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Nigeria is our promisedland In the footsteps of Nehemiah Things you can do to transform Nigeria Prayer checklist

Sokoto Katsina

Jigawa Yobe












Plateau Nassarawa

Oyo Kogi



Osun Ogun Lagos



Enugu Ebonyi

Edo Anambra Delta

Imo Abia

Bayelsa Rivers

Cross River

Akwa Ibom

From a small beginning with a Pastors’ Breakfast in 2005, the Promisedland message of community transformation has now reached 24 states, with only a few more to go. Get inspired, get working!

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Promisedland Ministries Promisedland Ministries was registered in Canada in 2002. Our work started with the first mission to Nigeria in 2005. Promisedland became a registered charitable organization in 2014. As the work and vision expanded, an independent unit, Promisedland Charitable Foundation, was established in Nigeria in 2013, to oversee projects and run local seminars year-round. The aim of Promisedland is to transform the nation one community at a time, by mobilizing pastors and leaders to take ownership of their communities and find practical ways to put their faith into action, and rebuild their communities. Our priorities are to pray for the will of God to be done in the Nation; to teach the word through seminars to build up, inspire and mobilize godly leadership around the nation of Nigeria; execute projects in the community with the local church; and help the church to refocus their mandate and by serving their communities. Promisedland ministries is funded by private donations from individuals and fundraisers. The board is made up of five members who plan all of Promisedland activities.

contents In the Footsteps of Nehemiah ……………… 4 Nigeria is Our Promisedland ……………… 6 Promisedland Seminars Transformation Seminar…………………… 8 Marriage Seminar …………………………… 8 Leadership Seminar ………………………… 9 Youth Seminar ……………………………… 9 Prayer Seminar……………………………… 10 Financial Seminar …………………………… 10 Professional Seminar……………………… 11 Mission Presentations ……………………… 11 Promisedland Projects Clean Water Projects………………………… 12 Church Supplies Projects …………………… 12 School Supplies …………………………… 13 Clinic Supplies……………………………… 13 Promisedland Charitable Foundation……… 14 36 Quick Facts ……………………………… 21 Get inspired, Get working: 10 Prayer Points……………………………… 5 10 Things to transform Nigeria…………… 7

Writing Titilola Olude Richard Olude Editing, Proofreading Wande Olude Richard Olude Design ’Segun Olude Photography ’Segun Olude Pastor Adeniji Promisedland Image Library Printed in Nigeria Sign up for Promisedland newsletters and event updates at Promisedland Ministries Canada Board. From left: Brian Koldyk, ‘Segun Olude, Titi Olude, Rachel Alao, and David Fatimehin.

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In the footsteps of Nehemiah We are God’s children, we will start the rebuilding

“The God of Heaven will give us good success. We are his servants and we will start the rebuilding...”

— Nehemiah 2:20

Since we revisited the story of Nehemiah several years ago, the strategy that was given to him to rebuild the broken walls of Jerusalem seemed applicable to the situation facing Nigerian Christians today. We are seeing it playing out in the life of Pastor Dende of Christ Apostolic Church in Opeji.


Until God can find someone that is really upset about their state of affairs before God can effect change! The walls of Jerusalem were broken down for over half a century, but it was the anguish that Nehemiah felt that made him a candidate for change. Pastor Dende testifies that he himself wondered whether there was more to his ministry before he attended a Promisedland seminar. He was challenged by the story of Nehemiah. It fueled his faith and his passion for seeing change. First, his community was changed, and now, he is taking the Nehemiah message to rural communities around the nation. It is very crucial to state here that, in Nehemiah’s time, many saw the walls broken down and could not come up with the will to rebuild. Spending time in prayer is what supercharges our faith and sends us out to do that which seems impossible. Our communities are waiting to see “the manifestations of the sons of God” — Romans 8:19


It’s not enough just to be known as a Christian preaching the word every day, as though it were only to persuade. It’s better to be known as “A child of God” and “an agent of change,” because our gospel does not come in word only, but in the demonstration of God’s power. — 1 Corinthians 2:4 So to Nigerian Christians, we say, “make a full proof of your ministry” — 2 Timothy 4, bring the power to change, and rebuild the broken walls of your communities. Rebuild all that’s broken and damaged.



1. Pastor Dende visiting with the Nigerian Police in Atan-Ota. 2. A displaced community builds new homes. 3. Community farm where all the farmers work together and sell their vegetables to cities like Lagos. 4. Children church celebrated Christmas with Santa Claus, sponsored by the Oba. 5. Community Hall donated by a Senator, friend of the town’s Baale (chief). 6. The children’s church has grown and still growing. 7. Motorized tricycle donated to take farm workers to church on Sundays. 8. Clean drinking water for a school. 9. Children of Oba Eri school enjoying their new seats and tables, donated by the school’s parent-teachers association. 10. Pastor Dende promoted to Superintendent of Opeji District Headquarters of Christ Apostolic Church.

