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Xano Esport The University and the Adapted Sports Federation of Valencian community united by the inclusion


Butlletí del Servei d’Educació Física i Esports

Almeria and Split (Croatia) will be the headquarters of the European


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Football and Basketball women teams will compete in June in the respective European Universities Championship. It’s worthy of merit for these two teams, as accessing this competition is not easy. The first requirement is to have been medallist in the previous national Championship, as well as getting the invitation from the organization, which means the pass to participate in the Championship. Last year both teams ended the University Spain Championships with a medal and currently, both have managed to proclaim regional champions and competed in the Spanish University Championship. Basketball team failed to qualify for the medals, but soccer-7 girls were luckier, who after an excellent Championship, got the gold medal.

the bronze medal. This result allows us to measure our forces. The team has a high level and we think we can get podium in Europe. We had a perfect season regarding results, unbeaten in the regional championship and also in the national Championship, so the idea is to continue this winning streak. We know that we will meet strong rivals, such as the University of Toulouse, who got the gold in the I European Games, but we are confident in our chances. Obviously, anything can happen, but we have good feeling, we are training well and our luggage is full of enthusiasm and willingness”. Both teams are pre-

The University collaborates with the most inclusive golf


The physical education and sports service committed to communication 2.0


More than 400 attendees enjoyed the salsa festival at the pavillion


The University of Valencia champion in the spanish university women’s football 7 champ


University of Valencia silver in the spanish university athletics championship The University runner-up in the taekwondo national The internal competition finals bring together more than 450 athletes paring for the European appointment, wich will be held in Almería from 23 to 30 June (football), and in Split (Croatia) for basketball, from 21 to 29 June.

“After the Spanish University Championship, we face Europe with eager and great enthusiasm” - says José Andrés Menchero Moll, football coach - “we know that the European level is very high, but we count on last summer’s experience, when we played at the I University European games, we competed at a good level and we got



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adapted sports







This new agreement reinforces the activity carried out by the University of Valencia, whose objective is to promote the sport among college students with disabilities or special needs arising from a disability and to support the first figures of adapted sport while studying at this University. This year, the University has enrolled 1050 students with some kind of disability, to whom this program is potentially directed to.


Reinforcement for the University programs



The Vice-Rector for Culture and Equality of the University of Valencia, Antonio Ariño, and the President of the Adapted Sports Federation of the Valencian Community, Pilar Javaloyas, just signed an agreement to establish measures of cooperation, coordination, improvement and promotion of the inclusion of students, administration staff (PAS), teaching and research personnel (PDI) and disabled people associated with the FESA sport activities which both entities co-organize, through different programs. The signing of this cooperation agreement is intended to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities who belong to the University Community and FESA and so increase their participation in physical and sports activities with the aim of improving their quality of life. To do so, we will create

sports schools aimed to adapted-inclusive sport. From now to September 2014 we offer activities such as table tennis, archery, adapted sailing or tennis in Chair, through the program of adapted sports at the University. In addition, as a result of this agreement, we will create a range of training activities which allow the development of plans, programs and projects for the promotion and development of adapted sport in collaboration with the Physical Education and Sports Service of the University and the Federation of Adapted sports of the Valencian Community.



The signing of this cooperation agreement, is intended to facilitate the inclusion of disabled people who belong to the University community and FESA





CALL FOR AID TO THE PROMOTION OF THE SPORT OF EX STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES The deadline to apply will conclude on June 21 Divina Pastora Chair of adapted sport from the University of Valencia, through the Vice-Rectorate of Culture and Equality of the University, grants former students who are disabled or with special needs arising from a disability for the competition of this year. The aim of these grants is to support the transit of the students, linked to University’s Sport Club, on its new status of ex-student who starts a new stage in search of employment and compatibility with the sport of middle and high level as well as the inclusion in all areas of their daily lives. Deadline to apply on June 21. Call available on the website of Divina Pastora Chair of Adapted Sport


