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SCHWARZMAN EXPORT IMPORT CO., LTD. 475 Oberlin Avenue S, Unit 4 tLakewood, N.J. 08701 5FM    t'BY  tFNBJMTBMFT!TFJDPDPN

Leather MA-1 Jacket, made by John Ownbey wnbey Black JA-200-BK, sizes XS-XXL Distressed Brown JA-200-BR , sizes XS-XXL -XXL $145.00 ea - super special $110.00 ea

Leather CWU-45/P Jacket, Lea k made d bby John h Ownbey Black JA-400-BK, sizes S-4X Brown JA-400-BR, sizes S-4X $145.00 ea - super special $110.00 ea


Leather G-1 Jacket made by John Ownbey Brown, sizes 36-48 JA-602-BR $145.00 ea - super special $110.00 ea

Authentic Reproduction M51 Fishtail Parka Shell made by John Ownbey sizes XS, S, M, L $75.00 ea

Leather A-2 Jacket made by John Ownbey Brown, sizes 36-48 JA-607-BR $145.00 ea - super special $110.00 ea

Leather A-2 Vintage Jacket made by John Ownbey Brown, sizes 36-48 JA-607-BR $145.00 ea - super special $110.00 ea

U.S. Made Lightweight Anorak Parkas sizes S, M, L, XL $36.00 ea

Camo MA-1 C MA 1 Made by John Ownbey in the U.S.A. Genuine Vintage Fabric - sizes S, M, L, XL $50.00 ea

ACU , Black, Khaki, Tiger Stripe, O.D., Multicam, Desert Tiger Stripe, Midnight

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New ACU Elbow Pads PD-810-ACU sizes S & L $4.00 pr

Gray Utility and Camping Blanket Made in India BK-115-GY $10.00 ea

Dominator Surefire 10 x 911 Rechargable Black Flashlight ight FL-300-BK $75.00 ea

G.I. Mosquito Bar 200" X 72" CA-720-OD $11.90 ea

G.I. Stainless Steel Canteen Cup CN-270-SS-N New - $9.75 CN-270-SS-U Used - $5.90

3 Liter Source WXP Bladder Coyote or Foliage HY-342-CY / HY-342-FG $18.00 ea

G.I. 3L Hydration Packs Coyote HY-102-CB $18.00 ea Delu Deluxe l xe Stainless Steel 3 pc Chow Set CH-550-SS $1.25 set

G.I. Black PPanel Markers CA-610-BK $4.90 ea

super special

$39.00 case

G.I. Black Refurbished Trifold Shovel Like New with Usedd Rubberized zed Cover CA-121-RB $23.00 set

GG.I. Self-Inflating Sleep Mat Foliage, Olive Green, Fol Olive Drab SL-825 $25.00 ea

Aluminum 3 1/4" Carabiner w/ Army Logo MI-325 $1.25 ea

Hydration Pack without Bladder HY-115-OD $12.00 ea

Cyalume 15" Green Lightstick 12 hr, Exp 6/2017 LS-150-GR pack of 4 12 packs per case

also available: G.I. 3L Hydration Pack Carrier 3 Color Desert with Bladder - $18.00 ea w/o Bladder - $10.00 ea G.I. Style Black Butt Pack PK-720-BK super special $4.00 ea

New G.I. ACU Shovel Cover CA-104-AC-N $6.90 ea

New G.I. 3 Liter Multicam Hydration Pack with Bladder HY-105-MC $34.00 ea w/o Bladder HY-103-MC $15.00 ea

New G.I. Black Trifold Shovel with New Rubberized Cover CA-120-RB $40.00 set

New G.I. 3 Liter ACU Hydration Pack with Bladder HY-102-AC $26.00 ea w/o Bladder HY-103-AC $10.00 ea

G.I. Used Sleeping Pad OD SL-821-OD $4.00 ea

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CAMPING & MORE SUPER SPECIAL G.I. T-10C O.D. Parachute MI-150-OD $38.00 ea

