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November 2013




Welcome to the November issue of Recruitment International.

Contents - November

In this issue we take a look back at the five years since the collapse of Lehmans and what effect this has had on a number of well know industry CEO’s. There are also two fascinating articles looking at how recruitment companies have set up in what we would generally regards as tough territories, Iran and Serbia. I hope you enjoy reading them. I am delighted to introduce readers to four new team members at RI. Rebecca Jeffrey who has joined RI as our new Editor and Alvi Tam who will focus on IT and website. Then we welcome Bianca Hill and Kevin Clements who have both been employed to help you find, attract and retain new members of staff. If you think RI can help you just get in touch.

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RI - November 2013


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Building A Recruitment Business By Milan Subotin, Senior Partner, See Talent Why did you decide to open a recruitment company - how did you begin that process and what have been the key points that have got you to where you are today? There are many people in Serbia who, due to the unfavourable economic climate, were left out of jobs, and who are highly educated, with the knowledge of at least one foreign language and with competent work experience. I, on the other hand, have lived, studied and worked abroad for a longer period of time which enabled me to envision the life style of people who constantly develop their professional careers there, ultimately making their standard of life better. These two factors led me to think of a way how can I help those professionals who suddenly got unemployed.

will spread a positive image of SEE Talent with their knowledge, skills and capabilities, on the other. Months of research, establishing international contacts within the recruitment industry, consultations and other activities passed, and from the initial idea to the actual legal birth of the Company in April this year, 24 months has passed. This only shows how serious this venture is addressed. Although we are a young company, I can say I am happy with the direction we pursue and that I am optimistic with the first results we expect during this October.

My intention from the start was to prove that such well educated professionals with respectable work experience and know-how, who count approximately 53,000 experts, can find adequate employment abroad, where their qualifications will be valued accordingly. Although my focus was merely on Serbia in the beginning, I understood shortly that it is the same situation in the neighbouring countries with regards to the unemployment of experts. Hence I encompassed the whole South East Europe Region- Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Croatia- for talent acquisition and creation of the larger talent pool within our company.

With our strong orientation to comply with high international standards, we have established good relations with CIETT as well as with APSCo, so that we keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to the newest industry trends. SEE Talent is also a full member of British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and German-Serbian Business Association, allowing us access to the foreign markets and better networking opportunities. We are supremely confident that this kind of networking is of upmost importance, especially at the initial phase of business development.

Key points I identified, that required my urgent attention if I was to make this venture a success, were firstly to gather a team of professionals, to fully understand the recruitment business with respect to international standards and to think of the best marketing mix that will attract potential client companies on one hand as well as those professionals and experts who


RI - November 2013

How did you know and get Paul Jacobs involved? During the research phase, I was

actively looking for industry related media- both electronic and print. That is how I came across Recruitment International Magazine, where I started following all the articles written by Ann Swain from APSCo, and there was a single article that drew my attention which was talking about a certain group being created on LinkedIn. It was named Recruitment Intelligence, started by a few experts from the recruitment field. What I found interesting about it was that it is a network of people informing and assisting each other in the industry. I contacted Paul Jacobs from LoveWorkLife via phone and Skype, and we have agreed on his role with our company as an external consultant. He reviewed our Strategic Business Plan and helped us out with some parts of our strategy, brand design and contacts. We are looking forward to working close with him over the next period, along with APSCo and CIETT Associations. What can you offer and how can UK recruiters work with you? SEE Talent is an Executive Search and Recruitment company that specializes in placing only the best professionals from Serbia and the South East Europe Region abroad, at credible client companies. We take pride in what we do, and therefore we strongly focus on the quality of service we provide. All our procedures are absolutely compliant to the CIETT and APSCo Code of Ethics, and the way we work is founded on the grounds of the following 5 High Touches: 1. Providing tailor-made specialist Executive Search services 2. Providing personalized client experience 3. Having deep knowledge of each individual candidate 4. Nurturing long lasting relationships with candidates and clients 5. Retaining only the best, vibrant and professional experts in the company

