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Answers to burning questions. 6–7 June 2013, Interlaken

The Swiss Economic Forum is Switzerland’s leading economic conference. World-renowned speakers – together with local and global personalities from the fields of politics and economics – guarantee that the two-day forum will be a high-quality and exclusive event. 1,300 CEOs, the most important entrepreneurs in Switzerland, will be on-site in Interlaken. They form the basis for the extensive network of the Swiss Economic Forum.



Answers to burning questions

We live in a world where more iPhones are sold every year than babies are born. Where tweets are still 140 characters long but are sent more than 400 million times a day. Where financial centres are completely rebuilt without anyone being familiar with the actual building plan. What does the future hold for the global economy, Europe and the financial and debt crises? What are the strategies of Swiss companies and SMEs? Where are the political leaders who will guide us in a forward-looking way and based on facts out of the crisis? Q&A: Answers to burning questions. We live in an era when decisive questions often remain unanswered. Asking the right questions and ensuring constant scrutiny are essential tasks for successful entrepreneurs and managers. Even in uncertain and turbulent times, we can never stop looking for the answers to burning questions. Curiosity is the foundation of innovation. Asking questions is the beginning of a dialogue which leads to new, effective solutions. With the Swiss Economic Forum, we want to make an active contribution. We are convinced that with the exciting presentations, workshops and thoughts an inspirational framework for active discussion and exchange among the more than 1,300 entrepreneurs is ensured. We are eagerly looking forward to the event! Kind regards,

Stefan Linder



SEF.PROGRAM Thursday, June 6th 2013 11.30 – 13.20 Uhr

Check-In / Networking-Lunch

13.30 – 13.40 Uhr

Stefan Linder, Peter Stähli together with Host/Moderator

13.45 – 14.15 Uhr

Federal Councillor Alain Berset | Federal Department of Home Affairs

14.15 – 14.45 Uhr

Patrick De Maeseneire | CEO Adecco worldwide

14.50 – 15.15 Uhr

Lateral Thinker #1

15.15 – 16.15 Uhr


16.15 – 16.35 Uhr

Daniela Spavetti | CEO Spavetti AG

16.40 – 17.00 Uhr

Carole Hübscher | Board of Directors Caran d’Ache SA

17.00 – 17.15 Uhr

Bernina AG | Hanspeter Ueltschi |Chairman Strategies for BRIC-Countries

17.15 – 17.50 Uhr

Nouriel Roubini | US-Economist

17.50 – 18.00 Uhr

Take-Aways with Albrecht Kresse

18.15 – 00.30 Uhr

Networking SEF-Apéro | SEF-Networking-Night



SEF.PROGRAM Friday,  June 7th 2013 07.30 – 08.20 Uhr

Check-In/ Networking-Cafés

08.30 – 08.35 Uhr

Welcome by Host/Moderation

08.35 – 09.10 Uhr

Kevin Roberts | CEO Saatchi & Saatchi

09.15 – 09.30 Uhr

Contrinex AG | Annette Heimlicher | CEO Strategies in export business

09.30 –10.00 Uhr

Larry Fink | CEO & Chairman BlackRock Inc.

10.00 – 11.00 Uhr


11.00 – 11.30 Uhr

George Papandreou | Former Primeminister of Greek

11.45 – 12.45 Uhr

Breakout-Sessions / Parallel-Workshops

12.45 – 14.00 Uhr


14.00 – 14.15 Uhr

Lateral Thinker #2

14.15 – 14.40 Uhr

Swiss Economic Award | for most successful Start-up Companies

14.45 – 15.00 Uhr

Jakob AG | Peter Jakob | CEO How to enter new markets successfully

15.00 – 15.45 Uhr


15.45 – 16.20 Uhr

Burning Questions in politics Panel with all 5 Presidents of the leading political parties

16.20 – 16.55 Uhr

Marcus Wallenberg | Chairman Wallenberg Family

17.00 – 17.10 Uhr

Take-Aways with Albrecht Kresse



Overview of the SEF 2013 Date:

Thursday, 6 June 2013, from 13:30 till Friday, 7 June 2013, 17:30


“Q&A: Answers to burning questions”


1,300 decision makers from the worlds of business, science, politics and the media


55 – 60 speakers from Switzerland and abroad


100 – 125 journalists

Venue: Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken AG Strandbadstrasse 44 CH-3800 Interlaken Switzerland

Swiss Economic Forum The Swiss Economic Forum was founded by Stefan Linder and Peter Stähli in November 1998. Within a few years, the Swiss Economic Forum became the country’s leading business event and platform for entrepreneurship and innovation, attracting a great deal of international attention. Every year 1,300 entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians, and eminent personalities from the world of science and the media meet for the purpose of actively exchanging ideas and engaging in dialogue across industry sectors. Switzerland’s most important business event will take place for the 15th time on 6/7 June 2013. The qualitatively unique platform puts company executives and decision makers at the top level in touch with each other. Every year, more than 125 journalists representing the print media as well as radio and television participate. SRF, Switzerland’s national television and radio broadcaster, is televising the event live and has a radio studio at the venue. The Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) promotes entrepreneurial thinking and actively supports young companies. Every year, the country’s most coveted award for young entrepreneurs, the Swiss Economic Award, is given to the three best young enterprises. SEF.SPEAKER-INFO



«Q&A: Answers to burning questions»: That is the conference theme at the SEF.2013. It would be nice if you can integrate 2 or 3 questions in your speech which incorporate with the conference theme. Asking the right questions and the constant questioning are the success factors of successful entrepreneurs and executives. Even in uncertain and turbulent times one should never stop looking for answers to burning questions. Curiosity is the basis of innovation, asking questions the beginning of a dialogue, which leads to new and good solutions.