G.I. O.D. Usedd Parachute Risers MI-152-OD $12.00 ea

G.I. Style Trunks Assorted Colors & Sizes $20.00 ea

Canvas Machete Sheath KN-550 22” $ .75 ea

Quick Release Medium Pistol Belts Camo – Imported BL-330 $2.75 ea

German S Shelter Half Wood Tent Pole CA-598 $ .75 ea

U.S. Made O.D. Blankets 70% wool 30% synthetic 62" x 80" $20.00 ea Case of 12 - $18.00 ea BK-300-OD - U.S. BK-302-OD - USMC BK-304-OD - U.S. Medical

German Shelter Half O.D. Metal Tent Pole CA-596 $1.00 ea

12”x25” 12” 25” Camo C Sports S Roll R ll BBag BG-410-CM $6.90 ea

Small Arms .30 cal Ammo Can BO-205-OD $5.50 ea

G.I. Gray Disaster Blanket BK-110-GY $8.75 ea

Canvas Axe Cover CA-360-OD $1.25 ea

New U.S. Made Sleeping Bag Made by MZH 3 lbs 33"x84"x24" $33.00 ea

GG.I.I RRope 1600' x 3/4" Spool CA-260 10 yds - $5.00 Heavy Duty Green Rain Poncho PN-245-OD $1.50 ea

Small Arms .50 cal Ammo Can BO-200-OD $7.90 ea

Nato Military l OO.D. Jerry Gasoline Can CA-270-OD $11.00 ea

Sound Shield 2900 Hearing Protector Headset MI-220 $8.90 ea

Used Berettaa 92/96 Black Holsters rs Assorted HO-240-BK $10.00 ea

G.I. Style Alice Pack Black Shoulder Strap Made in Korea ST-392-BK $4.25 ea

Guy Line Shelter Half Rope CA-556 $ .90 ea

G.I. Shelter Half Tent Stakes 5 per Pack CA-552 $5.00 pk

Accordion Foot Pump PM-100 $1.20 ea Used Trifold Rubberized Shovel Cover $1.00 ea

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BAGS, PACKS & POUCHES GG.I.I M M-33 OO.D. D Small Medical Combat Lifesaver Bag BG-322-OD $12.00 ea

G.I. O.D. M17 Medical Bag BG-320-OD $12.00 ea

G.I. ACU MOLLE Pack Large, Complete Set New - PK-500-AC-L $70.00 ea Used - PK-501-AC-L $50.00 ea G.I. MOLLE II #1609 Me Medium Frame Tan or Foliage Ta FR-102 $5.00 ea

New G.I. Style Black Frame with New Black Shoulder Strap Set & Black Kidney Pad Made in Korea $22.00 set

G.I. ACU Molle Sustainment Pouch PO-215-AC New -$11.00 ea Used - $2.90 ea

G.I. MOLLE II #1603 Large Framee Foliage FR-100 $5.00 ea

U.S. Made Nylon Helmet Bag BG-162 $22.00 ea Available in: O.D., Black, Tan, Camo, Desert Marpat, ABU, ACU, 3 Color Desert, Yellow, Red, Yellow/Black Combo, Royal Blue, Orange, Neon Pink

New G.I. O.D. 3 Prong Kidney Padd KP-100-OD $9.00 EA

G O.D. G.I. Radio Accessory Pouch and Antenna An Vietnam Era Vie PO-240-OD PO $$5.00 ea

New G.I. U.S. Military ry BE Marpat ILBE ck Assault Pack Backpackk M PK-705-WM $65.00 eaa

G.I. Cordura Flyers Kit Bags New BG-120-OD $22.00 ea Used BG-126-OD $12.90 ea Used G.I. Canvas Flyers Kit Bags BG-130-OD $12.90 ea G.I. Adult Body Bag 96" x 36" MI-760-BK $20.00 ea

