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2008 SEICAA Annual Report SouthEastern Idaho Community Action Agency Helping People. Changing Lives.

Mission Statement:

SEICAA is dedicated to providing opportunities and support for individuals and communities to thrive and reach their fullest potential, promoting self-sufficiency and greater economic independence through services, education, affordable housing, and training.

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2008 SEICAA Annual Report

Board of Directors Community Action Agencies are governed by tripartite Boards of Directors comprised of equal parts low-income representatives, members from the private sector, and local publically elected officials. This diverse composition assures that the Board is representative of the community and that the interests of each of the sectors are met.

Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency Inc. (SEICAA) SEICAA is a private non-profit entity officially incorporated in 1969. SEICAA is a locally governed organization whose purpose is to advocate and serve the economically disadvantaged by empowering them to become self-reliant. SEICAA has administered a variety of anti-poverty programs to the seven Southeastern Idaho Counties for 39 years.

Guy Price, Board Chair Elmer Martinez, Vice Chair Suzanna Nelson, Treasurer Paula Miller, Secretary Marianne Donnelly Judy McClanahan Shawna Rodriguez

Ron Frasure Mary Watkins Lin Whitworth Cory Phelps Dave Maguire Janice Lawes Vicki Meadows

SEICAA continues to develop proactive programs that meet the needs of elderly and economically disadvantaged households.

Volunteers contributed 74,613 hours to SEICAA Programs in 2008.

SEICAA Funding SEICAA utilizes Federal and State grants, grants from private and local foundations, donations, and fundraisers to continue serving the Southeastern Idaho Community.

State Other 2% 9% United Way 2%

Private funds Federal 4% Subsidy 14% Rent 15% Fundraisers/ Donations

Executive Director Debra R. Hemmert, CCAP

1963 Volunteers began serving noon meals to seniors.

Federal 49%

4% Local gov't 1%

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Community Action Agencies' Core Funding Community Acton Agencies (CAAs) across the nation receive core funding from the Federal Community Services Block Grant (CSBG). CSBG supports the flexible missions of CAAs by funding anti-poverty services in local communities. CSBG provides funding that gives Community Action leaders the time, facilities, and staff to mobilize resources, and plan and implement numerous

programs that best meet the needs of each community. SEICAA coordinates multiple programs and leverages additional funds to achieve its mission of creating opportunities to assist low-income people overcome the barriers of poverty and achieve economic independence.

SEICAA received $356,489 in core funding from the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG). In 2008, SEICAA utilized CSBG funds as leverage to raise an additional $986,326 for client services.

Strategic Plan & Mission Update Mary Chant, CAP Association of Idaho Executive Director facilitated SEICAA staff and Board of Directors through Strategic Planning. Participates outlined goals and objectives to guide the agency over the next five years. The month long process reinforced the direction the Agency’s focus. As a result of the Strategic Planning, SEICAA updated its mission statement.

“SEICAA is dedicated to providing opportunity and support for individuals and communities to thrive and reach their fullest potential, promoting self–sufficiency and greater economic independence through services, education, affordable housing, and training.”

SEICAA Service Area SEICAA serves all seven Southeastern Idaho Counties: Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, Caribou, Franklin, Oneida, and Power. SEICAA’s service area covers over 11,200 square miles (an area larger than the state of Maryland), with a population of approximately 158,627 people.

“If you think of vision and mission as an organization's head and heart, the values it holds are its soul.” Buzotta

⇒ 40% of Idaho children

SEICAA planned and carried out 8 community fundraisers, raising $125,694 for client assistance.

1964 Pres. L.B. Johnson signed the Economic Opportunity Act beginning the “War on Poverty” which created Community Action Agencies.

are low-income. ⇒ 70% of Idaho’s lowincome children have parents working full-time. ⇒ 20% of Idaho’s lowincome children have parents working part-time. Idaho Family Economic Security Profile, National Center for Children in Poverty, 2007.

