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All Star  U    

All-­‐Star  U  is  an  archetypal  superhero  story  set  in  a  high  school  for  teens  with  powers.     It   is   a   classic   setting   with   an   original   vantage   point.     The   protagonist,   Charlie,   is   a   “Normie,”   a   non-­‐powered   individual   selected   to   participate   in   the   awesome   educational   experiences   that   a   superhero   high   school   offers.     Only,   Charlie   participates  in  much  more  than  a  high-­‐tech  education.    After  whooping  the  school’s   star   student,   Dustin   ‘Manstar’   Cole,   with   a   sack   of   potatoes   on   his   first   day,   he   endures   to   become   the   first   normie   to   compete   in   “The   Games”   (a   four-­‐year   super   hero   competition   which   garners   the   champion   a   position   in   the   world’s   premier   super   hero   society).     Charlie   handles   himself   surprisingly   well   as   the   stakes   are   raised.   128  pages          Full  Colour        £12.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Dan  Fitzgerald          Artist:  J.  C  Grande    

Coming in  2012  

Baby Boomers    


Gus and  Callie  are  babies  with  a  difference.  Fuelled  by  a  mutual  hatred,  they   seek  to  cause  each  other  as  much  distress  as  possible.  A  toddle  in  strollers   becomes  a  90-­‐mph  race  of  epic  Ben-­‐Hur  proportions,  playgrounds  become   death-­‐match   arenas   and   an   innocent   hamster   becomes   the   weapon   of   choice   in   a   John   Woo-­‐style   shoot-­‐out.   Filled   with   comedic   violence   and   changing  battlegrounds,  if  you’re  looking  for  cute  and  cuddly  you’ve  come   to  the  wrong  playpen.     96  pages          Full  Colour      £10.99p                                                                                               Coming  in  January  2012     Writer:  Richard  McAuliffe   Artist:  Chad  Cicconi     ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐63-­‐7  

Bad Moon    

RHYS   DALGLEISH,   a   Lieutenant   in   Her   Majesties   SAS,   is   operating   on   home   soil   for   the   first  time  in  what  feels  like  an  eternity.  He  and  a  small  unit  of  men  have  been  ordered  to   assist  MI5  in  tracking  and  destroying  the  UK’s  growing  werewolf  population.     But   these   aren’t   the   mindless   beasts   you’ve   read   about   in   books   and   seen   on   film,   these   werewolves   are   organized.   A   supernatural   terrorist   cell,   quietly   recruiting,   and   infiltrating   our   day   to   day   lives…with   sleeper   agents   and   their   own   infectious   variation   on  suicide  bombers.   The  War  on  Terror  has  passed  -­‐  the  War  on  Horror  is  here.   100  pages          Full  Colour        £10.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Barri  Lang          Artist:  Patrick  Goodwin    

Coming in  2012/13  

Bayou Arcana    

BAYOU ARCANA  VOLUME  ONE:  SONGS  OF  LOSS  AND  REDEMPTION.   There  is  a  place  deep  down  South  where  dreams  come  true  and  nightmares  find  flesh.   A  place  where  the  oppressed  discover  freedom  and  the  oppressor  violent  retribution.   The  swamp  is  alive  with  many  a  lost  soul’s  tale.   Bayou   Arcana   unlocks   a   universe   steeped   in   Southern   Gothic   Romance   and   spattered   with   supernatural   horror.   Featuring   10   new   stories   by   the   hottest   upcoming   (male)   writing   and   (female)  art  talent  on  offer.   Enter  the  Arcana  if  you  dare…       144  pages          Full  Colour        £14.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Various  Male  Writers          Artist:  Various  Female  Artists    

Coming in  May  2012  


  Before   Lord   of   the   Rings,   before   Conan—there   was   BEOWULF!   The   Viking   warrior  must   defeat  the   ogre   Grendel   and   his  vengeful   mother   before   facing   the   fire-­‐breathing  dragon  that  will  spell  his  doom.    This   stunning   graphic   novel   captures   the   power   and  majesty  of  the  greatest  sword  and  sorcery  hero   of  them  all!     64  pages                     Black  &  White  interior  art                 £4.95p     Writer:  Stephen  Stern               Artist:  Christopher  Steininger  


Blue Sparkles    

The love  of  Iridania,  the  Fairy  Princess  and  the  heir  of  Thunderland  is  doomed  by  an  old  and   powerful   curse.   The   two   young   people   are   unaware   of   this.   Cautioned   not   to   pursue   their   love  affair,  the  pair  ignore  the  warnings  and  meet  secretly  in  dreams.   Despite   precautions,   their   meetings   don’t   remain   secret   for   long.   The   forbidden   passion   awakens   memories   of   old   grudges   and   unfulfilled   revenge.   Moreover,   some   people,   who   know   about   the   curse,   rejoice   at   the   prospect   of   using   it   to   provoke   war   between   Thunderland  and  Fairyland.   Even  when  the   truth   is   revealed   to   the   two   lovers,   they   decide   that   their   love   is   stronger   and   more  important  than  the  impending  danger  of  a  ruinous  war.  They  flee  to  Dreamland,  where   they  are  completely  out  of  reach  of  their  respective  people.   144  pages          Full  Colour        £14.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Sissy  Pantelis          Artist:  Adimas  Soekidin    

Coming in  2012  


China  –  the  late  1700's.  High  up  in  the  mountains,  in   a  poverty  stricken  village,  lives  a  young  girl.       On   a   bright   sunny   day   she's   called   back   home   to   discover  that  her  whole  family  have  been  slain  in  a   vendetta   attack.   Could   it   be   the   local   Bao   Gang,   known   for   their   bullying   antics,  opium   smuggling,  and  employed   by   a   wealthy   farmer   to   stop   the   village   from   rebelling   -­‐-­‐-­‐   or   someone   closer   to  home?     100  pages       Full  Colour   £10.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐27-­‐9     Writer:  John  Sheridan   Artist:  Kit  Wallis    



  The  mind  of  Henry  Flint  is  a  galaxy  of  beautiful  atrocities   –  a  nightmare  factory  where  the  bestial  becomes  benign,   the   mundane   magical.   Henry   Flint   is   at   once   a   full-­‐service   doodling   savant   and   a   one-­‐man   alien   zoo,   and   this   never-­‐ before-­‐seen  collection  of  his  personal  work  is  an  attempt   to   chart   a   single,   crooked   leg   of   the   artistic   journey   he   takes  daily.  Welcome  to  the  best  of  the  bestiary.     100  pages   Black  &  White  interior  Art   £14.99p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐58-­‐3                     Writer:  Cy  Dethan   Artist:  Henry  Flint                    



  Vince   Morley   is   a   man   with   big   problems   and   a   brain   tumour   like   a   baby’s   fist;   living   with   one   foot   in   a   monstrous   alternate   world   he   calls   Cancertown.   When   the   lost   and   dispossessed   of   London   start   tripping   over   the   same   cracks   in   reality   he   spends   his   life   avoiding,   Morley   realises   he   must   confront   the   residents   of   Cancertown  –  and  risk  finding  his  place  among  them.     160  Pages   Full  Colour   £15.99p     ISBN:  9781905692491   Writer:  Cy  Dethan   Artist:  Stephen  Downey  