G.I. Zippered Gear Transport Bag Like New DB-136 $22.00 ea

U d G.I. Used G I Gas G Mask M k Bag B O.D., MCU-2P, BG-510-OD $2.75 ea

G.I. 3 Color Desert MOLLE Pack Large, Complete Set New - PK-500-D3-L $70.00 ea

New G.I. White Alice Pack Cover AL-900-WH $2.25 ea

G.I. Woodland Camo Molle II Radio Pouch PO-225-CM $4.00 ea G.I. Woodland MARPAT USMC ILBE Radio Pouch PO-230-WM $4.00 ea

Used ACU 3 Day Assault Pack PK-701-AC $26.00 ea

New G.I. Style Black Shoulder Strap Set Made in Korea $8.00 ea

New G.I. Medium O.D. Alice Pack with O.D. Frame call for price G.I. Cotton Drawstring Laundry Bag New - BG-262-OD $4.50 ea Case price 50 pieces $3.90 ea Used - BG-260-OD-U $1.90 ea

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FOOTWEAR Army Hot Weather Boots Tan, made by Altama asst sizes & widths BT-574-TN $48.00 pr BT-575-TN Slightly Blemished $42.00 pr

Army Hot Weather Boots Black, Made by Altama Slightly Blemished sizes 3.5-13 regular width BT-574-BK $45.00 pr

G.I. Black U.S. Navy Flight Deck Temperate Weather Boots asst sizes & widths

8" Black Temperate Weather Army Combat Boots Slightly Blemished Bates BT-177-BK $48.00 pr Altama BT-576-BK $48.00 pr

Wellco - style 425101 BT-588-BK / $50.00 pr Altama BT-578-BK / $50.00 pr Altama - slightly blemished BT-579-BK / $45.00 pr

G.I. White Snow Shoes with Binding SHO-300-WH $25.00 pr

G.I. O.D. Jungle Boots Vietnam Era size 7W BT-250-OD $45.00 pr

Spirit 3 Thermo, Scarpa Orange Ski Boots sizes 6.5, 7, 7.5 & 8 SK-100-OR $100.00 pr

Great Markdowns on Sandpiper iper Bags

Black Hygiene Bag with Army Logo made by Sandpiper BG-790-5006-BK $4.00 ea Blue Toiletry Bag w/ Air Force Logo made by Sandpiper BG-790-6605-BL $6.90 ea

8" Hot Weather Combat Hiker Boots Made by Bates, style E03612C sizes 8-12, reg, wide & x-wide widths Tan BT-17 BT-170-TN $48. $48.00 pr

ACU Passport I.D. Wallet made by Sandpiper WA-790-571-AC $3.90 ea

G.I. Cushionsole Socks Black, O.D., Coyote SO-110 sizes S-XL $24.00 dz

Black Frag II Bag made by Sandpiper BG-790-5030-BK $16.90 ea

Army Temperate Weather Boots Coyote, Made by Altama Slightly Blemished asst sizes BT-576-CY $50.00 pr

8" Tan Temperate Weather Army CCombat Boots Slightl Slightly Blemished Bates BT-177-TN $48.00 pr BT-177-T AAltama BT-576-TN BT-576-T $48.00 pr

IDF Canvas Boots Made by Mc McRae Rust R asst sizes s BT-618-BR BT-618 $40.00 $40.0 pr

All Leather Combat IDF Boots Black - Made by McRae sizes 37, 38, 39, 40 BT-616-BK BT-616 $40.00 $40.0 pr

G.I. Athletic Anti-Microbial Socks, Irr Black - S, M, L Green - S, M, L, XL SO-402 $24.00 dz

15" Black Laptop Bag made by Sandpiper BG-790-7000-BK $8.90 ea Identifier Luggage Tag made by Sandpiper 2 pack - $1.90 ea Black or Coyote - LT-790-MBT-

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Grey Extreme Cold Weather Army Primaloft Trousers sizes XSR, XSS, SS, SL, ML, XXLL PA-490-GY $68.00 ea