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2008 SEICAA Annual Report

Mutual Self-Help Housing SEICAA’s Mutual Self-Help Housing Program assists individuals below 80% Area Median Income realize their dreams of homeownership. Groups build each other’s homes under the supervision of SEICAA staff. Participants utilize “sweat equity” as down-payment and receive low-interest mortgages for the duration of the loan. Partners for the program include

Inkom participant building walls.

• • • • •

USDA Rural Development Community Frameworks IHFA HUD Federal Home Loan Bank

Process • • •

• • •

Groups of 4-10 households. Participants pre-qualify and receive loans through USDA Rural Development. Participants are required to complete financial education, including Homebuyer’s Education and Post-purchase education. integrated with Foreclosure Prevention Participants complete construction training. Each household is required to work 35 hours a week on the homes. Average construction time to complete all homes in each group is 12 months.

2008 Success • •

9 homes completed in Montpelier 4 homes completed in Malad.

“You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” Michael Phelps Montpelier Home 12-2008

Montpelier Home 12-2008

Acquisition Housing Program In November 2007, SEICAA was approached by the City of Pocatello. The City needed help meeting their CDBG goal of providing homeownership opportunities to households at 50% Area Median Income ($26,750 for a family of four). SEICAA signed a development agreement and started the Acquisition/Infill Housing Program. SEICAA prequalified three of the five households for the first five homes. All participants are required to complete Homebuyer’s Education, as well as Post-purchase education integrated with Foreclosure Prevention. Conceptual home in Acquisition Housing Program.

Partners for the Program include • City of Pocatello • Citizen’s Community Bank • Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle • Idaho Housing and Finance Association • Community Frameworks

1968 First known as the Bannock County Community Center, SEICAA was geared toward seniors and low-income youth.

Process • • • • • • • •

Submit a Pre-application. Once pre-approved, loan package is submitted to Citizen’s Community Bank for approval. Upon receiving approval from the bank, applicant accepted into program. Sign contract with SEICAA agreeing to purchase home upon completion. Complete Homebuyer’s Essentials Courses. Provide limited “sweat equity” as needed and as is feasible. Officially close on completed house. Down-payment assistance and sweat equity credit available at closing.

1969 Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency officially incorporated. Gary Gunnerson was first Executive Director.

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SEICAA’s Weatherization Program provides energy conservation services to households at or below125% of federal poverty level in the seven county service area. The Weatherization Program assists qualifying households through funds granted from the U.S. Department of Energy, as well as contracts with Idaho Power and Rocky Mountain Power.

Energy Assistance Programs

...It’s critical to remember that energy efficiency is the cheapest, cleanest, and most plentiful clean energy resource in the United States.

2008 Accomplishments • •


• •

SEICAA’s Weatherization Program assists in the reduction of energy consumption by making homes more efficient. Weatherization installs attic floor and wall insulation, completes weather stripping, replaces old heating systems with energy efficient units, installs storm windows, and provides energy conservation education.

Liz Robinson, Energy Coordinating Agency

168 homes made more energy efficient $2,700 average spent per home

4,421 households received assistance. $1,314,008 in economic impact.

Project Warmth

• •

99 households received assistance. $17,193 in assistance was provided.

Lend-a-Hand Program

75 households were assisted with a total of $16,120.

In 2008, SEICAA started in-house Homebuyer’s Education for participants in the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program. Pre and post-purchase education courses were expanded to those participating in Acquisition/ Infill Housing, as well as to members of the public. In December, staff completed the courses needed to become NeighborWorks Center for Homeownership Education and Counseling (NCHEC) Certified. SEICAA now provides pre- and post-purchase education, integrated with Foreclosure Prevention training, to all interested in becoming homeowners, or those just wanting a refresher course in budgeting, energy conservation, and/or home maintenance.

