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Application Deadline April 13


For more information on a board year at Sefa, go to (Fluency in Dutch is required)

65 events 4500 members 220 active members 250 company contacts

FROM THE CHAIRMAN DEAR STUDENT As the chairman of the Sefa board I would like to take the opportunity to point out the exceptional possibilities and challenges that come with a board year. Together with seven other board members you will get the opportunity to lead an utmost professional organization with 4500 members including 220 active members, who are responsible for the organization of over 65 events per year. Normally being responsible for the management of 220 people and over a million euros in turnover takes you a decade, if not more, in a firm’s hierarchy. For you, it can start with a board year at Sefa. Furthermore, as a board member you will communicate extensively with all our stakeholders. These include the students, our members but also the faculty, our 250 commercial rela-

tions and other associations with whom we cooperate. Do you want to develop your communication, coaching, planning and strategic skills and above all develop solution-driven thinking into a skill you can dream? To me, all of these aspects are part of my daily routine. Every day you will deal with very different challenges, which will be the drive to get the most out of yourself. You probably didn’t know you had it in you. The fact that you and your team are leading such a big, professional, social and diverse organization is satisfying and something you can look back on with pride. Are you looking for the ultimate challenge? Do not hesitate and apply now for the Sefa board 2014-2015. Kickstart your career and your CV. Should you have any questions, feel free to walk by our boardroom (E0.16) or send an email to

Kind regards, Merel van Geel Voorzitter Sefa Bestuur 2013-2014

A BOARD YEAR AT SEFA WHAT DOES A BOARD YEAR LOOK LIKE? In addition to the responsibilities that come nancially, Sefa does not want to leave you in with your specific board position, you also the cold. Sefa compensates your tuition fee as coordinate projects and you can be respon- well as a full year of student grants. In addisible for additional ‘modules’. Your daily tasks tion there are many activities related to Sefa are consequently very diverse. On the one compensated financially. hand, you work at a strategic level by implementing long-term policies; on the other hand NEW AT SEFA? you are closely involved in the daily development of your committees. Are you new to Sefa? That’s no problem. We are looking for enthusiastic people whom will FULLTIME go for that extra dimension to their studies. Being a former active member of Sefa isn’t a A board year at Sefa is fulltime. You work from requirement! Monday to Friday during office hours, but you are expected at social activities that may take FLUENCY IN DUTCH REQUIRED place in the evenings and at weekends. Sefa is working very hard on internationFINANCIAL COMPENSATION alisation. However the Sefa Board has daily contacts with only dutch-speaking people. Because you work hard, there is little time left Therefore it is not possible yet to accept peofor other activities such as work. Fiple who are not fluent in Dutch.

FROM THE PROFESSIONALS A BOARD YEAR: LEADING A LARGE ORGANISATION As a board member you stand at the head of a large organization. This means that you and your fellow board members coordinate the committees and are responsible for the long-term strategy of the association. With a turnover of over 1 million euros you can see Sefa as a serious business. A board year is a unique opportunity to start off your career further up the ladder and to directly experience what it’s like to have the overall responsibility of an organization. Working fulltime in a team of eight with highly motivated people will give you the ultimate experience businesses require of you.

A BOARD YEAR: GETTING IN CONTACT WITH TOP CLASS EMPLOYERS During a board year you have the chance to get in touch with many top employers. One year in the board is the perfect way to orientate yourself on the labor market. During special board days at companies and other events you have the chance to really get to know the biggest companies in the Netherlands. Moreover, you can expand your network in several ways and give your career a flying start!

AKZONOBEL From experience we know that the skills you acquire as a board member, such as working in teams, organizing events and networking, will really add value to your life, both professionally and personally. I therefore highly recommend you to apply.

– Vivien Belle Recruiter AkzoNobel

ING Being the chairman of Sefa was a unique opportunity to stand at the head of an organization before the start of your career. It gave me unbelievable insight into how organizations work and how to manage them optimally. This capability proved to be indispensable when ING sent me to Tokyo as a business manager, with challenges that were surprisingly similar to the challenges that I faced in my board year!

