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2 | 2018 Annual Report


DEAR FRIENDS, What a remarkable year 2018 was for Seeds of Peace! The commemoration of our 25th Anniversary continued with countless highlights, including innovative new programs; the launch of new alumni initiatives; our growth to new regions, including new parts of the United States; a sold-out Spring Benefit Dinner featuring Vice President Joe Biden; and an ambitious and successful $25M fundraising campaign which lays the foundation for the next phase of Seeds of Peace’s commitment to changemakers around the world. The work of GATHER, including this year’s remarkable Fellows, demonstrates clearly how our investment in social change and entrepreneurship creates powerful new tools and new networks for transforming conflict.

And in response to the divisiveness plaguing so many communities, our team has also been proud to lead local opportunities for dialogue and engagement across lines of difference—in schools, companies, and organizations looking to lead on diverse issues, rather than be separated by them. Our world certainly needs more opportunities to come together, and I am proud to see us leading change in new ways. As always, we remain deeply grateful to our community of alumni, staff, and supporters who are willing to challenge the status quo and fight for a new reality—and who embrace this work with courage and conviction. In appreciation,



WHAT WE DO ... Seeds of Peace inspires and cultivates new generations of global leaders in communities divided by conflict. We equip them with the skills and relationships they need to accelerate social, economic, and political changes essential for peace.

HOW WE DO IT We provide rare spaces where people come together across lines of conflict or difference. We promote dialogue that challenges assumptions, fosters empathy, and builds conviction. We support our alumni to lead change. 4 | 2018 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report | 5


Our leadership development programs begin in the woods of Maine

The 2018 Seeds of Peace Camp Program brought together 349 young people and 40 educators representing 15 delegations. Fifty-eight of those young people came for their second year as Paradigm Shifters, attending an advanced leadership dialogue program to deepen their understanding of personal and structural conflict and better understand themselves. The first three-week session brought together participants from Egypt, India, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Palestine, the United Kingdom, and the United States to engage in dialogue on either the Middle East or South Asian conflicts. During the second session, young people and educators from Maine, Syracuse, New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago engaged each other in dialogue about structural and interpersonal conflict in the US and focused on topics such as class, race, gender, power, and privilege. In each session, participants explored conflict on personal, interpersonal, and societal levels by sharing their own experiences and competing historical narratives. The goal is not to come up with solutions, or prove one side right or wrong. Rather it is to develop essential leadership qualities: strengthening one’s voice, developing critical thinking, fostering respect and empathy, learning how to actively listen. All with the ultimate goal of deepening participants’ sense of responsibility to lead change in their communities at home. It is at Camp that most of our alumni begin their leadership development journey with Seeds of Peace. 6 | 2018 Annual Report



2018 Annual Report | 7


Leadership development programs continue year round in the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and the United States Camp is the starting point on the journey from personal transformation to becoming an agent of change. After Camp, Seeds (as graduated campers will forever be known) take part in skill-building programs back home. In 2018, Seeds of Peace offered nearly 100 local programs that helped increase understanding of core conflict issues by region, trained Seeds in dialogue and facilitation, and encouraged activism and changemaking in their local schools and communities. Select highlights include: • A four-day Borders Seminar for 47 Israeli, Palestinian, and American Seeds that examined the boundaries separating Israel, Syria, and Lebanon and how they shape realities and perceptions. • A six-day interfaith camp in Lavasa led by Indian Seeds for 50 high school students from different religious backgrounds. Participants worked to better understand how religious polarization leads to mistrust and violence. • Dialogue and facilitation trainings in Maine, London, Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Syracuse, Mumbai, and Lahore to deepen Seeds’ understanding of the dialogue process and equip them with skills to better address the unique challenges facing their communities. • A four-day mediation and negotiation seminar in Nazareth led by Harvard Law School faculty for 40 Palestinian, Israeli, American, and UK Seeds. • Tree planting to fight deforestation and rising temperatures in Pakistan organized by 28 Seeds, Educators, and supporters in Lahore. • Youth Identity Summit hosted in Maine on identity, power, and privilege. Largely organized by Seeds, this two-day Summit for 360 students focused on sparking meaningful conversations on identity, diversity, and community. 8 | 2018 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report | 9


We create rare spaces for alumni and their peers to come together and take action CONVENINGS

GATHER aims to deepen and accelerate the efforts of alumni and other changemakers to transform conflict in and between their communities. It is designed to address the unique needs of those working in areas of conflict: providing opportunities to imagine and think differently in order to combat old patterns; offering inspiration and energy to take action; and building a deeply-connected community. Convenings create those rare spaces for alumni and their peers to come together and find inspiration and partnership. They provide connection that is hard to find in regions of conflict, as well as the conversations necessary to spark ideas. In December, more than 70 entrepreneurs, artists, educators, activists, and policymakers joined together in Athens, Greece, to reflect on their work, share best practices, and dig into questions around the systemic levers of change. Changemakers from Afghanistan, the Balkans, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, India, Jordan, Pakistan, Palestine, the UK, and the US participated in four tracks: economic, political, social activism, and arts and education. Participants built skills around storytelling and resource development and, perhaps most importantly, they built and strengthened community. Workshops led by experts in the field included introductions to impact investment and nonprofit fundraising, effective negotiation, putting the ‘story’ back in storytelling, using narrative to move from ‘action-inhibition’ to ‘action-enabling,’ and rethinking for-profit biases. 10 | 2018 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report | 11


We invest in high-impact leaders working for change FELLOWSHIP

Seeds of Peace worked throughout 2018 with its third class of GATHER Fellows—16 changemakers whose work tackles personal, interpersonal, and systemic challenges contributing to conflict in their communities. Fellows received personal coaching, as well as other types of support, to bring greater visibility and sustainability to their work and help them widen their reach and deepen their impact during months of intense project-building. They also gained access to a small pool of grant money, and participated in online skill-building workshops and trainings. Fellowship projects included ones that: • humanize and support refugee children • foster economic development among Palestinian citizens of Israel • target gender-based violence in Egypt • offer arts therapy to heal trauma in Palestine • build schools designed to empower girls and further their potential in Pakistan • create affordable solar kits for marginalized Israeli and Palestinian communities • bring attention to marginalized communities in India • use children’s books to bridge divides in Cyprus • build interfaith understanding in Iraq and Jordan • develop a new public school model in the United States Learn more about the GATHER Fellows and their ventures at www.seedsofpeace.org/fellows

12 | 2018 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report | 13


Working with educators and others, we create environments that support changemakers In addition to developing leaders, Seeds of Peace works with educators and local leaders from the schools and communities in which Seeds live in order to support, sustain, and multiply their impact. This is done by offering transformative learning experiences geared around personal and professional development for educators. In 2018, for example, 19 educators from the United States participated in a course on best practices for educating in a diverse democracy, and Seeds of Peace educators offered year-round daily programs for hundreds of Palestinian children in Gaza through the Shijaeya Community Project. Twenty-one Palestinians and Israelis graduated from Seeds of Peace’s nine-month intensive professional dialogue and facilitation certification course in Jerusalem. Participants engaged in dialogue with one another, while at the same time learned how to facilitate it—and in the process gained a deep understanding of each other’s narratives. Course graduates had the opportunity to facilitate dialogue groups at the Seeds of Peace Camp, in addition to convening groups locally. Seeds of Peace is also working around the world to share its internationally tested approach for dialogue and leadership development. This work engages communities in transforming conflict through dialogue on topics of race, ethnicity, class, and power, and challenges how organizations and communities can build more inclusive cultures through dialogue. In 2018, Seeds of Peace grew its sphere of influence by working in the UK, Sweden (UNG Dialog), Arkansas (Clinton Presidential Center), and several independent schools in New York City. 14 | 2018 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report | 15


WE BELIEVE ... personal transformation can propel structural change, and numerous studies show proof of our impact. We’ve reached 7,300 alumni from 27 countries around the world. 76% of Seeds are actively working to transform conflict in their communities:







16 | 2018 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report | 17


Supporters raised funds and awareness Throughout 2018, a series of events were held to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Seeds of Peace and to build support for the organization’s expanded programming. In May, more than 1,000 friends and Seeds of Peace alumni came together at Chelsea Piers in New York City for the 25th Anniversary Spring Benefit Dinner. Vice President Joe Biden, recipient of the 2018 John P. Wallach Peacemaker Award, stressed the importance of the organization’s mission, and five Seeds who are courageously working for change in their societies reflected on how their Seeds of Peace experiences inform who they are today. Other highlights of the event included performances by Late Night host Seth Meyers and Hamilton star Mandy Gonzalez. The evening was an extraordinary success, raising $2.7 million. Innovating for Social Change in Conflict Areas, a symposium held at Facebook’s New York headquarters in May, brought together Seeds of Peace alumni, business leaders, social entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, and showcased the social, political, and economic impact Seeds are having around the world. A concert in New York City featured renowned musicians David Broza, Peter Yarrow, Noa, and Mira Awad. Each performed and shared stories about the unique role that music and the arts play in social change. All four have made peace activism a major part of their life. They were joined in concert by a number of emerging musical talents. An event in November for our London community featuring Seed speakers and a discussion on Middle East peacebuilding closed out the anniversary celebrations. 18 | 2018 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report | 19