1970 SEICAA transportation program started with the “Green Hornet,” which transported seniors to meal programs.

SEICAA continued money management, supported by Washington Mutual; and one-on-one credit counseling through the Family Development Specialist. Both financial programs provide assistance to individuals to help them rebuild credit and become homeownership ready. Financial Literacy Courses are made possible by grants through community partners, including

Key Bank

Bank of America

Washington Mutual

1971 SEICAA began to receive Commodities from the Idaho School Food Service Section for distribution. Cooking classes were started using the surplus items.

1972 Information and Referral services started; RSVP became a part of SEICAA; Weatherization activities initiated out of an airport hangar.

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2008 SEICAA Annual Report

SEICAA supports various housing opportunities through funding from Idaho Housing and Finance Association, Housing and Urban Development, and USDA Rural Development, among others. SEICAA provides safe and affordable housing for low-income and elderly community members. In 2008, SEICAA maintained 143 affordable rental units for residents, which included the elderly, disabled individuals, and veterans.

St. Anthony Place St. Anthony Hospital was converted into 88 studio/one-bedroom units for affordable senior housing in 1985. St. Anthony Place maintains full capacity and features many amenities: • • • • •

Off- street parking Access to public transportation Open common area Easy access to other SEICAA services Tenant transportation provided by SEICAA

SEICAA Manor SEICAA Manor officially opened its doors in October 2007. SEICAA Manor provides permanent housing to chronically homeless individuals with a disability. The 10 units are one-bedroom and include a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. SEICAA Manor features • • • • • •

2 ADA Accessible Units Furnished apartments Individual washer and dryer Off-street parking Case management by SEICAA Staff Community room with kitchenette

Station 1938 The former Pocatello Police Substation was renovated into Station 1938. The complex has been studio style apartments for 13 years. • •

1973 SEICAA’s transportation service, “Tello Bus,” expanded to transport those 55 and older without charge throughout the city.

12 Semi-furnished apartments Utilities included

1974 Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Senior Nutrition Program, Tello Bus, Information and Referral Services provided many opportunities.

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2008 SEICAA Annual Report

South Oak Apartments are located in Blackfoot, Idaho. The complex has eight one-bedroom units, twelve two-bedroom units, and four three-bedroom units. South Oak Apartments offer

South Oak Apartments, Blackfoot

• • •

SEICAA acquired the Lilac Street House in 2005. The house includes three-bedrooms and a fenced backyard. SEICAA rents the house to low to moderate-income families in Blackfoot.

On-site facilities Playground Off-street parking

Lilac Street, Blackfoot

Fountain Court Apartments contains seven three-bedroom units and one two-bedroom mobility impaired unit. The complex features several amenities • •

Washer & dryer hook-ups Off-street parking

Fountain Court Apartments, Pocatello

1975 Carl Griffin, Executive Director

1981 CSBG program created and enabled SEICAA to open the Aid for Friends homeless shelter.

1982 Tello Bus System spun-off to City of Pocatello & became Pocatello Urban Transit.

1983 Market Salvage program initiated to provide used, but good clothing.

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2008 SEICAA Annual Report

Meals on Wheels • • • •

Meals on Wheels Funding

In 2008, 58,136 meals were delivered to 418 homebound seniors. Enables elderly participants to maintain independence while providing a sense of safety. Provides “safety checks” to monitor for potential hazards, as well as health and well-being. Economic alternative to nursing home care.

Donations 15%


Medicaid 21%

County 9% City of Pocatello 7%

The average cost

City of Chubbuck 1%

for a Medicaid

IIIC 22% United Way 18%


patient enrolled in Meals on Wheels is $2,190 a year vs. $65,000 per year

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

for a single

Volunteer Programs

senior in nursing home care.

• •

RSVP is designed for seniors at least 55 years old who want to “give back” to their community. Volunteers donate time to a variety of sites, including Senior Centers, hospitals, police departments, and some deliver meals to homebound citizens.

RSVP Highlights: • • • RSVP Volunteers at the Pocatello Police Department.

