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Endline Assessment Results for the Live, Learn & Play Project Data from evaluation conducted from June – August 2016 showing impact of project over three years LLP TEAM-DC and Senegal SEED Project, Senegal JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.

“Sport has the power to change the world, it has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers‌ - Nelson Mandela Photo source: The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

What the Program Does

Uses basketball to focus the youth around shared goals and values. Explains the importance of education, gender equity, and self-management. Brings in role models to speak to and inspire the youth.

What the Program Does

Creates learning opportunities on and off the court. Rewards hard work, perseverance, and consistency. Promotes leadership.

And along the way‌

With Senegalese star Astou Traore

With NBA star Luol Deng

‌kids learn basketball skills from the best!

LLP Approaches

Foster Ownership & Sustainability

Implement Youth Leadership Activities

Organizational Capacity Building

Government involvement • Parents and schools • Private sector

Create conditions of access • Train coaches • Train, inspire and empower the youth to model behaviors

From nascent to emerging • Developing local organization capability and role within sports for development sector

LLP Tools & Strategies Assessment Tools • Coaches • Parents • Youth Selection Criteria • Schools • Students

Key Players Involved Interns Volunteers Peace Corps Local public figures

Outcomes Thus Far 17 Program Schools 16 courts refurbished 352 Coaches Trained

70 youth clubs 1620 youth engaged weekly

Endline Results

Participating youth have increased citizenship skills: • • • • •

Improved self-esteem and self-confidence Improved perception of school Positive contributions to communities Set goals and achieve them Live healthier lives

Youth Self-Perceived Citizenship Skills 3.40


3.31 3.04


3.57 3.25



3.55 3.22


Control Endline

Like to help other Know many in Try to make sure Try to be kind to Can accomplish Effectively people even if it's community and everyone in other people* difficult tasks* perform many hard work* they know me* group is treated tasks* fairly*


Youth showed shifts towards positive gender norms, attitudes, and beliefs. Participating youth were more likely to:

Endline Results

• • • •

Reject negative gender stereotypes Believe men should be more involved in household Agree that women/girls have equal rights Agree women/girls should receive the same treatment as boys/men

Youth Gender Attitudes & Beliefs 3.29 3.11



2.80 2.49


3.01 2.60


3.02 2.46


2.71 2.06




Rejects that Rejects that only Rejects that Rejects that it's Husbands should Rejects that Women and girls Rejects that men Rejects that being good wife have equal rights make better there are jobs when jobs are boys should go father should more important help with have more boys do well in is more to university* housework & treatment political leaders only men should few, men have authority* school* important than than women do more right to career* job*

Control Endline


Parents of participating youth believe their youth are now:

Endline Results

• • • •

Better behaved More considerate Less angry Less violent

• • • •

Happier in general More honest Less nervous Less picked on

Parent/Caregiver Perceptions of Youth Behavior 2.83



2.67 2.8


2.82 2.46


2.18 1.83

1.74 1.2

Better behaved

More considerate

Less angry*

Less violent*

1.62 1.2



More honest* Less picked on*

Less nervous

Baseline Endline


Qualitative Endline Results

Discussion with two youth focus groups noted: • Improved values related to core components of LLP skills curriculum and education • Positive behavior changes • More confidence, tolerance, and respect for others “LLP not only teaches us to respect the coaches and members of the program, but it has taught us to respect people we know, like our parents and teachers. The program taught us to create balance between sports and studies. LLP also instills confidence and responsibility.”

“They have taught us confidence and to be leaders. The coaches told us that we should not be timid. And if we had any problems we had to face them. They taught us selfconfidence. They taught us to be in solidarity by sharing with the group.”

“LLP is different from other programs. I think LLP teaches more values of life and does not stop with just basketball. The clubs form you to become a basketball player but primarily LLP shows you how to become a good citizen and human being. LLP helps you have a lot of human knowledge.

Qualitative Endline Results

Youth focus groups also agreed that girls can do anything boys can do and talked about female empowerment “The woman is better placed to be a leader because women think better than boys. At school they are already stronger than men. They already manage the family so this is a sign they are good leaders. I think men and women are both leaders.”

“Academically, girls get better grades than boys. But physically, boys and girls are different. I think that girls are better at school and decision-making.”

“They have taught us confidence and to be leaders. The coaches told us that we should not be timid. And if we had any problems we had to face them. They taught us self-confidence. They taught us to be in solidarity by sharing with the group.”

Qualitative Endline Results

Coach key informant interviews yielded similar results with coaches reporting high satisfaction with the program, training, and the sense of community LLP has created. “This is a program that is needed because it educates and education is the key to youth development. It has changed their mentalities and they now understand that sport advances education.”

“In the program, we used to say: I act for myself, my team, and my community. If we are lucky enough to have a youth with good values, this can spread all over Senegal. I believe LLP has a positive impact because it is implemented in many centers…girls that come from different families and those families are part of a community. The training of that youth will have a great impact on the whole community, so we should try our best to strengthen that chain.”

“This is a program that is needed because it educates and education is the key to youth development. It has changed their mentalities and they now understand that sport advances education.” “The training helped us open ourselves to the world and gave us an opportunity to make new acquaintances.”

“What I appreciate in the program is the team spirit because I really felt solidarity among the coaches and players.”

Qualitative Endline Results “The program especially trained us to be more aware of discrimination against girls. People often tend to judge the female gender negatively. So they must be put at the same level as boys.”

Additionally, several coaches reported positive changes in gender attitudes and beliefs.

“In the leadership aspect, they should be equal. You just never know, Senegal can elect its first female president in 10 to 15 years.” “We’ve noticed how much the LLP program has empowered women and how men have learned to accept them. This is something that has been well addressed in the program and we as men adhere to it and encourage them to stay.”

“I used to think that there were some exercises that women were not able to perform, but the program has showed us how we could help them outdo themselves and be more confident.”

Thank You! SEED: Mohamed Niang, Abdou Karim Gueye, Alioune Coly, Khadidiatou Cisse, Baye Magatte, Moussa Toure, Noah Levine, Romola Ratnam Peace Corps: Saran Kaba, Sara Passman, Laura Veno JSI: Melissa Sharer, Walas Coulibaly, Abdoulaye Badiane, Katie Meyer, Leigh Kuzmovich, Malia Duffy, Jennifer Pearson, Nicolette Strauss

Live, Learn & Play Endline Results  

An Endline assessment for Live Learn & Play, an after-school basketball and life skills program for Senegalese youth, supported by the NBA,...

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