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SEICAA Community Action NEWS!! Issue: Spring 2008 

This Issue: **SEICAA Bingham County’s New Location

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Bingham County, and the six other SEICAA counties, welcomed the efforts of the Postal Food Drive on Saturday May 10, 2008. Bobette Jackson, Bingham County Coordinator said the food drive happened at a critical time. “The way food boxes are flying out our doors, we certainly need the extra food.” All counties have seen an increase in the need for assistance this year. According to Bobette, “gasoline costs, low-paying jobs, and high costs at the grocery stores are bringing people to us, as they are to everyone.” SEICAA would like to say “Thank you” to the Postal Service for their efforts, as well as to all the other organizations that work to bring food to the less-fortunate.

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Executive Director: Debra R. Hemmert Chairman of the Board: Guy Price

“ SEICAA is dedicated to strengthening individuals and communities through services, education, and training while promoting human potential.”


outheastern Idaho Community Action Agency Inc (SEICAA) Bingham County Outreach Office will be moving to a new location. Bobette Jackson, Bingham County Coordinator, has worked hard to make the move a reality. The new Bingham County SEICAA Office will be located next door to the warehouse the office currently uses to store the majority of food to distribute to participants, at 206 South Spruce. The move is a great move for the office, as the location is much closer than the current

arrangement. The Bingham County Office will conserve funds, typically spent on fuel to and from the warehouse, and instead utilize funds for client services.

Bobette Jackson, Bingham County Coordinator

SEICAA Community Action News Insight From SEICAA’s Executive Director Have you heard the news??? The City of Pocatello has made it possible for SEICAA to build affordable homes in the City. SEICAA’s Acquisition-In-fill Housing program is targeted to households whose income is at or below 50% of Area Median Income. This equates to a family of four not making more than $26,750 per year to qualify. I have always embraced the belief with every challenge there is also an opportunity for reward. While this program will definitely have its challenges, it is a prime opportunity for SEICAA to provide a “safety net” for these families to assist them in purchasing and keeping their homes. In addition to the actual construction of the home SEICAA will be providing the families with Credit Counseling, Consumer Education, Predatory Lending Awareness Training, Post Homebuyer Education, and the opportunity to use their own “sweat equity” to keep costs down if they are able. With that being said, the reward will be affordable home ownership for families who may not otherwise have had this opportunity. In addition to the education component of the program SEICAA will be working with private lending institutions and government funding sources to provide grants and forgivable loans to these families to keep their house payments affordable.

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PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation created in 1968 to combat poverty in southeastern Idaho. SEICAA provides a network of integrated services where no eligible person is turned away. SEICAA provides and advocates for resources that empower Southeastern Idaho residents to have the skills and resources necessary to improve their quality of life and become self-sufficient. Services are provided for over 155,150 individuals throughout seven counties of southeastern Idaho.


(208) 232-1114

Community Services:

(208) 233– 7348

Mutual Self-Help Housing Program: (208) 232-1114 Ext 108

Community Development (Construction): (208) 232-1114 Ext 111

And so begins another adventure!!!!

Senior Services:

(208) 233-2878

Outreach Offices: Bannock County: Bingham County: Bear Lake County: Caribou County: Franklin County: Oneida County: Power County:

(208) 232-1114 (208) 785-1583 (208) 847-1462 (208) 547-4257 (208) 852-1515 (208) 766-2737 (208) 226-7330

SEICAA “ Agency in Action” televised show informs Pocatello community!! Stay informed: Watch Channel 12 Wednesdays and Saturdays.

SEICAA Community Action News

Raymond Lodge Closes Doors SEICAA’s Raymond Lodge closed its door in May. SEICAA opened Raymond Lodge in 1988 and maintained full capacity for over 18 years. The Lodge offered semi-independent living for chronically mentally ill individuals; and housed up to seven individuals at a time. At the time of its inception, Raymond Lodge was a unique facility that filled a gap for mentally ill homeless persons. As time passed, numerous other community facilities appeared, and now meet the once unmet needs of the mentally ill homeless population. Raymond Lodge individuals worked with Lynda Shiflet, Lodge Coordinator, to learn necessary life skills. Lynda Shiflet retired in May, and the decision was made to close Raymond Lodge when she left.

Helping People. Changing Lives.

Summer Begins the Season of Fundraisers at SEICAA. Committee members are needed in Caribou County for the Project Warmth Golf Tournament. Those interested in joining the Planning Committee should contact Karen Crawshaw at 208-547-4257. The second Annual Meals on Wheels “Driving for Dough” Charity Golf Tournament will be held September 20, 2008. The Planning Committee will begin meetings around the first of June. We welcome those interested in joining the committee to help plan and solicit gifts and sponsorships. Those interested may contact Helen Mayberry at 233-9677 x 139 or Lynette Sampson at 232-1114 x 113.

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Acquisition Housing Development SEICAA now owns three lots for the Acquisition Housing Program. The first lot, located at 1439 N. Harrison will be the first project in the program. This will be a single family home consisting of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The other two lots are located on West Young. The two lots will feature three single-family homes will be San Francisco style homes with the backs facing the river. The homes in West Young are projected to start construction in the fall, once basic infrastructure development is complete and families are recruited. Those qualifying for the program must make less than $26,750 four a family of four, and $18,750 for a single person household. If you, or someone you know, may be interested in the program, contact Shalynn Peirsol at 208-232-1114 x. 108. The pre-application is listed on the web at on the Housing link under Construction Programs.

“We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone... and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something.”

Sandra Day O’Connor

In March, Pete Hoeman, Housing Director; and Ramona Raymond, Housing Tenant Relations Specialist attended the Idaho Affordable Housing Management Association Conference in Boise. Both Pete and Ramona attended special training on government subsidized multifamily housing. They studied various topics, including civil rights laws relating to housing, tenant eligibility, rent calculation, lease requirements, recertification, and termination of tenancy. After two days of classroom exercises, they each took a four hour written test. Both earned “Assisted Housing Manager” Certifications.

SEICAA Community Action News

Pg 4 Announcing the retirement of long-time staffer Lynda Shiflet

In May 2008, SEICAA said farewell to Lynda Shiflet. Lynda retired after working at SEICAA for 17 years. Lynda held multiple positions during her tenure, including Community Services Assistant, Family Development Specialist, and Raymond Lodge Coordinator. Lynda served as the SEICAA organizer for

the Shop with a Cop Program for more than ten years. She is a wonderful person and we wish her the best of luck and enjoyment of her retirement!

Area law enforcement personnel, Santa, Lynda, and Julia Campbell 2007 Shop with a Cop.

Lynda shopping with former Raymond Lodge resident. 2006

SEICAA Community Action News

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Help Us Make It Happen... The overwhelming number of people in crisis can be assisted with your help. Your generous tax deductible donation is greatly appreciated. All contributions directly benefit those needing assistance in the SEICAA seven county service area.

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“Success is somebody else's failure. Success is the American Dream we can keep dreaming because most people in most places, including thirty million of ourselves, live wide awake in the terrible reality of poverty.�

Ursula K. Le Guin

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SEICAA Community Action News  
SEICAA Community Action News  

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