1983 Janice Rhoads, Executive Director

494 volunteers donated over 64,296  hours.  28 mentors devoted 4,023 hours.  52 children/youth enrolled as   mentees; 24 were children with an  incarcerated parent.  Volunteer hours equate to an     economic impact to the Southeast  Idaho community of $958,0101. 

1985 SEICAA acquired St. Anthony Place. The former hospital was converted into 88 studio/one-bedroom units of affordable senior housing.

Youth Mentoring • • •

Volunteers can be any age, over 18, to mentor a child. Mentors spend at least one hour a week with their mentee. Mentors help mentees with school work, provide them with expanded experiences and skills, and participate in fun activities. Mentors are asked to commit at least one year, as long-term commitments are important to the mentees.

Joette Pepper, mentor, with her mentee of 4.5 years at a picnic.

1988 Bannock County Stone Soup Celebration & Fundraiser established.

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2008 SEICAA Annual Report

SEICAA’s Veteran Services Program offers assistance to United States Veterans who are, or are in danger of becoming, homeless. Services offered include intensive case management for veterans working toward self-sufficiency. SEICAA case managers are trained in veteran specific issues, and are able to assist veterans by making referrals to appropriate community organizations and services. • • •

In 2008, 21 veterans received shelter, transitional housing, and case management. 6 veterans moved into permanent housing. 2 veterans prepared to move into permanent housing.

Freedom LZ

“Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die.”

Jefferson House Transitional Housing SEICAA’s Jefferson House is available to United States Veterans once they are able to live without intensive case management. Jefferson House provides transition housing for up to two years. While at Jefferson House, veterans acquire skills needed to live independently, and strive to reintegrate into the community’s mainstream population.

SEICAA’s on-site shelter is available to homeless United States Veterans. In this program, veterans receive crisis intervention and case management support to help participants find and secure employment, receive referrals to community resources, and other assistance needed to achieve selfsufficiency.

G.K. Chesterton

Homeless Stand-down SEICAA participated in the annual Homeless Stand-down on October 11, 2008. Veteran Services’ staff distributed information about the services SEICAA offers. As a result of SEICAA Veteran Services’ staff, one veteran was placed in Freedom LZ. This veteran was provided with a warm bed and access to SEICAA services, including case management.

1994 Fountain Court Apartments & Station 1938 acquired by SEICAA; Project Warmth started in Caribou County; Freedom LZ opened for homeless vets.

1998 SEICAA began the Accreditation Project for Child Care Providers, and Parents as Teachers Program.

Pam McKinley, Executive Director

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2008 SEICAA Annual Report

Emergency Food Programs • •

Bingham County Food Pantry.

• • •

SEICAA distributed 4,017 food boxes. 2,141 unduplicated households provided with emergency food boxes. 681 Holiday boxes distributed. Market salvage, “bread program,” items distributed 8,272 times to 1,975 unduplicated households. 239,469 pounds of USDA Commodities distributed.

Hygiene Closet

Feed the Children Feed the Children returned to Southeastern Idaho for the second time on Saturday September 20. Teleperformance once again selected SEICAA as the recipient organization and sponsored the truck load of food for Southeastern Idaho households.

In June, SEICAA’s Hygiene Closet received a boost from a local family. The Shutes’ Family gathered donations totaling over $1,000 and purchased personal items for the SEICAA Hygiene Closet. •

898 households received assistance with personal hygiene items from the closet.

400 households received a box of food and hygiene items.

Bannock Civitan Holiday Party •

• • A child gives Santa a hug at the Bannock Civitan Holiday Party in December.

1999 Youth Mentoring started under the SEICAA RSVP Program.

Bannock Civitans sponsored the 6th Annual party for the benefit of low-income children in Southeastern Idaho. 165 children attended the Holiday Party and received gifts and goodies. Bannock Civitans’ Pathfinder Snowmobile Club outfitted and took 16 children on a snowmobiling trip. Two Century High School Jr. Civitans assisted with the snowmobile trip.