Cold War    

1980:   the   Cold   War   is   at   its   prime   and   both   sides   are   exploiting   their   most   secret   agents:   genetically  created  Vampires.    Mutated  victims  left  over  from  Nazi  experimentation  -­‐-­‐   -­‐-­‐  And  exactly  what  the  world  doesn’t  need  right  now.    Especially  as  the  Cuban  Missile  Crisis   threatens   to   throw   the   world   into   a   nuclear   holocaust   -­‐   and   rogue   Russian   vampires   have   been  sent  to  trigger  such  a  conflict…   “Blade”  meets  “Raiders  of  the  Lost  Ark”.     100  pages          Full  Colour        £10.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Andy  Briggs            Artist:  John  Blake    

Coming in  2012/13  

Danger Tours    

Danger  Tours  is  an  action  filled  sci-­‐fi  book  for  all  ages  about  two  friends,  JP   and  Alex,  who  own  a  haphazardly  run  danger  touring  company.  Alex,  pilot   and   mechanic   is   the   rational   brains   of   the   operation.   His   good-­‐hearted,   cheapskate,   unpredictable   partner   is   JP.   JP   puts   company   profits   and   clientele  in  a  tailspin  as  the  tours  go  horribly  wrong.  The  tourists  “oooh”   and   “aaahh”   their   way   through,  never   realizing   their   lives   hang   in   the   balance!   96  pages                Full  Colour          £10.99p                                                                                               Coming  in  March  2012     Writer:  Chris  Dreier   Artist:  Giuseppe  D’Elia     ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐70-­‐5  



  Kyoto,   Japan.   1936.   While   a   shroud   of   impending   unrest  hangs  over  Europe,  in  Japan  the  number  of   Yakuza   members   is   close   to   outnumbering   the   Japanese   army.   In   a   government   experiment,   a   group   of   geisha   ladies   are   recruited   to   inform   on   the   conversations   they   observe   between   the   murderers   and   politicians.   However,   as   untrained   spies   the   geisha's   actions   result   in   one   of   their   member's  brutal  and  bloody  murder.     96  pages   Full  Colour   £9.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐17-­‐0   Writer:  Annika  Eade   Artists:  Lee  Garbett  &  Yishan  Li  


Devil Dealers    

Greg   Gagné   is   the   world’s   greatest   card   shark,   and   he   is   betting   against   the   Devil.   If   he   wins   the   next   game   of   poker   he   will   have   all   the   riches   in   the   world.   If  he  loses  he  will  be  out  one  soul.     But   Greg   is   only   the   most   recent   person   to   deal   with   the   Devil,   and   these   other   risk-­‐takers  plan  on  claiming  their  souls  back,  and  maybe  more.   128  pages          Full  Colour        £12.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Ross  May          Artist:  Brett  Wood    

Coming in  2012  


While dinosaurs  as  we  know  them  remained  lumbering  beasts  for  millions  of  years,  their  more   intelligent  sub-­‐species  began  walking,  talking  and  became  very  anthropomorphic.  They  had   developing  a  sophisticated  culture  and  technology  that  sat  in  natural  harmony  with  the  world   around  them.    But,  like  all  intelligent  creature,  it  wasn’t  long  before  war  broke  out.   Two  opposing  camps  fought  to  the  death  -­‐  the  DinoCorps,  who  stood  for  justice  and  freedom  -­‐   and  the  rebellious  Saurons  -­‐.  and  the  bad  guys  won.    The  Saurons  detonated  a  bomb  that  wiped   out  the  dinosaurs  and  most  of  the  life  on  the  planet.  Only  luck  ensured  that  a  DinoCorp  squad,   led  by  Sgt  Wrecks,  fell  into  deep  stasis...  not  to  be  woken  for  millions  of  years...   Carl  Heyman  is  a  street-­‐smart  14-­‐year-­‐old  who  unearths  the  sleeping  DinoCorp  deep  in  a  forest.     He  awakens  them  only  to  discover  they  are  not  the  only  dinos  on  the  block  -­‐-­‐  a  unit  of  Saurons   survived  too,  and  they’re  determined  to  wipe  out  mankind.    Carl  must  keep  the  Dino’s  existence   a  secret  -­‐  not  just  from  his  parents,  but  from  the  rest  of  the  world  -­‐  all  they  while  battling  to  save   humanity  from  extinction...   128  pages          Full  Colour        £12.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Andy  Briggs  &  Steve  Horvath          Artist:  Robert  Molesworth    

Coming in  2012/13  


  After  crash-­‐landing  on  a  distant  planet,  which  leaves   everyone  onboard  dead,  Chromatic,  a  member  of  an   elite   superhero   team,   is   reassembled   and   resurrected   by   the   indigenous   aliens   utilizing   the   useable  body  parts  of  his  teammates  and  enemy.  As   Chromatic   deals   with   the   loss   of   his   colleagues   as   well  as  his  own  identity,  he  must  also  come  to  terms   with  not  just  who  he  is,  but  what  he  is.     128  pages   Full  Colour   £12.99p   ISBN:  9781905692538                   Writer:  Paul  Salamoff   Artist:  Giuseppe  D’Elia                        


Dream Solver    

In   Canterbury,   England,   22-­‐year-­‐old   picture   researcher   Ione-­‐Rose   Young   is   plagued   by   a   disturbing  dream  in  which  she  watches  herself  die  in  an  accident  on  a  construction  site.  She   worries  the  dream  means  she’s  about  to  die  in  real  life,  so  her  Mum  puts  her  in  touch  with   Danielle,  an  Essex  girl  who’s  studying  dreams  while  working  in  a  shoe  shop.     Impressed   by   Ione-­‐Rose’s   ability   to   recall   the   dream   in   picture-­‐perfect   detail,   Danielle   agrees   to  help.  They  treat  the  dream  like  a  mystery  they  need  to  solve,  with  clues  to  find,  evidence   to   examine   and   leads   to   follow,   and   figure   out   that,   rather   than   prophesising   Ione-­‐Rose’s   death,   the   dream   is   actually   telling   Ione-­‐Rose   that   her   father   didn’t   die   in   a   helicopter   accident  as  she’d  been  told.  New  dreams  tell  Ione-­‐Rose  where  to  look  to  find  out  the  truth   about  her  father’s  death.  But  as  she  uses  her  dreams  to  uncover  secrets  about  her  family’s   past,  Ione-­‐Rose  discovers  a  secret  about  her  birth  and  her  childhood  that’s  darker  and  more   disturbing  than  the  nightmares  that  have  been  plaguing  her.   144  pages          Full  Colour        £14.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Luke  Foster          Artist:  Christian  Wildgoose    

Coming in  2012  



  What  goes  on  in  the  minds  of  the  hottest  rising  talent   in  comics?  