More detailed financial reports, including our 2018 audit, are available by request at info@seedsofpeace.org SOURCES OF FUNDS TOTAL EXPENDITURES $5,735,108 $6,303,179 $7,387,552

2016 2017 2018 TOTAL REVENUE 2016 2017 2018

$5,776,961 $6,711,186 $8,473,742


2017 2018

$4,195,718 $5,097,064

Special Events (net)

$1,182,911 $2,042,515

Program Revenue

$1,115,859 $1,104,355

Government Grants

$159,716 $143,045

In-kind Contributions

$18,250 $22,144

Investment & other Income

$38,652 $64,619 $0

20 | 2018 Annual Report






ASSETS 2016 2017 2018

$2,788,403 $3,160,433 $4,398,890

LIABILITIES 2016 2017 2018

$422,915 $386,938 $539,205

NET ASSETS 2016 2017 2018

$2,365,488 $2,773,495 $3,859,685


4% United States Programs $258,069

1% South Asia Programs $106,033

9% Program Administration $655,828

10% Fundraising $726,867

11% Middle East Programs $835,639


18% Management & Admin $1,329,984

27% Camp $2,029,830

20% Multi-regional Programs $1,445,302

2018 Annual Report | 21

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$100,000 & above Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund Inc. Steven B. and Elizabeth S. Gruber Tal and Ariel Recanati Tiziana and Ramez Sousou Leila & Mickey Straus Family Charitable Trust Peggy and David Tanner The Robert and Jane Toll Foundation Vital Projects Fund, Inc. Janet Wallach and Robert B. Menschel

$50,000 to $99,999 Bader Philanthropies Einhorn Family Charitable Trust Raed J. and Hiba Elkhatib The Moses Feldman Family Foundation Wendy M. and Samuel P. Frieder The Germanacos Foundation Alan Ginsburg The Happy Hippie Foundation Harman Family Foundation The Leir Foundation Michelle and Daniel Lubetzky John & Linda MacDonald Foundation Saga Foundation State of Maine Arn Tellem and Nancy Reiss Tellem Toll Brothers George A. Weiss

2018 Supporters

$25,000 to $49,999 The Katie McGrath & JJ Abrams Family Foundation AHG Group Holdings, LLC Harold Alfond Foundation Alpern Family Foundation, Inc. Amin and Rosy Badr-El-Din Vivek J. Bantwal and Sarika Singh The Bottle Crew/Joel Jacob Darcie A. Bundy and Kenneth P. Cohen, Esq. Matthew P. Courey The Cozen O’Connor Foundation Paula and James S. Crown Louis and Kimberly D’Ambrosio EGL Charitable Foundation The EOS Foundation Trust Meredith J. and Joel L. Gantcher Ginsburg Family Foundation, Inc. Meg and Bennett Goodman Lois Perelson-Gross and Stewart Gross The John C. & Karyl Kay Hughes Foundation Gillian Kaltman The Rosalie Katz Family Foundation, Inc.

22 | 2018 Annual Report

Alan M. and Lauren Klein The Philip and Bernice Krupp Foundation for Jewish Life Annette M. and Theodore N. Lerner Family Foundation Evelyn Lipper and Bill Speck Susan and Stephen Mandel Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden Carolyn and Eugene Mercy Stuart A. Miller Family Foundation Eliot A. and Doris Minsker Abigail Pollak Judith Y. Recanati Jordan L. and Julie B. Solomon The Barry S. Sternlicht Foundation Inc. Marla L. and Robert K. Tanenbaum Tisch Foundation, Inc. Jacob Toll UNUM Megan Y. and Russell O. Wiese

$10,000 to $24,999 Patricia and Alan B. Abramson Catherine M. Allegra and James M. Tanner Altman/Kazickas Foundation Ammerman Family Foundation Melissa N. and Paul B. Anderson Andrew & Ann Tisch Foundation, Inc. Nadim Ashi and Marlene Kristoff David and Pernilla Avital Joseph Azrack and Abigail Congdon Donald Baer and Nancy Bard Lisa R. and Mark Bezos Scott and Sabrina Birnbaum Loretta Borstein Trust Richard J. Braemer and Amy Finkel Bresky Foundation Corp The Brzezinski Family Foundation Amjad and Suha Bseisu Foundation Cynthia and Scott Burns Charina Foundation, Inc. H & H Charitable Trust, Inc. Citigroup Global Markets Inc. Cogan Family Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cole Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York The Corcoran Group Brenda Cotsen and Jeff Benjamin Christine R. Covey Stephen A. and Sandy Cozen Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP Charles J. de Sieyes, M.D. and Carol R. Ward Dishoom Cheryl and Blair Effron Emser Tile, LLC

� IF I HAD NOT BEEN TO SEEDS OF PEACE, I WOULD NOT HAVE STARTED THE SCHOOL. The problem we are solving is actually the problem of Pakistan. It's a third-world country, which is in a circle of violence, of poverty, one of three countries in the world to still have the polio virus. We have a nuclear weapon, but still don't have enough food to feed our people. That really made me think, how can we solve this problem? What is the one magic bullet that we can use and solve all of these problems? And the only solution I can see is education of women.

AHMED (2004 Pakistani Seed) Founder of Lahore school for underprivileged girls


2018 Annual Report | 23

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Ihsan and Stacey Essaid Elizabeth C. and Michael Fascitelli Fore River Foundation Colleen Foster and Chris Canavan Martin and Julie Franklin Fribourg Family Foundation GAF Glickman Family Foundation Ricky Goldwasser and Eran Rosenthal Bobbie and Thomas Gottschalk Jay and Luetta Gould The Carol and David Hancock Charitable Trust The Joseph and Sally Handleman Foundation Trust Tiffany and Marc Harris The Hayden Family Foundation David C. Hodgson and Laurie Bukovac Hodgson The Aline and Leo Jacobsohn Foundation William Sloane Jelin Foundation The Jordan Company, LP Karen Karniol-Tambour Jurate Kazickas and Roger Altman Kenneth and Sharon Kind Barbara Kravitz Murray and Lee Kushner Landau Family Foundation Leonard Lauder and Judith Glickman David A. and Ruth M. Levine Martha & Spencer Love Foundation The Lunder Foundation Bob MacLeod and Steve Byckiewicz Jessica and Alan Mantel Lani Martin and Joel Van Dusen Richard and Ronay Menschel Lindsay and Aaron D. Miller Russell Miller The Million Dollar Round Table Foundation Richard and Ginny Moriarty Moser Family Foundation Inc National Basketball Association Deborah Newmyer North Bay US Capital Management, LLC Northern Trust Anonymous Donor Stephen A. Novick Yoko Ono Lennon Onondaga County Department of Children and Family Services James M. and Nora Orphanides Walter Owens Peter W. and Deirdre F. Quesada Peter M. Reilly Shaiza Rizavi and Jon Friedland Alexandra S. and William H. Roedy Michael Rosenbaum and Nina Freedman Pam and Paul Rubin Bruce Saber and Lisa Sotto Joan A. Sadoff

24 | 2018 Annual Report

Ricky C. Sandler and Mara S. Burros-Sandler Michael and Diane Schachter John Shapiro and Shonni J. Silverberg Paul E. and Carolyn G. Shapiro Jan Solomon and Kenneth Simonson Radima Smith Howard Sobel and Ileene A. Smith David J. and Amy D. Sorkin C. Michael and Joan Spero Michael and Claudia Spies Elizabeth Stern Harold and Nicki Tanner The 5 51 5 Foundation Ann and Andrew Tisch Dan and Sheryl Tishman Family Foundation Brigitte P. Trevidic and James M. Weinrott Van Ameringen Foundation Varagon Capital Partners Ali Velshi and Lori Wachs Sandra Wijnberg and Hugh Freund Mei Xu Douglas C. and Susan Yearley Anthony A. and Nanar Yoseloff Joseph Zavaglia Barry L. and Jan R. Zubrow Foundation

$5,000 to $9,999 Elaine S. and Hirschel B. Abelson Stephen M. and Anita B. Adelson Hala and Joseph Ahmad Alice Rowan Swanson Foundation Kent and Karen Allen Jane and Norman Alpert Rana and Albert H. Baladi R. Derek and Bonnie Bandeen Edward L. and Frances Barlow Paul Beirne Stanley Bergman and Dr. Marion Bergman Linda and Leonard Berkowitz Mortimer and Amy Berkowitz Richard A. Berman Richard and Vicki Birdoff Blackstone Charitable Foundation Beth and David Blood BTIG, LLC Oya and Thomas W. Christopher Stacey and Christopher A. Ciauri Charles & Ellen Cogut Family Foundation Thomas G. Connolly Martin P. and Regina G. Connor Doug Cutler Alan and Melissa Davidson Asher Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Durst

IT IS NOT EASY TO BE ON THE RADICAL END OF THE OPPOSITION. The amount of hatred being spread in my society is what keeps me up at night. It’s what takes me out to the streets to protest. It’s what takes me to the Knesset to try to fight to promote opposite agendas. My whole being is political, and when I’m not in the parliament, I’m still part of different movements that try to bring about change. I find it important not to lose connection with people who don’t agree with me.

