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December 15, 2010

Volume: L XIII, Issue: 3

holiday giVing is whaT iT’s all abouT Cairah VanMeter tells about how she and her family donate during the holidays. By: Catrina Smith[Staff Writer]

Cairah VanMeter, freshman, shows what she’s donating for the school’s food drive, which will help families in the MISD district.

It’s the beginning of winter. All the leaves have fallen from the trees and snow is on the ground. Christmas music is starting to play and the Red Kettle ringers are jingling their bells. Cairah VanMeter, freshman, and her family are really into donating. Not only do they give during the holidays, they give all year round. They adopt fami“Around lies, donate to parents who the holiday don’t have a lot for their season is when give to several families, and donating charities. One of Cairah’s fais most vorite charities to give to needed, but is the Cancer Society. it’s definately my favorite “I’d say that something that Society beis the Cancer cause Mom you can do all has been in remission from breast cancer year,” for about five years,” Cairah -Cairah said. “They helped Mom VanMeter, and the rest of us out a lot freshman before she was in remission, so it is great to be able to return the favor for the.” She loves to help cancer patients, along with many others such as diverse Veteran’s groups, Goodwill organizations, and multiple churches. Aside from donating with her family, Cairah volunteers at the Muslim Americans Society (MAS) where she reads to the elderly and cleans up around the place. “Mom was leader of the Girl Scouts, and that’s really what got me to start volunteering,” she said with a giggle. “Mom said she wants us to work at a soup kitchen

for our ‘Christmas present,’ but she was kidding.” Although she loves to donate and volunteer, there are things that she doesn’t like. “Mom goes through our clothes and she decides what we get rid of most of the time,” stated Cairah. Other things they donate besides clothes are food, hygiene supplies and money. Cairah and her family plan to continue donating and volunteering. It’s something they do because it makes them feel good about themselves and makes other people feel good too. “Around the holiday season is when donating is most needed, but it’s definitely something that you can do all year,” said Cairah with a smile.

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The giving season Commentary With the weather getting colder, frost starting to form, and snow falling, everyones’ mind is on the holidays. Holidays cause people to start thinking of what they want, but this season, people should be thinking of what they can give more than what they can get. I, for one, am guilty of thinking like this and I know many others are too. During the season, when you walk by stores thinking, “Ohhh I want that,” try to think about shopping for someone else rather than yourself. Shopping for others could mean By: Hannah Miller people in your family, [Design Editor] friends, or people in the community that are in need of your help. Family and friends are usually the most common people that you will buy for, but this season there are many more people that are in need of receiving. Helping people in your community can mean giving gifts, giving time, or donating money or other items like cleaning or hygiene products. There are many organizations through the school as well as your community to help. At school there is the clothing and food drive, as well as the mentor groups adopting families. In the community there is The Salvation Army, United Way, Toys for Tots, Coats for Kids, and the American Red Cross. By getting involved with any of these activities or organizations this holiday season, you can really make a difference in the lives of the people you help. Giving to others is what the holiday season is about. Many people, including myself, have lately forgotten that. Lately people have been thinking about what they want, but it should be about helping and giving to others. This season, I’m challenging myself, as well as you, to help and give to others instead of just thinking about receiving. You have probably heard the saying that giving is better then receiving, let’s see if that is true this holiday season!

Jean-Baptiste Collet, senior, enjoys his activities at MHS but misses home in Germany By: Lexie Rael [Staff Writer] “Au revoir!” He has just said goodbye to his mom for the tenth time since he has been in Marion. He was using a new form of technology called Skypeing. This is how he stays in touch with not only his family, but friends, all over the globe. He arrived here only a few moths ago, on August 11 to be exact, and his name is Jean-Baptiste. Back home, Jean-Ba, as he is known to his friends, lives with a family of three. This family includes his mom, sister, and him since his parents are divorced. Here in Marion though, Jean-Ba lives in a family of five and this family includes another exchange student, Francesca Barbiere, two new siblings, and their parents. “I wanted to meet new people,” Jean-Baptiste Collet, says Jean-Ba, and making friends senior

is one of the many things Jean-Ba does well. Jean-Ba was quickly accepted by the students here from the first day he arrived. “I like Iowa, the people are simple. [The students here at Marion] try to help in every situation, and they try to get to know you,” said Jean-Ba with a smile. One thing he likes here at Marion is the school spirit. “There’s a big difference in school spirit here compared to back home.” He has quickly found that school spirit is one thing the students take pride in. He wasn’t nervous when he arrived; he was actually pretty happy to be here, but there are some things that he misses. “I miss my sister sometimes, and I miss the taste of healthier food although the food here is good too. I never thought I would miss Germany, I wanted to come here to get away from home and start a new life,” Jean-Ba chuckles. He also misses all the parties they have back in Germany. Another thing that JeanBa finds different here at Marion is that sports teams

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practice everyday. “I like practicing everyday, then I’m not bored.” Jean-Ba has been involved in cross country already and is looking forward to basketball, soccer, and maybe even baseball. He is trying not to focus on the eminent departure, though, and is trying to live in the moment. “[When I leave] I will miss my new friends because you never know if you will see them again. Someone might move, you never know,” stated Jean-Ba with a sad smile. “I don’t care what others think or say, people should just enjoy life.” This is exactly what Jean-Ba intends to do for the rest of the year. He shuts down the computer, and stands up. Maybe he will go hang out with his new friends, or he might just take some time to relax. Life in Marion is busy, but he is happy to be here. No one ever knows what will happen in life, so like Jean-Ba, live in the moment and enjoy life for what it’s worth.

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is there a time where it’s too early to put up

Drifting all over the town By: Tylar Jansen [Activities Editor] Car crashes. People hurt, even dying. Is it worth the “fun” that it brings? Drifting in cars is causing too many accidents that could’ve been prevented by just using good driving skills. Drifting is a popular activity that a lot of teenagers and some adults take a part in. It happens a lot in winter, when there is ice on the streets. Ice and cars already have a dangerous mix, just by driving normally, now people try to make their car purposely spin around and slide just for a minute of a rush. It’s dangerous for the driver and their passengers, there is also innocent people on the road not wanting their car to be hit or them hurt by a car who is purposely not driving smart. It is understandable that it gives the people in the car that’s drifting a rush, and it also could be a good time, but there

Christmas deCorations? Find out in, “How early is too early...?”

How early is too early for decorations?? By: Logan Tichy [Ads Editor]

is a time and place for a good time and a rush and it isn’t on the road with other people. They make crazy rides like roller coasters for those people who like a rush. The road and in cars is no place to be fooling around. Too many accidents already happen. Winter driving is dangerous by itself without the extra turns of the wheel to spin the car purposely done by the driver. Some ways to keep safe on the roads in winter is to make sure you have enough time and room to stop before the stop sign and not to press the break down when it’s time to stop, just try to let off the gas real slowly. Drifting is something that should stop. Risking innocent lives by having a moments rush is definitely not worth it and people could be saved from stupid accidents.

It seems the time to put up and turn on Christmas lights keeps getting sooner and sooner. What ever happened to turning on the Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving? Isn’t that the traditional way? This year while driving around Marion and Cedar Rapids people have realized and noticed that it’s not the Thanksgiving season but yet the Christmas lights have already been turned on, and houses have already been decked out with multi-colored lights, blow ups of Santa Clause, and ice cycle lights hanging form the gutters. Hy-Vee, like many stores, have had their Christmas lights on since Halloween. They are not the only stores already having the Christmas supplies stocked. Menards, Wall-Mart, Target, and Kohl’s all have their Christmas decorations up. That’s 25 days before the traditional date of Thanksgiving of turning on their lights! While turning Christmas lights on early is sometimes okay, like within the week of Thanksgiving. Some people do have excuses for putting up their lights early. Going on vacation early, and not being able to come home to turn on the house lights, but still wanting them to be turned on the day after Thanksgiving is okay. Putting up the Christmas tree early is another thing people do way to early. Does a person’s tree have presents under them the day after Halloween? The vas majority of them don’t Turning on Christmas lights early sometimes will put people in the Christmas spirit. But by turning the white or colorful lights on early can give people the, “Ugh! It’s going to snow soon! Why do they have their lights on so early?” Kind of attitude. Snowmen are some of the few things that people will end up going crazy about during the holiday season.

Giving is way better than getting By: Storm Bogs [Web Editor]

someone might not want to give to anGiving is always better than getting. other because they think that they don’t Giving to people leaves one with a sense have the money or they don’t have enough of joy, knowing that they helped some- stuff themselves. It’s not about the stuff; there are some peoone during the holiple who don’t even day season. It is selfish have the necessities just to receive gifts on to live. Christmas and to not If one gives to give anyone else a gift. someone, they are When someone sacrimore likely to refices their own time, it ceive more than if shows others how much they didn’t do anythat person really cares. thing for another There are less forperson. People will tunate people out there see how much a perwho don’t have near as Madison Hinton, sophomore, much stuff as the major- knows that giving to others is always son cares and gives back, and that will ity of the people at the better than receiving. make them want to high school. There are give back as well. even some people in this community who don’t have anywhere to Giving ones time to a soup kitchen or lolive. Giving to people who need things cal hospital, or helping someone is just as is just the right thing to do. Although, fulfilling as giving someone a gift.