in Serbia SEE Talent is the only company in Serbia that specializes in providing its services to the international clientele, aiding them to assume the competitive edge with the required talent capacities from this part of Europe. We operate within three industry categories: 1. Information Technology 2. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry 3. Oil & Gas and mining and serve clients from Germany, Nordic countries (mainly Norway and Sweden), Switzerland, Italy, Middle East countries (mostly UAE), USA and Canada. We are also looking at the eastern and southeastern Asian markets as well. Considering the tightened immigration measures in the UK, we are looking at various opportunities to work with similar recruitment companies, in the form of partnerships. We have also brought our ideas and intentions to the APSCo’s attention, hoping to get a credible recommendation. However we are opened for contact and we would welcome the opportunity to consider proposals from potential UK partners directly. How did the founders meet - tell us more about the team? From the initial phase, from business concept presentation time, the startup team included, beside me who was the Chief of Staff to the CEO of the biggest Fair in the Region- the Novi Sad Fair, Boris Nadlukac, my colleague from work (at the Novi Sad Fair he was the Corporate Communications Manager) who assumed the role of the Marketing and Events Manager, and Milan Djakov, my partner in SEE Talent venture, who was the Indemnity Fund of the Republic of Serbia Managing Director. From the expert side, our team is reinforced with two highly and internationally experienced Executive

Search Specialists Ivana Rako and Neda Mirkovic, who are both well known in Serbia, within the HR and Recruitment professional community. Considering our team’s diversity, we tend to look at given projects from different aspects, but always with the same aim- quality of our work, that ultimately leads to our client’s success. Such diversity is encouraged and we consider it as our strength in comparison to the majority of similar companies in the Region.

have moved their focus from formal education to evaluating acquired specific skills (including soft skills) of candidates. Hence, companies more often than not, seek assistance from Executive Search and Recruitment companies to improve the selection process. Each individual seeking employment, on the other hand, needs to not only pass the tests (psychometric, technical, foreign language, etc.), but to accept to integrate company’s corporate culture and its standards as part of one’s own way of functioning. It may appear that the whole process is complicated, but that is a necessity as there are a number of factors that can determine the outcome of the selection process, that is directly linked to the successful achievement of company’s goals and objectives.

When we started with more detailed development of our business concept, we all made a promise- we will never compromise professionalism. It took us some time to find the best, young, enthusiastic individuals who would join us as true Executive Search Specialists. Our attitude is clear- if we are consulting our partners- and those are our clientson how to further develop or strengthen their team of professionals, we must be the example of such credible, professional and efficient team. That is an idea which our mutual trust between us, our candidates and our clients is based on. In short, this is one young, energetic team that is willing to prove itself, with many innovative ideas and strong orientation to make SEE Talent the best recruitment company in the South East Europe Region.

What are the barriers to entry? Serbia has always been a place of interest for foreign investment, so a number of international companies opened their branch offices and managed to make respectful results. On the other hand, however, turbulent political life is followed by withdrawal of a number of investors from expanding their operations in Serbia. Some of the strongest reasons are complicated bureaucracy and shortage of adequately skilful staff as well. There is still a gap between an extensive education system and the modern market requirements. So it’s not so strange to have a lack of qualified workforce in all industry sectors, from manufacturing to banking services, resulting in potential investors bypassing Serbia. The bright examples are small software companies, which are more numerous and which are finding enough of qualified, young IT experts who are being recruited for a number of internationally developing projects.

What are markets like in Serbia - what is the recruitment industry like? One of the strongest creators of market changes in the last decade in Serbia was a wave of a large number of international companies that started opening their offices and integrating in the local market, thus imposing new business trends. This ultimately led to adequate talent acquisition, and therefore search and selection processes in Serbia have undergone through major changes, forming a complex and demanding method for both companies and individual consultants. Companies

RI - November 2013


SEE Talent  

SEE Talent coverage in November issue of the Recruitment International Magazine, printed in London

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