2000 Family Development started.

2001 Debra R. Hemmert, Executive Director

Family Development Program SEICAA’s Family Development Program provides one-on-one case management by certified specialists to low-income households seeking self-reliance and economic independence. Family Development Specialists work with families to set long and short term goals, as well as providing assistance in overcoming barriers to goal achievement. Participants work with case managers to make contacts, and seek resources and services in other programs on their path to self-sufficiency.

• •

56 households actively participated in case management 18 moved onto self-sufficiency

Working Closet The Working Closet provided assistance to qualifying individuals who needed professional attire for a job interview or position.

• • Bingham County’s Working Closet.

387 total visits to the Working Closet. 250 households utilized the donated professional clothing.

Raymond Lodge Closes School Supplies & Extracurricular Assistance Due to high living expenses, including energy costs and gasoline, many children in the community needed assistance with school supplies and associated fees.

SEICAA’s Raymond Lodge closed its door in May. The Lodge offered semi-independent living for chronically mentally ill individuals. At the time of its inception, Raymond Lodge was a unique facility that filled a gap for mentally ill homeless persons. Raymond Lodge individuals worked with the Lodge Coordinator, to learn necessary life skills.

• •

SEICAA opened Raymond Lodge in 1988 and maintained full capacity for over 18 years. Other facilities now provide for the once unmet needs of the mentally ill homeless population.

296 households provided with school materials and associated fees for the 20082009 school year.

2003 Children Services ended.

2004 SEICAA became a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) through HUD.

First Mutual Self-Help Housing group broke ground in American Falls.

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2008 SEICAA Annual Report

SEICAA Employee of the Year– Karen Briand

Long-time Employee Retires– Linda Shiflet

Karen Briand, Bear Lake County Coordinator, received a nomination for employee of the year by her peers . Karen was selected as the 2008 SEICAA Employee of the Year. Karen has been at SEICAA since 2003. Every year, she works with the planning committee for “Golfing Fore Families” charity golf tournament to raise unrestricted funds for those in the Bear Lake Community. Karen played a vital role in recruiting families for the Montpelier Mutual Self-Help Housing Phase1 build group, and continues her efforts to recruit for Phase II in Bear Lake county.

In May 2008, SEICAA said farewell to Lynda Shiflet. Lynda retired after working at SEICAA for 17 years. Lynda held multiple positions during her tenure, including Community Services Assistant, Family Development Specialist, and Raymond Lodge Coordinator. Lynda served as the SEICAA organizer for the Shop with a Cop Program for more than ten years. She is a wonderful person and we wish her the best of luck and joy in her retirement!

“Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny.” Tyron Edwards

2008 Friend of SEICAA– Region V Idaho Transportation Department

SEICAA 2008 Business of the Year– Zions Bank

The Region V Idaho Transportation Department was selected as the 2008 Friend of SEICAA. Region Five ITD demonstrates a strong continued commitment to making a difference in the lives of SEICAA Meals on Wheels participants. While many organizations focus on the needs of children during the Holiday Season, Region V ITD works to ensure that elderly Meals on Wheels participants receive gifts and well wishes for the holiday. SEICAA thanks Region V Idaho Transportation Department for the 200 smiles from the Meals on Wheels clients each and every year!

Zions Bank received the 2008 SEICAA Business of the Year award during the Annual Stone Soup Celebration and Fundraiser. Zions has acted as the Corporate Sponsor for the Meals on Wheels “Driving for Dough” Charity Golf Tournament for two years in a row. Zions Bank supports SEICAA’s Acquisition Housing Program by acting as the Member Bank for SEICAA’s Affordable Housing Program grant through Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle. In addition, each year Zions Bank selects the home of a Meals on Wheels participant to paint and perform yard clean-up. SEICAA thanks the bank and its employees for their outstanding support.

