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JUNE 2022




We should seize opportunities, meet challenges head-on, and work on the implementation of the Global Development Initiative to build a shared future of peace and prosperity.


President Xi Jinping calls for greater representation of emerging markets in the global economic governance.


Highlights of China-Maldives Relations 2021-2022


China’s successful Space Mission

20 2

CCCC – An Industry Giant and a Friend to the Maldives

2022 ‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ‬

President Xi Jinping Delivered a Keynote Speech at

the Opening Ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum On the evening of June 22, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum in virtual format and delivered a keynote speech titled “Keep Abreast of the Trend of the Times to Shape a Bright Future”.

President Xi noted that right now our world is facing drastic changes and a pandemic both unseen in a century. Various security challenges keep emerging. The world economy still faces strong headwinds on its path toward recovery, and global development has su�ered

major setbacks.

headed: Peace or




Progress or




Openness or isolation? Cooperation or confrontation? These are choices of the times that we are confronted with. President Xi stressed that human history, like a river, keeps


forward, with



both calm waters and huge waves. Despite changes in an evolving global environment, the historical trend of openness and development will not reverse course, and our shared desire to meet challenges together through cooperation will remain as strong as ever. We should stand high and not allow ourselves to be distracted by

eeting clouds, and we should have a

keen appreciation of the law governing the advance of history. We should refuse to be led astray by any turn of events or intimidated by any risk. We should rise to challenge and forge ahead with resolve toward the goal of building a community with a shared future for mankind.





Second, we should reach out to each other and jointly

coordination and jointly maintain world peace and

we should embrace solidarity

promote sustainable global development. Today, the

stability. The tragedies of the past tell us that

global development process has hit major roadblocks.

hegemony, group politics and bloc confrontation

Almost 1.2 billion people in nearly 70 countries are

bring no peace or security; they only lead to wars

confronted with COVID-19, food, energy and debt

and con icts. Blind faith in the so-called “position of

crises. What has been achieved in decades of

strength” and attempts to expand military alliances

global poverty reduction e�orts could be lost. Last

and seek one’s own security at the expense of others

year, I put forward the Global Development Initiative,

will only land oneself in a security dilemma. Only when

and I called on all countries to implement the 2030

we all cherish and uphold peace and never forget the

Agenda for Sustainable Development, forge united,

painful lessons of war can there be hope of peace. We

equal, balanced and inclusive global development

should stay true to the pledge of the UN Charter and

partnership, and promote cooperation in a wide range

ful ll the mission of maintaining peace. Not long ago, I

of areas such as poverty reduction, public health,

put forward the Global Security Initiative, calling on all

education, digital connectivity and industrialization. We

countries to stay committed to the vision of common,

should deepen cooperation to better safeguard food

comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security;


stay committed to respecting the sovereignty and

opportunities presented by the new scienti c and

territorial integrity of all countries; stay committed to


abiding by the purposes and principles of the UN

transformation, and promote the

Charter; stay committed to taking the legitimate security

production that enable innovation globally. We should

concerns of all countries seriously; stay committed to

help developing countries speed up development of

peacefully resolving di�erences and disputes between

the digital economy and green transformation. We

countries through dialogue and consultation; and stay


committed to maintaining security in both traditional

COVID-19 response and

and non-traditional domains. We in the international

COVID medicines to developing countries so as

community should reject zero-sum games and jointly

to beat the virus at an early date. We should respond



to people’s concerns, pursue the larger interests of all

should build a new type of international relations based

countries, and steer global development to a new

on mutual respect, fairness, justice and win-win

era to deliver bene t to all.





cooperation. We should be clear that we are a community in which all countries share a common stake, and we should see that the light of peace will reach all corners of the world.


2022 ‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ‬







should seize



ow of factors of

in cooperation on




Third, we should tide over di culties together and jointly pursue win-win cooperation. At present, some important industrial and supply chains are su�ering from deliberate disruptions,


in ation keeps rising, the international nancial market

is in turmoil,


global economic

recovery is losing steam. People have reason to be concerned that the world economy might slip into a crisis. At this critical juncture, tiding over di culties together and pursuing cooperation is the only way for us to forestall an economic crisis. We should come together with a united purpose and






policy countries

should adopt responsible economic policies and avoid negative policy spillovers that may take a heavy toll on developing countries. It has been proved time and again that sanctions are a boomerang and a double-edged sword. To politicize the global economy and turn it into one’s tool


weapon, and

impose sanctions by


willfully one’s

primary position in the international nancial and monetary systems will only end up hurting one’s own interests as well as those of others, and in ict su�ering on everyone.

Fourth, we should be inclusive and jointly expand openness and integration. For some time, however, economic globalization has faced headwinds and countercurrents. There is widespread concern in the international community that should such a tendency continue, the global economy will become compartmentalized and mutually exclusive. Economic globalization is a response to development of productivity and, as such, represents an unstoppable historical trend. Anyone who attempts to turn back the wheel of history and block others’ way will only have his own path blocked. We should stay committed to openness and







development of productivity, and steer globalization in the right direction. This will boost the free ow of capital and technology, unleash the full potential of innovation and creativity, and foster synergy in boosting global economic growth. We should uphold the WTO-centered multilateral trading system, remove barriers to trade, investment and technology, and keep the global economy open. We should



consultation and


contribution to deliver shared bene ts, enhance global economic governance, and increase the representation and say of emerging markets and developing countries. This will ensure that all countries enjoy equal rights, follow the rules as equals, and share equal opportunities.



President Xi stressed that this year, facing a complicated

National Congress, which will chart the course for the



next phase of China’s development. We will ground our

environment for development, China has risen to

e�orts in the new development stage, follow the new

various challenges and taken well-coordinated steps to

development philosophy, foster a new development

respond to COVID-19 and pursue economic and social


development. Putting the people and their lives

development. China will continue to pursue opening-







achieve high-quality

rst, we have protected people’s lives and health and

up against higher standards, develop new systems for a

ensured overall stable performance in economic and

higher-standard open economy, and continue to foster

social development to the maximum extent possible.

a market- and law-based and internationalized business

We will step up macroeconomic policy adjustment,

environment. I warmly welcome you to invest and do


business in China, strengthen business cooperation




measures to

deliver the economic and social development goals


for the whole year. In the second half of this year, the


Communist Party of China will convene its 20th


2022 ‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ‬




in China’s


President Xi pointed out that the BRICS mechanism is an


cooperation platform

for emerging

markets and developing countries. BRICS cooperation has

now entered a



new stage

expressed hope





leaders will continue to act with tenacity and in a pioneering spirit, and champion open, innovative and shared development so as to add new impetus to BRICS cooperation. and deliver more bene ts of development to everyone in a more equitable way. As long as we hoist high the sail of mutual bene t and winwin and keep a steady hand on the tiller of solidarity and cooperation, we will break waves and steer the giant ship of BRICS countries toward a brighter future! The 2022 BRICS Business Forum was held in an online plus o ine format in Beijing on June 22. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended and addressed the opening ceremony. About 1,000 economic and trade ministers, envoys to China and representatives from the business community were present at the ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Hu Chunhua.



President Xi Jinping Chairs and Delivers Important

Remarks at the High-level Dialogue on Global Development

On the evening of June 24, Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired the High-level Dialogue on Global Development in Beijing via video link and delivered important remarks. President Abdelmadjid Tebboune of Algeria, President Alberto Fernández of Argentina, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt, President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi of Iran, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, President Macky Sall of Senegal, President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev of Uzbekistan, Vice President Hamilton Mourão of Brazil, Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia, Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama of Fiji, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob of Malaysia, and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha of Thailand attended the Dialogue. Focusing on the theme “Foster a Global Development Partnership for the New Era to Jointly Implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, leaders of all countries had in-depth exchange of views on such major issues as strengthening international development cooperation and accelerating the implementation of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. They discussed ways to promote development cooperation and reached wide, important common understandings.

The Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the People was brightly illuminated. The national ags of the 18 participating countries uttered in the resplendent light.

President Xi Jinping delivered an important speech titled “Forging High-quality Partnership for a New Era of Global Development”.

Around eight o’clock in the evening, President Xi Jinping announced the opening of the Dialogue. Leaders of participating countries watched a video clip to revisit the important moments of cooperation among emerging markets and developing countries in recent years. When the virtual group photo of the 18 leaders appeared on the screen, warm applause burst out in the venue.

President Xi Jinping pointed out that development is a timeless theme for humanity. Only through continuous development can the people’s dream for a better life and social stability be realized.


2022 ‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ‬

President Xi Jinping calls for

greater representation of emerging markets in the global economic governance. Chinese President Xi Jinping has called to increase

President Xi Jinping also addressed on devising greater



synergy for development and on the importance of

global economic

pooling cooperation resources, and platforms and




developing countries in the governance











President Xi Jinping made the comments while

highlighted on the importance of breaking down

delivering a speech at the plenary session of the 25th

barriers which restrict the pursuit of innovation and on

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

deepening exchanges and cooperation between the

Speaking at the conference, President Xi Jinping noted


that the international community should seize the

President Xi Jinping also elaborated on his con dence

opportunity to meet “challenges head-on, and work on

in the Chinese economy and their ambitious Belt and

the implementation of the Global Development Initiative

Road Initiative. He stated that China would continue to

to build a shared future of peace and prosperity”. He


also noted that the current situation is ideal to kickstart

cooperation with the Belt and Road Initiative.

e�orts to achieve equitable, sustainable and secure development for the nations.




President Xi Jinping’s speech highlighted on China’s views on win-win cooperation and aim of creating an

He also highlighted on the importance of multilateralism

open and inclusive world economic order, a step away



from the zero-sum games pursued by the U.S. and its

development and to respect and support the individual

allies. His speech also provided a glimpse into China’s

countries in their pursuit of development suited for

decision to continue to cooperate with Russia regardless

them and to build an open world economy. He further

of western sanctions.






noted on the many challenges faced by the global community in successfully implementing the United Nation’s 2030 agenda and



Highlights of China-Maldives Relations 2021-2022

President Xi Jinping makes historic phone conversation with Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

He noted on the state visit to the Maldives in 2014 where the two countries agreed to establish a future-oriented, all-round friendly and cooperative partnership, which consolidated and promoted bilateral relations. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the Maldives. President Solih extended congratulations on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), noting that the CPC, under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, has become an On July 16, 2021, President Xi Jinping made a historic phone conversation with Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Xi Jinping pointed out that since China and the Maldives established diplomatic ties, the two countries have treated each other with mutual understanding and support, setting an example of equality and win-win cooperation between countries of di�erent sizes.

important force in promoting equality, prosperity and cooperation among countries across the world. He also noted that the Maldives rmly adheres to the one-China policy, and is willing to take the 50th anniversary next year as an opportunity to cement Maldives-China friendly cooperation, actively promote the Belt and Road cooperation, and deepen coordination within multilateral frameworks.

China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Holds Talks with Maldivian Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid On January 8, 2022, China’s State Councilor and Foreign

supported each other on issues related to respective

Minister Wang Yi held talks with Maldivian Foreign

core interests and major concerns.