– Robert Breugelmans ING Corporate Banking Chairman Sefa Board 2005-2006



Eyecatcher! A board year at Sefa is not just an absolute enhancement of your CV, above all it is an absolute addition to your personal experience.

During a board year at Sefa you develop skills that are not covered during your study. In my opinion, it is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself from your fellow students. After graduating, I got the chance to start working at OC&C Strategy Consultants. Looking back, a board year has a lot of similarities with strategy consulting, as you are also working in teams on a project basis to help organizations reach the next level by analyzing complex situations from diverse perspectives. In both situations there are no 9-5 office hours, but striving for the best results together with your team gave me a lot of energy. Every day I come across challenges that have convinced me that my board year gave me a huge advantage in terms of handling them. And of course a board year also brings you the necessary amount of entertainment as well as close friendships.

– Sofie Kemps Recruiter KPMG Booz & Company Being in the board of Sefa was an incredible and transformative experience. The amount of responsibility and freedom you have is huge, the skills you learn invaluable (which I notice in my current job). On top, I met some amazing people that I am still in contact with today. Given all this, I advise every ambitious person to consider it!

– Hederik de Vries Booz & Company Chairman Sefa Board 2010-2011

– Andrea van Vliet OC&C Strategy Consultants Treasurer Sefa Board 2009-2010

RECOMMENDATION ARNOUD BOOT DEAR STUDENT Everybody knows that extracurricular activities are important for your resume. After all, the time that recruiters only looked at your grades has long passed. Now you have a chance to do a board year at Sefa, an opportunity that I wholeheartedly recommend to all ambitious students at our faculty! Sefa is the dedicated faculty association that reflects the ambitious aspirations of our university. With 4,500 members Sefa is one of the largest faculty associations in the Netherlands, offering a diverse portfolio of prime activities.

The opportunity to lead this professional organization will give you the possibility to put your theoretical knowledge into practice. You will get the chance to develop yourself in various fields and the many challenges you will face this year ask for creative solutions from you. You also learn to work efficiently in a team of highly motivated board members. Together you set up ambitious projects and help the association with developing and achieving long-term goals. A year in the board of Sefa makes you aware of what your strengths are, where your interests lie and what motivates you. You make the translation to business, government and policy, and you come into contact with many companies, ranging from government organizations to large multinationals. . A year on the board of Sefa will provide you with personal development, essential knowledge, experience and a valuable resume. Grab your chance and sign up for the Sefa Board 20142015! Best regards, Prof. Dr. Arnoud Boot Professor Corporate Finance and Financial Marktets at the Universitity of Amsterdam


Sefa has been the faculty association for the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam since 1922. We aim at enriching the lives of students with unique activities in the following four strategic pillars:

ACADEMIC CAREER INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL Sefa offers you the possibility to get the maximum out of your student years. On the following pages Sefa’s activities are described:



By organizing academic events Sefa gives students the chance to broaden their knowledge of current economic issues and to discuss these.

One of the main academic activities is Room for Discussion. Room for Discussion helds weekly sessions where students can hold discussions with people from politics, business and academia. In this way, Sefa builds a bridge between current developments and academia.

Some guests that have taken their seat on the couches are Christine Lagarde, Mario Draghi, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Ratan Tata en Rem Koolhaas.

— — — —




Sefa organizes various career activities that give students the opportunity to get in touch with potential employers. —


One of Sefa’s largest career events is the Amsterdamse Carrière Dagen. During this event 1,600 students take the opportunity to meet with around 60 top-class companies. In 2013, the ACD took place at the WTC on the Zuidas, where companies like AkzoNobel, KPMG, ING, Pon and Shell held company presentations, training sessions, lunches and individual conversations.


