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D.M. Quito, 18 of September 2015 08:00

COTOPAXI VOLCANO PRESS RELEASE 69 The Geophysics Institute of the Polytechnic University reports that during the last 12 hours the volcano presented a moderate level of internal activity and a low level of external activity. The atmosphere surrounding the volcano remains cloudy and no ash falls have been reported. The seismic activity remains similar to that of the last 24 hours. Actions Carried Out Today, the Ministry of Security Coordination, the Secretariat of Risk Management, and the Geophysics Institute will evaluate the preventive activities that have been carried out in the Province of Cotopaxi. In addition, they will evaluate the flyover the zone that was carried out in past days. Yesterday evening, more than 52 people of the neighborhood of Cuilche Salas (parish of Pastocalle of Latacunga) were given training sessions, led by the Secretariat of Risk Management and local authorities, on self-protection measures against potential ash falls. Representatives of the Ministry of Public Health also held a meeting with representatives of the Fire Department of the Province, local authorities of Pujilí, Saquisilí, and members of the Rural Social Security to give out information about the implementation of shelters for people with disabilities. Meanwhile, in the canton of Rumiñahui two important activities were led by officials of the Municipality of Rumiñahui. :  

At 7 p.m. residents of the parish of San Pedro de Taboada received information about how to apply the family contingency plan. In the same hour, in the complex of Santa Rosa de Lima de Sangolquí, 15 people were trained on the canton´s contingency plan.

Recommendations Remember that these recommendations seek to safeguard you and your family and for this reason we advise you to participate in all the meetings being held by various institutions. In case of emergency, help keep the evacuation routes clear and avoid unnecessary congestion. Make sure to find adequate protection for your crops and animals and periodically review your family contingency plan and information provided by State institutions in charge of monitoring the current situation of the volcanic activity of the Cotopaxi. The yellow alter continues to be in place. For more information visit,the official channels of the Ministry of Security Coordination:, @Seguridad_Ec, and the Geophysics Institute

Cotopaxi Volcano Press Release 069  

Cotopaxi Volcano Press Release 069