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NB Publishers Books for children and young adults Human & Rousseau and Tafelberg are imprints of NB Publishers, the largest trade publisher in South Africa. NB PUBLISHERS is the largest general publisher in the South African book market. We publish fiction, nonfiction, dictionaries and books for children and young people. The company is part of Media24 Books, the book publishing division of Media24, which is the largest newspaper, magazine and book publishing group in Africa. Media24 is part of Naspers, the largest media group in the southern hemisphere. We publish childrens’ books under the Human & Rousseau and Tafelberg imprints.

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Children’s and Young Adult Books from Human & Rousseau Approved by the children of Africa for the world

Description: This book pays tribute to Nelson Mandela in five parts: his childhood in the Eastern Cape, his political awakening in Johannesburg, his imprisonment on Robben Island, his years as president, and his subsequent celebrity status. Interesting snippets are interwoven with the historical facts: •A blog-format diary of children visiting Robben Island on Mandela Day •“Did you know?”-boxes covering his first job, his nicknames and favourite games as a child, and even when he first obtained his driver’s licence •Photos and illustrations showing highlights from his political career and personal life •Information about comrades, politicians, sporting heroes, movie stars, musicians and ordinary people and events •Quotes by himself and others relating to important events in his life This book is for browsing, reading, learning, but ultimately for enjoying.

Viva, Mr Mandela Jomarié Dick

About the author: Jomarié Dick is a freelance language practitioner based in Pretoria, SA.

Pub date: October 2010 Pages: 144 ISBN: 978-0-7981-5154-2 Rights available: World rights in text only. Photo images to be negotiated with relevant parties

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Description: A collection from a treasury of stories by master storyteller, Pieter W. Grobbelaar. Sly Jackal will leave no stone unturned to make life difficult for Wolf. But Wolf never learns his lesson and time and again he steps into the traps that Jackal sets for him, to his great dismay. Lots of humour and drama, but also valuable lessons to be learnt from the antics of these two much loved characters.

About the author and illustrator: Pieter W. Grobbelaar is a scholar of South African folklore and a master storyteller. In 1969 he received the coveted C.P. Hoogenhout Medal for his very popular collection of folk tales Die mooiste Afrikaanse sprokies/Famous South African Folk Tales, and in 1971 he received the Tienie Holloway Medal for children’s literature.

Jakkals en Wolf Pieter W. Grobbelaar

Although Sean Verster loves producing photo realistic pencil drawings, he specializes in character development, cartooning and children’s illustrations. He has illustrated children’s books such as Die mooiste Afrikaanse sprokies/Famous South African Folk Tales and Operasie MIAAU. He has also developed characters for websites, TV commercials, shopping malls and theme parks.

Illustrated by Sean Verster Pub date: October 2011 Pages: 232 Illustrations: Full colour ISBN: 978-0-7981-5284-6 Rights available: World rights Contact NB Publishers

Description: Exquisite pictures by internationally award-winning artist, Piet Grobler, complement this very special collection of Grimm stories. Marita van der Vyver, in her own right an accomplished writer in many genres, has made a personal selection of her favourite Grimm fairy tales. Well-known stories are Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and Seven Goats, The Musicians of Bremen, Tom Thumb, The Frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and many more. Altogether 40 stories are included in this collection

About the artist and author: Piet Grobler is a well known, award winning and internationally acclaimed South African illustrator of children’s books. Other books by him: Makwelane and the Crocodile/Makwelane en die krokodil, Mia se ma, Mia’s Mom, and many more.

Die mooiste sprokies van Grimm Selected and retold by Marita van der Vyver

Marita van der Vyver, in her own right an accomplished writer in many genres, is a very popular South African author who also has a dedicated international following. She lives in France.

Illustrated by Piet Grobler Pub date: October 2010 Pages: 288 pp Illustrations: Full colour ISBN: 978-07981-5150-4 Rights available: World rights

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Description: Will Sisi get safely home with the new clay pot? Will her picture make her grandmother smile? Do her friends miss her? Meet Sisi, her family and friends in this delightful compilation of story and rhyme, that is filled with warmth, love and friendship. Beautiful, expressive illustrations by internationally known artist, Joan Rankin, complement the sparingly written, but spot on text. In June 2011 Just Sisi was awarded the MER Prize for illustrated children’s books. About the author and illustrator: Recent titles by Wendy Hartmann are: In a House, In a House (Shortlisted for the MER Award in 2010), Nina and Little Duck (Awarded the MER Prize in 2008) and We’re Having a Party. Wendy lives in Cape Town. Apart from writing, she also paints in her own time and she is an inspired gardener. Joan Rankin lives in Johannesburg and is a well known award winning South African artist who has earned international acclaim. .