HAMUTAL (2005 Israeli Seed)

Former Knesset Parliamentary Advisor PHOTO BY AMIR BITAN

2018 Annual Report | 25

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Cindy and David Edelson Anne B. and Joel S. Ehrenkranz Diane Elam and Nancy Donohue Dima and Walid Fakhry Laurie T. and Jeffrey W. Franz Bunny Freidus and John Steel Stephen and Barbara Friedman Peter Gadwa Zachary Gidwitz Sharon Ginsburg Joshua Goldfein and Yvonne Brown Aaron and Cecile Goldman Family Foundation Daniel S. and Corinne Goldman Gould-Shenfeld Family Foundation Bradley Graham and Lissa Muscatine Rachel Grassi Myrna K. and Steve D. Greenberg The Greene-Milstein Family Foundation Deborah T. and Jon Gruelle Karin and Moti Hamama Jamie and Haim Handwerker Tim Harrington Mary G. Harscher Richard T. and Linda Hartman Shelley E. Holm Donald Jonas Richard L. and Elizabeth Kadin Rikki and Barry A. Kaplan Philip I. Kent Deborah and James Kern Charles and Jessica Kibel Richard Kurnit and Diane Katzin Bonnie E. Lautenberg Avi and Maya Lavi Ellie and Phil Loughlin Peter J. Lyon Nancy Maier Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation of the Jewish Community Federation’s Endowment Fund Helen and Carl B. Marbach Mort Marcus and Deborah Klein Alison Mass Norman and Joanne Matthews Helen and William Mazer Foundation Anne and Todd McCormack Debby and Daniel McGinn James E. McInerny MDC Holdings, Inc./Richmond American Homes Foundation Sally Mead Hands Foundation The Mid-Coast Forum on Foreign Relations Nancy G. and Herbert Milstein Christina Minnis Larry A. and Carol Mizel David and Lori Moore Ricardo Mora

26 | 2018 Annual Report

Eric D. Muller Louise Murphy Jonathan M. Nadler Aliya and Ajit Nedungadi Nancy and Daniel A. Neff Jerrold Newman Morris W. and Nancy Offit Betty and Carl Pforzheimer Precision Piping Proskauer Rose LLP Michael Putziger Richard Reiss Jr. Susan Ringo and Barry Sonnenfeld The Edward John and Patricia Rosenwald Foundation Cheryl F. Rosner and Todd E. Libke Ruth Rowan and Brian Swanson Koby Sadan Michelle and Eric Salzman William T. and Lea Scanlan Ema Scheidel and Fouad Saad Elaine and Ed Schroeder Richard and Monica Segal The Silverweed Foundation, Inc. The Lucille Ellis Simon Foundation Sanford L. Smith and Jill Bokor Lee and Stephanie Spiegel Ram Sundaram Sy Syms Foundation Diane Tachmindji Harit and Reena Talwar Barry & Teri Volpert Foundation The Leo S. Walsh Foundation Albert and Bessie Warner Fund Wendy K. and Matthew Waxman Marvin F. Weissberg Lise and Jeffrey Wilks Tommer Wizansky Jessica Yarmuth and Ross Cohen Nicholas F. Young and Siena Evans Michael and Barbara Zimmerman

$2,500 to $4,999 Dina F. and Hicham Aboutaam Alan Alanis Nancy and John Alderman Lauren and Michael Arnold Jeffrey and Shari Aronson Stacie and Michael Arpey James M. and Margery E. Arsham Andrew Baker and Ward Auerbach Richard and Kerri Bartlett Elizabeth Bassan Allan Baum and Frank Liberto

� WHERE CAN I EFFECT CHANGE THE MOST, OR CREATE THE MOST IMPACT? STORYTELLING. Art can be used to transform societies. It spawns dialogue, spawns controversy ... it creates conversations that eventually become social or political movements, that eventually becomes a conversation on parliament floor, that eventually becomes policy. And that eventually becomes a reality. We refer to entire segments of history by artistic movements.

WAEL (1993 Egyptian Seed) Filmmaker and multimedia production agency founder


2018 Annual Report | 27

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Maria T. and Wael O. Bayazid Joel S. and Shari Beckman Pat Begley and George Beane David and Celine Berman Joanne and Geoffrey Berman Paul P. and Margaret Bernstein Richard Berry and Lucy Commoner James and Nancy M. Better Randye and Gerald Blitstein Wolf and Lynn Blitzer Brian and Roxane Bolster Anthony and Nancy Bowe James W. and Karen J. Boyd Gregory P. Bundy Steven M. and Joy Bunson Capital One Financial Corporation Joseph and Rosemary Caulfield Central Synagogue Bertrand K. Chan and Yelin Song Denise and David Chase Aenne Brenninkmeyer Chene and Claude Chene Lisa and Larry Cohen Barbara B. Cohn Joan K. and Peter F. Cohn Carole A. and W. Robert Courey Pilar Crespi Robert and Stephen Robert Katie Danziger and Steve Horowitz Barry A. and Carole Depew Anjini and Neil Desai Kenny and Jan A. Donner Kevin D. and Vernanne Duermit Alessandra Durstine and Alec Lipkind Kim Emmons Alan R. Epstein and Yvonne D. Tropp John P. and Margaret Falk Robert C. and Susan Feldman Hal and Nina Fetner Korey and Tanya Fevzi Nancy Fisher and Marc Kirschner Laurie Fitch and Martin Ruehl Jack & Pauline Freeman Foundation David I. and Sheila Fuente Givenik.com Robert & Dorothy Goldberg Charitable Foundation Jeremy S. Goldberg and Jenna Arnold Claire and Ronald B. Gordon Alice Gottesman Martin and Gloria Greenstein The Efraim Grinberg Family Foundation Vicki Gross and Jonathan Levine Kevin and Alison Hancock Lynn Harman and Philip Coltoff Jessica and Doug Healy Deborah N. and Clifford B. Hendler Sally and Stephen Herman Jill and Robert Hertzberg

28 | 2018 Annual Report

Mark Horowitz and Jennifer Koen Sharon H. Jacquet Simon and Marie Jaglom Foundation, Inc. Gregory G. Johnson Nora and Geoffrey Kanter Myron M. Kaplan and Annette Hollander Mark K. and Susan Kessler Andrew Kim Richard H. and Kathryn Kimball Karen Kirsten Ifat Knaan-Kostman and David Kostman Michael E. Koester Andrea S. and Robert A. Kramer Lori and James Krantz Charles and Naomie Kremer Scott M. and Tyana Kurtz Nancy and Howard Kurz Diana J. Lafer Joanne Landau and Fred Schwalb Stacey and Curtis Lane Linda Lea Raymond Learsy David A. Lehman Scott and Tamara Levenson Wendy S. Levine and Jonathan L. Mechanic Richard H. Levy and Lorraine Gallard Laurie Lindenbaum and Robert A. Horne Jennifer and Jonathan Love Christina and Guillaume Malle Matthew Mallow and Ellen Chesler Anthony E. and Sally Mann Allan D. and Janet Mantel Paul and Anne Marcus David and Carrie Marriott Wally and Lisette Martinez Loretta M. McCarthy and David Washburn John K. and Kristin O. McDonald Lanie and Paul McNulty Walter and Arlene Meranze Lisa Messinger Daniel H. and Audrey Meyer Sara Michl Wendy Morgan Sharon and Colin Morris Susan and Anthony Morris Thomas R. Mulvey and Katharine F. White Beatrice Neuwirth and Chris Calkins Sarah B. and Peter O’Hagan Aaron Panken Charles and Nicole Poliacof The Pritzker Traubert Foundation Nancy and Jon Pundyk Hollis Rafkin-Sax and Ben Sax Kenneth M. Raisler and Kim Schefler Marilyn and Michael Ratner Arthur L. and Susan C. Rebell

” I LISTEN TO PEOPLE’S STORIES SO INTENTLY THAT THEY BECOME A PART OF ME. THEN I TELL THEM TO OTHER PEOPLE. My curiosity is satiated, but more than that, I get a larger perspective. I magnify voices when I am a journalist. I know if I talk to you and hear your story, it becomes a part of me, and that’s what I see myself as ... a receptacle of stories, someone who’s compiling these stories, putting them together, and trying to make sense of the world. It’s impossible to make good decisions without understanding the truth or objective reality.