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THE UNIVERSITY COLLABORATES WITH THE MOST INCLUSIVE GOLF Last weekend, the facilities of the Royal Golf Club of Manises hosted the closing ceremony of the Adapted Golf course Last weekend, the facilities of the Royal Golf Club of Manises hosted the closing ceremony of the Adapted Golf course, an inclusive tournament in which the University participated as a collaborator and attended by José Campos, director of the Physical Education and Sports Service and Divina Pastora Chair of adapted sport from the University of Valencia. The tournament had a fully inclusive character, involving more than 50 golfers including twenty children and 12 adults were disabled. In addition, partners, collaborators, friends and family members with and without disabilities are also encouraged to participate in this event which, according to Miguel Esparza, Vice President of the Real Club de Golf Manises, “it was an unprecedented inclusive experience. Golf is a sport that allows the inclusion of people with disabilities through systems of compensation in the handicap system of competition” All participants were awarded and the tournament was followed by a lar-

ge number of people. “We are very happy, it has been a unique experience and from the Organization would like to thank all participants and collaborators, their participation and involvement” declared Esparza at the end of the event. José Campos, director of the Physical Education and Sports Service,

commented “from our position as collaborators we are happy to continue boasting and promoting this kind of work. With a view to future courses, we expect to strengthen ties with the Manises Golf Club and to carry out training, educational and sport actions that will facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities”.

GANDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTER AND THE DIVINA PASTORA CHAIR OF ADAPTED SPORT ORGANIZED A COURSE ABOUT ADAPTED SPORT The course will be held at the 20th Summer University of Gandía during July The course is organized in the framework of the XX Summer University, Gandia: adapted sport: spaces for intervention, resources for inclusion, which will be held on Gandia campus between 22 and 23 July, and with the collaboration of the Divina Pastora Chair of Adapted Sports. The aim is to provide resources and experiences to the students in the different fields of action of the adapted sport: therapeutic, educational, leisure and free time, social and competitive awareness. The course is aimed at teaching and technical staff with responsibility in the Organization and management of programs of physical activity, sports for people with disabilities or without it, always from an inclusive point of view. In addition, all 40 participants will analyze the reality of the sports system

and will identify current problems and their possible solutions. The 10-hour-course will feature the participation of Celeste Asensi, Director of the Unit for integration of disabled people of the University of Valencia; Daniel Martos, Professor of Didactics of musical, plastic and corporal expression at the University of Valencia; Gabriel Melis, technical director of the Federation of Adapted Sports of the Valencian Community; Esther Santos, Coordinator of the Local School of Adapted Sport from Vinaròs and Miguel Angel Torregrosa, sports technician at the Physical Education


and sports Service of the University of Valencia and adapted sport program coordinator. With this course, the Chair Divina Pastora continues with its commitment to promote training, educational and sports work to facilitate the inclusión of persons with disabilities. Registration available until July 7.

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ADAPTED ASSISTANT SAILING COURSE ENDS SUCCESSFULLY Participants deepened in transversal content of adapted sport The Physical Education and Sports Service of the University of Valencia and the Federation of Adapted Sports of the Valencian Community (FESA) have co-organized the course of adapted assistant sailing, in collaboration with the Divina Pastora Chair in Adapted Sports of the University. Participating students could deepen in transversal content of adapted sport and specifically that of the adapted sailing. The main objective of the course was to promote the figure of the one who serves as Assistant on adapted sailing, providing him/her with the necessary resources to get along in safety conditions. This adapted activity needs human support, qualified and trained, in order to offer quality activities which guarantee a higher popularization and involvement. The common training was taught by Gabriel Melis, FESA’s technical director and by Miguel Angel Torregrosa, coordinator of the program of adapted sport, on the other hand, specific training was given by sailing specialists from FESA, Jaime Ortiz and Joan Tamarit. After the successful completion of the course, students will credit it as participation and will gel 1.5 ECTS credits, and on the other hand, FESA, has accredited it as sports training in the field of its competences. The initiative of training people wishing to link to the various adapted sports will be followed by other initiatives next year, including the second edition of the course of adapted assistant sailing. More information on the website of the Physical Education and Sports Service:

communication area THE PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORTS SERVICE COMMITTED TO COMMUNICATION 2.0 The Physical Education and Sports Service inaugurates Photo Gallery The director of Physical Education and Sports Service of the University of Valencia, José Campos, inaugurated the photo Gallery on the Service’s events website (, another initiative of the digital communication plan carried out through the Physical Education and Sports Service to achieve greater involvement of the users through communities and social networks. Starting today, students of the University will find photos of the current academic year taken at the Autonomic University Sports Championship matches, awards ceremony of the internal competition, held last Tuesday, 21 may, as well as conferences, clinics, conventions, etc. More than 1000 images distributed in galleries, available from today, which satisfy the desire of the University community to access this type of content. “Opening the Photo Gallery is certainly an advance for the Physical Education and Sports Service, from where we are betting on new technologies and social networks as a perfect tool to share and obtain information, something that we consider fundamental in our corporate communication strategy” said José Campos at the opening of the gallery.

the welcome we got from the University community could not be warmer. This type of communication allows us interact more actively with them, know their opinions much more directly and as a consequence improve our services and the quality of our actions.” In addition to the news, the followup of events such as the Gala Dinner of sport or the autonomic and national championships have been the key for, in just a few months in the networks, having numerous followers in Twitter and Facebook. “The possibility of interacting with our collectives is one of the great advantages of social networks, something that we consider fundamental and in which we are determined to continue” concluded José Campos.. Students can receive in their email all the news of the Physical Education and Sports Service through free subscription to Xano Esport, at

This initiative joins other projects of the Service to strengthen its presence in the web 2.0, just as in the case of Facebook, where it has almost 400 followers, Twitter, more than 200, or Youtube. In this regard, the director of the service was excited about the welcome of the University community “our first objective in the social networks was to inform about our news and offer special coverage of events and activities which take place in the Service and


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M O R E T H A N 400 AT T E N D E E S E N J OY E D T H E S A L S A FE S T I VA L AT T H E PAV I L L I O N Successful participation in the I Salsa Festival

150 guests enjoyed displays at University Pavilion

The University of Valencia, through the Physical Education and Sports Service, hosted last Sunday the 1st University of Valencia Salsa Festival in the sports facilities of Blasco Ibáñez Campus. The event was a success with more than 400 attendees, who were able to enjoy different initiation workshops and improvement of different dances and rhythms, exhibitions and live orchestra. Twenty professors, more than 25 volunteers and the participants attended the festival selflessly, since it’s a caring festival. Mónica Palerm, President of the Association of Arts, Culture and Development was responsible for collecting the benefits of the festival. Said benefits were donated to this non-profit entity in order to contribute to the processes of integration of immigrant groups, increasing awareness campaigns that favour the approach and understanding of the current situation. Last January concluded a successful crowdfunding campaign directed to support one of their projects “Artistic workshops for boys and girls” at risk of social exclusion in Bamako (Mali). The goal now is that these workshops continue. Malian local team is doing a great job in the centres, where they boost through art

More than 150 guests enjoyed on Saturday 27th April a show where movement and expression joined together in an evening of exhibitions that did not leave anyone indifferent. the personal and artistic development of the children, fostering social skills and improving their safety and selfesteem. The festival was well appreciated by the attendees, who were very happy with the organization, facilities and good staging of all the dancers, especially the superb performance that closed the event which was pleasantly surprising to the public. A final exhibition carried out by 12 dancers, students of the activity of ‘salsa’ which, moreover, also volunteered for the event.


Students of the classical and contemporary dance, jazz and hip hop activities, organized by the Physical Education and Sports Service of the Universitat de Valencia, presented a series of exhibitions which showed the progress and learning throughout the course. 117 dancers and a committed public dedicated the festival to the work that the teachers develop throughout the academic course, as well as the organization of different activities.