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Want to knoW the pros and cons of caroling? find out in, “Christmas caroling; a fun or annoying hobby?.”


Tis’ the season to have seasonal affective disorder Winter boredom can seem inevitable when the days grow cold and short but it doesn’t mean hibernating is your only option. By: Naomi Spence [Staff Writer] The sun sets a pretty pinkish color to the west as the cool winter breeze blows through the leafless trees. This would be a nice end to any day, except for the one little detail, it’s only 4:45 in the evening! That’s right, it’s that time of the year again for holidays, snow, and complete darkness. Some people can handle and don’t even seem to notice the rather sudden change in timing for the sun’s departure, but for many Americans of all ages, Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.), also known as winter blues or seasonal depression, makes the winter months almost unbearable at times. Symptoms for S.A.D. may include irritability, loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed, weight gain, an incessant craving for carbohydrates, anxiety, lack of concentration, and an overall feeling of hopelessness and agitation. Though having one of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you have S.A.D. (i.e. that extra cookie or whole pie at Christmas dinner isn’t a diagnoses) noticing a certain reappearance of these pesky symptoms can easily be a mild case of S.A.D. Until the mid 1980s’ people didn’t know what was wrong with them until Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal made the connection of the change in behavior with seasonal changes. Experts believe that light plays a major role in S.A.D. because the lack of light that occurs in the winter increases the production of the hormone melatonin which, in animals, regulates their hibernation patterns.

Give some love Commentary

Every year, the same thing happens. Stores are open and there isn’t a dead moment. Registers are open and many purchases are made. It’s the time of giving, the time of coming together, the time of having fun. But is it all about the presents and getting/giving gifts? It’s a lot of fun to get gifts and to get the things someone wants, but what’s the greatest gift someone can give? That would probably have to be love. If you love someone, give him or her something that means the most, and that comes from the heart. Don’t By: Casey Burns make it expensive, [Features Editor] because the most important thing is showing how much you love them and care for them. If someone doesn’t want to spend a lot of money, they can always make something and that can be more meaningful than just a regular gift. Some gifts you can make are cards, cookies, brownies, photo albums, picture frames, and homemade CD’s. People get so wrapped up in what they want and how much they want it. They don’t stop to think about just wanting people to be there for them and to be there for others. It gets people a lot further in life and people don’t regret it. Many people enjoy that more than having someone spend a lot of money on a gift, just to show that they love them. Why not do it with every ounce of emotional love, and not with buying people love. It’s not worth it. If something were to happen, all you would have are the expensive gifts someone got for you, and you would question if they really loved you or not, or they just wanted to be your friend.

This is why people tend to experience a lowering in year. A few good activities to keep the bitter cold out of average body temperature and drowsiness. sight and out of mind can make a world of difference. There is no need to despair because waiting until Winter can be difficult, and it can be easy to stare at spring to come isn’t the only way to bypass this annual the ceiling and wish for summer, but just remember that form of depression. There are some simple things peo- every season counts and there is no reason to waste a ple can do that are quick, easy, and helpful. Engaging whole season waiting for your favorite one to arrive. in aerobic exercises can help fend off your drowsiness. Spending as much time as possible in the sun, eating lots of fresh fruits and avoiding caffeinated products can help improve both overall health and complexion as well. For more severe cases having light therapy is sometimes encouraged, but even a quick trip to Wal-Mart to get out of the house for a few hours can help you avoid cabin fever. Finding a fun winter activity such as bowling, basketball, sledding, or even going for a short walk outside can prove very effective to fend off the disorder all winter. The cold winds, icy roads may not be the most pleasant, but when people live in states like Iowa they are pretty much Lucas Coon, freshman, looks out the window waiting for the end of winter weather. inevitable around this time of The cold weather can affect many people and cause seasonal affective disorder.

Christmas caroling; a fun or annoying hobby By: Abi Washburn [Staff Writer] Christmas caroling: kind and fun or annoying? Caroling has been around for hundreds of years. It is said to have originated sometime in the thirteen hundreds. The Christmas caroling idea had actually started as a feud between the Catholic and the Lutheran churches. The churches were always fighting and trying to prove theirs to be the better church, so naturally around Christmas time both churches would get a choir of carolers together and try to “one up” the other church by going to people’s homes and singing to them. However, now-adays, Christmas caroling is not important and can sometimes be extremely annoying. Though Christmas caroling is not terribly common these days it still exists; but the question remains, is it fun and entertaining, or just flat out annoying? It is annoying to people who aren’t expecting it. Many people would consider it a hassle. The carolers have to set times to rehearse, decide where they are going to carol, bundle up and walk door to door hoping there is someone to listen. People don’t typically like having to stop what they are doing to answer the door, step out into the cold winter weather, put on a big cheesy smile, and listen to a group of people sing Christmas songs to them. Christmas caroling is meant to be fun

A difficult decision By: Claire Nash [Staff Writer] The holidays are around the corner. The snow will fly, cold winds will blow, holiday music will be playing on the radio, and every holiday special known to man will be on the TV. For many people it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But to some people there’s a very difficult decision: “What am I going to buy everyone for the holidays?” It all comes down to gifts vs. gift cards. It is the season of giving and caring about other people and being as unselfish as possible. Gifts are special and usually have a sentimental value behind them. What if someone buys a gift for someone and they already have it? Or what if you have no idea what to get the person? Gifts can be hard to choose unless you know

but it can be inconsiderate. Why should people be forced to listen to Christmas music if they don‘t want to? Nobody should try to stop carolers from singing. Singing carols and walking door to door is fun for some and some people may actually enjoy hearing it, so carolers need to be sure the people they are caroling to are interested. If people are going to go out Christmas caroling they should not surprise people, they should go somewhere where they know they’re going to be welcome to avoid anyone that may be irritated by the unexpected interruption.

“I would never go Christmas caroling it’s too cold and I think it’s kind of dangerous,” -Kayla Streevy, junior

“I go caroling at church, we sing to people at nursing homes, and it can be fun with friends,” -Jeremy Ellerby, freshmen

what that person wants. people enjoy receiving them. Receiving Gift cards can be great to give some- a gift is nice, but sometimes you have to one during the holidays! They’re not as return it if you are not pleased. A good special, but they let that person buy what- idea would be to give someone a gift card ever they desire. Also gift cards are nice if you don’t know what that person would because you don’t have too wrap them, like to receive for the holidays. you only have to slip the card into an envelope! The only thing that isn’t great about gift cards is that you can only use it at that specific store. Unless you get a prepaid Visa of course! When it comes to choosing gifts, gift cards are usually the way to go. Choosing a gift card It is the season of giving, time for the difficult decision of gifts vs is easy and most giftcards! What will you choose for your loved ones?



Senior, Avery ThomASon TAlkS AbouT The upcoming Speech compeTiTionS in, “Thomason shows some real speech talent.”

Lizzie learns change is good Lizzie Thatcher compares her past choir experiences to the previous year and shares her thoughts on the new choir teacher. By: Alice Dixon [Staff Writer] As the new teacher instructed the students to begin their song, there was a good vibe in the air. It was the first choir event of the year and although everybody was anxious, they knew that they would have an excellent concert. Lizzie Thatcher, sophomore, has been involved with choir since the fourth grade, about six years. She enjoys choir, but this year there have been some changes. This year they have a new teacher, Mr. Ballou. “I haven’t really gotten to know him that well, but he’s pretty cool,” she stated. Even though she misses the previous choir teacher, Mrs. Jones, Lizzie is accepting towards Mr. Ballou. Lizzie has been in almost every play at Vernon Middle School, but didn’t participate in Into The Woods this year. “[I joined choir because] I Lizzie Thatcher, like to sing, meet new people, Sophomore and I get to see my friends,”

Winter dance team dazzles By: Naomi Spence [Staff Writer] The girls stood in alignment in front of the whole school heads facing down with their back towards the audience. Anticipation builded as they waited for their music to start. The music started with a loud bass and the team spun around like dominos. The team flashed you their bright animated smiles, and the school watched as the team performed their routine they’d been practicing for weeks in the school’s cafeteria. Those girls who practice diligently every day after school in the cafeteria work to mix just the right amount turns, jumps, kicks, and formation changes to go with the music they use. “I’ve been dancing my whole life, but I’ve never taken classes,”

exclaimed Lizzie. Her favorite part of choir is the concerts; she dislikes the warm ups and not being able to sit down during choir class. Lizzie is an Alto 2, meaning she sings the lowest that the girls sing in the choir. She’s in both of the choirs: Cantorei and Concert Chorale. “A lot of the people in choir’s attitude about choir are different and not as comfortable I guess.” She doesn’t necessarily have a favorite song because they’re all fun to sing and she enjoys singing. Lizzie says she had a lot of fun times last year with Mrs. Jones. “It’s a little different and people are just starting to get used to the new teacher,” said Lizzie. She thinks last Abbie Takes and Lizzie Thatcher luckily get to sit down while they work on year they were more of a family, and an Alto part of their song during choir. that cohesiveness like that just takes time. After all of the hard work and nervousness, the final After the recent Winter Concert, the crowd ex- result was an outstanding one; they had a successful ploded with excitement as the singing came to an end. concert.