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prayer points that will transform Nigeria

1. confession

Let us confess all doubt and unbelief about what God can do, concerning the situation in our nation. Let us turn to Him for help, knowing that He will do “above and beyond what we can ask or think.�

2. pray for the church Pray for the church and the leaders that they will be relentless in teaching people about the Lord and bringing people to salvation. Pray that they will train the people to grow into maturity and live a life worthy of the call of God on their lives.

3. pray for faith to act


Pray for the church to support their faith with action and always reach out to those in need.

4. pray for discernment Pray that the church will have discernment to identify and fight the enemy who wants to hold the people bound in ungodliness.

5. pray for increase Pray also for the land to bring forth its increase in crops and minerals, that the people might live in abundance.

6. pray for the leaders and government 5

Pray for the government officials that they will be filled with wisdom on how to manage the resources for the good of the people.


7. pray for the economy Pray for markets to open up world wide for exchange of goods and services.

8. pray for the people Pray for opportunities for ordinary people to be able to use their gifts and abilities to earn a living, and contribute to society.

9. pray for god-given innovations and ideas 10


Pray for programs that will help the poor, orphans and widows who cannot take care of themselves.

10. thanksgiving prayer Thank God for the thoughts that He thinks towards our nation and for the plans He has made for us to prosper.

Get inspired, start praying! 11 Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 5

Nigeria is our promised We must take ownership of our inheritance “Ask of me, and I shall give you the nations for your inheritance…”

— Psalm 2: 8

Have you ever prayed and asked God for the nation of Nigeria? Well, we did. We also believed that he had given it to us as our inheritance. Taking ownership is the reason why we are travelling and teaching around the nation. We are committed to taking care of what we have inherited. Scripture reminds us that we have a good inheritance. So, no matter how bad the circumstances are in Nigeria, we know our nation is precious—a diamond in the rough. If we are to look a little closer, we will find a land that’s flowing with milk and honey. Nigeria’s most significant wealth is first, her resilient people, then the mineral and agricultural resources.


The potential for the nation is high. We must engage in spiritual warfare to take possession of the land. This fight should not come as a surprise. Joshua faced the same kind of battle before taking possession of Canaan (Israel’s Promisedland). Today, our struggle is not against flesh and blood; it is a spiritual battle against bribery, corruption, bad leadership, laziness, and all manners of problems. We must stop complaining and ask God for a battle plan, and take possession of our communities.


In the last couple of years, our journey has taken us across the nation, from state to state, planting seeds of hope and a new vision. Presently, the seeds have spread into 24 states, with only 12 more to go. We thank God for His love for our nation, and His strategy to give it to us as our inheritance.



1. With friends attending a marriage seminar in Ilorin. 2. Community Transformation Seminar in Ojota, Ogudu, Lagos State 3. Praying for children inn a privately-run school in Ogun State. 4. Pastor Afolayan took us on a project. 5. PCF Trustee, Oluwagbemiga Isaac, uses his passion for art to make a difference, by organizing art exhibitions for students and professionals. 6. Participants at the Transformation and Marriage Seminar for leaders in Ise-Ekiti, Ekiti State. 7. The lovely Afolayan family, our Design Seminar hosts in Auchi, Edo State. 8. Standing with lecturer and senior students at Auchi Polytechnic after a design seminar. 9. With one of the host pastors at a Transformation Seminar in Calabar. 10. Preparing conference packages for Promisedland Pastors’ Conference in Abeokuta. 11. Visiting with Apostle Paul in his church office, in Akwa Ibom. 12. Titi and ‘Segun teaching about “Agreement” during a Marriage Seminar in Akwa Ibom.

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things you can do to transform Nigeria

1. set up a prayer group Prayer is the key that opens doors to the change that we desire to see in our communities. Set up a time to pray and target the things that need to change. Invite others to join you.

2. become a mentor You have gifts, talents and skills that you use to earn a living — use them to mentor the youth. Be an encouragement to the next generation.

3. provide health information 2


The rural communities could use your help. Many new mothers need information about inexpensive nutrition, and how to maintain good health for themselves and their children. Use your nursing gift to teach them.

4. clothe the poor We all have clothes that we no longer use because they don’t fit anymore or are out of style, yet there are those who have none. Collect old clothes from your friends and family and re-distribute them to those who are in need.

5. support school sports



Sports are excellent stimulants for the minds of youth. It is also a means for healthy competition that can bring communities together. Soccer is our national sport, help organize matches and bring renewed vitality to your community.

6. clean up the market place Garbage dumped in gutters are a health hazard. Choose to work in cleaner environments, arrange a weekly clean up in your area. Set a better example for the next generation.

7. provide drinking water Many communities are still drinking from the stream, which causes a lot of water borne diseases. Help to dig a well and provide clean water for others to drink.