NERGISH (2001 Indian Seed) Journalist


2018 Annual Report | 29

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Keith L. and Rose-Lee Reinhard Lori and John Reinsberg Richard Revesz and Vicki Been David Rockefeller, Jr. and Susan Rockefeller Fran and Eric Rosenfeld Nancy S. Roskind Rotonda Foundation Wendy and Lewis Rubin Lawrence and Leslie Rusoff Jesse R. Ryan and Stephanie Wahlstrom S & L Marx Foundation, Inc. Ann and William Sacher Samuel L. and Susan Samelson Arthur and Pam S. Sanders Stacey and Jonathan Satovsky Matthew P. Schaab Anthony Schaeffer and Katie Adams-Schaeffer Ralph L. Schlosstein and Ambassador Jane Hartley Mindy Schneider and Michael Lesser Mark Schonberger and Nadine Shaoul Ellen Schoninger and Efraim Grinberg Jonathan Schwartz John Shaka and Matt O’Grady Richard J. and Roberta Shaker Felice H. Shapiro and William E. Cress Dennis Shea Rony and Catherine Shimony Jill Simon Mary G. and Alok Singh Jen Snell Klein and Jon Klein Heather and Ali Soufan Source of Hope Foundation Tracey and Shanin Specter Courtney Spitz and Miriam Gallardo St. Anne’s College Oxford Stein Riso Mantel McDonough, LLP Lenore Steiner and Perry Lerner Steve and Emily Steinman Warren Stieglitz and Carla Harman Lenard B. and Fern K. Tessler The Keith and Rose-Lee Reinhard Family Foundation Eileen and James Thomas Kevin Thurm and Suzanne Seiden Barry Tucker Carolyn Ugiss Altieri and Don Altieri Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Vogl Jeff Wallace and Glenn Gallagher Betsy Werthan and Bart R. Schwartz Lise & Jeffrey Wilks Family Foundation Barbara and Steven Wolf Debra and Pierre Wolf Oleg Yavorovskiy Marissa and David Zackowitz Sujatha and Kashif Zafar

30 | 2018 Annual Report

$1,000 to $2,499 Kyla Adams-Ryman Ethel and Philip Adelman Charitable Foundation Daniel H. Adler Tina S. and Clifford R. Adler Elsie Aidinoff Leen Al-Alami and Adeeb Khalifeh Carlos T. Albarracin and Andrea Alban-Davies Eric and Jan Albert Margo Alexander AllianceBernstein L.P. Margret Joan Alpert Dennis Alter Steve Altman and Lisa Schneider Joan R. Amron Jeffrey and Trine Apfelberg Apple Lane Foundation AvalonBay Communities, Inc. Michael and Randee Barak Adam and Mahnaz I. Bartos Zvi and Dale Barzilay Pam and Bob Beck Laurie Becker and Peter Sattin Aner Ben-Ami and Inbal Ben-Ami Bartal, Ph.D. Peter and Katherine K. Benjamin Beth E. and Alan Berkeley Michael Berman and Victoria Hagan Leon J. Bijou Richard Biletta Rabbi Jonathan Blake Marilyn Blanco-Reyes Dana Bledsoe and Nick McKee The Rene Bloch Foundation Barry L. and Lilia Bloom David and Barbara J. Blumenthal Bob Bordone Cathy and Richard Boskey Terry and Denis Bovin Greg Brandner Naomi Braybrooke Christina Campbell Christopher Campbell Candide Group Marilyn Carlson Nelson Anthony Carpenito Andrew and Liz T. Cedar The Sara Chait Memorial Foundation Clive and Bonnie Chajet Lisa Chajet Debrah Lee Charatan Erin S. and John Chase Nancy and Peter Chavkin Chelsea Town LLC Emily Chen and Chris Carrera Children Helping Children

” 25 YEARS AGO, I WAS BORN IN A REFUGEE CAMP AFTER MY PARENTS FLED SOMALIA. But then, a miracle happened. After years of feeling hopeless, the UN selected our family for resettlement to the United States. As I began to understand English, l was made to feel that coming to America as a refugee is the worst thing you can be. All of the ignorant, negative stereotypes were hurled in my direction. A small, negative voice developed in my mind. It said, ‘You are nothing. You deserve nothing. You are a burden to people; you are worthless.’ But then another miracle happened. I learned about Seeds of Peace. In the dialogue hut, I was given the space to unbottle all of the things I had bottled up over the years. I was made to feel that I was enough, and that my difference was beautiful. For as long as I walk this earth, I plan to keep what Seeds of Peace made me feel in my heart and use it as a hope for what this world can one day become.

SALAT (2012 Syracuse Seed)

Serving on the boards of two NGOs helping resettle new immigrants and build economic resources in poor communities; working on documentary about the refugee experience PHOTO BY NATURAL EXPRESSIONS

2018 Annual Report | 31

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Church of Religious Science Daniel Cigman Julie Cigman The Cirenza Family William D. Clark and Catherine Cyrus David and Deborah L. Cohen Jay Cohen Michele and Martin Cohen Mark Cohon Frederick N. Cooper and Karen Gordon Howard Cooper Cathy A. Cramer and Ken Gibbs Wendy Cromwell and Thomas J. Strauss Tina and Harvey Crosby Lisa Crowther and Megan Clarken Christopher D’Ambrosio Miriam Daniel and Larry Wolff Peggy and Dick Danziger Joel E. Davidson, Esq. Jonathan and Emme Deland Erica Desai Leslie Dezer and Ricardo Salmon Patricia and Gerald W. Dominick Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP Jay Dunitz Edgewood Properties, Inc. Elizabeth Ehrenfeld Martha D. Ehrenfeld Charles Elliott Enterprise Holdings Foundation Adam Epstein Janet and Peter Ezersky The Fay J. Lindner Foundation Senia E. Feiner Duane M. and Joanne Fiedler Lori E. Fields and Marlin Risinger, III Kristin G. Flood Sheryl and Jeff Flug Jeanne Fogel Nancy Fox and Jon Edwards Dan Frederick Donald P. Freedman James L. Freeman and Laura Lofaro Freeman Barbara H. Freitag The Harry and Flora Freund Memorial Foundation Misha and Stephen Freyaldenhoven Shira Fruchtman Gary and Ethel Furst Dorothy W. Gach Family Foundation The Gant Family Foundation Ron Garber and June Cheng Farid Gargour and Emilie Marneur Lynn and Merrick Garland Christine Garvey Ellen S. Gelboim Sheri and David Gellman

32 | 2018 Annual Report

Judy Rubin and Loren Gesinsky GFP Real Estate, LLC Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn Barry M. and Merle Ginsburg Sylvia S. Golden Morton Goldfein and Judy Loeb Brad and Jeni Goldman Dorian Goldman and Martin Israelow Peggy Goldman Sidney and Deborah Goldman Wendy and Rob Goldstein Alex S. Golten Mandy Gonzalez and Doug Melini Dorothy and James Goodman Jamie B. and Gary Gordon The Samuel & Grace Gorlitz Foundation Michael Graff and Carol Ostrow Jeffrey and Kim Greenberg Diane and Marc Greenwald The William & Mary Greve Foundation Inc. Jane Grossman Harriet M. Gruber David D. and Mary F. Grumhaus Guilford Publications, Inc. Jeffrey Gural Samuel Haber Susan and David Haffenreffer Kamran and Ellen Hakim Barbara Hanna The Harmon Family Foundation Jack B. and Frances P. Harris Amyn Hassanally Andrew Heller Shawn Henderson Joy Henshel Johanna and Andrew Herwitz Mary D. Higgins Dorothy Highland Barbara Hirsch Daniel Hirsch and Brenda Gruss Peter K. and Roberta Hirsch Ara K. and Rachel Hovnanian James C. Hurowitz, M.D. and Doreen Brettler, M.D. Mamoun M. and Susan Hussein Allen I. and Valerie Hyman IF Hummingbird Foundation Inc. Maxine Isaacs Jill and Kenneth Iscol Rabbi Richard Jacobs and Susan Freedman Stephanie A. Jacqueney and Mark S. Edelstein Andre C. Jasse, Jr. Ms. Kayce Freed Jennings K. Hovnanian Companies Amer M. and Rana Kamal David E. and Anne L. Kendall Richelle and Mark Kennedy

By giving level

2018 Annual Report | 33

The Honorable George J. Mitchell Christine D. N. Mohn Jane E. and William M. Murray David & Inez Myers Foundation Amanda and Neal Myerson Lynda Myles Britta and Denis Nayden Nelco Foundation Merle R. and Leonard M. Nelson Jeffrey Neuman Scott N. and Wendy Newman Lawrence and Melanie F. Nussdorf Valentine D. and Laurent Ohana Betsy and Brett Olson Stephen and Harley Osman Michael Ostroff The Pannonia Foundation Glenn S. Pantel and Mary P. Hansen Steve M. and Anne Pantelick Rob Parahus Wayne S. and Dorothy S. Patterson Deborah R. Peikes and Robert A. Cohen Ruth Perelson Michael M. and Susan Perl Louis and Barbara Perlmutter Betsy F. Perry Richard N. and Alice Pierson Thomas and Elizabeth Pileggi Anna Pogoriler Henry and Jean Pollak Michael Posner and Deborah Korzenik Pritchard Family Foundation Wendell Pritchett Karen and Neil Puro Janina Quint and David Leiber Patricia Raber and Kenneth Max Debby Rager and Larry Malm Deborah Ratner Salzberg and Michael D. Salzberg Nancy and Mark Ratner Mimi and Lorin Reisner John B. and Kristin Replogle Alexandra Reza David R. Robinson Stephen Rogowsky and Valerie Salwen Joseph Rokacz Andy Rolfe Gary and Karen Rose Leslie Rose Florence & Robert A. Rosen Family Foundation Richard A. Rosen and Joyce E. Silberstang Diane G. Rosenberg James S. and Marcia B. Rosenheim Elizabeth and Robert Rosenman Barbara L. Rosin Mr. and Mrs. James Ross Lori Roth and David Schnadig