said Lindsey Shriner, junior, a member of the dance team, who decided to join the dance team when her and her friends wanted to do a school activity together. “So we all tried out,” she remembered. The team, captained by senior Randah Espy and coached by Alison Parr, is a wide range between girls with lots of studio experience and those who have taught themselves. Dance team which in comparison to other activities at Marion does not bask in the spotlight quite as much, is in fact physically strenuous and many people that dance think it should be considered a sport. “It should be considered a sport [here at Marion],” said Lidnsey, “ because it’s a lot of hard work and people think it looks easy when it really it’s not.” As for the most difficult aspects of dance team were Lindsey replied, “Technique, turns and being sharp are the hardest things, and keeping a smile up the whole time takes practice. Dance

should be considered a sport because we both compete and I think we work just as hard as other sports.” The girls have been preparing their whole season for the State competition which was on December third. The dancers competed in the 3A division of the competition. “The level of the team right now is about a beginning stage,“ said Lindsey , “and one of our goals as a team is to improve to get ready for state.” Lindsey’s goals as an individual dancer include improving her own technique and turns. The advantages to doing dance team are not limited to high school. “If I wanted to start choreographing musicals for schools and things like that, the fact that I did dance team in high school will be a major plus to my resume,” explained Lindsey. Dance team is a sport to some, a form of entertainment to others, but for the girls on the team it is a passion and an activity that may very well help

them through more than just high school. Five! Six! Seven! Eight! The dance coach counts the girls in as they position themselves to start and practice the next routine. In the dance world just like any other sport these athletes must practice to strive for perfection. Blood sweat and tears is poured into every rouLindsey Shriner, tine. Staying with junior the rhythm of the music and keeping uniformity is a constant battle, and a good attitude can be the difference between a first place trophy and going home empty handed, the only difference these athletes need to keep a smile on their face the entire time.

Thomason shows some real speech talent

Splashin’ to the end and out of the water

By: Tylar Jansen [Activities Editor]

By: Kaitlyn Nathem [Staff Writer]

Stepping up on the stage. She looks out, and sees all the peoples faces. She has butterflies but she’s ready to perform. A v e r y Thomason, senior this year, is on Marion’s Avery Thomason, speech team. “I senior joined speech because I’ve always been good at it, as in theatre and performing,” she said. She feels that performing theatre is a good activity because its fun to participate in and she gets to make other people happy by watching. She said that her family has a pretty big influence on her and doing theatre and speech. “My grandma got me interested in the arts, so I thank her for doing it,” she smiled. Avery also added that her other family members are very supportive of her and go to

most of her performances and cheer her on. Her favorite part she said is, “Competitions because it’s really fun hanging out with speech kids around surrounding schools.” Her least favorite is drama that sometimes can occur during speech practice between some of the students on the speech team, but she says most of the time everyone gets along really well with each other. Avery said that she does both alone and group speech. About which one is better than the other Avery commented that, “It depends on who you are performing with and how talented they may be.” She said that most everyone on the speech team she likes and feels like they are all talented in their individual way. “I’d recommend it for anyone who isn’t shy. It’s a really fun activity and a easy way to get involved with the school. Stepping up to that same stage. Avery looks out and sees faces but this time she doesn’t feel very nervous. It’s senior year of speech and she’s ready to perform and make the crowd proud.

ERRRRRRR! Water begins to splash everywhere as colorfully suited bodies move beneath the water quickly; heads reaching above the water gasping for air. She’s ahead by a minor inches, but that’s not good enough. She pushes herself further until she lifts her head for her final breath. She won. Kaitie Connelly, freshman, swims for the combined Linn-Mar/ Marion swim team. Swimming since sixth grade, Kaitie enjoys the sport and the team as well, “The team was kind of ‘cliquey’, but everyone still got along. It was more of like the seniors hung out with the seniors, and freshman hung out with freshman.” It was a great way to meet new friends and interact with students from other schools. The swim team doesn’t only swim; they do diving stunts as well. Not everyone dives. “I like both. Swimming is more physical and diving is more mental,” Kaitie said. Practicing dives over and over again to make sure they are perfect, it takes time, perseverance, and patience. Swimming isn’t only a physical sport

but it’s mental as well. “I could have went to state, but I was too scared to do the dives,” stated Kaitie. Dealing with the fear of diving into the water can make or break the final swim or dive. If someone has the fear of getting hurt before the dive, the ending Kaitie Connelly, could be danger- freshman ous. That is why a swimmer needs the confidence to succeed. Swimming was definitely an enjoyable sport to be apart of, but it wasn’t all fun and games during the season.“[My least favorite part was] working on reverses and waking up at 4:30 in the morning to go to Coe.” As Kaitie removes her cap, the smell of chlorine invades her senses. Then she grabs a bottle of conditioner and lathers it through her hair, attempting to get the tangles out. She takes a deep breath and smiles at her teammates.


Find out junior A lex Hunter’s Hopes And goAls For tHis yeArs wrestling teAm in,

“Pin it to

win it.”

Pin it to win it Alex Hunter and the team work hard during every practice for the hope of going to state this year. By: Abi Washburn [Staff Writer] The wrestlers stand in their corners before the match starts. They are focused on winning and thinking about all the work, determination, and time they have put in this season. They both move to the center shake hands and get into position. The referee blows the whistle and the intensity begins. Alex Hunter, junior at Marion High School has been wrestling for since he was eight. Alex is on the varsity team this year and has for the last two years. “Wrestling is my favorite sport by far,” Alex said with much enthusiasm. Alex really enjoys wrestling and likes the tournaments most of all. “Tournaments are fun because I get to hang out with Scout,” Alex said with a smile. Wrestling is a huge commitment and with all the pressures of competing it’s good to have friends on the team. The team this year bonds really well and that is one of their biggest strengths. Tournaments usually last all day on Saturdays, they start at around ten in the morning and

The final season starts for Herren By: Logan Tichy [Ads Editor] She gets the rebound and passes the ball to the point guard, quickly rushing down the court. She gets to her designated spot. She posts up strong and makes a shot. Meghan Herren, senior, has been playing basketball for many years Meghan Herren, now. “I’ve been playing senior for seven years,” Meghan stated as she counted off on her fingers. This will be her last year playing school ball. She is one of the only seniors on the team, but it doesn’t bother her. “You get to be a leader, and you have to wait all your life to be on top, now it’s my turn.” she exclaimed. Playing basketball this year has come with many new changes. A new coach, new team, and a new dress code. Meghan has been taking the new changes in stride and the new coach as taught her many new things. “He’s very experienced, and he teaches you life lessons that will take you further then just on the court.” She said. While running up and down the court she


can end as late as ten. “Wrestling can be tough, the worst part is not being able to eat… even though it can be hard it is worth it,” he said. When training for wrestling there are a lot of challenges, practices are difficult, and there is a constant pressure to stay in your weight class. State is always in mind when training. Alex hopes to go to state this year. “I almost went last year,” he explained. Last year Alex got third in districts. To go to state individually you must get in the top two of your weight class at districts. “I don’t think we will go to state as a team this year,” he said. The team is small, making it especially challenging, but if they work really hard there is always a chance they can beat the odds and go to state. Like any team the wrestling Alex Hunter shakes hands with his opponent from Central Dewitt before his team has their strengths and weak- match at a home. nesses. “Our strength would be that The match is over, the two wrestlers shake hands, we all seem to bond well and have go back to their teams, and exchange high fives. There fun,” Alex said. Having a closely knit team is important are loud cheers from the audience as the sound of the to their success. When everyone on the team is having announcer’s voice says, “another win for Marion.” The fun, it is easier for them to push harder and work to crowd goes wild. their full potential.

hardly has time to react. She stated “…you don’t have a lot of time to think when you’re on the court; it can get hectic, you need to know what to do.” Knowing what to do will come in handy in this 2010 basketball season. “If we make it to state the season is four months long,” Meghan added. The team goal this year is similar to the ones that have been in place from the previous years. “We want to win as much as we can and to just go as far as we can. Also to grow as a team.” Meghan conveyed. Even though the team is not close outside of school Meghan hopes basketball can bring everyone together. “Even if your not friends with them outside of school, it helps you bond closer to each other, and become closer outside of school,” Meghan replied. Playing basketball at the college level is something that Meghan is interested in doing, “I would like to play basketball as an intramural sport, but not at a college level, because college basketball takes up too much time, and college comes first.” This year the girl’s basketball team will be playing many games. “I hope that we get a bunch of supporters in the stands this year,” Meghan stated with enthusiasm. Boarding the bus she knows she has to give it her all. Paying attention to what is happening on the court is something she doesn’t have to think about. At that split second the buzzer goes off. It’s game time for Herren.

Take Charge tackles peer pressure By: Catrina Smith [Staff Writer] Take Charge is a group that you have all heard about. But some people don't know exactly what it is. Brandon Peiffer, junior, is president of Take Charge. He has been a part of it for three years. He is very committed to this group. "I like that I can tell other students about tobacco, alcohol and drugs and be a good role model for younger kids," said Brandon. Some activities that Take Charge does is Kick Butts Day, the Great American Smoke Out, the Great American Spit Out, and several conferences. "My favorite is the Kirkwood Conference because we get to miss the whole day of school!” said Brandon. Aside from these events, there are things you have to do as a Take Charge member. "We get together monthly to have pizza parties during lunch cycles so we can talk about things coming up," commented Brandon. "We also give presentations about tobacco, alcohol and drugs with a lot of statistics to grades below us."