New Night Desert Parka Liner sizes M, L, XL LI-250-ND $7.90 ea

New G.I. M-65 Liner Foliage sizes XL & XXL - LI-220-FG $11.00 ea

Alpha Green L6 Gortex Pants sizes SR, MS, ML PA-685-AG super special $45.00 ea

G.I. Gen III L5 Glacier Soft Shell Pants by Beyond Clothing Coyote sizes XSR & XXLR Alpha Green sizes SR, MR, MS, LR, LL, XLR PA-675 $50.00 ea

L7 Primaloft Pants by Beyond Clothing Alpha Green sizes XSR-XXLR PA-495-AG $60.00 ea

G.I. LWOL Elements Free Multicam Pants By Massif sizes XS-XL, all lengths PA-652-MC $49.00 ea

G.I. IWOL Elements Multicam Vest by Massif sizes MR, ML, LR, LL, XLR, XLL, XXLR, XXLL VE-900-MC $40.00 ea

Fishtail Parkas Available with or without attached Hood call for price Extreme Cold Weather Fishtail Hood New - HD-100-OD-N - $14.90 ea Used - HD-100-OD-U - $7.90 ea

G.I. O.D. M-65 Liner New LI-220-OD XS, S, M, L, XL $11.00 ea Used LI-221-OD S, M, L $5.00 ea

G.I. Extreme Cold/Wet Gen III Level 6 Pants Multcam Gore-tex sizes SS, SR, ML PA-681-MC

$75.00 ea

Fishtail Parkas Liners sizes XS, S, M, L New - LI-400-OD - $12.90 ea Used - LI-401-OD - $4.90 ea

Multicam NB S7 Layer 5 Combat FR R/S Pants sizes SR-XL PA-750-MC $70.00 ea

Alpha Green L7 Primaloft Parka by Beyond Clothing sizes MR, ML PR-495-AG $90.00 ea

G.I. Army Combat Shirt by Massif Multicam sizes XS-XL $36.00 ea

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CLOTHING Female Server Navy Jacket sizes XS-3X JA-265-NV $7.50 ea

G.I. O.D. Pants Liner sizes SL & MR LI-320-OD $3.50 ea GG.I.I Blue U.S. Coast Guard Operational Shirt sizes 38 & 40 SH-280-BL $10.00 ea

Male Server Navy Jacket sizes S-3X JA-267-NV $10.00 ea

G.I. USMC Polartec Coyote Fleece Pullover, size S PU-100-CY $22.00 ea

U.S. Made BDU's by Govt. Contractor Pants & Shirts $16.90 ea

100% Cotton Ripstop Black, O.D., Camo & Tiger Stripe 50% Poly/50% Cotton Tiger Stripe

G.I. USN Utility Fire Resistant Cotton Navy Blue Coverall All sizes & lengths 32-52 CL-157-BL $25.00 ea

Tactical Duty Nylon Reversible Belt by Propper Woodland Marpat/3 Color Desert, Urban Digital/Black, ATACS

BL-210 $3.75 ea

G.I. ACU Combat bat Nomexx R/S Shirt irt asst sizes SH-175-AC 75-AC $18.00 00 ea

G.I. Vintage Black Single Breasted Raincoat from 1986 size L (42-44) $20.00 ea

G.I. Multicam ACU Combat Nomex Pants sizes MXS, MS, ML, MXL, LS, LL PA-175-MC $25.00 ea

G.I. White Snow Parka sizes S, M, L $22.00 ea Snow Parka Overdyed $35.00 ea

U.S. Made N2B Parka Made by Corinth with Real Coyote Fur Sage Green sizes M & L PR-215-SG $50.00 ea

GG.I.I M Metall Closure Cl Pistol Belt from the '80s size L BL-305-OD $7.90 $ .90 ea $7

G.I. ACU Combat Nomex Pants asst sizes & lengths PA-175-AC $18.00 ea

G.I. IPFU Army Grey Jacket size M JA-150-GY $20.00 ea

Life Preserver er Vest MK1 Blue, White or Yellow Size S VE-705 $20.00 ea G.I. Moisture Wicking Polyester T-Shirt Govt Reject TS-270-BR Brown sizes M,L TS-270-SN Sand sizes XS, M, L, XL TS-270-TN Coyote Tan 499 sizes XS-3X $2.75 ea

