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Getting Started

Monash University Second Life Education Workshop

Debbie McCormick

Getting Started

Monash University Second Life Education Workshop What is purpose of the workshop The purpose of the Monash University Second Life Education Workshop is to provide hands-on, guided examples of some of the tools and environmental affordance that are attracting educators and researchers to this innovative, novel space.

Who is the workshop for? The workshop is designed for people who have limited or no experience using virtual environments for research and/or education but would like to explore the ways they can be used for collaboration, education or just fun.

What will I learn? During the workshop you will: • Explore the Monash University Chinese Studies Centre • Receive a hands-on demonstration of teaching methods and tools • Tour other areas of Monash Island

How long is the workshop? Approximately 1.5 hours

Second Life Education Workshop - Getting Started - V.1 – Debbie McCormick – June 2008

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Before the Workshop Technology Not all computers can run Second Life so it is important to check the specifications of the computer you are planning to use for access (see A critical factor is your internet connection – broadband (basically anything but dial-up) dial is a must for running Second Life. Your computers RAM and video eo card will also be the major factors that will affect your ‘inworld’ experience – more RAM and better video card = smoother actions and less ‘lag’ (see Obstacles and Barriers in the Intro to Second Life document for or more information on lag).

Registration and Character Selection After checking that your computer can run Second Life the next step will be to set up a Second Life membership. 1. Open your web browser 2. Go to and click ‘Join Now’ 3. At the ‘Select a Community’ option ((see Figure 1) Select ‘Just Just take me to Linden Lab’s Orientation Island’ 4. Choose your Second Life name and complete the other required details on this page (Figure 2) 2).

Figure 1 'Select a Community'

Figure 2 'Choosing a Name'

5. You will now be invited to choose your Avatar (a character that will represent you ‘inworld’) from an assortment of genders, social groups, colors and species (Figure 3). 3 Don’t worry too much about which Avatar you choose as your appearance is highly customisable – one of the first skills you will learn in Second Life

Figure 3 'Choosing an Avatar' Second Life Orientation - Getting Started - V.1 – Debbie McCormick – June 2008

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The Software 6. When you have selected your Avatar you will be instructed to ‘Download and install the Second Life client’. If you don’t want to download the software now you can come back later to: 7. When the software has been downloaded the Second Life icon should appear on the desktop. This is the shortcut to the Second Life program; clicking on the icon will take you to the Login screen that will launch you into the ‘world’. Second Life Icon There are several pieces of useful information on the login page: a. b. c. d. e. f.

Whether Second Life is currently online or offline (i.e. whether you can log in) Current Time (Second Life time is the same as USA Pacific Time) How many people have logged in the last 60 days How many people are currently logged in Grid Status Reports (useful if there have been issues) When a new release of the viewer is available A B C D E


a b c d e

After entering your Avatar name and password select ‘connect’.

Second Life Orientation - Getting Started - V.1 – Debbie McCormick – June 2008

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InWorld Orientation Island After agreeing to the Linden Lab Terms of Service Agreement and reading the Community Standards that include Behavioural Guidelines, and Policies and Policing Policing,, you will be launched into the ‘world’. Your first landing spot will be Orientation Island Island.. Computers sometimes struggle to download clothes and other features of the landscape so don’t be alarmed at this thi stage if you are naked - your cloths will appear! Orientation Island has four areas with tutorials that will help you to learn the basics of Second Life Life; moving, communicating, changing appearance and searching for people, groups and events etc. Don’t leave Orientation Island until you feel comfortable with these skills as you can’t go back once you’ve left. But on the other hand, don’t worry too much if you do leave as learning in Second Life,, like in real life, is a continuing experience. People on Orientation Island (and in other areas of Second Life – just like real life) can be a bit, shall we say, forward. If anyone hassles you in any way you can just tell them to get lost – like you would in real life. If anything really disturbs you just close the program down and go and have a cup of tea.

Making Friends Many people in Second Life will want to be your friend however, just like real life you need to be careful about whom you befriend. When you have offered or received, and accepted friendship in in SL the other person can see when you are online and may send you messages, so you need to consider this before ‘friending’ them. The alternative is to give the other person your ‘calling card’ by right clicking on their avatar then selecting ‘more more from the pie menu, then ‘give card’.

Finding Friends To find people in SL who aren’tt on your ‘friends’ list you can do a ‘people’ search and contact them via instant message. 3


Send and Instant Message (IM (IM) 4


1. Click Search 2. Click People 3. Type in the avatar name of the person you want to contact; then click Search 4. Double click on the name when it appears 5. Then click Instant Message 6. Type your name and any other message you like then Send


Second Life Orientation - Getting Started - V.1 – Debbie McCormick – June 2008

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Meeting at Monash Behavioural Studies Offices Monash Island is closed to the public while we experiment with buildings and activities however your name will be added to the group of allowed residents on the day of the workshop. To come to the offices you will need to teleport to its location. To do that: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Click on Map Type in Monash University Click Search You will see a map of Monash Island appear In the Location section type in 49 131 23 Then click Teleport This will bring you to the entry of The Behavioural Studies Offices.

2 4





It’s a good idea to set a landmark to this location so you can get back here any time you want to; especially handy when you’ve been wandering elsewhere in Second Life. To set a landmark you simply click World, then Create Landmark Here. When you go wandering and want to come back here you click Map; then My Landmarks; then find the landmark in the list, and Teleport. Easy.

Second Life Orientation - Getting Started - V.1 – Debbie McCormick – June 2008

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More Information If you want ant to learn more about using Second Life, Torley Linden, an employee mployee of the Second Life developer Linden Lab has made a series of excellent and amusing video tutorials: tutorials There are also many videos on YouTube and other video repository sites – some good, some bad. I will distribute another handout with useful links and resources at the workshop. Welcome to the future! Debbie McCormick/Seeker Esparza

Second Life Orientation - Getting Started - V.1 – Debbie McCormick – June 2008

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Second Life Education Workshop  

Introduction and instructions for creating a Second Life account and avatar prior to the Monash Second Life Education Workshop.

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