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Fork Lift Attachments Forklifts are useful machinery that help to shift and move large loads. They are mainly used in ware houses, construction sites and you can find different types of forklifts, intended for various weight loads and suit consumer needs. Numerous safety improvements have been made on the forklift and the crucial part of the fork lift remains the pronged attachment which you can see from the device. ForkLift attachments include rotators, turner forks, bale clamps, paper clamps, hydraulic hoses and other special attachments. Fork lift push pulls clamps, and residual capacity calculator. Economy lift hooks are safe and secure with a rated capacity of 6000lbs.The concrete hopper places the concrete in the hard to reach areas, while the safe dumping hopper can be used with both straight mast and extendable reach forklifts for high areas. Wherever immediate thrash needs to be removed the thrash hopper can be attached and a star industrial platform can be attached for a safer manoeuvre. The self dump bucket turns the forklift into a loader with a new rope release or new hydraulic buckets which can turn the fork lift into an aerial working platform for the convenience of working at heights. The most important Forklift attachment is the crane lift box which can lift supplies, materials, and any small equipment to the elevated desks, roofs or those that need to go below ground level. The heavy duty jib allows you to lift the equipment to a higher level and reach further if need be. Paper roll and foam clamps, double pallet handlers, reach forks, and pallet invertors are the various attachment needs of forklifts. Hydraulic clamps incorporated with arms for lifting or squeezing palletised loads, the clamps are made with floating slide bushings and cylinders. Be it the smallest forklift, operated manually with hydraulics, to move medium loads around a limited space or even a large forklift that which is a motorized truck with a protected cab for the operator for a very large load, attachments make work faster, easier, cleaner and more economical, much to the satisfaction of the customer. Awkward loads that cannot be effectively lifted on a pallet can be clamped between the forklift clamps and making it safe and secure while handling the load with telescopic handlers and electric pallet jacks. The rotator helps to handle skids that may have tilted and the attachment allows the tines to be rotated. The dumping containers use this attachment for quick unloading. Telescopic forks are hydraulic attachments that allow the operator for double deep stacking, in warehouse design. Forklift attachments make the work easier and most of them are ergonomically designed to suit your needs.

Forklift attachments  

Used extensively forklift attachments in different range. We also advise on OH&S specifications relating to rental equipment or the client's...