8. provide clinic supplies 9 10



There are many villages still without medical supplies in their clinics and families have to travel for miles to get care. Donate supplies to the clinic in your community or a village.

9. provide school supplies Many schools basic necessities to properly educate our children. Donate desks, text books, exercise books, writing tools, and even swings for playtime.

10. provide orphanage supplies Without their parents, children in orphanages already start out their lives at a disadvantage. Donate food, clothing and necessities for their care and upkeep. You will be blessed.

Get inspired, get working! Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 7

Promisedland Seminars

Transformation Seminar

Marriage Seminar

This 10 minute video and 7 point teaching on Nehemiah aims to teach pastors and community leaders how to transform their communities through prayer and activate the gifts and talents of others.

This 13 point teaching on biblical principles of marriage with several object lessons aims to teach married couples and single adults, how to build their marriage on the word of God and how to release their faith for a godly marriage.

Topics covered are Commitment, Prayer and Fasting, Identifying Sources of Spiritual Oppression, Building Up the Church, and Building Up the Community. The discussion is designed to develop strategies for the rebuilding of each community and how to implement them.

The topics covered are Covenant, One Flesh, Roles, Sowing and Reaping, Forgiveness, Faith Vision and Trust, Praying Together, Agreement, Flowing Together in the Spirit, Intimacy, Spiritual Warfare, Life patterns, and One-Flesh Ministry. The discussion is designed for couples to identify things that don’t line up with the word of God in their lives and how to implement change.

Top: Zechariah and Roslyn Dende teaching transformation in Abia, in the rain! Bottom: Praying for the community after the transformation seminar in Ise-Ekiti. Top: Pastor and Mrs Afolayan attending a marriage seminar in Iseyin. Bottom: Church youth help to demonstrate “soul ties� at a marriage seminar in Ilorin.

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The Bible says, “without knowledge the people perish,” therefore, Promisedland organizes transformation, marriage, leadership, youth, financial, and professional seminar to help pastors and leaders gain better understanding of the reason why they are placed in their community, and how they can release the talents in their congregation for change.

Leadership Seminar

Youth Seminar

The10 point teaching aims to teach leaders on how to receive their call to leadership and how to raise others around them into godly leaders.

This 7 point teaching on discovering your motivational gifting aims to teach the youth to identify and embrace their God given gifts, to establish a Godly direction in their lives.

The topics covered are Call To Leadership,The Early Preparation, Anointed For Service, Transition To Leadership, Entering In, Instructions for Leadership, Spying Out The Land, The Victory Is Not Just For You, God’s Provision, and Trusting In God. The discussion is designed to help pastors to identify and develop leaders around them, to give leadership at homes, at work, and in their communities.

The topics covered are administration, exhortation, compassion, giving, perception, serving, and teaching. The discussion session is on how to use your gifts constructively at home, school, and within the community through all the seasons of your life.

Top: Youth serving as worship leaders often gain from transformation workshops. Bottom: Prayer time at a youth seminar inside the chapel of Ibadan Polytechnic in 2017. Top: The church must teach that we are all leaders in our various professions. Bottom: A pile of leadership seminar worksheets ready for an event in the town of Oyo.

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 9

Promisedland Seminars

Financial Seminar

Prayer Seminar

This 10 point teaching on how to be guided by God’s financial principles from the word of God, aims to teach leaders on how to keep proper account and manage their money and time that God has assigned them.

This 8 point teaching aims to teach leaders on how to get their church Praying . How to help every individual in the church know who they are in Christ, how to pray and hear their instructions from God.

The topics covered are, God’s part and our part, Debt, Counsel, Honesty, Giving, Work, Investing, Perspective, Eternity.

The topics covered are Getting Started, What is Prayer, Pray Like Jesus, God-Centered Prayer, Getting Ready for Battle, Prayer Mission of Your Church, Building a Prayer Ministry, and Prayer Strategies for the Church and Community.

The discussion is on how to develop your own personal budget and how to live within your means.

The discussion is on how to identify specific prayer targets in your community, and how to form daily prayer teams around them. Top: Seeking answers together from the Word. Bottom: Praying for the health of a community in Cross River State. Top: Practicing how to pray for community transformation during a PCF leadership training. Bottom: Titi teaching pastors and leaders about prayer strategies for their communities.

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 10


Professionals Seminar

Mission Presentations

This power point teaching is a knowledge and skill transfer seminar designed to mentor the next generation of professionals. Professionals already practicing in their field use this platform to teach, train, and mentor the next generation of professionals on a range of topics.

This 30 minute slide show presentation aims to help individuals and group understand the vision and the mission of Promisedland Ministry, which is to mobilize pastors and leaders to put their faith into action to rebuild their communities.

The discussion is on how to present and maintain your profession on a world stage.