Minister Abdulla Shahid in Malé.

Shahid congratulated the Communist Party of China on its



Maldives friendship international



noting withstood


that the




of rmly

adheres to the one-China principle and works together with the Chinese side to uphold the basic norms governing international relations of sovereign equality, mutual respect and non-interference in internal a�airs.

Wang Yi said, this visit coincided with the 50th

The meeting also witnessed the signing of cooperation

anniversary of the establishment of China-Maldives

agreements on mutual visa exemption, economic

diplomatic relations. Looking back on the past 50 years,

technology, infrastructure, seawater desalination and

the two countries have always respected each other,

healthcare, and attended the launching ceremony of

treated each other as equals, helped each other

the o cial logo for the 50th anniversary of the

sincerely, moved forward side by side, and

establishment of China-Maldives diplomatic relations.

10 2022 ‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ‬


State Councilor and Foreign Minister of China pay a courtesy call on the President The Minister emphasised that travellers between the two countries had been linked for over 600 years, even before formal diplomatic ties were established. He stressed that Chinese foreign policy is based upon mutual trust, solidarity, and respect for the sovereignty of other nations. He further noted that China is ready to contribute to the progress of all developing countries, including the Maldives. Speaking





assistance from China to the Maldives over the past On January 8, 2022, The State Councilor and Minister of Foreign A�airs of the People’s Republic of China, H.E. Wang Yi, paid a courtesy call on H.E. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. During the meeting, the President and the Minister spoke extensively on the existing bilateral ties between the two friendly nations, emphasising that this year marks the 50th anniversary of political relations between

years, President Solih thanked the Chinese government for its commitment to maintaining the close, cordial friendship with the Maldives, particularly in times of need. President Solih and the State Councilor concluded the meeting by rea rming their shared commitment to continue working together for the common welfare of the citizens of both countries.

the nations. They discussed a wide range of issues of mutual interest and bene t to the two countries.

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Maldivian Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid Joint Press Conference On January 8, 2022, China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Maldivian Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid jointly met the press in Malé city where they jointly launched the celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and the Maldives and unveiled the o cial logo for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. During this visit, the two sides also signed a series of cooperation agreements, including mutual visa exemption agreements. Wang Yi said that China has always maintained that all countries, big or small, strong or weak, are equal and

Foreign Minister Wang Yi also stated that China will

that China has always stood together with the

continue to cooperate with the Maldives in ghting the

Maldivian people, supporting each other with mutual

pandemic and be willing to strengthen cooperation with

assistance and tiding over di culties together. He noted

the Maldives in addressing climate change and help

that China has always supported the Maldives

small island countries tackle actual di culties. Wang Yi

in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial

stressed that future-orientation is the most distinctive

integrity, following a development path suited to its

feature of China-Maldives comprehensive friendly

national conditions, and pursuing an independent

partnership of cooperation. China is willing to join hands

foreign policy.

with the Maldives to create a brighter future for ChinaMaldives relations.



Ambassador Wang Lixin, presents Credentials to the President Chinese government for the generous donation of 400,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine to the Maldives in addition to the previous donation of 200,000 doses. He added that these contributions greatly aided in the drive to inoculate the whole population against the Covid-19 virus in the Maldives. During the call, Ms Lixin extended well wishes from the Chinese government to President Solih and the people of the Maldives. She stated that it is an honour to serve as the Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives and that On September 6, 2021, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, H.E Wang Lixin, presented her Letter of Credence to H.E President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, at the President’s O ce. President Solih welcomed the Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives and congratulated her on her ambassadorial appointment.

she would do her best to move the existing bilateral relations to new heights. She also commended President Solih on successfully curbing the spread of Covid-19 with the measures taken by the Maldives government. Concluding the call, the President and Ambassador

President Solih expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for the role they play in the socio-economic development of the Maldives. He also thanked the








commitment to continue the bilateral relationship on a positive trajectory.

The Chinese Ambassador pays a courtesy call on the Vice President On December 22, 2021, Ambassador of the People’s

the two nations, stating that the Maldives treasures

Republic of China to the Republic of Maldives, H.E.

assistance and cooperation from China, especially

Wang Lixin, paid a courtesy call on Vice President H.E.

those extended towards the Covid-19 response. He

Faisal Naseem. At the meeting held at the President’s

went on to note China’s invaluable contributions to the

O ce, the Vice President expressed his con dence that

socio-economic development of the Maldives and

the existing bilateral ties between the two countries

highlighted assistance in the

would be solidi ed during her tenure.

healthcare, infrastructure development, and higher








underscored the long-lasting friendly relations between

elds of tourism,

education. The Vice President also assured the Ambassador of the Maldives’ commitment to upholding the One-China Principle. He also conveyed appreciation to the Chinese government for providing assistance to the Maldives in joining the G20’s Debt Service Suspension Initiative, noting that it greatly assisted in restarting the economy. The Ambassador extended well wishes from the Chinese government to the Vice President and the people of the Maldives. She also lauded the Maldives’ e�orts to contain the spread of Covid-19 and the reopening of the tourism industry.

12 2022 ‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ‬

Chinese Ambassador Wang Lixin pays a courtesy call on First Lady of Maldives women, children and education in Maldives. She expressed the readiness to work with the Maldivian side to enhance the exchanges and cooperation in the elds of culture, education, youth and women between the two countries, so as to make the bilateral friendship deep-rooted in the hearts of the two peoples and passed down from generation to generation. First Lady Fazna spoke highly of the long-standing friendly exchanges between the two countries, and emphasized that President Solih attaches great importance to the development of Maldives-China relations. She expressed thanks for the generous assistance by the China government for the social and On April 18th, 2022, Chinese Ambassador to Maldives Wang Lixin paid a courtesy call on Maldivian First Lady Fazna Ahmed at the President’s O cial Residence. They exchanged views on enhancing cultural and people-topeople exchanges between China and Maldives.

economic development of Maldives, in particular, the anti-pandemic goods and vaccines which she believed played an important role for Maldivians to ght against COVID-19. She said that the China-Maldives friendship bridge had greatly facilitated Maldivians’ daily life.

Ambassador Wang spoke highly of China-Maldives friendship and believed that since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the two countries have enjoyed mutual respect and o�ered support to each other. China-Maldives relationship has become the model of friendly exchanges and win-win cooperation between countries, which gained fresh momentum during the ght against COVID-19. Ambassador Wang appreciated the e�orts of the First Lady in promoting the development of the cause of

Ambassador Wang Lixin’s Interview with Maldivian Media Recently, in an interview with local press, Chinese Ambassador






developments in the relations between China and Maldives, especially the celebration of the 50th

future-oriented comprehensive friendly partnership of cooperation between our two countries with greater development.

anniversary of China-Maldives diplomatic relations, and expounded on the content of the Global Security Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping. Ambassador Wang stressed that looking into the future, China is ready to work closely with Maldives to consolidate





cooperation and pass down traditional friendship with the guidance of the consensus reached by leaders of our two countries. Both sides should maintain a longerterm perspective and broader vision to promote the



Maldives Foreign Minister meets Chinese Ambassador enhance cooperation between China and Maldives. The goal is not only to focus on bilateral relations, but also to improve multilateral e�orts. Both China and the Maldives are developing countries, and both strongly support multilateralism. The traditional friendship and mutual support between China and Maldives is an example that other countries can learn from. This is equal treatment and mutually bene cial cooperation. The two countries can do more and better in facing common challenges and strengthening bilateral cooperation. On April 18, 2022, Foreign Minister of the Maldives, Abdulla Shahid met with Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives Wang Lixin. Minister Shahid expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government for its continuous support and assistance to the people of Maldives. The two o cials discussed how to further enhance the strong bilateral relations between the two countries and exchanged views on the changing dynamics of international a�airs. The two sides hope to nd ways to

Maldives and China Sign Certi�cate of Assistance for Ministry of Foreign Affairs

With the assistance of the Chinese Government, the Foreign Ministry Building was completed in 2006. Under the initiative to renovate the Foreign Ministry Building which commenced in 2019, China has continued to extend its support.

On April 27, 2022, Maldives and China signed the Certi cate of Assistance for the Maldives Ministry of Foreign A�airs. The assistance was initially announced in January 2022 during the o cial visit to the Maldives by His Excellency Wang Yi, State Councilor and Minister of Foreign A�airs of China, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The assistance, which totals the sum of USD 310’000, will be used to complete certain aspects of the Foreign Ministry Building renovation programme, and will also be used for training and capacity building purposes.

14 2022 ‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ‬

The Ministry of Foreign A�airs of Maldives, extend its sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Government of China, for their continued support and cooperation in further strengthening the Maldives-China bilateral relations. His Excellency Ahmed Khaleel, Minister of State for Foreign A�airs signed the Certi cate on behalf of the Maldives, while Her Excellency Ms. Wang Lixin, signed on behalf of the People’s Republic of China.

Over the course of the rst 5 months of 2022, China-Maldives relations has been elevated to unprecedented levels and substantially grown closer even in contrast to the modern standards of friendliness and love between the people of two nations. This is evident by the series of high-level meetings between the Chinese Ambassador H.E Wang Lixin and senior o cial of the Maldivian government including the Minister of Environment Aiminath Shauna, Higher Education Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan, Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla, Fisheries Minister Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan, Culture Minister Yumna Maumoon, Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof, Education Minister Dr. Aishath Ali, Transport Minister Aishath Nahula, former Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon, the CEO of the Disaster Management Center Hisaan Hassan and representatives of various other organizations.

On March 15, 2022, Chinese Embassy in Maldives held the handover ceremony of Chinese historical and cultural books to China-Maldivian Cultural Association (CMCA) and Maldives China Trade & Cultural Organisation (MCTCO). During the ceremony, Ambassador Wang Lixin highly appreciated CMCA and MCTCO for their enduring e�orts in promoting mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples. Ambassador Wang hoped that CMCA and MCTCO could actively participate in the commemorative events and play a more important role in advancing the bilateral relations. She also hoped that the donated books could help the Maldivian people better understand Chinese history, culture and more importantly, the development of contemporary China.



Maldives Ambassador meets with the Editor in Chief of China.Org Maldives Ambassador to China, H.E Aishath Azima has met with the Editor in Chief of Mr. Wang Donghai. The meeting was held on 16 June 2022 where they discussed on various avenues for cooperation between both the nations.

Counsellor Yu meets with Deputy Speaker of the Parliament. Counsellor Yu Xueyong has met with the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Eva Abdulla. The meeting was held at the Parliament on 15 June 2022. At the meeting, discussions were held on cooperation in the areas of parliamentary works and legislation.

Counsellor Yu Xueyong meets with the President of MNU Student’s Union On 09 June 2022, Counsellor Yu Xueyong met with the President of the Maldives National University’s Student Union Hussain Zaaid. At the meeting, discussions were held on various areas of cooperation between the youths of both nations and university students of China and Maldives.