As president of Take Charge, Brandon feels he is that same as everyone else that is involved. "The only thing different is I give more speeches at the conferences, and that's pretty much it." He goes to the pizza m e et i ng s , goes to the events, and the confer- Brandon Peiffer, ences just junior like everyone else. Brandon is also on the JEL executive counsel. “JEL is state-wide and we tell people mainly about the big tobacco companies and their lies. Take Charge is at school and we talk about tobacco, marijuana and alcohol.” said Brandon. Take Charge and JEL are two pretty similar groups. Brandon Peiffer has been a part of Take Charge since his freshman year in high school. He enjoys going to the events and being involved in them.



How to stay in shape over the break It’s always hard to stay in shape during the holidays, but even walking around a store can help By: Lexie Rael [Staff Writer]

or ice-skating. A final way to stay fit over the holidays is to reduce During the holidays, there is plenty of delicious mouth stress. If time is taken to be alone, people will be able to watering food to go around, and usually, it gets around focus better. This will help in controlling what is eaten more than once. People enjoy good laughs with family and and what needs to be done. Remember: not everything is friends around the dinner table swapping funny memories. perfect. If something that has gone wrong still needs to Everyone looks forward to presents and good times with be fixed, take it one step at a time. long-distance relatives. One thing that many people don’t Another thing that helps encourage people to eat right think about over the holidays though is how to stay fit. over the holidays is having others around. When other The first way to stay fit over the holidays is to eat right. people are there some people choose to make better deciThis is hard with all the good food, but that food can still sions when it come to health. The holidays can be a gloomy be enjoyed while still time for some so watching what you eat. that causes them Another way to eat to overindulge on right is to remember the treats especially food pyramid. While chocolate. sweets and sugars may Something else be tempting, they are that may help, is supposed to be eaten to take a walk. in moderation, while Walking is a good grains should be a big way to burn calopart of the meal. People ries especially if can also try and look decked out in all for healthy substitutes the snow gear that for sugary ingredients. comes with the Another thing to cold weather. It look for when shopping doesn’t have to be for food would be basic a long walk either. fruits and veggies. The Going around the recommended servblock can be a sufing size for daily fruits ficient way of stayand vegetables is five ing fit as long as to nine servings. Small eating right comes amounts of fruits and with it. The two vegetables keep people things go hand in full longer than regular hand. holiday treats would. All of these are There is a large variety ways to stay fit of fruits and veggies to over the holidays. choose from so people Some of these ideas don’t have to eat the take a little more same ones all the time. work, but in the Eating right isn’t the end they will pay only way to stay healthy. Debbie Classon, senior, practices her lunges to get in her exercise in for the off. Remember Exercise is another big day, so she can stay in shape during the holidays and over winter break. to stay safe over part of staying fit for the holidays and the holidays. The best have someone to way to stay on track with exercise is to set an attainable go with if outside. Many accidents can occur in the cold goal. This will lead to setting other little goals, which can weather and snow. Something to watch out for when drivlift up self-esteem at the same time. Another way to stay ing is the slippery roads as they are covered in ice. Most fit is to try something new. In the winter, there are many importantly, have fun and enjoy the time you have with outdoor activities such as sledding, building a snowman, others and the holidays!

How to wrap a perfect present By: Kaitlyn Nathem [Staff Writer] Step 1- Place the present upside down in the middle of the paper. Step 2- Fold the bottom piece of wrapping paper over top of the present and place tape on the present and the paper to secure the paper. Step 3- Take the other side of the paper that is not used. (Top layer when done) and place it over the bottom layer. Make sure the present is tight and place the tape accordingly. Step 4- Turn the present so the opening is facing you. Step 5- If your edges are too long, use scissors and trim it down. Step 6- Then to get one side of the present folded, fold one side of the wrapping paper over to form a triangle. Do the same to the other side. Step 7- Fold the top triangle down to touch the bottom triangle. Then take that and fold the bottom triangle to the top. And place tape where its needed. Step 8- Repeat the steps 4 through 7 to complete your gift wrapping. Optional- If you have bows or a name-tag, you can place those on If the steps written above are followed, the top of the present as well to add the end product should look something decoration. like this.

During the holiDay season it’s harD to stay fit, check out, “How to stay in sHape over break.”

Early holiday music, give me a break! It’s the holiday time again, which means lots of food, presents, and celebrating. One of the best parts of this time of year is the music. Holiday music makes people get into the spirit. What I don’t understand is why do holiday CDs and radio stations play the music so early? Even before Thanksgiving, the radio station KDAT 104.5 becomes all holiday music, which is a little early for my taste. It would be understandable if on the first of December, holiday music was played since it’s the time of year when people get into the holiday spirit, so By: Danielle Tiernan why do some artists [Editor-In-Chief] release Christmas and holiday CDs in early November? Isn’t that a little too early to listen to that kind of music, especially in stores where everyone can hear them? Early November, most people are thinking about Thanksgiving and what to prepare, not what new holiday CD to buy. Artists like Susan Boyle, Mariah Carey, and the Glee cast, just to name a few, have all released holiday CDs weeks before Thanksgiving. Yes, the holidays are great, but not a lot of people are thinking about them in late October or early November. Many people start thinking about them around Thanksgiving. According to a survey by, out of 426 people, 62% of them said anytime before Thanksgiving is too soon to play holiday music. It’s understandable if someone is decorating their house for the holidays and they play holiday music to get into the spirit, but when people are playing holiday music the day after Halloween, that’s a little ridiculous! Music for every holiday is out at least two months early and played almost a month, if not more, before that holiday even begins. Around November, many people and radio stations start to play holiday music, but for me, that’s a little too soon for it. There is a bad time to start playing holiday music, and when there’s a good time to play it. Let’s start listening to and playing it at least after Thanksgiving, if not the first week of December.


Need a good holiday movie to watch? check out, “Holiday moviEs, from classic to modErn...”


Holiday movies, from classic to modern, are pastime to all Read on to find out what movies are seen the most during the holidays and which ones are considered classic and modern favorites. By: Hannah Miller [Design Editor] The holiday season is here which means that the holiday movies are, too. Imagine the snow starting to fall, making people want to watch some holiday movies. Everyone loves to curl up by a fire in a blanket and watch these holiday movies. The classics are the best, telling old stories from our childhood, but the modern ones still catch our eyes. There are an abundance of classic holiday movies out there that people watch every winter. The classics are considered to be any movie before 2000. Most of them follow a Christmas theme, but no matter what kind of classic movies are watched, they are all loved by many and are pulled out to see when the snow starts to fall.

This shows a small collection of the many holiday movies ranging from classic to modern. There’s a mix of funny and serious that lets people find the perfect holiday movie for them.

Rudolph, The Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, Jack Frost, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, A Year Without a Santa Claus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and The Muppet’s Christmas Carol are all fun animated stories. In these stories, they tell great moral in a fun way that make them a joy to watch. These movies are loved by all. People remember watching them as kids and can’t help but relive that part of their childhood and watching them during the holiday season. Another type of classic movies are the really old movies that bring these stories back to life again. Miracle on 34th St., A Christmas Carol, Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, and White Christmas are a couple of the old movies people love to watch during the holiday season. They usually have some kind of lesson to them that teach people along the way as they watch the stories unfold. The other type of movies that are considered classics because are before 2000 are funny holiday movies like I’ll be home for Christmas, Jingle All the Way, Home Alone, Santa Claus 1, and Christmas Vacation. These movies sometimes have lessons, but are more watched for the laughs. Holidays movies are still being made, and most likely will continue to be made as long as people keeping asking for them. These modern movies, made after 2000, are mostly fun, light hearted movies for people’s entertainment with a causally moral lesson in them. Four Christmases, Santa Claus 2 and 3, Elf, Unaccompanied Minors, Christmas with the Kranks, Deck the Halls, and Fred Claus are funny movies made to make people laugh. The Grinch and Jack Frost are also modern movies that were based on classics, but were redone with a modern twist. All these modern movies are a great ones to watch if you want to laugh and smile as you cuddle up in a blanket in front of a TV this holiday season. Classic and modern movies are all part of the holiday season. When the cold weather starts the holiday movies are pulled out to watch and are also on TV. The major channels to watch are the Hallmark channel and ABC Family which has 25 Days of Christmas. Watching the classic bring back wonderful childhood memories, where the modern ones bring new exciting memories to us. Everyone loves holiday movies no matter what year they are from and are watched throughout the year, but get pulled out the most to enjoy during the Holiday Season. No matter what movies are watched during this holiday season, people will be happy as they watch them.

