaming sacrilege at the top of our lungs. This love, is holy.

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The Art Of Organization 2017 saw the rise of a new form of artistry, propelled to the spotlight by social media: bullet journaling. “Bullet journaling” is the millennial’s take on the traditional planner, and the journals are kept to keep track of everything from day-to-day happenings to health to future goals, and can be designed to one’s liking. One of the most well-known bullet journalers on social media, known for her tasteful aesthetic and satisfying calligraphy, highschool sophomore Jasmine Shao has been making waves in the bullet journal community under the handle “Studyquill.” Shao sat down with SEJi Magazine to explain her experience of being a young social media influencer with such a huge following, and how she garnered popularity on various social media platforms. Are there any experiences in particular that you can recall that greatly motivated you, such as working with a big company, or collaborating with other creators? Was collaborating with another creator or company for the first time scary to you? How did you prepare for it? I applied to work there as a warehouse associate [at JetPens] which is like… packing orders and stuff, and then.. I was kind of shocked when they asked me to be a marketing intern instead, like… Wow, I can’t believe it! Like… woah. It wasn’t really scary, I guess, reaching out to them because… it was kind of a mutual thing and we reached out to each other. The opportunity just came up, and I went from there. How has being on different platforms [ instagram, youtube, tumblr] allowed you to interact with other members of the studygram/bullet journal community ? On Instagram and Tumblr you can direct message [other creators], and it’s a great way to meet people. You could consider it networking, but it’s more just like… talking to people and making friends with them. Sometimes, people who are friends with me online also want to work together, so that works out pretty well! Which of these communities have you personally found the most helpful/supportive? If a young teen interested in art, design, or the studygram/bujo community also wanted to gain a large following, which platform would you recommend starting out on? It’s hard to say; every platform has its own pros and cons. I think starting out on Youtube would not be the best idea because Youtube is already so saturated, but both tumblr and instagram are really welcoming, and good places to start out on. Tumblr might be the easiest because creators can easily reblog others’ work, as well as show their work to their own followers. Do you ever get inspired by the friends that you make online, and find yourself bouncing ideas off one another, and inspiring each other in the process? I’d definitely say that with artistic inspiration, it seems at first like it’s original, but truly, everything we think of comes from something else that we are inspired by. Like sometimes, I’ll draw elements directly from other people, but most of the time, everything is floating around in my head, and it all mixes together and comes out in its own way on paper

24 SEJi Magazine

Did you run into any dificulties once you really started gaining attenion online? I can’t pinpoint any difficulties exactly--it’s just the more people who follow you, the greater the chance there is of a rude person seeing your stuff. It’s really not a very common thing, so most people shouldn’t be afraid of it. Most of the time, it’s very clear that the people that comment [hateful] things are projecting their personal issues on your page. It’s a them problem, not a you problem. Do you have any tips, or tools or tricks one when it comes to photographing in order to make their content look appealing, or in order to develop their own sort of aesthetic? And with your youtube videos, you actually film from an aerial angle that I’ve seen most artists on social media do that same camera angle… do you have a specific method or tool you use for doing that? For the aerial angle, I have this really rickety tripod setup— I should probably work on that! For advice for other people [on aesthetic], there’s a lot of inspiration on instagram, tumblr, and youtube, and you can start out by trying out bits of everyone’s style and see what sticks for you. It’s like trying on different hats and seeing which hat you like the best.

Fake Deep Fake Deep is Jessica Universe’s first self published poetry book. It tells the unorganized story and life experiences of Jessica through modern free verse poetry. Many people ask about the proccess of publishing, hopefully this interview can better answer any questions while getting to know Jessica a little better. How did you come up with the title? Well, fake deep is kind of, I’d say, a twitter term. People would call someone fake deep if they tweeted something emotional, but it was perceieved as cheesy and stuff. And I know that a lot of people who dislike how I represent myself on social media like to call me fake deep, or trying too hard to be/ sound deep. I just thought I would own the term, because I like to think I just say what I mean, how I feel it, and if people call it fake, that’s on them. And fake deep is kind of an oxymoron too, how can someone be both fake and deep? I think it’s cool because being a human is an oxymoron in itself. I just feel like it works on multiple levels, and it just sounds nice. What’s your favorite poem and why? I kind of have a few, but if I had to pick.. whether you hold back your heart to avoid hurt or give it everything you’ve got you will still feel pain it’s unavoidable so why live less to hurt less it’s still gonna burn but i’d rather feel a fire It just kind of encapsules the whole emotional part of me that is okay with pain if pain is just a side effect of happiness. I consider myself a person who lives in extremes and I want to continue being bold with the way I feel my