G.I. FLC Vest w/o Attachments 3-Color Desert or ACU VE-360 $26.00 ea

Aruba Sage Green Women's Columbia Convertible Pants sizes XS & SR PA-715-AS $20.00 ea

ORDER TOLL-FREE: (800)-221-6662 · FAX: (732)-927-7076 · EMAIL: SALES@SEICO.COM

CLOTHING G.I. ECWCS Gen III ACU Wind Shirt sizes MR & ML SH-160-AC $17.90 ea

Khaki BDU R/S Pants sizes SS, SR, SL, MS, ML MR, LS, LR, LL, XLR PA-325-KH $7.50 ea

Used Cotton S/S Chino Shirt sizes XSS, M, L, XL SH-478-KH

Khaki R/S Shirts sizes SL, SS, SR, MS, MR, LS, LR, LL, XLR SH-325-KH $7.50 ea

also avail in poly/cot sizes XS-XL SH-476-KH $2.90 ea

G.I. Brown Briefs 3 pack sizes 28, 30, 32, 34 BR-100-BR $2.50 pk

Used Belgian Parka with AttachedHood size S PR-510-OD $15.00 ea

Dutch utch M-65 M 65 Field Jacket Jack with Liner PR-520-DU-M $25.00 set

U.S.N. Bridge Coat Naval Academy Blue Wool Sizes 36XS, 38S, 38XS, 40L, 42L, 42XS, 44R, 44L, 44S, 44XS, 45XL, 48XL CT-250-BL $110.00 ea

U.S. Made Wool Overcoats from the early 90's Made for the Canadian Military $21.00 ea Hanes First Quality Boxer Shorts Camo - sizes M, L, XL 2 pack - $3.90 pk Camelbak Fire Resistant Military Gloves MXC06 MXC Combat GV-MXC06-FAR GV-MXC06-DFAR $12.50 pr

G.I. USMC Poly/Wool O.D. Tunic New - TU-110-OD $25.00 ea Used - TU-111-OD $10.00 ea

Single Breasted Denim Blue Si RC-210-BL 30S, 32S, 34S, 36R, 36L, 38R, 38L Single Breasted Black RC-210-BK 30R, 32R, 34R, 34L, 36R, 38R, 38L Double Breasted Green with Belt 32S, 32R, 34S, 34R, 34L, 36R, 36L, 38R, 38L

G.I. ACU Pants asst sizes & lengths New PA-115-AC $16.90 ea Used PA-116-AC $8.00 ea

G.I. ACU Shirts asst sizes & lengths New SH-221-AC $13.00 ea Used SH-222-AC $5.00 ea

UU.S. Marine Corps Marin Blue Wool Overcoat Ove SSizes 34R, 36S, 34 36L, 38S, 3 38L CT-255-NV CT-2 $110.00 ea $110

Used G.I. Camo M-65 Jacket sizes XSS, XSXS, SXS, XSR, SS, SR, SL, MR, ML, MXS, MS, LL, LS

JA-350-CM $18.00 ea

Dry Fleece Grid Layer 2 Coyote Thermal Pullover UK Military 1954 White Undershirt Size 1 US-200-WH $8.00 ea

sizes XS, XL, XXL, XXXL short, regular, & long lengths

TH-320-CY $25.00 ea

Womans Dress Marine Tunic sizes 10 & 12 TU-105-NV $25.00 ea

Mens Dress Marine Tunic sizes 34R, 35XS, 35S, 36S, 36XS, 37R, 37S, 37XS TU-100-NV $35.00 ea

ORDER TOLL-FREE: (800)-221-6662 · FAX: (732)-927-7076 · EMAIL: SALES@SEICO.COM

CLOSEOUTS New Women’s U.S. Made Navy Dungarees sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 PA-935-NV $10.00 ea