In the world we live in today it is important to gain experience with organizations and cultures abroad. For this reason, Sefa organizes various activities that give students the opportunity to broaden their horizon. — — — — —


The Research Project is the most imaginative project in the international pillar of Sefa. Each year, the participants acquire assignments to do research in an emerging economy. This year, participants will spend four weeks in Indonesia doing research and getting to know the culture. Previous years the RP went to countries to including Vietnam, Brazil, India and South Africa. In addition, the students of the International Development Project will go to the developing country Bangladesh to do research to about a specific social-economical issue.



At Sefa, the social aspect of student life is also well represented. We do this by organizing monthly drinks at beautiful locations in Amsterdam, winter sports, weekends for active members and a Grand Ball. Social activities provide active and passive members an opportunity to socialize and get to know other students.

Every year in August the Sefa Faculty Camp takes place. More than 200 new students get together with a group of active members to get to know each other and undertake amazing activities. In addition, the annual Sefa Grand Ball took place last January in Ermelo. The luxurious dinner and fantastic party afterwards took place in a beautiful 4-star hotel, which was also the accommodation for the night.




As chairman you have a central position in the board and to the outside world you are the one being held responsible for all that Sefa organizes. You keep the overview on the objectives and safeguard the accomplishments of the association as a whole. In addition, the proper functioning of your team is crucial, in which you also have a main role. You lead the weekly board meetings and at the General Meeting, which takes place every four months, you account for the performance and the policy of the association.

- Organize and lead board meetings and General Meetings - Outline and monitor strategic policies - Contact with the Supervisory Board, the Advisory Board, Faculty and other associations - Sefa’s face to the outside world - Ensure that your team is functioning well - Financial audit Capacities: diligent, leadership skills, team player, diplomatic

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF MEREL ”Combining a visionary view with the practical everyday things constantl y provided a challenge for me as chairman. You always have to be aware of things going on in all the committees, with your fellow board members and you have a supporting role towards everything that comes with it. Next to it, you focus on the long term and set out strategies and goals important for the whole association and the students of the faculty. It makes your days very varied. I developed a lot of skills including time management, good communication and negotiation skills. But above all, you get to know yourself since you are driven to the limit during a year in the Sefa board!” Merel van Geel Chairman Sefa Board 2013-2014




The role of secretary of the board is very diverse. Since you hold a relatively free role there is much room for personal initiative. As a sparring partner for fellow board members you learn all the ins and outs of the association. The work is therefore extremely diverse and interesting. Being able to multitask and switch rapidly is absolutely no unnecessary luxury! Since you have the space to think about long-term challenges, a critical and innovative view is also important.


Communications between Sefa and all its members Overseeing the Sefa Store Innovator and catalyst of new ideas Managing the membership records Responsible for the physical facilities Maintaining faculty relations

Capacities: team player, punctual, efficient, flexible, innovative, strong negotiator PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF WESLEY “A board year is a golden opportunity to gain a vast amount of experience within a short time. After an exchange in Minneapolis in my third year I made the choice do a fulltime board year to maintain a steep learning curve. The combination of a large amount of responsibility with the practical experience of managing such a large association made the choice for Sefa an easy one. My typical day usuall y consists of a number of meetings, for example with the management of the UvA or with fellow board members, maintaining contact with parties outside of Sefa and making sure the committee managing the store maintains the level of quality we aim to offer. In my year on the Sefa board I have learnt a lot about my strengths and points for improvement, but it also helped to give me a clearer idea on where my interests lie and on what career path I want to follow.� Wesley Kuiper Secretary Sefa Board 2013-2014




As treasurer, you are responsible for the financial position of Sefa. This means you personally have to monitor every euro spent by the association. But it’s a lot more that just controlling, the treasurer also has a huge role in making financial plans and helps the board and other committees set out a strategy that is financially sound. You will make sure that your fellow board members always spend money in the most efficient way. Furthermore, the treasurer has an important role during the General Meetings by justifying the financial choices made by the board. These include preparing Sefa’s overall budget and realisation and giving an adequate explanation.

