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Annual Report 2017-2018

Friends of SEEDS, I want to begin our 2017-2018 Annual Report by thanking you. Whether through financial support, volunteering with our programs or on the farm, or entrusting your children with us on a daily basis, you are what makes SEEDS a place of cultivation and growth in Durham. Personally, this has been a year of growth and also reflection. As a young nonprofit leader in a constantly changing Durham, it was critical for me to identify key collaborative partners and mentors to guide me in my first complete year as an Executive Director. I am so grateful for this community, mentors I now call friends and our team for working with me through the growing pains and acting as a team to do the hard work of ensuring that SEEDS will have a sustainable future for many years to come. This has been a transformative year for SEEDS on so many levels: Our daily elementary school SEEDlings program continued to grow at an exciting pace as families referred other families to our doors based on the strength and positivity of their child’s experience at SEEDS. We also focused anew on our relationships with our core community: partner schools and families that are at the center of our intentional movements towards becoming an equity-based organization. SEEDlings spent thousands of hours with us growing, cooking and sharing food over the past year, and as we hope you will see from highlights included in this report, the impact has been tremendous. As a former teacher it is magical to see a group of young students working collectively and collaboratively toward one goal; each understanding how their work supports the work of their group. As our middle school program SAPLINGs grew, our staff worked to rededicate themselves to foster a true family across programs. They visited schools, formed relationships with parents, and continued to build an environment in the kitchen, classroom and farm that ensured that SEEDS could be a respite, a safe space, and a place of growth. In 2019 SEEDS will celebrate 25 years of service to the Durham community; as we honor the past, we also look toward the future. As an organization, we have made several purposeful steps to ensure that equity is at the core of SEEDS’ work. We have committed to sending all staff and board members to racial equity trainings, hired support from local community leaders to ground us in our work, and listened to others on our shortcomings and how we can adapt. Again, I am so thankful for these community partners, individuals and dedicated change agents who have helped to guide and shape the next 25 years of serving our youth, their families, and the larger community. We look towards the future with hope and anticipation for what comes next for SEEDS. I hope to see you on the farm soon! Humbly and with dedication,

Jeff Howell Executive Director


SEEDS Annual Report | 2017 – 2018












“SEEDS has been such an amazing experience for Sonata and for our family. Sonata is on the autism spectrum, though you would never know it from watching her at SEEDS. At SEEDS, she is so comfortable and happy. She loves running around and finds it so easy to interact with the other kids. Sonata so engaged and learning in a really wonderful environment. I can’t believe my friends have their kids in any other program in Durham!”

“My child loves being outdoors and loves learning about the natural world. I’ve admired SEEDS for a while! She is also a social kid and has enjoyed being around others. To be honest, my child wouldn’t have been able to be a part of summer camp if the scholarships weren’t available, so we are very grateful!”

- Katryna Robinson, SEEDlings parent


- Summer Camp parent

SEEDS Annual Report | 2017– 2018

Meet Canaan: SEEDlings After-School Student Canaan Parker is 8 years old and is in the 3rd grade at Maureen Joy Charter School. He joined SEEDS last year and has grown so much in his knowledge of the garden and how plants grow! Canaan has tons of energy when he gets to SEEDS every day and loves that he has so much space to run and be outside when he gets out of school. When we asked him what he likes to do at SEEDS, he promptly replied, “Be the boss!” He loves interacting with his teachers in the SEEDlings after-school program. Canaan thrives in the experiential environment of the garden, getting to engage all of his senses as a tactile, hands-on learner. He is able to use all of his energy to work hard, and always is the last one working until the activity is totally done. Canaan always had an interest in plants and gardening and wanted to try growing things at home. When he brought home a flyer from school one day about SEEDS, his mother Erica says “It just made sense.”

CANAAN’S FAVORITES PLACE AT SEEDS: The tall grass area where the compost bins are


AFTER-SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Working with the compost on Fridays

MEMORY OF SEEDS: Playing with Mr. Aaron and running outside


Erica has seen Canaan retain so much of what he learns at SEEDS in the knowledge that he brings home: his food preparation skills, telling her when plants need to be re-potted, or giving advice on seasoning while cooking a meal. His vocabulary has also grown substantially because of his daily time at SEEDS. Canaan’s favorite subject in school is math, and when he grows up he says he wants to be a teacher. We are grateful to know Canaan and to help him grow in his leadership and teamwork every day after school.

SEEDS Annual Report | 2017– 2018

GROWING TOGETHER Each year, our small but mighty staff rely on the time, energy and talents of dedicated volunteers in our community to cultivate our space and help us grow. This year, in partnership with our volunteers, the market garden grew in capacity to grow seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs, as well as constructing fruit and vine trellises. Pathways were cultivated and reinforced in preparation for future effors to make our farm more accessible for individuals with limited mobility, and our chicken coop got a needed upgrade to support the new baby chicks that joined our flock. Volunteers ensured that our herbs and medicinal plants weren’t overtaken by invasive species and tended young seedlings in the greenhouse, germinated mushroom beds, harvested vegetables for market, collected eggs, turned compost, pulled weeds and reinforced critical garden infrastructure.