The discussion is on how to participate in this ministry through joining the prayer team, volunteering in the organization and sponsoring programs and projects.

Top: Design Seminar for students and faculty at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo State. Bottom: ‘Segun Olude delivering a visual presentation at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.

Top: Teaching biblical marriage principles during church event in Calgary, Canada. Bottom: 2017 Mission Presentation to Nigerians in Winnipeg, Canada.

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 11

Promisedland Projects

Well Water Project

Church Supplies

Providing safe drinking water ensures that women and children do not have to walk for miles to fetch water from dirty streams and positively impacts the health and well-being of whole communities.

Providing church supplies to churches in rural communities ensures that the local church is able to meet the demands of their congregation and remain a source of encouragement to their community. Through this program, Promisedland provides church essentials like Bibles in local languages, chairs, doors and windows.

Through this program, Promisedland digs new wells to provide a convenient source of fresh drinking water that is easily accessible to the entire community.

Top: Clean Water Project in Ondo State, before, and Bottom: Drawing water from a well after the project completion.

Top: Giving thanks for a Church Project in Oyo State. Bottom: Church Project in Ogun State.

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 12


Promisedland has identified four types of projects that make lasting impact on communities; they are examples of putting our faith in action. The execution of the projects are supervised by members of the Board of Promisedland Charitable Foundation, to ensure that the projects are properly completed.

School Supplies

Clinic Supplies

Providing school supplies to rural community schools ensures that the school is able to provide a better learning environment for the children which impacts the future of the whole community. Â

Providing clinic supplies to rural clinics ensures that the resident nurses are able to give adequate care and referrals to their patients. This is life saving for everyone from the new born elder.

Through this program, Promisedland provides school essentials like exercise books, desks, chairs and tables and book cupboards for teachers, swing sets for the playground and school uniforms and sandals for kids who have none.

Through this program, Promisedland provides much-needed beds, mattresses, pillows, chairs, tables, drip-stands, toiletries and medications, including basic essentials for newborns and mothers.

Top: School Supplies project provided beddings for a school in Osun State. Bottom: Students with exercise books received from a PCF Pastor in Ekiti State.

Top: The waiting line at a community clinic in Lagos. Bottom: Healthcare worker attending to patients during a community medical mission.

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 13

Promisedland Charitable Foundation

Promisedland Charitable Foundation was founded in 2013 as an NGO in Nigeria. We work hand in hand with Promisedland Ministries to execute their mission around Nigeria, which is to mobilize pastors and leaders to doing acts of faith to transform their communities. PCF receives funding from Promisedland Ministries. Therefore, they are financially accountable and are required to provide annual reports for all seminars and project executed each year. Through the Foundation, the work of Promisedland has extended into 24 states of Nigeria. State representatives are mandated to take the message of transformation to different communities in all local governments within their states. They also do community inspections to identify areas of need in each community. Promisedland Charitable Foundation, Board of Trustees. From left: Pastor Adeniji, Pastor Dende, Mrs. Dende, Titilola Olude, ‘Segun Olude, Pastor Oladimeji.

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 14

Promisedland is Working

Abia State

Adamawa State

Pastor Samuel Anawanti CAC Solution Chapel since 2012

Pastor Peter Mandong Zonal superintendent of CAC (Zonal HQ), Lamurde, Adamawa since 2010. He also oversees two churches in Lafia and Kizza

Joined PCF in 2017 2018 Project: Schools needs desks and other educational materials.

Joined PCF in 2017 2018 Project: School needs all kinds of school supplies.

Akwa Ibom State

Anambra State

Pastor John M. Isaac CAC Abak, Akwa Ibom State since 2009. He is also overseeing one other church

Pastor Chibuzo Ndubisi Gabriel Pastor at CAC Anambra since 2012

Joined PCF in 2017

Joined PCF in 2017 2018 Project: Exercise books for schools

2018 Project: Pump replacement for bore-hole

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 15

Bauchi State

Bayelsa State

Pastor Okunola CAC Mountain of victory Bauchi, (DCC Headquarters) Bauchi State since 2014. Also oversees three other churches

Pastor Samuel Ayodeji Oluwaleye Pastor at CAC Zarama Bayelsa since 2007

Joined PCF in 2017 Completed a well project 2018 Project: Community needs a well

Joined PCF in 2017 2018 Project: School needs school uniforms and sandals for students; blackboard for classrooms

Cross River State

Delta State

Pastor David Olawale Ajofoyinbo CAC Calabar, Cross River State since 2005. He is also overseeing four other churches

Pastor Isaac Adedayo Ayanwole He has been pastoring at CAC Redemption Center, Agbor, Delta State. He is also overseeing a church in Alifekede

Joined PCF in 2017

Joined PCF in 2017

2018 Project: Clinic needs medical supplies

2018 Project: Students need desks and teachers need chairs, chalk, blackboards

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 16

Promisedland is Working

Ebonyi State

Edo State

Pastor Omniyi CAC Oriaja (The city of refuge) since 2011. He has also planted and oversees three churches