A schoolgirl   haunted   by   demons,   vampire   chicks   on   motorbikes   and   retired   superheroes   are   just   some   of   the   things   you   can   expect   in   this   deluxe   anthology   title.   Eleventh   Hour   features   exciting   new   creators   from  across  the  globe,  with  ten  standalone  stories  and   a  preview  of  sci-­‐fi  series  Mamluk.     80  pages   Black  &  White  interior  art   £5.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐29-­‐3   Stories  &  Art:  Various      




  Marvin   has   very   vivid   nightmares.   His   dreams   are   haunted   by   a   powerful   and   charismatic,   faceless   figure.   Trapped   in   the   horrifying,   surreal   world,   Marvin   has   to   find   a   way   out,   by   facing   his   own   demons.   The   journey   takes   him   from   the   darkest   corners   of   his   past,   to   the   uncertain   future.   Seeking   redemption,  Marvin  has  a  chance  to  save  someone's  life.   However,  nothing  comes  without  a  price...     64  pages   Full  Colour   £6.00p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐39-­‐2     Story  &  Art:  Christopher  Gajda    




  From   the   ashes   of   Steve   Dowling’s   ‘Garth’   comes...'FREEMAN   of   the   Armed   Services',  Huw-­‐J-­‐‘s   critically  acclaimed  web  comic  that  originally  re-­‐launched   the  adventures  of  the  Daily  Mirror  syndicate’s  action  and   adventure   hero.   Incorporating   the   story   arcs  "Gold   of   Ragnarock"   and   "King   of   New   York",   both   which   hearken   back   to   the   good   old   days   where   the   spirit   of   adventure   and   good   old-­‐fashioned   action   reigned   supreme.  A  true  British  hero!     128  pages   Full  Colour   £12.99p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐36-­‐1     Story  &  Art:  Huw-­‐J    





  The   first   graphical   'sequel'   to   Dracula   ever   to   be   endorsed   by   a   member   of   the   Stoker   family!   Six   months   after   Dracula   dies,   A   ghostly   vision   informs   the   Harkers   that   their   work   is   not   yet   done   -­‐   and   the   Count's   last   surviving   bride   returns   to   London   to   gain   revenge   -­‐   and   use   Mina's   unborn   baby   as   a   new   host   for   Dracula!   Featuring   introductions   from   Dacre   Stoker,   Ian   Holt   and   Leslie   S.   Klinger,   this   story   includes   every   major   character  from  the  original  -­‐  alive  AND  dead!   128  pages   Full  Colour   £12.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐35-­‐4     Writer:  Tony  Lee   Artist:  Neil  van  Antwerpen



GROWING UP  ENCHANTED   Volume  1:  Fighting  Bullies;  Hunting  Dragons  


  FACT:   Growing   up   is   hard   to   do.   Fictional   FACT:   Growing   up   ENCHANTED   is   even   harder   to   do!   The   Eisner-­‐ nominated   all-­‐ages   fantasy   adventure   series   is   back   in   print   and   finally   collected   as   a   trade!   Join   young   Olianna   and   her   family   &   friends   as   she   tries   to   learn   life's   mundane   lessons   while   practicing   magic   in   a   world   of   giants,  trolls,  and  dragons!    


112 pages   Black  &  White  interior  art   £7.50p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐38-­‐5

Writer: Jack  Briglio   Artist:  Alexander  Serra  


GROWING UP  ENCHANTED   Volume  2:  Fishing  for  Sea-­Dragons;  Understanding  Death  


  Olianna   and   the   gang’s   back   in   an   all-­‐new   fantasy   adventure  for  all-­‐ages!  Something  sinister  is  awakened   from   the   icy   depths   of   the   lake   one   morning.   Still   forbidden   to   use   her   magic,   can   Oli   and   her   family   &   friends   evade   the   sea-­‐dragon’s   clammy   clutches   and   escape  death’s  siren  call?    


112 pages   Black  &  White  interior  art   £7.50p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐56-­‐9

Writer: Jack  Briglio   Artist:  Alexander  Serra  





The  Dante  family  line  has  been  in  the  fires  of  an  ancient  war   between   humanity   and   the   nine   circles   of   hell   for   generations.   As   a   self-­‐proclaimed   "Aristocracy"   the   circles   have   now   set   their   sights   on   the   one   chosen   to   fight   the   raging   war  …Haven   Irena   Dante.   But   soon  after   the   tragic   death   of   her   mother,   Haven   endures   the   vile   theft   of   her   innocence  and  disappears….  No  one  has  seen  or  heard  from   her  in  two  years.  Until  now…  Steeped  rich  in  history,  Haven   races   at   the   speed   of   thought   into   the   realms   of   action   and   adventure  with  fantasy  and  horror  while  seizing   the  places   where   pain   can   fuel   staggering   powers   and   generational   wars  are  fought  to  the  death.     96  pages         Full  Colour   £10.95p                       ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐40-­‐8                     Writer:  Leonardo  Ramirez   Artist:  Davy  Fisher                                                                



HERO 9  TO  5        


Welcome  to  a  world  where  being  a  super  hero  is  just  another   job.   A   world   where   the   rich   can   afford   comprehensive   hero   protection   policies   that   ensure   the   best   heroes   will   come   to   their  aid  in  an  emergency.  The  poor,  however,  have  to  make-­‐ do  with  protection  from  government  sponsored  agencies  with   limited   resources   whose   staff   are…shall   we   say…a   little   less   heroic.   Jacob   Reilly,   aka   Flame-­‐O,   is   just   one   such   hero,   an   everyday   guy   who   just   happens   to   be   able   to   shoot   flames   from  his  hands.  He  didn’t  want  to  be  a  super  hero,  he  wanted   to  be  a  musician,  but  he  wasn’t  good  enough  to  make  a  living   at   it.   So   he   ended   up   getting   a   job   at   “Heroes   For   Zeros,”   a   government   sponsored   hero   agency.   Hero:   9   to   5   is   a   fresh,   funny  take  on  the  idea  of  real  world  super  heroes.     96  pages                 Full  Colour     £9.95p                                                                           ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐41-­‐5   Writer:  Ian  Sharman     Artist:  David  gray  



Twenty   years   ago   they   murdered   her   -­‐   and   now   she's   back  to  even  the  score,  as  Helen,  a  falling  Angel  returns   to   the   town   she   died   in   to   extract   revenge   on   the   four   men   who  killed  her.  But  in  doing  so  she  learns  the  true   reason   for   her   murder   and   the   truth   about   her   killer,   discovering   an   Angelic   conspiracy   that   dates   back   to   Jesus  Christ.  Will  she  succeed?  Will  God  allow  her  to  gain   vengeance?  Or  is  the  Angel  Michael  right  about  her  true   purpose?   Hope  Falls  collects  the  Eagle  Award-­‐nominated  five-­‐part   series  by  Tony  Lee  and  Dan  Boultwood  with  an  all-­‐new   introduction  by  Ben  Templesmith.     128  pages       Full  Colour         £12.99p                       ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐47-­‐7     Writer:  Tony  Lee   Artist:  Dan  Boultwood  