Just Sisi Wendy Hartmann Illustrated by Joan Rankin Pub date: September 2010 Pages: 112 Illustrations: Full colour ISBN: 978-0-7981- 5220-4 Rights available: World rights Contact NB Publishers

Description: Jenna Brooks is a sixteen-year-old whose life is anything but easy. Her parents are divorced, the boy she's had a crush on for years has started dating her arch-nemesis, and she feels as if nobody understands her. Just as life seems to have become totally unbearable, she receives a Facebook friend request from a handsome stranger named Robert Rose. Robert appears to be the answer to her prayers. He's good looking, understanding, romantic, and wants to be her boyfriend. However, as Jenna finds out, everything is not always as it seems. Dark Poppy's Demise explores the very real dangers of online relationships in a manner that is gripping, intelligent, and vivid.

Dark Poppy’s Demise SA Partridge

About the author: SA Partridge is a young novelist from Cape Town whose first novel, The Goblet Club, won the English category in the You/Huisgenoot I am a Writer competition in 2007 as well as the MER Youth Prize in 2008. Her critically-acclaimed style of writing is so popular with the youth that it was adapted into a school play entitled Gif (Poison). Her second novel Fuse (2009) was shortlisted for the Percy Fitzpatrick Prize and chosen for the IBBY-SA Honour List 2011. This year she was named one of the Mail & Guardian's 200 Young South Africans in the Arts and Culture category.

Pub date: June 2011 Pages: 186 ISBN: 978-0-7981-5544-1 Rights available: World rights, including e-book

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Description: Kendall Mullins hates high school, almost as much as he hates the situation at home, but that all changes when Craig Baumgarten joins his class. Craig makes life at Percy Fitzpatrick High almost bearable, until the bullies set their sights on the new best friends and Craig hatches a plan to fight back with devastating consequences. As Kendall is drawn in deeper he finds himself in a situation he can't escape and it’s up to his brother Justin to protect him. The Mullins brothers flee the suburbs as they attempt to outrun the law and the wrath of their parents, but on the streets of Cape Town they find that life just got very real.


About the author: SA Partridge is a young novelist from Cape Town whose first novel, The Goblet Club, won the English category in the You/Huisgenoot I am a Writer competition in 2007 as well as the MER Youth Prize in 2008. Her critically-acclaimed style of writing is so popular with the youth that it was adapted into a school play entitled Gif (Poison). Her second novel Fuse (2009) was shortlisted for the Percy Fitzpatrick Prize and chosen for the IBBY-SA Honour List 2011. This year she was named one of the Mail & Guardian's 200 Young South Africans in the Arts and Culture category.

SA Partridge Pub date: June 2009 Pages: 218 ISBN: 978-0-7981-5087-3 Rights available: World rights, including e-book

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Description: When Jamie James goes to Nelspruit near the Kruger National Park to gain work experience with a wildlife vet, he also has a secret mission: to release his family from a two-hundred-year-old curse. He befriends Samantha and Shadrak, who help him on his quest, and also encounters Mafutha the elephant and Savannah the cheetah. These two animals, along with others, play an important role in Jamie’s understanding of himself and his past. Set against a backdrop where caring for wild animals is a calling, this is a story of fear and hope – as well as endurance, friendship and reconciliation.

Jamie James and the Curse of the Ancestors

About the author: Roy Aronson is a veterinary surgeon in a private practice and has had extensive experience with both domestic animals and wildlife in the African bush. He was the presenter of a TV series called Dr Roy’s Vet Safari which was also documented in his book Tales of an African Vet. Roy is interested in African mysticism and ancestral worship and communications, and has made a study of this subject, collecting information and firsthand experience and documentation about this subject as well as interviewing indigenous peoples and visiting some sacred sites where African mysticism and alchemy were practised.

Roy Aronson Pub date: August 2011 Pages: 218 ISBN: 978-0-7981-5580-9 Rights available: World rights, including e-book

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Children’s & Juvenile Fiction from Tafelberg Publishers

Description: This comprehensive collection of stories will open up the wide, wide world of fairy tales and other folklore to children. A short annotation at the end of each story points out the land of origin and puts the stories from Africa, Europe, the East and other parts of the world in context with one another. Fiona Moodie’s evocative illustrations are drypoint etches printed by hand and painted afterwards – an intricate process that took more than two years to complete. The enchanting results make this book an art treasure for every child privileged enough to receive it.