Pastor Josiah Olubode Adeniyi CAC Benin, Edo state since 2008. Joined PCF in 2017 2018 Project: School needs desks for students and chairs for teachers

Joined PCF in 2017 2018 Project: School needs desks and writing materials

Ekiti State

Enugu State

Pastor Ilesanmi Emmanuel Salami CAC Chapel of Praise, Ikere-Ekiti, since 2012

Pastor Dan Ugwoke Zonal Superintendent at CAC Eme (District HQ), Eme, Enugu State Overseeing three additional churches

Joined PCF in 2016 Has has completed well, school, and church projects. 2018 Project: Clinic is in need of chairs tables and doors

Joined PCF in 2017 2018 Project: Schools need swings for students and desks

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 17

Gombe State

Imo State

Evangelist Ishola Ezekiel CAC Miracle Center, (District HQ), Tunfure, Gombe since 2014. He also oversees two other churches

Pastor Jones Nnajiemere CAC Ubomiri since 2016

Joined PCF in 2017

Joined PCF in 2017 2018 Project: Community needs a well or bore-hole repair

2018 Project: School needs desks for students

Kogi State

Kwara State

Pastor Odipe CAC Mount of Victory, Adavi LGA, since 2015

Pastor Gabriel Ajimoti CAC Agbala-Iyin, Odo-owa, Kwara state since 2005

Joined PCF in 2017

Joined PCF in 2017

2018 Project: Schools need uniforms, sandals and exercise books

2018 Project: Health center needs mattress, chairs, and various medical supplies

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 18

Promisedland is Working

Lagos State

Ogun State

Pastor Bamidele Elijah CAC Mountain of Deliverance, Ikotun, Lagos state since 2012

Pastor Dende CAC Ibudo Iyanu, Opeji, Ogun State since 2000. Church is now a district headquarters. He mentors several pastors in his community.

Joined PCF in 2017 Conducted open-air fellowships and community prayers 2018 Project: School needs educational materials

Joined PCF in 2013 Completed many projects in his community, his home state, and a few other states. 2018 Project: Renovation of police station

Ondo State

Osun State

Pastor Victor Oladapo All Believers Cathedral Church International, Ikare Akoko, Ondo state sine 2004

Pastor Adebayo CAC Oke Ola, Gbongan since 2010 Joined PCF in 2016 Completed a school project and a church project. 2018 Project: Boarding school still needs supplies

Joined PCF in 2016 Has completed a well project and started community prayers 2018 Project: School needs exercise books

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 19

Oyo State

Plateau State

Pastor Joshua Afolayan CAC Oke Agabara Anu Atokewa since 2010.

Pastor Amos Matawal Associate pastor at CAC Bokkos and CAC Barkin Ladi, Plateau State. Staff at CAC Ile-Ife Theological Seminary, Bokkos Campus

Joined PCF in 2016

Joined PCF in 2017

Completed a school project and a church project 2018 Project: Students need school uniforms

2018 Project: School needs desks, books, blackboard

Rivers State

Taraba State

Pastor Ebenezer Adewunmi CAC Victory Chapel, Rumuolumeni, Rivers State since 2004. Publicized for CAC P/H conference, and the CPFN Rivers State. Pioneered two campus fellowships at Uniport and Ajuru University of Education.

Pastor Bandron Yusuf Zonal superintendent CAC (zonal HQ) Jalingo, Taraba since 2013. Also oversees four other churches in Uka, Murbai, Five ways and Kaamen.

Joined PCF in 2017

Joined PCF in 2017 2018 Project: School needs desks and doors

2018 Project: Students need exercise books and desks

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 20


quick facts about nigeria





Capital City: Umuahia Population: 2,833,999 Local Governments: 17 Ethnic Groups: 1 and others Cash Crops: palm produce, cocoa, yam, cassava, rice, plantain, banana, maize and coco-yam, banana, rubber. Minerals: petroleum oil, glass sand, slate, limestone, bentonite, laterite. Industries: poultry farm, fish farming, forest (raw pulp), paper industry, fishing.

Capital City: Yola Population: 3,737,223 Local Governments: 21 Ethnic Groups: 10 and others Cash Crops: cotton and groundnuts, maize, yam, cassava, guinea corn, millet and rice. Minerals: kaolin, bentonite, gypsum, magnesite, magnesium, rubber. Industries: fishing, cattle, water bottling, fruit juices, sugar.



Capital City: Uyo Population: 4,805,451 Local Governments: 31 Ethnic Groups: 5 and others Cash Crops: rice and year-round fishing Minerals: petroleum oil, gas, sand, silica, granite, coal, kaolin, limestone, lignite Industries: mechanized agriculture, tourism, ibom rice



Capital City: Awka Population: 4,055,048 Local Governments: 21 Ethnic Groups: 2 Cash Crops: not listed Minerals: natural gas, crude oil, bauxite, ceramics Industries: fish farming, animal husbandry, automobile.