On  the  maps  it  says  “Watersvale”…but  no  one  really  calls  it  that.  That’s  far  too  ordinary  a   name  for  a  town  full  of  freaks,  monsters  and  superheroes!     Welcome  to…Weirdsville!     Starring  HYPERGIRL!     When  bored  teenage  girl  Charley  Matthews  visits  Watersvale  Museum,  she  has  no  idea   that   a   chance   encounter   with   the   dying   Doc   Hyperpower   is   about   to   change   her   life   forever.  Will  she  rise  to  the  occasion  and  defeat  the  evil  of  Pharoanicus,  or  will  she  lock   herself  in  her  bedroom  and  listen  to  The  Cure?  Find  out  in  this  senses  shattering  debut  of   Weirdsville’s  newest  hero  –  Hypergirl!   128  pages          Full  Colour        £12.99p                                                                                                

Created by  Ian  Sharman  and  David  Wynne    

Coming in  2012  

Kindred Spirits    

A   young   man,   desperate   to   save   his   sister   from   demonic   possession,   descends   to   Purgatory   to   save   her.   Once   there,   he   must   fight   the   illusions  and  traps  set  out  for  him  if  he  is  to  reclaim  his  sister’s  soul  and   make   his   way   back   to   the   real   world.   The   clock   is   ticking   and   his   only   help  comes  in  the  form  of  a  mischievous  girl  in  a  fox  mask.     128  pages          Full  Colour        £12.99p                                                                                                 Writer:  Maggie  Lewinowicz          Artist:  Valia  Kapadai     Coming  in  May  2012  


  She   was   a   girl   from   a   well-­‐to-­‐do   background   –   who   happened  to  fall  in  love  with  her  best  friend  at  University.   He  also  happened  to  be  the  heir  to  the  throne!  And  as  he   gave   her   the   attention   of   the   world’s   media,   she   gave   him   the   one   thing   he   never   expected   a   normal   life.   See   both   their  stories,  back  to  back,  for  the  first  time  in  comic  book   form.   From   the   English   writer   of   Flying   Friar,   Rich   Johnston,   the   Scottish   artist   of   Dan   Dare,   Gary   Erskine   and   the   Welsh   artist   on   Doctor   Who,   Mike   Collins.   A   Special   Edition   to   commemorate   the   Royal   engagement   and  wedding.     60  pages   Full  Colour   £7.99p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐45-­‐3                     Writer:  Rich  Johnston   Artists:  Gary  Erskine  &  Mike  Collins                    


The   Witch   Queen   Rorien   and   her   demon   hordes,   lead   by   the   cruel   Batsu,   are   overrunning  the  land,  destroying  everything  in  their  wake.  The  demons  have  besieged   the   Shogun’s   castle.    Hope   lies   with   the   Lady   Tsuji,   the   Shogun’s   champion   -­‐   his   daughter.  She  is  a  Sorceress,  a  warrior  and  wielder  of  the  legendary  sword,  the  Demon   Killer  -­‐  Ketsueki.   128  pages          Black  &  White        £12.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Richmond  A.  Clements          Artist:  Ai  Takita    

Coming in  2012/13  


  In   1933,   Carl   Denham   returned   from   a   mysterious,   hidden   island   with   a   priceless   treasure.   A   treasure   not   gold   or   jewels,   but   the   island's   barbaric   god,   a   monstrous   anthropoid   called   "Kong."   The   savage   giant   escaped   and   wreaked   havoc   in   Manhattan,   but   within   hours   of   the   giant   ape's   death   his   body  and   Carl   Denham  disappeared.   25   years   later,   his   son  makes   a   shocking   discovery   that   leads   him   back   to   the   site   of   his   father's   greatest   adventure   and   to   the   answers   that   will   unlock   the   century's  greatest  mystery  and  history's  greatest  miracle.   154  pages   Full  Colour   £13.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐34-­‐7     Writer:  Andy  Briggs  &  Chuck  Satterlee   Artists:  Scott  Larson  &  Dan  O’Connor  



  With  an  introduction  by  Michael  Moorcock!   The   universe   is   shattered   Multi-­‐verses,   with   every   dream   a   different   world.   And   through   those   worlds   walk   Matt   Sable   and   Nightmare   De'Lacy,   saving   a   human   boy   from   a   great   evil.   But   is   he   normal   -­‐   or   the   last   of   a   breed?   And   how   are   they   connected   to   the   Land   of   Oz   -­‐   and   Jerry   Cornelius?   Believe  in  Faeries  -­‐  before  they  kill  you.   128  pages   Full  Colour   £12.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐16-­‐3     Writer:  Tony  Lee   Artist:  Ryan  Stegman  

Misery City    

Max  Murray.  An  unlucky  trench  coat  detective,  forever  damned  in  the  concrete  labyrinth  of   Misery  City.  Hunted  by  Hell's  lurking  horrors  he  has  to  struggle  to  remain  in  one  piece.  Torn   between  saving  his  life  or  saving  his  soul,  Max  enters  alone  into  a  doomed  crusade.  Can  Mr.   Murray  find  salvation,  or  will  the  blind  goddess  cast  him  forever  into  the  dark  of  Misery?   128  pages          Full  Colour        £12.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Kostas  Zachopoulos          Artist:  Vassilis  Gogtzilas    

Coming in  July  2012/13  



  On  Forestya,  a  mismatched  group  of  four  teens,  Boon,   Kat   Nipp,   Klondike   and   Quickstep   are   reluctantly   drawn   into   a   war   between   Mother   Nature   and   the   tyrannical   SpiderSect   Empire.   Now   the   four   teens,   bestowed  with  the  legendary  Amulets  of  Nature  battle   the   threats   of   the   SpiderSect,   as   Mother   Nature’s   Guardians  ...  the  N  Guard.     96  pages   Full  Colour   £10.99p   Coming  in  2012     Writer:  Jonathan  Bryans   Artist:  Phillip  Jackson      



OF BITTER  SOULS   Volume  1  



A   mysterious   New   Orleans   Pastor   named   Secord   chooses   four   flawed   individuals   and   adorns   them   with   powers   that,   to   their   delight   or   disgust,   are   directly   related   to   their   character   flaws.   A   brutal   cop   has   great   strength.   A   prostitute   can   control   minds.   A   gambler  can  turn  back  time.  A  drug  addict  can  shape-­‐shift.  It  begs   the  question,  what  should  we  do  with  the  gifts  we  are  given?  Under   the   guidance   of   Pastor   Secord,   the   four   flawed   heroes   will   be   set   loose   on   the   vampires, ghosts,   zombies   and   other   supernatural   threats  that  are  so  prevalent  in  New  Orleans  legends.  They  will  be  a   force   for   good...that   is   if   they   don’t   destroy   themselves   with   their   own  powers  first.       186  pages     Full  Colour   £12.95p             ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐07-­‐1     Writer:  Chuck  Satterlee   Artist:  Norm  Breyfogle  


OF BITTER  SOULS   Volume  2:  Reunification  


  After   learning   Pastor   Secord’s   secret...and   the   true   purpose   of   their   “mission”,   the   team   disbanded.     Flash   forward   one   year.     The   team   has   gone   off   in   their   own   directions...some  for  the  better  and  some  for  the  worse.     What  could  unite  the  team  and  get  them  talking  again?     How   about   a   zombie   outbreak   in   the   middle   of   Mardi   Gras  on  Bourbon  Street?       80  pages     Full  Colour   £5.95p             ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐23-­‐1     Writer:  Chuck  Satterlee   Artist:  Norm  Breyfogle  