2018 Supporters

Keith and Marissa Kenney Kesher Fund of the Cohen-Fruchtman-Krieger Family, Inc. KeyBank National Association John and Eileen Kim Lisa Atkin and Tony Kiser Blake and Sevda Kleinman Nancy and Rik Kohn Joseph and Phyllis Korff Scott and Christie Krase Barbara Krumsiek and Bart Leonard Barry and Jill Lafer James LaForce and Stephen Henderson Nina Lahoud Linda B. and David K. Lakhdhir The Lapid Trust The Ronald & Jo Carole Lauder Foundation Bruce Lavine Elanna A. and Andreas Lazar Steve Leber Susan Leon and Andy Fredman Senator and Mrs. Carl Levin Carol G. Levin Susan Levkoff Laurence R. and Stephanie Levy Andrew and Marina Lewin Leslie and Nick Lewin Laurence H. Lewis Randall J. and Patricia Lewis Michael and Cheryl Lexton Claire Lilienfield Srujan Linga Makoff Family Foundation Paul J. Mandabach John and Mary Ellen Mangano Nick J. and Annemarie J. Mansour Barbara A. and Joel Marcus Elaine and Aaron Marks Daniel and Hazan Marmorstein Robert and Maryann Marston Lisa and Gary Matthews The Helen R and Harold C Mayer Foundation Edwin S. Maynard Robert and Marilyn Mazur Elizabeth McCandless Stephen and Susan McConnell Vanessa McGuire Pamela F. and David McKee Mr. and Mrs. James M. Mead John A. Mentis Zoe Mercer-Golden Michael Dunitz Crisis Foundation, Inc. Michael and Lori Milken Family Foundation The Honorable Sondra Miller The Mimi Foundation Nabeel and Suha Mishalani

By giving level

2018 Supporters

Melissa and Neil Roth The Bernard & Ruth Rothfeld Children’s Foundation Inc. Ronald and Marcia Rubin David T. and Meredith Rusoff Elizabeth Ryan Steven M. Safyer, M.D. and Paula Marcus, M.D. The Pamela and Arthur Sanders Family Foundation Inc. Judith Sandick, M.D. and David C. Nutt, Sr. Jordan Saper and Jill Rittmaster Paul M. and Ellen H. Saunders Torie Ross and James Schainuck John Scharffenberger Gail Schargel and William Powell Kenneth I. and Loretta Schatz Robert and Sylvia Scher Charitable Foundation Lisbeth B. Schorr Mark I. Schubin and Karen A. McLaughlin Lynn and John Scott Daniel Harmon Seder Andrea and Mark Seiden Cathy Seligman Gil Shiva Simmons Foundation, Inc. Bonnie Simon Bruce and Betsy Simons Christina and Jamie Singleton Jacob and Deanna Sirotkin Sanford and Jill Sirulnick Jon J. Skillman and Luanne Selk Margaret Skinner David and Lois S. Slovik Cris Smith Howard and Ann Sohn Robert J. and Jodi Sokoloff Stephen and Helena Sokoloff Ellen B. Solms Ghada Sousou and Nico Boudouvas Jill and Sidney Steinberg Kevin Sterling Richard and Penny Stevens Cathy and James Straus Roger L. Strong David C. Stump Edward Taffet Wendy Taffet Ellen Tarlow The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations The Healthy Knitter Werner Thiessen Barbara Toll Alison and Emanuel R. Tress Nancy Troy de Wit and Wim de Wit Twelve Twenty-One Fund Cynthia K. and Lee Vance

34 | 2018 Annual Report

Sana and Ahmed Wahla Ramsey Walker David Wardrop Olive Watson and Joanna Grover-Watson Andrew Watt and Sarah S. Cotsen Irene M. and Lynn M. Weigel Jane and John Wells Betty Werthan Shelby White Nancy Whyte Oliver and Sara Wiener David D. Wildermuth Howard Wolfson and Terri McCullough Anne P. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Woodcock William A. and Selina Woods Audrey D. and Jonathan W. Young Miriam S. and Robert Zadek Eddy and Samar Zuaiter Roy J. Zuckerberg

$500 to $999 E. Davies Allan John K. and Sharon B. Amdall Anona United Methodist Church Todd Arky Alexander Bakal and Sarah Safer Sujit Banerjee and Ghazala Siddiqui Herbert and Sue Bard Susan R. Baron and Ralph Ibson Michael Barza and Judith Robinson Stacy Beller Stryer and Daniel Stryer Alejandro and Marie Jose Berenstein Adam J. Bernstein and Maren Messing Michael D. and Ruth M. Berry Kalpana and Vinodh Bhat Fred and Betty Bialek Alison Blackmore Blackrock Lauren Blum and Bill Merten Joan Blum-Shayne Edward G. Boehne and Carol Jerdan Jonathan Brandon and Harriet Scheft Dennis and Simone Brenninkmeyer Simeon and Judith Brinberg Howard M. Brown and Barbara Segal Walter Burr Laurence N. Butler Ann S. Buxbaum Casper Caldarola Camp Pinecliffe Philip M. Cedar and Meryl F. Newman-Cedar Mary K. and John P. Coakley Judith B. Cochran Brooke G. and Peter Cohen

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2018 Annual Report | 35

Diane Glossman Arthur and Carol Goldberg Jocelyn and Aaron Goldberg-Schaible David K. Goldman and Patricia Svilik Michael D. and Janet Goldman Roger and Cindy Goldstein N. Craig and Heidi Gorton Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation’s Capital Douglas Green Shannon Green Anne L. Greenberg Peggy Greenhut-Golden Gail Gregg The M.A. and Josephine Grisham Foundation Janis Ground John W. and Jean K. Gulliver Lisa and Jonathan Haas Holly Hancock Rebecca Hankin Philip J. Hanlon and Gail M. Gentes Steven and Shelly Harris Rosalind and Herb Hill Diane and Gary Hirsch Linda L. Hirsch Angela Homsi and Yariv Cohen Cynthia B. Howland Katy Huberty MSW and James Wilson Betty Hudson and Boyd Matson Benjamin Hurwitz Beth Jacobs Sherry Jacobson and Eugene Zuriff Naomi Janowitz and Andrew J. Lazarus Jeanne E. Corwin Revocable Trust Margie Jelin Michael Johnston Meredith Josephs Nancy Juvonen Fallon and Jimmy Fallon Doug and Stefanie Kahn David M. Kaminsky and Rochelle R. Schreibman Parisa Karaahmet George W. and Barbara M. Karr Peter Katona and Dorothy Mermelstein Katona David S. and Judy D. Katz Thomas Kimble Morton M. and Marguerite Kondracke Andrew and Jennifer Kosak Evelyn M. Kroehler Joel Kurtzberg Amber Landeau-Keinan and Tal Keinan Amy Lange and Jane R. Newman Morton A. and Judy Langsfeld Kim Larson and Gary E. Knell Karen S. Lavine and Donald G. Kilpatrick Ned Lazarus Ruth Lazarus and Michael S. Feldberg

2018 Supporters

Peter A. and Elizabeth S. Cohn Foundation, Inc. Janet and Bill Coleman Diana and Roy Conovitz John Cortapasso Jeanne Corwin Ellen Craine-Rostker Susan Cunnings-Walder and Jay Walder Alexa D’Ambrosio Fred and Carri Dannhauser Lawrence Dash Carol Dauber Gregory J. and Beth W. DeBor Gerald Di Chiara Rakhee and Shabab Ditta Henry and Kathy Donner Jade R. and Thomas R. Doyle Lawrence H. Dubois Nancy K. and Ira Dubois Kenneth and Nancy Duffy Linda and Josh Duhl Thomas J. Earley Sarah and Jeff Ecker Annie S. and Ramie Egan John Ehrenkranz Karyn and Fritz Eilber Charles Einsiedler, Jr. EisnerAmper LLP Fadi A. and Ashley El-Salameen Luisa M. Engel Lawrence M. Epstein and Jeanne M. Griffin James R. and Eileen R. Erwin Vicki S. and Norman Ettenger Yael Even Moratt and Yonatan Even William H. and Anne Ewing Neil and Renee Faggen James D. Fearon and Lisa T. Derrer Dr. and Mrs. Roy Feifer Michael S. Feldberg and Ruth L. Lazarus Charitable Trust Jack and Marsha Firestone First Congregational Church of Scarborough Marge Fisher Marianne Fisher Margaret Fox Andrea Fraser Gary J. Freedson Douglas Frenkel and Marlene A. Weinstein Axel I. and Lauren Freudmann Charlotte Moss and Barry Friedberg Carolyn and Samuel Frieder Robert M. and Eugenia B. Friedlander Mario J. Gabelli Michael Gershenson and Kate Balduan Laura and Scott Gewirtz Frank and Robyn Ghali The Global Peace Building Foundation