2007 Meals on Wheels delivered 1 millionth meal in March.

SEICAA Manor, a 10 unit permanent housing complex for chronically homeless individuals, was completed in July.

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2008 SEICAA Annual Report

A Season of Golfing for A Cause Meals on Wheels “Driving for Dough”

Despite the September 20th weather, the dedicated golfers didn’t allow a little rain and wind dampen their spirits. • 2nd Annual tournament raised $3,200 for meal delivery in the Meals on Wheels Program.

Meals on Wheels “Driving for Dough”

“Golfing Fore Families”

On September 13th, Bear Lake County hosted this popular golf tournament. • 5th Annual tournament. • Packed course raised $7,875 to assist SEICAA Bear Lake participants.

“Golfing Fore Families” Bear Lake County

“Golfing for Green”

Franklin County’s “Golfing for Green” Charity Golf Tournament was held on August 23. • Title Sponsor, Lundahl Ironworks. • 3rd Annual tournament raised $15,183.

“Golfing for Green” Franklin County

Project Warmth

Caribou County hosted the “Granddaddy” of SEICAA Golf Tournaments, Project Warmth, on July 26th. • 15th Annual tournament. • Over $20,000 raised for Caribou County SEICAA participants. • In the tournament’s 15 year history, it has raised over $220,000.

“Project Warmth” Caribou County

Stone Soup Celebration & Fundraiser Children in Bannock County’s Stone Soup Play.

Bannock County • Hosted 20th Annual Stone Soup Celebration and Fundraiser. • First place soup winner was Butter Burr’s. • 14 restaurants participated in the “Souper Supper Cook-off.” • Local elementary students participated in Stone Soup Play.

Bingham County • Hosted the 6th Annual Stone Soup Fundraiser. • Rupes Burgers was selected as having the best soup in 2008. • 13 businesses and organizations provided soup. • Popular Children’s Carnival attracted several dozens of children.

Bike-a-Thon Saturday, May 10th was the 11th Annual Oneida County Bike-a-Thon. The event raised funds to provide assistance with school supplies and fees, and other related needs. • 88 elementary children participated. • Children completed 1,160 laps, the equivalent of 580 miles. • Children raised over $1,800 in pledges. • 54 businesses donated $2,996 in cash and items.

Additional Projects with Community Partners: • • • •

Paintfest Toy Run Bowling for Toys Shop with a Cop 2008

Raymond Lodge closed.

SEICAA started Homebuyer Essentials Program.

SEICAA started first Acquisition/Infill Housing Home.

Community Partners ABC Seamless Siding Advanced Supply & Tools Agrium Air Gas Albert's Service Albertson's Blackfoot All American Alsco Appraisal Associates Archibald Propane Arctic Circle ATC Communications Auto Zone Baergen Cousulting Bank of America Bannock County Commissioners Baroney of Eyes 1000 Basic American Foods Bear Lake County Commissioners Bear Lake Family Chiropractic Bear Lake Motors Bear Lake Realty Bear Lake Stone Bernia's Best Berta Best Western Bingham Co-Op Bingham County Commissioners Bingham Memorial Hospital BISCO Blacker's Furnature Blackfood Appliance Blackfoot Canvas Blackfoot Minsterial Assoc Blackfoot Police Department Blackfood School District

Broulim's Butch Cassidy's Cactus Pete's Cal Stores Caribou County Commissioners Chad's Place checker Auto Parts Chevron/Taco Time/A & W Circle of Friends Quilt Club Citizen's Community Bank City of Chubbuck City of Pocatello City of Soda Springs Cobra Tire/Randy Moe Cole Chevrolet Community Frameworks Corporation for National & Commuity Service Country Chem-Dry Crossroads Mortgage Dayley Floral Deann Stevenson Degerstron Ventures Deann Stevenson Degerstrom Ventures Dennis Facer Dewall Construction Downtown Bread Company Electric Raze ERA Advantage Realty Exit Realty Eye Care for You Farmer's Insurance Federal Home Loan Bank First American Title Co.

