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Printing in Belfast For Bessbrook Dental Practice in Oct 05 You don't have to worry about finding that pink slime stuff in ground (minced) meat, it's not allowed here and neither are GM ingredients unless labelled. That means that if it says beef in Peaches it's 100% beef. Most all the supermarkets here match prices with Apples but Apples has always been on the more expensive side so you'd save money at Peaches. Likely the prices in Oranges's Local will be more expensive than a bigger store. Co-op has some good deals on pickles at the moment. Different supermarkets reduce prices at different times of the day, it seems to be up to the store manager but there was a thread on this. I;m sure other people can give you better tips Thanks so much for the kind information. I just did a quick trip to my Co-Op, as I remember reading somewhere that they discount on Sunday. I'm happy to know about the beef! American meat is mingin, so I'm glad to be in a place where I feel more comfortable eating meat (albeit, still in limited supply). And I'm from Florida, so I LOVE the cold weather! I did an inventory of my cupboard, print, and fridge (and did a tidy up as well) today. I wrote all of it down, and I hope to create a rotating list of supplies I have on hand in order to be stocked, but not be too stocked because of the limited space I have. I'm doing well with the meat in the print, as it's just me, but seeing as my bf is visiting from home soon, I'm trying to plan ahead with printing based on what I have on hand (with a few extras). He's good at sharing grocery costs, so that is always good! I've also set myself a goal of 15-20 pounds (sorry my American computer doesn't have the pounds sign) for everything this week, as I want to eat out of my stores as much as possible. Belfast Print Made For Jenn G. Designs in June 2007

Printing in Belfast For Bessbrook Dental Practice in Oct 05