Awards: M.E.R. Prize for Children’s Literature 2010 Alba Bouwer Prize for Children’s Literature (for best Afrikaans children’s book published during 2007-2009) IBBY Honour List 2010: Linda Rode as author

In the Never-Ever Wood

About the author and illustrator:

Linda Rode & Fiona Moodie

Linda Rode is an avid collector and lover of fairytales. Other collections of stories published by Tafelberg are Goue lint, my storie begint, Goue fluit, my storie is uit, and Stories vir die vaak, which was also available in English as Tick Tock Story Clock. Her storytelling style is perfect for reading aloud. Fiona Moodie is internationally known as writer and illustrator of children’s picture books. In 2007 she illustrated Antjie Krog’s Fynbos Fairies (published by Umuzi, an imprint of Random House, South Africa).

Pub date: October 2009 Pages: 256 ISBN: 978-0-624-04768-1 Rights available: World rights, including e-book, except Spain

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Description: A poetic, evocative picture book about soccer and freedom, and a portrait of a very special relationship between grandfather and grandson. What Rashied wants most is something round. “Something round?” Grandpa asks at bedtime, and the following morning at breakfast. When Rashied pours milk around the porridge in his blue bowl, he sees Robben Island in the bowl in front of him! Then Grandpa tells the story of his time on the island, years ago, and how their games of soccer made them forget that they were imprisoned and gave them hope to carry on.

Praise for A Wish This Big: I have a wish as well. That this bright, bold, artistic, simple yet deep picture book could be put in front of everyone who does not understand what is meant by a truly South African children’s literature, everyone who does not appreciate the word ‘relevant’, everyone who wants books to cling to the past instead of reaching for the future. It’s great! Jay Heale on

A Wish This Big

About the author and illustrator:

Ingrid Mennen & Katrin Coetzer

Ingrid Mennen is the author of internationally acclaimed picture books One Round Moon and Ashraf of Africa (both illustrated by Niki Daly). She has three grown-up children and lives in Claremont, Cape Town.

Pub date: March 2011 Pages: 32 ISBN: 978-0-624-04883-1 Rights available: World rights, including e-book

Katrin Coetzer is a fine artist and graphic designer. She is currently completing her Masters in Illustration at the University of Stellenbosch. This is her second published book.

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Description: Praise Song is a whodunit that starts off with the schoolgirl Gaone who, on her way to school, comes upon the body of one of her favourite teachers, the choir-mistress – murdered. Interwoven with this mystery is the story of Goane’s battle to keep her beautiful, giddy younger sister, Precious, and Ebenezer, the local Don Juan, apart. Ebenezer is much too old and too experienced for Precious, and it is an open secret that he has an on-off affair with a truck-driver’s wife. And even though Gaone knows that it is wrong to say that all truck-drivers have Aids, she is worried sick . . . Awards: Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2005 MER Prize for Youth Literature 2007

Praise Song Jenny Robson Pub date: July 2006 Pages: 128

About the author: Jenny Robson is best known for her youth novels, having won the Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature a record five times. She is the author of Because Pula Means Rain, for which she was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Youth Literature in the Service of Tolerance. The author is a teacher at the Okavango International School in Maun, Botswana.

ISBN: 978-0-624-04329-4 Rights available: World rights, including e-book, except Germany, Sweden and Brazil Contact NB Publishers or

Description: What would you do if you were left behind in the desert? Would you stay put in the hope that someone would find you? And if that someone turned out to be a scrawny stray dog, would you follow him? This is 12-year old Leo Knight’s dilemma when he is abandoned in the remote Namib Desert without food, water, or shelter from the searing sun. When no human help arrives, he seizes his only chance for survival – he follows a mysterious dog that pitches up out of the blue. So begins a trek across the harshest of terrains that will challenge every last bit of Leo’s strength and willpower and plunge him into more danger than he can imagine. He and his canine companion have to muster all their cunning and courage to bring about a daring escape. But with the odds stacked heavily against them, can they succeed?