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competition area THE UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA CHAMPION IN THE SPANISH UNIVERSITY WOMEN’S FOOTBALL 7 CHAMP The female football 7 team got gold after a perfect championship regarding results University of Valencia teams continue to prove a high sport level in the Spanish University Championships played these days. The last medal came from the female football 7 team which won the gold after a perfect championship regarding results. In the League prior to the final, the players faced the University of Extremadura in a very intense match that won after a tight 1-2. On the second day they were much more enthusiastic and won 6-4 to the University of Girona. It was from that moment when the team made the expected leap in quality and on the third day they overcame the Polytechnic University of Madrid 4-0, which meant a declaration of intent towards the final. At 11:30 on Friday, may 3, everything was ready for

the final of the Spanish Championship, which would face our University with the University of Barcelona, seeded in Group A with only one defeat in the previous League. The University team went to the break with an advantage of 0-2 and started playing the second half with an exemplary attitude, which was reflected in a very dynamic game and many goal chances. With a 1-6 on the scoreboard, the referee ended the

match, and proclaimed the University team as Spanish University champion. A more-than-deserved title for a team that aced one of the highest level Championships on the national scene.

UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA SILVER IN THE SPANISH UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIP With nine medals, athletes are runners up in the national competition for the fourth consecutive year The University was second in the Championship of track and field competition at the national level, developed on 11 and 12 may in Cáceres. The University team coached by Jesús Sanchís, climbs to second place of the podium for the fourth consecutive year, which shows the level of the athletes of the institution, which, on this occasion, have exceeded the performances of previous editions. In all, the athletes of the University got nine medals, five gold medals, one silver and three bronzes. Great records that allowed champions of Spain Enrique González in 400 m hurdles (51 “39”), Miguel Angel Sancho in high jump (2.16), Manel Miralles in pole vault (4.80), Jorge Gimeno in long jump (7.52) and Vicente Docavo in triple jump (16.71). The silver medal was for María Martin-Sacristan in the 100 m. and 3 bronzes for Cristina Ferrando in high jump, Rafael Rico in 200 m. and Iván Martínez Linuesa in 100 m.

The University team managed to reach the second position in the Championship with 119 points, behind the Catholic University of Murcia, 136 points. Second place points are obtained from the classification of the first eight athletes of the various tests that make up the Athletics Championship. The University team got 119 points thanks to the medalists and fourth places by Mar Moran shot put and disk, Beatriz Ferrando in high jump, Cristina Castellar and Iván Martínez Linuesa in 200 m., and Jorge Gimeno in triple jump. Fifth position was for


Roxana Martínez in disk, María Sánchez pole vault and Paula Escriche in long jump. Irene Espí in 10000 m., Carlos Martín-Sacristán in 100 m. and Andrea Salvador 3000 steeplechase were sixth. Seventh were Vicente García in triple jump and Rubén Ortiz in long jump.

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THE UNIVERSITY RUNNER-UP IN THE TAEKWONDO NATIONAL The University team won eight medals and the second place team The University of Valencia taekwondo team managed to take the second place of the maximum National University Competition, Spanish University Championship, organized on this occasion by the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Murcia) during the last weekend. The team, with 14 athletes (6 men and 8 women) and the technical team, held a magnificent performance and took eight medals and the runner-up for the second consecutive year. In all, three golds, three silvers and two bronzes took the University team to just 3 points for the first position by teams which, finally, went to the University of Vigo. Taekwondists Zulema Díaz, Cristina Aullo and Blanca San Cirilo won the gold medal in some intense games. The three silvers came from Estefania Almela, Liliana González and David Ureña, and two bronzes for Elena Gomis and Andreu Martínez, who closed the Championship with a high level. In General, the technical team formed by Salvador Chang, Karina Reis and the physiotherapist Beatriz Bernabéu, were very pleased with the result. In the words of coach Chang “it is a very good result, we are runners-up of Spain for the second consecutive year and we are very happy. The team has

done a great job, even athletes who failed to medal competed at a very high level. We count on the support and resources of the University, we compete as a team and that makes our level grow day by day and be at the level of universities such as Madrid and Galicia, which are always favorite, so we cannot relax, we must continue working. It has been a great Championship, a true reflection of the work and the level of taekwondo that exist in Valencia, but now its time to rest and start thinking about the next.”