Flinders Realty Flower's By Lynda Flying J Franklin County Commissioners G.E.M. Gary Tuescher, CPA Gem Net Great American Video Greater Pocatello Assoc. of Realtors Griffith's OK Tire Gunderson TruValue Hansen Oil Hemmert Accounting Hess Pumice Hilaries Dessert Oasis Holiday Boutique Horsley Funeral Home Hospice Alliance Hubbard Packing HUD Hunt-N-Biz Idaho Central Credit Union Idaho Dept, of Health & Welfare Idaho Dept. of Labor Idaho Power Idaho Transportation Dept. IGC IHFA IMG Inside and Out Home Specialists Intermountain Gas Co. Ireland Bank J & J Chemical Jack B. Parson Co. Jacobson's Mountain Air

Jardine Petroleum Jason Lee Methodist Church Jensen Sewer & Drain Jiffy Lube Josephine Gonzalez Kathy & Company Keslers Market Key Bank Kirkham Properties Kruse Insurance Lallatins Lin Whitworth Family Litho Printing Lundahls Iron Works Lutheran Church of the Good Sheppard L.W. Miller Marthas Café McDonald's Mecham Construction Melinas Fine Mexican Foods Mendenhall Oil Mesquite Micki Garcia Mick's Family Diner Miller Honey Mis Amores/Smokey Jones Monsanto Montpelier Grill Mountain Lake Properties West Mountain States Insurance Mullen Crane Nonpariel Northern Title Co. Nussbaum Auto Odell's Furniture Oneida County Commissioners Oneida County Hospital

Outback Restaurant Papa Jays Partners for Prosperity pbg's Steak, Seafood & Spirits Pepsi Pete's Ag Pink's Sofa Sleep Center Pioneer Title Co. Pocatello Electric Pocatello Railroad Credit Union Pocatello Police Department Portneuf Medical Center Power County Commissioners Power Lube PPS Co., Inc. Premier Fabrication Preston Hometown Auto Preston Muffler & Brake Preston Watts Auto Collision/ Smithfield Priestley Storage RCAC Ridleys Market Riverside Boot & Saddle Roadster Grille Rockford Lions Rocky Mountain Machinery Ron Keller Tire Rula Thomas Rupes Burgers Sage Dental Sara's Candy Cottage Satori Foods Saucy Sisters Scott Service Scraper's Haven Sheila Sheets

Sign*A*Rama Simplot Stokes South Enterprise SS Historical Museum Stevens Chiropractic/Logan Team Automotive The Flower Mill The Head Office The Villa Thomas Electric Thunder Plumbing Todd Hunzeker Ford/ Soda Springs Transport Diesel/Logan Truck & Trim True Loyal Connections United Way Uptown Mail and Apts. US Bank USDA RD Utah Jazz Valley Insurance Vaughan Smith Construction Vista Realty/Garden City Wally's Jewelry Walton Feed Washington Group Washington Mutual Wells Fargo Bank Western States Equipment Worldmark/Trendwest Zions Bank Weather Shield Lite Foundation

Southeastern Idaho Community Action Agency, Inc. (SEICAA) 641 N. 8th Avenue Pocatello, ID 83201 208-232-1114

Legend for pictures on front cover:(Clockwise left to right) Mother and son Meals on Wheels participants; Shutes’ Family with Rilla James receiving hygiene donation and check from Tetridyn Solutions; Montpelier Phase I completed home; RSVP volunteers at the Pocatello Police Department; Marco Erickson and attending children sing for the crowd at Bannock County’s Stone Soup; Feed the Children Volunteers; Meals on Wheels “Driving for Dough” golfers; Inkom Mutual Self-Help Housing family taking a brief rest; Jeff Smith from Bank of America giving Deb Hemmert a check in support of Homebuyer’s Education and Financial Literacy Courses.

Annual Report  

2008 SEICAA Annual Report

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