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Best of Aviation & Military

Best of Aviation & Military Navy SEALS Training: BUD/s Class 234 (6 x 60)

When Planes Go Down (1 x 60)

When the 150 men of class 234 begin Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL-BUDS- training, they have the toughest six months of their life ahead of them. It is the most complex, demanding, and grueling test of commitment ever devised by any commando force in existence. Those who graduate are the definition of grit and guts and determination.

On a clear day, a six-seater Beechcraft Bonanza narrowly misses a field of schoolchildren before taking a nosedive into an apartment building. What caused this malfunction? Discover the dangerous process by which planes are recovered, and the subsequent investigation into how and why these crashes happen. Each investigation utilizes forensic science, aviation engineering, meteorology, psychology and criminology.

21st Century Warrior (1 x 60)

Carrier: Arsenal of the Sea (1 x 60) This one-hour documentary explores both the military and human dimensions of the USS Ronald Reagan, Nimitz Class aircraft carrier as she makes her journey from the shipyard where she was built to her new homeport. Meet the crew, see the technology and witness the various operations that make a Nimitz Class carrier a city at sea.

Top Tens Seasons 1-3 (8 x 60) Top Tens ranks the greatest technological achievements in military history. Each programme selects ten machines which have left their mark and ranks them based on expert opinion, audience polls and technical comparison. From helicopters, submarines, bombers and tanks, the final results may come as a surprise.

FutureWeapons Seasons 1-3 (29 x 60) Ex- Navy SEAL Richard Machowicz “Mack” takes viewers into the macabre and secret world of weapons development. It’s a journey that will take us around the globe as Mack tracks down the most lethal and the most sinister weapons yet devised. Explore the science and technology that will leave the viewer gripped and fascinated!

Weaponology Seasons 1-2 (26 x 60) Today’s battlefields are dominated by hugely reliable, hyper-lethal, superweapons. Weaponology takes hightech future weapons and unlocks their family trees, tracing the roots of their existence. Discover what links a 19th Century Scottish pastor to the assault rifle, a seedplanting device to the machine gun, and how a pizza delivery boy became the Henry Ford of body armor.

Weapons that Changed the World (1 x 60) What weapons have truly altered the course of history? Richard “Mack” Machowicz from FutureWeapons hosts an adrenaline-fueled top ten countdown of weapons that have altered the course of human history and captured the imagination of over a hundred and twenty thousand visitors to the website.

Weapon Masters (10 x 60) Technology and history collide head-on in this action packed series. Did the ancient craftsman get it right? Could we make a better weapon today with modern materials, science and techniques? Or did ancient craftsmen’s seemingly simple solutions make the most sense, withstanding the test of time? Weapon Masters, Mike Loades and Master Craftsman, Chad Houseknecht allow viewers to witness first-hand the power of pivotal world-changing weapons.

Great Planes (10 x 60) This fascinating series chronicles the history and development of U.S. warplanes that have made a substantial contribution to the evolution of aviation, such as the A-1 Skyraider, the F-16 Falcon and the F-104 Starfighter. Examine their capabilities and constraints and the personnel who design, build and fly them. Features previously classified footage of test flights and interviews with actual participants.

Skyfighters (1 x 60) Operation Maple Flag is an annual top-gun military exercise for fighter pilots that features military personnel from allied nations around the world. Bear witness to the actual military operation itself in addition to exploring how the world’s best fighter pilots are trained for speed and making split-second life or death decisions.

Showdown: Air Combat (7 x 60) Fighter pilots...warriors of the sky. Jousting on aerial steeds made of steel, speeding through the skies at hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles per hour. Hosted by U.S. Air Force Major Paul “Max” Moga of the Air Combat Command’s 1st Fighter Wing, Showdown: Air Combat features re-creations of history’s most compelling dogfights using restored versions of the aircrafts that actually went head to head.

Wings Over Europe (1 x 60) Examine the major air battles that surrounded World War II. Beginning with The Spanish Civil War through The Battle for Germany, take a look at why and how each conflict developed and study World War II’s greatest war planes, from their technical designs and statistics to the men who flew them.

Our Time in Hell: The Korean War (2 x 60) In the first months of the Korean War, American and UN troops were nearly defeated, until US General MacArthur’s invasion of Inchon turned the tables. Little did he know that China was about to join the fight and change the course of the war. Our Time in Hell tells the story of the Korean War from America’s perspective with newsreels, combat footage and extensive interviews with US soldiers.

Normandy: The Great Crusade (1 x 120; 1 x 60) Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Allied landing at Normandy in World War II, this special takes a poignant and personal look at the human face of war. Using diaries, personal letters, home movies, snapshots and vintage radio broadcasts and newsreels to capture the experiences of ordinary men on the battlefront, the civilians who were caught in the crossfire and those who waited anxiously back home.

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