Volunteers also played an instrumental role during summer camp and after-school programs, ensuring that all our youth stayed on-task, worked well together and assisted with all programs in the kitchen and farm, making each experience at SEEDS magical for each individual student.

Your support today ensures that our garden will continue to thrive for the youth who come through our doors throughout the years to come! Volunteer opportunities are available on the farm, in the kitchen, working with after-school and summer camp and for groups throughout the year. Find out more by visitng our website or email to sign up!


In total, SEEDS volunteers logged over 5,700 hours of time on our 2 acres in the past year. We are grateful for the long-standing legacy of community support and the civic organizations, businesses, faith groups and individuals who believe in the power of shaping future leaders through growing, cooking, and sharing food with one another.

SEEDS Annual Report | 2017– 2018


Kareemah Abdusamad


Expanding our capacity to grow the next generation of Durham’s leaders



One of the biggest changes to the SEEDS property to-date, the Farm Terrace is a series of raised beds on the lower end of the property that added approximately 1800 square feet of plantable space that had previously been a difficult-to-use hillside. The new system was designed and built by volunteers, and now hosts our annual vegetable production. The increase in planting space has made it possible for us to return to the Durham Farmers Market with produce to sell, as well as furnish our cooking lessons with seasonal ingredients.


A second series of raised beds that is almost finished, Blackberry Hill is located on a steeper part of the same hill as the Farm Terrace. Currently hosting strawberries and garlic, this series of raised beds will soon also be home to rows of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, hazelnuts, chestnuts, and paw paw.

SEEDS Annual Report | 2017– 2018


Moving from a rural area, she was excited about the potential to build community while growing food together, a new idea for her. “I saw SEEDS as a way of people coming together to grow food. I’ve always had a garden and learned at the knee of my father, but seeing people in an urban setting doing this was really exciting. The idea of teaching children about growing food, the environment and ecology - I was quite fascinated. I saw from homeschooling that children really needed this experience. Time to play in the dirt, play in the soil.” Kareemah has served with SEEDS first as a community gardener, and after retiring, as our after-school coordinator and now works with us every week in the greenhouse. Gardening and working outside is a lifelong passion for her, and she is excited to see programs continue to grow in the future. “I’d like to see SEEDS expand their programs and be a place more and more in an urban setting where families can go and experience a garden. Where families can have a deeper appreciation for seasonal changes. Where you plant a seed, and tend a seed, and look what it will do.”


Kareemah and her family moved back to Durham in 2000 after years abroad and across the U.S., and while getting reacquainted with the neighborhood, found out about a community garden called SEEDS.

SEEDS STAFF Jeff Howell Executive Director Trevor Hyde Farm Manager & Educator Sumi Dutta Chef Educator

Herb Thornton After-School Coordinator

Aaron Kienow Farm Educator

Abby Goodman Development & Communications Coordinator

Cynelsa Broderick Operations & Administrative Coordinator

2017-2018 SEEDS STAFF We are so grateful for the dedicated staff members who made everything at SEEDS possible this year! Heather Hill Program Coordinator Lara Goodrich Ezor Operations and Volunteer Coordinator


2017 - 2018 Kim Blair, President Sandi Kronick Deshira Wallace Brent Droege Shane Walden Preston Montague

Mike Kriston Wil Weldon Kim Ionescu Tiffany Graves Angela Gilmore 7

Jamel Lynch Brenda Brodie, emerita

SEEDS Annual Report | 2017 – 2018


Placide Barada

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Jean Hamilton Alice and George Horton John Hunter and Amy Roussel Kim Elena Ionescu Shane Walden and Scott

Kline Sandi Kronick and Eric Cohen Mark and Cynthia Kuhn Philip and Nancy Leinbach Jamel Lynch Margaret Parker

Liz and John Snyder Virginia and Andrew Widmark

Resnick Brian Schneiderman Margaret and Peter Schubert Bryant and Janet Stolp Marcia Angle and Mark Trustin

Stephen and Charlotte Wainwright Jennifer Weaver

Rama Mills and Joanne Abel Dierdre Murphy and Stephen Gavett Richard Pippin William and Anne Pizer Lois and Isaac Price Larry and Larry Sachs Dave Salman Gladys Siegel Laura Svetkey and Charles Vander Horst Deshira Wallace Wil Weldon

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Lindsey Boyes Mary Brogden Gwendolyn Brooks Jennifer Dickson Brown Kathie Bryson Emily Buehler SEEDS Annual Report | 2017 – 2018

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SEEDS Annual Report | 2017 – 2018

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Joanne Abel Mari Joerstad Andy Kane *Additional funding received in 2017-2018 will be utilized to ensure long-term financial stability at SEEDS as advised by the Board of Directors


SEEDS Annual Report | 2017 – 2018

John Pormann Margaret & Pete Schubert Andrew Slater

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SEEDS Annual Report 2017-2018  
SEEDS Annual Report 2017-2018