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Welcome to  our  brand-­‐new  site!     It  is  with  great  pride  and  joy  to  inform  you,  that  our  company  web-­‐site  has  been   totally  redesigned  from  scratch  and  is  already  live,  waiting  to  welcome  you  to   Kavas  Yachting’s  world!     Everything  is  now  freshly  new  and  easy  to  find  in  our  website,  apart  from  our   web-­‐site  address,  which  always  remains     What’s  New     The  new  features  of  our  smoothly  redesigned  web-­‐site  include  easy  and  ordered   access  to  all  photos  and  videos  we  produce  in  order  to  introduce  ourselves  and   our  boats  to  you,  show  you  all  of  our  activities  and  share  with  you  our  latest   news.     In  this  new  Internet  presence  of  our  company,  every  yacht  available  from  Kavas   Yachting  has  it’s  own  photo-­‐gallery,  video,  specifications,  layout  and  Kavas   Yachting  Base  availability.     That’s  not  all.  You  can  find  our  current  pricelist  or  our  terms  &  conditions  in  the   flick  of  a  second,  send  us  a  charter  request  with  your  detailed  requirements,  or   even  pay  on-­‐line  for  a  charter  contract  with  your  credit  card.     Competitions,  special  offers  and  much  more.     In  our  new  website  you  can  participate  in  our  mini-­‐polls,  enter  competitions  and   find  out  more  about  our  latest  special  offers.  We  also  have  available  three  special   offers  for  our  Sun  Odyssey  379,  Oceanis  37  and  Sun  Odyssey  36i     We  even  took  greater  care  of  our  contact  details,  in  which  you  will  now  be  able  to   see  the  exact  Google  Maps  positioning  of  our  Kavas  Yachting  head  office,  as  well   as  the    map  positioning  of  our  yachts  bases  (Athens,  Kos  Island,  Lefkas  Island).     We,  at  Kavas  Yachting,  are  always  ready  to  assist  you  in  the  most  friendly  and   professional  manner,  offering  you  great  sailing  value  for  your  money  and  making   you  feel  at  home.        

Yacht Charter Greece  

Live your sailing experience in Greece with Kavas Yachting. Visit our website and book your next charter sailing holidays with us.

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