Capital City: Bauchi Population: 4,653,066 Local Governments: 20 Ethnic Groups: 55 Cash Crops: maize, rice, millet, groundnut and guinea corn Minerals: gold, casserole, columbite, gypsum, wolfram, coal, limestone, lignite, iron ore. Industries: steel, water, ceramics, food and beverages, cattle and livestock.

Capital City: Yenagoa Population: 1,998,349 Local Governments: 8 Ethnic Groups: 4 Cash Crops: fishing, farming, palm oil milling, lumbering, palm wine, Minerals: clay, sand and gravel, petroleum oil and gas. Industries: oil, electricity, fishing, local gin, trading, carving and weaving.



Capital City: Makurdi Population: 5,181,642 Local Governments: 23 Ethnic Groups: 5 Cash Crops: yams, rice, beans, cassava, potatoes, maize, soya beans, sorghum, millet and coco-yam. Minerals: limestone, gypsum, anhydride, kaolin, natural gas, salt, petroleum oil, lead and zinc, barytes, clay, coal, calcite, gemstones and magnetite. Industries: Taraku Mills Limited, Benue brewery limited, benue burnt bricks, Benco roof tiles, and Ago Millers Limited.



Capital City: Maiduguri Population: 4,588,668 27 Local Governments Ethnic Groups: 3 Cash Crops: castor plants, sunflower and soya beans, groundnut. Minerals: silica sand, natural salt, sapphire, topaz, quartz, mica, gypsum uranium, iron ore Industries: food-processing facilities, slaughterhouse, meatrefrigeration plant, peanut-oil mill, and chewing-gum factory, leather goods, wooden and metal furniture, nails, aluminum and steel structural products, and asbestos cement.



Capital City: Calabar Population: 3,104,446 Local Governments: 18 Ethnic Groups: 23 Cash Crops: cassava, yams, rice, plantain, banana, coco-yam, maize, cocoa, rubber, groundnut and palm produce. Minerals: limestone, titanium, tin ore, ceramic raw materials and hardstone and oil Industries: fish farming, processing, storage, marketing, fishing and rearing cattle, goats and sheep, poultry, pigs, rabbits and turkeys.



Capital City: Asaba Population: 6,710,214 25 Local Governments Ethnic Groups: 5 Cash Crops: cassava, coco-yams, yam and potatoes. year-round fishing produces fresh fish, crabs, shrimps and dried fish. Minerals: crude oil, natural gas, marble, glass sand, gypsum, lignite, iron ore, kaolin. Industries: oils, glass factory, timber and plywood factory, textile mills, boatyard, and steel company.

Promisedland | Issue Number Four | Page 21



Capital City: Abakaliki Population: 1,739,136 Local Governments: 13 Ethnic Groups: 9 Cash Crops: yam, cassava, plantain, banana, maize, coco-yam, palm produce, cocoa and rubber, rice, yams, potatoes, maize, beans. Minerals: salt, lead, crude oil, lead, limestone, gas, zinc, marble. Industries: plastic and cement block and food processing.



Capital City: Benin Population: 3,497,502 Local Governments: 18 Ethnic Groups: 5 Cash Crops: rubber, cocoa and palm produce, yams, cassava, rice, plantains, guinea-corn, fruits and vegetables. Minerals: crude oil, natural gas, clay chalk, marbles and limestone. Industries: Bendel cement, brewery, pharmaceutical, feed and flour mills.



Capital City: Ado Ekiti Population: 2,737,186 Local Governments: 16 Ethnic Groups: 1 Cash Crops: rice, kolanut, oil palm and cocoa, cassava, yam, coco-yam, maize, cowpea, citrus, plantain and fruits like cashew, mango, and orange. Also, large forest products. Minerals: clay, kaolin, columbite, cassiterite, foundry sand, bauxite, clarcomite and charcoalnite granite. Industries: wood based industry.






Capital City: Enugu Population: 5,590,513 Local Governments: 17 Ethnic Groups: 1 Cash Crops: yam tubers, palm produce and rice. Minerals: coal, limestone, iron ore, crude oil, natural gas and bauxite. Industries: vegetable oil, aluminum, building materials, motor, cashew, steels, flour mill, breweries, paints, livestock feedmill, salt, construction and furniture company.


Capital City: Gombe Population: 2,353,000 Local Governments: 11 Ethnic Groups: 1 Cash Crops: yam cassava, maize, tomato, groundnut, cotton Minerals: uranium, gypsum, and limestone. Industries: agro-based industries, tomato manufacturing company, cotton ginnery, groundnut oil mill, cement industry, furniture.