Student’s favorite holiday movies “The Holiday because it’s funny and has a good story to it,” -Haley Shaffer, freshmen

“Elf because it’s super funny!” -Ben Buckley, sophomore

“The Year Without a Santa Claus because of the Miser Brothers,” -Bronwyn Lewis, junior

“Nightmare Before Christmas because it’s awesome!” -Kyle Clark, senior

“Elf because it’s hilarious and it’s the best Christmas movie ever,” -Alexis Timp, junior

Famous faces donate time and money to do good

Sweets and snacks for any season

By: Danielle Tiernan [Editor-In-Chief]

Egg Nog: By Zach Vasey

Every year, hundreds of people donate time and money to different charities; some of those people are celebrities. A lot of celebrities use their fame for good, whether it’s donating their time or even money, they just want to make a difference and set a good example for younger generations. Some celebrities even create their own charities to lend a helping hand. According to an article on looktothestars. org titled Giving Back Fund Announces Top 30 Celebrity Givers topping the list of celebrities who donate time and money are stars like Oprah, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt. “Heading the list was Oprah Winfrey, who donated $50.2 million to the Oprah Winfrey Foundation and Oprah’s Angel Network to “support the inspiration, empowerment and education of women, children, and families around the world and to encourage people around the world to make a difference in the lives of others” Also, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are known to go from country to country visiting people and listening to their stories, they also donate money to charities. Together they established the Jolie-Pitt Foundation

“which provides humanitarian assistance to people across the globe,” according to Also according to in an article titled 10 Celebrities That Give Back, Brad Pitt asked experts to brainstorm ways to build green, affordable and safe housing for Hurricane Katrina victims. Pitt founded the Make it Right Foundation to do just that. Also according to, Today, Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation continues to build new homes for displaced residents of New Orleans.” Many more famous people donate their time and money, and most don’t do it to make them look good and to get their name out to the public. Many have personal connections to the charities they spend their time with. For example celebrities that have had cancer themselves or have had family or friends with cancer usually go out and inform others about can do to prevent it. Many celebrities want to raise awareness for the charity of their choice to give back to those less fortunate and set an example for future generations. Every year they donate millions of dollars to hundreds of charities to help those in need.

3 cups milk 3/4 cups sugar 8 egg yolks 1/2 teaspoon vanilla Ground cinnamon In a large saucepan, combine milk and sugar; bring to boiling. Reduce heat and simmer for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, beat egg yolk until thick. Stir in about 1 cup of the hot milk mixture. Return mixture to saucepan. Cook and stir over low heat about 3 minutes or until thickened. Cool to room temperature stirring occasionally. Stir in vanilla. Chill. Serve with cinnamon (if desired).

Eskimo Snowballs: By Jasmine Hogue 1 cup softened butter or margarine 4 tablespoons water 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 6 teaspoons cocoa powder 1 1/2 cup quick-cooking oats Powdered sugar, flaked coconut, or chopped nuts (optional) Cream butter with water and vanilla. Add sugar, cocoa, and oatmeal. If needed, add more water to make the dough stick together better. Roll dough into 1 inch balls. After dough is rolled out, roll the balls in powdered sugar, coconut, or chopped nuts. Refrigerate. No bake needed. Enjoy! For more great holiday recipes visit



s e i t i r a Ch Marine Toys for Tots Foundation This foundation is where you bring toys to certain drop-off places for little kids. Most drop-off places you will find are at our local Toys R us. This brings toys to little kids that most likely don’t get much for Christmas.

The Sea

Contact: Ms. Michele Matt in Cedar Rapids at (319) 550-2565

The Salvation Army Salvation Army has many different ways to donate to the needy. During the Christmas season, you can give money to the people that ring bells outside most grocery stores. You can also donate all kinds of things to the store anytime of the year. There are also many different ways you can donate your time, money and items on the website,

United Way United Way is a nation wide organization that helps create better lives for people by giving them opportunities. They work on giving everyone a good education, stable income, and a healthy life. There is many ways you can help. To find out how you can contribute to this organization contact United Way of East Central Iowa on 1030 Fifth Ave. SE in Cedar Rapids, IA. Contact: (319) 398-5372 or Local Events: Hawkeye Labor Council Holiday Baskets on Thursday, Dec. 16 at IBEW Local 405 Hall, 1211 Wiley Blvd. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA

Coats For Kids Foundation This foundation is where new coats are donated “to ensure that every child who needs a winter coat receives a new one.” That is the foundations moto. This is a great way to give back to your community and help others.


Email: Telephone: (703) 567-2628 (COAT)

Cedar Valley Humane Society There are more than just people that need our help during the holiday season. There are many needy pets at the Cedar Valley Humane Society that need help. Many need homes, but if you can’t provide a home for these animals you can donate things to the shelter. If you go to their website, donate/our-wish-list/, you can see what you can donate.

Contact: (319) 362-6288 or by email at

American Red Cross There are many ways you can donate through the American Red Cross. You can donate blood or plasma, your time, and money anytime during the year. For the holiday season there are specific things you can do through this organization to help. Some of the things are sending holiday cards to soldiers over seas and by giving gifts to the people in need. To find out more go to their website at

rives Blood D


At School

Many schools do things at their school to give back and Marion is no different. There are things Marion does during the year. Marion has the annual blood drive where you can donate blood to help people. During the holiday season is where Marion does special things to help people in the area. This holiday season, like in the past, Marion held a clothing drive on December 1st. It’s where a person can bring in old clothes they don’t wear anymore to give to people that could use them. It was a big success. There is also a food drive to collect food for needy families. The freshmen health classes also make boxes of different types like food, bath supplies, school supplies, etc. for Camp Tanager. Pretty much anything goes for these boxes. Another thing Marion is doing this year is the mentor groups are adopting families, otherwise known as the Holiday Giving Protect. They will be giving food, gifts, and anything they think will help their family. Marion is helping the community this holiday season and you can help with them.



ason of Giving

ys to give back

At Home

In the Community

Giving to others starts at home. Giving to people in your family first is the first step in helping others. Then you can help others in the community. Thinking about giving rather than receiving and helping others will help better our community. There are many ways to help others without even leaving your house. Look through old clothes and donate ones that you haven’t worn in months, donate food to food drives, and even just donating a few dollars to local shelters will help greatly. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated and it’s a lot easier than you may think.

There are many ways to help in your community. Getting involved in your community and helping people or animals is a great way to give back. There are people and animals everywhere in need and many organizations and foundations that you can get involved with to help. To learn more about certain organizations and foundations and how you can get involved look at the side bar to the left. The most common way to give back is by donating money, but if you can’t do that you can also donate many other things. Donating your time is a big way to help and show you care for the community. There are many organizations locally that you can volunteer for to help. If you can’t donate money or your time, you can also donate items. You can donate old clothes, furniture, etc. to many drop out areas in the area. A main one is The Salvation Army where you can drop items off anytime during the day. Being able to donate in anyway possible is what really matters. These organizations and foundations would appreciate your help in any way possible.


Holiday Giving Prote

Clothin g Drive s

Places to look in your house to donate: • Closets for old clothes • Around the house, garage or attic for old furniture. • Schedule book: to donate your time



Senior interviewS Steen Irish:

Kristin Kramer:

Josh Jared:

Jacqueline Kroemer:

Rush Kane:

Brian Kuhn:

Kayla Kesl:

Lucas Larson:

Tre Kinney:

Bradley Lewis:

Brandina Klein:

Curran Lipsett:

Colin Koeppen:

Alicia Livingston:

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Hanging with friends, Madden tournaments, taking John’s van, soccer practice, & team dinner, football & basketball games, watching Mitch Sliding on ice & the way Tyler describes something.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Crunchy chocolate chips.” Plans for the future?: “Go to college, become an architect, or some type of engineer.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Shenanigans.” Quote or piece of advice?: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace,” -Jimi Hendrix Plans for the future?: “I plan to attend the University of Northern Iowa & major in Communication to become a film director & writer.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Teachers & friends.” Quote or piece of advice?: “You have to be able to take advice before you can get it.” Plans for the future?: “Find a gainful job.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Talking with friends & teachers.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Don’t look back, stay on the track.” Plans for the future?: “Go to Kirkwood for two years & be an animal rescuer.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Messing around during open blocks and basketball warm ups.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Check your boot because there might be a snake in it - Tre Kinney.” Plans for the future?: “Go to Iowa and room with Mitch.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “My friends & Mr. Semler. :)” Quote or piece of advice?: “Live like you were dying.” Plans for the future?: “Six months of New Horizons Private School, then two years of ITT Tech for Computer Rebuilding.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Friends.” Quote or piece of advice?: “If your going through hell, keep going. -Winston Churchill.” Plans for the future?: “Military.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “All the people & the sporting games & events.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Sometimes there are no next times, time outs, or second chances. Sometimes it’s now or never.” Plans for the future?: “Attend a four year college & play basketball as well as go into Education to be a teacher.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Not having to pay for classes. And all my friends.” Quote or piece of advice?: “If there was no pain, there’d be no joy worth having.” Plans for the future?: “Go to ISU to double major in Anthropology & biology, then hopefully go to the University of Tennessee to master in forensics.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Fowler’s class with Nick, football games, band trips, & being a jerk to Doug.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” Plans for the future?: “Go to UNI, major in finance & minor in Spanish.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Friday night football games & team dinners.” Quote or piece of advice?: “When you want to win you have to bust yours so you can kick their’s.” Plans for the future?: “Go to Wartburg & study business

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “The wonderful computers... Oh wait.” Quote or piece of advice?: “I wasn’t sleeping, just in very deep thought.” Plans for the future?: “None for now.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Football, soccer, and my friends.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Work hard.” Plans for the future?: “Go to college.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “My amazing friends & teachers.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Your the wind on my cheek, the star in my sky, & the cardinal in my tree. :)” Plans for the future?: “Go to Kirkwood then go where the wind blows me.”