New Navy High Command Jacket w/ Liner made by Fechheimer XS, 2X, 3X assorted lengths JA-143-NV $20.00 ea

New Mens U.S. Made Navy Dungarees asst sizes PA-930-NV $7.50 ea

New Forest Green Duty Jacket with Liner made by Fechheimer sizes L, 3X, 4X assorted lengths JA-141-GR $20.00 ea

G.I. Navy GOB Sweater 100% Wool size XS SW-140-NV $12.90 ea

G.I. Style Khaki Cotton M-65 Jacket Sizes XS-XL JA-339-KH $25.00 ea

4 Pocket Combat Shirt Poly-Cotton Made by Winfield Sizes XSR , SR, MR SH-320-OD $8.90 ea

Black Casino Pantss Mens & Womens asst sizes, lengthss or with Unfinished Hems ms PA-265-BL $5.00 ea Classic Polo Shirt LAPD Navy made by Propper sizes S, M, 3X, 4X TS-150-NV $7.50 ea

New G.I. C.P. Jackets Size 38 JA-820 $4.00 ea

OD Tank Top 4 - 9- 9 9t550% $2.25 ea

GG.I.I NNight ight Desert Pants Sizes SR, SL, MS PA-320-ND $4.90 ea

OO.D. D L/S T-Shirt sizes S, M, L, XXL, XXXL TS-175-OD $4.50 ea also available in Camo sizes S-XXXL @ $5.00 ea

Khaki Chino Saudi Arabia Poly/Cotton Pants 31x27, 39x33, 40x33, 41x33, 43x33

PA-152-KH $7.00 ea

Midnight Tank Top 4 . -t55./ $2.25 ea

Metro Tank Top 9-t55.5 $2.25 ea White Hugger Tank Top S, M, XL TT-101-WH $1.90 ea

G.I. Mens Chambray Shirts Irr's - S/S & L/S sizes S-3XL $5.00 ea

G.I. 6 Color Desert Nyco BDU Pants Size XSR-$6.00 ea Sizes XSL, SS, SXL, LR, LS, LXL, XLR PA-240-D6 $10.00 ea

Camo Tank Top S, L, XL, 2X, 3X TT-005-CM $2.25 ea

Navy Utility Pants Irregulars sizes 30-46 All Lengths PA-380-NV $7.50 ea

Khaki Cotton Chino Pants Sizes 26x31, 26x32 26x33, 27x29, 27x31 PA-151-KH $10.00 ea

British Skivvies Minimum 100 pcs UW-100 $ .90 ea

Khaki Shorts Poly/Cotton Sizes S, M, L, XL $5.00 ea

G.I. Brown Boxer Shorts size 28 / XS Pack of 3 UW-100-OD $2.25 pk

Used Swisss Camo Jackets ackets Sizes izes 48, 50, 0, 52, 56 JA-841-SC 841-SC $4.50 .50 ea

Used Swisss Camo Pants Sizes izes 46,50, 50, 54 PA-416-SC 416-SC $3.50 .50 ea

ORDER TOLL-FREE: (800)-221-6662 · FAX: (732)-927-7076 · EMAIL: SALES@SEICO.COM


Swedish Military Shemagh Bandana Green BA-300-GR $2.75 ea

G.I. Nomex Hood size XL - HD-500 $4.00 ea

G.I. ACU Helmet Cover sizes S/M & L/XL HC-100-AC

G.I. Acrylic Glove Inserts Black sizes 3,4,5 GV-175 $30.00 dz

Camo Foam Face Mask MA-210-CM $2.75 ea

also avail in Black - L

G.I. Elite Issue FR Lightweight Anti Flash Balaclava MA-280-FG $7.90 ea

Acrylic Open Face Mask Navy MA-200-NV $24.00 dz

Full Set ACH HHelmet Pads Foliage Green Fo 3/4" PD-110-FG 7.50 set

6 Color Desert Helmet Cover HC-100-D6 $2.00 ea

G.I. Style Navy Blue Wool Watch Cap CP-272-NV $30.00 dz

New U.S. Made B-3 Brown Sheepskin Hat sizes S, M, L, XL HA-510 super special $21.00 ea