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2018 Supporters

Laura A. Leach and Richard Lawrence Michel J. and Margaret C. Lepage Joele Levenson Lois Lowry Richard and Nancy K. Lubin Thomas Lyon and JoAnn Kahn Mitchel A. and Arlene E. Maidman Topher Mallory Iris Z. Marden Jennifer K. and Andrew Marrus Marshall Family Charitable Foundation John W. Martiner Jacquelyn Mayfield and Joseph Patuleia Katie McCormack Tod Mercy, III Charlotte S. Metcalf Mexicali Blues Inc. Alex Michaelides and Argiro Papadopoulou Michal Amir Salkin 2007 Trust Steven Moffitt Daniel M. and Brooke Neidich Matthew B. Nelson Robert J. and Ann R. Neuman Jane R. Newman Charitable Trust Jeffrey E. and Selma Newman Alice C. Nicolson Kristen and Amer Nimr Donald and Jane Ocker Carl Offner David W. and Judith D. Osgood Bruce and Nicole Paisner Audra Paterna Dana Pedersen Hugh Phelps Phillips-Green Foundation, Inc. Victor A. and Elizabeth R. Pollak Andrew W. and Andrea R. Potash Jennifer and Jeffrey Price Diana C. Prince Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Foundation Quitobaquito Fund Paula Rackoff Jane Reece Jane N. and Harvey L. Rich Jamie A. and Leila M. Rome Howard T. and Mary Jane Rosenfield Victoria Ross Amer and Elisabeth Sajed Ken and Michael Amir Salkin Zach and Julia Samton Sanford L. Smith & Associates, Ltd. Melissa Saphier Professor W. Earl and Mrs. Connie Sasser Brian Savage Susan and Dr. Charles Sawyers Susan and Bruce Schlechter

36 | 2018 Annual Report

Dan M. Schreier Judy and Bruce Schroffel David and Elizabeth Schrohe Judith S. and Henry A. Schumacher Harvey Schussler Kevin Schwartz Ed Schwarz and Sarah Jane Jelin Second Abraham S. and Fannie B. Levey Foundation David Seeler Earle & Annette Shawe Family Foundation Silberstein Foundation, Inc. Heidi and Mark Silverstein Michael Sintef Matthew Slovik and Katherine Orsini Slovik Roger Smith Robert and Ronnie Snyder Matthew Sosnow and Sara Trilling Kenneth S. Spirer and Joan Leitzer, M.D. Stairmasterz, Inc. Brian and Emily Stern Lauren and Lenny Stern Todd Strauss Lisa Tackley Penny Tannenbaum and Michael Aronsohn Eric A. Tanner Cathy Taub and Lowell Freiberg Temple Emanuel Congregation Temple Israel Long Beach Debra and Andrew Tenenbaum Barry Tenzer Diala Thaher The Barry Friedberg and Charlotte Moss Family Foundation The Foundation to Life, Inc. Percy A. Turner Laura Ullman Peter and Georgia Van Dyke Elizabeth and Geza Von Habsburg Jonathan T. Wachtel Walid and Susie Wahab Kenneth Walden Laurie B. Walden Michaela Walsh Malcolm and Donna Wattman Paul L. Weiden Joanna Weiner and Justin Swartz Ambassador and Mrs. Frank G. and Judy Wisner Virginia H. and Geoffrey F. Worden Russell and Kari Young Claire Zar-Kessler and Joseph Goldman Susan F. Zinder

When Seeds lend their financial support, we are receiving gifts from those who know us best. Their contributions are a testament to the transformational experiences they have had at Camp and beyond.


The parents of Seeds recognize the extraordinary perspectives their children have gained. Their generous support is central to our financial health.

2018 Annual Report | 37

Seeds & Parents of Seeds

Tom and Abby Abelson Dina F. and Hicham Aboutaam Derrick Ades and Emily Ades Daniel H. Adler Catherine M. Allegra and James M. Tanner Kent and Karen Allen Peter G. Amann, M.D. and Colleen Amann Melissa N. and Paul B. Anderson Christine and John Ashby Nadim Ashi and Marlene Kristoff Rana and Albert H. Baladi R. Derek and Bonnie Bandeen Sujit Banerjee and Ghazala Siddiqui Michael and Randee Barak Jon Benson and Pamela W. Lynn Joanne and Geoffrey Berman Lisa R. and Mark Bezos Sidney and Rachel Blum Jane S. Bock and John S. Chow Dan Brajtbord Nancy Brajtbord Jonathan Brandon and Harriet Scheft Tiffany Breau-Metivier and Thomas Metivier Darcie A. Bundy and Kenneth P. Cohen, Esq. Jeanne and Stuart Burd Joseph and Rosemary Caulfield Erin S. and John Chase Aenne Brenninkmeyer Chene and Claude Chene Oya and Thomas W. Christopher Stacey and Christopher A. Ciauri The Cirenza Family Peter D. and Patricia B. Close Dana S. and Neil Cohen David and Deborah L. Cohen

Sami Abu Sheikha Leen Al-Alami Laith M. Al-Khouri Sarika Arya Olivia Awad Ariel Ball Bailey Braun Jack Cobbold Jay Cohen Roy Cohen Alexa D’Ambrosio Christopher D’Ambrosio Sarah Daoudi Noelle Daves Fadi A. El-Salameen Michael J. Garber Itay Golan Rebecca Gorman Perri Gould Clarisse Habibi Daniel Handwerker Habeeba M. M. Hashem Amer M. Kamal Sana Batool Kardar Karen Karniol-Tambour Khaled I. Khoury Zara Klaff Nicole Krantz Sandhya Lall Hannah Lantos Alexa Liautaud Mujib Mashal Kate McInerny Patrick McKeown Erblin Mehmetaj Zoe Mercer-Golden Tamer Nagy Sofi T. Newmyer Alison Och Samuel Och Amy Perkal Stephanie Rivkin Samuel G. Ruchman Zachary H. Ruchman Koby Sadan Daniel Scher Daniel Harmon Seder

Tamer Shabaneh Sydney L. Silverstein Matthew Slovik Eliana Slurzberg Alexander Snyder Lydia Stein Ava Stepan Matthew Suslovic Eden Tanenbaum Eric A. Tanner Robert Tanner Jason Thurm Jessica Yarmuth Nicholas F. Young

2018 Supporters


Parents of Seeds

2018 Supporters

Brenda Cotsen and Jeff Benjamin Christine R. Covey Paula and James S. Crown Louis and Kimberly D’Ambrosio Alan and Melissa Davidson Anjini and Neil Desai Leslie Dezer and Ricardo Salmon Anthony and Kimberly DiPietro Carolyn Donofrio Alessandra Durstine and Alec Lipkind James R. and Eileen R. Erwin Ihsan and Stacey Essaid Emilio and Regina M. Estela Dima and Walid Fakhry James D. Fearon and Lisa T. Derrer Lori E. Fields and Marlin Risinger, III Eric Fisher and Rachel Mesch Sheryl and Jeff Flug Laura and Joe Forest Julie and Matthew Forsyth Martin and Julie Franklin Misha and Stephen Freyaldenhoven Wendy M. and Samuel P. Frieder Paul Friedland and Page Herrlinger Robert M. and Eugenia B. Friedlander Lynn and Merrick Garland Judy Rubin and Loren Gesinsky Joshua Goldfein and Yvonne Brown Ricky Goldwasser and Eran Rosenthal Deborah Gottschalk Jeffrey Gould Bradley Graham and Lissa Muscatine Leon B. Greenfield and Miriam R. Nemetz Lois Perelson-Gross and Stewart Gross Deborah T. and Jon Gruelle Nancy E. Hall Karin and Moti Hamama Jamie and Haim Handwerker Tiffany and Marc Harris Anthony Henderson and Ira Daves Deborah N. and Clifford B. Hendler Johanna and Andrew Herwitz Peter K. and Roberta Hirsch Andrew and Anne Ingalls Barbara Insua and Mark Albright Narayan Kaimal and Elissa Grad Peter Katona and Dorothy Mermelstein Katona Deborah and James Kern Lori and James Krantz Diana J. Lafer Amber Landeau-Keinan and Tal Keinan Avi and Maya Lavi David and Eileen Lee Michael and Cheryl Lexton Judith and Martin Liebman Jennifer and Jonathan Love

38 | 2018 Annual Report

Caroline Lynch and Michael Gubbins Christina and Guillaume Malle Jessica and Alan Mantel Mort Marcus and Deborah Klein Lani Martin and Joel Van Dusen Katie McGrath and JJ Abrams James E. McInerny Lanie and Paul McNulty Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden Sarah Meyers and Daniel Berman Lindsay and Aaron D. Miller Michele Milner and Alec Hudnut Melinda Molin, M.D. Richard and Ginny Moriarty Jerrold Newman William and Michele Newman Deborah Newmyer Kristen and Amer Nimr Eliza C. and Jonathan Nolan Sarah B. and Peter O’Hagan Christina and Victor Okereke Steve M. and Anne Pantelick Carole Parker and John Smedley Robert I. Patten and Theresa Patten Corey Podolsky and Rebecca Levey Michael Posner and Deborah Korzenik Tal and Ariel Recanati Peter M. Reilly Mimi and Lorin Reisner Alexandra Reza Shaiza Rizavi and Jon Friedland Alexandra S. and William H. Roedy Louise Rosen Barbara L. Rosin Debra Rothenberg, M.D. and Richard Peterson Jeffery Rubin and Shoshana Sokoloff Pam and Paul Rubin Julie A. Russem Bruce Saber and Lisa Sotto David and Elizabeth Saltzman Michelle and Eric Salzman Jacqueline Samols Judith Sandick, M.D. and David C. Nutt, Sr. Gil and Mary A. Santamarina Jordan Saper and Jill Rittmaster Gail Schargel and William Powell Wendi and Jonathan Schwartz Ed Schwarz and Sarah Jane Jelin Iram and Mahmood Shah Wendy and Steven Shenfeld Rony and Catherine Shimony David and Lois S. Slovik Howard Sobel and Ileene A. Smith Tiziana and Ramez Sousou Elizabeth Stern Emanuel Stern


Watching the transformation of Seeds has a powerful impact on staff, many of whom are inspired to include Seeds of Peace in their personal giving.