THE UNIVERSITY GETS THE BRONZE IN THE SPANISH UNIVERSITY RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP The best teams in Spain came to the competition, 14 women teams and 15 men teams LThe University rugby teams got the bronze medal in the Spanish University championships organized by the University Ramón Llull together with the High Council of Sports and the Spanish Committee of University Sport, held in Llívia from April 30 to May 2. The best teams came to the competition, 14 women teams and 15 men. In the two categories, the University teams managed to qualify for the gold semi-finals, but could not impose to the Complu-


tense University of Madrid, which was proclaimed champion of Spain both in women and men modalities. The awarding ceremony counted with the participation of Dr. Carlo Gallucci, Vice President of International Relations and Students of the URL; Aitor Canibe, head of the University Sports Service of the Higher Council for Sports; Ramon Moliné, Mayor of Alp and Joan Formantí, Councillor for Education and Sports of Llívia..

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PODIUM IN THE SPANISH UNIVERSITY BEACH VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Bronze for the couple formed by Zdravko Kamenov and Adrián Pastor The couple formed by Zdravko Kamenov and Adrián Pastor got the bronze medal in the past Spanish University beach volley Championship, held in Los Alcázares (Murcia) from 14th to 17th May. Kamenov and Shepherd played an elimination series showing a great level, but failed to impose in the semi-finals to the couple from UCAM Murcia, which finally ended second behind the University of Alicante. This bronze medal in the University National completes a superb season of this couple, who already was regional champion just a few weeks ago

in the regional championship of university sport, held in Puebla de Farnals. In all, one gold and one bronze for these athletes who usually compete representing the University and in the federated team UBE L´ Illa-Grau de Castellón, which plays in the Super League of volleyball. The female couple Tania Munoz and Mariana Freire, wasn’t so lucky and fell in the quarterfinals against the University of Alicante, ending as runnersup. Muñoz and Freire played a brilliant Championship and were just one match away from the medal.

THE INTERNAL COMPETITION FINALS BRING TOGETHER MORE THAN 450 ATHLETES The University Pavilion welcomed the delivery of the domestic championship trophies and the Rector’s trophy The University Pavillion held on Tuesday the awarding ceremony for the champions of internal competitions, the Rector’s Trophy and the domestic championship. The event counted with the presence and intervention of the Vice President’s Involvement and Territorial projection of the University, Jorge Hermosilla Pla and the director of the Physical Education and Sports Service, José Campos. The objective of this event was to reward the athletes of various competitions that, throughout last season, have managed to qualify for the finals of the internal competition. The trophy presentation, at-

tended by more than 450 athletes, began with the intervention of Vice President Jorge Hermosilla, who took the opportunity to congratulate all the winners and urge them to continue with the practice of sports and also highlighted that, in times of crisis, the University continues betting for providing a quality service that meets the needs of all members of the University community in the field of physical and sporting activities as from the University this is considered as one more component of the students education. Then the delivery of the domestic championship trophies and the Rector’s


trophy, both for individual sports team took place. The closure of the Gala was in charge of the director of the Physical Education and Sports Service, José Campos, who thanked all the athletes for their participation and encouraged them to continue in this line and to meet the different proposals offered by the Service in different fields: educational, leisure, care and competitive. A varied offer ranging from the practice of non-competitive recreational sports activities to those facing competition at different levels and areas: internal competitions, rector’s trophy, regional, national or international competitions.

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