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About Sefa Sefa is the largest study association of the Faculty Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam. Sefa gives students the opportunity to organize events in our four different pillars: Academic, Career, International and Social. Participating in a Sefa committee is the chance to gather practical experience, get in touch with future employers, build your cv and to meet your fellow students. Sefa has 60 yearly events, all organized by our active members. This recruitment period gives you the opportunity to become active in a variety of academic, international and social committees. Are you more interested in organizing a career event? Sefa also has a lot to offer in this area! Later on in the year it will be possible to apply for the 'Amsterdamse Carrière Dagen' and the Sefa Career Month committees, among others. If you want to know more about the opportunities Sefa has to offer don't hesitate to send a mail to!

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Application deadline: September 13th

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This project will put your entrepreneurial skills to the test by providing you the opportunity to put theory and business intuition into practice. You will decide how, when and where to earn money with entrepreneurial activities. Since a real entrepreneur can operate in every environment, the revenue acquired will be used to fund an international trip. Are you ready to encounter the cultural barrier?

(12h/week) Available positions: chairman, secretary, treasurer, acquisition speakers (x3)

Voluntary Committee - Fluency in Dutch required The goal of the Voluntary Committee is to utilize the knowledge students have acquired in their field of study to give back to society. Last year the Voluntary Committee helped to structure the administration of people with debt issues and support them in finding a job. Together with five other committee members you will build upon this foundation to further develop this project and of course you will donate some of your time to helping others! (8h/week) Available positions: chairman, secretary/treasurer, committee member (x4)

(8h/week) Available positions: chairman, secretary, treasurer and participants (6x)

International Week The International Week is an exchange project for students from all over the world. Local students give an inside look into their city, local culture, local business life, party scene and their university. The International Week committee organizes the International Week Holland and recruits students to participate in on (8h/week) Available positions: chairman, treasurer, acquisition/program (x2) and promotion

Sefa Social Committee 1 Are you interested in organizing social activities? Apply for the Sefa Social Committee and get the opportunity to organize the monthly drinks and the Grand Sefa Ball. On top of that, you will organize the Faculty Ball, a party open to all FEB students! (4h/week) Available positions: chairman, secretary/treasurer and committee member (x4)

Almanac Create the Sefa Almanac, full of entertaining photo’s, interviews, facts and news about committees! You will decide on a main theme for the Sefa Almanac and design an exciting layout. On top of that, you will also be acquiring companies in search of advertisements. (4h/week) Available positions: Chairman, design (2x) and acquisition

Social Pillar

Together with five other committee members you will organize a large conference as the grand opening of the Sefa Career Month. Get creative with an original theme and come into contact with influential and exciting speakers! You will also get the chance to explore prominent locations in Amsterdam.

International Pillar

Sefa Entrepreneurship Trip

Academic Pillar

Sefa Conference

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