Capital City: Owerri Population: 3,934,899 Local Governments: 27 Ethnic Groups: 1 Cash Crops: palm produce, cocoa, rubber, yam, cassava, coco-yam and maize. large forest trees like the iroko, mahogany, obeche, gmelina, bamboo, rubber, oil palm Minerals: crude oil, lead, zinc, white clay, fine sand, limestone, and natural gas Industries: pharmaceutical, card packaging, resin paints, aluminum, Saab spare parts, steel, sponge, bread, polythene and paper.


Capital City: Dutse Population: 2,829,929 Local Governments: 27 Ethnic Groups: 3 Cash Crops: cotton, groundnut. Minerals: glass sand, granite, laterite, silica, kaolin, iron ore, quartz, potash, talc, limestone. Industries: farming and livestock, blacksmithing, leather-works, tailoring, auto repairs, metal works, carpentry, tanning, dyeing, food processing, masonry .



Capital City: Katsina Population: 6,483,429 Local Governments: 34 Ethnic Groups: 2 Cash Crops: cotton, groundnut, millet, guinea corn, maize, rice, wheat and vegetables. Minerals: kaolin and asbestos, marble, salt, gold, quartz, granite, talc. Industries: paint, rubber, ceramics, chalk, pharmaceuticals.




Capital City: Kaduna Population: 6,066,562 Local Governments: 23 Ethnic Groups: 12 Cash Crops: yam, cotton, groundnut, tobacco, maize, beans, guinea corn, millet, ginger, rice and cassava. Minerals: clay, serpentine, asbestos, amethyst, kyanite, gold, graphite, sillimanite Industries: carpets, textiles, reinforced concrete materials, bicycles assembly, toiletries and cigarettes. dairy products, soft drinks, flour and groundnut oil. leather, defense Industries, petroleum refinery, animal rearing and poultry farming include cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.



Capital City: Kano Population: 9,383,682 Local Governments: 44 Ethnic Groups: 1 Cash Crops: groundnuts, cotton, chilli pepper, garlic, gumbos beans Minerals: prochire, cassiterite, copper, glass sand, gemstone, lead, zinc, tantalite. Industries: tanneries, skins and hides, mattress, textiles, pharmaceuticals, dairy, bicycles.

Capital City: Birnin Kebbi Population: 3,630,931 Local Governments: 21 Ethnic Groups: 5 Cash Crops: millet, guinea - corn, maize, cassava, potatoes, rice, beans, onions and vegetables, wheat, soya beans, ginger, sugarcane, groundnuts and tobacco similarly, fruits such as mango, cashew, guava and paw-paw. Mineral: limestone, salt, clay and gypsum. Industries: dairy product, fish and cattle rearing



Capital City: Lokoja Population: 3,595,789 21 Local Governments Ethnic Groups: 11 Cash Crops: yam, cassava, soya bean, coco-yam, maize, millet, rice, guinea corn, palm produce, cowpea, cocoa, coffee and cashew. Minerals: iron ore, mica, marble, limestone, coal, crude oil, gold, iron-ore,kaolin, casserite, columbite, tantalite, feldspar, and dolomite. Industries: iron and steel, marble, food, sawmill, ceramic, oil palm, iron-ore.

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Capital City: Ilorin Population: 2,591,555 16 Local Governments Ethnic Groups: 4 Cash Crops: cotton, cocoa, coffee, kola nut, tobacco, beniseed, and palm produce. Minerals: limestone, marble, feldspar, clay, kaolin, quartz and granite rocks, dolomite, gold, tantalite Industries: breweries, soap and detergent, match company, Tate and Lyle, rhinoplasty plastic, pharmaceuticals, textile and furniture, paper, foam, biscuits, paper, sugar, animal feed mill, agricultural products, motorcycle assembly plant, flour mill



Capital City: Ikeja Population: 21,000,000 Local Governments: 20 Ethnic Groups: 250 Cash Crops: maize, cassava, vegetable, rice, yam, coco-yam, cowpeas, soya beans, pineapple, coconut, oil palm, kolanut, cocoa, plantain, banana, cashew, citrus fruits, and rubber Minerals: clay, silica, glass, bitumen, off-shore-oil Industries: over 2,000 Industries; food processing, soap, leather works, textile, ceramics, raffia, gold-smithing, cement and roofing, seaport, pig, goat, sheep cattle, rabbit, fish, shrimps.



Capital City: Lafia Population: 2,040,097 Local Governments: 13 Ethnic Groups: 21 Cash Crops: cassava, yam, rice, maize, guinea corn, beans, soya beans, beniseed, sasha, and millet. Minerals: columbite, coal, cassiterite, aquamarine, mica, clay, silica, baryte, salt, limestone, zinc, lead, glass sand, mica, granite, tantalite. Industries: mining, steel, jewelry, energy production.