- Responsible for budgets and quarterly realizations - Have a complete overview of the financial position of the association - Manage and authorize all cash flows - Coordinate the finances of committees Capacities: stress resistant, punctual, reliable, confident PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF ILSE “During my year on the board, I’ve learned a huge amount by being the association’s financial contact. As a treasurer your tasks are very diverse, for example, you coordinate committees, discuss strategic issues and keep track of the financial situation of Sefa and its committees. I learned to do many things at once, to make important decisions and to deal with the big financial responsibility. As a result I have much better idea what is waiting for me in the future, how can I deal with it and which I want to steer my career!”

Ilse Eland Treasurer Sefa Board 2013-2014




As Marketing Officer you are responsible for building and maintaining a strong brand. It is your task to lift the marketing and PR strategy to the next level. You do this by coordinating promotion and brand display for both activities of Sefa and Sefa in general. It’s your ambition to strive perfection, so that all expressions of communication are unique, appealing and professional.

- Position Sefa as an attractive and high-quality brand - Responsible for Sefa’s marketing and PR policy - Responsible for the look & feel of the website and for social media - Designing of all of Sefa’s general promotional Capacities: creative, ‘out of the box’ thinking, eye for detail, flexible, curious PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF JEROEN “Standing at the head of a large organization for a whole year at a young age is not an option for many people. The amount of responsibility that lies on your shoulders gives you the chance to improve immensel y on several aspects of yourself. The Marketing Officer is invol ved with every step of a campaign, from concept to execution, where creativity is central. Besides specific position related duties and the coordinating several committees, you are also closel y invol ved with the active and passive members in the association. Knowing what is happening in the association is key to this position!”

Jeroen Pennings Marketing Officer Sefa Board 2013-2014




As HR Officer you are responsible for all the members of the association and for creating committees that are great teams. For potentials members you are the first point of contact, but you also aim to build a good relationship with current members. Recruiting members is of course crucial for the association and as HR Officer you ae responsible for the application procedures and taking most of the interviews. Together with your fellow board members you will then make the best possible selection and fill more than 150 positions within a year!

- Coaching and retaining active members - Recruitment of new members and taking interviews - Defining growth opportunities for committee members - Supervising new active members - Developing and improving the HR strategy Capacities: enthusiastic, accessible, socially representative, persuasive and communicative

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF CHARITY “Because of the many responsibilities you have, you will learn to plan and work extremel y efficientl y during a board year. You will to get to know yourself a lot better and learn a great deal in a short time. Personall y, I can confidentl y say that this year thought me a lot about leadership, professionalism and how to deal with stressful situations. Last year I chose for a board year because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, meet new people and get a better idea of what I might want to do after I leave the UvA. We’re not done just yet but I can already say that this year exceeded my expectations. I would definitel y recommend a board year to anyone who is ambitious, willing to learn and not afraid to tackle challenges head-on!” Charity Miller HR Officer Sefa Board 2013-2014




As Project Officer your main responsibility is managing Sefa’s career projects. You’re the contact person from the board for the committee members and you supervise them in planning, promotion and acquisition. In addition, you are responsible for the synergy between these committees and are responsible for the long-term strategy within the career pillar. This involves critically reviewing the set-up of current committees and looking into new possibilities to improve Sefa’s portfolio of events. Because you are the link between the students and the companies, you will also go on company visits with the Commercial Officer to provide them with information about Sefa’s career events.

- Responsible for Sefa’s large career projects - Guide committees in organization, planning and acquisition - Maintaining contact with companies together with the Commercial Officer - Assisting the HR Officer with recruitment of active members - Organizing trainings for Sefa active members to support them with committee tasks and personal development Capacities: team player, strategic, efficient, assertive, committed and enthusiastic PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF CHLOÉ ”Since my board year I have gone through an enormous development, both personally and professionally. Before you start at the bottom of an organization, you get the chance to stand at the top and actively engage in strategy and leadership. As Project Officer, I thought it was really nice to help committee members, but I also enjoyed working on improving skills such as efficiency and effective communication.