Senior interviewS


Stephanie Loesel:

Keegan Menken:

Dalton Lubben:

Sam Meyer:

Colton Martinson:

Haley Miller:

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Friends.” Quote or piece of advice?: “It’s okay, she’s like a chick Santa

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Friends, teachers, and the inside jokes with people.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Success is never found, failure is never fatal. Courage is the only thing. -Winston Churchill” Plans for the future?: Go to Kirkwood for Sign Language interpreting, then transfer to another college“.”

Nicole Matheny:

Tiara Mitchell:

Nicholas McClain:

Scout Morehouse:

Cassidy McCoy:

Kortnie Nelson:

Kira Mein:

Markus Newton:

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “I’m going to miss my friends.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Don’t aim for success, just do what you love & it will come naturally.” Plans for the future?: “I plan to go to Iowa & get my Masters in Actuarial science.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Football.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Do your homework.” Plans for the future?: “K-wood.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Everything! All the friends I’ve grown up with & the awesome teachers. I’ll miss the journo room & walking through the halls feeling like this is my home :(.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Life’s too short to be anything but happy. :)” Plans for the future?: “Maybe Kwood, then to UI or UNI & become a dermatologist.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Weis & Mac.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Be like Kaleb Tuetken.” Plans for the future?: “Be awesome.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “My friends, hanging out with Fowler & even though I hate to admit it, all the guys who insist on calling me Doug.” Quote or piece of advice?: “The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.” Plans for the future?: “Go to Iowa & eventually figure out what I want to do with my life.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “My friends, some of the teachers, & most of all the lunch table discussions :).” Quote or piece of advice?: “Be who you wanna be, not what others want to see.” Plans for the future?: “Go to Kirkwood for a year then transfer down to Indian Hills for the other. Going into either computer science or computer animation.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “I’m going to definitely miss the soccer team and lockin’ it up with the defense. Also Mr. Z’s word of the day.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Plans for the future?: “I plan to either go to Kirkwood or Coe & then possibly transfer to Iowa State.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “All of my friends, and not learning about Kwanza from Mr. Semler.” Quote or piece of advice?: “You shouldn’t have done that, he was just a boy - Tre Kinney.” Plans for the future?: “Going into the Air Force and getting my nursing, then going to Duke for a double major of criminal justice and social work.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Friends, teachers, & the inside jokes with people.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Success is never found, failure is never fatal. Courage is the only thing,” -Winston Churchill Plans for the future?: “Go to Kirkwood for sign language interpreting then transfer to another college.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “John Tiernan, Tootican, Duchball, KusKus, Mr. Weisinger, Scotti Too Hotti, Cross Country, wrestling, holiday mean, chicken patty, O’brien family, Marion’s finest Trainer Heather, Levi Lochner &Alex Hunter.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Don’t go chasing skirt -Mr. Weisinger.” Plans for the future?: “Attend UNI & major in Human resources. Own a Hy-Vee.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “Field Bio & Walmart. Homecoming football games, people I’ve come to know & the friendships I’ve made. Going to Casey’s ‘during class’ to get donuts with Lindsie & go to Hannah Park after.” Quote or piece of advice?: “Do your homework.” Plans for the future?: “Move out of Iowa & be a Veterinarian.”

What are you going to miss most about Marion?: “My friends, great teachers, Scout Morehouse, Walmart, Visti Anderson, football games, COD parties, Ryan Hagen’s basement, team dinners, & parking lot raves.” Quote or piece of advice?: “These crunchy chocolate chips are terrible.” Plans for the future?: “Go to Iowa State, major in Engineering, then buy five houses with Tyler Spear & have Ryan James Hagen live in our basements.”



Giving to others helps out a lot With all of the needy families in Marion, there are many ways to help. By: Casey Burns [Features Editor]

in, and just buy one thing, it can help out tremendously. With over 100 needy families in the disIf someone is thinking that they aren’t gotrict, and close to 700 students in the high ing to help, think of all the things they really school, helping people in need isn’t an issue for have. These families don’t have anything, and Marion. they would love to This year in the have what the avmentor meetings, stuerage student and dents and teachers his/her family has have come up with a in life. way to help all of the There are so families that are in many things that need. people can do and For a family of four, if there aren’t any people can bring two good ideas, or if boxes of noodles, tuna, someone doesn’t fruit, veggies, cereal, know what size or etc. Two gifts for each what the child will person are also enlike, gift cards are couraged. They have also a great idea. made a list of things They appreciate that they want and everything that need so everyone can is given to them, get them something because they don’t for the holidays. have a lot and are Each mentor group grateful for what is assigned a family, they do and will and from there, the have. students decide who is Tessa Davis and Kelsey Smith, seniors, give to the So, when your bringing what for each needy families by purchasing items, wrapping them, out buying gifts of the family members. and placing them in the box designated for that spefor friends, think There are many things cific family. of what other peothat each person needs ple don’t have and and would like, and it’s get them someup to the students and parents to help out. thing, even if it’s small. It makes a big differThere are a lot of people in need, and if ev- ence in the life of needy families this holiday ery person helps out, and if the parents pitch season.

The biggest bang for your buck By: Abi Washburn [Staff Writer]

For those who may not know, White Christmas, the latest musical production at Theatre Cedar Rapids, and is coming out November twenty-sixth through December eighteenth. The cast of TCR has been working hard to put on a family show for the holidays, and what better way to support your community than to go see the show put on by the community. Admission is twenty to twenty-five dollars for adults, fifteen for youth, or you can wait until the day of the show and only pay twelve. The TCR version of White Christmas is the musical of the 1954 movie “White Christmas” is about two

men who come home from being in the army during World War Two. They arrive home and become famous for there act, eventually meeting back up with some old friends from the army. This classic love story is a great show for the whole family. Take your friends and family out to see it. There will be plenty of laughs and a night out will definitely be worth every penny. White Christmas is a great show and a wonderful choice of entertainment for your holiday break.

Do you plan on going to the play at TCR? “I am definitely going because I want to see Ryan Waters in action!” - Avery Thomason, senior

“I am going to the musical, because it’s a musical and musicals are always fun!” - Russel Clayton, sophomore

Learn about the fitness center being open to the pubLic in, “F itness Center is open For business...”

Updates for Marion By: Alice Dixon [Staff Writer]

Exciting renovations for the Thomas Park football field Some people might have heard that the current football field is in need of some updates. Although the exact plan is uncertain they have a “master plan”. The feedback from the community is to upgrade the current facility at it’s location. Things such as new grandstands, a paved parking lot, and new bathrooms are included. They are not moving the field to a new location. They aren’t sure when they are going to start building, and they definitely don’t know when they are going to be done, but for now they have drawings and plans made to change the field.

Exciting changes to Vernon Along with the changes with the football field, the middle school has been under construction for awhile. As most people of the Marion School District already know, Vernon Middle School is under construction. The school is being entirely remodeled and their goal is to have the building ready for the 2012-2013 school year, the same year our sophomores graduate. They plan to move the 5th graders from Francis Marion Intermediate to Vernon after the first year in the new building. It will then be a middle school for 5th-8th graders. Although they’ve been working under construction for a long time, it will be interesting to see if the new school will be finished for the school year desired.

Fitness center is open for business at MHS By: Jordan Hansen [Opinions Editor] This winter, a new fitness center will be making its debut in Marion. Through the YMCA, the fitness center, opened last year, will be now be able to be used by all students on Monday-Thursday from 3pm-9pm, Saturday from 8am12pm, and Sunday from 12pm-4pm. The fitness center, is staffed after school by representatives from the

YMCA. There is still some equipment that may still be added, but for the most part, it is done. Students can use the fitness center whenever they like and for all high school students, it is free to use. The new fitness center is a very large project still in its infancy, but through the YMCA, it should eventually be a link between the high school and the rest of the community.



Cassie Wolfe talks about her holiday traditions. CheCk out in, “Multiple ChristMas’s Make things tough. ”

Kelsy and Cassidy will be true besties until the end Corporon & Klatt are best friends that would do anything for each other, and they’re always there for each other, through thick and thin. By: Claire Nash [Staff Writer] High school is made up of many friends. There are the friends you hang out with in class, the friends that are in activities and athletics together, and friends that hang out on the weekends out side of school. A lot of people, especially girls have a best friend, otherwise known as their bestie. Best friends are great; you can tell them anything and you know for a fact that they’ve got your back. This is the case of two new freshmen; Cassidy Klatt and Kelsy Corporon are best friends. Cassidy is more of the introvert and Kelsy is more of the extrovert, which makes their connection very strong. They both attended Linn Mar and met in the 8th grade after a mutual friend introduced them to each other, one day during class. They just hit it off and they have been “besties” ever since. Cassidy said, “If Kelsy had to move across state, I would be really, really sad! I don’t know what I would do without her.” Having a best friend is something that everyone should have. Someone who knows every deep dark secret about you, who doesn’t judge you and loves you for who you are. Kelsy moved to Marion after moving in with her mom and Cassidy moved here after moving in with her dad. These girls have so much in common with each other, both of their parents are divorced, which is something that they can really relate to and talk about with each other, even through thick and thin. They both said in unison, “High school is way better than middle school!” which is probably something that most freshmen could agree with, since you have more freedom and can do more fun things on the weekends. Both of the girls love to go to the mall and the movies. “American Eagle and mostly everywhere else in the mall, is where we like to shop!” exclaimed the girls. One thing for sure, is that