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Capital City: Minna Population: 3,950,249 Local Governments: 25 Ethnic Groups: 15 Cash Crops: sorghum, maize, rice, millet, cowpea, yam, cassava, sweet potatoes, groundnut, cotton, soya beans, sugarcane, melon, vegetables Minerals: talc, gold, feldspar, lead, kaolin,ball clays, silica, sand, marble, copper iron, case rite, columbite, mica, quartz, limestone. Industries: hydro electric power stations,tourism, pharmaceutical, sugar.

Capital City: Oshogbo Population: 4,137,627 Local Governments: 30 Ethnic Groups: 5 Cash Crops: yam, maize, cassava, beans, coco-yam, tobacco and palm produce. Minerals: gold, talc, feldspar, casserite, columbite, granite, mica, iron ore, kaolin, tourmaline, aquamarine. Industries: tourism, nails, carpets, brewery, recording company, publishing firm, quartzite mining, and gold mining.





Capital City: Abeokuta Population: 4,054,272 Local Governments: 20 Ethnic Groups: 6 Cash Crops: rice, maize, cassava, yam and banana, cocoa, kolanut, rubber, palm oil and palm kernels, timber, rubber. Minerals: limestone, chalk, phosphate, stones and gravels, bitumen, phosphate, kaolin, tar, sand and clay. Industries: cement factories, food processing, pharmaceuticals.



Capital City: Akure Population: 3,440,000 Local Governments: 18 Ethnic Groups: 9 Cash Crops: yams, cassava and palm produce. They also engage in fishing Minerals: quartz sand clay, granite, limestone, talc, kaolin, coal, columbine, rock, tin, river, bitumen. Industries: wood industries, oil palm mill, cocoa processing factory, glass, metal industry.

Capital City: Ibadan Population: 6,617,720 Local Governments: 33 Ethnic Groups: 1 Cash Crops: maize, yam, cassava, millet, rice, plantains, cocoa, palm produce, cashew. Minerals: clay, kaolin and aquamarine. Industries: cattle ranches and dairy farms



Capital City: Jos Population: 3,178,712 Local Governments: 17 Ethnic Groups: 36 Cash Crops: maize, cotton, groundnuts, beans and millet, guinea corn, cassava, rice, coco-yam, cotton, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, wheat, rice, sorghum, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, green beans, cucumbers, peas, green peppers Minerals: tin, iron, magnetite, columbite, lead, tantalite. Industries: tin mines, livestock, tourism.



Capital City: Port Harcourt Population: 6,689,087 Local Governments: 23 Ethnic Groups: 3 Cash Crops: palm oil, rubber, coconuts, raffia palm, jute Minerals: petroleum oil, gas, bitumen Industries: petroleum: Agip, Texaco, elf, NPRC, Michelin, glass industry, aluminum, Metaloplastica, risonpalm, breweries, seaport.



Capital City: Sokoto Population: 4,392,391 Local Governments: 23 Ethnic Groups: 2 Cash Crops: millet, rice, corn, cereals, cotton, beans, tomatoes and vegetables grow in the region. Minerals: gold, lime stone, gypsum, iron, copper, columbite, tantalite, zinc, kaolin. Industries: wheat flour mill, tomato processing and textile production, leather, and large format digital print.



Capital City: Jalingo Population: 2,688,944 Local Governments: 16 Ethnic Groups: 11 Cash Crops: coffee, tea, groundnuts, cotton, maize, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava, and yam Minerals: silver, gold, crude oil Industries: cattle, sheep and goats, rabbit breeding and pig farming, dairy farms, fishing, pottery, cloth-weaving, dyeing, mat-making, carving, embroidery and blacksmithing, tourism.

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Capital City: Damaturu Population: 2,532,395 Local Governments: 17 Ethnic Groups: 8 Cash Crops: gum Arabic, groundnuts, beans, cotton, maize, millet, rice, wheat, and sorghum. Minerals: gypsum, kaolin, and quartz, trauma/potash, kaolinite, gypsum, gravel and silica sand, limestone, diatomite and mineral water spring. Industries: flour and feed mills, food processing, oil mills, weaving, pottery, leather works.


ZAMFARA STATE Capital City: Gusau

Population: 3,602,356 Local Governments: 14 Ethnic Groups: 13 Cash Crops: millet, guinea corn, maize, rice, groundnut, cotton, tobacco, beans. Minerals: gold, copper, iron ore, manganese. Industries: bakery, Gusau Oil Mill, textile, sweets factory, cotton gingery, weaving. ***************************



Capital City: Abuja Population: 778,567 Districts: 6 Ethnic Groups: 8 listed, but being the capital, it’s probably more Cash Crops: yams, cassava, maize, plantains, sorghum, guinea corn and rice Minerals: marble, tin, mica, clay, wolframite, tantalite and talc. Industries: tourism

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