About the author:

Desert Prisoner Andrea Abbott Pub date: September 2011 Pages: 144 ISBN: 978-0-624-05290-6 Rights available: World rights, including e-book

After years spent teaching at Natal University in an attempt to justify having studied English and Linguistics, Andrea Abbott threw in the towel to do what she really wanted to do: write. Approximately thirty children’s books later – all written under two pseudonyms for a London-based company, Working Partners – she decided it was time to write under her own name for children in her own country and continent. Desert Prisoner is the first of her home-grown novels for young readers. Very proudly South African and strongly committed to nature conservation, Andrea draws enormous inspiration from wild Africa, the subject of many of her freelance features that are published in magazines such as Country Life. She lives in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

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Description: Seventeen-year-old Katie Holmes lives with her adoptive mother, the housekeeper of a fabulous house in Camps Bay, Cape Town, belonging to the gorgeous hunk Finn O’Reilly. Finn has the ability to stop time, to move into what is called “untime”. Katie can’t stop time but, uniquely, can function in “untime” and works as a sidekick to Finn. The writing has a lively and sophisticated edge which makes the story more suitable for older teens. Certainly girls will love the strong, honest relationship of Katie with the mysterious Finn, while boys will be attracted by the Porsche Katie drives and the “action” sections of the story.

Awards: Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature (Gold) 2009 Shortlisted for the M.E.R. Prize for Youth Literature 2010

About the author:

Sidekick Adeline Radloff Pub date: October 2010 Pages: 200 ISBN: 978-0-624-04918-0 Rights available: World rights, including e-book

Adeline Radloff enjoyed a misspent youth, working and travelling through more than twenty five different countries. Somewhere along the line she picked up a law degree as well as an MA in English Literature, and has worked as a cinema operative, a beauty consultant, a legal aid assistant, a waiter, a perfume girl, a bartender, a freelance journalist, a breakfast chef, a candidate attorney, a language specialist, a housewife, an editor, a barista, an EFL teacher, an academic development tutor and a mother. She still enjoys being a mother, and now dreams of becoming a teacher. Sidekick is her first novel.

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Description: An illustrated youth novel, a cross-over between a graphic novel and a full-text teen fiction work. Joe Blue Siyengo is born in miraculous circumstances. He is an orphan but has a devoted older brother who recognises his talents for drawing. Joe excels at art and becomes a drawer of comic books. In a story that moves between the creator and the created, the story is told of Kitty and her gang of hip young friends who must solve the riddle of Kitty’s father’s death. This takes them on some wild adventures as they solve a series of riddles in order to find out the truth. The writing has a wry, understated sense of humour and rich, sensory descriptions of Cape Town.

Awards: Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature (Silver) 2009

About the author:

Agency Blue Alex Smith Pub date: October 2010 Pages: 168 ISBN: 978-0-624-04917-3 Rights available: World rights, including e-book

Born in Cape Town, Alex Smith has lived in China, Taiwan and the UK, and when still working as a designer and textile merchant travelled extensively to other parts of the world. She is the author of three works for adults: Algeria’s Way (2007), Drinking from the Dragon’s Well (2008) and Four Drunk Beauties (2010), all published by Umuzi, an imprint of Random House. She was shortlisted for the 2009 PEN/Studinsky Awards and the 2010 Caine Prize for her short story “Soulmates”. She was awarded the 2011 Booksellers’ Choice Award for her novel Four Drunk Beauties.

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When Amo is asked to write the agony column of her school newspaper, she finds herself giving advice to the boy she is in love with, with dire results. Can she face the humiliation of having declared her love believing that it will be reciprocated? Signed, Hopelessly in Love hits all the core notes for a great read: it is set in high school, with entertaining main characters and incidents, there is the great love story of Amo and John, and the interfering parent in Grandma, not to mention school bitchiness in the attack on Amo’s best friend, Nono, on the athletics track. A wonderfully original and humorous story, set in Botswana.

Awards: Shortlisted for the Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2009

About the author:

Signed, Hopelessly in Love Lauri Kubuitsile Pub date: August 2011 Pages: 144 ISBN: 978-0-624-05288-3 Rights available: World rights, excluding e-book

Lauri Kubuitsile is a full-time writer living in Botswana. She has published three children’s books, two detective novellas and three collections of short stories for children co-written with two other Batswana writers. Her first romance novel, Kwaito Love, was published by Sapphire Press in April 2010, and two more in this series has followed since. She was the 2007 winner of the BTA/Anglo Platinum Short Story Contest and the recipient of the Botswana Ministry of Youth and Culture’s Orange Botswerere Award for Creative Writing in the same year. In 2009 she won the Baobab Literary Prize (USA) in the junior category. She was shortlisted for the 2011 Caine Prize for one of her short stories. Kubuitsile is married and has two teenage children.