Villa College set to introduce a Chinese Language Center Villa College is set to introduce a Chinese Language Center at their primary campus. The Chinese Language Center will be introduced through a collaboration with China’s Chang’an University. While preparations are underway to o cially open the language center, Counsellor Yu Xueyong has met with the senior o cials of the university earlier this month.

Maldives Embassy in China holds discussion o enhance cultural relations between China-Maldives. The Maldivian Embassy in China has held discussions on enhancing the cultural relations between China and Maldives. The discussions were held between the Maldivian Ambassador to China H.E Aishath Azima and the Chairman of Zhong Yu Li Du Culture Company, Mr. Xing Fengliang.

16 2022 ‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ‬


one of the busiest transportation countries in the world



China its rst man into space using their Long March 2F rockets using the Shenzhou module over 19 years ago. On the 5th of June, China launched its 09th manned space ght with three taikonauts who will remain aboard their space stations for the next 06 months. 18 2022 ‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ‬

‫ލނގ މޗ ‪ 2F‬މރކގ ރކޓގ އހގއ ”ޝނޖއ“ ގ ނނދވފއވ ޖއވ އޅނދތއ އދއސލއގނ ޗއނއނ‬ ‫އނސނނ ޖއވށ ފނވނ ފށ މގ ‪ 19‬އހރ ކރނނވ‪ .‬މ ޖނމހގ ‪ 5‬ވނ ދވހ އނސނނ ޖއވށ ފނވމގ ‪9‬‬ ‫ވނ އދހނ ޗއނއނ ކމޔބކށ‪ 6 ،‬މސދވސ ވނދނ ޗއނގ ޖއވ އޅނދގއ މސއކތކރނ ‪ 3‬އސޓރނޓނ‬ ‫ވނ ޖއވށ ފނވއފއވ‪.‬‬



CCCC – An Industry Giant and a Friend to the Maldives China Communications Construction Company limited, also known as CCCC or simply known as the “Company” is one the world’s leading companies for the development and construction of ultra-large infrastructure. While the company was o cially formed in 2005 through a merger between the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) and China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC), the origins of the company for far back to as early as to the Qing dynasty in China, as the predecessor to the company, the Junpu Engineering Bureau was established in 1905.

Since then CCCC has asserted itself as one of the premier contractors when it comes to megastructures and projects which were conventionally deemed impossible, often developing new technologies and methods to solve the many engineering challenges. The Company is now listed in both Hong Kong and Shanghai and as of 2021, ranking in at 61st place in Fortune global 500, to the testament of its growth and standing. Currently, CCCC is the world’s largest port design and construction company, largest highway and bridge design and building company, largest dredging company. Additionally, CCCC is also China’s largest international engineering company.

Abay River Cable-stayed Bridge, Ethiopia

Abidjan Port in The Republic of Cote Divoire

Sucre highway, Bolivia

fourth bridge over the Danube river in Novi, Croatia

20 2022 ‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ‬

Penang Second Bridge in Malaysia

For the Maldives, CCCC became synonymous with uncompromising quality and engineering in since 2014 after CCCC’s subsidiary China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC) was hired as the main contractor for the $200 million China-Maldives Friendship Bridge. This solidi ed CCCC’s status in the Maldives as an industry leader willing to invest time in the small island nations, developing new technologies to address the unique challenges faced in the construction of a 2Km long bridge over reef and sea.

Kribi Deep-water Port in Cameroon Karakoram Highway, Pakistan

CCCG has established 280 overseas institutions in 123 countries and regions around the world, and have business in 157 countries and regions.

Mombasa–Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway CCCC and its subsidiary CHEC’s pivotal role in the construction of the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge cemented its status as a reliable and friendly giant who builds bridges connecting the people. While over 80,000 people commute on the bridge on a daily basis, it is thanks to the stellar engineering and workmanship of CCCC that this is enabled.

Juba International Airport, Southern Sudan Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, China

Mozambique’s Maputo Bridge

Xiang’an Tunnel, Xiamen City, China



Foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Chinese mainland, in actual use, expanded 17.3 percent yearon-year to 564.2 billion yuan in the rst ve months of the year. In US dollar terms, the in ow went up 22.6 percent year-on-year to $87.77 billion.

China’s xed-asset investment saw steady growth in the rst ve months of this year. Fixed-asset investment jumped 6.2 percent from a year earlier to 20.6 trillion yuan ($3.05 trillion) in the rst ve months.

China’s imports and exports totaled 16.04 trillion yuan ($2.4 trillion) during the rst ve months of 2022, growing by 8.3 percent year-on-year. Exports grew by 11.4 percent on a yearly basis to 8.94 trillion yuan, while imports increased by 4.7 percent from last year to 7.1 trillion yuan.

The State Grid Corporation of China said that it will invest an all-time high of more than 500 billion yuan ($74.5 billion) in power grid projects in 2022. The State Grid invested a total of 2.38 trillion yuan in the country’s power grid during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (20162020).



Sales of China’s new energy vehicles (NEVs) logged a sharp increase in May 2022. Last month, China’s NEV passenger car sales came in at 360,000 units. In the rst ve months, NEV sales in the country skyrocketed 119.5 percent from a year ago to 1.71 million units.

In the rst ve months of this year, China’s water conservancy infrastructure construction continued to accelerate. The investment in water conservancy construction has reached 310.8 billion yuan, an increase of 109 billion yuan over the same period last year, an increase of 54%.

The high-quality business environment in south China’s Xiamen has become a “golden city card” for the city’s foreign exchanges, attracting many well-known companies to invest. There are 52,536 new business entities Xiamen end of April, an increase ‫ޖނ‬in |2022 ‫ޖއލ‬by ‫ މ‬the ‫ސނކރ‬ 22 in2022 of 14.87% year on year.

The world’s 1st 10,000 tonne-meter-level top-slewing tower crane, W12000-450, was put into use Tue in E China’s Jiangsu to facilitate the construction of a new bridge over the Yangtze River. The facility has a max lifting weight of 450 tonnes and a max lifting height of 400m.

China continued to be the leading growth market for cloud infrastructure services expenditure in the rst quarter of 2022, according to a report by the technology market research rm Canalys. The country’s spending accounted for 13 percent of the global total, the report said.

A museum running 24 hours on weekends opened in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang. A liated with the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History, the museum hosts several exhibition areas and interactive experience areas to enrich the extracurricular cultural life of students.

China’s rst deep-sea oating wind power equipment “Fuyao” was towed in Maoming, Guangdong Province. It will be tested in Luodousha sea area where the average water depth is 65 meters. “Fuyao” wind turbine is equipped with 6.2 megawatt typhoon-resistant wind power generating units.

China has held more than 6,200 events, including 2,400 online activities, to promote intangible heritage education across the country to celebrate this year’s Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, June 11.



China has built the world’s largest, technologically advanced, and well-supported network infrastructure in the past 10 years. The country has set up over 1.61 million 5G base stations with 5G mobile phone users reaching 413 million.

A white marble relief carving dating to the Five Dynasties (907-960) depicts a band giving a musical performance. The 15 plump gures on the 136-centimeter-long and 82-centimeter-high relief play music, revealing a form of entertainment from more than 1,000 years ago.

The rst registered unit of China’s rst homegrown proton therapy device completed its clinical trial after nishing the treatment of 47 subjects aged between 32 and 80 years old. Preliminary results show the device has a good therapeutic e�ect in tumor treatment.

With a history of over 2,500 years, Sanhe Town in Hefei, Anhui, is a famous tourist attraction known for its eight ancient relics. The town features the typical scenery of a water town to the south of the lower reaches of the SEENUKARA MAGAZINE | JUNE 2022 23 Yangtze River. (Photo: VCG)

On June 3rd, the o cial opening of Pakistan’s Gwadar East Bay Expressway, which was assisted by China, was held, marking the o cial opening of the Gwadar Port Area’s external connecting road. Gwadar East Bay Expressway, with a total length of 19.49 kilometers.

The residential area in Yueguang District, southwest China’s Chongqing City, which has nished the rebuilding of the old residential apartments, has taken on a new look. With the passing Rail Line 2, it has become a lovely scenic spot.

142-km Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway completed the erection of 981 box girders. With a design speed of 350 km/h, the railway built with Chinese technology will cut the journey between Jakarta and Bandung from over 3 hrs to around 40 mins.

The Culture and Art Center of Hengshui City, north China’s Hebei Province has picturesque scenery during the day and colorful lightings at night. It is a new landmark building in the city and a good place for entertainment, leisure and tness of the general public.



China-Europe freight trains handled 129,500 twentyfoot equivalent unit containers, with the average daily volume climbing 13.3 percent from April. The ChinaLaos Railway saw 138,200 tonnes of goods transferred for cross-border trade, up 4.3 percent from a month ago.

“Bay Glory” Ferris wheel is located in the south of Bao’an District, #China’s Shenzhen. It is the highest Ferris wheel over Shenzhen and the rst all sky view rotary imported lift car Ferris wheel in China.

A cooperation plan on the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor jointly compiled by China and Singapore was o cially released Wed, which is expected to boost the trade between ASEAN and Chinese provincial-level regions billion by 2025. 2022the ‫ޖނ‬corridor | ‫ޖއލ‬to ‫ މ‬$180 ‫ސނކރ‬ 24 along

As one of the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest ecosystems best preserved in China, Jinyun Mountain Natural Reserve in Chongqing, SW China, has enjoyed green development as environment greatly improved and tourism industry grown.

‫ދނޔއއ ޗއނ‬


‫ޗއނއނ އލޖރއގއ ބނކށދނ ބރކ ސޓޑއމ ‪ :‬މއ ދނޔގ ފޓބޅ‬

‫ޗއނގ ގޢނގދނގ ޕރވނސގ ޝނޖނ ސޓގ ލއހ ޑސޓރކޓގއ‬

‫ޖމއޔ ފފގ މނގނޑތކށ ފތގތށ އލޖރއގއ ބނކރ ފރތމ‬

‫ހނނ "ކނގކ ‪ "100‬ޓވރކ އނޓގރޓޑ ކނފރނސ މލނތކ‪ ،‬އފސ‬

‫ބއނލއޤވމ ސޓޑއމވ‪ 68 .‬ހކޓރގ ބޑމނގ މ ސޓޑއމގއ‬

‫އދ ހޓލ ފހރތއ ހމނ އމރނ ތރއގގ ޒމނ ބނއކވ‪.‬‬

‫‪ 40000‬މހނނށ ކޅބލނ ތބވނ ޖގ އވއވ‪.‬‬

‫ރނބއއގ ބއޓމށ ހނނ "ކނޝ" ކޔ މ ކނވރކ ޗއނގ ޖނޖއކ‬ ‫މމބއއށ‬

‫ޗއނގ ފޗއނ ޕރވނސގ‪ ،‬ޝއމނ ސޓ މޝހރ ވފއވނ "ގޑނ‬

‫އނގރދވހގރ ދތރ ފށ ކގ ފލއޓކ‪ ،‬އ ދ ސޓގ ދމދގއ އލށ‬

‫ސޓ" ނވތ "ބގޗ ސހރ"ގ ގތގއވ‪ .‬އ ސޓގ ކމއބހ ފރތތކނ‬






‫ފށ ވއގ މގނ މދ އފލމގ ޚދމތގ ފށމވ‪ .‬މ ދތރތއކރ އނޑއގ‬

‫ދނ އ ސޓގއ ގސގނކށ ފހކނ އތރކރމނނވ‪ .‬ގސގނ މގތކ‬

‫ސޕއސޖޓ އއލއނސއނ ހފތއކ ކގ ފލއޓއ ޗއނގ ޗނގޗނގށ‬

‫ބރޖތކނ ދއވލފއދއރ‪ ،‬ޕލނކށގނ ގސހއދފއވ ޖނގލއއގ‬


‫ތރއނ ދތރކރމގ އޙސސ ކރވއވ‪.‬‬

‫ޗއނގ ޚރދގއ ޒމބއގއ އނމ ޒމނ‪ ،‬ބއނލއޤވމ ކނފރނސ‬ ‫ސނޓރއ ވނ ގއމކރވފއވ‪ .‬ކނތ ކއނޑ އނޓނޝނލ ކނފރނސ‬ ‫ސނޓރގ ނނދފއވ މ ބނގ މއ ހލކ ‪ 2500‬މހނގ ޖގއގ މލމކވ‪.‬‬ ‫މ ސނޓރ ޗއނއނ ބނކށދނ މއހރގ އފރކނ ޔނއނ )އޔ( ގ‬ ‫ސމޓ ބއވމށ ޚއޞކށގނނވ‪.‬‬