UUSMC O.D. Light Weight Lig Helmet Replacement Kit Repl Size Medium Siz HHE-915-OD $2.90 ea

New G.I. Extreme Cold Weather Impermeable Nylon Hood Sizes M, L, XL HD-300 $2.50 ea

G.I. Wool Glove Inserts Black sizes 3, 4, 5 GV-200 $33.00 dz

Ruff Parka Fur sizes XS, S, M, XL PR-900 $7.00 ea

G.I. Fingerless Gloves Foliage & Black one size fits all GV-150 $30.00 dz

G.I. Acrylic Glove Inserts GV-175 Coyote - XL Urban Grey - M/L $30.00 dz

Vintage O.D. Ranger Hat sizes 7.25 & 7.5 assembled in Korea $2.50 ea G.I. O.D. Hot Weather Baseball Hats, Vietnam Era Sizes 6 3/4, 6 7/8, 7, 7 1/8 Min 12 pcs CP-400 $1.00 $ ea

G.I. ESS Striker Land Ops Goggles Foliage w/ ACU Sleeve GL-340 $20.00 ea

ESS Striker Land Ops Replacement Goggles Lenses GL-349 Grey or Clear $2.90 ea

G.I. Foliage Revision Locust Goggles GL-700-FG $30.00 pr

G.I. ESS Profile Series Goggles Foliage New - GL-350-FG - $25.00 ea Used (Tan) - GL-352-TN $7.50 ea

New GI Wiley-X SG1 Vcut Glasses 2 Lens, Black - GL-400-BK $30.00 set Numa Sunglasses $25.00 EA

Blackout / Subdued LoPro - SG-700 Blackout / Subdued Shark - SG-703

ORDER TOLL-FREE: (800)-221-6662 · FAX: (732)-927-7076 · EMAIL: SALES@SEICO.COM


96th Division PT-360-96 $ .40 ea (min 50)

Rhode Island National Guard PT-360-RING $ .25 ea (min 50)

Installation Management Agency PT-360-INST $ .25 ea (min 50)

42nd Field Artillery Brigade Subdued PT-360-42ART $ .40 ea (min 50)

3310th Logistics Command Subdued PT-360-310 $ .40 ea (min 50)

55th Division PPT-360-5INF $ .40 ea (min 50)

West Virginia NNational Guard Subdued PT-360-WVNG $ .25 ea (min 50)

2nd AArmored Division PPT-360-2ARM $ ..50 ea (min 50)

Navy Unit Commendation CCivilian Lapel Button IN-400-CIVCOMM $.35 ea (min 50)

32nd Artillery Brigade PT-360-32ART $ .25 ea (min 50)

Staff Sgt., USAF Insignia Patch FFullll CColor, l E-5 E5 IN-100-USAF-FC-E5 $ .25 ea (min 100)

Sr. Master Sgt., Sr Sgt USAF USA Insignia Patch Subdued,Reg.Size,E-8 IN-100-USAF-FC-E8 $ .50 ea (min 100))

Sgt., USAF Insignia Patch Full Color, Reg.Size, g.Size, E-4 E4 IN-100-USAF-FC-E4 F-FC-E4 (min $ .25 ea (m in 100)

USAF Insignia Patch AF Electronic Security Command, Subdued PT-360-USAF-AFESC-S $ .35 ea (min 50)

USAF IInsignia i Patch AF Tactical Air Command, Subdued PT-360-USAF-AFTAC-S $ .35 ea (min 50)

Master Sgt. USAF Insignia Patch Subdued, Reg.Size,E-7 IN-100-USAF-SB-E7 $ .50 ea (min 100)

USAF Insigniaa Patch AF Logistics Command ommand Subduedd PT-360-USAF-AFLC-S -AFLC-S $ .35 ea (min 50)