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Description: Riekie, aged 14, has been suspended from school. Her older brother, Wayne, is dying of an Aids-related illness and her hippie mother, who sobered up for a while, goes back to alcohol because of Wayne’s predicament. After Wayne’s death, Riekie runs away and works in another small town in a restaurant at a filling station. When she hears that her brother’s girlfriend has left their baby with Riekie’s mother, she finds a reason to go back home, to face up to school once again, and to provide the baby with the mothering she didn’t get herself.

Awards and praise: Shortlisted for the Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2009 “The story left me with a deep ache of pity for this girl . . . there is power in the storytelling.” Penny Hochfeld, Sanlam Prize judging panel.

About the author:

As jy ‘n ster sien verskiet Maya Fowler Pub date: June 2011

Maya Fowler was born in Cape Town in 1980. She started her schooling in Stellenbosch, but went on to spend most of her childhood in the Karoo town of Graaff-Reinet (the town where this book is set). Maya holds a BA and an MA (Linguistics) from the University of Stellenbosch and currently works as a freelance language practitioner in Cape Town. Her first novel, The Elephant in the Room, was published by Kwela Books in 2009.

Pages: 160 ISBN: 978-0-624-05286-9 Rights available: World rights, including e-book

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Description: Adriaan is somewhat of a nerd and does not really excel at anything. But his dog, Willem, is a secret agent spy dog, known and feared all over the world. In Book 1 Speurhond Willem op reis (Spy Dog Willem on Tour) Adriaan and Willem travel to Istanbul under the pretence of Adriaan going on a soccer tour. In true espionage-style action, Willem’s contact awaits. From there the hunt for the villain Sybrand Swiffervalk leads them to Venice, Paris, Amsterdam and finally to London, England. In Book 2 Speurhond Willem en die seerowers (Spy Dog Willem and the Pirates)Adriaan’s mum wins a luxury cruise holiday and takes her son along. Willem goes along as a stowaway. When modern-day pirates take the ship hostage Willem’s sleuth skills save the day. Adriaan and Willem work together to foil the pirates’ plans, which include finding a long-hidden treasure on the tiny island of Tromelin. In Book 3 Speurhond Willem en die wilddiewe (Spy Dog Willem and the Game Thieves) Adriaan and Willem visit Adriaan’s aunt on her game farm in the Bushveld. Here they are instrumental in the apprehension of an international rhinopoaching syndicate.

Speurhond Willem series Elizabeth Wasserman

Awards and praise:

Illustrated by Chris Venter

Book 1 was shortlisted for the ATKV Children’s Book Awards 2011 Gr 4-5

Pub date: May 2010 (Book 1) & June 2011 (Book 2)

Runner-up: KleinB/Tafelberg Children’s Story Competition 2009

Pages: 144

About the author and illustrator:

ISBN: 978-0-624-04842-8 (Book1) & 978-0-624-05285-2 (Book 2)

Prof. Elizabeth Wasserman is head of the Department of Medical Microbiology at the University of Stellenbosch. She is also the author of Meerkatrestaurant (a collection of animal poems for young children) and Anna Atoom, a series of three novels for older girls, to be published by Tafelberg during 2012.

Rights available: World rights, including e-book

Chris Venter is a young and upcoming freelance artist based in Cape Town. Contact NB Publishers or

Description: Enter the world of the Goblins. Lots of Goblins. Goblins as you’ve never seen them before: Meet Mom, Dad, Great-Uncle Sylvestris, the crooked Uncle Viley, the even-crookeder Uncle Pedley, the dim brother Bolverk, the wild brother Grimmy, and the youngest brother Ymaldris, whose diary this is. All they want is to get by - find a place to live, get a regular supply of ratburgers, stay out of jail, defrost Great Uncle Sylvestris and regain a necklace that strangles its wearer and which the Dark Lord is very cross with them for losing. Along the way they’ll encounter swamp ghouls, well monsters, broomstick cavalry, biting doorknockers, the Dark Lord's police, Mr. Vouter the Vampire, Sergeant Smeltass (don't laugh, he can't help his name), a pot-bellied forge dragon, some nasty Elves, and a very highly strung and slightly bonkers Red Witch. Good luck to them.