‫‪ 2022‬ވނ އހރގ މއ މހގ ނޔލށ ޗއނއނ ‪ 153‬ޤއމކށއ‪15 ،‬‬

‫ޗނގ ޝޔ މއނޓނ ޕކކ ޗއނގ ނނނނގ ޕރވނސގ ޗނގ ޝޔ‬ ‫ޑސޓރކޓގއ އނނ ވރށ ހތގއމ ސރހއދކވ‪ .‬ދކނ އޝޔގ‬ ‫"ޓރޕކލ ޕލނޓ ލނޑސކޕ" ލސޓގއ ހމނ މ ޕކކ ‪ 235‬އއލއއގ‬ ‫‪ 1283‬ބވތށ ނސބތވ ‪ 6128‬ވއތރގ ގސގހގހ ފނނނ ޕކކވ‪.‬‬

‫ޗއނގ ޝނޔނގ ސޓގ‪ ،‬ކއޝ ޑސޓރކޓގ ‪ 1.8‬ކލމޓރގ ދގ‬

‫ބއނލއޤވމ ޖމޢތކށ‪ ،‬ޞއޙ ރއކއތރކމށ ބނނކރ ‪ 4.6‬ބލއނ‬

‫ސރހއދކށ ދމގނދ ބޒރއ ކމށވ ޝނގޝނ ނއޓ މކޓކ‪،‬‬

‫ފރމއ‪ ،‬ކވޑ ތޙލލކރ ‪ 18‬ބލއނ ޓސޓ ރއޖނޓސއއ‪430 ،‬‬

‫އޝއގ އނމ ބޑ ނއޓ މކޓވ‪ .‬މ ނއޓ މކޓނ ދނޔގ އކ‬

‫ބލއނށވރ ގނ ފސ މސކއ‪ 2.2 ،‬ބލއނ ޑޒގ ކވޑ ވކސނ‬

‫ކނކޅތކގ ޚއސ ކނއއ‪ ،‬ތފތ‬

‫ފރމއ‪ ،‬މނފހފލވމގ ބޑތ‬


‫ސނޓރތކއ އކ ކހލ ތފތ ފނނ ހށހޅނ ތޖރބކށލވނއވ‪.‬‬



‫ސއނސ އ ޓ ކނލޖ‬

‫ސގފތއ ތރކ‬

‫‪ 2022‬މއ ‪ 28‬ގއ ޗއނގ ސނޓރލ ހނނ ޕރވނސގ ލއޑގއ‬

‫ޗއނގ ޚބއ ދރލއޘރގ ދގނތކގ ތރގއ ހމނ ދނއޅމ ދނ‬

‫ފރވރކއޖކ އނގ ރބޓއކ‪ :‬ރބޓ އފއދމގ މބރތތކގ ސބބނ‬

‫އރވމށ އހގއ ބނނކރ އލތއ ‪ :‬މއ‪ ،‬ޢސގފނ ދނޔގ އލކނ‬ ‫‪206‬‬





‫ޒވނނނށ ސއނސއ ޓކނލޖގ ރނގނ ކރއށދއމށ ހތވރ ލބއވ‪.‬‬


‫މ މބރތގއ ރބޓ ކނޓރލ‪ ،‬ސމޓ މވމނޓ‪ ،‬އދ އނޓލޖނޓ ރލގ‬

‫ރސކނކރއވ "ހޅނގ ޚނ" ދރކޅގ ރސކލއކމގއވ ލއ ޝނގގ‬

‫ވދތކގއ ‪ 500‬އށވރ ގނ ކދނ ބއވރވއވ‪.‬‬

‫މޤބރއނ ނގ އޘރކވ‪.‬‬

‫ރނބއއގ ބއޓމށ ހނނ "ކނޝ" ކޔ މ ކނވރކ ޗއނގ ޖނޖއކ‬ ‫‪ 300‬އހރގ ދގ‬

‫ޖއވށ މޙއލށ ދކރ ވހގސ މދކރމގއ ޗއނއނ އނނނ ބޑތ‬

‫ސހރށ ނސބތވ އތތރ މސއކތގ އފއދމކވ‪.‬‬

‫ކމޔބތކއ ހދމނނވ‪ .‬މގތނ‪ 2005 ،‬ނ ‪ 2021‬ވނ އހރއ ހމއށ‬

‫ތރހއ އނނ ކނޝ ހދނ ޖނޖއކއނ ފނނ ޗކއއ ބނނކށގނ‪،‬‬

‫ޖޑޕގ ކނމ ޔނޓކށ ކބނޑއއކސއޑ ބނނކރ މނވރ ‪50.3‬‬

‫މޝނކއ ނލއ ‪ 1600‬ޑގރ ސލސއސގއ ހނކށގނނވ‪.‬‬

‫އނސއތއށ ޗއނގއ ވނ ދށކރވފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ޗއނގއ މލދނ ‪ 960‬ވނ އހރ ‪ 1279‬ވނ އހރ ދމދ ސނގ‬ ‫ޝނލނ ‪ 1 -‬މއ ކނޑގ ފނ ހސބތކގއ މސ ދރވއ‪ ،‬ގނގޅ‬ ‫އލކރމގ ތޖރބތކކށ ޗއނއނ ތއޔރކށފއވ ސރޙއދކވ‪ .‬މއ‬ ‫މހތނށ ކނޑގ މހ ފނގއ މސ ގނގޅ އލކރމގ ފރތމ ތޖރބއވ‪.‬‬ ‫ޔލސ )ރނދކނޑ( ގއ ކރ މތޖރބގއ ގނގޅނ "އޓލނޓކ‬

‫ދރކޅގ ރސކނ ހނގ ޒމނގއ ބނކށފއވ ސކކ އވށ މހރ‬ ‫އނނނ ޗނގޗނގ ސޓގ ބއއގ ގތގއވ‪ .‬ޤދމ އތއ ބނއކ މލތކއ‬ ‫ފނނ މ އވށށ މނނ ދވނ މށގ އފއދނތއ ބޒރށ ނރ ބނދރކށ‬ ‫އޒމނގއ ބނނކށފއވތއވ‪.‬‬

‫ސލމނ" ކޔ މހކވ‪.‬‬

‫ށގއނ މސކތކ ‪ 1368‬އނ ‪ 1644‬އށ ޗއނގއ މނގ ދރކޅގ‬ ‫ޓކނލޖގ ގތނ އނމ ވރގދ ‪ 500‬ސޕރ ކމޕއޓރގ ލސޓގއ‬

‫ރސކނ އތއރ‪ ،‬ގނސ ޕރވނސގ ލނޖ ސޓގއ ބނކށފއވ އރބ‬

‫ޗއނގ ‪ 173‬ސޕރ ކމޕއޓރ ހމނއވ‪ .‬ޢދދގ ގތނ ބލނމ‪ ،‬މ‬

‫މހރ ފނނ އހރގތށ އ މސކތ‬

‫އސލމ ފނނވރކމގ ރމޒކވ‪.‬‬

‫ލސޓގއ އނމ ގނއ ޗއނގ ސޕރ ކމޕއޓރތކވ‪ .‬ލސޓގ ގދ ‪10‬‬

‫އއކރ ‪ 1990‬ގއވ‪ .‬އސލމ ތޢލމ ކޔވއދ މރކޒއގ ގތގއވސ މ‬

‫ގއ ޗއނގ "ސނވ ޓއހލއޓ" އއ "ޓއނހ‪-2‬އ" ސޕރ ކމޕއޓރ‬

‫މސކތ ބނނކރމނ ދއވ‪.‬‬

‫ވނ ހމނފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ ‪26 2022‬‬

‫އޤ ތޞދ‬


‫‪ 2021‬ވނ އހރ ދނޔގ ބޒރށ ނރނ މދލގ ‪ 30‬އނސއތ‬

‫ޗއނގ މސލމ އބދބޑ‪ ،‬ޝނޖއނގއ ބނކރ ބޔ ހއވ މޝރޢގއ‬

‫އފއދފއވނ ޗއނއނނވ‪ .‬ތފސ ހސބތއ ދއކގތނ މއ ‪2012‬‬

‫ހމނ‪ ،‬ޓނއލއގ މސއކތ ޗއނ ކމއނކޝނ ކނސޓރކޝނ‬

‫ވނ އހރނ ފށގނ ބލނމ ‪ 22.5‬އނސއތއގ ކރއރމކވ‪ .‬އގގ‬

‫ފސޓ ހއވ އނޖނއރނގ ކނފނގ އނޖނރނ ކރނ‪ :‬ޝނޖއނ‬

‫‪ 16.98‬ޓރލއނ ޔއނއނ‪ 31.4 ،‬ޓރލއނ ޔއނއށ‬

‫ސރހއދގއ ‪ 131.1‬ބލއނ ޑލރގ އމރނ ތރއގގ މޝރޢ މއހރ‬

‫ގތނ ބލނމ‬ ‫އތރވމކވ‪.‬‬


‫‪ 2021‬ވނ އހރ ނމނއރ ޗއނގއ ހރ ކޅވރ އކވނގ ޢދދ ‪3.9‬‬ ‫ވޑއ ގމގ ވޔފރނ އނމ ބޑ އމދނއއ ލބނ ދނޔގ ‪ 100‬ކނފނގ‬

