See Kai Run Spring/Summer 2014 Look Book

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Richie, Camel

Luke, Blue | Partrick, Navy | Luke, Gray

Kenji, Gray

Brooke, Yellow

Kathleen, Aqua

Tegan, Hot Pink

Tovah, Pink

Kathleen, Aqua

Luke, Gray Richie, Camel

Shirt by Egg Baby

Kenji, Green

Cali, Green

Jude, Brown

Purple dress by Kate Quinn Organics

Felix, Camel | Aviana, Pink | Anilyn, White

Natasha, Blue

Shauna, Yellow | Aviana Pink & Silver Edna, Aqua

Middle dress by Kate Quinn Organics

Anilyn, White

Edna, Aqua

Felix, Camel

Leonardo Green & Gray

Craig, Blue

Shirt by Masala Baby

Ryan, Gray

Irwin Camel & Gray

Nyssa, Hot Pink | Anya, Aqua | Nyssa, Navy

Middle dress by Pink Chicken

Belinda, Hot Pink

Johanna, White

Skirt by Ode Kids

Margaritte, Blue

Johanna, Navy

Enzo, Gray

Christopher, Brown | Enzo, Gray Christopher, Gray | Enzo, Navy



Pablo, Blue | Dieter, Gray

Angela, Yellow

Angela, Aqua

Mo, Hot Pink

Nakoa, Navy

Caitlin, Blue | Veronica, Silver | Corbin, Blue

Veronica, Silver

Robyne, Gray

Vinton, Gray

Calder, Red

Dieter, Blue

Peyton, Blue

Slater, Gray

Bryce, Navy Mykah, Silver

Everest, Blue

Jeans by ESP No. 1 and Shirt by ToobyDoo

Mayumi, Blue

Mayumi, Hot Pink

Mayumi, Hot Pink | Jersey, Green | Noel, Navy | Mayumi, Blue

Craig, Blue | Alexis, Green | Zora, Silver | Nuli, Navy

Crawling, Cruising and Early Steps Smaller feet everywhere, from newborn to 24 months, will love these soft-soled crib shoes with suede soles and non-slip rubber pads that cradle tiny feet in comfort.

Early to Experienced Steps See Kai Run allows pre-walkers to post-toddlers, 6 months to 3 years old, the freedom to step out in style. Flexible rubber soles go everywhere kids go.

Sure-Footed Steps: Walking, Running and More Post-toddler and school aged kids, 2 to 8 years old, can take the next step with Kai. Durable, flexible soles are adventure-ready and built to last.