The Law Offices of Segal & Segal, LLC

The Law Offices of Segal & Segal, LLC

Huntsville, United States

The dedicated legal team at Law Offices Of Segal & Segal will represent you in these tough times. We stand by our clients and fight for their rights. For us, representing clients accused of breaking the law is never about defending criminals. it’s about defending people. Some of the people we defendant are wrongly accused. Others may have made a mistake. Whether our clients seek justice or mercy, it is our honor and privilege to represent them to the best of our ability and to make sure that they are treated in accordance with the standards and principles of justice.


Practice Areas:

Huntsville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Huntsville First Time Offenders

Huntsville DUI

Huntsville Drug Charges

Huntsville Marijuana Charges

Huntsville Traffic Offenses

Huntsville Domestic Violence



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