‫މލއނށ އރއވ‪ .‬ޖގއގ ގތނ ‪ 3.41‬ބލއނ އކމޓރ މ އކވނތކގއ‬

‫ތރއނ ‪ 40‬ކނފނޏކ ޗއނގ މބއލ ގމ އފއދ ކނފނތއކމށ‬

‫ޖމލ އބހއޓވ‪ .‬އބދގ ނސބތނ ބލނމ މއ ބލކށ ‪ 2.41‬އކމޓރގ‬

‫ތފސހސބތކނ ދއކއފއވ‪ .‬ޗއނގ މ ކނފނތކނ މދޔ މމހ ވނ‬

‫ކޅވރ ޖގއވ‪ .‬ޗއނގ ކޅވރ އކވނތކގ އގ ‪ 5‬ޓރލއނ ޔއނއށ‬

‫‪ 2.3‬ބލއނ ޑލރގ އމދނއއ ހދފއވ‪.‬‬

‫‪ 2025‬ވނ އހރ އރނއވ‪.‬‬

‫ޗއނގއ ނކނނ އނމ މޝހރ އއ ނސކމގއވ ޗއނ ޑޓ އގ‬ ‫ގ އޑޓރ އނޗފ ވނގ ދނޙއ އއ ޗއނގއ ހނނވ ދވހރއޖގ‬ ‫ބލއނ ކލވޓއއކ‪ ،‬މދޔ ‪ 10‬އހރގ ތރގއ ޗއނއނ ވނ‬

‫ސފރ ޢއޝތ ޢޒމ ޖނ ‪ 16‬ވނ ދވހ ބއދލކރއވއފއވ‪ .‬މ‬

‫އޔދކރނވ ހކތ އފއދ ދނޔގ އނމ ބޑ ނޒމ ގއމކށފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ބއދލކރއވމގއ ދ ޤއމގ ގޅނ އތރށ ބދހކރއވމ ގޅގތނ‬


‫އދ ތލއ ގހއ ބޓދލގ ބދލގއ ނނ‪-‬ފސލ ބނނކށގނ ތމވއޓއ‬

‫ދބފޅނ ވނ މޝވރކރއވފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ރށޓހ ހކތއނ އފއދ ކރނޓ ބނނކރ މނވރ ޗއނއނ ވނ ‪16.6‬‬ ‫އނސއތ އތރކށފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ޗއނގއ ނކނނ އނމ މޝހރ އއ ނސކމގއވ ޗއނ ޑޓ އގ‬ ‫އސމނގއ ‪ 385‬މޓރ ހނނ ‪ 2‬ޕވރ ޓރނސމޝނ ޓވރ ބނނކށގނ‬

‫ގ އޑޓރ އނޗފ ވނގ ދނޙއ އއ ޗއނގއ ހނނވ ދވހރއޖގ‬

‫ޗއނގ އނމ ކރބރ ބޑ ޔނގޒ ކރ ހރސކށ‪ ،‬ކރނޓ ކބލތއ ވނ‬

‫ސފރ ޢއޝތ ޢޒމ ޖނ ‪ 16‬ވނ ދވހ ބއދލކރއވއފއވ‪ .‬މ‬

‫ގޅއލފއވ‪ .‬މއ ދނޔގއ ހރ ކރނޓ ކބލ ގޅވއދ މފދ އނމ‬

‫ބއދލކރއވމގއ ދ ޤއމގ ގޅނ އތރށ ބދހކރއވމ ގޅގތނ‬

‫އސ ދ ޓވރވ‪.‬‬

‫ދބފޅނ ވނ މޝވރކރއވފއވ‪.‬‬



‫ޗއނ‪-‬ރއޖ ޑޕލމޓކ ގޅމގ ރނޔބލ‬

‫ރއޖގ ތރއޤގއ ޗއނއކ މހނމ ބއވރއއ‬ ‫ރއޖގ އކ ސރޙއދތކށ މފދ އތއ އހތރކމއ މވތވ‬ ‫ދވސތކގއ‬





‫ގޅގނވސ ދވހނނ އތއތ ގޅލއގނ އތއ ކމއ ޗއނއނ‬ ‫ދނ ފހކށދމނނވ‪ .‬އގ ތރގއ‪ 800 ،‬މހނގ ޖގއގ‬ ‫ކވޑ ފސލޓއއ ބނކށދނމ‪ ،‬ކވޑ ވކސނ‪ ،‬އތއ މލއނ‬ ‫ރފޔއއގ އގހރ ޞއޙ ސމނ ހދޔކރނ ހމނއވ‪.‬‬

‫ދވހރއޖއށ ފރހމ މނވނކނ ‪ 1965‬ގ ޖލއ ‪ 1‬ވނ ދވހ‬ ‫ލބ އދ ގ ފރހމ މނބރކށ އ އހރގ ތރގއ ދވހރއޖ‬ ‫ވއވ‪ .‬އގ ‪ 7‬އހރފހނ ‪ 1972‬ވނ އހރ ޗއނއ ދވހރއޖއ‬ ‫ދމދ ޑޕލމޓކ ގޅނ ޤއމކރވނވ‪ .‬މއހރކ ދ ޤއމގ މ‬ ‫ބދހގޅމގ ރނޔބލ އހރވ‪.‬‬ ‫ރއޖގއ މހތނށ ހނގފއވ ޢމރނ ތރއޤގ އނމ ބޑ‬ ‫މޝރޢކމގއވ މލއ ހޅމލ އދ ހޅލ ގޅވއދނ ބރޖ‬ ‫އ ބރޖ ގޅ ހއވތކކ ޗއނ ސރކރނ ވރށ ޚއޞ‬ ‫ސމލކމކއކ ރއޖއށ ކށދފއވ އގހރ މސއކތތކކވ‪.‬‬ ‫ޗއނ‪-‬މލޑވސ ފރނޑޝޕ ބރޖ )ސނމލ ބރޖ( އކ މޅ‬ ‫ރއޖގ އޤތޞދ ދރއޅނ ބދލކށލ އގހރ ބނއކވ‪.‬‬ ‫ރއޖގއ މހތނށ ހނގ ތރއޤގ އނމ ބޑ މޝރޢކމގއވ‬ ‫ރއޖގއ ފށނ ފރތމ ސޝލ ހއސނގ މޝރޢކމގއވ‬ ‫"ސނމލ"‬






‫ލބގނނވ‪ .‬އއ މގ ‪ 30‬އހރ ކރއވ‪ .‬އގފހނ‪ ،‬މއދ‬ ‫ހމޔށ ދވހރއޖގއ ސޝލ ހއސނގ ގ ގނ މޝރޢތއ‬ ‫ހނގފއވނ ޗއނ ސރކރގ ބޑ އހތރކމކ އކއވ‪ .‬އގ‬ ‫ތރގއ "ސނމލ" މޝރޢގ ދށނ މލގއ ބނކރ ފލޓތކ‪،‬‬

‫ވލނ އނޓނޝނލ އއޕޓ ތރއޤކރމގ ‪ 1.2‬ބލއނ ޑލރގ‬ ‫މޝރޢ ގ ބޑ ބޔކށ ފނޑކށދފއވނ ޗއނއނނވ‪ .‬އދ މ‬ ‫މޝރޢގ އނމ މހނމ ބއކމގއވ ވލނ އއޕޓގ އއ ރނވ‬ ‫ބނކށދފއވނވސ ޗއނއނނވ‪ .‬ރއޖގއ މވގތ އތ އނމ‬ ‫ޒމނ އނމ ދގ މގކ ޗއނ ސރކރނ ދނ ހދޔއއގ ގތގއ‬ ‫ލ‪.‬އތޅގއ ބނކށދނ ‪ 17‬ކލމޓރގ ދގ މގވ‪.‬‬

‫އދ މލޔ ހޅމލޔ އތޅތކގއ ޗއނއނ ބނކށދފއވ އތރ‬ ‫ފލޓތކ‪ ،‬ހޔ މޝރޢގ ‪ 25‬ބރގ ‪ 16‬ޓވރގ ‪ 7000‬ފލޓ‬ ‫ހމނއވ‪ .‬ސރކރގ ކނފނތކނ މހރ ބނކރމނދ ‪8000‬‬ ‫އށ ވރ ގނ ފލޓށ ލނ ހމޖއސއދ ބނކށދމނ ދނވސ‬ ‫ޗއނ ކނފނތކނނވ‪.‬‬ ‫ރއޖގ ޤއމ ދރލއޘރ ޤއމ އރޝފ ބނ ކށދނ ޗއނ‬ ‫ސރކރގ އހގއވ‪ .‬ރއޖގ ޚރޖ ވޒރގ ޒމނ ޗލ ޢމރތ‬ ‫ކށދފއވނ ޗއނ ސރކރނ ދވހ ރއޔތނނށ ދނ ހދޔއއގ‬ ‫ގތގއވ‪.‬‬

‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ ‪28 2022‬‬

‫ޗއނގ ތރޚ ޡ ޤފ ފތތއ ރއޖގ ދ ޖމޢއޔއކށ‬

‫ކ އނސ ލރ ޔ މޖލސ ނއބ ރއސ އރހށ‬

‫ޗއނގ ތރޚ އދ ޘޤފ މޢލމތ ހމނ ފތތއ ރއޖގ ދ‬ ‫ޖމޢއޔއކށ ހދޔކރމގ ރސމއޔތއ ރއޖގއ ހނނ ޗއނ‬ ‫އމބސގއ މއހރގ މރޗމހ ‪ 15‬ވނ ދވހ ވނ ބއވއފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ރއޖގއ ހނނ ޗއނ އމބސގ ކއނސލރ ޔ ޝއޔނގ‪،‬‬ ‫މއހރގ ޖނމހގ ‪ 22‬ވނ ދވހ ރއޖގ ރއޔތނގ‬ ‫މޖލސކރގއށ ޒޔރތކރއވއ‪ ،‬ރއޔތނގ މޖލހގ ނއބ‬ ‫ރއސ އވ ޢބދﷲއއ ބއދލކރއވއފއވ‪.‬‬

‫މގތނ‪ ،‬ޗއނގ ތރޚ އދ ޡޤފ ފތތއ ހދޔކރ ދ ޖމޢއޔއކ‪،‬‬ ‫ޗއނ މލޑވސ ކލޗރލ އސސއޝނ )ސއމސއ(‬ ‫އއ‪ ،‬މލޑވސ ޗއނ ޓރޑ އނޑ ކލޗރލ އގނއޒޝނ‬ ‫)އމސޓސއ( އވ‪ .‬މ ރސމއޔތގއ ދ ޤއމގ ރއޔތނގ‬ ‫ގޅނ ބދހކށދނމށ‪ ،‬ޗއނގ ކނކނ ދވހ ރއޔތނނށ‬ ‫އޅނފލވއދނމށ މ ދ ޖމޢއޔއނ ކރ މސއކތތކށ‬ ‫ރއޖގއ ހނނވ ޗއނ ސފރ ޝކރ އދކރއވއވ‪.‬‬