About the author and illustrator:

Goblin Diaries: Apprenticed to the Red Witch Alex D’Angelo Illustrated by Marjorie van Heerden Pub date: August 2011 Pages: 128 ISBN: 978-0-624-05289-0

Alex D’Angelo has an MA in medieval literature and runs the Humanities Library at the University of Cape Town. This is his fourth book for Tafelberg and he has contributed two stories to the internationally successful collection Madiba Magic. Since the publication of her first picture book in 1983 Marjorie van Heerden has written and/or illustrated more than a hundred children’s books and has been published in 33 languages in Africa, England, Europe, Canada and the USA. Born in South Africa, she has lived in Stellenbosch, Johannesburg, the USA and Greece. She now works from her studio in the coastal village of Gordon’s Bay, near Cape Town.

Rights available: World rights, including e-book

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Description: Tommy, the newcomer at Colliery Primary wears a balaclava to school every day. Why? What could possibly be underneath? A terrible scar? Some alien life form? Dumisani and Doogal, aka the Doo Dudes and best friends in the world, are determined to find out. Whatever it takes. With line drawings by Sandy Mitchell, a freelance artist from Kalk Bay, Cape Town. Praise for Balaclava Boy: “Balaclava Boy is Jenny Robson on holiday, writing for the fun of doing so and the knowledge that we’re going to laugh as well.” Jay Heale, About the author:

Balaclava Boy Jenny Robson Pub date: May 2009 Pages: 96 ISBN: 978-0-624-04731-5

Jenny Robson is well known for her youth novels. She has won the Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature five times. Praise Song, the last winning novel, was also awarded the MER Prize for youth books. For Savannah, 2116 AD she was awarded the Percy Fitzpatrick prize, and she attended the Berlin Literary Festival in 2004 on invitation. After a brief period in South Africa, Jenny returned to her beloved Botswana in 2009, where she teaches at the Okavango International School in Maun.

Rights available: World rights, including e-book, except Germany Contact NB Publishers or

Description: From the cradle of mankind comes a kaleidoscope of a book refracting Africa in its myriad facets and hues. These thirty-two stories from across the African continent – Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, to name a few, and, of course, South Africa – were chosen by Nelson Mandela. Praise: “A treasure for everyone in the family” – Bill Cosby (about WW Norton’s American edition) About the book: There is a foreword by Nelson Mandela, a glossary, and information about the contributing authors and illustrators. A part of the proceeds of the book go to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. Madiba Magic: Nelson Mandela’s Favourite Stories for Children Pub date: 2002 Pages: 144 ISBN: 978-0-624-04073-6 Rights available: World rights except USA (English), German, Swedish, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Hebrew, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Dutch, Turkish. E-book rights negotiable

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Description: Based on the true unsolved mystery dating back to 1909, the disappearance of the 500 foot steamer remains one of the most baffling nautical mysteries of all time. The disappearance of the ship en route from Australia to England via the Cape with 211 passengers and crew has given rise to various books and fascinating research and theories on what may have happened. The author has woven a story around the historical facts, involving present day children doing research of their own. A slice of maritime history examined and made enticing for young readers.

About the author and illustrator:

The Mystery of the SS Waratah and the Avocado Tree MJ Honikman & Brice Reignier (ill.) Pub date: April 2010

Marilyn Honikman has been involved in writing and with writers all her life: from publicity and promotion of books for Ravan Press and David Philip Publishers to her work as a journalist at The Weekly Mail and Mail and Guardian. After much encouragement from friends and family she started to write stories for her grandchildren; and this is one of them. She lives in Newlands, Cape Town. Brice Reignier is a freelance designer and illustrator from Cape Town.

Pages: 128 ISBN: 978-0-624-04817-6 Rights available: World rights, including e-book Contact NB Publishers or

Description: The Bird of Heaven takes the reader on an exciting journey into the world of Swazi magic and ritual, a reality full of wonder in which the mystical and mundane overlap and interact. Mandla, a young apprentice sangoma (diviner) is chosen by the Ancestors to oppose the witchcraft that threatens the Swazi nation. Awards and Praise: Winner of the M.E.R. Prize for Youth Literature 2010 “I consider this novel a ‘tour de force’ in presenting African magic as reality and also as a powerful parable of Good fighting against Evil. Nowhere yet in indigenous South African writing for young people is there such a book.” - Jay Heale

The Bird of Heaven Peter Dunseith Pub date: April 2009 Pages: 264

About the author: Peter Dunseith currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. He retired as a judge of the Industrial Court of Swaziland in 2009. He lived in Swaziland for 30 years, working as an attorney and then as a judge. This is his first book.

ISBN: 978-0-624-04557-1 Rights available: World rights, including e-book

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