2018 Annual Report | 39


Margery E. Arsham Aeshna Badruzzaman Maja Bedak Jethro Berkman Adam J. Bernstein Alison Blackmore Robert Boudewijn, M.D. Rachel Brophy Ralph Brown, M.D. James Campbell Andrew Cedar Janice Cohen Jay Cohen Matthew P. Courey Joel E. Davidson, Esq. Charles J. de Sieyes, M.D. Jason P. Drucker Janet R. Fowle, M.D. Ron Garber Alyson L. Geller Sidney Goldman, M.D. John F. Goodrich, M.D. Bobbie Gottschalk Perri Gould Conor Griffin Rebecca Hankin Habeeba M. M. Hashem

Timothy Hawkins, M.D. Dafna Hochman Lori Holcomb-Holland Naomi Hornstein Megan M. Johnson Anita B. Jones Lindsay Katona Kristin Kentopp Mary Ann Kiernan Hannah Lantos Patricia M. Lawrence Ned Lazarus Rev. James N. Lee Jr. Joan Leitzer, M.D. Lele LeVay Daniel Levin Leslie Lewin Nick Lewin Christopher B. Littlefield Nathan Madeira Larry Malm Mujib Mashal Katie McCormack Zoe Mercer-Golden Maren Messing Aaron D. Miller Jocelyn S. Mitchell Melinda Molin, M.D. Ross Mudrick Tamer Nagy Matthew B. Nelson Sofi T. Newmyer Steve F. Osborne, M.D. Ellyn Pier Rachel Pomerantz Madeleine Pryor Debby Rager Kyle Ratner Fatima Raza David Reckess Clarke Reeves Stephanie Rivkin Laura Rocker Debra Rothenberg, M.D. Robert Rovner, M.D. Jesse R. Ryan Krysta Sadowski Judith Sandick, M.D. Ari Schild Ben Schultz Matthew Simonson Kevin Skolnik Matthew Slovik Jerry A. Smith, Jr. Jordan L. Solomon Matthew Spearing

2018 Supporters

Edward Suslovic and Jennifer Southard Harit and Reena Talwar Marla L. and Robert K. Tanenbaum Peggy and David Tanner Nigel and Susan C. Taplin Cathy Taub and Lowell Freiberg Arn Tellem and Nancy Reiss Tellem Kevin Thurm and Suzanne Seiden Brigitte P. Trevidic and James M. Weinrott Nancy Troy de Wit and Wim de Wit Ali Velshi and Lori Wachs David A. and Lori Vise Teri and Barry Volpert Andrew Watt and Sarah S. Cotsen Betsy Werthan and Bart R. Schwartz Megan Y. and Russell O. Wiese Ambassador and Mrs. Frank G. and Judy Wisner Audrey D. and Jonathan W. Young Sujatha and Kashif Zafar Stephen Zeldes and Judith Roth Barry and Jan R. Zubrow

Powhatan & Gifts of Goods/Services

Amanda Stibel Suzy Sureck Matthew Suslovic Eric A. Tanner Robert Tanner Jacob Toll Benjamin Towbin Karen Tucker Percy A. Turner Dindy Weinstein Nicholas F. Young


Powhatan alumni recognize that the spirit of Joel Bloom’s camp continues through Seeds of Peace. Stephen M. and Anita B. Adelson Mark W. and Joan Bloom Lawrence Dash Michael L. and Laura Dennis Carl DuRei Neil and Renee Faggen Moses and Susan Feldman Philip Friedman, Ph.D. Rick Friedman Samuel G. Kahn Eric Kleinberg Scott M. and Tyana Kurtz

2018 Supporters

GIFTS OF GOODS/SERVICES Accel Commerce Charles J. de Sieyes, M.D. and Carol R. Ward Dreumex USA, Inc E S Foods Janet R. Fowle, M.D. Mansi Gupta Timothy Hawkins, M.D. and Tracy Hawkins David Jay Kristin Kentopp Macmillan Publishers Nova Scotia Fisherman Debra Rothenberg, M.D. and Richard Peterson Robert Rovner, M.D. The SCAR Project Mei Xu


Leslie and Nick Lewin Robert and Melissa Lewin Steve and Deirdre Lewin Jane and Kenneth Lieberthal Andrew Myers Alex and Carol Rubenstein Anthony Schaeffer and Katie Adams-Schaeffer Donald M. and Polly Schwartz James D. Silbert and Elizabeth Horton Arn Tellem and Nancy Reiss Tellem The Robert and Jane Toll Foundation Kenneth Walden

BY CHECK Seeds of Peace Attn: Development Department 370 Lexington Avenue, Suite 1201 New York, NY 10017 MAKE A GIFT OF STOCK Contact Marni Pearce +1 (212) 573-8235 marni@seedsofpeace.org GIVE THROUGH A DONOR ADVISED FUND Contact Marni Pearce +1 (212) 573-8235 marni@seedsofpeace.org EXPLORE CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS Contact Ross Mudrick +1 (212) 573-8270 rmudrick@seedsofpeace.org

40 | 2018 Annual Report

INCLUDE SEEDS OF PEACE IN A WILL or as a beneficiary of your retirement plan Contact Lele LeVay +1 (212) 573-8239 llevay@seedsofpeace.org INTERNATIONAL GIVING Contact Lele LeVay +1 (212) 573-8239 llevay@seedsofpeace.org SUPPORT THE 2020 SPRING BENEFIT Contact Dindy Weinstein dindy@seedsofpeace.org FUNDRAISE THROUGH CROWDRISE Contact Emily Umansky +1 (212) 573-8270 eumansky@seedsofpeace.org Seeds of Peace is a registered 501(c)(3). Our Tax ID is #52-1814447. All gifts are deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

” WHEREVER I HAVE BEEN, I THINK ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN MOST MARGINALIZED WITHIN THAT COMMUNITY. People who do not have any voice. Living in war in Afghanistan and enduring the Taliban time; not being able to attend school because I was a girl, and actually not knowing why I was not allowed to go to school; having these questions as a young person ... that’s what really got me thinking. But then coming to Seeds of Peace made me question these issues a lot more and think about different political aspects of it. I always find myself speaking up for the most marginalized people, whether that has been education for girls in Afghanistan, or women’s rights in Afghanistan. I’m working on migration issues and rights of the refugees right now.

PARNIAN (2003 Afghan Seed)

Advocate for refugee rights; graduate student in International Migration and Intercultural Affairs PHOTO BY MAGGIE SVOBODA

2018 Annual Report | 41

25th Anniversary Campaign

OUR STRATEGIC VISION Seeds of Peace tomorrow Seeds of Peace has an ambitious vision for the future—and we thank you for being a part of it. You joined us as we built on our 25-year history, accelerating the leadership of this extraordinary group of young people and educators who are advancing the economic, social, and political changes essential to peace. Your investment in Seeds of Peace supports new generations of leaders who have the courage to engage, the skills to transform conflict, and the ability to bridge divides. Seeds of Peace was established in 1993 on the principle that while treaties are negotiated by governments, peace is made by people. John Wallach believed that achieving enduring peace requires profound transformation among people, not just transactions on paper. As the years go on, we will continue to need your help to make good on our investment in people. Bader Philanthropies Vivek J. Bantwal and Sarika Singh Richard A. Berman Scott and Sabrina Birnbaum Bob Bordone James W. and Karen J. Boyd† Richard J. Braemer and Amy Finkel† The Brzezinski Family Foundation Martin P. and Regina G. Connor† Matthew P. Courey Christine R. Covey Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund Inc. Carole and Barry Depew† Kevin D. and Vernanne Duermit†

42 | 2018 Annual Report

Raed J. and Hiba Elkhatib Wendy M. and Samuel Frieder Christine Garvey† Jeremy S. Goldberg and Jenna Arnold Bobbie and Thomas Gottschalk Steven and Elizabeth S. Gruber Carol Hancock The Carol and David Hancock Charitable Trust Richard T. and Linda Hartman† The Bottle Crew / Joel E. Jacob Karen Karniol-Tambour The Leir Charitable Foundation, Inc. Lerner Family Foundation

Over the next decade, Seeds of Peace will focus on broadening and deepening our core programs, including in the Middle East, a region whose youth represent real change, hope, and promise. We’ll also continue to focus on the GATHER initiatives, an important building block in sustaining relationships with our 7,300 alumni. Additionally, we’re expanding our new United States Program to address an increasingly fractured American society. These developments require us to significantly increase philanthropic support from individuals, foundations, and corporations, as well as earned revenue. Our goal has been to raise $25 million during our 25th Anniversary year and create a platform for sustainable growth over the next five years. We give special thanks to those who have already made multi-year philanthropic commitments to Seeds of Peace in the past year, and welcome new supporters to this growing list of individuals and organizations: John and Mary Ellen Mangano† Helen and Carl B. Marbach† John K. and Kristin O. McDonald† David Nathan Meyerson Foundation Rob Parahus† Tal and Ariel Recanati Bruce Saber and Lisa Sotto Brian Schaefer and Stephen Mack Deborah and Howard Scher Paul E. and Carolyn G. Shapiro Kenneth Simonson and Jan Solomon Julie and Jordan Solomon Tiziana and Ramez Sousou

Leila & Mickey Straus Family Charitable Trust Nicki and Harold Tanner Peggy and David Tanner Arn Tellem and Nancy Reiss Tellem The Robert and Jane Toll Foundation Toll Brothers Ali Velshi and Lori Wachs Vital Projects Fund, Inc. Teri and Barry Volpert Janet Wallach and Robert B. Menschel Weiss Family Foundation† Betsy Werthan and Bart R. Schwartz Sandra Wijnberg and Hugh Freund Douglas C. and Susan Yearley† †In honor of Jane and Robert Toll


EVER SINCE I WAS A CHILD, POLITICS WAS AN INTEGRAL PART OF MY LIFE. When I started elementary school, we had a segregated system where the Serb children would attend schools in the morning, and the Albanians, which includes myself, would go to school from 5 to 8 p.m. So that’s when I started to ask questions, like why do I have to go to school in the evening, especially during winter when it was completely dark and sometimes the power would go off so we would study with candles and have no heat? Why is this difference being made based on ethnicity and what is its purpose?