USAF Insignia Patch AF Space Command Subdued PT-360-USAF-AFSC-S $ .35 ea (min 50)

Operation Desert Storm Pins Bald Eagle PI-305-DS-EAG $2.40 dz (min 5 dz)

Operation Desert Storm Pin U.S. Flag PI-305-DS-FLG LG $2.40 dz (min 5 dz)

Metal tal Insignia Pin Sgt., USAF Full Color, E-4 IN-150-USAF-E4 150 USAF E4 $2.50 pr (min 24)

4t 4th Division Subdued PT PT-360-4INF $ .40 ea (min 50)

35th Engineers Brigade PT-360-35ENG $ .25 ea (min 50)

Insignia Asst Chaplain Collar Button IN-400-CHAP $$.35 ea (min 50)

Rank/Grade, Cloth, Sgt., USAF Insignia Patch Subdued, Small.Size,E-4, Sm IN-100-USAF-SB-E4 IN-100-US (min 100) $ .25 ea (m

USAF Insignia Insign gnia Patch Military Airlift Subdued Subdu IN-300-USAF-MA-SB IN-300-USA $ .35 ea (min 50)

USAF Insignia, Soft Shoulder Boards, Captian, Full Color IN-200-USAF-CAP-FC $2.50 set (min 24)

ORDER TOLL-FREE: (800)-221-6662 · FAX: (732)-927-7076 · EMAIL: SALES@SEICO.COM

7JTJUVTBUUIF"/.&4IPX BOOTH 534-536 January 15, 16, 17 G.I. Gen III Level 1 Polartec Silkweight Thermal Tops & Bottoms Sand $7.50 ea G.I. Mens Black High Gloss Shoes asst sizes SHO-150-BK $18.00 pr (min 24) $25.00 pr (open stock)

Tops US-100-SN sizes XSS, SL, LL, XLXL, Bottoms UW-671-SN sizes XSR, XSS, SS, MR, ML, LR, LL, XLR, XLL, XLXL, XXLXL, XXLR, XXLL

Avon FM12 Gas Mask sizes S & M New - MA-610 $40.00 ea Like New - MA-612 $25.00 ea

SHOW SPECIALS! Pop-up Coyote Bednet IBS, 80200 CA-726-CY $85.00 ea

G.I. Navy Oxford Shoes Black asst sizes & widths SHO-100-BK $18.00 pr (min 24) $25.00 pr (open stock)

Israeli Gas Mask with Filter MA-510 $14.90 ea


$2.50 ea

Mens Zip Tops Mens Zip Tops Mens Crew Neck Tops Mens Crew Neck Tops Mens Thermal Bottoms Mens Thermal Bottoms $SFXOFDL5PQTFB Kids Zip Tops Kids Zip Tops ;JQ5PQTFB Kids Crew Neck Tops #PUUPNTFB Kids Crew Neck Tops ,JET5PQTFB Kids Thermal Bottoms ,JET#PUUPNTFB Kids Thermal Bottoms


TH-200-BK TH-200-BR TH-202-BK TH-200-BR TH-210-BK TH-210-BR TH-201-BK TH-201-BR TH-203-BK TH-203-BR TH-212-BK TH-212-BR

Black Brown Black Brown Black Brown Black Brown Black Brown Black Brown

sizes S, M, 4X sizes XS, S, M, L, 3X sizes S, M, 2X sizes M, 3X, 4X sizes XL, 2X, 3X sizes XS, S, M, 3X, 4X sizes M, L sizes M, L size L size M, L size M, L, XL sizes M, L

Available in: Gold, Kelly Green, Ash, Khaki, Light Blue, Orange, Red & Royal Blue TS-400 Moisture Wicking - Green & Blue TS-402 Show prices good through January 2018

ORDER TOLL-FREE: (800)-221-6662 · FAX: (732)-927-7076 · EMAIL: SALES@SEICO.COM

Schwarzman Export Import surplus mini-catalog Jan 2017  

A portion of the great surplus opportunities available at Schwarzman Export Import Co.

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