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About SEED Foundation... THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Hunger is now affecting almost one billion people, what a sad record! Can we accept that in Africans is still undernourished in ? Can we tolerate that hunger in Africa is nowadays considered by some as a fatality? NO, because hunger can be defeated everywhere! Through its day to day actions, SEED Foundation works sideby-side with African farmers in order to encourage the creation of sustainable agricultural and rural activities. Because of its limited financial and human resources, SEED Foundation doesn’t pretend to be able to eliminate hunger and poverty in Africa by itself. Rather, we seek to demonstrate, through concrete and effective actions, the relevance of our commitment to agriculture in Africa. In these times of economic, social, financial and environmental crises, we do believe that international solidarity and partnership between all stakeholders are more vital than ever. In order to really fight against hunger and poverty in Africa, while preserving the environment, we rely on you, donors and partners, who support our action. 1


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Together, let's sow seeds of development! Alain Barbier SEED Foundation's President



A world without hunger and poverty


Support the development of sustainable agricultural activities in Africa


innovation solidarity transparency partnership sustainable development

A collective and international initiative, SEED Foundation (Sow and Encourage Economic Development) was created in 2009 by businesses and individuals from Europe and Africa who wanted to act against hunger and poverty in Africa. SEED Foundation is promoting agricultural development in Africa in order to improve food security and the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations. OUR MISSION Agricultural development is now considered a strategic priority to eradicate hunger and poverty in Africa. This is why SEED Foundation supports sustainable agricultural projects in the poorest countries of Africa. The Fund works side-by-side with rural families to develop more productive, more rewarding and more environmentally responsible agricultural activities. The objective is to help them build a better life. To ensure the effectiveness and the sustainability of its action, SEED Foundation works in partnership with qualified and recognized local organizations. OUR OBJECTIVES establish local food security and fight hunger effectively create sources of income for rural populations fight rural exodus, particularly of young people promote environmentally responsible farming practices OUR ACTIONS PRIORITIES SEED Foundation’s action aims to help rural populations to develop their activities in a more effective and sustainable way. SEED Foundation works across the entire agricultural and agri-food value chain. It supports a wide range of projects with two action priorities : increase local production and productivity while protecting natural resources, improve the storage, processing and commercialization of local agricultural production. 1 . 2.

AN INNOVATIVE INITIATIVE FOR COLLECTIVE AND EFFECTIVE ACTION SEED Foundation is a french nonprofit endowment fund, which aims to mobilise financial resources and expertise for a real Donations improvement of food security and living conditions in Africa. SEED FOUNDATION The Fund is a catalyst : it allows A collective and non lucrative Fund businesses and individuals to get Project Selection together, pooling their donations to Board of Directors Comitee support effective, useful and innovative projects. To ensure its Selects, finances, donors ans its partners the controls, evaluates efficiency of its action, SEED Foundation has put in place a rigorous methodology to select Agricultural development projects each project, follow its progress and in Africa evaluate its impact. SEED Foundation has instituted governance rules that guarantee financial rigor, transparency and efficiency for the use of donations. The Fund is managed by a Board of Directors and a Project Selection Comitee composed of experts chosen for their significant and recognised experience. Companies


Live from the field THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE In , SEED Foundation kept going with the same goal: to be ever more effective, transparent and legitimate. The project selection has been strengthened thanks to new qualified experts in the Comitee. They provide to SEED Foundation a precious technical expertise. Our selection's criterions were refined in order to guarantee the involvement of local populations, the impact, the sustainability and the innovative nature of our projects. The monitoring and evaluation procedures were consolidated. Thanks to performance indicators, to a regular follow up of the achievements and to multiple field missions, SEED Foundation can easily measure inputs and impacts of each project. Therefore, we are able to guarantee our donors and partners an approach based on quality, professionalism and effectiveness. Our objective now is to continue to consolidate our action for ever better projects in favor of a sustainable improvement of living conditions for African families. 2 01 2

Mathilde BOIS-DUBUC SEED Foundation's Executive Director


1 2 multiyear’s projects 8 countries Almost 30 000 direct beneficiaries among the poorest African families 1 6 partners selected according to their skills and governance 2 new experts within the Project Selection Comitee 77% of our resources are directly dedicated to our fields operations

Having enough to eat is still a major concern in many parts of Africa. In order to overcome poverty and malnutrition, it is necessary not only to boost and diversify agricultural production but also to improve distribution and marketing. That is why SEED Foundation supports actions which could lead to the valorization of local production for a significant impact on job opportunities, value creation and local food security.

Spotlight on Togo

Develop family livestock farming

In the south of Togo, the Beneficiaries : population is composed of 64 rural families crop and livestock farmers and Project length : their families. The livestock july 201 2 - june 201 4 farming currently in place can Total budget : not guarantee household’s 60 000 € (SF : 1 5 000 €) food security. % of the Togolese population suffers from malnutrition. Therefore, SEED Foundation supports a project that aims to develop family farming and improve the living Feeding the chicken conditions of rural families by : The objective ofthis - establishing family farms, trough training sessions, project: change the life of distributions of livestock and farms monitoring, those families through a - supporting agricultural marketing, by providing balanced nutrition and new training sessions, organizing the collection and the sources ofincomes for a marketing of farm products, better access to - creating local exchanges networks, with the original education and health care! principle of animal micro credit “whoever receives… gives”: Philippe SCHAWB for every animal received, the family commits to give an SEED F.'s Administrator animal born in the farm to another family. 30




Spotlight on Niger

Support women’s groups

New dietary habits have emerged in Niger because of the increasing urbanisation, changing lifestyle and evolution in women’s status. Consumers look for readyto-eat products, easier to prepare than raw cereals. However, the supply of good quality products locally processed is insufficient. Women, who play a crucial role in this process, must be supported to help them improve their production, qualitatively and quantitatively, in order to address new consumer demands while generating opportunities for local farmers. Drying the cereals To meet this challenge, SEED Foundation supports Beneficiaries : women's processing units to : - improve the quality of localy processed cereals, 1 50 processors women thanks to technical trainings and the settlement of Project length : April 201 1 - March 201 3 regular analysis by a laboratory, - develop the distribution channels with, for example, Total budget : 59 000 € (SF: 20 000 €) promotional operations. Women have seen a great improvement in their living conditions: they have been empowered through a guaranteed basic wage and bonuses, whereas before they had nothing! Liman ANIMA , President of the Resilient Women’s Union 30



Address : 55 Boulevard bineau - 92 200 Neuilly sur Seine - France Tel : 00 33 (0)1 47 57 97 48 - E- mail : Website : and follow us on Facebook


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Annual Report 2011  

Annual Report 2011  


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