GENT (2003 Kosovar Seed) Served on political team of Kosovo’s first female president


2018 Annual Report | 43


Your will or trust is a reflection of your values. A gift by bequest through your will or living trust, or a gift through a retirement plan beneficiary designation, will create a legacy of hope and opportunity for future generations. A legacy gift reaffirms your belief that peace is indeed possible and sustainable. Many supporters choose to leave bequests in their wills or trusts. You may also name Seeds of Peace as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, life insurance

policy, or brokerage or bank account as a generous way to support our shared vision. As you create or review your long-term financial plans, we hope you will consider creating a legacy of support for Seeds of Peace and the young leaders who are striving to create a peaceful and inclusive future. If you’ve included Seeds of Peace in your plans, please let us know. If you’d like to learn how to create your own legacy gift, contact Lele LeVay at (212) 573-8239 or llevay@seedsofpeace.org.


Vivek J. Bantwal and Sarika Singh Samuel J. Bellin* Macky Bennett* Paul Bernstein Rosalind Biskind* Loretta Borstein* Steven C. Coxe Kathryn W. Davis* Ethel K. Duritz* Sue Carol Francis* Dan Frederick Abbie Freedman* Bobbie and Thomas Gottschalk Helen R. Grace* Stanley Hirsch* Dorothy Day Horowitz* Ellen Kagan*

44 | 2018 Annual Report

Betty Jo Lowe Krout* Meredith Y. L. and Paul E. Laubin Eugene and Carolyn Mercy Arnold Nestle* Ruth Plotnick* Charlotte W. Ritter* Mary Honor Rivin* Richard J. and Roberta Shaker Alice Soref C. Michael and Joan Spero Martin I. Small* Jane and Robert Toll Stella Vogel* Ruth Weisman* Jerry S. and Margaret Weiner Anonymous (4) * Deceased

CORPORATE AND THOUGHT LEADERS COMMITTEE Leen Al-Alami (Co-Chair) Andrew Cedar (Co-Chair) Angela Homsi (Co-Chair) Aner Ben-Ami Inbal Ben-Ami Bartal Johan Berggren Aenne Brenninkmeyer Chene Devon Cohen Rakhee Ditta Jason Drucker Ron Garber Zachary Gidwitz Malvina Goldfeld Dan Grossman Lois Perelson-Gross George Khalaf Nina Lahoud Ned Lazarus Julie Mandell Lani Martin Jane Masri Yossi Mekelberg Jennifer Miller Eric Norberg Amera Otaifa Deborah Pevenstein Hanoch Piven Donna Preddy Diala Saadeh

Koby Sadan Erin Segilia Ahmad Shami Ghada Sousou Anna Tunkel ALUMNI AND YOUNG PROFESSIONALS COMMITTEE Sarika Arya Lara Barak Jay Cohen Matthew Devine Natalie Frieder Rebecca Garland Perri Gould Amer Kamal Nicole Krantz Alexa Liautaud Shira Mazor Zoe Mercer-Golden Alison Och Benjamin Pollard Katherine Pollock Nausheen Rajan Stephanie Rivkin Rebecca Saber Boris Sharapan Grant Tanenbaum Eric Tanner Jason Thurm Jacob Toll Jessica Yarmuth

2018 Annual Report | 45


The Council and its two committees champion Seeds of Peace’s critical work and help grow the organization’s footprint. Members include Seeds and Seed parents, donors, and members of the business and philanthropic communities.


T.H. George H. W. Bush (1924-2018) T.H. William Jefferson Clinton Kathryn W. Davis (1907-2013) Dr. Sa’eb Erekat

Sen. George Mitchell Her Majesty Queen Noor H.E. Shimon Peres (1923-2016)

Steven B. Gruber (Chair) Tal Recanati (Vice Chair) Leila M. Straus (Vice Chair) Raed Elkhatib (Secretary) Vivek Bantwal (Treasurer)

Bob MacLeod Aliya Nedungadi Shaiza Rizavi Jordan Solomon Tiziana Sousou Peggy E. Tanner Arn Tellem Nancy Reiss Tellem Jane Toll Robert Toll Ali Velshi Janet Wallach Sandra S. Wijnberg

David Avital Amin Badr-El-Din Cynthia Baker Burns Richard Berman Scott Birnbaum Robert C. Bordone Matthew Courey Christine R. Covey Louis D’Ambrosio Ihsan Essaid Sam Frieder Jeremy Goldberg Bobbie Gottschalk Joel E. Jacob Karen Karniol-Tambour Bruce Saber Deborah Lafer Scher

46 | 2018 Annual Report

Paul Bernstein (Emeritus) Darcie Bundy (Emeritus) Joseph Gantz (Emeritus) Michelle Mercer (Emeritus) Eugene Mercy Jr. (Emeritus) Lindsay Miller (Emeritus) James Orphanides (Emeritus) Samuel L. Samelson (Emeritus) C. Michael Spero (Emeritus)

John Wallach

Catherine Joseph Director, Accounting

Eric Kapenga


Director, Branding & Design


Coordinator, Administrative

Leslie A. Lewin

Director, United States Programs

Gioia Kelleher

Andrew Koskinen Lele LeVay


Director, Development

Emily Adolphsen

Director, Communications

Senior Coordinator, Camp

Deb Levy

Jenna Markowitz

Dindy Weinstein

Sagar Gangurde

Director, Individual Philanthropy

Director, Indian Programs

Timothy P. Wilson

Director, Alumni Program

Senior Advisor & Director, Maine Seeds Program

Alina Yavorovskaya

Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration, CFO

MIDDLE EAST & SOUTH ASIA Lubna Al Qudwaa Coordinator, Gazan Programs

Ashraf Ghandoura Kyle Gibson

Deputy Director, Global Programs & Strategy

Inbal Harela Coordinator, Israeli Programs

Bashar Iraqia

Director, Palestinian Programs

Mostafa Ismaila Manager, Egyptian Programs

Director, Impact

Director, Legal & Business Affairs

Sarah Brajtborda

Director, Educator Programs

Senior Manager, Palestinian Programs

Director, Camp

Daniel Moses

Jean Dalip

Ross Mudrick

Accountant (Ramallah)

Accountant (Jerusalem) Director, Israeli Programs

Eva Armour

Staff Accountant

Director, Foundations & Corporate Giving

Mirna Ansaria

Tha’er Abdallah Farhat Agbaria

Financial Reporting Accountant

Eliza O’Neil

Manager, US/UK Programs

Co-Director, Facilitation (Middle East) and Director, Parents Program

Jonah Fisher

Glenn Pastore

Orlando Arellano

Netta Hazan

Marni Pearce

Francis Edouard

Director, GATHER

Office Assistant (Jerusalem)

Lori Holcomb-Holland

Manager, Communications & Development

Mohammed Isleema

Director, Grounds & Maintenance

Advisor, Global Programs & Strategy

Farah Badoura

Director, Data & Development Operations

Manager, Jordanian Programs

Salonee Shrestha

Monica Bakya

Staff Accountant

Kiran Thadhani

Coordinator, Egyptian Programs

Sara Benabdallah

Advisor, Palestinian Programs

Director, Global Programs & Strategy

Senior Coordinator, GATHER

Benjamin Jeremiah

Senior Staff Accountant

Mark Tsigler

Claire Dibsi Ayeda

Director, People Operations

Emily Umansky Senior Coordinator, Development

Chief Officer, Legal & Business Affairs (Palestine) and Deputy Director, Parents Program

Jonathan Kabiria

Manager, Israeli Programs

Danny Metzl

Co-Director, Facilitation (Middle East)

Mike Mitchell

Maayan Polega

Hemdeep Prajapata Accountant (Mumbai)

Eyal Ronder

Chief Officer, Legal & Business Affairs (Israel)

Omar Tayeha

Manager, Camp Delegation (Jordan)

Uraib Zalatimoa

Manager, Office & Logistics (Jerusalem)

aDenotes alumni serving on staff

2018 Annual Report | 47



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2018 Annual Report  

2018 Annual Report  

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