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Welcome to European Horse Trade

Hunters and Jumpers and Dressage horses European Horse Trade offers dressage horses, hunters, jumpers and ponies from Europe for sale at prices that will put a smile on your face. Prices are still lower than in the United States, even including import! Are you looking to buy that special dressage horse or a warmblood made for the hunter/jumper ring? Do you have trouble finding your dream horse while staying within your budget here in the US? Go to Holland shopping for a horse.

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Save money (and that includes the cost of your trip to the Netherlands). High quality European horses See up to 15 quality horses in a few days. You save time and money – no need to fly all over the US! Find your dream horse in one trip.

When you purchase a horse abroad you just want to think of your new horse. We will take care of the details, like arranging transportation, the veteranarian, booking a nice hotel and selecting the horse farms to visit.We’ll make sure that we learn exactly what kind of horse you are looking for. We will take you to the selected horses in a few days while you stay in a nice hotel, and we will take care of transportation across the Atlantic. And most important: we willl get you the right horse for the right price! Whether you love show jumpers, hunters or dressage, we have access to horses with excellent pedigrees:

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Dutch warmbloods (KWPN, NRPS) German warmbloods (Hanoverians, Oldenburg, Westfalen, Trakehnen etc) Welsh, NF and NRPS sportponies Belgian warmbloods, Zangersheide & all other European warmbloods

European Horse Trade provides:

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Easy access to the European horse you are looking for. A local (in the US) Dutch contact to plan and discuss the trip with you. Specialized host in Holland to select and show you the horses. We organize your travel arrangements. We take care of transportation, vets and quarantine. The right horse for the right price.

Join us! We are in Holland for the summer! Call Sarah Smit: + 31 6 47484885 or Sarah Bernheim: 781 3663898 Combine your horse finding trip with a visit to one of the great shows this summer! Or go shopping at one of the largest tack shops in Europe! See Miranda in action! Jumping a 6’6″ wall on Friday 10/19/2007 Horse buying travel specials! Ask us about our short weekend special! Leave the US on Friday evening, arrive in Holland early Saturday morning; see the horses the entire day on Saturday and on Sunday morning, fly back to the US Sunday afternoon. Of course, we can extend the trip! See our Horse buying services page.Or jump to our for sale pages with photos o fDressage horses for sale Hunters and Jumpers for sale Disclaimer European Horse Trade (EHT) acts as an agent only. EHT advertises with information given to us by the owners of the horses and is not liable for any of the statements. EHT is not liable for the overall condition of the horses, nor liable for any guarantees made by the owner of the horse. EHT is not liable for any damage to the horse, or caused by the horse, before, during and after sale and transportation. Primary home page photograph by Arnd Bronkhorst

Contact UsEuropean Horse Trade Jumeirah Islands, Cluster 18, villa 2 Dubai, UAE + 971 55 6041465 In the USA European Horse Trade is represented by:Sarah Bernheim Boston, MA 781-366-3898

Welcome to european horse trade  

European Horse Trade offers dressage horses, hunters, jumpers and ponies from Europe for sale at prices that will put a smile on your face.

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