‫ވލ ކލޖގއ ޗއނ ބސ ކޔވއދނ ފށނ‬

‫ރއޖގއ މތ ތޢލމށ ކޔވއދ އނމ ބޑ އއ ކލޖ ކމގއވ‬ ‫ވލ ކލޖގއ ޗއނ ބސ ކޔވއދ ޚއޞ ސނޓރއގ ޚދމތ‬ ‫ފށއގތމށ ތއޔރވއޖއވ‪ .‬ޗއނގ ޗނގޢނ ޔނވރސޓއއ‬ ‫ގޅގނ ޤއމކރ މ ސނޓރގ ޚދމތ ފށއގތމށ ވމނދ‬ ‫ތއޔރތއ ބއލވއލއވމށ ރއޖގއ ހނނ ޗއނ އމބސގ‬ ‫ކއނސލރ ޔ ޝއޔނގ ވނ ދދފހނ ވލކލޖށ‬ ‫ޒޔރތކރއވފއވ‪.‬‬ ‫މ ޒޔރތގއ ކއނސލރ ޔ ވނ ވލކލޖގ އސވރނނ‬ ‫ބއދލކރއވއފއވ‪ .‬އދ ޗއނ ބސ ކޔވއދ މރކޒގ‬ ‫މސއކތ އވސކރވނ ގތތކމދ ވލކލޖގ ރކޓރ ޑރ‪.‬‬ ‫އޙމދ އނވރ މޝވރކރއވފއވ‪.‬‬



‫ކއނސލރ ޔ ގ މ ބއދލކރއވމގއ ރއޖއ ޗއނގ ޤނނ‬ ‫ހދ މޖލހގ މދގއ ގޅނ ބދހކށ‪ ،‬އއބޔއގ ތޖރބ‬ ‫އނއބޔކ ޙއސކރމށ ކރވދނ މސއކތތކ ބހގތނ‬ ‫މޝވރކރއވއވ‪ .‬އދ ދ ޤއމގ ޤނނ ހދ މޖލހގ ގޅނ‬ ‫ބދހކރމށ ކރވފއވ އކ ކނކމގ މއޗށ ދބފޅނވސ‬ ‫ބއލވއލއވއވ‪ .‬ރއޔތނގ މޖލހގއ‪ ،‬ޗއނއއ ރޙމތތރކނ‬ ‫ބދހކރމގ ޕލމނޓރ ގރޕއވސ މއހރ ވނ ޤއމކށފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ޤއމ ޔނވރސޓގ ދރވރނގ ޖމޢއޔއ އކ‬

‫ދވހރއޖގ ޤއމ ޔނވރސޓއ ގޅނ ބދހކށ‪ ،‬އ ޔނވރސޓ‬ ‫ކރއރވމށ ޗއނއނ އހތރކނ ފރކށދނމށ ކރމނގނދ‬ ‫މސއކތތކގ ދށނ‪ ،‬ޤއމ ޔނވރސޓގ ދރވރނގ‬ ‫ޖމޢއޔއއކ ރއޖގއ ހނނ ޗއނ އމބސއނ ވނ މހނގ‬ ‫ޖނމހގ ‪ 9‬ވނ ދވހ ބއދލކރއވއފއވ‪.‬‬ ‫މ ބއދލކރއވމގއ ޗއނ އމބސގ ފރތނ ބއވރވވޑއގތ‪،‬‬ ‫ކއނސލރ ޔ ޝއޔނގއވ‪ .‬ޤއމ ޔނވރސޓގ ދރވރނގ‬ ‫ޖމޢއޔގ ފރތނ ބއވރވވޑއގތ‪ ،‬އ ޖމޢއޔގ ރއސ‬ ‫ޙސއނ ޒއދވ‪ .‬މ ބއދލކރއވމގއ އ ޖމޢއޔއށ ޗއނއނ‬ ‫ފރކށދވދނ އހތރކމމދ ވނ މޝވރކރއވފއވ‪.‬‬

‫މޑމ ފޒނއ ޗއނ ސފރ ބއދލކރއވ ނ‬

‫ޗއނގ އހ ރއޖގ ޚރޖ ވޒ ރއށ‬

‫ރއސލޖމހރއޔގ އނބކނބލނ މޑމ ފޒނ އޙމދގ‬ ‫އރހށ‪ ،‬ދވހރއޖގއ ހނނވ ޗއނ ސފރ ހރ އކސލނސ‬ ‫ވނގ ލޝނ އޙތރމގ ޒޔރތއ ކރއވ މއހރގ އޕރލމހ‬ ‫‪ 18‬ވނ ދވހއވ‪.‬‬

‫ރއޖގ ޚރޖ ވޒރގ ބނ އތރށ ފރހމކރމށ‪ ،‬ޚރޖ ވޒރއށ‬ ‫ބނނވ އތރ ވސލތތއ ފހކށ ޤއމކރމށ ޗއނ ސރކރނ‬ ‫ވދނ ގތގނޑކށ ‪ 310000‬ޑލރގ އހގ އއބސވމގއ ދ‬ ‫ޤއމގ ފރތނ ސއކރ‪ ،‬މއހރގ އޕރލމހ ‪ 27‬ވނ ދވހއވ‪.‬‬ ‫މއ ޗއނގ ސޓޓ ކއނސލރ އދ ޚރޖ ވޒރ ވނގ ޔ‬ ‫މއހރ ކރކޅ ރއޖއށ ކރއވ ޒޔރތގއ ހމޖއސވއދއވ‬ ‫އހއކވ‪.‬‬

‫މ ބއދލކރއވމގއ ޗއނގ ސފރ ދއކވ ވހކފޅގއ‪،‬‬ ‫ރއޖގ އނހނނނ ކޑކދނނ އދ ތޢލމ ގޅނހރ ކނކމގއ‬ ‫މޑމ ފޒނގ ޚދމތތރކނ ފހގކރއވއވ‪ .‬އދ ފރތމ‬ ‫ޑގރއއ ހމޔށ ހލ ކޔވއދނމށ ސރކރނ ފށފއވ‬ ‫ޕރގރމށ ތރފކރއވއވ‪ .‬މޑމ ފޒނގ ވހކފޅގއ ޗއނއނ‬ ‫ދވހރއޖއށ އކ ދއރތކނ ދމނގނދ ދލތ އހތއ‬ ‫ފހގކރއވއ ދވހ ރއޔތނގ ނމގއ ޝކރ އދކރއވއވ‪.‬‬

‫ރއޖގ ޚރޖ ވޒރގ ބނ ‪ 2006‬ވނ އހރކށދނ ޗއނއނނވ‪.‬‬ ‫އގފހނ‪ ،‬މ ބނގ އބތރ ފލވއ ޒމނ ކރމގ މޝރޢއ‬ ‫‪ 2019‬ވނ އހރވސ ޗއނއނ ވނ ހނގއދފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ޚރޖ ވޒރ ޗއނ ސފރ ބއދލކރއވ ނ‬

‫ޗއނ ސފރ އސ މސ އލވރނގ އރހށ‬

‫މއހރގ އޕރލ ‪ 18‬ވނ ދވހ ރއޖގ ޚރޖ ވޒރ ޢބދﷲ‬ ‫ޝހދއ‪ ،‬ރއޖގއ ހނނވ ޗއނ ސފރ ހރ އކސލނސ‬ ‫ވނގ ލޝނ ވނ ބއދލކރއވއފއވ‪ .‬މ ބއދލކރއވމގއ‬ ‫ބއނލއޤވމ މސރޙގއ ހނގމނދ ކނކމ ގޅގތނ‬ ‫ދބފޅނވސ މޝވރކރއވއވ‪ .‬އދ ރއޖގ ތރއޤއށ‬ ‫ދބފޅނވސ‬ ‫ކމޔބ‬ ‫މޝރޢތކގ‬ ‫ހނގ‬ ‫ޗއނއނ‬ ‫ފހގކރއވއވ‪.‬‬

‫މ އހރގ ފރތމ ‪ 5‬މސދވހގ ތރ ދވހ ސރކރގ އސ‬ ‫މޤމތކގއ ތބ ބއއ އސ މސއލވރނނ‪ ،‬ރއޖގއ‬ ‫ހނނވ ޗއނގ ސފރ ހރ އކސލނސ ވނގ ލޝނ‬ ‫ބއދލކރއވއފއވ‪ .‬މގތނ އކމނ ބއދލކރއވ އސ‬ ‫މސއލވރނގ ތރގއ އނވޔރނމނޓ މނސޓރ އމނތ‬ ‫ޝއނއއ‪ ،‬ހޔރ އޑޔކޝނ މނސޓރ ޑރ‪ .‬އބރހމ‬ ‫ޙސނއ‪ ،‬ހމ މނސޓރ ޢމރނ ޢބދﷲ އއ‪ ،‬ފޝރޒ‬ ‫މނސޓރ ޑރ‪ .‬ޙސއނ ރޝދ ޙސނ އއ‪ ،‬ކލޗރ މނސޓރ‬ ‫ޔމނ މއމނއ‪ ،‬ޔތ މނސޓރ އޙމދ މޚލފއ‪ ،‬އޑޔކޝނ‬ ‫މނސޓރ ޑރ‪ .‬ޢއޝތ ޢލއއ‪ ،‬ޓރނސޕޓ މނސޓރ‬ ‫ޢއޝތ ނޙލ ހމނވޑއގނނވއވ‪.‬‬

‫މ ބއދލކރއވމގއ ދބފޅނވސ ފހގކރއވ ގތގއ ބޑ‬ ‫ޤއމކ ކޑ ޤއމކ ދމދ އއބޔކ އނއބޔއގ ސޔދތށ‬ ‫އޙތރމކށ‪ ،‬ތރއޤއށ އހތރކނ ދނމގއ ރއޖއ ޗއނގ‬ ‫ގޅމކ މޅ ދނޔއށވސ ރތ ނމނއކވ‪.‬‬

‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ ‪30 2022‬‬

‫‪ 2022 – 2021‬ޚއޞ ހނދނތކނ‬ ‫ރއޖގ ރއސއ ޗއނގ ޚރޖ ވޒރ ބއދލކރއވ ނ‬

‫ޗއނގ އއ ސފރ މޤމގ ފތކޅ އރ ވނ‬

‫ޗއނގ ސޓޓ ކއނސލރ އދ ޚރޖ ވޒރ ވނގ ޔ‬ ‫މއހރގ ޖނއރމހ ރއޖއށ ކރއވ ރސމ ދތރފޅގއ‬ ‫ރއޖގ ރއސލޖމހރއޔ އބރހމ މޙއމދ ޞލޙއއ ވނ‬ ‫ބއދލކރއވއފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ޗއނ ސރކރނ ރއޖއށ ކނޑއޅއވ އއ ސފރ ހރ‬ ‫އކސލނސ ވނގ ލޝނ އކމނގ ސފރކމގ ފތކޅ ރއޖގ‬ ‫ރއސލޖމހރއޔ އބރހމ މޙއމދ ޞލޙށ އރވ ‪ 2021‬ވނ‬ ‫އހރގ ސޕޓމބރމހގ ‪ 6‬ވނ ދވހއވ‪.‬‬