Video games are his favorite passion

life would be a lot less fun without a best friend. Kelsy and Cassidy have most of their classes together which is great especially when you are new to a new school and when your only a freshmen. It is very scary to be alone but it is better to have your best friend standing right there with you. That way you have someone to lean on, and can always count on. Kelsy and Cassidy are alike in many ways such as; they both love to shop at: American Eagle, The Buckle, Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aerie, Express, Old Navy, Famous Footwear ,TJ Max and last but not least Victorias Secret. They are your typical freshmen girls who love to shop tell they drop! Other things that they have in common are having sleepovers Freshmen, Kelsy Corporon and Cassidy Klatt pose for a best friends picture. They have on the weekends, crushing on only been best friends since the beginning of the 8th grade, but are closer than ever. cute boys, gossiping about the to being close with each other for the rest of their high mean girls who they don’t like, texting each other during class and any other time they school careers and possibly the rest of their life. They are not with each other. They are what you call true are what you call a true friend, they put smiles on each best friends. If you searched for the word best friend, other faces and laugh tell their stomachs hurt like crazy! Remember, a best friend is the person who brings out bestie, true friend, you would find a picture of them! It is nice to have someone to talk to who is trust- the best in someone. When a person puts a smile on your worthy and faithful to you. A best friend is someone face, makes you feel better when your down, makes you who understands someone and will be there for a per- laugh when they know you are about to break down in son when the times get rough. Cassidy and Kelsy are tears, and also buys you ice cream after a tough breakup. happy to have each other as a bestie. They look forward That is what a true best friend does and should.

Like many other teenage males, shooter and driving games are his favorites. His favorite games are Assassins Creed, Halo Reach, and Crackdown 2. Scott is definitely not the only teen that plays video games. By: Jordan Hansen [Opinions Editor] In fact, according to, 97% of all teenagers play some sort of video games. Going home from school, finishing some “The people that think video games are for homework, and then maybe getting on Xbox to nerds need to realize that they are movies that play some video games you interact with,” said Scott. with friends. Since it’s One thing that many gamers like to have the weekend, he exis a nice T. V. and surround sound, Scott has pects to pull an allboth. “I have a 52” LCD with surround sound,” nighter, go to bed for said Scott. a while, and then get However, even though Scott enjoys playing back up and play some video games, his parents don’t have a probmore on Saturday. lem with him playing, “As long as I got all my Scott Munier, sophchores and get my homework done.” omore, enjoys a hobby He also usually buys his own video games, Scott Munier, that many people at “Only time [other people] buy them is when its Sophomore Marion share, playmy birthday or Christmas,” said Scott. ing video games. “I Many teenagers also have mobile gaming just like the fact that they let you, instead of and music devices such as iPod’s, which some just watching [like a movie], you interact with people find more entertaining than console them,” commented Scott. games such as Xbox 360’s, PS3’s, and Wii’s. “For quality, Favorite Video Game console games, for road trips, handhelds, I prefer conOther soles though,” said Just Dance Scott. Playing all Halo Reach Friday night with friends, finally getModern Warfare 2 ting off his 360 at 4 a.m., he shuts off his Grand Theft Auto Game 360, turns off his T. Assassins Creed V. and then goes to bed, knowing that Halo he is going to play his Xbox again afBlack Ops ter he gets some sleep. 0 10 20 30 40 Amount of people

Multiple Christmas’s make things tough Casey Burns [Features Editor] It happens every year, with the snow, the lights, the food and the presents. Families gather and just have a good time. Cassie Wolfe, junior, has had special traditions that have lasted throughout the years. “On Christmas Eve, we open presents from family members, we put up our ornaments for the year, and make cookies. In the morning, we wake up really early and open more gifts,” she said with a smile. There are many places that people go for the holidays, but Cassie stays in town and visits her family. “We always go to my grandparent’s house, my Uncle’s house, and my step grandparents,” Cassie commented. Being with family is a lot of fun and it is enjoyable for Cassie. Before Christmas can start, things have to take place. “The day after Thanksgiving, we put up our tree. We hang up our ornaments that we get every year, she explained. A lot of families have different plans for putting up decorations, and doing things the day after Thanksgiving. There are a lot of memories that someone can remember. “I was in fourth or fifth grade and I had to go to the hospital because I couldn’t breathe. My family had to wait to open their gifts until I got home. They got to open one gift, which was socks,” Cassie laughed. Each year, Cassie receives numerous amounts of gifts, but one gift seems to pop out at her more than

others. “Money because than I get to spend it on what ever I want to and save it for a car,” she giggled. Money is a lot of people’s favorites, because they don’t have to worry about not getting what they want, they can go out and get it themselves. S o m e families have more Christmas’s than others because Cassie Wolfe, of either a junior big family or a split up family. “Because my parents are split up, we have four or five Christmas’s each year. It’s always different to as to where we go and what we do,” she said. Not having parents together and having multiple Christmas’s are hard. Having separate gatherings can be difficult, but when you are strong and love everyone in your family, it makes for a better time. “We have our normal family Christmas with my mom and dad. Then we go to my grandparents house with our aunts and uncles and cousins,” Cassie explained. A lot of people are in Cassie’s family, so she has many places to go for Christmas. With the tree hung up and all the decorations around the house put in place, the Wolfe family is ready to begin their 2010 Christmas season.



Making money on Christmas, or spending time with the family?

Sophomore hannah morriS talkS about what it’S like to have her dad work on ChriStmaS in, “M aking Money on ChristMas...”

Students speak out about busy parents on Christmas “I’d be mad [if my parents worked on Christmas]. I’d freak out on somebody!” -Zach Vasey, sophomore

Hannah Morris talks about how her father is working on Christmas and the traditions her family carries even while he is working. By: Kaitlyn Nathem [Staff Writer] Her heavy eyes slowly begin to open as she rolls to her side. She looks out the frost-covered window and smiles. Stretching her body, she takes the first couple steps out of bed. She stares out the window again, and begins to work her way to the candyfilled stockings. It is Christmas morning and as Hannah Morris, sophomore, is opening her carefully wrapped presents, she realizes something is missing. She slows her hands from unwrapping the next gift and glances around. Her mom watching her with a warm smile on her face, the smell of cinnamon rolls wafting through the air, then she looks at the empty chair Hannah Morris, where a familiar person sophomore isn’t sitting. Hannah then remembers her dad won’t be there to watch her face glow when she opens the gifts she’s been waiting for since they got placed under the tree. “It’s different not having him around, he just got the job. I don’t really like change, so it was something I had to get used to, “ Hannah stated. Hannah’s dad is a floor representative at Genicore. On Christmas he usually works about twelve hours. “He doesn’t really care [about not being home] as long as he’s getting money,” Hannah chuckled. Like most parents money is a great thing

to have when dealing with the expensive holidays. With her dad not home Christmas day, it doesn’t really effect how her family celebrates the enjoyment of the holiday. “We start at my house opening presents, then we go to my mom’s side of the family and eat lunch and open presents. After that we go to my dad’s side of the family and eat dinner, then open presents.” The same tradition carries through whether her dad is working or not. “I understand why he’s not home, so it doesn’t really bother me,” grinned Hannah. Knowing that he’s working hard and helping out the family, helps deal with the emotions of not having him there. She still would enjoy having her dad there to celebrate Christmas but doesn’t mind as much as some people might. “It would be more fun having his presence there, it wouldn’t change much though.” Hannah stated. Having her dad home on Christmas wouldn’t be very different to how her Christmas is now without him there. Hannah enjoys having her dad around and appreciates him when he’s there, but just like any other teenage girl Hannah and her dad don’t always see eye-to-eye. “We’re close, but sometimes we don’t get along,” Hannah said. Since her dad and her don’t always get along the greatest it makes it a little easier not having him around during the holiday. It’s Christmas evening and as she listens to the jolly Christmas music and eats her holiday dinner, she looks over at the empty chair beside her. Hannah knows he’s working hard to support the family. She knows her father will be home soon.

