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“Value Us!” campaign on TV Our “Value Us!” campaign hits the TV airwaves today as we turn up the heat in our campaign for a responsible budget and a fair contract.

Alyson Huber, an SEIU-endorsed candidate for state Assembly, shares her plans to support state workers at a recent meeting.

A series of 30-second spots produced last week lead off with the title, “Important work by dedicated people” and features our members describing the work they do. Each spot closes by saying we “shouldn’t be held hostage because the governor and the legislature can’t solve the budget crisis.” “Our message to the public and to state decision makers is loud and clear – that state workers provide valuable services that benefit all Californians,” said Yvonne Walker, Local 1000 president. You can watch the spots and see a list of stations by logging on to and clicking on the “Value Us!” link.

We keep California healthy, safe and strong Shrhonda Ward Unit: 4 Department: Department of Justice

Aspiring legislators quizzed by members

Local 1000 members are meeting statewide with SEIUendorsed candidates in preparation for November’s election. Their endorsement came after an exhaustive process that examined their support of issues vital to our members: quality healthcare, reductions of costly outsourcing, and secure retirement. “Every day, legislators make decisions that affect our jobs, our families, and our lives,” said Jim Hard, Local 1000 vice president for organizing and representation. “Our program holds them accountable and creates power for working people.”

Years in Classification: 1 Classification: Program Technician II What I do: I am responsible for conducting background checks on people who are seeking employment within public schools, private schools (upon request), law enforcement, non-sworn criminal justice personnel, public utilities, health facilities, youth organizations, and financial institutions.

We’re building political power

“I help keep sex offenders and other ex-cons, among others, out of schools and daycares.”

The statewide meetings are part of a comprehensive effort to build our political power by endorsing candidates who stand up for public workers, organizing members and raising resources to elect endorsed candidates, and lobbying current legislators on issues important to our members. For more information about our political program, log on to and click on “Political Action.”

Hospital staff members rally today for fair budget We’re continuing our fight for a reasonable budget and fair contract this week with demonstrations at 10 state hospitals that serve California’s most vulnerable residents – the disabled, the mentally ill, and aging or injured veterans. The rallies, which extend from Sonoma to San Diego, are all scheduled today and Thursday as hundreds of workers will “purple up” and hold public protests during lunch hours and shift changes outside their worksites run by the departments of Veterans Affairs, Mental Health and Developmental Services. For more information on how you can participate, contact your Local 1000 steward or your Contract Action Team (CAT) leader.

– Chula Vista Veterans Home – Porterville Developmental Center – Atascadero State Hospital – Yountville Veterans Home – Patton State Hospital – Fairview Developmental Center – Napa State Hospital – Metropolitan State Hospital – Lanterman Developmental Center – Sonoma Developmental Center

Bargaining Hotline (866) 621-8704

Dignity clause now applies equally to all bargaining units

Weingarten Rights

Your Right to Representation If you are called into a meeting with your supervisor or manager and believe the meeting or the information gathered in the meeting may result in disciplinary action, you have specific representational rights – known as Weingarten rights - summarized below: • You have the right to have a union steward present. • If you want a steward present, you must request it. • If you do not know why your manager wants to meet with you, ask if it is a meeting that could result in disciplinary action. • If your manager refuses to allow you to bring a steward, repeat your request in front of a witness. Do not refuse to attend the meeting and respectfully decline to answer questions until your union representative is present. If the supervisor or manager insists that you answer questions you must do so. Take careful notes. Once the meeting is over, call your steward at once. • You have the right to speak privately with your steward before the meeting and during the meeting. • Your steward is not just a witness and has the right to play an active role in the meeting.

This statement could save your job:

“If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, I respectfully request that my steward be present at the meeting and before I answer any questions.”

However, if you are specifically ordered to proceed with the investigation/interview even without your representative present, politely restate your objection and remember the general rule of “obey now, grieve later.”

How to take Action

Contact your Local 1000 steward if you feel your rights have been violated. Your steward will work with you, management, and your contract to determine the best course of action, including whether or not to file a grievance. For more information regarding Weingarten rights visit

Master Table bargaining resumes Monday Although negotiations for our new contract remain at a snail’s pace because there is no state budget, our Master Table team and state negotiators signed important language that, for the first time, brings full dignity clause guarantees to all 95,000 employees represented by Local 1000. The dignity clause (5.11) is a simple paragraph that mandates that all workers be treated with dignity and courtesy, and further gives employees the power to file complaints if we are not treated that way. This clause is a hard-won protection that we’ve fought to bring to employees in all nine bargaining. Until now, the state had refused to apply this contract provision to our Registered Nurses (Unit 17). This important victory was one of more than 360 tentative agreements we have signed since negotiations began in May – each maintaining or improving existing protections and benefits from past contract battles. To see them all, go to and click the button for “Bargaining Updates.”

Bargaining Progress: Tentative agreements signed to date Master Table


Unit 1


Unit 3


Unit 4


Unit 11


Unit 14


Unit 15


Unit 17


Unit 20


Unit 21


Professional Administrative, Financial, Staff Services Professional Educators and Librarians Office and Allied Workers Engineering and Scientific Technicians Printing Trades Allied Service Workers United Registered Nurses Medical and Social Services Specialists Educational Consultants and Library

Total tentative agreements

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL LOCAL 1000 TOLL FREE: (866) 471-SEIU (7348) or visit our website: SACRAMENTO (916) 554-1200 • OAKLAND (510) 452-4357 • SAN DIEGO (619) 624-0515 LOS ANGELES (323) 525-2970 • RANCHO CUCAMONGA (909) 466-5044 • FRESNO (559) 226-0756

Bargaining Hotline (866) 621-8704



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