Corrupt   businessman   Desmond   Quinn   has   an   army   of   soldiers   at   his   disposal,   and   he   uses   them  to  control  his  city.  His  two  well-­‐trained  daughters  both  serve  the  organization  loyally  as   Desmond’s  personal  bodyguards,  until  the  day  that  Desmond  orders  a  hit  on  his  ex-­‐wife,  who   he   learns   has   made   a   deal   with   the   FBI.   Diana,   the   younger   daughter   remains   loyal   to   her   father,   while   Darlene,   who   still   has   some   memories   of   her   mother,   decides   to   break   ranks   and  save  her  mother.     In   a   final   showdown   between   Diana   and   Darlene,   Desmond   and   his   ex-­‐wife   are   killed,   and   Diana   takes   control   of   the   organization.   Darlene,   now   alone,   vows   to   protect   the   innocent   from   Diana’s   deadly   organization,   assuming   this   responsibility   out   of   respect   to   her   mother’s   memory  and  as  a  way  to  atone  for  her  years  as  a  member  of  her  father’s  organization.     80  pages          Full  Colour        £9.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Dino  Caruso          Artist:  Sami  Kivela    

Coming in  2012/13  



At  birth  Cameron  Williams  was  volunteered  by  his  parents   in   a   genetic   re-­‐sequencing   experiment   to   correct   his   birth   defects.     Strangely,   where   other   test   subjects   had   failed,   Cameron   succeeded.     Nineteen   years   later,   the   creators   of   the   technology   that   gave   Cameron   a   new   lease   on   life   (as   well  as  his  super  human  abilities)  want  him  back...dead  or   alive.     Cameron's   childhood   daydreams   of  being   a   superhero   were   never   like  this.     He   never   imagined   he   could  lose  the  girl,  lose  his  parents  or  lose  his  good  friend.      


100 pages   Full  Colour   £9.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐24-­‐8     Wrier:  Brett  Thompson   Artist:  Freddie  Williams  II  &  Shaun  McGuan  


PROJECT LUNA:  1947    


  Set   in   1947,   amidst   the   largest   UFO   flap   in   history,   four   disparate  crewmembers  are  chosen  to  go  to  the  moon  to   investigate  a  strange  lunar  signal  that  has  been  picked  up   by   British   radio   astronomers.   Their   mission   brings   them   into   contact   with   mysterious   British   Intelligence   Officers,   deranged   ex-­‐Nazi   scientists,   CIA   operatives,   Scottish   Highland   Sheep,   and   the   biggest,   most   insidious   conspiracy  the  world  has  ever  faced.     96  pages                           Full  Colour   £10.99p                                                                                               Coming  in  2012     Writer:  Martin  Hayes   Artist:  Jim  Boswell  




  In  a  small  town  in  Michigan’s  Upper  Peninsula,  a  virus   turns   nearly   every   resident   into   a   vicious   killing   machine.  A  group  of  uninfected  is  trapped  within  the   town,   abandoned   with   dwindling   resources.   These   survivors   must   fight   against   the   infected,   as   well   as   the   paranoia   growing   between   them.   Sparked   by   a   mysterious   stranger,   the   survivors   dig   into   the   town’s   secrets  as  they  hatch  their  escape—yet  none  of  them   are  prepared  for  what  they  discover.     160  pages   Full  Colour   £15.99p   ISBN:  9781905692460                                     Writer:  Michael  Moreci   Artist:  Monty  Borror  





Amy is   a   little   girl   with   a   big   attitude!   Life   for   her   is   never   dull…there’s   always   a   parent   around  to  terrorize  or  a  stuffed  animal  to  mutilate!  The  babysitter,  Flower,  knows  that  it   is   dangerous   work,   but   the   parents   pay   well.   Flower   must   also   contend   with   the   unwanted   attentions   of   lovesick   Dick,   the   friendly   neighbourhood   stalker.   He’s   totally   besotted  with  her…and  never  far  away!     Raising  Amy!  She”s  ginger,  she’s  crazy,  she’s  armed  and  she’s  Scottish.   Just  be  thankful  that  she’s  not  yours!     100  pages        Full  Colour      £10.99p     Story  and  Art  By  Stref     ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐62-­‐0      


Among  the  towering  buildings  of  Pacific  City,  life  is  cheap  and  everything  has  a  price.  Beneath   the   steel   and   neon   glow   lives   Muffy,   a   low-­‐rate   bounty   hunter   who   goes   after   the   marks   others  pass  up.  One  night,  a  young  woman  appears  at  her  door  with  a  small  fortune  and  a  job   offer.  But  money's  no  good  if  you're  too  dead  to  spend  it.   128  pages          Black  &  White        £12.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Matthew  Ritter          Artist:  Jhomar  Soriano    

Coming in  July  2012/13  



  A  fantasy  story  about  a  young  and  cheerful  mage-­‐in-­‐training   who   is   forced   to   learn   all   too   soon   that,   in   her   world,   where   magic   is   needed   most   is   on   the   battlefield.   In   a   time   of   military   and   political   unrest,   young   talents   are   being   recruited  faster  than  schools  of  magic  can  teach  them,  and   Reya   will   soon   find   herself   caught   up   in   a   war   that   will   shatter   not   only   the   lives   of   those   involved,   but   the   very   foundations  of  what  she  believes  in.    


188 pages   Black  &  White  interior  art   £5.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐32-­‐3

Written  by:  Sergei  &  Morag  Lewis   Artist:  Morag  Lewis  




  A   series   of   ritualistic   murders   in   the   small   town   of   Black   Root   all   have   one   thing   in   common:   they’re   reminiscent   of   ancient   witch   trials.     The   FBI   are   on   the   case   and   soon   realize   that   a   supernatural   killer   is   on   the   prowl   -­‐   condemning   his   victims   to   diabolical  ordeals.     100  pages   Full  Colour   £9.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐33-­‐0    


Writer: Andy  Briggs   Artist:  Shawn  McCauley  




Jack   Anderfold   is   a   disgraced   cop   who's   desperate   to   regain   the   glory   years   that   have   passed   him   by.   He   blames   the   mysterious   Scatterbrain,   who   has   recently   appeared,   for   all   of   his   problems   but   deep   down   he   knows   it's   his   own   damn   fault.   When   he   gets   a   chance   to   take   down   the   costumed   vigilante,   however,   Jack   finds  himself  drawn  into  an  increasingly  dark  series  of   events   that   will   ultimately   affect   him   and   everyone   he   loves.     100  pages   Full  Colour   £9.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐12-­‐5     Writer:  Brendan  Deneen   Artist:  Szymon  Kudranski    





  ‘Serpent   Wars’   is   set   in   the   mid-­‐1800’s   where  a   young   scientist   smuggles   himself   aboard   the   war   ship   of   a   British  Lord  bound  for  South  America  only  to  discover  a   land  filled  with  serpent  gods  destined  to  rule  mankind.    With   the   aid  of   a   spiritual   goddess   the   brave   adventurer  must  battle  to  free  the  island  and  humanity   from  the  tyranny  of  these  giant  creatures.  


