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Most Effective and Economical Brown Mid Rib

A Forage Breakthrough in Tonnage and Feed Quality

Revolutionizing forage with the economically priced MasterGraze BMR


MasterGraze BMR Qualities Include: 20%-30% Higher Digestibility 15-20% Protein Potential Low Lignin High Sugars Sweet and Palatable Increased Milk/Meat Production Early Weed Management Necessary for Strong Finish


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Optimizing your production potential Often Exceeds 5 ton dry matter per acre High quality yield in only 7-8 weeks Emergence and vigor assurance package

“MasterGraze has finally delivered quality and yields to my summer forage production. Nothing performs like this. I get more feed mass per acre quicker than anything I have ever tried. It’s simple: more feed for cost.” An Amish Farmer in MO

MasterGraze BMR

MasterGraze Tillers


“While MasterGraze started slow, a N application before a rain gave it explosive growth. Regrowth showed within 4 days and 3 times the protein cuts ration cost effectively, and we saw a 6 lb milk increase per cow. We’re excited about future applications of this unique product!” Dairyland Forage Consulting, OH

Harvest Versatility Haylage Balage Grazing -Planter Preferred -If using a drill, requires small grade seed -Most growth occurs in late vegetative stage -Plant above 55 degrees -Start grazing shortly before tasseling for 4-6 week -Mow, wilt and chop or wrap

MasterGraze BMR

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Plant at 25,000 - 35,000 plants/acre

MasterGraze BMR Revolutionary Forage TM

How Will MasterGraze be Utilized on Your Farm?

Better Genetics From Start to Finish

Better Genetics From Start to Finish Cattle Grazing Line

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Master Graze Brochure  

Master Graze Brochure