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emotions. Which yes, does get my heart broken, but a broken heart just means you loved a lot in the first place. And I want to live a life of love. How long did it take to write? Uh I didn’t really wake up every morning and set a designated time to just making poetry, I would just write through out the day whenever I felt like it and put them in notes and just edited it together when I decided on a release date. Maybe like a couple of months. TBH though I’m terrible at tracking time and have a horrible memory and I can’t really remember. What was the most challenging part of your writing proccess? I don’t really think there was one just from writing itself, because with free verse there’s no rules, you just put down what you feel. After it’s written though, the hard thing is feeling like nothing is good enough, just feeling like a crappy poet. But my friend said, it’s all about just putting yourself out there. And that’s so true, so I know that my poetry isn’t necessarily the best but it’s something to call my own. From where do you draw inspiration? Just my life... A lot of the lovey type poems were about this guy I was really into, like really into, and I think it was the first time I felt like that about someone. It’s easy to be emotional about something that is so prominent in your life, a person that occupies your thoughts. I mean we didn’t work out, I should’ve expected that. So a part of me is kind of embarassed I just have these thoughts about someone who doesn’t give a shit about me anymore, if he ever did in the first place, permantly a part of my book. But I like to think everything is a lesson and I can just look at it as not so much words about him, but words about myself. An insight on my brain learning to love. Right? What sets your poetry apart from other poetry books? Well aren’t all poetry books different in their own right, since everyone’s style is different? Uh yeah, maybe mine can be set apart by the fact it’s shittier than other poetry books. I threw in some of my random thoughts, that were less poetry more goofing around. I think that funny, un-serious, side is important to show too. Life isn’t melodrama all the time like poetry makes it out to be. What inspired you to write this book- like can you recall the moment you decided you were going to write it? They say nobody just wakes up one day and decides what they wanna be or what 28 SEJi Magazine

they wanna do in an instant. I guess that’s true because I didn’t wake up and decide, I was in the car and was like HEY HERE’S AN IDEA! In all seriousness- I’ve always kind of been fond of writing and writing whole ass novels is friggin difficult, so I thought poetry would be a nice baby step into the world of writing. Plus I read a fair amount of poetry over the summer and felt a little inspired. If you could condense the whole publishing proccess into a couple of steps, what would they be? Step 1 - Finish writing your whole manuscript, seriously you can always go back and fix things, but wanting to publish something that isn’t even done yet.. it’s a mess. Step 2 - Decide whether you want to self publish or find a publishing firm or something, and whether you want your book in hard copy or paperback. Step 3 - Probably figure out how you are going to market your book, or set some number goals to meet so you’re not just blind shooting in the dark. I don’t really know what else to say... definitely do your research, google can help you way more than I can. What advice would you give other young writers? Just write. Plan and write, or find whatever writing method works for you, but just finish something. When you’re starting off it’s so important to just finish one thing, don’t work on two things at a time and think you’re making progress. You really aren’t. You have to pour your time and energy into really finishing a whole piece. And if it’s your first you will probably hate it, decide whether you want to go back and fix it or just scrap it and start your next thing. Don’t focus on perfectionism because you’ll never make something absolutely perfect. How is your book organized? It’s not. Like the book itself, the parts, all a mix. I kept it messy for two reasons, I like the authenticity of ups and downs because you feel a bunch of different feelings a day. Reason two is well, I was just kind of lazy. I was fine with how it was and just wanted the satisfaction of finishing. Where can someone buy your book? Amazon, Amazon Ebook or Kindle whatever it’s called, or just off my website

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December 2017 FIRST ISSUE  

Our worst and first issue! This month read about our favorite albums of 2017, an interview with rapper Austin Skinner, singer William Bolton...

December 2017 FIRST ISSUE  

Our worst and first issue! This month read about our favorite albums of 2017, an interview with rapper Austin Skinner, singer William Bolton...