128 pages   Full  Colour   £12.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐31-­‐6   Writer:  Christian  Rodriguez  &  Chris  Campanozzi   Artist:  Antonio  Rojo  



  Slaughterman’s  Creed  is  a  story  of  the  fall  and  rise  of   monsters,   where   an   ethical   knife-­‐edge   is   all   that   separates  hero  from  villain.  A  human  trafficker  orders   the   death   of   a   killer   who   refuses   to   breach   his   professional   code.   Twelve   years   later,   the   trafficker’s   world  erupts  in  blood  and  chaos.  Barely  surviving  and   crippled  for  life,  the  Slaughterman  has  returned  to  put   the  whole  organisation  to  the  blade.     128  pages   Full  Colour   £12.99p   ISBN:  9781905692484                       Writer:  Cy  Dethan   Artist:  Stephen  Downey                  




  Two  superheroes  -­‐  Two  timelines.     An  all-­‐ages  book  combining  the  story  of  two  present   day   superheroes   with   flashbacks   to   their   1940’s   equivalent.     186  pages   Full  Colour   £12.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐09-­‐5    


Writer: Chuck  Satterlee   Artist:  Claude  St.  Aubin  &  Shawn  McGuan      


One   day,   two   births,   same   hospital…and   that   is   where   the   similarities   end!   One   baby   born   to   a  middle  class  suburban  couple,  and  the  other  to  a  mysterious  and  exotic  lady  called  Victoria,   visiting   from   a   different   planet.     Suddenly,   when   the   babies   are   switched   and   given   to   the   wrong   parents,   both   the   Earth   and   the   alien   planet   face   a   great   peril.     Malicious?   Coincidence?  Planned?  As  both  go  through  years  of  alienation,  they  ultimately  learn  that  they   must  overcome  it  to  save  the  world.     64  pages          Black  &  White        £8.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Devin  Hylton          Artist:  Monty  Borror    

Coming in  2012/13  


A  world  of  perpetual  cold  and  shadow.  A  ruthless  vampiric  monarch  ruling  with  fear   and  magic.   A  kingdom  in  the  grip  of  terror.  And  a  prophecy  in  which  a  daughter  of  the  coven  will   be  her  undoing.   Will  the  warrior  daughter  they  have  trained  to  be  the  Queen's  downfall  be  enough   against  Snow,  her  army  and  her  most  feared  pets,  The  Seven?     Or  will  Snow’s  winter  of  darkness  prevail?     128  pages          Full  Colour        £12.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Richard  McAuliffe          Artist:  Valia  Kapidai    

Coming in  2012/13  

Tales from  the  Clockwork  Empire    

Two mighty  Clockwork  Empires  are  fighting  for  domination  of  the  planet.   Beneath  the  waves  of  the  English  Channel  armadas  of  clockwork   submersibles  are  massing  for  invasion,  while  above  Imperial  Russia’s  newly   invented  AirKites  fight  for  supremacy  of  the  skies.  But  in  their  search  for   more  ingenious  and  deadly  devices  these  empires  have  awoken  an  ancient   Clockwork  Civilization…  A  clock,  stilled  3000  years  ago,  has  begun  ticking   again…  This  is  the  Age  of  the  Clockwork  Empires  and  in  1803  this  is  how  it   began…     128  pages          Full  Colour        £12.99p                                                                                                 Writer:  Ian  Duerden          Artist:  Ian  Duerden     Coming  in  April  2012  



  Deaf   child   Nestor   Gudfred   inexplicably   creates   utter   silence  around  him,  which  compels  the  people  near   him   into   each   other’s   pasts   and   memories.   As   his   religious   rural   community   looks   to   him   as   a   prophet,  the  story  follows  Nestor  and  a  diverse  cast   of   richly   imagined   characters   as   he   comes   of   age,   falls  in  love,  and  begins  a  search  for  his  father.     Winner  of  the  coveted  Xeric  Grant.     144  pages   Full  Colour   £14.99p   Coming  in  2012     Story  &  Art  by  Joshua  Hagler    





A   respected   hostage   negotiation   expert   loses   his   mind   when   a   bizarre   kidnapping   case   results   in   a   child’s   unexplained   death.   His   wild   talk   of   murderous   monsters   born   from   the   victim’s   own   imagination   is   impossible   to   believe,   and   the   catastrophe   sees   him   driven   out   of   business   in   a   cycle   of   alcoholism,   denial   and   despair.   Several  years  later,  when  a  new  case  arises  bearing  all  the   hallmarks  of  the  same  killers,   Harlan   Falk   emerges   from   obscurity   a   changed   man:   a   monster   negotiator.   Using   resources   and   methods   beyond   the   scope   of   conventional   investigators,   he   sets   out   to   finally  close  the  case  that  cost  him  his  career.     96  pages         Full  Colour                                                                                                                 Due  in  2012     Writer:  Cy  Dethan   Artist:  Scott  James    



The Children  of  Saigo    

Meet  Ben,  Shiro,  Zoe  and  Teron,  the  descendants  of  Koji  Iwanaga,  the  only  Samurai  to  survive   the  final  battle  between  the  Japanese  noblemen  and  their  Empire.  Born  in  Chicago  and  raised   in   the   teachings   of   Bushido,   the   siblings   believe   in   honor,   duty   and   service.   They’re   also   as   dysfunctional  as  family  gets.  Ben  and  Shiro  haven’t  spoken  in  years,  Zoe  is  always  one  drink   away  from  starting  a  brawl  and  Teron  struggles  to  keep  the  peace.  But  when  Tomoe  Yamada,   a   Yakuza   mob   princess   and   history   buff,   arrives   to   collect   their   heads   as   trophies,   the   Iwanagas  must  settle  old  grievances  to  defeat  Tomoe’s  army  of  assassins.  Some  families  pass   down  recipes.  The  Iwanagas?  Katanas.     80  pages          Black  &  White        £9.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Glenn  Jeffers          Artist:  Jethro  Morales    

Coming in  2012/13  

The Chili    

Like   many   comic   book   fans,   young   Mike   Alvarez   dreams   of   one   day   drawing  his  favorite  heroes  and  working  with  legends  like  Stan  “The  Man”   Lee.   Those   dreams   change   rapidly   when   Mike   accidentally   illustrates   the   blank   pages   of   a   magical   compendium,   thus   transforming   him   into   the   mighty   Chili!   Join   Mike,   his   sidekick   Skip   and   the   most   bizarre   villains   you’ve   ever   encountered,   as   our   unlikely   hero   fights   for  all   of   humanity   against  the  diabolical  Taco  Bravo!  This  mix  of  comedy  and  action  will  dare   you  to  ask:    Do  you  believe  in  comics?   96  pages                Full  Colour          £10.99p                                                                                               Coming  in  March  2012     Writer:  Christian  Rodríguez  and  Chris  Campanozzi   Artist:  Marcelo  Salaza     ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐72-­‐9  




  Imagine   a   story   that   you   can   drink,   a   story   that   you   can   feel,  a  story  you  can  live.  Welcome  to  the  city  of  Dante,   and   the   world   of   Memetech.   As   a   wave   of   drugs   that   create   living   stories   sweeps   his   city,   one   man   fights   back  as  “The  Dark”.  A  vigilante  who  wields  fiction  as  a   weapon,  he  is  the  last  hope  for  a  city  where  nothing  is   what   it   seems.   A   stunning   new   sci-­‐fi   thriller   that   will   have  you  begging  for  more!  