Chloé Ajamlou Project Officer Sefa Board 2013-2014




The Commercial Officer of Sefa is responsible for the external affairs. This means that all contacts with companies and sponsors fall under your responsibility. In practice this comes down to visiting a broad range of different companies, managing relationships and negotiating contracts. It is your aim to set up long-term relationships with different parties en to ensure that the collaboration has a positive outcome for both parties. Additionally, you can transfer the necessary knowledge to starting acquisition members in committees and you are always looking for new interesting partners for Sefa.


Communication with commercial relations Generating Sefa’s cash flow Exploring the market and making new contacts Assist committees with acquisition

Capacities: reliable, representative, commercial, convincing, target driven PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF THIJS

“As Commercial Officer you are responsible for all the business relations of Sefa. The Commercial Officer constantly faces different wishes of organisations. By supporting companies in their recruitment challenges and involving them in Sefa’s activities, the ultimate goal is a win-win situation. All the company visits and contact moments gave me a much clearer picture of where I would like to start my career.”

Thijs Algra Commercial Officer Sefa Board 2013-2014




Next year an eighth position is added to the Sefa board: the Information & Strategy Officer. This function is included because we noticed that the role of IT keeps growing every year and that there is still room for improving this aspect within the association. For example, as the Information & Strategy Officer you will determine the policy on the use and storage of information. What data needs to be collected to be able to make long-term strategic decisions based on data analysis? What are the effects of new policies or methods? What are the risks and uncertainties we are dealing with? Those are the questions you will answer!

- Data management & data analysis, for example collecting statistics about the association - Integration of IT systems such as CRM/HRM, website and mailing systems - Finding software related solutions and improvement of current systems - Setting out a digital communication strategy - Sparring partner to fellow board members in terms of function related IT strategies

Maybe You?

Capacities: Analytic, resourceful, thorough, result oriented, innovative Furthermore you will also be responsible for the integration and efficiency of all our existing IT systems. Finding a way to integrate our CRM/HRM system (Salesforce), our mailing software and our website will be some of the challenges the Information Strategy & Officer will face. You will also be in close contact with your fellow board members to look for opportunities to maximize the potential use of information flows for their specific function. As a sparring partner you will help set out Sefa’s strategy and look for possibilities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of our current procedures. For this function you need to have an interest in IT and data management and be willing to learn about the practical as well as the technical aspects of it. However, it is not necessary to have existing knowledge of programming or certain IT systems.



MODULES Besides the duties that every board member has within his/her function, there are several modules that a board member can exercise.

VICE-CHAIRMAN As Vice-Chairman, you are the sparring partner of the Chairman. In the absence of the Chairman, you are automatically the deputy.

SEFA STORE The Sefa Store is often students’ first introduction to Sefa. Therefore, it is important that the Sefa Store always has a professional appearance. With this module you are responsible for the purchasing, logistics and management of the Sefa Store

EDUCATION Sefa helps students with tutoring, summaries and some services to support the faculty. Sefa is always looking for new, meaningful services to provide to students.

IMPORTANT DATES IN THE SELECTION PROCEDURE TUESDAY FEBRUARY 25 Start of the application period for the Sefa Board of 2014-2015 Send your motivation letter and CV to THURSDAY APRIL 3 Information gathering from 20:30 to 21:30 (location t.b.a.) followed by a drink SUNDAY APRIL 13 Deadline application board 2014-2015 APRIL: INTERVIEWS If we are convinced by your motivation letter and CV, we will invite you to two interviews: one in mid-April with members of the current board and one in the last week of April with members of the Supervisory Board. BEGINNING OF MAY: SELECTION During an individual meeting, we will evaluate your interviews and we’ll inform you about the outcome of the selection procedure. WEDNESDAY MAY 28: GENERAL MEETING At the General Meeting, the new Board will be introduced and put to a vote.

Can you manage Sefa? 2014-2015  
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