“[My mom] works for REM Iowa...I wish I could open presents with her on Christmas...and spend time with her,” -Tori Varner, junior

“It makes me sad [that my stepmom has to work]. I’d like to see them on Christmas,” -Sean Wilson, senior

“I’d be upset if my parents worked on Christmas, because they wouldn’t be home with their family,” -Kendall Browning, freshman

Home for the holidays, the importance of Christmas By: Lexie Rael [Staff Writer]

has had the privilege of having not only his parents but his brothers home for For some, the value of family is the holidays too. important around the holidays. One Another tradition is the famous freshman in particular will be visit- decorating of the tree. “We put up oring his grandma on Christmas Eve. naments that my brothers and I have There, he will get to see his cousin who made over the years, and we use random is currently in the Marines. There are lights.” This is also like many other many other family traditions that occur families. Another thing that people do around the holidays. around the holidays is putting lights on Freshman, Quinn Lamb, has many the house. “I help my dad put up lights family traditions. “On Christmas Eve every year. My favorites we go to my grandma’s are the multi-colored house,” states Quinn. “Family being ones with the big bulbs,” This is an awesome famtogether during states Quinn. Something ily tradition to have, else that comes up around the holidays is especially when getthe holidays is the belief ting together with fam- important to me.” in Santa. ily throughout the year Many kids figure out -Quinn Lamb, is more difficult. “It’s who Santa is around their freshman great to see my cousin middle school years. For again because he’s in the Quinn this was a differMarines,” Quinn says ent story; “I believed in with a small smile. This is not the only Santa until I was six. I was smart and tradition that Quinn’s family has. figured it out!” Lamb says enthusiasQuinn is like many other Americans tically. Usually when people are little, when it comes to Christmas morning. they come up with a Christmas list. “We all wake up early and open pres- Quinn is not unlike them. “I want an ents in order by who has more. Some Amazon Kindle for Christmas this gifts are bigger so that person won’t year.” An Amazon Kindle is a device have as many presents so they don’t that lets you take books on the go. It go first,” Lamb states. On Christmas is smaller than a book though with a morning, Quinn opens presents with computer like screen that makes travel his parents and his two brothers, Justin easier. and Trent. In the Lamb family, traditions are One thing that Lamb has that many important. This is the same for many don’t is parents that are still together. American families. The time has come “Family being together during the hol- for trees, lights, holiday dinners, and of idays is important to me.” This state- course presents. For Quinn, the value ment is probably one that many can of family is the most important thing agree with, but some can’t have. Lamb around the holidays.

“All I know is [Christmas] doesn’t mean as much to me now as it did when I was young,” -Mr. Ferguson, English

“Being able to get close with family and friends and I love giving presents,” -Mr. Perkins, science

“It’s the birth of Jesus Christ and I like spending time with my family,” -Ashley Iehl, freshman

“Spending time with family,” -Elizabeth Deeney, junior



Students share their thoughts about their family in the military “It’s hard [having my brother gone] because there is always an open seat at the dinner table,” - Angie Williams, ‘11

“I missed my brother, it felt like something was missing out of my life. I always wished that he would come back,” -Jason West, ‘12

“It’s really weird and lonely [without my sister,]” -Sarah Eimers, ‘13

“There’s a constant hole in my heart. Everyday is a struggle because I never know if my cousin will come back,” -Mitch Burhite,” 13

Senior Brian Kuhn talKS aBout what it’S liKe having a two ChriStmaS’S in, “a double dose oF Christmas For Kuhn.”

Kiene can’t celebrate the holidays with her dad this year Kiersten Kiene talks about her dad being in Afghanistan for the holidays this year and what it will be like to not have him around for the holidays this year. By: Storm Bogs [Web Editor] As her dad boarded the plane, she knew that she might never see him again. She hugged her mom as she took one last look back at the plane. She hoped he would be able to come home for Christmas in a few months, but knew in her mind that it probably wouldn’t happen. Kiersten Kiene, sophomore, won’t be able to spend the holidays with her father this year. Kiersten’s dad is in the National Guard and left for Afghanistan on October 15th. “We usually switch for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year, so being with my mom for both will be weird,” said Kiersten. Her parents are divorced so she usually only spends one holiday with her dad anyway. This is his first time leaving for Afghanistan so it will be especially hard for Kiersten and her family without her dad there for the holidays. “It’s different and surreal. I can’t call my dad whenever I want to now…it hurts,” Kiersten expressed. She can rarely call her dad because of the big time difference, but her and her dad email a lot. When they do get to talk on the phone, it’s only for about a half hour to forty-five minutes. Before her dad left for Afghanistan, she only saw him every other weekend. Then, when he started drill, she was only able to see him about once a month. The visitations with her dad became less frequent, but it is still hard for her without her dad here. “It takes a toll on me not seeing him or going to his house all the time,” she explained. The fact that her dad is gone really hit her when she got into a fight with her mom, and all she wanted to do was call her dad, but she couldn’t. Since Kiersten and her dad won’t be able

to exchange gifts this Christmas season, she plans to send some presents to him in Afghanistan. “I’ve debated sending stuff to him. I’ll probably get him a Christmas gift when I get the money,” Kiersten said. With her dad being gone, she also won’t be able to Kiersten Kiene, have his “amazing cooking” sophomore this season, which makes her mad. With her dad in Afghanistan, he isn’t the only person she isn’t able to see. “It’s hard to keep in touch with my other siblings and step-mom since he left,” Kiersten said. Since her parents are divorced, she only got to see some family every other weekend when she went to her dad’s house. Now since he’s gone, she won’t be able to see them until her dad returns. Kiersten knew that her dad was in the National Guard and that he went to drill every other weekend, but she was still in shock when he had to leave for Afghanistan. “I never thought that this would happen to us,” she commented on her dad going to Afghanistan. People take for granted what they have in life, and never really realize what they have until its gone. “We don’t talk about [my dad leaving,] it’s a touchy subject,” she said. Her dad is expected to return in July or August. It’s Christmas Day, and she is missing her dad more than anything. She can’t wait for him to receive his presents from her and the letter that she spent so much time writing for him.

A double dose of Christmas for senior, Brian Kuhn

time together. There are only a few days left for before Christmas, When Brian was little there’s one memory that he he grabs the list he made for what to buy everyone remembers very fondly, “I remember when I was little, in his family. Brian goes to the store to buy the gifts I would come downstairs and my grandma would be for his family. He has two separate lists for both his there along with my grandpa dressed up as Santa,” he mom’s and his dad’s side, he’s hoping he will find good said laughing. Brian shared that seeing his grandpa presents for everyone. Although it’s a little difficult dressed up as Santa was one of his favorite and most to buy presents for two different families, by now it’s remembered memories. normal to him and to Brian it’s just his normal, fun By: Danielle Tiernan [Editor and Chief] Although he wishes he only had one Christmas family filled holiday. celebration, Brian said it all Seven years ago, his parents were still together, works out in the end, “It’s now he sits down and remembers what it was like somewhat difficult to have two years ago when they were together. Although it has Christmas’s, but it helps to have been quite a while since that time, now he has had two my parents get along, it doesn’t Christmas’s, one with his bother me [to have mom and one with his dad, two Christmas’s],” I remember when I but he feels okay about it, he said with a was little, I would come because it all worked out smile. If he had to better in the end. downstairs and my choose between Senior this year, Brian grandma would be there having one or two Kuhn has had separate Christmas’s Brian along with my grandpa Christmas’s for about six said he would much dressed up as Santa,” years now; since he was in rather have one, With Dad- 24% 6th grade when his parents -Brian Kuhn, senior “then my whole got a divorce. “Sometimes family would be it’s a little stressful havtogether in one ing two separate Christmas’s,” Brian explained. Every With both- 44% place again.” He shared that he year, he stays at his mom’s house on Christmas Eve feels this way because he could and celebrates Christmas with her, then around noon be with everyone at once and no on Christmas day he goes to his dad’s house to celone would have to travel to see ebrate with him. Even though he has had separate each other. Christmas’s for a while now, Brian explained that his he does remember having just Christmas at his mom’s house one Christmas, “Yeah, I someis a little different from his With Mom- 32% what remember having one dads, “[Because] my dad’s a lot Christmas, [but] my Christmas cheaper when it comes to the now is basically the same, I visit presents,” he laughed jokingly. my grandparents and have fun Brian said that even though the with my family.” Brian said that situation at both of his parent’s he always enjoys the holidays house is a little different he has and just likes to get together a lot of fun at both and feels that Brian Kuhn, with his family and just spend he is very lucky. senior

Students weigh in if they spend their holidays with their mom, dad, or both

Back Page If You Really Knew Me Steve Long Age: 14 Clique: Nerdy Jocks What do you think your friends think of you? Funny or athletic. What do you think others think of you? Smart and athletic. What people don’t know, but should know about you? I like to paint. What makes you different from everyone else? Not being everyone else.

Four MHS StudentS talk about tHeir Favorite Holiday diSHeS. in, “MHS weigHS in aBout favorite Holiday diSH.”

November’s Person of Character William Ross In November, freshman William Ross showed respect and responsibility when he noticed that a teacher was having a hard time getting a door open, because their hands were full. When he saw the teacher struggling, he took the time to help the teacher open the door. Congratulations to William, and thank you for taking the time to help out! William Ross, freshman

MHS Character Counts nominees Travis Joyce - Responsibility Toni Yirkovsky - Respect & Responsibility Mr. Raymond & Mr. Clark - Respect & Responsibility

Jessie Kramer Age: 16

William Ross -Respect & Responsibility John Gorman -Responsibility

Clique: D.) All of the above What do you think your friends think of you? I’m fun, outgoing, caring, honest, loud.

Eric Wright - Responsibility

What do you think others think of you? Well I’m not really sure but hopefully I set a good impression. What people don’t know, but should know about you? Sports are my life, everything else are fun details. What makes you different from everyone else? I am my own person.

MHS weighs in about favorite holiday dishes “I love seven layer salad because it’s zesty!” -Laurynn Mossman, sophomore

“I like to eat everything,” -Dylan Peterson, freshman

Someone you know has BIG plans for her future.

“I like ham, because it is delicious on Christmas morning,” -Ryan Hagen, junior

Cedar Rapids Health Center “Green bean casserole is probably the best dish...because I love the crunchy onion things on top,” -Sarah Ernst, junior

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