100 pages   Full  Colour   £10.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐37-­‐8   Writer:  Chris  lynch   Artist:  Rick  Lundeen    


The Demonist    

The  Demonist  is  a  contemporary  set  occult  action  thriller  featuring  Carter  Forde,  a  man  with   both  a  demon’s  heart,  and  a  human’s  conscience.  Haunted  by  his  gift  and  curse,  Forde  is  part   of   an   “Extrapol”   unit   of   agents:   a   team   whose   sole   purpose   is   to   contain   and   eradicate   demonic  threats  wherever  they  appear.   But   now   the   stakes   have   been   raised.     A   machine,   designed   by   Da   Vinci   and   later   built   by   Galileo,   has   been   rebuilt   -­‐-­‐   and   it   threatens   to   rip   asunder   a   tear   into   a   pocket-­‐universe,   opening  the  floodgates  to  a  full-­‐scale  invasion  of  our  world.   100  pages          Full  Colour        £10.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Andy  Briggs  &  Steve  Horvath          Artist:  Carlos  Castro    

Coming in  2012/13  



Based  on  the  true  story  of  the  17th  century  Saint   Joseph  of  Copertino,  who  whilst  in  the  ecstasy  of  the  Holy   Spirit  could  fly,  had  immense  strength,  could  see  and  hear   both   across   the   world.   Joseph   must   face   his   family,   his   church,  the  Inquisition  and  the  Pope  himself  on  his  way  to   enlightenment   and   peace   with   God.   A   story   of   religion   against   Science,   friend   against   friend,   and   a   very   familiar   tale   being   told   centuries   ago,   in   a   small   Italian   farming   village.  Smallville  meets  The  Name  Of  The  Rose.     64  pages   Full  Colour   £4.95p     Writer:  Rich  Johnston   Artist:  Thomas  Nachlik  





Jill  is  a  failed  assassin,  Jack  is  a  failed  experiment,  both   were  created  by  the  same  evil  company,  and  both  want   out!  Jill  has  lost  everything  she  has  ever  cared  for,  and   has   lost   the   will   to   live,   but   her   employers   won't   let   her   die   until   she   completes   one   last   mission…kill   the   monster  Jack!  But  when  Jack  finally  steps  into  the  Jill’s   crosshairs   everything   they’ve   ever   known   becomes   a   question   mark   sending   them   into   a   bloody   downward   spiral  to  their  fates!     128  pages   Full  Colour   £9.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐19-­‐4     Writer:  Sal  Cipriano   Artist:  Jok  




Responding to   a   strangely   specific   job   advertisement,   a   distinctly   ordinary   twenty-­‐something   suburban   slacker   named   Alan   Blake   finds   himself   in   the   middle   of   an   inter-­‐dimensional   task   force   staffed   entirely   by   superhuman   alternate   versions   of   himself.   Struggling   to   find   his   place   in   this   vast   continuum   of   near-­‐immortal   doppelgangers,   he   uncovers   a   conspiracy   that   strikes   at   the   very  heart  of  the  organization  –  a  conspiracy  that  only  he  can  stop.     100  pages   Full  Colour   £10.99p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐59-­‐0     Writer:  Cy  Dethan   Artist:  Rob  Carey    


  The   public   is   obsessed   with   reality   and   the   creatures   from   fantasy   fiction   fear   extinction.       Dragons,   giants,   orcs,  goblins  and  trolls  one  by  one  they’re  all  breaking   through  from  The  Realm  to  The  Real.    War  is  coming  to   London  and  only  geek  blogger  scallywag  and  his  online   followers  stand  in  their  way.         Let  your  imagination  run  wild  and  get  ready  for  some   inter  action….     100  pages   Full  Colour   £10.99p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐54-­‐5                 Writer:  Peter  Rogers   Artist:  Luciano  Vecchio                          


The Keeper    

SCOTT WINSLOW   is   the   new   goalkeeper   at   LEWISHAM   UNITED,   a   soccer   team   with   high   aspirations   of   making   it   into   the   top   division.   SCOTT   and   striker   JEREMY   “JEZ”   PRITCHARD  are  helping  to  make  that  dream  a  reality.  However,  as  a  chip  shop  owner  in   Sheffield,   and   a   woman   on   the   street   in   London   (and   the   readers)   discover,   SCOTT   didn’t   just   bring   his   football   talents   from   Chicago.   SCOTT   is   also   a   vicious   serial   murderer,   who’s   racked   up   a   horrific   14   kills   in   Britain   by   the   time   the   main   action   begins.   INSPECTOR   RAHNE   O’CONNELL   of   Scotland   Yard   leads   the   investigation,   and   drags  her  assistant  INSPECTOR  MATT  JUDSON  from  a  pub  while  watching  his  beloved   Belgravia  FC  to  check  the  latest  victim  in  the  Westminster  Mortuary.     They  confirm:  same  killer.     144  pages          Full  Colour        £14.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Geoffrey  D.  Wessel          Artist:  Jeff  Simpson    

Coming in  2012/13  



Reena   and   the   Phoenix   tribe   continue   to   struggle   with   the   consequences  surrounding  the  re-­‐emergence  of  the  dreaded   Leopard  tribe.  As  Reena  struggles  to  come  to  terms  with  her   betrothal  to  the  Leopard  heir  she  studies  the  ancient  runes  in   secret,   in   an   attempt   to   unravel   the   mysteries   surrounding   her  ancestors.  The  key  to  the  Phoenix  tribe's  future  could  be   held   in   the   mysteries   of   the   past,   and   Reena   is   determined   to   find   out   what   they   are.   Based   on   the   best-­‐selling   novel   by   Harry  Gallan.  