Q &A

Answers to burning questions.

High Profile Participants

The Swiss Economic Forum is a platform for successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and decision makers. With a share of over 73% entrepreneurs and CEOs, the Forum provides a unique networking and discussion platform at the highest level.




Senior Mgmt. 9% Politicians 3%

Media 13%

CEOs / VRP/ Entrepreneurs 75%

Media / TV-Studio

The Swiss Economic Forum has a tremendous national and international media attention every year. During two days all major media are present in Interlaken. Around 120 journalists report daily on the SEF.

Swiss Radio and Television SRF have their own studios on site. Swiss television broadcasts the entire forum for 13 hours live on SRF1 or SRFinfo. Radio SRF sends directly from Interlaken for several hours. During the breaks, interviews and background reports are sent. Following the event, all videos and presentations will be available via webcast on our website (only streaming, no download).



Main Stage

The Swiss Economic Forum has a huge main stage with professional audio and video technology. The width of the screen is 12m. The lectern on the stage is for you to use.

Time Management

There will be big screens on both sides of the auditorium which are showing the remaining time. As soon as your speaking-time ist over, a big ÂŤSTOPÂť will be displayed. After two more minutes an acoustic signal will be heard and the host will enter the stage for some following questions.



Monitor for the speaker

Right in front of the lectern you will find a monitor where your powerpoint-slides will appear. The remote for switching between the slides is mobile and can be used on the whole stage.

Presentation (Powerpoint)

The stage is equipped with two large screens. We can project your slides onto the left-hand screen while we broadcast your live-image on the right-hand screen. Please be aware that the presentation has to be in the format of 16:9!






All our speakers will be photographed by the renowned photgrapher Tom Solo. He is famous for his portrait-photos. The speakers will get their photographs for free and some photos may be published in the review of the event. The speaker assistant will guide you to the studio at the venue.

Speakers Assistant / Contact

During your stay at the Swiss Economic Forum you will be guided through your program by a personal speakers assistant. The speakers assistant will be responsible for your agenda and coordinates the interview-requests too. Contact: Fabian Wassmer, Project Manager Mail: Tel.: 0848 900 901 Mobile: +41 (0)79 394 15 22



SEF.MODERATION Christine Maier

While still at law school, Christine Maier moderated various programmes on Swiss Television. Today she works at the economic- and news-programme «10 vor 10» as a moderator and editor.

Franz Fischlin

Born in 1962, Franz Fischlin holds a degree in Journalism and Communication. He joined Swiss Television in October 2000 and became Editor and Moderator for the “Tagesschau” in 2004.


Interlaken is one of the most popular year-round tourism and convention destination in Switzerland. The «capital» of the Bernese Oberland is located in the heart of Europe. Directly at the foot of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (Top of Europe). Interlaken is an ideal base in the Swiss Alps with a mammoth leisure and activity program for summer and winter.




The Swiss Economic Forum takes place in the Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken right in the center of Interlaken. The hotel is re more than 300m away Aanot and is in walking distance to the venue.







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Networking-Zone and Lunch Entranc




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Airport Zurich


Information on Switzerland

Switzerland is the world’s most competitive economy. Innovation and technology, a liberal economic system and political stability are only some of its advantages. The country is inextricably linked to foreign economies, and offers first-class education and healthcare, excellent infrastructure, high quality of life and a competitive tax system. Switzerland’s economy is based on a highly qualified labour force performing highly skilled work. The main areas include microtechnology, hitech, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, as well as banking and insurance know-how. The service sector now employs the greatest number of people. Most of the people working in Switzerland are employed by small and medium-sized enterprises, which play an extremelyimportant role in the Swiss economy. Most businesses are small or medium-sized. More than 99% of enterprises had fewer than 250 full-time workers, employing about two-thirds of the total work force. That is the target group on which the Swiss Economic Forum has led its focus. The largest company is Nestlé, the biggest food company in the world. It has around 280 000 employees of which 3% are stationed in Switzerland. Many companies are still in the hands of families who founded them. 16 Swiss firms are featured on the «Fortune Global 500», an annual ranking of the 500 most powerful corporations which is compiled by the eponymous American business magazine. The Swiss financial centre is a central pillar of the Swiss economy, generating over 10 % of Swiss GDP. Some 211 000 people – or 6 % of Switzerland’s total working population – were directly employed by banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions.


Switzerland’s existence as a modern federal state dates back to 1848. The government is made up of seven members, elected by the Federal Assembly. The government members take it in turns to act as president. The Swiss people can influence political affairs through the highly developed system of direct democracy. Switzerland’s position as a neutral state allows it to play an important humanitarian role in world affairs and to act as a mediator between conflicting parties. SEF.SPEAKER-INFO


SEF.2013 - Information for the Speakers  

Important information for the speakers of the Swiss Economic Forum 2013 in Interlaken.

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