‫ޖނއރމހ ‪ 8‬ވނ ދވހ ރއސލޖމހރއޔގ އފހގއ އތ މ‬ ‫ބއދލކރއވމގއ‪ ،‬މއހރކ‪ ،‬ރއޖއއ ޗއނއނ ޑޕލމޓކ‬ ‫ގޅނ ޤއމކރތ ‪ 50‬އހރ ފރ ތރޚ އހރކނ ދބފޅނވސ‬ ‫ފހގކރއވއ‪ ،‬ދ ޤއމގ ގޅމގ ކމޔބތކގ މއޗށ ވހކފޅ‬ ‫ދއކވއވ‪ .‬ރއސ ޞލޙގ ވހކފޅ ކރއށ ގނދވމނ‪،‬‬ ‫ރއޖގ ތރއޤއށ ޗއނއނ ދމނގނދ ބޑ އހތރކމށ ޝކރ‬ ‫އދކރއވއވ‪.‬‬

‫ފތކޅ އރވމށ ބއވނ ރސމއޔތގއ‪ ،‬ރއޖއ ޗއނއ ދމދ‬ ‫އތ ގޅނ ބދހކރއވމށ ސފރކމގ މޤމގއ މގ ކރނ‬ ‫ތއބވ ބފޅނ ކރއވވފއވ މސއކތޕޅ ޝކރވރކމއކ‬ ‫ރއސ ޞލޙ ފހގކރއވއވ‪ .‬އދ އއ ސފރވސ ދ ޤއމގ‬ ‫ގޅނ ބދހކރއވމށ މސއކތޕޅ ކރއވނކމށ އނމދކރއވ‬ ‫ކމގއ ވދޅވއވ‪ .‬މ ރސމއޔތގއ ޗއނގ ސފރވނ ޗއނ‬ ‫ސރކރގ ހޔ އދނތއ ދވހ ސރކރށ ރއދކރއވއފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ޗއނއއ ދވހރއޖ ގ ރސ މ މޝ ވރތއ‬

‫ޗއނ ސފރއ ނއބ ރއސ ބއދލކރއވ ނ‬

‫މއހރގ ޖނއރމހގ ކރކޅ ޗއނގ ސޓޓ ކއނސލރ އދ‬ ‫ޚރޖ ވޒރ ވނގ ޔ ރއޖއށ ކރއވ ޒޔރތގއ ޗއނއ‬ ‫ދވހރއޖއ ދމދ ރސމ މޝވރތއ ވނ ބއވވއފއވ‪.‬‬ ‫ރސމ މޝވރތކގއ ޗއނގ ފރތނ‪ ،‬ޚރޖ ވޒރ ވނގ ޔގ‬ ‫އރހގއ އ ޤއމގ މތ ފނވރގ ވފދއ ބއވރވވޑއގތވ‪.‬‬ ‫ރއޖގ ފރތނ މ މޝވރތކގއ ބއވރވވޑއގތ މތފނވރގ‬ ‫ވފދގ އސބފޅކ ރއޖގ ޚރޖ ވޒރ ޢބދﷲ ޝހދވ‪.‬‬

‫ރއސލޖމހރއޔގ ނއބ ފއޞލ ނސމގ އރހށ ރއޖގއ‬ ‫ހނނވ ޗއނ ސފރ ހރ އކސލނސ ވނގ ލޝނ އޙތރމގ‬ ‫ޒޔރތއ ކރއވ ‪ 2021‬ވނ އހރގ ޑސމބރމހ ‪ 22‬ވނ‬ ‫ދވހއވ‪.‬‬

‫މ މޝވރ ބއދލކރއވމށފހ‪ ،‬ރއޖގ ޚރޖ ވޒރ ޗއނގ‬ ‫ޚރޖ ވޒރ ވނ ނސވރނނ ބއދލކރއވއފއވ‪ .‬އދ ދ‬ ‫ޤއމގ ފރތނ ގޅފއވ ބޔނއ ދއވއ‪ ،‬ނސވރނގ‬ ‫ސވލތކށ ޖވބދއވއފއވ‪.‬‬



‫މ ޒޔރތގއ ޗއނ ސފރ ދއކވ ވހކފޅގއ ރއޖއ‬ ‫ޗއނގ ގޅނ އތރށ ބދހކރމގ މހނމކމގ މއޗށ ވނ‬ ‫ވހކފޅދއކވއފއވ‪ .‬ރއސލޖމހރއޔގ ނއބ ފއޞލ‬ ‫ނސމ ދއކވ ވހކފޅގއ ފތރވރކމގ ދއރއ‪ ،‬ޞއޙ‬ ‫ދއރއ‪ ،‬ތޢލމ ދއރއ‪ ،‬ރށވހކމ ތރއޤގ ދއރގއ‬ ‫ޗއނއނ ދވހރއޖއށ ވދފއވ އދ މހރވސ ދމނގނދ‬ ‫ބޑތ އހތއ ފހގކރއވއވ‪.‬‬

‫މސއކތކށ ނދހ ސމލކނ އޅގނޑ ދނނ‪ .‬ސރކރށ‬ ‫މއ ފސހ މސއކތއ ނނ‪ .‬އކމކ މއ އޅގނޑ ވރށ‬ ‫ބޑށ ފޚރވރކމއކ ފހގކރ ކމޔބއއ" ރއސ ޝ‬ ‫ވދޅވއވ‪.‬‬

‫އތ އ ލސޓގ ‪ 1‬ވނގއވ‪ .‬މއދ ޗއނއކ ދނޔގއ‬ ‫އނމ ގނއނ މދ އކސޕޓ ކރ ގއމވ‪ .‬އދ ދވނއށ‬ ‫އނމ ގނއނ މދ އމޕޓކރ ގއމވ‪ .‬ޗއނއކ ދނޔގ‬ ‫އގތސދ ހނގ މއ އނޖނވ‪ .‬އ އނޖނ ހއޓއޖނމ‬ ‫ދނޔގ އގތސދ ހއޓނއވ‪ .‬ދނޔގ އގތސދ ދވލ‬ ‫ކނޑއޅނ ޗއނގ އގތސދ ދވލނނވ‪ .‬ކވޑއ ގޅގނ‬ ‫ދނޔގ‬





‫ކރއރ ޗއނގ އގތސދވ‪.‬‬ ‫އނސނ ވސލތތކށބލއރ‪ ،‬ސއނޓސޓނނއ ޓކނކލ‬ ‫މހނ އނމ ގނއ ޗއނގއވ‪ .‬ރސޗއ ތރއގއށ ކރ‬ ‫ހދވނ ‪ 180‬ގނ އތރކށ‪ 2.4 ،‬ޓރލއނ ޔއނއށ‬ ‫އތރވފއވ‪ .‬އމރކ ފހތށ ޖއސއލމށފހ ޓކނލޖއ‬ ‫ގޅ ސމނ އނމ ގނއނ އފއދ‪ ،‬އކސޕޓކރ ގއމކ‬ ‫މއދ ޗއނއވ‪ .‬މތ ތޢލމ އނގނ އނމ ބޔ ވއގއއ‬ ‫ދރވރނ ދނޔގއ މއދ ތބ ޗއނގއވ‪.‬‬ ‫ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގގ ޒޢމތއކ ޗއނއނ ބއނލއގވމ‬ ‫ދނޔއއކ ބއވ ގޅނތއ ވރށ ބޑށ ކރއރއ‪،‬‬ ‫ވރގދވއވ‪ .‬އމނކފނގ ޑޕލމޓކ މސއކތޕޅއކ‬ ‫މއދ ދނޔއށ ދމވ‪ ،‬ނވތ ދނޔގއ ހނގ ބޑ‬ ‫ކނމ‬


‫ޗއނގ ބސވކއވ‪.‬‬



‫ވސނނފޅގއ ބއނލއގވމ ގޅނތއ އނނނޖހނ ވކ‬ ‫ބއކށ އކނ ފއދވމގ ބދލގއ‪ ،‬ހރހ ފރތކށވސ‬ ‫ވލޑ ބނކނ ހމކށފއވ މޢލމތށ ބލއރ ރއސ‬

‫އކމނ ކރއރމއ ފގތކނ ލބނ ގތށވ‪.‬‬

‫ޝ ޖނޕނގ ޒއމތގއ މވތވދޔ ‪ 10‬އހރ ތރގއ‬ ‫ޗއނގ ގއމ އފއދނތރކމނ ބލކށ ޖހ މނވރ ‪2‬‬ ‫ގނއށ އތރވއޖއވ‪ .‬ގއމތކއކ އނނ އގތސދ‬ ‫ގޅނ ވރގދކރމށ ދނޔގއ މހތނށ އއލނކރ‬ ‫އނފރސޓރކޗރގ އނމ ބޔ ޕރގރމ ‪ 2013‬ވނ‬ ‫އހރ ޗއނއނ އއލނކރއވ‪ .‬ދނޔގ އކ ކނކޅތކގއ‬ ‫އތއ ބލއނ ޑލރއ ޚރދކށގނ މގތކއ ބނދރތކއ‬ ‫ބރޖތކއ އއރޕޓތކއ ރއލވތކއ މ ނނސ އތއ‬ ‫ބނއއ ޗއނއނ ކށދ ނނމއފއވ‪.‬‬ ‫‪ 2020‬ވނ އހރ ނމނއރ‪ ،‬ޗއނގ ފރނ ޓރޑގ‬ ‫ވލއމ ‪ 4.65‬ޓރލއނ ޑލރށ އރއވ‪ .‬މއ އހރކ ‪14‬‬ ‫އނސއތއގ ކރއރމކވ‪ .‬ގއމގ އމޕޓ އދ އކސޕޓ‬ ‫‪ 1.9‬އނސއތގއ ދނ ކރއރމނނވ‪ .‬ޓރޑ ވލއމއނ‬ ‫ބލއރ ‪ 1978‬ވނ އހރ ‪ 26‬ވނއގއ އތ ޗއނ މއދ‬







‫ކމޔބތކއކ ޗއނ ބރގދ ގއމކށވ‪ ،‬މހރ އދނ‬ ‫އރއބރ ފދނތރކމގއ ދނޔގ އއވނއށ ވޞލވނ‬ ‫ޒމނއގ‬




‫ކނކމގއ އސވ ނގއކޔ އދ ބސކޔ ޤއމއގ މޤމށ‬ ‫ކރ މއދތއގ ތރ ޗއނ މކރ ދތރގއ‪ ،‬ރއސ ޝ‬ ‫ޖނޕނގއކ އއވސ ޝއކއ ނތ ގތގއ‪ ،‬ދތރގ‬ ‫މސރބއ ޗޓ ކރއސވ އސ މސތރއވ‪.‬‬

‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ ‪32 2022‬‬

‫ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ ‪:‬‬ ‫ޗއނގ ޒމނ ތރއޤގ އސ މސތރ‬ ‫‪ 1.4‬ބލއނ މހނގ އބދއއ އތ ޗއނގ ވރކނކރ ކމއނސޓ ޕޓގ އނމ އސލޑރ ނވތ ޕޓގ‬ ‫ޖނރލ ސކރޓރގ މގމށ‪ ،‬ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ އނތޚބވވޑއގނނވ ‪ 2012‬ވނ އހރއވ‪ .‬އދ ޗއނގ‬ ‫ރއސކމގ މގމ އމނކފނ ރސމގތނ ޙވލވވޑއގނނވ ‪ 2013‬ވނ އހރއވ‪.‬‬ ‫ޗއނގ އނމ އސ ލޑރގ މގމއ ޙވލވ ވޑއގތމށފހ‬

‫ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގގ ޒޢމތގއ ޗއނ ކރއށދތ ‪10‬‬

‫ދއވ ފރތމ ތގރރގއވސ އމނކފނ ވނ ޗއނއށ‬

‫އހރވފއވއރ‪ ،‬އ ގއމގ އގތޞދ އ ދތރކރނ‬

‫އނގލބ ބދލތކއ ގނސ‪ ،‬ދނޔގ އނމ ކރއރފއވ‬

‫އމރކ ފހތށ ޖއސއލމށފހ ދނޔގ އނމ ބޑ‬

‫ގއމށ ޗއނ ބދލކށ‪ ،‬އ ގއމގ ރއޔތނނށ އފފގތ‬

‫އގތޞދށވމށވ‪ .‬އސކރގތނ ދނޔގ އނމ ބޑ‬

‫މސތގބލއ ހއދވއދއވނކމށ ވޢދވވޑއގނފއވ‪.‬‬

‫ކނޑގ ލޝކރ ބނކށފއވ‪ .‬ދނޔގ އކ ކނކޅތކގއ‬ ‫ހނގ‬









‫އތނ ނމއޖއވ‪ .‬ސއނސއ ޓކނލޖގ ރނގނ އތއ‬ ‫ކރއރނތކއ‬


‫އގތސދ ގތނނއ އޖތމއ ގތނ ގއމށ ގނސދއވ‬ ‫ބދލތކގ ތރއނ ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ އނމ ބޑށ‬ ‫"އޅގނޑމނގ ރއޔތނ ބނނވނ މއށވރ ރނގޅ‬ ‫ތޢލމ‪ ،‬ދމހއޓނވ ވޒފގ ފރޞތތއ‪ ،‬އޖތމޢ‬ ‫ރއކއތރކނ‪ ،‬ފނވރ ރނގޅ ސއޙ ޚދމތތކއ‪،‬‬ ‫ހމޖހގނ އޅވނ ވޔވތ ދރއޅމއ‪ ،‬އދ ހތގއމ‬ ‫ތމވށޓއ" ޗއނގ ވރކނކރ ކމއނސޓ ޕޓގ އނމ‬ ‫އސ މގމއ ޙވލވ ވޑއގތމށފހ ދއވ ފރތމ‬ ‫ތގރރގއ ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ ވދޅވއވ‪.‬‬



‫ކރއވ އއ މސއކތޕޅކ ފގރނނއ މއސނދނގ‬ ‫ފރގ ކޑކރއވމވ‪ .‬ބޔކ ފނއވމގ ބދލގއ އނމ‬ ‫ފގރ ހސބތކށ ސދ އމނކފނ ވޑއގތވ‪2020 .‬‬ ‫ވނ އހރ ފހގވފއވނ މޅ ޗއނއނ "އނތހދރޖއގ‬ ‫ފގރކނ" ނއތއލވނ އހރގ ގތގއވ‪" .‬ފގރކނ‬ ‫ނއތއލމކ ރއޔތނނށ ސރކރނ ވފއވ މހއމ‬ ‫ވޢދއ‪ .‬އ‬

‫ވޢދ ފއދއދނމށ އހނ އއވސ‬

‫‪ 2022 – 2021‬ޚއޞ ހނދނތކނ‬

‫ޗއނގ ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ އއ‪ ،‬ރއޖގ ރއސ އބރހމ މޙއމ ދ ޞލޙ‬ ‫ފނނކރއވ ޚއޞ މޝ ވރ‬ ‫‪ 2021‬ވނ އހރގ ޖލއމހނ ‪ 16‬ވނ ދވހ‪،‬‬ ‫ޗއނގ ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ ވނ ރއޖގ ރއސ‬ ‫އބރހމ މޙއމދ ޞލޙއއ ފނނ ގޅއވއ ޚއޞ‬ ‫މޝވރތކއ ކރއވއފއވ‪ .‬ދ ޤއމގ ރއސނގ މ‬ ‫ޚއޞ މޝވރގއ ޗއނގ ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ ވނ‪،‬‬ ‫ދ ޤއމގ މދގއ ޑޕލމޓކ ގޅނ ޤއމކރވނއސރ‪،‬‬ ‫ދ ޤއމގ ސރކރ ރއޔތނގ މދގއ އތ ބދހގޅމގ‬ ‫މއޗށ ބއލވލއވއފއވ‪ .‬ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ‬ ‫ފހގކރއވ ގތގއ‪ ،‬ބޑ ޤއމކ ކޑ ޤއމކ ދމދ‪،‬‬ ‫ހމހމކމއކ މޢމލތކރމ‪ ،‬ދ ޤއމގ މނފއ ލބޔށ‬ ‫ގޅގނ މސއކތކރމގއ ޗއނއއ ދވހރއޖއނ ވނ‬ ‫މޅ ދނޔއށ ރތ ނމނއއ ދއކވއދފއވ‪.‬‬

‫‪ 2014‬ވނ އހރ ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ ދވހރއޖއށ‬ ‫ކރއވ ފރމނ ދތރފޅގ ހނދނ އއ ކރއވ‪ ،‬ހރހ‬ ‫ދއރއއގއވސ ދ ޤއމނ އއބޔކ އނއބޔއގ‬ ‫އއބއވނތވތބ‬ ‫އޙތރމކރމއކ‬ ‫އޞލތކށ‬ ‫މސއކތކރމށ‪ ،‬ކރމގގއ ދ ޤއމށވސ މނފވނ‬ ‫ގތގއ ގޅނތއ ހރދނކރމނ ގނދއމށ އ ދތރފޅގއ‬ ‫އއބސވފއވކނ ޚއޞކށ ފހގކރއވއވ‪.‬‬ ‫ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ ގ ވހކފޅގއ ދވހ ޤއމ‬ ‫ރއޔތނގ ލބޔ މނފއށޓކއ ޗއނއނ ދމނގނދ‬ ‫އހތރކމ‪ ،‬ހނގމނގނދ މޝރޢތއ ހއޓމއނތ‬ ‫ކރއށ ދނކމގ ޔޤނކނ ދއވއވ‪ .‬އދ ރއޖގ‬ ‫ތރއޤއ ކރއރމށ އއބރލނދ ޤއމއގ ގތގއ‬ ‫އބދވސ ޗއނ ދމއނނނކމގއ ވދޅވއވ‪.‬‬

‫ފހގކރއވއ‪ ،‬ކމޔނސޓ ޕޓގ ޤޔދތގއ ޗއނ‬ ‫ހދ ހލވ އދ ޒމނ ކރއރމށ މރޙބ ވދޅވއވ‪.‬‬ ‫ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ ގ ޒޢމތގއ ދނޔގ ކރއރމ‬ ‫އއބއވނތކނ ދމހއޓވމށ ގނގޅއވ ހރދނ‬ ‫ސޔސތށ ތރފކރއވއވ‪.‬‬ ‫ރއސ އބރހމ މޙއމދ ޞލޙގ ވހކފޅ ކރއށ‬ ‫ގނދވމނ‪ ،‬ބދހ މނވނ އއ ޤއމއގ ގތގއ‬ ‫މޅ ޗއނ ބލއގތމށ ބއނލއޤވމ މޖތމޢނ‬ ‫ޤބލކށފއވ "ވނ‪-‬ޗއނ ޕލސ" އށ ދވހރއޖއނ‬ ‫ފރހމއށ ތއދކށ އޙތރމކރނކމގ ޔޤނކނ‬ ‫ދއވއވ‪ .‬އދ ‪ 2022‬ވނ އހރކ ޗއނއ ދވހރއޖއ‬

‫ދމދ ޑޕލމޓކ ގޅނ ޤއމކރތ ‪ 50‬އހރފރ ރނޔބލ‬ ‫އހރކމށ ވމއކ‪ ،‬މއ ދ ޤއމގ މދގއ ޒމނއސރއތ‬ ‫ރޙމތތރކމ އއބއވނތކނ އތރށ ވރގދކރމށ ލބ‬ ‫ޚއޞ ފރޞތއކނ ފހގކރއވއވ‪.‬‬ ‫ދ ޤއމ ގޅގނ އކ ދއރތކގއ ކރއރނ ހދމށ‬ ‫ވފއވ އއބސވނތކ އކށއޅފއވ ޢމލ މސއކތގ‬ ‫އނގނޑތކށ ޢމލ ސފ ގނއމގއ ރއޖއނ ފރހމއށ‬ ‫އޖބދނކމގ ޔޤނކނ މ މޝވރގއ ރއސ އބރހމ‬ ‫މޙއމދ ޞލޙވނ ދއވއފއވ‪ .‬އދ ޗއނގ ބލޓ އނޑ‬ ‫ރޑ އނޝއޓވގ ދށނ ކރއށ ގނދ މޝރޢތކގއ‬ ‫ރއޖގ ބއވރވމ އއބރލނ ދމހއޓނކމށވސ ރއސ‬ ‫އބރހމ މޙއމދ ޞލޙ ވނ ވދޅވފއވ‪.‬‬

‫މ މޝވރގއ ރއސ އބރހމ މޙއމދ ޞލޙ ދއކވ‬ ‫ވހކފޅގއ‪ 2021 ،‬ވނ އހރކ ޗއނގ ކމޔނސޓ‬ ‫ޕޓއށ ‪ 100‬އހރފރ ތރޚ މނސބގ އހރކނ‬

‫ސނކރ މޖއލ | ޖނ ‪34 2022‬‬

‫މ މހގ ބސ‬

‫އނމނގ ބއވރވނ ހގގތގއވސ‬ ‫އނނނ ބއނލއޤ ވމ ނޒމކށ‬ ‫އޅ ގނޑމނ ތބވނވއޖ‪ .‬އއއކ‪ ،‬ކނމ‬ ‫ޤއމކނވސ އ ޤއމއގ އމއލވނތ‬ ‫ވށޓ‪ ،‬ޙލތތ ކ އއގތށ ގނނނ އދ‬ ‫ތރއޤ ޙޞލކށދނމށ‪ ،‬އޙ ތރމއކ‬ ‫އޅ ގނޑމނ އއބރލނ ދނވނ‬ ‫ރއސ ޝ ޖނޕނގ‬ ‫‪ 25‬ވނ ސއނޓ ޕޓސބރގ އކނމކ ފރމގއ ދއވ ތ ޤރރނ‬ ‫‪ 17‬ޖނ ‪2022‬‬

‫ކރޔށހރ ޞފޙތކގއ‬ ‫‪18/19‬‬

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