Vol. 1:  128  pages  ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐00-­‐2  (out  of  print)     Vol.  2:  162  pages  ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐14-­‐9  (shown)  £11.95p   Writer:  Harry  Gallan  &  Chuck  Satterlee   Artist:  Inaki  Miranda  &  Ryan  Stegman    


The Silver  Bullet    

The  Silver  Bullet  is  the  greatest  hero  Earth  has  ever  known,  at  least  in  his  own  mind.  This  is   not  really  the  best  news  for  the  planet,  seeing  as  he's  a  little  bit  thick  and  monumentally  self-­‐ centered.   Luckily,   he's   also   really   strong,   super-­‐fast,   has   a   fuse   on   top   of   his   head   (which   looks  totally  rad  in  all  his  promotional  pictures),    and  craves  the  attention  and  adoration  of   millions.  With  the  help  of  his  best  friend  Bigfoot  and  his  best  frenemy  Half-­‐Cat/Half-­‐Man  (not   to   mention   Shoogla   the   Caveman,   Sexy   Rexy,   and   the   Squigglies),   the   Silver   Bullet   travels   through   time   and   space,   fighting   aliens,   Nazi-­‐werewolves,   robo-­‐pirates,   cowboy   monkeys,   and  ninja-­‐zombies,  saving  the  Earth  time  and  time  again.  Now  if  he  can  just  save  himself  from   himself...     128  pages          Black  &  White        £12.99p                                                                                                

Writer: Eric  Rampson          Artist:  Brett  Wood    

Coming in  2012  


The   Superfun   Adventures   of   Jax   is   a   high   paced   adventure   set   in   a   world   where   the   balance   hangs   between   two   opposing  forces  of  nature  and  urban  society.    A   young   girl   Jax   and   her   cat   Ash   have   been   sent   by   their   mentor   The   Great   Fish   in   the   Sky   to   investigate   a   disturbance   and   get   to   the   bottom   of   a   growing   imbalance   between   the   two   sides.     The   Motheater   and   its   mechanical   allies   the   Eroli   represent   urban   society   and   are   gradually   overrunning   the   natural   world,   threatening   the   balance   of   life  as  we  know  it.     From  what  stars  out  as  a  simple  errand,   Jax   gets   more   than   she   bargained   for,   eventually   being   forced   to   find   answers   to   her   lost   past   and   confront   her   uncertain  destiny.    The   Superfun   Adventures   of   Jax   is   an   all   ages   story   best   described  as  Pixar  meets  the  Dark  Crystal.         100  pages   Full  Colour   £10.99p                                                                                                         ISBN:  978  –  905692  –  61-­‐3     Story  &  Art  by  Britt  Snyder  



Out in   the   Arctic   Ocean,   the   research   vessel   Alesia   manages  to  capture  a  mysterious  Magnapinna  squid,   an  animal  never  before  captured  by  mankind.       The   researchers,   led   by   Maria,   decide   to   take   the   specimen  back  to  port  in  Bergen,  Norway.     However,   what   they   bring   home   isn't   just   a   thing   of   scientific   wonder   but   also   more   horrific   than   Pandora’s   box.   Soon  madness  creeps  into  the  crew  of  the  Alesia  and   friends  become  monsters.     128  pages         Full  Colour   £12.99p                                                           ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐57-­‐6     Writer:  Magnus  Aspli   Artist:  Dave  Acosta    


  Join  the  teenage  Holmes  and  his  friends  in  a  desperate  race   to  unravel  the   mystery   of   the  London   Vampire   before   more   blood   is   spilt   on   the   dark,   dingy   and   dangerous   streets   of   Victorian  London.  Murder,  mystery  and  menace  follow  hot   on   the   heels   of   the   boy   who   is   destined   to   become   the   world’s   most   astonishing   detective.   Who   is   the   masked   figure   that   stalks   the   streets   in   search   of   blood?   What   secret   does   he   hold   that   will   forever   change   the   life   of   Holmes   and   his   closest   friend?   Why   does   ''the   Agency''   want  Holmes  to  join  them?   100  Pages   Full  Colour   £10.95p   ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐42-­‐2     Writer:  Huw-­‐J   Artist:  J.L  Straw  


Turkey Grove  Farms    

Something  is  amuck  at  Turkey  Grove  Farms.  Jasper’s  dad,  the  famous  face   of   the   farm’s   commercials,   hasn’t   been   seen   since   before   Thanksgiving.   Why  is  Jasper  telling  anyone  who  will  listen  of  a  great  turkey  uprising?  Has   Jasper   gone   crazy   or   is   this   just   another   publicity   stunt?   One   thing   for   is   certain,   business   is   booming   and   the   turkey   has   never   been   more   delicious.  Everything  evolves,  why  not  turkeys?     100  pages                Full  Colour      £10.99p                                                                                               Coming  in  February  2012     Writer:  William  Bienz   Artist:  J.C  Grande     ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐66-­‐8  





The close-­‐knit  community  of  Bryn  Boncath  has  its  share  of  local  legends  and  half   believed   histories.   It   has   also   become   the   scene   of   a   series   of   bizarre   and   mysterious   deaths.   People   are   afraid   to   go   into   out   after   dark   and   sightings   of   a   monstrous   beast   are   on   the   increase   once   again.     What   Ben   Ellis   took   to   be   the   tall   tales  of  his  grandfather  may  be  more  than  just  stories.   160  pages   ISBN:  978  –  905692  –  60-­‐6    

Urban Legends    

We   have   always   enjoyed   being   scared.     Tall   tales   of   horror   that   pass   down   through   the   ages.     We   take   comfort   in   the   knowledge   they   are   only   stories.     Except   the   urban   legend   has   a   history.     No   one   knows   where  they  come  from  or  why  they  persist.    Maybe  it’s  because  they  are   true?   13   Urban   Legends   old   &   new   will   be   told   in   “Urban   Legends”.     They’re  only  stories…aren’t  they?     128  pages          Full  Colour        £12.99p                                                                                                 Writer:  Steve  Stone          Artist:  Various     Coming  in  July  2012  

White Knuckle    

Forty years   ago,   Seth   Rigal   was   a   man   to   be   feared   –   a   serial   strangler   with   a   string   of   victims.   Now   nearly   seventy   and   tormented   by   a   lifetime   of   monstrous   violence,   Rigal   lives   on   the   verge   of   poverty   and   quietly   waits   for   the   death   he   knows   he   deserves.   Tortured   and   confused,   still   tormented   by   the   drives   that   made   him   a   killer   in   his   youth,   Rigal   finds   himself   almost   unconsciously   stalking   the   daughter   of   his  final  victim  –  only  to  have  his  precious  anonymity  snatched  from  him  when  he   accidentally   saves   her   son’s   life.   Seth   Rigal,   formerly   known   as   the   Gripper,   just   became  a  local  celebrity.  The  bodies  won’t  stay  buried  any  longer.  White  Knuckle  is   a   complex   and   intense   psychological   thriller,   distorting   the   ever-­‐popular   “retired   gunslinger”  motif  into  a  rain-­‐slick  urban  fantasy  of  murderous  men  and  the  needs   that  drive  them.     112  pages          Full  Colour        £12.99p                                                                                                 Writer:  Cy  Dethan          Artist:  Valia  Kapadai     Coming  in  May  2012  


A   zombie   anthology   spanning   time   and   space,   with   stories   from   pre-­‐ historic  Earth,  the  Roman  Empire,  World  War  1,  Future  Earth,  Aliens  and   more!  Aliens  land  on  planet  Earth  in  our  not-­‐too-­‐distant  future  and  find  a   desolate   planet.   In   order   to   discover   what   caused   the   devastation   the   aliens   enter   a   museum   and   are   able   to   look   into   Earth’s   past   using   the   artifacts  on  display.     64  pages                Full  Colour          £8.99p                                                                                               Coming  in  March  2012     Writer:  Various      Artist:  Various     ISBN:  978-­‐1-­‐905692-­‐71-­‐2  


Markosia Books 2011-2012 catalogue  
Markosia Books 2011-2012 catalogue  

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